5/9 Season Two, Episode 2:The Times they are a Changin-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Amanda’s knight Winking smile in shining armor has given her a lift on the back of his horse.. well sort of.. in his ferrari Winking smile (their emblem is a horse isn’t it? Winking smile ) We all know he isn’t quite the white knight after all.. but at this stage, Amanda has no way of knowing.. Anyway, so he appears to be charming company, and gives Amanda the local expat gossip.. about the duchess marrying the ambassador… Interesting!! I think there is a little foreshadowing of our Lee and Amanda here! ( Isn’t everything ultimately about those two?! )

Amanda: The duchess and the ambassador got married even though they hated each other?
Von Snob: Oh, yes. I’ve never seen two people despise each other more.

Foreshadowing alright! Especially given, we only just saw Lee being inappropriate and Amanda being disgusted with him, whacking him with her guidebook and walking off in a huff!!!!

They pull up out the front of Amanda’s hotel, and Von Snob walks around to open Amanda’s door for her – see 2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001307707Amanda give a little giggle to herself in the car? too cute! Is it she can’t believe her luck?? or is she enjoying the story about two people who are so cranky about each other they end up really falling for each other?? Hmm!
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001346746Von Snob  pays Amanda some attention.. invites her to a party he is having for charity that night, compliments her.. then he picks lint off her jacket. 1confusionErrr how charming!!
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001347747
( What a weirdo!!! and the foot clicking military thing.. very weird! ) you can see Amanda isn’t too impressed by it all either! 1huh
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001349749
I don’t think Amanda likes the hand kissing either.. a bit Over the top- she only likes it when it is Lee Winking smile ..Anyway, while Amanda is flattered here, IMO she isn’t overwhelmed by the snob’s charm.. especially with the lint and shoe clicking going on!   I do like how Lee is probably inside the hotel watching the whole thing and thinking “What the blazes is going on here? ” I wish I could see his face! It must have cut him up, especially given the last time he saw her she was disgusted at him and his considering hearing the girl’s confession!! Also interesting to note that Amanda mentions the boys’ ages here with Von Snob.. she says Phillip is 10 and Jamie is 8… I don’t tend to keep very good track of things like that..but apparently there is some inconsistency in the show about this? Any experts out there on this?

Time for another surprise Hello!!! tee hee..
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_0013715712.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001371771
Doesn’t Lee seem possessive in the way he just grabs her as she makes her way around the revolving door???!!!! He just silently grabs her!
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001372005





2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001372772Man I wish these pics were clearer.. but Lee errr I mean, they, are moving pretty fast in this scene Winking smile

How did Lee get to the hotel before Amanda?! Did Amanda and the baron visit a tea house?Winking smile

Lee sets off out of the hotel to the other side of the street..Lee: Come on we don’t have much time.
Amanda: Lee it scares me when you come around like that!

Lee’s thinking maybe: It scares me when you show up in a red sports car with what appears to be an eligible man who is into you like that!!!
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001377143

Whoooo Lee is holding Amanda’s hand firmly as they move away from the hotel and for a long time!! So, What’s Lee’s first question? what happened with the car? Are you alright? nooo!!
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001377977
Lee: “Who was that guy? “ LOL!!!!1jealousy
Amanda: He’s a baron, Klaus Von Eiger
Lee: AHH!… yeah I’ve heard of him
1HaHaHa who hasn’t Lee heard of?!! ]
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001383883
He’s a playboy type! …
what’d he tell ya?
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_0013866532.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001387454
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_0013875202.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001389789Amanda: well, he told me the bone structure in my face is lovely.

2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_0013927922.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001394794Lee: well that’s really vital information.. anything else?

Suffer Lee! Why is Lee talking to Amanda like he thinks von snob could have told her something? why does he suspect the baron is involved? Amanda tells Lee about the invite, he thinks it is a way to discover the target, as there will be Americans there. Ok, I understand why wanting to go and see what other Americans are in town would be helpful..just not why Lee was asking these questions!
Lee: Amanda, you’ve got to be more careful. I’m telling y-
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001411811Amanda: Oh you saw the accident?

