3/11 Season Two, Episode 11:Three Faces of Emily-Scarecrow and Mrs King

2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000358091Yippeeeeee Emily is back!!! I love Emily!! So wonderful to see an interesting mature female character! Smile 
We‘re at the Ambassador’s house – there’s a party underway and Emily is dressed up and enjoying herself!
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000370003
Wow.. I am enjoying myself too! Winking smile Would you look at Lee and Amanda’s entrance to the diplomatic reception??!!! I am sure everyone noticed them! ( which in Lee’s line of work could be a hindrance Winking smile ) Don’t they make a gorgeous couple.. and Lee in a tux! Lee in a tux!! whoo hooo!! I do wish I could have seen Lee’s reaction to first seeing Amanda in that dress though Winking smile 
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000373206

That is a lovely dress on Amanda isn’t it!! That white and silver look is a favourite – I wonder if it was particularly popular in the early 80s.. or just popular with KJ?

Emily sees her friends have arrived and she makes her way over to surprise Amanda..
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000381648
I hope you can make it out in this pic.. Amanda is wide mouthed and stunned.. and Lee is very happy watching her reaction to Emily’s sudden appearance with outstretched arms! Smile 
Soooo Emily was expecting to see Amanda at the party Smile [The script has an additional scene earlier in this episode where Emily and Lee work on the case- and it is evident Lee has already had his reunion with Emily – that would have been lovely to see huh!]
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000383650
This is a wonderful happy reunion between Amanda and Emily who turns out to be ‘Lady’ Farnsworth.. She’s full of surprises Winking smile This moment reminds me very much of Our Man in Tegernsee, and Lee’s reunion with his old friend Harry – as Amanda watched on sharing in their joy – this time? It’s Lee’s turn to share in Amanda and Emily’s joy Smile which is lovely!!!
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_0003866532.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000387654
It is wonderful that Lee is so happy with Emily and Amanda’s joy – it’s a sweet indicator of how important these two women are to Lee IMHO Smile 
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000401668
I find Lee to be very attentive of Amanda here before he gets down to his work at this party Smile
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000418451
Lee: Uh, Amanda, I wonder if you might, uh, mingle alone for a little while. I wanna talk to Emily.
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000425458
(whispering) Oh, that’s what this is all about.
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000426459
…You two are on a case together.
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000432465

Uh oh… here we have Amanda acting the dummy .. ugh!
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000433466
It is not so bad though, because Lee teases Amanda for it and doesn’t seem to mind Smile  hehehee.. Lee is clearly enjoying Amanda’s company, he’s in great spirits.. and he even humours her and teases her.. my my… they do look like such a couple here! Very comfortable with each other Smile
Lee: What can I say, Emily?…
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000437470
…She just has this suspicious streak in her!
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000438471

2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000438738 Everyone has a good laugh at Lee’s joke Winking smile
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_0004404732.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000441708
Amanda: I’ll be alright. You just go ahead.
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000443176 (2)
Lee: Okay.
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000444110
Amanda: okay.
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000444778
The evolution of this little ‘Amanda accompanying Lee to a party’ scenario, where Amanda needs to occupy herself while Lee works is a favourite of mine! Smile The last time we saw this (that I can remember) was in Times They are a Changin – where IMHO I felt Lee was giving her a gentle push to get out there and mingle – Amanda was hesitant, but encouraged by Lee, she went off to mingle.. In this moment? Lee tells Amanda she needs to mingle – they share a joke and Amanda merrily sends off Lee to work with Emily – with her blessings!!! Smile I actually think Amanda looks quite proud of herself here sending Lee off on his merry way while she is free to meet some interesting new people! Go Amanda!!! Smile 

I think this is a lovely way to demonstrate Amanda spreading her wings a little further! And.. as Lee walks away with Emily – my feeling is he approves of Amanda’s confidence in being left alone (and therefore supporting his work) –unlike Service Above and Beyond where she was not happy to be left alone – here she wants him to go do his work). Thoughts anyone??

