8/9 Season Two, Episode 1: To Catch a Mongoose-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Next thing we see is Amanda and Lee crossing the road to wait for Amanda’s bus – Lee says they will send on her bags when they are found ( what 153about the stuff she has bought and worn in the meantime?!) Lee offers to drive Amanda to the airport, but Amanda says she wants to ride a double decker bus (seeming to forget the episode opened with her riding on one Winking smile -jetlag! Smile ) It seems Lee took Amanda straight to the bus after the interrogation..
Here Lee seems to be in a much better mood, and rather happy: Amanda is leaving and he has a lead on the case! Lee is all chirpy that there is nothing to worry about.. but it seems this is the first chance they have had to talk since Amanda’s interrogation of Connie.. I think Amanda was looking for some kind of amends to be made from Lee here.. She asks if he wants to drive her because he is worried about
160her but Lee is a little oblivious! Then Amanda hints again saying:  Well, I hope you can use the information that Conrad gave me to catch the Mongoose. [Amanda would have said ‘us’ in the past.. IMO.. so she is stepping up a little here and taking credit for what she did – hurray!1BIG GRIN I say!!) Lee finally is reminded of his obligation here Winking smile

161Lee: Well, we’re sure going to try…
163Listen, uh . . .
164 Amanda, uh
165[Amanda smiles a little, and patiently waits for Lee to step up-you clever girl you!] . . you were right about Conrad. [Love how Lee shakes his head when he says this –like he is saying at the 167same time: I was wrong! Smile] ….er ah.. you did get him to talk. So, uh. . . .
Lee is really struggling here!
Amanda: You’re welcome. 1BIG GRIN
169[Amanda knows Lee, and knows he doesn’t say thank you.. well at least, not with words Smile So Amanda is happy-Lee sort of acknowledged she was right – he needed her- and her contribution!] Just then the bus pulls up and Lee is saved by the bells err I mean bus!
Sounding (and looking!) relieved Lee points out the bus has arrived tee heee..
Amanda holds her hand out to Lee and they shake hands..

171Amanda: Well, goodbye, take care of yourself, and please take good care of Conrad.

All he has to do is point out the Mongoose.
Amanda nods and hops on the bus.. though she is hesitant to leave.. calling out to Lee here:
180(Amanda) : Oh, just remember. Conrad has a way of getting himself into trouble.
181Lee: Like someone else I know.
[duh duh duuhhhh now there is a big foreshadowing statement right there!! Lee if you 186know that about Amanda- why didn’t you take her to the airport???!!! ]The bus 184starts moving and Amanda stumbles1ha haaaaaaa – there she goes getting herself into trouble teee hee… very cute! Love the expressions that cross over Lee’s face as he cheerfully tells 185Amanda it sounds just like her.. the bus drives away, and Lee seems to be thinking about Amanda- yep! She’s one in a million isn’t she Lee! Smile and he knows her now.. awhhhh!!!!

Lee isn’t so great with moments hey, but it is a hint that it is there in him, and he is starting to see it, and ( shocking!) to actually express it to Amanda- that she is a great person and partner.. Amanda is wise with Lee, she lets him say what he is comfortable saying and accepts it graciously.. She is a classy lady! Ok this has bugged me for a long time with this scene- LOL.. Both Lee and Amanda are now wearing different outfits! heheee Did seeing Amanda off call for double breasted rather than single breasted jacket Lee? It’s understandable Amanda would change before a long flight, but then if she went back to the hotel, why does she have no luggage at all?

Aha! but I think I have solved the puzzle of the random wardrobe change! This episode was filmed just before Bromfield Hall ( also set in London) – maybe even concurrently..[even though Bromfield hall is episode 8 of season two!] soooo when you watch Bromfield Hall- you will SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D2-04(1).avi_000102068see Lee is wearing this exact sudden random outfit in Bromfield hall!! (the handkerchief is slightly different and his tie is different, so they have tried to change the outfit a little- but they’re the only differences) Lee only wears this outfit for this one scene in to catch a mongoose! I am sure it is the same, he even has on SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D2-04(1).avi_000132932the same grey pants. There are many moments like this where the episodes cross over but I’ll keep that for my Bromfield hall post..I’ll stop obsessing over Lee’s wardrobe.. for now.. ahem..

