1/11 Season Two, Episode 6: Brunettes Are In-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Well! I have been looking forward to discussing this episode!!!!  I love to see Amanda and Lee fight! (when they make up in the end!!) hehehee..  As always, I am looking forward to hearing other’s thoughts and insights and learning a thing or two about this episode together!!

The episode opens with two recycled locations 2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000506106before we even see Amanda! LOL!!! The 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000108141first shot we see is a car driving up the driveway to Von snobs house in Munich.. oh wait.. no something is not right here! [Also smkfan pointed out this location is used for the football camp/crandall’s home in sudden death! though I think it is a nightshot that is used-too funny!] Winking smile too funny!

The second recycled location I didn’t pick up – credit goes to Moxie over on the yuku forum for spying this one.. http://scarecrowandmrskingforum.yuku.com/sreply/53301/Filming-Locations

2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000114748We see the back of a this mansion buzzing with activity- and this is the same mansion where 1.06 Always look a gift horse....wmv_001421120Bo’s ranch was in Always look a gift horse in the mouth! Remember where Penny said dangerous can be fun!… and Amanda responded: sometimes dangerous is dangerous Winking smile I am sure there are heaps more location boo boos along the way but these two are pretty major and tickled my funny bone.. if you are especially interested in all the research SMK fans have done on filming locations check out this thread on yuku: http://scarecrowandmrskingforum.yuku.com/topic/2245/Filming-Locations?page=1

Amanda arrives at this charity event ( wow… charities two weeks in a row!) to raise money to train guide dogs.. and here we have the moment where Amanda meets the gooorgeous little puppies with her friend Gail-
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000165799
[What kind of dog are these? and are they guide dogs? I thought guide dogs were mainly Labradors.. anyone?]
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000155588
As they walk away Gail calls to the lady at the stall asking her to collect the one that got away – Amanda and Gail move on to meet the charity’s organiser Mr Sinclair, and we see Cathy or whoever she is behind the stall never goes to look for the runaway puppy!!!

I remember seeing a Hilarious video on youtube about this moment.. Jennilee if you are out there- I laughed and laughed when I saw it!!! well done!! 😆

Anyway, focusing back on the actual episode..before the puppy escapes we see Amanda and Gail approach the puppies and a lady walks past carrying a wooden box..
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000145378
[and that puppy is totally working out his escape plan huh!! Winking smile ] then Gail points out Mr Sinclair to Amanda in conversation with the lady who just walked past them (away from Sinclair) carrying the wooden box! (which turns out to be a clock) tee hee.. This mansion warps time and space (munich?america?!)!!
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000175108
This Mr Sinclair is so creepy!! He makes me gag..[Yes I am not going to pretend I don’t know he is the baddie!!] His guide dog doesn’t even look like a guide dog! Amanda and Gail approach him for introductions..
Amanda: How do you do Mr Sinclair, you’re doing wonderful work.
Sinclair: Oh well thank you. We’re here for the children Mrs King!
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000197630
Amanda: Yes well I’m just so glad I can help out.
Their smiles will thank you! ..
oh give me a paper bag quick!1yuck ( I think this emoticon is going to get a workout this episode!!)

2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000215348Uh oh.. a couple of creeps are taking photos… “You get the blonde, I’ll get the brunette.” – uh oh.. that doesn’t sound good!

2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000222856Anyway, we see Amanda and Gail go to leave, Amanda drives off, and the two creeps watch her ‘get away’… but.. Gail’s car isn’t starting- did they mess with it? I think they did.. one baddie says ‘ her car’s not going anywhere’ – like he knew..  so, why not mess with Amanda’s too? [not that I mind Amanda getting away!!]  Poor Gail gets nabbed… and off the 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000298531creeps go to show ‘Pearce’ what they collected. We hear one of the baddies comment she has lots of spirit and the other responds ‘ that’s how they like them.’ 1yuckYou know.. it is really gross that the baddies are using a catering van as their cover – when you think about just what it is they are catering to.. ewww!!!! caterers for every occasion? ewwww!!! 1yuck

On to Amanda’s and Dotty has decided since 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000362796Amanda is taking their dirty laundry ( err literally that is..) into work – that she must be set to star in a tv commercial.. Oh Dotty!!

2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000390190On to the agency, exiting the elevator are Billy and Lee – the doors sound very clunky!!! Lee is being a good employee and respecting his boss… err well no- actually Lee is arguing with Billy about Amanda. And so commences a big theme in this episode -IMHO– Lee and his lack of acknowledgement of Amanda and her abilities..

