4/9 Season Two, Episode 4: The Legend of Das Geisterschloss-Scarecrow and Mrs King

The next day, Lee and Amanda are drinking at the cafe glockenspiel in Residenzplatz, the same one Emily opened this episode with..
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000817317So what happened the night before? did they stay in the same hotel? did they go out together and have a nice meal?  oh drat. Lee tells Amanda he has been pouring over the sketches all night – if Amanda had been with him, she’d know that.. sounds like they didn’t spend any time together.. drat Sad smile
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000827494Lee is saying the pictures aren’t making sense, they’re just all different monuments..
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000832499Amanda responds:
well maybe it’s something in the paper or with the pencil or something!
Lee: Amanda, I wish you’d stop reading those spy novels.

Love the tone Lee says that with- such a coupley thing to say! Like he knows she has this vice! Smile haa.. Oh what a short memory Lee has.. he  wasn’t saying that last week when Amanda’s having read spy novels told them the book was fiction! pha!!! –Mind you I’m thinking these Europe episodes were filmed first..but don’t get me started on the episode order thing-Yet! Smile [but hurray for the spy novel continuity!]
Lee: If there’s anything here, it’s within the sketches themselves. Emily use to tell me when you’ve looked and looked and you can’t find anything, that’s the time to look again.
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000847514Amanda: You know her pretty well don’t you.
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_0008485152.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000851518Lee: I worked with Emily on my first  assignment
in this business.
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000854521Amanda: your first assignment was with a British agent?
Lee worked with MI 6 on his first assignment? [Maybe Lee does have duel citizenship..-Lee’s mother being English right? ] Interesting that he chose to tell Amanda that detail, when his past is soooo classified. Also, sending a beginner to work with MI6? Hmm.. I find this a bit of a stretch…
Lee: Mmhmm. Ever hear of interagency co-operation? [yep! it’s at Petra’s website! Winking smile]
I would have thought the British would be a bit annoyed with the Americans sending along a total beginner – some ‘co-operation’. Winking smile
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000858525Amanda: yeah [but.. I suspect it’s really a no not really but I’ll say yes Winking smile ]

Yeeah I was pretty brash as a rookie.1huh I couldn’t wait to rush in and get the 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000865532gun out. She got me out of some tight spots though.

How gorgeous does he look here??!!
1thuddyBrash? getting the gun out? Hmm.. sounds like what he did last week!!! Winking smile I struggle with this dialogue! Struggle not to laugh that is.. that Lee could be looking back on his brash silly rookie days. Wow.. just how brash was Lee back then if he is so improved? I’d say he’s lucky to be alive Winking smile Lee is still pretty darn Brash – Mr ‘I work alone’.. Mr ‘ I know what I’m doing’ Mr ‘ I like my coffee black’ – to his boss!.. It’s hilarious to me how Lee has no idea what he is like and thinks he has changed! slap happy
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000867534Lee continues: She taught me patience.. and control.. ( ROFL Is it just me, or is Lee not the most patient or controlled person in the world???)
Amanda agrees with Lee (isn’t she  a gem.. me? I’d be laughing my head off! ):
Patience and Control!
Lee: and she’s my friend,
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000872539 in a business that doesn’t have many.

2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000874541[and a man who doesn’t have many I would suspect..] AWhhhhhhhh!!!! It’s really great that Lee confides this to Amanda..
Amanda is an easy person to talk to Smile She’s got patience, and control Winking smile
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000876543At this, Amanda slams down her tea cup, now more determined than ever to help Emily- now she knows what a good friend she has been to Lee.
Amanda: She’s a friend!
I love determined and loyal Amanda! Anyone is lucky to have a friend like Amanda! I love that smk doesn’t always just go for the romantic story.. and that we see Lee and Amanda develop a very special friendship first!Well done SMK!! woot!!
Amanda: Don’t you worry! We’ll find her and she’ll be alright.