Amanda is enjoying seeing London, and feeling relaxed and carefree.. some time for Amanda to herself? I am sure that is rare!! but.. it doesn’t last for long, the mongoose is doing some sight seeing too. It is so awful how Amanda is happy to see 190him- ugh!! and then he slams her by giving her his business card – creep! I want Lee to interrogate him!!! Winking smile Amanda, it appears you are 191not going home to your children.(just yet)
Argh! Poor Amanda, 192kidnapped yet again..in fact this is the second time this episode!!! man..twice in the first episode of season 2? Amanda this season is looking a bit scary for you! Winking smile  Mongoose: You’re now working for me. (muahahahaa!)

Lee is waiting for the mongoose to appear at covent garden-yes? He thinks the mongoose is going to show up and do his own work? I’m surprised they thought that, they should have known better. So Scotland Yard and Lee have covent garden surrounded.. Connie is waiting with Lee to point out the mongoose..
Conrad: Are you sure about this?
Lee: Look, Conrad. The Mongoose had you memorize a five-stop walking tour of London, right?
Conrad: Right.
194Lee: Now he has to exchange those diamonds for cash. Now based on what I know of him, he’d never make just one drop. He’d keep on the move and make several.
195Conrad: But you’re just covering Covered Garden.
Lee: Even Scotland Yard doesn’t have enough men to blanket each drop. I’ve got lookouts on all four of them, but this is where we’re going to throw the net over him.
Conrad: I hope he comes.
197Lee: Just keep your eyes open and point him out to me. He’ll come, I promise you. I know he’ll come.

Lee, you know diddly! Winking smile
This is interesting!! Seems to me Lee is making the same mistake!! Amanda was the one who knew Connie, but Lee didn’t listen to her, he knew Connie was the mongoose – why listen to Amanda? she just actually knows the guy! And here we have Connie, who actually knows the Mongoose, not sure that this is going to work.. not sure that the mongoose will come – but Lee doesn’t want to hear it. He doesn’t cut off Connie or anything, but he isn’t asking Connie any questions – again it’s a case of point out the mongoose to me and that’s it.. when he should have gotten more info from the person in the know! Ahhh Lee.. I think he gets better at this as the show progresses.. but for now – he stinks at it Smile ( Like a doulon doux camembert! Winking smile )
Err can I just say here, I love how at this point in the show, they have Lee back in his Bob outfit for some reason (minus the beard) and they have put Connie in a Cardigan.. yep a cardy!!1ha haaaaaaa real tough guy outfit that one! I don’t think Lee even wore cardigan when in disguise.. ever!! rofl!! a very well written, gorgeous episode.. and they go and stick two random wardrobe changes for Lee smack in the middle.- did they think we wouldn’t notice??!! LOL…

Poor Amanda!! this baddie is awful the way he just seems to constantly hurt her arm as they are walking and he lays out his evil plans.. (mauahahaha).. Poor Amanda! The mongoose is all over Lee.. and is going to skip Covent Garden, SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_002058558he knows there are police about.. he is sending in Amanda to collect a million bucks and hand over a pouch of SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_002067400diamonds. (the breakdancing in the background is a bit random isn’t it! Winking smile ) is that break dancing because the mongoose is close to breaking Amanda wrist?!!

The mongoose kills the scotland yard guy.. watching the tower of London, too easy.. grrrr. Amanda approaches the diamond buyer, and does 198the trade.. the whole time Amanda is wishing the police would see her.. poor Amanda!! I really feel her fear here!! Love how she gets the diamond buyer to pay the right amount.. good job Amanda!