Billy wants Amanda to do a Mid-Level courier assignment. Lee says she is not ready for it… Billy is so patient with Lee explaining Amanda will be fine and safe with no back up.. err maybe too patient!
Lee: Amanda is not ready for that! [Lee is the one not ready for it!!!]
Billy: all she has to do is what she’s told
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000395795Lee: she never does exactly what she’s told. ( 😆 good call Lee.. however, might I point out- not doing exactly what she is told saved your life only last week: Mr ‘I could have been frozen stiff if not for you’?!.. pha!)image
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000403803Billy: she has good common sense!
Lee: ah Billy, she’ll be out there without any kind of back up. She’ll be totally alone!
Billy: And safe! Within her own element.  This courier job is simple –act like a housewife.
Lee has no comeback for that.. Sooo what do you all think? Do you think Lee is justified? Please feel free to share!

For me, I think Billy’s plan is a good one. A great way for Amanda to spread her wings – take on a little more responsibility- it’s a good opportunity for her. She can totally do it! What do you think??

Lee’s reaction is interesting though isn’t it!! What’s going on with Lee here? Is Lee worried about Amanda’s personal safety? or about the assignment? or both?? and if both, which one more?? or is it something else going on here??  what do you think?

I am going to hold off drawing any conclusions about Lee and his motivations just yet.. I think it may become clearer as the episode progresses.. I know some think this all boils down to Lee being scared for Amanda’s safety – If you believe that- that’s cool! for me though, I feel this episode is more complicated than that.. there is more than one thing going on- so I will hold on to that thought as we progress through this episode!
Amanda is sitting in Billy’s office.. her laundry and powder sitting on her lap..
Amanda echoes Billy’s words to Lee: Just act like a housewife.
Billy: that’s right.
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000416616Amanda: well I can do that! I do that every day.
Francine: Just a simple, average,  ordinary housewife
[Ohh Francine are you really so threatened by Amanda that you can’t resist a little dig??!! with that ugly disaster of a perm.. I can’t blame ya! Winking smile but don’t worry it will be Amanda’s turn to have the ugly hair don’t soon!! Winking smile ]

Aaaaand into the frame comes Lee – making his presence in the office known.
Lee: but Amanda this is not what you are use to!
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000420620
Watch Amanda’s face as Lee starts in here.. She is not impressed with Francine’s dig, nor with Lee’s underestimation of her and her abilities IMO! I honestly don’t even know why Francine and Lee had to even be there!
Lee continues: You’ll be alone. We can’t afford to arouse suspicions by having our back up agents nearby. (LOL Billy gets to relax a bit Winking smile no back up duty for him haaaa!)
Amanda: is this dangerous? [you’d think so with the fuss Lee is making! ]
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000430230Billy: It’s just a simple drop.
Amanda: Yes sir.
[Love Billy! he smiles proudly and encouragingly at Amanda here!]
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000434234Amanda: Sir, just exactly what is it that you want me to do.
Francine: you’re going to a Laundromat, you’re going to wash your clothes, at some point a man will come up and give you a sock
[oh yes that is not suspicious! here! have a random sock!! Winking smile]
Amanda: one sock?
Francine: one sock.
Amanda: dirty or clean?
Francine: it doesn’t matter.
Amanda: yes it does matter, because if it’s a clean sock it will look suspicious if I wash it.
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000445445Lee: ohh hooo! Don’t wash the sock! There’s a microdot in it.
[See the dismissive look Francine gives Billy here? like ugh! she wants to wash it! well!!!No one told her there was a microdot in it.. and you were telling her to act like a normal housewife. I am totally on Amanda’s side here! Smile  How about you? ]
Amanda: ohhhhh!
Francine: Just put it with your laundry and then you will bring it back here.
Amanda: Right. Just go to the Laundromat, wash my clothes, get the sock, another day on the job.
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000457390
Call me crazy.. but at the end of that scene, Lee is looking relaxed.. I think he is starting to believe she can actually do this.. I am going to think on this a bit more.. but why do you think Lee was so anti Amanda taking on this assignment??? Do tell!!! I want to do a bit more thinking on this one before coming to a firm conclusion..

I do find this whole scenario pretty funny though when you consider the first time Lee met Amanda he shoved a very important box (with information in it that would save agent’s lives) into Amanda’s hands and told her to go off – alone- and give it to the man in the red hat! but now.. suddenly she is incapable?! too funny!! If only Amanda had reminded him of that fact Winking smile but she is much more gracious than I am!! I would have been calling Lee ‘pilgram’s peach puff’ every chance I got 😆

Don’t you just love Francine’s perm??!!! Ok who got an 80s perm?? I tried to do one at home once and it was hilarious! the curls were all wonky because I hadn’t paid any attention to how I wound it onto the rollers! tee hee!!