2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001412812Lee: Acci-? ahhh.. 
yeah.. I saw it. I was too far away to do anything about it though.
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001416182 
When I first saw this, I thought Lee was covering up here- and that he had been telling her to be more careful with the Baron.. but I don’t think he is that driven by jealousy here.. My view now is that Lee begins to repeat ‘ accident?’ only getting out ‘ acci??’ because he knows it was not an accident, and he realises –uh oh- he is going to have to tell Amanda this.. and that yep this has gotten dangerous after all! What do you guys think? am I on the right track now? Winking smile

No wonder Lee reacted so strongly when she showed up with the Baron- he knew there had been an attempt on her life, and saw her get in some stranger’s car? He was probably frantic with worry.. and add to that a tinge of annoyance at the fact that men find Amanda attractive, and to that Lee’s annoyance with himself- that he should be bothered by this!

IMHO I don’t think it is just jealousy going on here.. Lee’s being too far away from Amanda to be able to help her must have been hard for him to admit!!!

2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001418818Amanda: Oh. But you were worried?
Lee: Well, unofficially, yes.

Amanda: sure.
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001422822Lee: I was hoping you’d run a little faster, you know.
unofficially? oh Lee.. you are so not in your element having to admit you were worried!!! Amanda picks it.. he was frantic with worry!

Run faster?? Leee!!! such an awful thing to say! he tries to move the conversation away from being worried about her.. and not being able to help her in that moment I think.. Hey! Amanda can’t control how fast her stunt woman is! Winking smile
Amanda: Well, I was hoping I could run a little faster, too, but I don’t have my running shoes on.
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001429829Lee: The people that tried to run you down were pros.

(I think this is officially serious! )
Lee goes and makes up for his insensitive remarks about running faster, by giving Amanda reassurance that she is not in trouble –

2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001432832Amanda: Does this mean I’m in trouble?
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001437837Lee: No. No, you’re not in trouble. That is why we are here.  Okay?
Amanda: Right.

Amanda’s not in trouble because ‘we are here’ – translation?: Lee is here Smile 

Lee wants to go update Billy and Francine.. but Amanda stops him, worried about her family – Lee didn’t think about it, because he had already dealt with it! Smile Just when you want to slap him- he goes and does something really nice!

2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001446846Amanda: No, no. I should get back to Mother and the boys.
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001447847Lee: Don’t worry, they couldn’t be better. Believe me.
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001449849Amanda: Ha..You’re looking after them, you’re looking after me.
Love Lee’s bashful, wordless reply here..he just kinda shrugs – like yeah well.. it’s nothing!!! oh shucks!! Winking smile

2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001454854

awhhhhh.. Lee you know the way to Amanda’s heart !! 😉 that’s more like it!! Boy..
Lee seems happy that Amanda noticed he is looking after her, and that she has confidence in him to protect her and her family! She is so good for his ego! Lee’s hair seems less styled in this scene, more tousled don’t you think? I really like it like that!!
1swoon Lee steers Amanda to the car for another meeting with Billy and Francine- opening her car door for her Winking smile 

slap happy Amanda said earlier: Well, I was hoping I could run a little faster, too, but I don’t have my running shoes on.  I just realised, as Lee helps Amanda to the car.. you can see – Amanda IS wearing running shoes! tee heee.. You can even see they are nike’s!! slap happy busted KJ and her comfy shoes!!! Smile
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001461194


Ok.. sooo isn’t it fascinating that Lee is so disapproving of the Baron and his playboy ways??!!! I’d love to hear your take on this guys!

