5/9 Season Two, Episode 1:To Catch a Mongoose- Scarecrow and Mrs King

Connie and Amanda have gone for a drink to catch up on old times.. Amanda is getting nervous about Connie..he is acting all tough, maybe she was wrong about him? Winking smile 

Well! Here is another reason Lee left behind his guitar case! We see Lee has followed Amanda and Connie to the pub and ditched the guitar also – well done Lee! Seems he has gotten over his jet lag ( nearly being strangled might do that to you..) We were lead to think Lee had left Amanda to do her shopping and go call Billy to report in – but just one of many misdirects for us in this episode..

Conrad: I’m telling you, it’s thirsty work.
Amanda: So you’re telling me you are the Mongoose?
Conrad: Shh! Not so loud.  So, how did you become an agent?
Amanda: What do you mean “an agent”?
22Conrad: Come on, Amanda, I know you came over here to ID me.
Amanda: ID you?
Conrad: The Mongoose knows everything.

Interesting.. Connie doesn’t actually say he is the mongoose here.. In reality he probably means the mongoose told him.. but.. we have to keep up this misdirection for just a bit longer.. Connie knows Amanda is an agent.. Hmm.. what was the point of Connie wanting to see Amanda again? I’ll think on that one..

Anyway, Amanda remembers Connie flunked gym 2 years in a row.. my goodness.. what a memory! (poor Connie! ugh!) .. so she still can’t quite bring herself to believe he is the mongoose.. still, something is not right here!! Confused smile
Conrad: Gym isn’t important. Besides, I mean, you SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_001172972should talk. You were a cheerleader. You loved watching those idiots on the football team bump into each other, but now you’re some kind of hotshot agent. [Hmm Lee would have been one of those idiots.. ]
24Amanda: Well, I’m not really a hotshot ag – [oopsie… Yep, Amanda is an agent! :lol:]

27-More like a candy striper agent.
Conrad: Sort of in training.
Amanda: Yeah, and I don’t think I’m going to go much higher.

I remember being thrilled to see Lee up at the bar looking all tough and mysterious! (and the beard is gone.. that’s a good decision Smile )

hehehee.. I gotta say, it would have been so funny if Amanda had gone off shopping, and a nice random english man had asked her out for a pint to enjoy some pleasant company – only to be tackled by Lee assuming he is Connie and the mongoose! rofl!
Conrad: You married?
Amanda: No, divorced. Oh, but I do have two little boys, Connie, Phillip’s ten, and Jamie’s eight.
Conrad: That’s nice.
30Amanda: Yes. Oh, Connie. If you’re the Mongoose, you’ve done some really terrible things.
[Conrad can’t quite bring himself to look at Amanda here..]
31Conrad: Well, it wasn’t easy, Amanda. But you’d be surprised what a man is capable of once he realizes his full potential. [While Connie’s head is bowed, as he basically lies his butt off..ahem… ok we aren’t 33suppose to know that yet Winking smile but Amanda looks up and sees Lee at the bar – and signals to him she is with Connie.. ohhhh 34soooooo (not ) subtle Amanda! 😆 Actually I’m surprised Lee didn’t give her a signal for if she 35saw him other than ‘ that’s him!!! or ‘this is him!!!’ tee hee.. ] You know, they booed 36Lawrence Olivier off the stage when he was eighteen. Conrad Walter Barnhill isn’t eighteen anymore. [wha? nor are you Lawrence Olivier! what’s Lawrence Olivier got to do with anything?! Is this a clue Connie is putting on an act? Connie looks up and sees Amanda signalling, recognises Bob at the bar and he figures it’s time to make an escape..he acts like everything is fine though. ]..You have kids.
Amanda: Right. Mm-hmm.
Conrad: Right. So you’re not just Amanda, the cute girl in the back of the chemistry class anymore, are you? Your life is different. You choose to be a mother, and I. . . .
[Connie grabs Amanda’s arm to pull her up ] Let’s play a game of darts.
[lol very un mongoose like.. it’s obvious you are not playing darts! ] Anyway, they hurry out of the pub with SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_001250050Lee in pursuit.. they get in a taxi..  [Hey! where has the Baguettes SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_001268068and the smelly cheese gone? Vanished!!!] Lee follows them in a taxi he steals and time for a long boring car chase.. Were a lot of you confused by SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_001291091Lee sitting in the right seat?? I like it!! Very normal for me to see Smile but I wondered if you noticed it was different or not. [Excluding other aussies, people in the UK or India or Barbados! any others I’ve missed?! ] Anyway the chase is still really boring.. What was Conrad aiming for in meeting Amanda? I think maybe Conrad was wanting to impress Amanda by pretending to be the mongoose.. what lengths the poor guy will go to huh! he took quite a chance, with knowing Amanda is an agent, knowing the mongoose has eyes everywhere. – not staying away from Amanda, he actually puts her in danger from the mongoose.. Given he runs for it, we can only assume he was never planning on asking for help??  I find Connie to be a very sad, self absorbed but kinda likeable guy.. who I hope after all this can make a life for himself..