This episode really is an episode of extremes.. and I find it to be a pivotal episode for Lee and Amanda’s relationship – so I love to explore it ( in spite of the whole icky ‘catering business’) As always, I would love to hear some feedback, or thoughts on this episode from all you readers!!! byeee for now! Thanks for reading!!

32 responses to “1/11 Season Two, Episode 6: Brunettes Are In-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Did anyone notice how the baddies’van has “Barmitzvahs” instead of “Bar Mitzvah”? I have never seen it written as one word in my life. (Just another clue they’re up to no good — they don’t even care enough to spell a term connected to someone’s faith correctly.


  2. Oh, I love this blog. I am beyond sad to be so many years behind on the discussion! But since I only just got the DVDs and am getting to start through from beginning to end, I’m just gonna jump in and comment even though I’m way past fashionably late. Okay? Okay!

    Now, speaking of fashion…(see what I did there?😉) I can’t believe no one has mentioned the puffy sleeves on Amanda’s sweater in the first scene. Lord have mercy! I am hoping that we never see that sweater again. It is worse than Francine’s perm (of which I have many in the 80s. Whoo boy!).

    Liked by 2 people

    • And now I have a sudden feeling that I am talking about the previous episode and not this one. Watched a couple in a row and maybe I’m confused. Well, you’ll definitely know the sweater when you see it. 😱


    • I am just now going through this blog, too. I think I missed out. I loved SMK as a teenager and had looked for the dvds years ago. They weren’t out yet, and then I missed out on them for a long time. I am just now watching them. I found the blog by accident when I was looking for an answer to what was supposed to be in the sketches Emily did in The Legend of Das Geisterschloss. I have gone back and read these up to here. I am really enjoying this blog. I hope that you will be able to do all the episodes although I haven’t gotten that far yet.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Welcome Audra! Really glad you found us, and have jumped in to say hello!
        Hope you have loads of fun exploring the show, and the walk!
        I hope you’ll be inspired to share your thoughts with us all along the way, or to respond to other’s thoughts too.. the conversation on any episode never really ends – it’s all open ended and can be revisited at any time.

        Enjoy your dvds too! 🙂

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      • WELCOME!!!!!! And please feel free to post as you are watching, I am going to be marathoning the whole series pretty soon, so it will be great to have someone new to chat with.

        Liked by 3 people

        • whoooo sounds like fun Cindy! I hope there will be some who join you!
          Would you like us to publish a little blog post to announce it or anything? no pressure.. but if you’d like it to go out to all subscribers by email we could do that..
          I don’t see my life getting less busy any time soon 😦 .. and it is a way to keep the smk goodness coming!!

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  3. I love this episode but I hate it too, especially that exchange when they are looking through her laundry for the micro dot, just … how hurtful he was just hit me right in the feels! My heart ached for Amanda, I mean she is such a sweet person, how anyone could be mean to her … I dont know!

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    • He certainly is not at his finest here, is he?

      Liked by 1 person

      • NO he surely isnt and I wanted to SMACK him through the TV, even more so now that I am back revisiting this as a mature adult (I watched the show as a kid with my mom, it was our thing ❤ ).

        I guess I should give Lee credit that he DID realize his mistake and turn around to apologize, but still! what a jerk!

        I have to admit when I first started watching this show, I didnt much like Lee as a person, I thought he was a shallow, playboy jerk. I actually watched the show for Amanda, really. I loved her, she reminded me of my own mother. It’s funny because her relationship with her mother is almost the same as mine is with my own mother present day!

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  4. I actually think Lee feels threatened by this… First, his judgment is being called into question by Billy although he’s the one who’s been in the field with Amanda. Second, I agree with kgmohror that the prospect of Amanda stepping out on her own is threatening to short circuit Lee’s role as her mentor. And last, I think maybe he feels a tad threatened by Amanda’s obvious potential to be a successful operative. He defines himself so thoroughly by his job (one of the top agents in the country), and he’s spent his life doing this, so how could a housewife with no training be put on the fast track?

    Although I’ve seen all of these shows several times over, it’s been a few years and I’m responding mostly to iswod’s wonderful rundown of each episode. So I’m sure I’m missing some nuances here, but even if that last thought is not a conscious one, it’s there somewhere. More scary loss of control for Lee to deal with!!!