My view at the moment, is that Lee doesn’t think a playboy is right for Amanda.[because as a mother she should be going for boring, dull as a stick Winking smile and dependable?? –maybe..] Whether he is self aware enough at this stage to realise that he himself has a playboy attitude with women and that he also is not ‘right’ for her I don’t know.. I suspect he would not have wanted to join the dots on that one!

I do think Lee is jealous of other men paying attention to Amanda – but that doesn’t mean that he wants her for himself! Smile

Early season two, Lee isn’t ready for a relationship with Amanda.. and it’s like his attraction to her and his emotions get ahead of him sometimes – he doesn’t know what it is.. and it freaks him out! That Lee isn’t ready yet for a real relationship –  is another idea which makes me hesitate in seeing Lee as ‘in love’ with Amanda at this point.. (though she is special to him no doubt).

Anyone like to share their ideas on  where Lee and Amanda are at this point? Don’t forget there’s a thread about their relationship – non episode specific- which is available to toss around these ideas too if you would like to go for it and share your thoughts!


There are no experts here.. no right or wrong opinions.. just us fans discussing our fave couple and having fun Smile so feel free to share if you like..

To finish up this post, the next thing we see in this episode is von snob chastising his little underlings.. Aha! he says he had been following them – glad he cleared that 2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001519919one up! Well.. von snob wants Amanda to come to his party that night, and then he will take care of her ( ie. Let Inga kill her!). Inga and flutey boy have to go on the hunt for Haddy- they must find him! Or Von snob is going to find them – muahaha!!!

Well must go.. this episode is so dense with smk goodness! I can’t believe I’m not even up to the tux yet! tee heee..

Byeee everyone!

34 responses to “5/9 Season Two, Episode 2:The Times they are a Changin-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I just saw this episode for the first time today. Lee and Amanda holding hands. Love it.
    I just want to add that you writing all of these episodes with your comments is quite impressive. Have you ever met one of the stars of SMK?


    • Ooh! Looks like I’m not the only one revisiting the early episodes. I loved the revolving door scene. So much going on with Lee in that brief scene. Lee being protective, worried and jealous all in a few minutes. Loved how tightly he held her hand but you know he isn’t emotionally involved 😜


      • Welcome aurorasky! Your first comment went into moderation but you should be able to see new comments straight away in future made public.
        I’m excited to see people revisiting early eps & im looking forward to doing this myself when the blog walks through again! It’s been years now since I’ve seen some of these early ones! Too long!


    • How wonderful to hear your first time watching thoughts LouMichelle! Is there lots of eps you are watching for the first time at the moment?
      A matter of choice is coming up soon- you seen that one?


      • I am currently watching Season 4 on a chanel specialized in old tv shows here in Canada. I’m at episode 18. So I haven’t seen A matter of choice. Since I missed Seasons 1 and 2, I bought the DVDs. I’m at Season 2 episode 3. So going back and forth in SMK. I’m kind of glad because it breaks my heart to know that KJ was sick in S4 and the series ended. I still have the joy to see more episodes in Season 2.


        • Ooh another Canadian! Which province? I’m from Alberta but we don’t have any stations currently showing SMK in my cable package. Luckily I have the series on DVD!


          • Hi LeesMolly. Quebec. Chanel Prise 2 on Videotron. (Would love to visit beautiful lake Louise!)


            • Oh awesome! I went through Quebec one time by train but didn’t get to see much. Spent several hours at the Rimouski train station but alas, Lee Stetson did not appear to give me a package.

              I love Banff and Lake Louise. I want to go back once the pandemic is over.