Lee starting to get antsy.. something isn’t right.. but he knows the mongoose! He’ll come! Leeee!!!
200Lee: He’s got to come. I know the man! He’s not going to turn away from that kind of money.
201Conrad: So where is he!!
Lee: I don’t know. Maybe he spotted us. You’re the one he’s afraid of, you’re
202the only one who can recognize him.
Conrad: Yeah, just me. And Amanda.


Lee: Amanda????!!!!!
Conrad: She was sitting next to him the other night in the casino.
204Lee: Well, why didn’t you tell me that? [you didn’t ask!!! Winking smile ]
Conrad: I didn’t think it was
205important. She doesn’t know she was sitting next to the Mongoose, Amanda doesn’t know what he looks like.
205Lee: Yeah, well, the Mongoose certainly knows what Amanda looks like!
Conrad: Well, Amanda’s safe! She’s on her way home on a plane!
Time to get that brain of yours in gear!!
The moment where Lee realises Amanda is in big danger is very swoonworthy!! whooo Cue ‘intense man on a mission and Amanda is in big time Danger’ Lee!!!!

Finally, Lee starts thinking! He calls Billy to ask him to check if she boarded her flight- Billy responds: “You got it!” errr.. this is Billy right? Billy Melrose? the man who is suppose to be Lee’s boss???? who should really be saying ‘You’ve got to be kidding me! get a flunky to check the computer for you!!!!’ a flunky like francine maybe! hehehe..

While they wait for Billy to check the computers (LOL!) Lee explains to Conrad (notice he still isn’t asking..tee hee) : Since we have you, he needs someone else to be his drop man for the diamonds. Maybe it would seem a great deal to use one of our own people. [now you’re thinking!!! ]
207Billy says it’s a negative, she never boarded the flight.. and Lee looks dark!!!! and very still for a moment.. like he is fighting a rising panic!!
208Lee: He’s got her. DAMMIT!!! I knew I should have taken her to the airport!
210Conrad: Lee, now Amanda’s in trouble we’ve got to think!
209[Lee is indeed quiet and thoughtful].. Now what would I do if I were the Mongoose?
213Lee: Start the pickup somewhere else. . . . Start at the opposite end of the tour! That means Willins, Tower of London, right?

Lee calling over the radio: Willins, report in, over. Willins, come in.Willins report in over. Willins come in this is scarecrow over.

LOL! see those arches behind Lee?? and there is a sign sticking out the side of that building behind him? that is where the mongoose just walked earlier with Amanda when he was twisting her arm! The breakdancing is right around the corner!

See the white sign? above that there is a balcony we can just see.. that’s where Lee is standing talking into his radio!! Sooooo close!! Sad smile

215No answer.. looks like London Tower isn’t under surveillance anymore.. Lee calls in Keaton and tells them all to spread out.. he is headed to St Catherine’s dock..

Amanda and the Mongoose are down at the dock (where Lee is headed? ohhh what luck! Winking smile ) 217Amanda points out to the mongoose she is the mother of two small boys. I don’t think he cares Amanda.. In fact he’d probably enjoy it even more knowing that – he probably hated his mother and killed her when he was 8! Winking smile muahahaaha..

Lee and Connie arrive at the docks.. hmm good thing Amanda is in all white – she kind of stands out Smile Lee sees Amanda doing her hand over on a boat.. Lee hands Connie the radio and tells him to contact Keaton and tell him what’s going on.. Whooo and Lee stops a sailor for a  chat.. ( we know it’s to get his coat and hat Winking smile ) Amanda finishes up her hand over, and Connie spots the mongoose…

We see Amanda walking along the boat with her briefcase of the Mongoose’s money – Lee walks past her in his sailor disguise – LOL for a second Amanda doesn’t recognise him! she has to do a double take Smile poor Amanda!

Ohhh dear.. the mongoose surprises them- dig the snake sound effect as the mongoose makes his move – lol!! Yes.. he can outwit a snake! He can outwit a scarecrow! Winking smile 

I love the look Lee gives him as Amanda hands over the briefcase – ‘you’re scum mongoose’!!!