So Emily and Lee find a quiet corner, and Amanda is left to mingle freely.. Lee and Emily notice their person of interest (Whitset)  has ‘just walked in’  while drinking copious amounts of Champagne Winking smile 
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_0004581912.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000459192
Though,  he actually hasn’t ‘just walked in’ ! One thing I noticed here for the first time: we actually saw Whitset arrive in the background much earlier when Amanda said ‘ ohh you two are on a case together’ and Lee, Emily and Amanda were chatting ( you can see him between Lee and Amanda in the background) –
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000436703 (2)
This is a little bizarre, given Lee and Emily have come to this party to nab Whitset… and Emily leaves the room so that Whitset won’t see her face – when Whitset could see her face while she was chatting to Lee and Amanda! Smile If he had been paying attention, he could know very well that Amanda has already spoken with Lee – when it is time for Lee to make his pitch! Maybe they figured we would be too distracted by Lee’s tuxedo to notice – which was very much the case till now for me! Smile 

Love how Amanda deals with the snobby journalist: Diana Deveaux from the society page of The Dispatch!
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000478211

Diana: I know you. You’re with the French legation, in 2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000485218the chargé’s office.
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000486219Amanda: No, I’m sorry. I’m afraid I’m . . .
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000490223Diana: Oh. You’re American, of course.
  I remember – State Department! the Mideast.
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000496229Amanda: No. Uh, actually, my name is Amanda King.
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000501234I’m a housewife. I have two small boys. I’m from
Arlington, Virginia.
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000504237Diana: Arlington? Wonderful talking to you, Mrs King.

2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000507240Be proud Amanda! good for you!  I love how Amanda looks on as Diana leaves – v funny! 😆
Amanda brushes it off.. and continues to smile at the room Smile Good for you Amanda!!
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000508241
[Hey.. the snobby woman was wearing white and silver too! Winking smile another one!! ]
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000510243

Whitset heard Amanda tell the journalist this information and he decides Amanda is the perfect recruit for what he needs her to do. So Lee and Emily’s man introduces himself to Amanda.
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_0005172502.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000520253
Ta da!! Amanda is involved in the case Winking smile  and Sydney Whitset Whatsit Whatever!  – Look out Amanda! He has a moustache! Winking smile That’s smk code for badguy when anyone other than Billy has a moustache! 😆 The moment Whatsit finds out Amanda is divorced he makes excuses to go outside with her- (I guess he was checking she didn’t have a man to protect her?! so she was able to be used as his mule? ugh!!)
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000537270
The ever helpful Amanda is only too keen to assist him. Poor Amanda! It is pretty funny how Amanda appears to be giving Whatsit lessons in how to breathe deeply out on the balcony!1HaHaHa
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000551284
I love it that we don’t hear the dialogue, we don’t need to!! it is evident what’s going on and very funny! Smile 
It’s especially funny when we see Whatsit pull out a cigarette..
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000552285
And Amanda scowls- very disapproving!!
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000553286
Oh Amanda!!! 1HaHaHa You can just hear her encouraging him in a motherly fashion to quit smoking!
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000554287
So we are watching Whatsit and Amanda through the lenses of a camera- the two guys who killed the scientists in the opening of the episode are spying on Whatsit and Amanda on the balcony.
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000559292
They take a photo and say this is the signal.. Signal to what?? Uh oh.. and Amanda is ‘our lady’ double UH OH!! What has Amanda gotten herself into now? Winking smile

Does this remind anyone else of Brunettes are In? [uh oh.. Iwsod’s bringing up that episode again??!! Winking smile  Yep!! Smile] Deja vu!! In that episode, we also had two baddies: a white 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000215348guy and an african american guy spying on Amanda in the bushes- with a camera!! Amanda is unknowingly the target – and she’s going to be forced to do something.. It is quite similar, though not as extreme as white slavery – and it’s interesting to keep this in mind as we progress through this episode..