Like where and how this car chase stops though! With Lee stopping riiiight next to Connie and staring him down – you’re mine!!!
And ahhhh the beautiful Albert Hall!!! (been there been there!) ohhhh I am so glad they filmed here.. isn’t it just an adorable building?!

Lee catches up to them. Poor Amanda..
Determined Lee points his gun at Amanda and Connie and yells: Hold it!!
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_001368168Connie responds by turning so Lee can see Connie now has a gun trained on Amanda: Drop it!! Or I drop her [ouch.. too funny! I would have lost it if he had called Lee Pal!]
Amanda: He is the mongoose!!!!???!!!!
Poor Amanda.. she can’t believe it.. but he’s pointing a gun at her?? eek.. he’s got to be!! insert-commercial break here!! tee hee…
This shot is framed soooo beautifully! it’s very well designed I just love the look of some of these scenes.. now if only Lee wasn’t wearing his Mr high pockets jeans..and t-shirt tucked in.. ahem.. Focus! where was I? Oh yes.. Well, not only is Amanda being held at gunpoint, but she’s lost her shopping.. and Lee chooses this moment to complain that she never listens to him either! Now now kiddies.. this is not the time for a domestic!
41Conrad: Not a fun situation, is it, Mr Stetson? You may get me, but I most assuredly will get her. [oh Connie!!! I can’t believe he would stoop this low!!! this is really awful of him!! did I say likeable?? ]
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_001390724Lee: What put you on to me? [He even knows his name?!]
Conrad: I’ve known who you were since you first SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_001398732set foot in the casino. What I didn’t know was how you were using Amanda. It’s funny, you can never trust a cheerleader. [now that right there is the logic of the Mongoose! oh yeah! tee heee. err I mean the goose!!! Smile]
Amanda: Conrad, why are you doing this?
Conrad: You wouldn’t listen to me!
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_001404738Lee: You never listen to me, either. slap happy
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_001406740Amanda: How could I believe that he was the Mongoose?
[What did Conrad say that Amanda wouldn’t listen to?? is this him complaining he needed to convince Amanda he was the mongoose? I looove that they revisited another gag from season one – third one this episode!!! well done smk writers!!! ]
43Conrad waves the gun: Does this help? [Actually it does! Winking smile ]
Amanda: Oh, Conrad, put that away, you were never good with things that were mechanical!
[oh dear, without realising it, Amanda’s evidence that Connie is not clever enough to be the mongoose makes Connie want to convince her even more!! ]
Conrad: Well, I got better over the years.
441thuddyAha! Lee sees his gun isn’t loaded! whoo hoo!! NICE close up!!!![Ok Lee, just try not to laugh huh! ] Smile He slowly SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_001418752moves closer to them..
Connie continues: Hey, back up, pal. [whahahaahaa!!! he actually called Lee Pal!!! slap happyI love it!!!! Pal!!! ] Poor Amanda.. she is really scared here!!! [this is very interesting!! I’ll come back to this!] Lee just silently, slowly keeps moving closer. Amanda’s shocked at what Lee is doing!!! Nooo Leee don’t !!!!
Connie: One more step and she gets it.
Amanda: He’s gonna shoot me, Lee.
Lee keeps walking closer.. staring down Connie..[ETA:Redgold pointed out that Lee briefly looks at Amanda to reassure her here-Thanks Redgold!! – but IMO she doesn’t notice or understand his eyes 100% completely – yet! :)] Connie takes a step back.. man, such a macho staring match going on here Winking smile
Conrad: I’ll shoot her. [Connie how can you do this to Amanda!!!!]
Amanda: Leeeeee.

Conrad: Hey! I’ll shoot her!
[looks like we have some people watching the filming on the left there in the wideshotSmile wish it was meWinking smile ]
Amanda: Leeeee????
Conrad: I’m not kidding, pal
.(HA!!) One more step and she gets it, right be–
With a look of disgust, Lee takes one final 46step towards Connie and swiftly, easily takes away his gun.. Take that Pal!!! [I loved the look of disgust Lee gives him.. I like to think it is for holding Amanda at gunpoint, but.. hm… it could also be because he thinks he is the mongoose. hmmm.. ]
47Lee: Not with this, you’re not.
Connie: It wasn’t loaded!!
Get ‘em up!!!!