Suddenly Connie lunges at the mongoose taking him by surprise, and Lee automatically pushes Amanda back and out of the way of danger ( awh!!!) the mongoose gets in one shot at Connie and then takes off with Lee in hot pursuit.. whoo he left all his money behind too..suffer mongoose.. Connie calls out to Lee that the mongoose has a dagger under his sleeve on his right arm.. Lee yells out ‘ charming’ as he runs away after the mongoose..
Amanda goes to help Connie.. he’s been shot in the leg!
Amanda: Oh, Conrad! Oh, that was a very brave thing to do.
Conrad: Yeah, that was the first really brave thing I ever did in my life. Really stupid, too.
[Stupid? nah!!]

The whole let’s catch the mongoose while jumping around the dock on different boats and walkways is a big yawn!. ( do you think it was in Bruce’s contract- must have 10 minutes of action scenes?? ) Anywaaaaaay..

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_002481014How humiliating!! check out the stunt double for the mongoose.. he goes from this…To this:  Whahaahaa!!!

That is suppose to be the mongoose sliding down the stairs and running from Lee?.. too funny!!!
Hey this isn’t so dull after all.. Check out how Lee is transformed by swinging across all the boats on the rope!

Not Lee!! Smile Yeah.. nahhh still not that intersting actually.. the light is completely different from the mongoose’s angle to Lee’s as they have their big fight… ohhh yawn…. The bad blonde wig makes another appearance and slides down the rope off the boat.. whooo and stunt Lee dangles off the side of the boat.. yawn.. Come on cue the hero music.. and put this little finale out of it’s misery! Lee takes a running dive at the really bad blonde wig.. the Mongoose pulls a dagger out of is Left sleeve.. taking Lee by surprise.. but.. hey enough already..

Ok.. I’ll sum up the big action finale for ya: Lee Wins! Smile or… maybe it is stunt Lee who beats bad wig mongoose..but then.. who cares! I think if BB watched this ending these days he’d roll around with laughter.. it is soooo bad!!! Smile
And to top it all off? Lee yells out to the water police as they collect the mongoose out of the water: He’s all yours boys! Get that shark out of my sight! whahahaah!! err shark? eh?? bit random.. but err ok! Mongoose shark hamster whatever Smile
Amanda helps Connie hobble back to the car..
Conrad: You won’t forget what I said at Scotland Yard? It’s true, you know. It’ll always be true.
Amanda: Thank you, Conrad.

Finally scotland yard show up.. too funny.. yep Lee just fixed everything! Ugh!!!
Lee: you’re late!
Keaton: my apologies old man.
Lee: yeah well you’ll find our friend in the Thames.
(Lee is so dismissive!! err this is just their country! but hey.. Lee is the hero of this show and no one else is going to be a hero! Smile Lee will be nicer to Keaton when he is back in Bromfield Hall, and Lee is accused of murder Winking smile)

224Lee has a go at Connie for mixing his left with his right or whatever… Connie is very 225apologetic but Amanda smooths it over saying its nothing.. I mean come on Lee Connie got shot trying to help you and gave you the chance you needed to catch the mongoose! ( ah so it is not just Amanda that Lee is like that with Winking smile )
Cute: Connie thanks Lee and Amanda for helping him! Both Lee and Amanda in unison say:
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_002686419What are friends for! “.. they grin, look at each other  SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_002686953and shake hands with each other- almost like they are just saying it to each SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_002688154other.. not really to Connie!  Connie looks very concerned looking from Lee to Amanda and SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_002688688watching this take place!! Poor Connie… he’s too late!!! hehehee.. (well actually maybe not.. Lee drags his feet for a long time! Winking smile)

Gee I hope someone eventually mentioned the briefcase, Amanda and Connie left it on the boat Winking smile

Wow.. this post is huge already, I will leave it there before moving on to the tag of this episode.. as always I would love to hear from you guys out there in big wide cyberspace reading my smk thoughts on this episode.. if you would like to add your own thoughts on this episode, ask questions.. offer feedback or comment about my post feel free to join in the discussion Smile Thanks so much for reading! byee for now!