I know thinking too deeply about an smk plot is not always the best way to enjoy the show ( ha!) but.. I am confused by the logic of Whatsit’s modus operandi! He has chose Amanda for something.. which we learn more about as we continue- to be his ‘mule’  – Why go to an Ambassador’s party to pick someone for this purpose?? Where there is most likely security at the party, a guest list, people in the intelligence community and rich, influential people attending: who are not so easy to prey on – it would be unlikely to find a divorced housewife at an Ambassador’s party.. as Diana Deveaux and her assumptions demonstrate – so why did Whatsit attend this party with the purpose of finding his ‘Mule’ and signalling the two bad guys so they knew the identity of the mule? I’m lost..
Oh and if his sole purpose for being there was to find a person to target – wouldn’t he have been paying particular attention to who was there and who was talking to whom?? So he would have noticed Amanda talking with Emily and Lee??!!!!  Aie!
Oh well.. with Lee in a tux, acting so lovely with Amanda and Emily here – I love this part of the episode anyway! and Amanda giving breathing lessons is  hilarious!!! Smile 

Thanks for reading!!!! Love to hear your thoughts as always – sorry for the delay in posting.. hopefully there are people still out there in the big wide web still reading this?? Heeeeelllloooooo!!! I’d love to hear from you! byeeeee for now!!!


21 responses to “3/11 Season Two, Episode 11:Three Faces of Emily-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I really like the bodice part of Amanda’s dress. I’d prefer a different skirt pattern, but overall, it’s a nice dress. I’d like her to remove that flower from her hair. She doesn’t need it.


  2. By any chance, are there any Falcon Crest fans here? Another fun 80s show! I am watching it now, and the most awesome thing happened last night — a sighting of Amanda’s white dress! Melissa wore this EXACT SAME white dress to a party. It was in Season 4, episode 10, which originally aired on November 30, 1984 — one month before Three Faces of Emily. It seemed like a funny coincidence, because I recently commented on the DYTTS thread about how I wish Amanda had worn a dress like this for the wedding. It is my favorite of all of Amanda’s dresses — I just love it.

    Melissa on Falcon Crest (played by Ana Alicia) has similar coloring to Amanda, and she looked very beautiful in the dress — but I think Amanda wore it better! Melissa wore it with long sparkly diamond earrings, but no flower in the hair. I love the hair flower :). It was surprising to me to see the same gown on more than one show, especially when Kate wore it to the Emmys as well.

    So anyway, now I am obsessed with this dress again and want to know who designed it and why everyone was wearing it.


  3. This is the episode wherein we determine that only hired thug baddies should wear plaid. African American baddie is absolutely pulling his casual look off!


    • But what about how sexy and hot Lee looks in his plaid shirts?

      And I like Amanda’s plaid shirts too. Especially the red ones she wears in Unfinished Business and All The World’s A Stage. Oh, and her red and black from Night Crawler. I had one like that in college but got rid of it after it bled in the wash and ruined one of my other favorite shirts.


  4. I didn’t realize this at the time but my grad dress was a copy of Amanda’s dress here (it was white too). The skirt cut is known as “handkerchief” bottom.


    • I wish I could carry off this dress. I just love it. (I can get away with the handkerchief hemline but not the neckline and straps! 🙂 ) My first grad dress was a boring, conservative black thing…


      • I had a very similar style dress for a school dance around 1984-85, so I will agree this was a popular style of the time (we’d finally gotten beyond big poofy sleeves, high necklines and hoops and crinolines under skirts!). I think KJ looks fab in this!


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  6. I must be alone in this, but I adore Amanda in this dress! Rather ethereal as she floats along on Lee’s arm. Aren’t they just stunningly breathtaking! Love love love the whole picture! *Sigh, swoon, thud* (boy, where’s that helmet? Must find it to prevent further brain damage!)

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I really don’t like Amanda’s dress, I don’t like the skirt bit, makes me think of duck feathers. And they stuck her in white. Again. Still least she managed to get the Amandaband off her head, looks like there’s no lasting imprint of it either on her forehead LOL
    Lee as usual looks criminally good in a tux. Which is a bloody good job since the whole premise of what Whasit was doing to find a mule is ludicrous and Lee in a tux will take our minds off it 😉
    I did snigger when Emily makes reference to British manufacturing…..that would be back in the day when we actually had a manufacturing industry 😉 Can’t say that now,..,,
    When I first watched the scene on the balcony for some reason I thought Whasit go out an asthma inhaler, for some reason I never noticed it was a ciggie! I was curious as to how Whatsit was intending to get his chosen target to actually be the mule……was he going to blackmail? Threaten? Cajole? Beg? Enquiring minds wanna know…..


    • I’m not crazy about this dress of Amanda’s either. My favorite gown of hers is the one she wears on Ship of Spies when she’s hanging from the lifeboat boom. The skirt on this one here does look like bird feathers!!


