7/9 Season Two, Episode 1:To Catch a Mongoose-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Continuing on.. We are reminded of the omnipresent Mongoose.. sitting down in his limo looking at new scotland yard.. He doesn’t looks so powerful stuck outside! But.. as we have learned, the mongoose should not be underestimated!

Lee and Inspector Keaton sit next to a tape recorder and listen in on Amanda’s brutal interrogation. ( ohh I am reminded of that line in season 4.. about Amanda practicing an interrogation on Lee..1BIG GRIN anyone???!!!)

We watch them as they listen to Amanda and Connie sharing a laugh, reconnecting.. go Amanda! good job building a rapport! Smile What do you think Lee is thinking here??..
Conrad: High school huh, whoa those really were good days.  101

Amanda: Oh, yeah, they were. Oh, Connie, how did you get involved in all this Mongoose stuff?
Conrad: I wanted to be somebody.
Even if Connie wasn’t her old high school friend, this is where Amanda as a person shines-putting people at ease, encouraging them, accepting them- and not judging them.. I love that about her Smile 

We now cut back to finally see Connie and Amanda back under the lamp [ Amanda has practice interrogating people under a lamp- love that line in the Mole from the mole’s ex! Smile]
Amanda: Oh, but you are somebody! You’re Conrad Walter Barnhill.
Conrad: I really wanted to be somebody else.
[I know this is suppose to be sad.. but the pathetic way he says that makes me laugh.. I love that line! So to the point! Smile ]Connie takes a deep breath, and finally tells Amanda what he needs to- About eight months ago, I came to Europe, you know, to start over. Lead a fast and exciting life. And I met this guy. He said he was a rich industrialist. I got a job as his assistant. All I did was run errands, but 103the pay was really good. There was travel, and fancy cars. I was important. For the first time in my life, I was really important!  Then I found out that 104these little errands involved illegal transactions. I told him what I knew and I learned he was the Mongoose.
105Amanda: Oh, but, Connie, why didn’t you just quit?
We see Lee’s reaction to this: determined Lee!!! 107( my what a contrast to pathetic powerless Connie.. Connie doesn’t stand a chance Winking smile )Conrad: He said he’d kill me! He told me in great detail how he’d terminated other helpers that he’d had.
Amanda: You should have gone to the police.
[without having told the mongoose!]
109Conrad: I wanted to, but he always seemed to know where I was and what I was doing. He’s got eyes
110and ears everywhere! The Mongoose is the most frightening man I’ve ever met in my life! I’m really scared, Amanda. Really scared. You’ve got to help me!
111Amanda: Now, Connie, no — don’t be afraid. Because Mr. Stetson and I will get you out of this mess.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_001758625At this moment, we see Inspector Keaton Look up at Lee.. eyebrow raised.. Mr Stetson will help will he???!!! tee heee..

Lee takes a moment.. looks at the tape recorder 113and grumbles : Thanks a lot.
1ha haaaaaaa
[we all knew he was going to Winking smile Besides he owes her for good cop errr I mean good guy bad guy! Suffer Lee! and besides.. it shows she has great faith in you Smile ]
Conrad: I can’t even be much help. I mean, I know what the Mongoose looks like, but I don’t know his real name, I don’t know where he lives. I’m sorry you got dragged into this. [So he should be in my book! Bad Connie!! ]
114Amanda: Don’t you worry about me! I’m kind of worried about you.
Conrad: At the casino, I . . . I acted really cold and
115mean to you because the Mongoose told me I had to impersonate him, but what I really wanted to do was throw my arms 116around you and give you a big hug hello.
1love eyes
Connie is relieved to finally have things out in the open, and to mend things with Amanda.

We see Keaton and Lee again.1HaHaHa! I love to see Lee squirm as other pros sing Amanda’s praises!
117Keaton: Singing like a jaybird. She’s good, you know.slap happy[you could learn something Lee.]

