7/9 Season Two, Episode 4: The Legend of Das Geisterschloss-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee and Amanda arrive at the Castle on the lake 10 or 15 minutes late- Col.Metzger seems to have gone on ahead of them, so Lee and Amanda bicker with each other and get into the raft to make their way to the Castle..
LOL! Lee got them lost- but blames the bad directions. hehehee.. They sound like an old married couple! Love how Amanda is directing Lee on the paddling! and Lee is trying not to snap at her…
Lee: “Will you give me a…. How am I doing?”

So they paddle over to the castle on the lake, ( Lee let’s Amanda go with him? hmmm.. I guess ‘stay in the raft’ doesn’t have the same ring as ‘stay in the car’!! ) Very cute how they are holding hands as they walk into the courtyard!
uh oh.. they run into bad guys,
Love how Lee gives smelly bad guy a punch in the stomach and nothing happens – yep.. time to get out of there! (Except it looks like stunt Lee gives the baddies a high kick on the way out Winking smile ) They high jump into the water to get away.. This moment of Lee and Amanda ( or stunt Lee and Amanda) Jumping from the Castle into the water is etched into my childhood memory! so strange the flashes of memory we have! I love how stunt Lee does a total mid-air star jump – such flair!!
Wet Lee!!!! Wet Lee!!! [Why don’t I have a childhood memory of that??!!! what am I nuts??!! ] Funny to see how Amanda’s wet sweater gets all stretched and out of shape.. couldn’t happen to an uglier top.. happy to see it go!
A close up of wet Lee?? Wet Leeeeeeeeeeeee….. wehoaghazguahgughaaighapghamg…
Phew, back to the close up on Amanda.. yep! we’ve got a job to do- concentrate!!! Love how Amanda wrings her shoes to get the water out!
love Amanda’s runny eyeliner.. thank goodness Lee was having a make up free day that day- could have been embarrassing 😉 Ok ok.. I will try not to look directly at wet Lee and I may juuuuust be able to do this dialogue!
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001569969Lee: those two goons at the castle turned us into a high diving act and I don’t even know who they are or why they were waiting for us!
Amanda: no well we got our clues. We’ve got a T an H, an O and a S. We got thos!
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001576976Lee: Thos?
Amanda: yeah.
Lee: Nooo that doesn’t mean anything.
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001585985Amanda: well, maybe if we rearrange the letters. Then we would have  ahhh.. Hot!
  [ROFL!! do you think it is deliberate that as soon as Amanda says HOT we cut to this:
Lee’s reaction lookin all hot???!!!  I think the editor is a woman Winking smile Hot? cut to Wet Lee! ]
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001591991Or we would have shots!
Lee: take it easy will ya, it also
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001592992spells ‘host’. No it’s gotta be some kind of German word. 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001598998The trouble is, time is running out.
Amanda: you mean for Mrs Farnsworth?
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001605005Lee: for everybody. Those Brussels talks take place in less than 24 hrs and we still don’t have a hell of a lot to go on you know.

[how are you all coping? All this wet Lee.. are you ok? Got your smelling salts nearby?]
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001612012Amanda: you know the one thing we haven’t done is go over the sketch at the cafe.
Lee: yeah, that cafe. I’d like to get some straight
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001615015answers from that waitress Marianna. Yeah Amanda.. that waitress! In all the sketches Emily made there’s only one person- she’s trying to tell us that that waitress is important!
come on! come on!

[This pic is hilarious!! Lee lookin like that.. and Amanda with her tongue sticking out! she looks like my emoticon 1Emoticon cheekywink.. ]Anyway, Lee hurries them off to go talk to the waitress. Love how Lee helps Amanda up – without her asking Smile awh!

I think at this point we are suppose to be thinking Col. Metzger has set them up- maybe? What do you think of all this? I think in reality, he arrived before them and was caught. How did the baddies know? well..I think when Dr Evil helped himself to the sketch pad he had a good long look at all the sketches – but paid particular attention to the sketch of this castle on the lake, and the sketch of Marianna.. he knew every place Lee and Amanda were going to go.. The secluded Castle on the Lake was the perfect location to capture Lee and Amanda.. and unfortunately Col. Metzger..