Amanda grabs Lee’s hand.. and.. ends with an encouraging smile.
Lee seems to just stare at her hand holding his, and doesn’t move to take his hand away.. I think he kind of likes it! He looks up to Amanda… [Edited to Add: some people think Lee is caressing Amanda’s hand here in the wideshot! I am not sure.. maybe – but I mention it because it is a delicious idea!!! It’s worth flagging for you so you can decide for yourself – take a look! 🙂 So many great insights in comments! don’t forget to read them – and join in!! None of us are experts here – only sharing our enjoyment of our fave show 🙂 Thanks Redgold for sharing your sighting of Lee caressing Amanda’s hand! ]
Amanda realises what she is doing
and a little embarrassed she whips ( yes whips!) her hand away..
See Lee didn’t move his hand away.. awh!!
Lee responds with a nervous: ‘yeah’.
IMO meaning we probably shouldn’t sit here holding hands! tee hee..
Awhhh a sweet moment between these two.. Amanda offering emotional support to Lee, friendship, and then there is this physical awareness between the two of them! There’s something more than friendship here..but neither is ready for it.. I Love it!!! Doesn’t Lee look especially gorgeous in this scene?! I’m ignoring the possible bruised forehead now – I just want to focus on his dreaminess Winking smile
I like to think that in this scene, Lee is beginning to realise that right here in front of him is another good friend- in a business that doesn’t have many!! awh…
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000903570Lee notices Marianna and Mr Patience and Control here decides to question her about Emily. Since Marianna is the only person in the sketch book Lee thinks it is a message from 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000821488Emily.
Anyway, Love how Lee grabs Amanda’s hand again, and puts it over Emily’s sketch so Marianna can’t see it and keeps his hand there a moment longer than he really needs to.. the guy can’t help it…
You know, it’s a real shame Emily didn’t tell Marianna about her role in all this Winking smile -Emily would have been found much earlier! Winking smile
Thank goodness Marianna is a really bad actress- so it is obvious she is lying!
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000899566The sketch of Marianna is hilarious.. drawn by a male props guy I would guess– check out the bust improvement he gave her! Winking smile HAA!!
Marianna isn’t giving up anything, and denies knowing Emily, which ‘patient and in control’ Lee immediately responds to by pressuring her and not helping the situation! Marianna starts talking 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000975642in German ( woot! hey Julia- could you please translate what she says here??? Bitte??? Winking smile ) Amanda tells Lee he was pressuring Marianna.. 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000974641but Lee snaps at Amanda and she knows not to push it!!!
Love how Mr Patience and Control (yeah I can have a field
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000976643day with that one!!) storms off complaining to Amanda about Marianna hiding information, but he is talking to himself, Amanda isn’t there! hehehee.. she has run into the ohhh soooo annoying Dr Hanover! (but at the moment I think she prefers his company Winking smile so that’s saying something tee hee…I’m just kidding! but she is happy to see him..)
Note in Lee’s background- the couple of ladies in traditional Austrian outfits from the first scene! quick Lee.. they have seen Emily! Winking smile
Actually I’ve seen heaps of extras that are the same..but I gave up pointing them all out! There are just too many Smile)
Lee (with great patience and control Winking smile not! )begrudgingly heads back to join Amanda and Dr Hanover.. and I’ll leave it there for the moment!!

Back with more as soon as I can! I would really love to hear from you!! byeeeee

29 responses to “4/9 Season Two, Episode 4: The Legend of Das Geisterschloss-Scarecrow and Mrs King

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  3. What you all are saying about the simmering and it not being a deliberate romantic mood.is.exactly what I was trying to say. Thanks for helping with that.
    We are camping for a week and wouldn’t you know its raining but we don’t care it is nice to be out of the rat race for a bit. I will check in later glad for my husbands smart.phone


  4. Ah the hand holding *swoon* I thought Amanda was going to break her tea cup when she slammed it down! Adore Lee’s hint of a smile as they sit holding hands and he sits studying it. I confess I watched this in slo mo several times and I didn’t see any hand rubbing, just it swaying a little. Shortly after Amanda whips her hand back she licks her lips 😉
    Perhaps Lee worked with MI6 early on because they needed an apprentice agent to do the grunt work 😉 Lee needed to learn patience and control? Were you as overly enthusiastic as Amanda is? I feel we have come full circle 🙂
    On the down side Lee don’t lick your lips before summoning the waitress 😦 I will put it down to him having to get his teeth around all those tricky German words 😉


  5. Melissa Robertson

    Just love this scene…they look and act so coupley. Lee just can’t help but smile and tease Amanda in this episode 🙂


  6. OK so I am coming out of lurkdom cause I love to play devils advocate! 😉
    Lee could have worked with MI6 for his first case because….. They needed a completly unknown operative! haha Ok, so I will be back to make more comments on your blog because I am in love with your blog!


