5/9 Season Two, Episode 4: The Legend of Das Geisterschloss-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Amanda introduces Dr Hanover to Lee.. uh oh.. 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000999666_thumb[1]he has on another dotted cravat! Definitely a baddie
Winking smile

Yes, how do you do Dr Hanover. Ah Amanda.
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001002669_thumb[1]
( Lee motions they need to go to Amanda) we do really have to be going… While Amanda is looking at Lee, Dr 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001003670_thumb[1]Hanover helps himself to the sketchbook! ugh!! he is so annoying!! Amanda jumps in surprise as she turns to realise the precious clue is being looked at by someone uninvited. How rude!! ( Another clue he’s a baddie! Winking smile )
Dr Hanover: aren’t these drawings lovely! Are they yours Amanda? May I call you Amanda?
(check out Amanda’s magic new white sleeve in the close up as Dr Evil looks at the sketch! )
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001006539Hmm that is exactly what Von snob asked- and how interesting that Dr Evil here is so rude with taking the sketch pad, but makes a faux effort to be charming by asking permission to use her first name – bletch! there’s a big close up on the sketch of Marianna here- I bet he realises too that Marianna is important- because she is in Emily’s sketchbook..
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001008675Amanda: Oh yes ah, please do. [I think both Lee and Amanda are nervous at Dr Evil here holding the sketches.. but Amanda’s got to be nice! ]
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001011678Amanda continues: Well no actually, those drawings belong to a friend of mine. (eek!)
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001013480(Amanda delivers this line looking into Lee’s eyes.. as in help me! I’ve got to lie!! 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001015482eek! ) Actually! they were done by my aunt. We’re very friendly.
( Lee is supportive.. but.. I think he wishes she would stop talking! )
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001015882Dr Evil: Ah! [he even has an evil monocle.. so he looks like the Bond
blofeldbaddie Dr Evil was based on!]
Amanda: ..my aunt and I [he is certainly having a good look at those sketches. I want someone to snatch them back off him!! Sad smile ]
Dr Evil lingers on the sketch of the castle on the lake..
Amanda: as you can see she seems to have disap-
Lee loudly: disappointed us! by err leaving town.

2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001023289Amanda: riiiight! and she just seems to have…. dashed off to Vienna!
Haa!! watch 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001025492Amanda go as she lies badly to Dr Hanover! about.. everything! hehe…
Dr Evil: Ahhh Vienna! The Europe of last century. Such elegance and romance, yes one would – dash off to Vienna! Perhaps you two will be following your aunt then?
[Love the immediately confused and stunned look on both their faces at hearing this! ]
Amanda turns to Lee – IMO looking for what should we say next??!! And Dr Evil continues:
for a young couple in love Vienna is a city of Dreams.
This is interesting!! They look at each other a moment longer than they would if they were only friends huh! Be sure to share what you think! but..
Of course, I’ll share my thinking! I think this moment is about them both wondering: What do we do here? do we go along with it?? Are we going to pretend to be a couple here? He thinks we look like a couple!! and we weren’t even undercover as a couple! eek! I suspect Amanda looks at Lee so long because she is thinking he’ll make a move.. or she is at least wondering ( and thus the glance at his lips!!! did you see it??!!)
What I find most fascinating of all, is that they don’t go there! It would have been sooooo easy to just put a stop to the questions, to have Lee put his arm around Amanda and give a big smile. simple.. done.. but Lee hesitates! Now, that I find fascinating!

Why does Lee hesitate? Well, this is only my opinion – but I think Lee and Amanda had just shared an intimate moment sitting at the cafe (uh oh!! they do unsettle Lee don’t they those moments! 😉 ).. and then it scares Lee a little that Dr Evil thought they were a couple.. because he wasn’t at that time pretending he and Amanda were a couple. They were being their normal selves!! eek! and.. When was the last time they pretended to be a couple? The episode: Weekend!! and what happened in weekend? Amanda freeeaaakked!!! Sooo I’m thinking this is why Lee hesitates to go there.. ( Just a theory!)  I also suspect Amanda wasn’t adverse to the idea 😉 ( having put that crush of hers away!) – Could these two stand any closer to each other????!!!!

Also, given how lousy Amanda was proving to be at lying to Dr Evil, it’s interesting that Lee lets Amanda deal with this question! telling I think!

