8/9 Season Two, Episode 4: The Legend of Das Geisterschloss-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Uh oh.. next thing we see the baddies hideout! A goooooorgeous aerial shot of Das Geisterschloss!
Amazing isn’t it!! It is in reality the Hohenwerfen Fortress (http://www.salzburg-burgen.at/en/werfen/)  Just outside of Salzburg..

Did you know you can see this castle in The Sound of Music? another Sound of Music reference!! We can see it in the background as Maria teaches the kids to sing for the first time:
I know a number of smk fans have visited this castle- I haven’t Sad smile and I would love to hear of your experiences in visiting it: if you would like to share with us all!

Uh oh… Metzger the Austrian spy is now being held captive at das geisterschloss with Emily!
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001666066 The scottish baddie with lame dialogue tells Col.Metzger he should be more careful while roaming Castles- or he could get hurt.. ugh.. [I was always confused by this!! and thought Metzger had been busted roaming Das Geisterschloss like Emily – but I now think the baddie is referring to the Castle on the Lake, Schloss Anif. Up till this viewing I was thinking there was only one castle and the continuity was really bad! I found the two castle sand how they fit together very confusing! I still don’t get why Emily drew the Castle on the lake.. ]

Drum roll! Time for the big reveal: the annoying 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001690090Dr Evil!!! he’s a baddie? !!!! Nein!!!!!!! Winking smile I am sure I was shocked the first time I saw this.. tee hee.. I do love the Emily character.. but I have to say, we get to see much more of her talents in ‘3 faces of Emily’… This dialogue here with the 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001710110baddies really is too lame for me to bother typing out! ugh! Lots of self congratulating baddies 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001728128cursing these pesky goodies for finding them.[All we need is a dog and it’s an episode of Scooby doo! Winking smile ] Emily’s giving them attitude- which IMHO it doesn’t show her to be terribly clever or think rings around the baddies..but hey what do I know? Maybe she hasn’t slept in what three days is it? Hey Metzger tells Dr Evil ‘ We found you!’ do you think that means he found Das Geisterschloss too?? Ugh.. Well seems Dr Evil is a reluctant 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001799199murderer but he has decided to rise to the occasion and declares they must kill everyone! You’d think they would 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001804204kill Emily and Metzger now right? wrong!! I really don’t understand why the baddies haven’t shot Emily and Metzger, the Austrian spy already.. not that I am complaining! I love how neither Emily nor Metzger are tied up.. but both obediently sit there throughout the scene.. these are two trained operatives!! They hear the baddies declare they will kill everyone- and they do nothing!! Ohhh yeah!! you have to sit there and wait for the americans to heroically save you! Winking smile 

You know, Emily need not have been so subtle in all her sketching and hidden letterss and not telling Marianna that if a gorgeous American hunk and lovely American woman came asking about her she should fill them in on where she went – yeah.. she didn’t need to be so careful – these baddies are dumb!! 😆

Lee and Amanda are back at the cafe to question Marianna..Amanda checks out the final sketch of the cafe and finds the letter g- she finds it in a 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001839239way that implies they already thought they had found the letter g in the sketch but now it is confirmed. And the word Emily has spelt is ‘Ghost’ ( not a german word Lee!)  Hmmm I’m imagining them the night before: together playing find the letter in this sketch! Smile over a glass of wine.. a nice meal.. with some candlelight ( err not good for hunting for letters but great for the romantic mood! Winking smile ) Ok.. I know.. I’m dreaming!

It’s strange how when Lee and Amanda enter the 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001869269deserted cafe, they both look around and call Hello?! when Marianna is lying on the floor 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001875275surrounded by broken furniture groaning right in front of them! Amanda appears to be talking to Marianna’s shoes when 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001894294she looks at her lying there..

whoa.. you don’t get to see many people die in this show.. and they kill of Marianna? why exactly? I can only guess it is because she knew where Emily was.. and Dr Evil had seen Marianna’s sketch in Emily’s sketchpad so knew she was the key to helping Lee and Amanda find Emily.  Anyone got any 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001903303thoughts about this? Marianna’s dying words confirm she told Emily ‘not to go to the Ghost Castle – Geisterschloss..’ I guess she must have known that’s why the baddies killed her..?? Because Lee and Amanda don’t question her, she volunteers it.