16 responses to “8/9 Season Two, Episode 1: To Catch a Mongoose-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Hi,

    I am new to watching SMK. I watched the whole series in September and October during this Covid break in life. I found this site and am now reading through all the episodes.

    I found it strange that when Lee yelled at Conrad about the confusion of the right and left hands that Lee spoke as if he knew Conard.


    • Welcome new2smk! So glad you found our little corner of the internet and decided to join in the fun!!!!
      – I’ll have to go back and look at this ep it’s been ages for me since I saw it.
      maybe someone else here has recently seen it – that or I’ll get back to this idea of yours when we start walking through eps all over again!


  2. #2019 rewatch

    So they know that Conrad knows what the Mongoose looks like but with all the resources of Scotland yard and the Agency, still no one asked him to do an Identikit??? Seriously?

    Also, what well-trained extras that no one was watching the Mongoose drag Amanda away! Or maybe they’d done it so many times by then that even the extras were bored and had stopped paying attention.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. #2019 rewatch
    Iwsod says: “Amanda points out to the mongoose she is the mother of two small boys. I don’t think he cares Amanda.. In fact he’d probably enjoy it even more knowing that – he probably hated his mother and killed her when he was 8!”

    Maybe because he was really 11 and she kept telling people he was 8?


  4. #2019rewatch
    It always sticks out to me how Conrad was such a sharp dresser when he tried to play as the Mongoose, but became Mr. Rogers (who I love, btw) in his sweater once the interrogation is over and he resumes his normal personality.

    And a coincidence that Joe King also loves cardigans? Hmmm…😂
    Maybe cardigans = Amanda’s just not that interested in you

    In all fairness, perhaps Amanda has a soft spot for this situation Conrad finds himself in, given her time spent as “someone else” when she got to live as Victoria Greenwich in SBAB.

    Ooh, also I noticed last night while watching that Lee continues his trend of asking random strangers for help when he asks the man if he can talk to him for a minute to borrow his hat and coat. I think this is interesting, given how this is how he and Amanda met in TFT – and doesn’t Francine tell Dirk Lee did that before on another mission? But only Amanda is the stranger that changes his life.

    Oh, Iwsod, this made me laugh so hard I couldn’t catch my breath:
    Lee: He’s all yours boys! Get that shark out of my sight! whahahaah!! err shark? eh?? bit random.. but err ok! Mongoose shark hamster whatever
    You crack me up! 🤣🤣🤣 I really needed that laugh today!!!!


  5. >Mongoose shark hamster whatever …


    This episode gave us some of the best lines in the series, and some of the cheesiest – the shark line (how could BB keep a straight face?) and Lee’s “Oh, you!” at the end of the tag.

    Lee and Amanda’s handshake is a nice moment, but seemed a little random to me. I mean, they were both referring to Conrad when they simultaneously said, “What are friends for?” (though Lee considering Conrad a friend is a bit of a stretch). Perhaps the handshake and “whar are friends for” remark are a tacit acknowledgement between them that each saved the other’s life during this mission.


  6. Ooh Lee in his “Bob” outfit is rather lush, and again in the pea coat and hat 🙂
    Awkward Lee trying to apologise without having to actually apologise, makes me laugh. For a grown man he can be an awful coward at times 😉
    As usual Amanda is very gracious with her knowing look and “you’re welcome”.
    The chase scene over the boats does go on a bit too long for me too but I love the discrepancies between the stunt doubles and the actors, that blonde wig is terrible! But back in the day no HD tv’s it was probably less noticeable. I guess it all adds to part of the charm.


  7. Melissa Robertson

    Poor Amanda she has to be just terrified with the Mongoose. Oh, I just love Lee’s look that could have killed Conrad when he found out it was the Mongoose that was helping Amanda at the casino (swoon :).