Conrad is terrified!! The change in him is hilarious! Pathetically so!
49Conrad: I wasn’t going to hurt her! I lied, I’m not the Mongoose!  Please don’t hate me, Amanda!
As Connie turns his head to address Amanda to his side, Lee squeezes his face and pulls it back – almost like he is saying don’t look at her! don’t talk to her!!! whoooo!! swoonworthy from Lee.. but also hilarious from Connie!!! [how does smk do it?! Smile ]

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_001458792Amanda: I don’t hate you, Conrad. [You’re too pathetic to hate!!Poor Amanda.. this must have been awful for her!]
Conrad: I lied, I wasn’t going to –
Lee squeezes on his face some more.. LOL..  😆
Lee looking at Amanda: I think Mr Barnhill has a few questions to answer. Don’t you?
Connie looks at Amanda again, simpering.. 😆
Conrad: I’m sorry, Aman-
Lee this time grabs him by the tie pulling his face away from looking at Amanda..
52I like to think that even now, Lee is beginning to have his doubts that Connie is the mongoose.. would the mongoose do such a thing as hold the gun up like that when it is empty? Nah ahhhh! Connie’s complete and instantaneous transformation from crazy tough guy to simpering scared-y cat is hilarious!! I don’t mind seeing him squirm and suffer after what he put Amanda through! Smile come on Connie!! Time to live in reality and help bring down the mongoose!!

I mentioned Amanda was very scared as Connie held her at gunpoint, and Lee started walking towards her and Connie-As Connie threatened to shoot her. I find this interesting because, while we know Amanda trusts Lee- in this moment, Amanda’s panic begins to rise.. she really is not sure at all that Lee is doing the right thing.. She trusts him.. but maybe the trust is not yet absolute. (although still pretty darn significant!)

I was reminded of the scene in Burn Out-ohhh what a fab episode- I can’t wait to get to it!!! In that episode, without being able to explain what he is doing and why, Lee points a gun at Amanda and shoots – and not for a second does Amanda hesitate that Lee knows what he is doing and can be trusted- and she goes along with him Smile .. the contrast between this scene and that scene speaks volumes to me:  Lee and Amanda still have a long journey ahead of them Smile

Sooo before I get on to what is (IMO) one of THE funniest SMK moments EVER!!! I shall finish up there.. my brain is rather tired and I want to do it credit.. thanks for reading.. thanks for walking with me through the episodes.. while we are walking together, I’d love to have a little conversation with you too!! so jump on in to the conversation here and share what you think! Smile 

Byeee for now! Back with more when I can..

20 responses to “5/9 Season Two, Episode 1:To Catch a Mongoose- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. #2019 rewatch
    Watching Conrad go from suave villain to gibbering idiot in this scene left me wondering if anyone else found themselves thinking “Keyser Söze…”


  2. #2019rewatch
    Conrad: You loved watching those idiots on the football team bump into each other, but now you’re some kind of hotshot agent.
    Iwsod: [Hmm Lee would have been one of those idiots.. ]

    Aha, Iwsod! I had this same thought in thinking about Conrad’s earlier line about losing her boyfriend with the perfect hair. Mongoose or not, Conrad surely knows Lee is an agent, since if he’s not the Mongoose, at this point in the episode it is clear that he is informed by him or connected to him in some way. I find it so interesting that Conrad assumes a romantic relationship between Amanda & Lee, and Conrad’s thinks Amanda and Lee as a couple would be realistic, because Conrad is not like other people in the series who meet them and immediately assume Lee & Amanda are together. Most of those are people who have just met them, or maybe folks who have known Lee for years. But Conrad is unique in that he has known Amanda for many years, and the very first assumption he makes of Lee, the hot-shot agent with the perfect hair (maybe Conrad’s grown up version of a cool football player type) is that he’s her boyfriend. Wonder if he ever learns of Sandy Newcomb?

    I don’t really know my point with that observation. 😁 Just thought it was interesting.

    Also, Iwsod said:
    I was reminded of the scene in Burn Out…Lee points a gun at Amanda and shoots – and not for a second does Amanda hesitate that Lee knows what he is doing and can be trusted- and she goes along with him .. the contrast between this scene and that scene speaks volumes to me: Lee and Amanda still have a long journey ahead of them.

    Love this, Iwsod. I thought this also in the whole eyespeak moment here. IMHO, Lee is trying so hard to communicate to Amanda here without tipping off Conrad that he’s on to him and she is maybe not sure what is happening, though she wants to trust him, but just not sure what Lee is doing. Such a stark contrast to Burn Out when she does not even flinch, and when Lee trusts her implicitly. Their journey is lovely.