  7. So what does Marianne say:
    Marianne to the other guests:
    Darf ich Ihnen noch etwas bringen, Eistee?
    (Could I bring you anything else, icetea)
    (In the german version, she wants to bring them ice coffee)
    Lee: Fräulein bitte
    Miss, please (Fräulein means also waitress, but one should not say it anymore nowadays)
    Marianne: Guten morgen, ich heiße Marianne
    Good morning, my name is Marianne
    Lee: Marianna, haben Sie, do you speak english
    Marianna, do you have…
    In the german version Lee discribes Emily as kräftig (strongly build, meaning overweight) while I think in english he is saying medium weight.
    Marianne: Nein, nein, no woman, ich verstehe das nicht, ich muß jetzt gehen
    No, no, no woman, I do not understand this, I have to go now.

    Red Gold, you are right, I would never have noticed!


    • Thank you Julia!!! That’s awesome!!! Good to know.. what do you call waitresses nowadays?

      Hi Redgold – Lee was caressing her hand? I wish there had been a close up! .. but I could see he was looking looong at their clasped hands! 🙂
      Yeah that’s true..he probably did have a deathwish of sorts. and that’s why Billy gives him Amanda as a parnter ‘ so he’ll be more careful in future’ it’s pretty funny though huh! It’s begging for a fanvid making fun of it 😉
      Yeah was the it’ll blow away in the script? i haven’t had time to look at the script for this one..
      Redgold your comment: some would say he was too patient – had me LOLing! about running after bad guys – He’s the Hare !!
      Claiming Amanda and moving the relationship forward? He’s the Tortoise!!!!!

      Hi Cindy! I would love to have seen Lee in his early brash errr and reckless days too.. 🙂

      Hi Paula – I Loooooove Brunettes are in!! ( inspite of the icky out there plot 😉 ) Not long till we get there now!! don’t worry Paula you can complain here as much as you like about it when we get there! 🙂
      I agree… these little flashes are bittersweet.. but I guess they are also signs of things to come! 🙂


      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, that is the tricky bit, you are not supposed to say Fräulein any more, but there is no real alternative. So you try to avoid it by saying excuse me or staring at her.


  8. Yep, it’s hard not to listen to Lee explain how he was so brash and reckless and Emily taught him patience and control without laughing uncontrollably. I would have loved to see how he was those early days…..


  9. I’ve always wondered if Lee didn’t have a bit of a subconscious death wish before he met Amanda. He’s so reckless! Well, he does show some patience and control in his relationship with Amanda over the long term. (Maybe a little bit too much, some would say.) The Significant Handhold at the cafe is a very sweet moment, as you say, IWSOD. I think that Amanda is prompted to pull her hand away because Lee is caressing it with his thumb. I completely agree with your comment about the emphasis on the friendship between Lee and Amanda in SMK–they are friends with electricity! I love the way that Amanda tucks the money under the saucer after Lee tosses it carelessly down on the table and says, “It’ll blow away.” So Amanda-like.


    • Hi Redgold! I responded to you yesterday but the comment isn’t here! weird! I guess I didn’t press the button or something eek! ( so if the other comment does show up this is why! )

      Anyway, I went and had a look at that scene again, as it is perfectly possible I did not see something! That happens to me alot! And it’s why I love chatting with you all about the show – we see different things, and we see differently ! 🙂 thanks for giving me an excuse to dwell on this moment again – and forget all my study stresses!!

      I had a good look.. but in the wideshot, I cannot tell if Lee is caressing Amanda’s hand sorry! To me it could just be their hands swaying or something because Amanda gives them a good squeeze. – in other words I don’t know – he could be..

      It is a shame they didn’t show us that in the close up. That would have made it clear – whose editing decision was that??grrr.. 😉 I think it was enough that Lee looked so long at her hand, and gave that little quiet, warm smile he gives as he sees her little hand grasping his big one in determination, support and encouragement.. for me – that was enough to have Amanda want to whip her hand away! 🙂 very swoonworthy!! [I guess in terms of her Lee crush- Amanda is determined about that too! she’s not going to dwell on that.. and she has determined it’s not going t happen at this point – soooo Whip! she pulls her hand away! ]

      I bet there are others reading who agree with you though redgold. Thanks for sharing with us what you saw 🙂 Please keep your insights coming!!

      iwsod [Pressing the button now!!!]-Aha!! it just did it to me again! now I see.. I’m having issues commenting.. Hopefully this will work if I try in another browser..