      • I’ll fight you for that ship of spies dress BJo!!!! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • You’re on! I know karate, though, so look out. Hi-ya! Ok, I’m totally kidding. I don’t know any karate. At all. 🙂 Maybe we could share the dress. You know you could wear it on Mondays and Wednesdays and I could wear it on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we could alternate Fridays and Satur…oh, wait I’ve just gone on an Amandaramble…..feeling a little silly again…

          Liked by 1 person

  8. Lee in a tux – my day is perfect!


  9. I loved the scene of Amanda and Whitset through the camera lens. What wonderful acting and a nice little touch!
    I can ignore the plot holes because LEE’S IN A TUX! (Maybe that is why Amanda exclaimed in surprise that Lee and Emily were working a case together, she got swept up by LEE IN THE TUX and forgot where/who she was for a moment. 😉 )

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I actually don’t see Amanda as having a dumb moment here. She knew Lee was working and needed a date as part of a case. I think she was simply agreeing, as in “Oh, of course Emily is a part of the case, too.”

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    • Melissa Robertson

      I agree with you, Debilyn!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Claudia! Distracting posts huh? Distracting Tuxedo pics is maybe more accurate! 😉 A weapon of mass distraction!!!

        Yes I’d forgotten about that: – when KJ wore this dress ( with the flower too! ) to the Emmy’s.. she looks lovely – though I confess for me I find it a little strange that she would in real life wear the same outfit ( right down to the same flower in her hair) to a real life event, when it is the clothes of her tv character, accompanied by the man who she stars in a tv show with – and who is not her real life partner.. I find it all a bit strange! Like the lines between tv and reality are a bit too blurred for my liking! but.. there is no denying she looks lovely in that dress!

        Maybe Whatsit is gay – and he was distracted by Lee’s tux also 😉
        Great to hear from you Claudia!

        Hey! Charley!!! Look away from the Tux for a moment!!! 🙂 I look forward to hearing what you think once you’ve seen the ep again – anything strike you as interesting or new? {err other than his tux 😉 }

        Hi Debilyn, thanks for sharing your take on Amanda’s err dumbness! Fair enough!
        Yeah she probably was agreeing as you say.. sorry I didn’t mean that what she said was dumb – it was how she said it (but hey this is just my own opinion- she was too over the top silly – ie dumb for me..) It reminded me very much of the moment in The First Time where she meets Lee at night to tell him what was in the music box and she asks if this is where spys meet because ‘ it’s all spooky and stuff’ – It’s probably just me.. but I find this delivery too childlike and silly for a grown woman! 🙂 Happily though, Lee doesn’t seem to mind – so that makes it more than watchable 🙂 and it is not a huge issue for me..

        Hiya Cindy! agreed!!! Great performance by Whatsit and KJ on the balcony! 🙂 I’d love to see the outtakes..
        Plotholes? what plotholes? Lee is in a tux! that’s all that matters!!! 😉

        My favourite part of this post is Lee’s joy at reuniting Emily and Amanda – to me it’s very touching, and very significant 🙂 even better than that Tuxedo!!!
        byeeee! Sooooo Lovely to hear from you all and know you are still out there reading and walking with me 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • Times have changed sooooo much. Back in the 80s stars didn’t get designer dresses and were not the advertisements for designers, jewelers and stylists that they are now. Generally, they just put on something pretty and went to the award shows. Boy, do I feel old……

          Liked by 1 person

  11. Helloooo!! Hope you are feeling well, I missed your distracting posts 🙂
    I remember this lovely couple at the Emmy Awards, 198??
    Don’t know why Moustache-badguy dosn’t notice Amanda, Lee and Emily when he enters and why he pics up Amanda, but hey Lee in a tux I belive in everything 😉
    Amanda in her lovely dress at the balcony is tooo funny, waving with her hands. I miss the piano and the subtitle like in the old movies!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lee in a tux – Lex in a tux – Lex in a tux – Lex in a t… uh… sorry… what did you say? O:-)
      Have to catch up with this episode, haven’t watched it yet, but it’s on my “To-Do” list for today, just need some coffee to wake up, then I can start! 🙂


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