: She has her own style.1ha haaaaaaa
[Sticking to the bird theme we have going: Eat Crow Lee!!! Smile]
120Back to Conrad: Amanda? There’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you.
121Amanda: Yeah?
[she has no inkling of what’s coming!]
We see Lee and Inspector Keaton lean closer to the recorder straining to be sure to hear what’s coming next..
Conrad: I know this is not the best time or place or anything like that, but I really feel I have to say it.
124Now Amanda’s worried!
Amanda: S-say what, Connie?
Soooo funny!!! Conrad
125is silent for a moment, hesitating.. we see Lee straining even closer to the recorder to 126hear..then Keaton straining closer to hear..and finally – Amanda leans closer to hear! 

Oh boy!

128Conrad: I love you, Amanda. 1surprise.. what the....

Amanda is wide eyed and stunned silent! her mouth gapping.. 129she slowly leans back a little speechless! Amanda??!!!!
We cut to Lee and Inspector Keaton
130leaning over the recorder as they hear this next line of Connie’s: I’ve always loved you.
Stunned Lee looks at Inspector Keaton, who IMO doesn’t look that stunned.. Smile 

Amanda: Oh, Connie.
[I looove how we hear this line over the recorder.. hilarious!! ]
Conrad: I never had the courage to say it before 133and I — I know you can’t love me or anything like 134that, but I wanted you to know how I felt.
We cut to Lee and Inspector Keaton- and Lee is licking his lips!!! Is that a coincidence here???!!!
Keaton wordlessly looks at Lee.. and Lee struggles to come up with something to say.. he’s still stunned by it..
1huhLee: Errrr uuhh, sometimes interrogation takes some bizarre twists.

What? a man interested in Amanda? yes Lee, this interrogation must be brutal for you!1dohslap hehehe.. And noooo it is not a bizarre twist that a man would fancy Amanda! Smile wake up! Amanda has a lot to offer – both professionally and personally! (ahhh he’ll get there eventually!)
Love the initial reaction from Lee though- he seems to have no idea what the heck is going on! or what to do with it! hehehee.. Keaton just seems bemused by it all.. man.. these Americans! Winking smile

Amanda: Connie, I want you to know that you’ve always been very special to me. And you are now.
Amanda reaches out to Connie and gently strokes his cheek.. offering him comfort awh..

Conrad: I feel silly right now.
Amanda: No, don’t you feel silly. (She bends over and kisses him on the cheek.Awh!!) You just be Connie Barnhill, because I really like him.
[Hm! did Lee hear that kiss? I wonder if he thought it was anything other than a peck on the cheek?! Winking smile he wouldn’t know from the sound of it]
Then, Lee enters the room –closing the door rather loudly and bringing his presence to their attention! He does not look happy as he enters the room.. Winking smile Maybe like he knows he is interrupting a private moment?? thoughts anyone??
After both Amanda and Connie have turned to 152look at him, Lee gives Amanda a quiet little smile-right before he goes into serious mode- My interpretation is that this is a ‘ you were right, just talking to him was better than good guy bad guy’1tiphat
Lee: Mr. Barnhill, you know 141have two choices. You can go free, in which case the Mongoose will most 142probably kill you, or you can help us to identify the Mongoose, in which case we will protect you.
143Amanda: Are you being the bad guy again? Open-mouthed smile
144Lee: Yes.
[that’s the truth, he really is playing at being the bad guy here.. ]

Lee continues: ..And you are going home to your children. [what a curious way for Lee to put it?!]

151Well Lee seems to be super keen for Amanda to leave as soon as possible doesn’t he! hehehee… Yes it seems Lee is quite happy about Amanda being able to go home, back to her children.. yes I am sure that is why he is happy.. err it can’t be because he doesn’t want her to get anymore reacquainted with Connie than she already has Winking smile Nor is it that he is happy he doesn’t have to deal with her being in London anymore Winking smile Noo noo it’s just good that she is going home to her children! Smile By the way, the script for this episode is up on Petra’s SMK site.. but I haven’t looked at it – I just don’t have time 😦 If anyone would like to check it out and share what they find – I would be most grateful!!!  