      • I just have to weigh in here, I know it is late in this discussion, but I saw the caress as well. It actually took me by surprise and I had to make sure that is what I really saw. I went back to look at it again this morning, it is still there at 14:34. Amanda takes his hand to assure him that they will find his friend and he takes his thumb and strokes her hand in an upward motion with it. It looks very deliberate because he looks at her hand and what he is doing for a moment and then looks at her eyes. That is the point where she yanks her hand away and laughs that self conscious laugh. Lee’s response sounds like a rather resigned “yeah”. It felt to me as if it got a bit too heated for Amanda. And that confused me because it seemed out of character for Lee to get heated like that with her, but I wondered if it was a bit of opening up that he was doing, just the two of them in a romantic city.(kind of foreshadows the café conversation in Wizard) It also added something else to the couple conversation with the bad guy. I wish you could see it Iwsod, I would love to hear your take on it. I wonder why some of us see it and others don’t, it seems to clear to me?


        • After watching this scene a few times, I see the thumb caress by Lee too. He does this while staring at their hands and then looks into her eyes, holding them there for a bit longer than usual. Although it does happen fast, I do see it. I always thought that Amanda yanked her hand away like she did because she thought that she was admitting something to Lee since she was the one who initiated the hand hold and felt embarrassed. I never thought that it could have been because of Lee’s thumb stroke and look into her eyes.

          This scene has always bugged me a bit though. Is it supposed to be romantic or not? It is an odd scene for me because of Lee’s reaction and the way he says, “Yeah” coupled with what looks like an embarrassed facial expression to me. I thought he was embarrassed for Amanda as in he thought she was saying, “I really genuinely like you a lot/have the hots for you” and Lee was still in the “you’re not my type mode so even though you turn me on at time there’s no way.” It seems very out of character for Lee to try to be heating up Amanda at this point. His focus right now is on Emily – not Amanda.

          I’m still not sure what I think. I’ll have to let it percolate in my brain some more because it all seems a bit inconsistent to me.


          • I don’t think it’s intentionally romantic as in a deliberate move to make feelings known. It seems to me a sign of the slow simmer between them. The way Amanda snatches her hand back suggests she is worried she’s subconsciously giving away feelings she’s not prepared to admit. I took it that Lee picked up on her awkwardness and seemed slightly embarrassed maybe? Oh any excuse for me to go back and watch it and see if I can spot this thumb caress 🙂


            • I agree with Jenbo that it’s not meant to be intentionally romantic. I can see the thumb caress and it’s not long. It’s more like a response to Amanda taking his hand. Amanda’s intent was to be comforting. And she just did it spontaneously. As time moves on with these two and the touching continues for some reason when they connect hands and fingers it becomes and means more (A Lovely Little Affair). I agree that it’s a slow simmer. I think they see something happening but they keep putting it aside because they aren’t ready to admit it and they use the case as an opportunity to focus on something else.


              • Ahhh, love the connection you make, Valerie, with ALLA and the hand hold in that episode! By then the simmer is really ready to turn into a full boil, yes? Are there any other “significant” handholds between this episode and ALLA that have already been covered on the blog? I can’t think of any, but then again I’m only halfway through my morning cuppa.


            • Did ya see it, Jenbo? What do you think? I like your phrase “a sign of the slow simmer between them” – very appropriate! I also like what you say after that too because that is what I was trying to say – you speak BJo! 😉


            • Am in agreement here, slow simmer describes it perfectly. That’s what gives the relationship weight and depth over time, if that makes any sense.


    • Hi Redgold, I agree and I think that Lee’s increasing recklessness is the main reason Billy pushes him to work with Amanda in the beginning: he thought that she’d be a good influence, and having to keep the new girl safe might make him settle down a bit. And he noticed the spark between them long before they did. I don’t think he realised just how far that spark would go, though! 😀


  10. I think I have to agree. If Lee is patience and control now, I do wonder how he’s managed to remain alive this long. I like to see the strides he’s making in appreciating his growing friendship and underlying attraction to Amanda, but to me it’s still tinged with bittersweet because one of my season 2 favorites is coming up, the dubious and pivotal (ignore the flimsy plot, ignore the flimsy plot)…Brunettes are In!!

    Ahem, but I digress…


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