  8. I’m glad that I’m not alone in the difficulty with right and left, Cindy, Melissa and Lee. : ) When I was a child, I used to wear a ring on my right hand so that I could remember, “Ring, right.” Once I got married, that mnemonic didn’t work anymore– “Ring, left,” just didn’t work for me.

    Getting back to the episode, I think that Lee looks quite dashing in a pea coat. I bet that Amanda thinks so, too! That’s a great screen cap, IWSOD, of Connie looking at Lee and Amanda’s hands as they’re shaking. No doubt he’s thinking, “I’m toast.” I love Lee and Amanda’s handshakes–I’ve never seen a movie or show that has such significant handshakes! Of course, “Bromfield Hall” is coming up…

    Maybe since Amanda doesn’t have any luggage to carry the clothes she bought in London, she gives them to Lee to bring back in his suitcase. Just a thought. (There may be a fanfic in that.)


    • Good morning!Ahh so lovely to hear from you all! Thanks for reading my post!

      Yes Cindy you are spot on – Lee certainly does confuse his left and his right. By the time I got to that scene and had gotten through the (yawn)action finale – my mind was not in it! LOL.. Sorry about that 🙂 I was going to blog all the way to the end and then thought to myself- no way! I can’t do this!! The tag deserves better!! so I cut my losses and finished up where I did.. tee hee.. it is a wonderful moment – very cute indeed!

      I was thinking Connie got left/right mixed up because it was the mongoose’s left or right.. rather than Connie’s left or right – you know? Connie should have said on my right (not the mongoose’s right) but.. what is Lee’s excuse? tee hee.. well.. I think it was the trauma of being suddenly replaced by a mysterious alter ego who looks kinda like you so they can wrestle a guy with a really really bad wig for a bit.. and then the indignity of Lee having to yell across all of London ‘ Get that shark out of my sight!’ rofl!- being serious now though- it will teach Lee to be a little more gracious towards others when they make a mistake maybe! 🙂

      Hiya Redgold. the locations are gorgeous, I love all the scenes infront of the tower bridge ( been there!) – it is sad smk couldn’t do that in DC as much as they did very early on.. it really adds to the show! (Even if there is some rubbish lying around!) Thanks Redgold, I’m glad you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on the bus stop scene 🙂 – did you notice I mentioned Bromfield Hall???!!! I know you like it!!! 🙂

      Pettiness- wow.. that really strikes a cord with me Redgold – I LOVE that! I know Amanda is not a real person and all ( no really! 😉 ) but.. I think I can learn and thing or two from her. You have totally nailed one of her personality traits here, her lack of pettiness is very admirable.. and I imagine in the spy bizz it would be a highly prized trait too!! I think it gets Lee in to trouble sometimes.. There is a moment in Times they are a changin that just makes me cringe because Lee seems soooo petty.. it makes him seem smaller to me 😦

      Redgold, Which rememberance of things past do I have um.. dang! same as you!! dated November 23rd. You know I was reading it last night and found the name of the generic agent we saw lots of in season 1!!(and now we are in season two probably won’t see again now that I know his name! LOL! ) His name is JACK!!!! That was really bugging me not knowing his name tee heee!
      I also got: Burn-Out, Revised Final Draft: dated March 1, 1985 & A Relative Situation, Revised Final Draft: dated December 12, 1984- I am going to pass them on to Petra..

      I lived in Paris for a year and a half Melissa and I am major sad they didn’t film an episode in Paris!!!! They could have done a whole play on ‘the american in paris’ .. but.. maybe the french weren’t getting along with the americans at the time ( or vice versa.. ) still.. c’est la vie 😉 haaaa..

      Redgold I liked Lee in his pea coat also! 🙂 but then.. I didn’t mind the bob outfit 😉 Connie was thinking ‘ I’m toast’ ?? haaa!!! love it!