I shall finish up there for now.. as always I’d love to hear from you – if you read my post.. if you liked it.. if you like this episode? this scene.. anything you would have liked to see happen? anything you don’t like? questions? Comments? Love to hear from you!! Will be back with more soon byeeeeeee


27 responses to “7/9 Season Two, Episode 1:To Catch a Mongoose-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. #2019rewatch
    When Lee and Inspector Keaton leaned in, waiting to hear Barnhill’s declaration, I suspect the S&MK writers were spoofing the popular 1970’s & 80’s stock brokerage tv ads:
    “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.”


  2. #2019 rewatch

    I love Lee checking to see the Inspector’s reaction to the “I love You” as if he’s embarrassed it suddenly went so personal in the middle of the professional. No wonder he goes racing in to stop it – he’s probably afraid Amanda will start telling Connie something about how Lee pretends to be all macho but is really just a big softie too and all on tape for Scotland yard to laugh at.


  3. #2019rewatch
    Conrad is so sweaty. 😫 Yes, clagjanet, you mentioned in a previous post that he was handsome in the casino, but I can’t ever think of him aside from this perspiring interrogated person!! 😂

    Europe may not have brought out the best in Lee, but BB was killing it with his acting! I love “Errrr uuhh, sometimes interrogation takes some bizarre twists.”


  4. An the brutal interrogation LOL love how Lee and the Inspector are straining to hear this vital information only to hear a declaration of love. Brilliant 🙂
    One small thing I did go ewwwww when Amanda kissed Conrad’s rather sweaty head!!! He sure is sweating like a pig LOL
    I think Lee made the comment about sending Amanda back to her children for a number of reasons. Firstly she was telling Conrad her and Mr Stetson will get him out of this mess and I think Lee was about as subtle as a sledgehammer in reminding her she was here only to identify Conrad. Her job is over, it’s time for Lee to do his thing. Secondly he wants her away from Conrad (so love can’t blossom ;)) and she will be out of harms way. Tsk Lee don’t you know by now the safest place for Amanda is right next to you 😉


  5. I feel that Lee wants to send Amanda “home to her (your) children.” because he wants to protect her from the Mongoose. From the beginning, Amanda was to point out Conrad and then let Lee take over. Amanda fulfilled her part in the case and now Lee wants her safe.


  6. Melissa Robertson

    Nice to hear Lee admit that Amanda has her own style in a good sense 🙂


  7. Hi! I better read with my eyes open… have a look on the bus scene from the cryptic script again (have to know where Lee was):
    LEE to Amanda: I’ll check on your bus.
    He moves on ahead to the bus stop as Conrad pokes his head out of the limousine and stands nervously next to Amanda……and then on with the dialog..
    So Lee dosn’t see Amanda kiss Conrad.

    Here is the different script scene with the gun (try to get it shoooort):
    Lee watching carefully steps forward toward Conrad.
    CONRAD Back off! 
    LEE (raises his gun) I’m going to put a bullet right between your funny glasses.
    CONRAD You’ll hit Amanda.
    LEE (dead straight) That’s too bad.
    Amanda is stunned. Lee cocks the hammer back. Amanda’s mouth drops open.
    CONRAD Wait don’t hurt her! Here, it’s not loaded! See!
     Lee quickly grabs him
    AMANDA (to Lee) You were going to shoot me! You knew he was bluffing, didn’t you?
    Lee smiles
    LEE Ho guns went off, did they?
    AMANDA (continuing) You did, didn’t you? I think I deserve an answer to my question.
    Lee just smiles
    AMANDA (continuing) A smile is not a very comforting answer.

    Yes iwsod, I’m the Claudia with the ramble-dialog from season 1! 🙂
    Looking forward for your new posts! By and good night!


    • Hi Claudia! whoa.. that scene has a very different vibe doesn’t it!! Amanda’s terror would have been through the roof!! And then Lee almost teasing her? with whether or not he knew the gun wasn’t loaded? whoa!!! What do you think? do you like it?