Amanda: oh no sir we’re not a couple! [Lee looks at Amanda when she doesn’t stop there – suddenly he’s thinking uh oh- stop talking Amanda!!! ]
we’re together but we’re not a couple…
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001045812I mean we’re friends… (giggle giggle!).. Dr Evil begins to take a second look at the sketches.. [take that away from him!!!! ]
Amanda continues-again!: …
we’re just a-
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001047213[oh boy! this is starting to get ridiculous! Lee moves around to where Amanda can see him so she gets the idea: Stop talking!!!!] couple of friends! haaa!!
Lee smiles and tries to make things light..and move the conversation on! Oh boy!! awk-ward!!

But how cute do they look there?? such a couple Winking smile ( I loooove to watch Lee here as he reacts to Amanda!!! I think he is wishing Amanda could read his mind here..  but a moment earlier when they looked into each other’s eyes: I’ll bet he’s glad she couldn’t! Smile )
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001051117Lee playfully takes the sketch book back from Dr Evil.. well done Lee..
Lee and Amanda are off sightseeing.. but ugh.. Dr Evil decides they need to be shown around and bored to death by his knowledge. The next thing we see they’ve arrived back at the Mirabel gardens.. and Dr Evil says he must go.. yes he must go tell the other baddies about the sketches.. and formulate their plans..

Grrr I wanted to yell at Amanda and Lee – Remember the Mongoose?? The last helpful old man who took Amanda on a sightseeing tour?? of London?? and kidnapped her?? was going to kill her?? weeeell!!! Be suspicious of random old helpful men! Winking smile tee hee..

The scene of Lee and Amanda being mistaken for a couple has always been a favourite among smk fans.. My impression is that a lot of people think the whole scene is loaded with romantic tensions. For me though, there is only one moment very heavy in sexual tension- and that’s when the Dr says they are a couple, and Lee and Amanda look at each other – and share quite a long look.. standing very very close (not friend close!) – but the rest of this scene is really about Lee being attentive to Amanda- because he’s terrified she is going to slip up in her cover story (after all she doesn’t like to lie) and she does slip up! and Lee does manage to cover it.. so for me, the scene sitting at the cafe is much more romantic.. but this scene has just a fleeting, intense flash of heat! Smile What do you all think? Do share.. feel free to disagree with me.. ( just be gentle Winking smile ) – Why do you think they didn’t just say yeah we are a couple and be done with it?

I am loving this visit to Salzburg!!! Any Austrians reading? I would love to hear from you! Scarecrow and Mrs King has really done a great job of showing us all some wonderful highlights of your country.. and of one of your beautiful cities!

I want to visit the coming castles! Smile but more on that coming!!

Byeee for now! Thanks soooo much for reading! Back with more when I can..

19 responses to “5/9 Season Two, Episode 4: The Legend of Das Geisterschloss-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I guess I saw the hand-holding in the cafe is more of a “moment” than most of you. I think they were both a little unnerved at the connection they made there, both neither realized that the other was similarly shaken. I think Amanda’s statement that they are just friends was more for Lee’s benefit than the old guys – trying to negate her taking his hand back at the table so he wouldn’t think she was coming on to him.

    And Lee hesitated because, frankly, he’s no longer sure what’s going on between himself and Amanda – he’s a little confused and a bit unsettled by what he’s feeling these days. And also, as he pointed out in “Weekend,” it’s the woman’s job to explain the relationship!

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    • Oh, I agree with you, kgmohror,. I think it was a moment. I do think Lee is unsettled and confused by his feelings. And here he is alone in Salzburg with out Billy or Francine or Amanda’s family and he is a bit vulnerable because it is Emily that is missing. It is enough to unnerve even him. I think you are right about Amanda too (I think the thumb stroke and the intense look probably shook her up a bit there). If there was a proverbial line in their relationship that neither of the wanted to cross I think right here they may both be studying it very closely. Does that make sense?

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  2. Hmmm my thoughts were Lee looked almost disappointed when Amanda said they weren’t a couple. Could be because he was disappointed she didn’t choose obvious cover, or because she is likely to let her mouth run away with her but still I felt that vibe. Be a nice though to think he was disappointed Amanda didnt suggest they were together but probably not the case. He licks his lips afterwards too 😉 dry mouth Lee? All the talk of Vienna and romance made you wonder for a split second? LOL
    Love how he takes the sketch pad off Dr Hanover and then promptly hands it back to Amanda. Subtly asserting his authority? I have no idea LOL


  3. This is one of those times, where they aren’t using a cover, except that Amanda is Emily’s niece. They are being themselves – Amanda with a strong physical attraction to Lee and just after the handhold is uncertain how to answer Dr. Hanover and looks to Lee for help. Yet, Lee is uncertain how to answer Dr. Hanover as well. He looks to Amanda to see if being an undercover couple would be okay. Last time in “Weekend”, he got his hand slapped for being a couple and Lee doesn’t want a repeat of that.