    • #2019rewatch

      Mongoose or not, Conrad surely knows Lee is an agent, since if he’s not the Mongoose, at this point in the episode it is clear that he is informed by him or connected to him in some way. I find it so interesting that Conrad assumes a romantic relationship between Amanda & Lee, … Conrad is unique in that he has known Amanda for many years, and the very first assumption he makes of Lee, the hot-shot agent with the perfect hair (maybe Conrad’s grown up version of a cool football player type) is that he’s her boyfriend.

      The way I interpret Conrad is that he doesn’t accept (or realize) that Amanda is an Agent. He wouldn’t see his suburban Arlington high school buddy Amanda as a jet-setter coming to London, either. Therefore, she has to be Lee’s girlfriend just tagging along on his assignment. Rather condescending of him, isn’t it? Conrad’s lifestyle has changed dramatically since high school; however, he doesn’t credit Amanda with being someone who would dramatically change her lifestyle.


  3. #2019rewatch I love the way the car chase ends in this scene. Usually car chases on this show tend to drag on a little too long for me but I think they nailed this one. I also think the actor they cast as Conrad nailed the abrupt persona change – he is so convincing at being terrified of basically everything.


  4. #2019 rewatch
    “Phillip is 10 and Jamie is 8”

    STILL? Those poor boys!


    • I would agree but I also get my kids ages wrong all the time. I usually round up though – even for myself. I was “38” for 2 years because I did my math wrong basically skipped 37.


    • #2019rewatch
      Hahaha!! Clagjanet, I said the exact same thing when watching the episode last night!! Oh well, I guess we are supposed to forget that each boy had a birthday party in Season 1 (Fearless Dotty and Saved By the Bells).

      Though smanyb, I totally hear ya on getting the ages wrong. I usually end up mixing up my kids’ names, too! 😂


  5. ScarecrowsAngel

    Iwsod, when you mentioned Lee sitting in the wrong (or in your case: right) seat of the cab, I remembered something. I didn’t notice it with Lee, but for a moment I wondered why Conrad, when he met up with the diamond buyer earlier, got into the passenger seat of the car when there was no driver! Only to facepalm myself moments later… LOL



  6. Another Burn Out mention. It is great to be able to watch the progression of their relationship. There is something else that I like about that scene. I love the way Lee looks at the beginning of it. Sometimes when I watch this episode I wonder if there isn’t some comparison between Lee and Connie going on. Maybe Lee is making comparisons because here he is seeing Amanda caring for another person. She cares for him and he has experienced a bit of that, she cares for her sons, but here she is also caring for Connie and I wonder how that makes Lee feel. I wonder if Amanda is comparing them too. Not really in how they measure up against each other. But here she doesn’t know what is going on with Connie but Lee is looking very strong and trustworthy. She has been defending Connie all this time, but right here Lee is going to defend her. She knows it and Lee knows it. I don’t know how else to explain it, maybe it sounds like it is from left field, but it is just a hunch I have…


  7. Lee standing at the bar had me laughing. Why because of his hat. There is a stereotype for a certain type of Englishman. Men from up north (Yorkshire) hanging around pubs with their flat caps and whippets (a type of dog). Saw Lee and wondered where his whippet was LOL
    Link referencing stereotype for those that want to read it 😉

    Anyway I think Conrad wanted to see Amanda because he’s in love with her awwwww. Although next to Lee he’s got nooooooo chance 😉
    I think Lee was channeling his inner Simon Cowell though with these jeans! Bit too high waisted eek!!
    I too though Amanda fainted or fell over as Lee grabbed Conrad, sure looked that way LOL


  8. I realized when I rewatched this episode that Conrad swallows nervously while he has his gun on Amanda. When he grabs Amanda and hold the gun on her, there’s a break (for a commercial). Just after the break, he swallows before continuing his threats to harm Amanda. Lee notices that, as well.


  9. I have a few thoughts as I read through this. First, I don’t know how well a pic would work of this, but I always get a chuckle out of Amanda when she kind of screams and looks like she falls over sideways when Lee grabs the gun from Connie. Sort of expect to see her picking herself up off the ground in the next shot.

    Secondly, I just love your pic of Lee’s disgusted face. Terrific! I think at this point he’s thoroughly convinced he’s dealing with a Mongoose wannabe (as you’ve so aptly put it, the goose). So he’s probably a little annoyed with himself for being duped about the guy…and with Amanda for being right…again.