      Claudia I am so glad you found your way here! I was only thinking when doing my last post how your site had saved my butt – the dialogue being (mostly) availabe really helps me when I am in a time pinch! and I was going to acknowledge your site at the end of this episode for getting me through busy times and still posting!
      So thanks alot for all your hard work transcribing !! I don’t know how you did that- sooo much work! 🙂

      btw all – you might have guessed.. if there is no transcription of an ep on the net – I’m probably going to need to include less dialolgue in my posts 😦 or I’d only post once a week!! lol!! but Claudia thanks again you’ve been a life saver! -You are more than welcome to contribute a post of your own here don’t forget 😀

      Redgold-thanks for your info about buying smk scripts a while ago- I forgot to mention, I purchased 3 SMK scripts – my little contribution to the SMK treasure trove for us all to enjoy!! i will be passing them onto Petra as soon as I get them.. It was:Burn Out, A relative situation and rememberance of things past! whooo hooo!!! 😀 I cannot wait to read the script for Burn Out!! Or see if there might be a little scripted kiss or something in a relative situation!! byee everyone have a great day I’ll try and finish up this episode tonight 🙂 iwsod


    • I definitely like the way it was filmed instead of that script version.


  8. About the ‘home to your children’ line: yes, it’s a bit patronising, isn’t it? But the first time I heard it, I also thought it was kind of sweet. I haven’t thought about why until now, here goes…

    Lee doesn’t think much of Amanda as an agent at this point, but I get the impression that he has a positive and sentimental view of her family life. Not that he’d admit it, but I think he sees her happy family as an idyll and something he never had.

    So while it was condescending of him to say that, I don’t think it was meant as an insult or an attempt to get back at her for getting Connie to talk. He is saying you don’t really belong here conducting interrogations, you belong back in DC with your children, but in his mind, that’s a good thing.

    I really do think that’s part of why he’s so protective of her in the early days and one of the several reasons he pushes her away. Maybe it’s sexist of him, but he does think Philip and Jamie need her and she shouldn’t be off risking her life in the spy business that took his own parents. I dunno! I’m probably overanalysing one line, here 😀


    • I think he accomplishes 2 things with that comment.
      1. He reiterates that Amanda is a mom. He thinks that makes her less desirable; therefore, reminding Connie of that fact is a good thing in Lee’s confused brain.
      2. I do think he is concerned with leaving Philip and Jamie without a mom, similar to his upbringing.

      Although, does Lee (at this point) know his mom and dad were in the spy biz? It’s been awhile since I saw season 4. I don’t remember if that was new news to him or old…


      • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head and whether Lee knows about his parents or not (I can’t remember either), he would be protective of Phillip and Jamie because of the lousy childhood he had (look at the extraordinary lengths he goes to to ‘save’ their birthday parties).


      • No, I can’t remember either, it’s been a while. I just remember him finding out how they met from the diary?

        Jumping way ahead here, but maybe that’s another reason Lee isn’t Joe’s biggest fan (except for the obvious one) – because he chose his job over his sons and effectively abandoned them, and I imagine this hit a nerve with Lee.


      • Anne, I always assumed that Lee was not a fan of Joe because he reminded Lee of Glen Tucker, the baddie that set Amanda up for murder. *wink*


  9. ISWOD — I am more laughing at myself and my wandering attention span. :-). Paula – “Brunettes” has always been a tough one for me to watch. But I will, for the sake of the blog. 🙂
    I’ve always loved this episode (To catch a mongoose — see, I am back on track! LOL!). The writing is sharp, the location is gorgeous and the chemistry between the 3 of them is superb.


    • Brunettes is a tough one for me, too. It seems improbable to me that they would focus so much attention on kidnapping a 30-something woman instead of a teenager (unfortunately!) However, Paula’s comments have me intrigued. But, I’ll wait until we get there. 🙂


      • Ha! The plot is definitely not the attraction of that episode! Strictly from a Lee and Amanda relationship perspective, it’s one I keep going back to. It was a watershed episode that way. In Mongoose, Lee’s still resisting the idea that he depends on Amanda and resenting it when he does. After BAI, that dynamic changes.


      • Yes, I always felt the plot was just a device for the argument.


        • Hi Everyone!