Help me out here guys! Why did Emily draw a picture of the Castle on the Lake? Amanda says she can’t find a letter in it?[at the cafe at the lookout] I don’t think she ever does find a letter in it! But it is not the same Castle as where the baddies have baddie headquarters- it’s not the ghost castle.. so why did she draw it??? [Oh I know..because it’s pretty! 😉 ]

About this Castle on the Lake- I found out, it’s another sound of music reference! They show this castle, Anif Castle, (or the water Palace of Anif or Schloss Anif!) in the beginning montage of Salzburg locations at the opening of the movie.. here is where it is shown:

I think this castle is really lovely.. one of the websites for salzburg tourists written by locals apparently, says this Castle is nothing special and just some ugly neo gothic architecture and not to bother! LOL!
I think it’s lovely!! I love the reflections on the lake.. I won’t link to the site though.. cos they don’t deserve it! Smile booooooo! Apparently it’s been renovated since smk filmed there.. I think Mariandl gives more information about it and her experience of trying to visit it in her post ( which I linked to in my last post- check it out if you are interested! and if you enjoy Mariandl’s insights I’m sure she would love to hear from you!! )

I don’t know if any of you know this movie (no idea if it is well known in the USA) .. but this castle featured in another movie I grew up with ( and which IMO does not stand up to viewing in adulthood -like Sound of music does!! It is still special to me though because I loved it as a little girl..) it’s called The Slipper and the Rose.
It stared Richard Chamberlain and was a Cinderella movie.. It was also filmed in Salzburg ( was the next movie to film in Salzburg after the sound of music.. not many filmed there) – The Castle Anif is the location where Cinderella lives in this movie!! (the Geisterschloss is in both the Sound of Music and DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER-02(1).avi_000220420the Slipper and the Rose too! but I’ll get to that next post! Smile ] there is a lot of soft focus in the Slipper and the Rose – so the pics aren’t great.. but.. when Cinderella returns to Castle Anif with the prince, DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER-02(1).avi_000229162you can even see behind the wicked stepmother and the ugly step sisters where Lee and 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001518918Amanda entered the courtyard holding hands! It was fun to revisit it and look for the smk locations! [hope my ramblings about locations isn’t too boring..but hey a bit of normality is good after so much wet Lee on show!! Got your concentration back now? ready to move on? drool bucket all full? oh good! let’s keep going! ]
Sooo off to talk to Marianna again! Lee and Amanda arrive at the cafe glockenspiel to find it is closed and they endeavour to come back the next morning.. but wait!!! here is a very rare sighting – a rumpled Lee!!!! whooo hoooo.. Me Like.

Lee: we have a lot of questions to ask, like where is Emily! (wow.. profound question! not)

Naughty Lee! He isn’t wearing his seatbelt!!! Winking smile Mr Patience and control huh..

Ok I shall finish up there for now.. As always I’d love to hear from you!! Thanks for reading and bye for now!

9 responses to “7/9 Season Two, Episode 4: The Legend of Das Geisterschloss-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Gratuitous beefcake Lee – hurray! I haven’t seen Bruce Boxleitner bare-chested in any other roles – is he really so entirely hairless through the torso, or did he shave his chest for Lee so he could more closely resemble G.I.Joe (or Barbie’s BF Ken)?

    Good thing for Lee and Amanda that the lake (moat?) is apparently fairly deep just off the castle walls. Not sure how prudent it is, Mr. Patience and Control, to do a Butch & Sundance when you don’t know what you’re jumping into. Does he even know if Amanda can swim?


  2. Why does Lee’s shirt look white and then when he’s soaking wet it suddenly looks blue?! And do you see the colour of the water that he wrings out of his socks?! It’s black! Someone was wearing new socks containing lots of dye I think! I actually quite liked Amanda’s jumper, am rather glad they made her properly look wet rather than a glammed up version with still perfect make up.
    I confess I didn’t think rowing across the lake in broad daylight bickering was particularly smart move, may as well just go up and knock the front door 😉

    Still wet Lee more than makes up for these minor niggles 😀 I shall have to peruse the still pics again. Pass the smelling salts ladies…..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. IWSOD, you made my day. . . and my night. Lots of happy thoughts.


  4. After I watched the whole 4 seasons I was so disappointed that there were only a couple of shirtless Lee episodes. lol
    So that castle is nothing special? lol I think it’s beautiful! I would love to visit Salzburg someday.


  5. Wohooo! The word is definitely H O T !!
    IWSOD, speaking of childhood memories, I always wonderd why Amanda has a baseball bat in her hands (the picture you postet with Lee and the castle). LOL 🙂 a paddle! Ththth…


  6. Shouldn’t we get the scene from the BCC Pride and Prejudice adaptation for comparison reasons?


    • Did you mean pitting wet Lee against wet Mr. Darcy? I’ll go with wet Lee… I never saw the appeal of wet Darcy. Although I do think he’s kinda swoony elsewhere in P&P. Maybe I have a problem with the sideburns!!!


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