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  5. I love this episode. I know it’s all a bit angsty BUT sometimes you need that in order to move a relationship on.
    Thanks for pointing out the YouTube vid about the escaping dog and “Kathy” LOL I bet the extra was thinking “stuff you, you’re not in charge KJ is and I am gonna squeeze as much screen time out of my scene as possible. Sod the escaping dog” 😉
    With regards to Lees attitude…..I am not excusing it but here’s my take on part of his POV. Maybe hes thinking back to the time Amanda didn’t have any back up. When he handed her the package and left her to it she didn’t do what he told her. Package ended up going astray and they ended up being arrested for breaking and entering. I am not suggesting this is a fair POV but that this is perhaps his rather blinkered experience. Left to her own devices things don’t go to plan. Yes he’s worried about her safety but also worried about the mission being compromised. I agree with the idea that Lee views himself not as a mentor per se but certainly as though he has a say in her career development. Perhaps borne from feeling responsible for her getting into the spy biz in the first place.
    And I t
    Agree IWSOD Sinclair is creepy, their smiles will thank you?! Pass the sick bucket…..


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  9. Hello! Just thought I’d add.. I was watching ‘Any Number Can Play’ last night ( episode 12, season 4) and where should the baddie live?? but in the same mansion Von snob (There goes the neighbourhood), Sinclair and Crandall ( Sudden Death) live in!! all Baddies! Whoa.. this really is baddie central! I guess it is a subliminal message to smk viewers that the character is bad if they live at this mansion! ‘;) byeeee!

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  10. I agree with Paula on Lee’s (Peach Puff) attitude. I am sure he himself is confused by his feelings. But I think his biggest concern is the lack of back up. . . that Amanda will be solo on this assignment.

    And yes, I did get a spin curler perm in the 80’s. I looked like Saturday Night Live’s Rosanna Rosanna Danna for about 5 days until I finally got it all washed out. ARGGHH! Never again. About a year later, I got a body perm and it worked and looked a lot better.

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  11. The end of the office scene surprised me a bit. His sudden relaxed pose and his smile doesn’t seem to suit to his earlier protest. Does he suddenly feel proud that Billy trust and encourages Amanda because he was the one who bought her to the agency? 🙂

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  12. Where do I begin? 🙂

    IMO, the theme of this episode for Lee is “Which is stronger? Your desire to keep Amanda out of this business or your desire to keep her next to you?” Lee had no problem shoving a package into her hands at the station because she was an emergency, not a fellow agent, not even anyone he intended to mix with ever again. This is different. This is an official assignment from Billy Melrose, who is clearly grooming Amanda for more Agency involvement. Lee has been barely accepting Amanda’s spontaneous involvement in cases involving himself and as domestic cover for assignments that don’t directly involve her. Here, Billy is stepping it up, and Lee’s kneejerk reaction is protest. He’s going to nip this in the bud.

    As you said, iwsod, the issue is far more complicated than Lee’s concern for Amanda’s safety. We’ve already seen the sexual and emotional tension bubbling over between these two, which means Lee is torn. He wants to maintain her distance from his business, but not necessarily from himself. To make matters worse, Amanda has a mind of her own and she is on board with Billy. She wants to be an agent, and not just any agent. She wants to be Lee’s overt, fully participative partner. Yikes! With visions this disparate, is it any wonder the sparks are gonna fly?

    (Incidentally iwsod, today is the first time advertisements appeared on your post.)

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    • I have never seen advertisements here, even though I have disabled my pop up blocker for this site.


    • Luckily, no advertisment over here, either! 🙂


      • Hi Everyone!!

        Firstly, before I get into this episode- I was asking about the ads because I had to pay to renew my domain the other day – and there was an option to buy advertising free blogs. and I didn’t realise there were advertisements! LOL! Apparently it’s only people who visit the blog, who are not signed into wordpress – so there is the option of signing up to word press ( it’s pretty simple to get a login you don’t need to start a blog or anything!) if you find the adverts too annoying.
        I never see them because I am always signed into wordpress! Aand I don’t want to spend more money!! 🙂

        Anyway, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this episode 🙂
        Melissa, Debilyn and Paula, you guys have some fascinating insights on Lee! I’m glad you have seen there is more going on here than just fear for Amanda’s safety – this helps crystalise my own thinking greatly!

        Yeah I see what you mean.. give the parcel to the guy in the red hat was an emergency situation.. very true! but it tickled my funny bone that – whatever the situation was- Amanda rose to the occasion, when all these unexpected things happened – Amanda got through it – once even bringing an unconscious Lee back from the brink! ( Long Christmas Eve) – basically single handedly saving everyone with her little white flag and emotional plea (and then putting everyone at risk again by distributing beans – lots of beans! 😉 ) tee hee!