          Hi Claudia!!! ( are you the Claudia who transcribed season 1? ) Thanks for sharing your thoughts on what Lee is doing as he re enters the ‘brutal’ interrogation 🙂 I think you are on to something. he was interrupting a private moment – even if there wasn’t anything going on from Amanda’s side 🙂

          Thanks sooo much for checking out the script! Ohhh so in the script Lee doesn’t hear Connie’s confession? Interesting!!

          Which way do you all prefer? The gags that came with Connie’s admission were great – so I wouldn’t change it!
          But.. I found it interesting to think that Amanda was such a tough interrogator there she even managed to get out of Connie the fact that he loves her! Now I wonder if they will make him sign a written statement confirming that confession? 😉

          Amanda disolved a toupee in chemistry class? LOL!

          I’d love to hear of any other differences – if you are able to Claudia– Hope you enjoyed your barbeque!! 🙂

          Paula, I agree – Connie was no real threat to Lee.. but having all that sentimental stuff floating around is not a comfortable feeling for Lee.. and well who knows maybe Connie might win Amanda over.. she might not like him now- but maybe she might get caught up in nostalgia of high school.(I’m thinking of the tag of this ep..will get to the ending in the next day or two hopefully) and .. well.. HAAAAA I really doubt Lee gave it much thought – he seems to react instinctively where Amanda is concerned this early on! Remember the scarecrow didn’t do much thinking 😉 haaaa..

          Paula I’m a huge brunettes are in fan tooo- because it is so significant to their relationship. I’m looking forward to getting there!

          No worries Cindy! I love to hear everyone’s smk thoughts! 🙂 the writing is ‘sharp’ – great way of expressing it.. you can tell they had lots of time to write the episode huh.. I think I saw the draft was dated march or something when I had a glance at it.. but it would have been filmed in september no? when olympics was on? It’s like the first time- sooo dense with goodness.. and other episodes.. (ahem) you can tell there was not as much (ahem) preparation..

          Hello Anne – yeah I think what you say is all true – did someone think Lee was being condescending? I might have missed that.. I hadn’t thought of it from that point of view (of Lee being condescending). He was so happy when he said it that it didn’t cross my mind.. You’re right, Lee doesn’t think of Amanda as much as an agent.. IMO this is a big part of the whole falling in love story.. Lee coming to accept Amanda’s worth – not just as a woman but as an agent.. but I’ll leave that discussion for another day 🙂

          Whooo I agree with you all – Lee’s losing his parents( whether he knew they were spies or not at this point still works for me) and his protectiveness of Amanda and his refusal to admit to himself how attractive he finds her – is all connected!! and again! this is another area where growth needs to happen in Lee for me to be convinced that he has completely fallen in love here.. he actually mentions phillip and jamie in bromfield hall – I was shocked.. and an interesting context – but yet again – we’ll get to that (soon!)!

          There is so much good stuff ahead it can be tempting to rush on.. I will regret it though. I’ll get to the Khrushchev list and go – It went too fast??!!! I rushed it!!! 🙂
          I figure each smk episode deserves some time of its own to ponder ( yes even Artful dodger- because while the episode didn’t deserve it the characters of Lee and Amanda did!) – I will go as fast as I am able..but sorry guys real life gets in the way sometimes 🙂 Thanks for encouraging me to continue on though.. I might not without you guys! real life is always calling..

          Redgold, I agree with you about where Lee at 🙂 Lee doesn’t understand his own motives at all in behaving the way he does sometimes.. and it probably scares the heck out of him!! 🙂

          Speaking of real life getting in the way.. 😦 It’s calling to me now! Byee!


  10. Hi! Is Lee looking at their hands as he enters the room?! I think he feels not so comfortable with his interruption, but he must see what’s going on in there and stop this love-blabla bevore Conrad grabs Amanda and runs off with her….