  2. #2019 rewatch
    I find it fascinating that every single time Lee tries to warn Amanda off a man, he uses that “playboy” warning: Alan Chamberlain, James Delano, David Benson – I think he unconsciously picks the one element about himself that he is feels Amanda dislikes and applies to other men to keep her from being interested in them. When he wants her to like someone, like the ultimately regrettable Harry Hollinger in a few episodes from now, he compliments him on his work: “he’s one of our top operatives. He’s quick, sure, thorough, he’s a real pro. I’ve spent a couple of years with him….. Amanda, I think I’m seeing a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel! We’ll spend the night in Tegernsee with Harry. He’ll have a few answers… “

    On another note, I think the revolving door gag is one of my favourite of the Lee-twirls-Amanda moments — until Season 3 at least. 🙂

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  3. #2019rewatch
    * I do like how Lee is probably inside the hotel watching the whole thing and thinking “What the blazes is going on here? ” I wish I could see his face! It must have cut him up, especially given the last time he saw her she was disgusted at him and his considering hearing the girl’s confession!!*

    Iwsod, I love everything you wrote here. Lee is really all over the place with his behavior towards Amanda in this episode – really, all of the European episodes, IMHO. I don’t like it when he’s rude, and for that reason alone, these European episodes are some of my least favorites of the series. But I do think this period in his journey plays an important part in going from Season 1 Lee to Season 4 Lee.


  4. #2019 rewatch

    see Amanda give a little giggle to herself in the car? too cute! Is it she can’t believe her luck??

    Or was Amanda just anticipating Lee’s reaction when she tells him she got to ride in a Ferrari?


  5. This thing you said, “That Lee isn’t ready yet for a real relationship – is another idea which makes me hesitate in seeing Lee as ‘in love’ with Amanda at this point.. (though she is special to him no doubt),” made me think immediately of Stemwinder where he tells her he’s loved her for a really long time but just wasn’t ready… That might give us some insight into when the writers and actors thought he was “in love.”


  6. “Amanda’s knight in shining armor has given her a lift on the back of his horse…” – unfortunatelly it was the black knight and NOT the white one… 😦

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  7. I’m not entirely sure that Amanda giggling in the car wasn’t KJ losing it for a second over the champagne story:
    Amanda: “You were telling me about their wedding toast. So, what happened?”
    Baron von Linty: “Well. (chuckles) So, the Duchess pulled the Ambassador’s belt off and, er, poured the rest of her champagne down the inside of his pants.”
    Amanda: “I guess that did sort of put a damper on things.”
    Wah hah hah! Damper on things, indeed!
    (Did they film this and Double Agent in reverse order? Maybe she was laughing over thinking it was too bad she didn’t have champagne handy when she got Lee’s belt off in that scene…???…)

    Oh, and is it just me, or did Baron von Linty seriously need to comb his eyebrow before that scene outside the hotel–it looked like one half of it was trying to slip off his face!?! I couldn’t focus on anything but it… 😦


    • After sleeping on it, here’s my final take:
      KJ was supposed to be off camera at the time (while they switched/moved cameras between inside-the-car and outside-the-car shots), and she couldn’t help but start giggling, then slipped her Amanda face back on before getting out of the car to be picked up in the outside-the-car shot. It was decided to leave the footage in ‘cos it was so adorable.
      Howzat!?!?! (Cricket term.) And now I’ll walk away from my obsessing over the giggle…


  8. That screen shot of Amanda’s face in the ferrari is brilliant 🙂 her face is full of such glee, just a shame it doesn’t last with the lint picking and hand kissing. I do feel he managed to charm her a little bit hence her sort of glazed look when she tells Lee he said she had lovely bone structure.
    Love the look on Lee’s face as they leave via the rotating door, very possessive as is the rather firm grip he has on Amanda’s hand. When he swings around and invades her personal space forcing her to lean back I feel he’s being driven by a little bit of anger and fear. Why does he need to know what the baron said? It’s not as if he was mentioned as a suspect. Sure Lee doesn’t yet want Amanda for himself but he sure gets territorial 😉


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  10. Hi everyone! I just happened to see the moment where Lee marches Amanda away from her hotel holding her hand.. I had the volume turned down.. it’s interesting how you see different things without volume! Anyway, Lee grabs Amanda going through the revolving door and it cuts to a wideshot where at first they are behind a car.. but you can see they are holding hands – my question is.. does it look like Amanda tries to pull her hand away from Lee and he won’t let her? It looks to me like Amanda tries to tug her hand away but Lee hands on anyway.. anyone else see this? bye!!