  4. Melissa Robertson

    Yeah, I think it was Amanda pulling back…I think she sees Lee as a good friend that could lead to more, but she knows his reputation with the women and she would never go for that. So she is trying to distance herself from that train of thought because she wants more than a one night stand and plus what about their working relationship?

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    • I agree with you Melissa. Amanda would love for ‘something’ more with Lee, but knows she needs to have “patience and control” if she wants their relationship to be long term.

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  5. There’s something about Amanda that attracts the bad guys, isn’t there? Whether it’s hitting on her or just instantly getting friendly with her, she’s like a magnet to them… but it takes the good guy a few years to admit to himself that he loves her

    I think it would have been funny to have an episode in S3 or 4 where Dean came back and turned out to be some kind of evil mastermind XD


  6. I think that the Significant Handhold is in both Lee’s and Amanda’s mind after it occurs. (Lee’s caress is at about 13.58, but the way.) Usually in the early SSHs, it’s Amanda who pulls back, as she does in this one. I agree that Lee is worried because they look like a couple to Dr. Hanover even though they aren’t using couplehood as their cover, and that, taken with the charged moment at the cafe table, is why he doesn’t immediately respond to Dr. Hanover. He’s hoping that Amanda will be the one to pick up on this opportunity since the “couple” cover is the logical and natural one to use here, but he doesn’t want to suggest it himself because it’s getting too natural for his comfort. Salzburg seems to have a way of encouraging him to let his guard down with Amanda, and he knows that she plays the role of his wife or girlfriend very well in public from “Weekend.” Also, I think that the bad doctor rattles both Lee and Amanda by what exactly he says; “Ah, Vienna, the Europe of last century. Such elegance and romance. Yes, one would dash off the Vienna. Perhaps you two will be following your aunt there? For a young couple, it’s a city of dreams.” Dr. Hanover is just trying to figure out what they’re up to and perhaps encourage them to leave town, but his emphasis on romance, escape, and dreams must be a little unsettling to Lee and Amanda considering how hard they’re trying here *not* to be a couple, so Lee just watches silently while Amanda nervously backpedals.

    IWSOD, I hope that your exams are going well!

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    • Okay, I did check out 13:59 and I believe I see Lee’s thumb move in a downward motion, suggestive of a caress. I will second your motion, RedGold.

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      • Thank you, Paula! You have to admit, that’s a very Lee-like gesture, too.

        Anne, your comment made me laugh. I think that Lee is a lot slower to admit his love for Amanda than he is to feel it. It must be avery aggravating to him that so many men, villainous and otherwise, keep approaching her!

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      • Well there you go! 🙂

        Either way it still works 🙂 The reason Amanda pulls away is because they are physically attracted to each other 😉

        If they had shown it in the close up I’d be more inclined to say it was intended to say something.. but glad Paula saw it too for ya Redgold 🙂

        Sorry I haven’t updated again.. I’m going to try for a new post on the weekend.. fingers crossed.. these exams have been stressing me out – the news of smk’s season 4 release was just the best news right before I went into an exam today!! hurray!!!
        Bring on January 22! [ It’s 110 days!! ] LOL!!!

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      • Oh! I didn’t realize not everyone was seeing the caress that RedGold mentioned. Lee definitely caresses Amanda’s hand. Soooo, I’m in that camp, too. I like RedGold’s dissertation about what’s going on in Lee’s mind. It makes a lot of sense.

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        • Doh! That’s it! I’m blind!! 😉 and deaf! ‘ don’t move!!’ – Nah.. that’s cool.. I’m glad you guys say what you think. And I’m sure you don’t mind if I say maybe – cos I’m not sure.. and it could be a caress.. Darn Editing.. of all the things to put in a wideshot like that??!!!

          Still.. I’m on an smk High!! season 4 is really happening!!! it’s really happening!!

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  7. I think Lee is a little more than disappointed that Amanda is denying them being a couple. They do look very couple-y here. Lee is standing very close to Amanda. It doesn’t surprise me that Dr Hanover assumes they are a couple. Especially if he has been watching them, he would have just seen them at the cafe and the ‘significant handhold.’