        Thanks for the info on guide dogs Melissa.. in Australia it is rare to have another breed! Those puppies are too cute! Did you see the youtube vid? hilarious!! Is Icky Sinclair’s dog a breed that is a guide dog?

        Hi Jo! why did you change your handle? I’m getting confused! tee hee.. but as always it is lovely to hear from you! Ahhh yes I think by desert storm you mean operation sandstorm – yeah she has stuffed up in the past. but it has mainly been because of inexperience or lack of training – would that be accurate?

        My understanding of this courier job is that it started off very boring – with no indication it could get dangerous – well.. no more than any other agency job- I agree Melissa, deep down Lee knew Billy was right! Amanda does have good common sense! And I thought by the end of that scene explaining to Amanda what she needed to do – Lee had come around to the idea and seemed relaxed.. it isn’t until it all goes wrong that all his fears and anger come up again… but that is coming up! Ugh!! I want to do this episode in one long post! 🙂

        I’ve actually written the next post for this episode and in it I’ve had a go at explaining my view on what’s going on with Lee and Amanda ( it’s pretty similar to Paula, though not put as eloquently! ).
        I’m trying to get a little ahead in my posts as I’m going away for a week next week – and I would rather keep the flow of the blog going… slow and steady – that way the amount I post is not as overwhelming, people can keep up, have time to contribute and then there are no gaps in time where I don’t post – I prefer it to be regular.. The downside for me is I have written stuff.. and want to hear your thoughts but I have to wait! ( that’s me Ms Patience and Control! Not!!)
        Oh well! 🙂 I love to discuss with you guys! byeee for now!

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    • Ugh! I hate being a year behind on these discussions! But I’m watching an episode a day, so I hope to catch up soon.

      Anyway, for me the theme of this episode is “parenting/growing up.” We see the contrast between Amanda, the experienced mom who knows she has to let her boys stretch and take some risks (walking to school alone, playing outside on their own) and Lee, who is new as a mentor (figurative “father figure”) to Amanda. It’s hard for Amanda to see her kids growing more independent, making their own decisions and needing her less; her instinct always is to protect them and direct them. However, she knows she has to let go in order for them to become strong, capable individuals in their own right.

      Lee is struggling with the same sort of situation with Amanda. He’s protected and taught her, and now she’s ready to spread her wings – but Lee wants to hold on. He’s worried about her, yes, but it also has felt good to him to be needed, to be a guide and protector. It’s hard for him to let go of that role.

      Even the puppies reinforce the “growing up” theme. They’re adorable now, something to be held and petted and taken care of. But they have an important role ahead of them as adults, and the training they’ll receive will allow them to fulfill that potential.

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  13. get_the_king_woman_out_of_this

    Lee is on business mode and his biggest concern, at the moment, is the case. Of course, he’s also worried about Amanda’s safety.

    Maybe the difference here is that, so far, the life threathening cases Amanda has been involved in, it’s either been by accident, coincidence, or because, from the agency’s side, in the beginning they didn’t look like really serious stuff. It’s always been like “this case has been like a walk in the park” or “Nothing ever happens in the suburbs”, etc.

    But now, right from the start, Lee sees things can get ugly and there’s already a lot of in stake.

    Maybe all this, along with whatever happenned with the infamous Desert Storm operation, is the reason for Lee no wanting Billy to use Amanda in this case.

    By the way, I’m Jo lol


  14. My daughter raised a Guide puppy once for a service project. Guide dogs can actually be any number of breeds: Golden Retriever, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Standard Poodle, Boxer, and Vizsla. We had a Black Lab named Nettie. She was a sweet dog.

    I think we should call Lee “Peach Puff” whenever he is being recalcitrant! 🙂

    Did anybody notice that Lee didn’t argue with Billy’s comment that Amanda has good common sense? He changed tactics because Billy is right!

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  15. I do think there is a lot going on when it comes to Lee’s reluctance to let Amanda do this assignment on her own – a little personal, a little professional.

    I disliked Mr. Sinclair immediately. (This part is played very well, though, I have to admit.)


  16. Lee seams a little bit nervous, Amanda alone and yes she never does exactly what she’s told. Maybe there was a little breeze of the dirty mess Amanda can step in 🙂


  17. Oh yeah, I would totally call Lee Pilgram’s Peach Puff, or maybe peach puff for short, everytime he deserved it.

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