    • I was rewatching this episode yesterday and was almost to this scene. I see what you see, iwsod, but I don’t think she is trying to pull her hand away. I think she tugs because he is going soo fast and she is trying to keep up. 🙂


  11. So I was rewatching tonight, and you know what? Amanda must have stopped to change her shoes while she was out with the baron, because she was wearing black pumps when Inga was trying to run her down, Nikes by the time she was reconnected with Lee. Maybe being chased by a car while not wearing her running shoes inspired her to go out and buy running shoes. You think?


  12. Is this the first time ever they are actually holding hands? I know they’ve held hands before like In “There goes the Neighborhood”, but what I’m saying is that it’s the first time they just do it without it being part of a cover or any of them being in imminent danger.


  13. I saw a poor video quality interview with KJ and BB. They were very cute and touchy feely with each other. Very different body language than with him and Melissa Gilbert when they first went public with their engagement.


    • I saw that one. KJ was talking about the Leslie episode and sounding kind of indignant on Amanda’s behalf.


    • I saw that one too! They were really cute in it!.
      I got the same impression with him and Melissa. By the way, I saw an old interview wih BB on the George and Alana Show in which they asked him about their rocky relationship: them breaking off and getting back together and breaking off and back togheter again and he totally took responsability for it.
      He said something like he was having a great time and getting used to being single again, then he meets this woman who is so special to him and that he couldn’t quite say no, yes, no, yes, no. He was really candid about it!


  14. Here is my thought about Lee and his disapproval of other playboys. He really bristles at playboy types paying attention to Amanda because he, an admitted playboy, considers her untouchable. She has a history of impressing this on him. For example, she consistently downplays any physical interest in him, teases him about the woman who do come on to him, blatantly rebukes him when he does get too close (I am not now…& Weekend).
    Interestingly, Amanda has a similar hangup on Lee. She doesn’t seem too affected about the Debbies and Randis and other assorted bimbos, but boy does she have a fit when he takes up with the “normal” Leslie.

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    • Paula, I don’t think Lee stops his disapprovals at just playboys. He doesn’t like ANY guy getting close to Amanda, not Dean (Dan!), not Joe. Those two certainly aren’t the playboy type.


  15. Ok, the boys’ ages get to me. I wasn’t going to mention it cause I feel like I complain too much and I do, really, like this show. 🙂 But, you mentioned it first so here goes…weren’t they 10 and 8 at the beginning of last season? Didn’t they both have birthday parties last season? Shouldn’t they be 11 and 9 now? OK, I’m done. 🙂

    I love your commentary on Lee’s reaction to Amanda being helped by Von snob. Priceless! You cut right to the heart of the matter. Lee’s showing his cards and he doesn’t even know it.

    My daughter would say that Lee’s “love language” is touch. He always has his arm around Amanda, or at the small of her back, or holding her hand. I think it’s really cute. I wonder if BB did that on purpose or if that’s the way he is naturally.

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    • I think this scene following Amanda’s parting from the baron is terrific. It really illustrates the two main elements of Lee’s feelings for Amanda at this point in the series: intense concern for her safety and a desire to have all other men stay away from her! He’s both protective and possessive in this scene, and I think that the hand-holding shows both emotions; he wants to keep her safe and with HIM. I think you’re right, IWSOD, that he must’ve been frantic with worry earlier. Seeing her in danger when there was nothing he could do to save her, and then having to witness a “playboy type” in a fancy sports car (sound familiar?) whisk her away would be extremely upsetting to him, but he can only refer to this reaction slightingly by admitting to being “unofficially” worried and by belittling the baron. He feels that he’s supposed to protect Amanda and rescue her if needed, and he hasn’t been able to do either one. To me, the line, “I was hoping that you’d run a little faster” is such a telling understatement–his way of saying, “I was crazy with worry, watching that car speeding after you.” His body language is actually a lot clearer than his speech; even after he lets go of her hand, he’s quite possessive, as your pictures show, IWSOD. He leans into her space, prompting Amanda to lean away from him, and he takes her hands again later as he’s talking about the “accident.” I think that your comment about Lee’s “love language” is great, Melissa. IMO, Lee’s body and his actions show what his mind and words won’t admit: that she’s the most important person in his life.