    One problem with the plot though (feel free to ignore, I find SMK more enjoyable when one ignores the plotholes)…if Emily is still at the castle (and hasn’t been there before now), how is there a sketch of it in her things in Salzburg?


    • Another thought: If Emily was going to the castle to sketch, how was her sketchbook still at the hotel for Lee and Amanda to find? It’s just one of those ‘don’t think about this too hard’ times.
      I think Lee’s first reaction to Amanda denying their coupledom was surprise that she wouldn’t jump on such an easy cover. It belies her own feelings, IMO. After the awkward hand grasp incident, I don’t think she relishes the idea of “pretending” to have an emotional connection with him. Probably just too close to the truth for her to stomach. So instead, she trips all over herself and makes Lee highly uncomfortable by volunteering too much true information. For a need-to-know kind of guy, that has to hurt.


      • Good morning! ahh it’s great to hear what you guys think! 🙂

        Isn’t it fun to ponder what’s up with our fave couple! 🙂

        Paula and Melissa, you have both brought up the sketch pad – It really bugged me too! Coming into this episode there were a number of things I thought were plot holes – but this time around I am finding there is actually an explanation for them – but it is so rushed or too subtle that I missed it. ( Not our fault IMO- SMK maybe didn’t explain clearly!! 😉 )

        With the sketch pad (and feel free to double check this, that’s always good- if someone else can confirm it). At the beginning of the episode when Emily is sketching in the residenzplatz, we hear Emily tell Marianna that she has ‘a new (sketch) pad’ – I missed it first time.. but the one she is carrying with her when she is kidnapped is a new one she has just started on. So she has been in Salzburg a few days sketching already. Leaves the sketch pad at her hotel with the clues incase something happens to her, and then takes the new one with her on her travels.

        I also checked to see if when Emily is held captive – can we see the sketch pad? or maybe the baddies took it back to the hotel or something! tee hee.. but at the end of the episode, Amanda leaves the sketchpad in the car to go with Lee into the castle, and when it is time to escape, we can Just see the sketch pad sticking out Emily’s purse – it’s really never made reference to.. and never obviously shown IMHO – so it was very confusing!! they should have made sure the two sketch pads had different covers or something.

        Anymore plot holes or confusions? keep them coming! sometimes we can work it out together! Sometimes.. we can just groan together!! tee hee.. but sometimes we can also laugh together! 😆

        The whole 2 castle’s thing confused me! but I’ll get to that soon and explain where I was (IMHO) going wrong there for a few years in my thinking! I think I’ve finally gotten my head around it!

        Doh.. I just double checked the dialogue Emily uses to tell Marianna about her new sketch pad and I realised for a moment there Emily is wearing Reading glasses ( doh! ) and.. she says no more tea thank you! ( though she is drinking it out of a mug.. ) doh! I better go delete that line in my post about that! tee heee.. oopsie!

        You want a convoluted plot? try tracking where the wine cases go in Sour Grapes!! Teee hee!! now that episode is a doozie!!

        Byeee guys! I might be slow to post the next week -got exams starting in 2 days time.. so a very pressured time.. but I’ll do what I can because SMK helps me let off steam and relax! I hope it is a little panacae for you too!

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      • By the way – interesting!!! I think in not doing the couple cover – it was Lee pulling back.. and you guys think it was Amanda pulling back! 🙂 That’s interesting!!!

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    • Hi, Melissa. The sketch in the pad that Emily left behind is of the Castle in the Lake instead of the Geisterschloss, where she is captured and held prisoner Apparently, Dr. Hanover lives in one castle (Lake) and carries on his nefarious spying activities in the other (Geisterschloss). And we get to see two beautiful castles in one episode! As you say, IWSOD, she seems to have left the pad behind as insurance, showing her faith in Amanda’s ability to recognize the clues.

      I’m still mulling over all of your comments about the Significant Handhold and Lee and Amanda’s reaction to Dr. Hanover’s assumption.


      • Forgive any bad punctuation because girl child is hogging the computer for homework (sheesh!) And I’m doing this off my phone.
        The dialogue between amanda and dr. Hanover bugs me. Really, really bugs me because we are now well within the realm of” let’s make Amanda act really stupid and silly” (hey, isn’t class act coming up?). There is absolutely no reason for her to deny they were a couple to dr. Evil.
        Doing this off the phone really bites, so I’ll yak at y’all later!

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