    The script is different as Conrad wants to tell her something Lee and Keaton enters the room and Lee tells Amanda to go home to the boys.
    At the bus-station Conrad tells Amanda that he ever loved her since she dissolved Mr. Pence’s toupee in chemistry class.
    AManda: that was an accident. I didn’t mean to spill the test tube on his head.
    CONRAD:I’ve never had the courage to tell you before and I know you couldn’t * love me, but I just wanted you to know how I felt.
    Lee: (calling out) Amanda, your bus!
    Amanda tells Conrad that he is special and give him a kiss and a big hug, Conrad can’t believe it.
    I don’t know where Lee is when all this happens but he then gives her last instructions bevor she hops on the bus and head out a window
    AManda:… I know, but he always seems to get himself into trouble. *
    LEE: Like someone else I know.
    Ok, the script issss different also when Conrad holds his gun to Amanda. So I must stop for now, my husband is at the barbecue calling out for me… Yumyum…. Buy and thank you so much for your funny posts!


  11. This “brutal interrogation” is just priceless–I love seeing Lee and the inspector leaning closer and closer to hear what Connie is going to say to Amanda. They’re literally on the edge of their seats! I’ve always been struck by Lee’s comment to Amanda afterward, “And you’re going home to your children.” As you note, ISOD, that’s an odd thing for him to say. He hardly ever refers to the children at the point in the series; in fact, I don’t think he’s ever mentioned them by name or brought them up on his own. (Maybe because, IMO, Amanda being a mother is one of the main things that makes her “undateable” in his eyes.) I wonder if he’s trying to emphasize that the high school cheerleader that Connie knew is not the same person now. (Connie himself has already made this point in the pub.) Plus, he just wants Amanda away from Connie! I’d be interested to hear others’ thought on this line, if you care to comment. Amanda seems quite surprised by Lee’s statement and expression, too.

    IWSOD, I never thought about the fact that Lee can’t tell that Amanda has kissed Connie only on the cheek–good catch!


    • I think Lee’s ego suffered a bruising from Amanda’s successful interrogation, so he’s putting her in her place. Okay suburban mom, get out of my business and back to yours. It sounds petty of Lee, but in character, I think. His self-esteem really is kind of fragile.

      I doubt Lee sees Conrad as competition for Amanda’s affections. Conrad’s been made out to be a dweeb. Lee’s super-cool with perfect hair. It would be like Amanda’s settling. James Delano posed more of a threat, and I think Alan Chamberlain was probably the biggest one (in A Lovely Little Affair, but I doubt Lee ever recognized the danger there). Ugh! There I go again. Don’t let me start telling ya what I think about ALLA! Stay in season 2, Paula!!


      • “Dull as a stick” I think was the phrase. *facepalm* Our boy can be so dense sometimes. (Oops, I think I am also going to get in trouble for season hopping 🙂 )


        • Oh my!! I hope I haven’t given the impression we can’t refer to other seasons! that was not my intention!
          It is totally ok to – just more in the context of the episode being discussed is all.. Just best to not get into deep discussion about the meaning of a scene in another episode kind of thing..

          Cindy the line of Lee’s I couldn’t remember was something about practicing a type of interrogation technique on him.. grade something or other.. and I can’t remember which season 4 ep it was.. and don’t have time to look it up.but I was sure someone would know it! It’s nice to see Amanda’s first interrogation in this episode and think one day Lee will be begging her to ‘interrogate’ him 😉
          Chat away guys.. 🙂


      • All right, IWSOD, I will now finish my cross-season thought. Amanda thought Alan Chamberlain was hot, and she consciously rejected going there in favor of holding out for Lee. Amanda didn’t find Conrad Barnhill hot, and while she had genuine affection for him, it seemed more in the realm of a brother, not a lover. He was never serious competition for Lee. And a good thing, too, since Lee is going to continue trying to give Amanda the brush off until she emotionally kicks his butt in Brunettes Are In. I’m kind of looking forward to that.


    • Oh, I hope I didn’t give the impression that I think Amanda is actually interested in Connie romantically. And Lee knows this, surely–he just can’t help wanting to get her as far away from Connie as possible after overhearing that confession of love. I don’t see him trying to put her in her place, but rather to get her out of Connie’s proximity. Connie is way too open with his feelings for Lee’s comfort!


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