They killed Marianna.. you’d think Emily would be dead by now too huh! I am sure that thought crosses Lee and Amanda’s minds too..Love the looks here between Lee and Amanda.. awhhhhh… 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001942342Lee: Hey hey, are you alright?
Amanda shakes her head:
why 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001948348did they kill her?
Lee: because she knew what happened to Emily..

2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_001961361Dammit if we don’t find her….

Beautiful violin in this scene.. very touching music!! [So glad you explained that to me Lee.. these baddies are very confusing!! ]
As they leave the restaurant, Lee puts a supportive arm around Amanda – Double Awhh!! Then they see Dr Evil in the Platz buying flowers (probably for Marianna – yuck!! He probably killed her) and approach him to ask about the 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_002007407ghost castle.. he tries to fob them off saying he doesn’t know it.. 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_002024424and both Lee and Amanda see right through him – using their different methods!
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_002035568Love this little exchange, it shows their characters and relationship so well: Lee: He’s lying!
Amanda: sure was, pretty obvious wasn’t it
( maybe he
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_002071471wanted it to be obvious!! Maybe the baddies are not as dumb as we thought?.. ) Lee: oh you noticed the nervous hand movement, the avoidance of eye contact, the slightly higher pitched voice? 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_002066466Amanda: No, I just noticed this is the first time he didn’t know every little thing about Salzburg!
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_002071471Lee: yeah… there’s that too…..
Then Mr patience and control pretty much bundles Amanda into the car “come on come on’! ” Lee walks Amanda around to her side of the car! Hurrying her, but IMO being attentive Winking smile! Any excuse to touch Amanda Winking smile  Oh how far he has come from the awful Artful Dodger! Sorry if you like it- but for me..there is no excusing Lee’s behaviour in that episode!! (jealous doesn’t cut it for me!)

Lee wants to get moving.. and follow the bad liar “get in!” ” I’m in” !!!!!”.. love how Amanda opens 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_002083583Lee’s door for him.. he heee  Love the funny little look he gives himself like: Oh boy.. she just opened the door for me too?! He was surprised to find the door open! 😆 Soooo Lee and Amanda follow Dr Evil back to Das Geisterschloss!!


Redgold ( thanks Redgold! ) has directed me to the following thread on yuku:


Mariandl has done it again!! sharing some fabulous photos of a visit to Das Geisterscloss! Redgold has also shared photos from her visit there – wow wow!! I am sooo jealous!!! 🙂 thanks for sharing Redgold!
I will leave it there for now.. back with more soon!

As always – I’d love to hear if you are out there.. reading.. post and say hi! and byee for now!

18 responses to “8/9 Season Two, Episode 4: The Legend of Das Geisterschloss-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Greetings from Cafè Glockenspiel in Salzburg!! 🙂
    Your site is very helpful finding some of the filming locations! I can’t stop smiling sitting at the cafe looking at the pictures above and what I see right in front of me. Imagining how they filmed here so many years ago.


  2. I think the Hohenwerfen Fortress was also used in The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries from the 1970s for the exterior shots of Dracula’s castle in the episode called The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula.

    I also realized that there are a couple of actors who appeared in The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries who later appeared on SMK. The guy who played Harry Thornton was also a police officer in the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew episode called Voodoo Doll, and the ambassador from Cap D’Far in The Boy Who Could Be King also played Nancy Drew’s father.