    Third, I don’t think Amanda was lacking in trust for Lee, but she was doubting his confidence in Conrad not shooting her. From her perspective, it looked like he was betting pretty heavy on a desperate, armed man not shooting her, and you know, the way he was losing at the casino…

    And finally…I just can’t wait for the next post! That interrogation is a really stellar Season 2 scene. Lee and Amanda banter at its comic best!


    • Inspired by your comments, I just re-watched this scene. It seemed to me that after Amanda says, “He’s going to shoot me, Lee,” Lee is looking more at her than at Connie, trying to convey some reassurance to her with his eyes. However, I know that I tend to see and hear things in SMK that few or no other people do, and this observation might fall into the “RedGold’s Imaginary Projections” category. LOL. SMK is better than a Rorschach test!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I see it, too, RedGold. You are not alone.


      • Hiya RedGold.. I had another look at that scene.. I see Melissa agrees with you 🙂 It’s hard to see because Connie and Amanda’s heads are next to each other(and so not much difference in the eyeline for Lee), I think I can maybe see a very quick look to the side (??) and back again that could be seen as reassuring ( and therefore aimed at Amanda) but.. I don’t know 🙂 My interpretation though was that he was mostly looking at Connie.. and staring him down.
        Either way it doesn’t change my view on what was going on with Amanda..
        I do think that Amanda does not completely 100% trust Lee here (sorry Paula) and I think that is ok.. I really come to this conclusion by comparing her behaviour here to her behaviour in Burn Out.. but I don’t doubt Amanda trusts Lee 99% of the time 😉
        Redgold, i saw what you mean’t about Lee saying Bob? as Amanda walked away to himself (in trafalgar sq) I hadn’t noticed he did that!! haaaa.. although I think he only mouths the word rather than says it out loud. but I love it a great observation!


      • I had another look on the big screen! and.. I’ve changed my mind! 🙂 I think you are right! Lee does try and let Amanda know it’s ok ‘with his eyes’ whoooo.. she wasn’t receiving the message though 😉
        Good Catch!!


    • Melissa Robertson

      I agree with that she thought that Conrad would shoot her because she admits in this scene that he is the Mongoose.


  10. I am really enjoying this post series on “To Catch a Mongoose”! I think it was one of my favorite episodes, definitely one of my faves from season two. 🙂 This scene with Lee and Amanda being held at ‘gunpoint’ by Connie Barnhill was golden… Lee’s face when he thinks Amanda is in mortal danger! I remember the huge relief I felt that moment that it was revealed that the gun was empty! Whew! 🙂 And then giggled at Amanda freaking out while Lee moves closer and closer. I also loved it when Amanda was winning at Blackjack, so funny.

    Also, I just loved all these episodes set in Europe! I didn’t know that the Olympics forced SMK to move across the pond for a while! Awesome happenstance, in my opinion! England is so cool. 😀

    Can’t wait to read the rest of this episode’s remarks! 🙂


    • I didn’t know that is why SMK did the European episodes but am totally glad they did. A big bonus turned out to be that the Olympics were just wonderful! Most everyone in Los Angeles was happy, helpful and the streets were empty. You could go to lots of events easily. It ’twas a phenomenal time! ( I grew up in LA and and the ’84 Olympics were a terrific highlight in my life!)
      Ok, now to swoon worthy intense Lee, agab:drool&ln]lktjebs#%b€s!! Oh my, must pull myself together before the kids show up and find me in this in undignified position with drool everywhere!


  11. Anybody know who on the creative staff of SMK is the “Long Good Friday” fan? I looked up Stephen Davies (our Connie Barnhill) on imdb and was surprised to see that he was in the “Long Good Friday” (also set in London). That’s the third reference to this film I’ve seen in SMK.
    1. The episode title “The Long Christmas Eve”. Different holiday, SMK’s version was not as violent. I was expecting as least one bombing in the episode. (There were a lot of bombings in “The Long Good Friday”.)
    2. Stephen Davies…his character in Long Good Friday gets a stripping down by Bob Hoskins similar to this episode, although Bob Hoskins doesn’t use PG-rated language, so I shouldn’t quote it here. If you have access to youtube, here’s the clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVVrZJaN1IU. If you watch the clip until the car scene (starting at 3:06), you’ll notice another famous 1980’s tv star, before he was famous.
    3. “Life of the Party” when the guys are hung up by the meat hooks in the meat packing plant is most definately an homage to a scene in the “Long Good Friday”.

    By the way, iwsod, I love your pic of Lee’s intense close up. It should be bigger, though. 🙂 His eyes look green to me, here. Must be the shirt. He should wear green more often.


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