      I love the way he says the lines, “I couldn’t do anything about it, though,” and later, “The people that tried to run you down were pros” because his voice is so full of regret in the first line and so full of concern in the second. The studied nonchalance and the sarcasm are completely gone. I think that these little flashes of Lee’s real emotions are so important to his character. He just can’t be indifferent to Amanda or separate himself from her. Whatever happens in regard to her, he feels it, whether he wants to or not.

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      • Oh, RedGold, that is so beautifully put. I love that way you can read between the lines with Lee. There’s no taking him at face value. He still has a long way to go before his words match his inner disposition.

        You’re so right, his body language is so protective and possessive of her, and she probably is the most important person in his life at this point.

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        • Yes, Paula, I love how his true colors flash out between the shutters with Amanda. And most of the time, she can see them, too, IMO. He mystifies and frustrates her sometimes, but often, she can tell what he means–what he would say or do if he could. For instance, I think that in this scene, she understands perfectly how worried he’s been about her and how much he wants to keep her from harm. But she doesn’t push him or ask for more than he’s able to give at that moment. Their relationship is quite touching–it has been from “The First Time.”

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          • Ahhh Redgold! I’ve missed you!! 🙂 hope you had a good break! I’ve got another week ahead of me where I can’t post – ah well.. one week to go and I’ll have time again! Redgold ( and I promise I will read your fanfic one of these days!!) if you don’t write your fan fics from Lee’s point of view – well then you should! because you have a lovely way of seeing into Lee’s character! 🙂

            I agree with Paula, that was beautifully put – you’ve hit the nail on the head! Protective and Possessive – so true!!

            Jo I think you are right, I can’t think at least of another time where Lee holds Amanda’s hand like this for soooo long! ( err where it wasn’t a cover hand hold 😉 ) Amanda copes very well with it I think.. all things considered! If Lee had done that before she got a hold of her crush I think she would have been in a tizz!! 🙂

            Sorry guys just (trying) to catch up on a couple of comments here then I’ve got to run-
            Paula I agree with you – yeah Lee does IMHO find Amanda to be ‘untouchable’ – especially to the likes of those playboy types! 🙂 Dean I thought he could cope with – at first- because he was so boring and dull and predictable.. and just what a mother of two boys should be dating! But.. I had the impression in IANNNHIEBAS that Lee started to wonder if even that was good enough for Amanda! 🙂

            Well I must go before I run away with this idea.. ARGH.. Back as soon as I can!! In the meantime, I’m enjoying hearing all your thoughts! byeeee!!

            Liked by 1 person

            • Thanks, IWSOD–I miss you, too, and I hope that you’re finding your time away from home helpful and engaging. As for my SMK stories, two of the three present Lee’s perspective. I find it an interesting challenge to try to figure out what’s going on in his mind! I like that “untouchable” idea, too, Paula. IMO, Lee isn’t crazy about the idea of Dean from the beginning, and that’s why he calls him “Dan” starting with the second episode! It’s just a feeling he has that “Dan” is not right for Amanda…(LOL). And who is “right”? Well, he’ll have to think about that and get back to you. (It may take a while.)


          • Brilliant analysis RedGold. You always clarify what is going on so beautifully! I love watching the dance Lee and Amanda do, like a quadrille, away and then towards each other in a pattern, slowly getting closer. (Can you tell that I’ve been reading a lot of Regency lit lately?)


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