    Just interesting trivia. 🙂


  3. I assumed Emily drew Schloss Anif because its was home to Dr Hannover. That’s why there were baddies already there. Maybe when they bought the Ghost Castle it was a two for one sale 😉
    Poor Marianna croaking out information (thanks Paula great description) and no one is getting help. Even Amanda and her junior trailblazer training could have tried something!
    Lee asking if Amanda is alright……duh Lee she’s just watched someone die. Whadda you think! I do like his little cuddle of comfort for her.
    Love his expression when he runs around the car and she opens the door, well you were clearly in a hurry. Nice Beamer Lee, they make good cars 🙂


  4. I just always kind of assumed they contacted someone before they headed out to the castle. Lee probably had to let them know he was an American agent, though. I always wondered why they didn’t get help for Marianna, too. Then again, she could have been seriously wounded and Lee knew they couldn’t do anything for her. Was there any blood on her dress at all? I think that’s the confusing part for me.

    When I’ve worn out my brain trying to explain things like this, I usually end up putting in the “unexplainable-tv-show-moments” category. Those moments which really make no “real-life” sense, but are obviously needed (?) for the plot. My husband says, “this is a tv-show, you know.” And I always answer, “yeah, but it could at least make more sense.” 🙂


    • Working in the medical field, these nonsensical moments (letting a still-conscious and breathing gunshot victim bleed to death in front of you) totally throw me from the story. However…SMK has never claimed or even particularly tried to be medically accurate, so I may poke fun at these things, but I don’t seriously dwell on them.

      It reminds me of the time I was watching a serious hospital drama, and in the middle of a code blue a nurse cries out, all excited, “We have capillary refill!” I was laughing my head off.

      Do you think real life spies cringe and laugh at SMK inaccuracies if they watch it?


      • Hi Debilyn and Paula!
        yeah I can see how Marianna’s death would have been kind of annoying!! No blood whatsoever.. I was confused about where exactly she got shot.. but.. I just went with it.. smk.. 80s.. kids..and no blood.. 😉
        Oh yes Paula – we all love this show dearly.. but at the same time -as Debilyn’s wise husband points out: It’s a tv show! 🙂 tee hee.. there is no problem with poking a bit of fun at it and it’s silliness huh! It is one of the things I love about smk.. that it didn’t take itself too seriously 🙂

        Real spies watching smk? rofl! I can only imagine yes! especially with all the spy terminology they throw in! I am guessing it would be hilarious!

        Capillary refill? even with my tiny bit of medical training that is hilarious!! what tv show was that?? do tell!! tee heee..


      • It was called Chicago Hope. I’ve seen better medical dramas, but that one is singularly memorable for that line. I can just imagine if I made such an announcement in the middle of a code. It might stop everyone for a moment just to check whether I’d grown a second head. “Ah, yes, very good, Paula. Now why don’t you just have seat over ther and let the grown-ups finish up here?”


    • I blame CBS for the confusion and not allowing any blood (other than Lee getting shot on Long Christmas Eve. I think we’re supposed to assume from the amount of blood loss that she would have been too far gone and possibly her skin tone too. Lee has probably seen enough GSW deaths to know that all they could really do here was just comfort her so she wouldn’t die alone. And they can’t say that out loud or it sounds really awful for Mariana to hear as she’s dying.


  5. Greetings from a German SKM Fan! Just discovered this blog and… LOVE it! 🙂 It takes some time to scroll down to the very first beginning of this (and believe me, my pc is fighting me right now GRRR) but it’s totally worth it! 🙂 Please keep your work on!!!


    • Welcome Julia! So glad to hear from you!! I think you are the third Julia we have had join in! Can we call you by another name? It would be a shame to confuse you! and I would love to hear more from you what you think of our favourite show! 🙂

      You are having troubles reading the blog? is there a problem with the home page? Let me know – and I can try and fix it! We don’t want anything getting in the way of our SMK fun!

      Thanks so much for saying hi – it’s very very encouraging!!!