      Do you all think Conrad would have wanted to start something with Amanda?
      That might sound strange as he does tell her basically twice that he loves her.. but I always got the impression that he didn’t- he will always be fond of her.. but this for him was about closure.. moving on.. not about starting something with Amanda – he never asks her to. He assumes she can’t or won’t reciprocate and doesn’t even try.. Sooo IMO this was all part of the fantasy he was taking on to deal with his involvement with the mongoose ( uh oh.. starting to sound like a psychologist! 😉 ) and it sounds like he had been living a fantasy in his mind for years, wanting to be someone else.. Amanda was part of that.. being someone different, dating a cheerleader – he was sincere in that he will always love her- but he knows nothing will come of it and he moves on- I think this is confirmed also by his behavior i the tag which I would like to get to today to finish up this episode!

      byee all!! have a great day/evening/ night! 😀


    • Hiya Redgold!!
      Ahhh yes.. I wrote even more about that whole luggage situation in my post – but I edited it out as I felt I was going overboard and needed to get back onto the actual episode LOL! [Yes!! I do actually leave stuff out- shocking I know!! ] haaa.. Her clothes she bought in London are definitely returned to her – because she wears the blue and white outfit again in Legend of Das Geisterschloss!! So someone got them back to her 🙂

      I figured Lee paid money to some maid to go to Amanda’s room and pack up her stuff and mail it home to her..(via Guam LOL)

      I thought it interesting they completely left out any reference at all to their ‘arrangements’ 🙂 we don’t even know if they are staying at the same hotel.. not that I mind, I think its good they don’t milk this every chance they get.. but.. then there is the other part of me that thinks – well any opportunity is a good opportunity! 😉

      ETA: what a dill I am tee hee.. I just realised what I wrote.. Amanda didn’t get on the plane after all.. maybe she was able to go back to her hotel room after all her mongoose escapades as she had left it – in the tag she is wearing new clothes and it must be the next morning. so she would have stayed another night.. err that is if she was a real person, which she isn’t.. tee hee.. but it is fun to speculate like she is real.. Lee on the other hand – he’s real.. oh yeah he is real I tell you!!! :s

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I’ll have to check back when I’m back at the tv, but I thought Lee mixes up his left and right hands when he is chastizing Conrad for doing the same thing.


    • Yes, he does mix them up, Cindy, and then puts down both fists, embarrassed. I sometimes have trouble with left and right, too. : )

      I like the fact that the director chose some locations for this episode that look a little seedy, include trash, etc. London is big city with some gritty elements, and I think it’s realistic to show that. (I suspect that London is in better shape now than it was in the mid-80s, though–well, I mean even before any sprucing up was done in preparation for the Olympics.)

      I loved your comments, IWSOD, about the scene where Amanda and Lee talk before she gets on the bus. He is coming along–he admits that she was right about Conrad and almost thanks her! I’m sure that he appreciates the gracious way she responds to him and the lack of any “I told you so” comments, which he knows would be completely justified. One of the many things I admire about Amanda is her almost complete lack of pettiness. (Unlike a certain spy who won’t let go of Amanda’s less-than-enthusiastic comment about his legs in “Magic Bus.”)

      IWSOD, thanks for buying those scripts! Which version of “Remembrance of Things Past” did you get? (I have a first draft.)


      • Redgold – I get my lefts and rights mixed up to, which is funny because I used to be a ballroom dance instructor 🙂


      • We are terrible at getting our left and rights correct in my family! My daughter used to do gymnastics and when the coach would tell her to do a “left-[insert difficult gymnastic stunt here]”, she would always have to look at her hand and do the “L” thing with her index finger and thumb to get it right/correct. I think it is something you have innately or don’t. We don’t. 😉

        RedGold – I agree with your comments on London. I visited London two years ago. It looked very similar to the shots they have in SMK. Our hotel was in Borehamwood. It was a tad sketchy of a walk between the underground and our hotel. We also visited Paris. London was clean as a baby compared to Paris!


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