      • Charley aka Julia

        I always had this problem… we once had three Julias in one class, so maybe we’ll better take my nickname “Charley”! 🙂

        Not really problems while reading. When I scroll down the mass of photos makes the browser hang up when I get near the beginning of season one. I think that’s a problem of my pc not the blog itself. 🙂

        I really love this series so much although the German synchronisation is nothing compared to the original and some of the episodes where not shown here. Since the DVDs came out I am able to watch them all and listen to the original voices! Bruce/Lee… (Bruce Lee???) what a voice… oy 🙂

        And for the death scene of Marianna: I always thought Lee knew that it was too late to do anything for her. He has surely seen something like that many times before during his agency work, hu? My idea was that the maker of the series just didn’t wanted to show too much blood etc. and that is why we get the feeling Marianna isn’t that much hurt that a doctor wouldn’t be able to help her anymore?


    • Hi Julia 3 from Germany :)!

      You must be much younger than me 😉 When I went to school, I was the only one.

      Glad to have you join us.

      Julia (german too)

      Liked by 1 person

  6. One dog away from Scooby doo. I love it!

    One thing that has always bugged me about the death of Marianna scene: Why on earth did these two not call for help to save the still living girl? I don’t recall Lee just standing by and shaking his head sadly when Amanda was shot (season 4 reference, I’ll say no more) 😉 I mean, really. Really? She’s still alive, she’s breathing, she’s croaking out information for you, and you people aren’t calling in an ambulance??!! Do something!!!

    Okay, so it needles the nurse in me a little.

    Anyway, about the castle on the lake. Didn’t Doctor Baddie say he lived there and was operating his spy badness out of the other castle or something? If Emily knew that, it sure would have been helpful of her to sketch in Doctor Baddie (with a telling little skull and crossbones on his scarf or something).

    And finally, I do love this episode for all the homey, couple-y banter between Lee and Amanda. They’re really coming together nicely, aren’t they?

    Ha! Don’t hold your breath. Next comes Brunettes Are In! *chortling and rubbing hands with glee*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, that always bugged me too that they didn’t get help for Marianna. Maybe Lee used his superspy powers determine there was no hope for the poor girl. It was a beautifully acted moment between Lee and Amanda when he asked her if she was OK.
      IWSOD- I read the commentary on Artful Dodger on yuku with an open mind, hoping for a way to rationalize Lee’s behaviour in that episode. Nope. Only good thing in that episode is he gets punched in the end. Honestly, if any friend or love interest treated me that way, they would be shown the door.


      • Hi Cindy! Yeah I saw that commentary on Artful dodger too and thought it best I not express my opinion in response – I’ve had my say.. and time to let others have their say – they can watch it, and make sense of Lee’s behaviour in that episode? Then that is great for them!! And I don’t want to rain on their parade just because that is not my experience. I’ve made my opinions clear tee heee.. maybe too clear 😉 ha! but.. we are all free to think differently and that’s cool! And it is great that I can be free ( and so can you! 🙂 ) to have our say and express our displeasure with Lee and that episode!! tee hee..
        Yes you and I are in agreement about that episode Cindy! 😉

        But.. we are now on to a much much more likeable Lee! 🙂 hurray!

        Hi Paula! I don’t know.. does Dr Evil live at the Castle on the Lake? I didn’t catch that – where do we find that out?
        Yes don’t help Marianna! LOL.. it wasn’t in the script to help her! Just find her, have her randomly tell you what you need to know without you asking any questions! and then just let her die! ugh!

        Yeah.. Marianna just dies.. there’s nothing they can do! I guess she was dead there on the spot.. I have lots of issues with Marianna dying – and have written a little rant about it in the final post of this episode!

        But at least we hear Amanda ask Lee as they have their little cuddle outside the cafe : shouldn’t we call the police?
        Lee responds Yeah. I’ll take care of it.

        But.. then off he goes to follow Dr Evil and we never see him take care of it! it is a really strange situation and very unlike smk.. it doesn’t sit right does it? byeee guys!


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