4/11 Season Two, Episode 6: Brunettes Are In-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back at the agency,  Amanda picks her most 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000942742likely match for the mugger, Rollo. (well done Amanda! she picked the correct baddie!)
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000968368With 34 hours left till the tripod in Leningrad is errr dismantled.. Amanda suggests to Lee that maybe the microdot 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000989989fell out of the sock and is sitting in her laundry- which is still not put away.. [I think that is grasping at straws, but Amanda understandably wants to check every option available and do all she can.] She suggests to Lee they go check her laundry, Dotty and the kids are off somewhere else (and I thought she left them playing in the backyard with Billy Bartlett).
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000989189
(Is it just me or has Lee suddenly gone all heavy with the eyeliner in this shot?!)Lee jumps at the idea.. but as they leave the bullpen, he thinks it through and begins to doubt this is a viable option..
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000997530Lee stops walking and just silently thinks..
Amanda: What?
Lee: this is dumb!
Amanda: what’s dumb? Lee: the microdot is not in your laundry.
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001005505Amanda: Ohh we don’t know that until we look.
[How short is Amanda’s hair again suddenly! this whole situation really is hair-raising huh?!!Winking smile ]
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001006806Lee: Gut instinct!  When you’ve been doing what I’ve been doing after a number of years you develop this kind of intuition.
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001012412Amanda: Yeah, that’s like mother’s intuition or women’s intuition.
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001015348Lee: well maybe intuition isn’t quite the right word.
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001019085Amanda: Oh yes, that’s a good word.
[Lee at this point of this conversation, while frustrated at no progress on saving tripod, is not angry with Amanda.. He has a quiet smile to himself here.. What do you think he is thinking? My guess? he is thinking: Ahh Amanda.. spying is nothing like having mother’s intuition! You are such a beginner! A very sweet and naive beginner.. but you have lots to learn.. ]
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001022022Lee: what I’m trying to say is: Amanda, I have more experience than you right? [he’s searching for the right words, but still calm.. ] Amanda: Well, you have more experience in certain areas and I have more experience in (..other areas)
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001030030Lee: -I’m talking about being an agent!!
[Like: Isn’t it obvious??!! I’m better at this than you are!! Okay! He just cut off Amanda.. here comes cranky Lee.. I think he wants to put Amanda in her place here – he is the experienced agent.. and her judgement is not as valuable as his.]
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001031631
Lee really doesn’t see how out of line he is here!
I think again we see Lee not valuing what Amanda contributes- and Amanda by pointing out they both have experience in different things – has inadvertently set off Lee’s temper. I don’t think she doubts Lee’s superior experience, she just points out she has something to contribute too! Poor Amanda!!! He is really awful to her here!!
Amanda sees she has hit a nerve..and responds simply: Oh.
Lee has an axe to grind though.. he isn’t going to let this go..
Lee: I’m talking about years! [what do you want? Amanda to give you a flippin medal?!].. of training.. honing my instincts.. [aren’t I clever, and you are not..]
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001035635
Amanda still very quietly again simply responds: oh.
I think at this stage she has decided this isn’t going to work for her anymore!  Think Lee is finished?? nope!!
Lee: I’m talking about the fact that you’re not 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001039372listening to me! You’re not picking up on what I’m saying to you! ( yes Lee talk to her like she is stupid!! )
Amanda: what are you saying to me ( Great question Amanda!)
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001042842

Lee: You should have never taken that courier assignment.
Amanda: Mr Melrose 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001044177asked me to do it it.
Lee: yes but if you were listening closely to me, I was asking you not to.

2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001049249Baffled Amanda: you were?
Lee: Yes!! And that is the difference between a pro 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001051651and non-pro. Being able to pick up on the subtle nuances.
[his anger kicks up a gear here!! He holds out his hand here like he is listing off why Amanda is a non-pro!!! and me thinks Lee wants it to stay that way.. no way buddy! ] 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001054854
[Amanda’s anger has finally kicked in at that..and any pretence Lee was trying to maintain that this was not a 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001058858serious conversation has vanished! ] Lee continues: Now, in my estimation,  the courier 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001061261assignment should have been taken by somebody with mid-level clearance. [ Ouuuuuuucccchhhh!!!!!]
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001062062
And at that, Lee leaves Amanda and heads into the elevator – still on his way to check her laundry – (she’s not forcing you to Lee, you think it’s a dumb idea? don’t do it!) Amanda’s patience with Lee is really wearing thin here.. Lee is just unbelievable!
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001064464

Lee seems to want to make it clear to Amanda how experienced he is, and she isn’t. That she should not have taken the courier job, but instead read his mind and bowed to his superior judgement! [So Amanda is not a pro, and can’t pick up on subtle nuances that tell her that she isn’t a pro? LOL!! Isn’t that like telling a deaf person they weren’t listening to a word you were saying??!!  So then why is Lee cranky she didn’t pick up on the nuances? He should have expected it! She isn’t a pro! He isn’t making any sense!]

I think Lee is rewriting that scene in his own mind! his signals not to take the job were so subtle, Lee himself didn’t recognise them by the end of that scene Winking smile He didn’t want Amanda to do the job, that was his gut instinct at the time – but it was based on being over protective of Amanda.. and there was no basis for it – and IMO he seemed to have relaxed about it by the end of the scene.

It wasn’t until the stakes were raised, and the purse snatcher appeared that it was suddenly a case of Lee being confirmed right! Outrageous! It was a purse snatcher who took her purse! Not the KGB, Amanda didn’t do anything wrong! But not in Lee’s eyes- now things have gone wrong he thinks he is justified in being angry she didn’t do what his instinct told him was best.

Amanda never questioned his superior experience at the agency – but Amanda did something that Lee didn’t have any control over.. uh oh!! that is not ok!! Man.. does Lee have issues! He wants her to listen to him over Billy – but he refuses to acknowledge her as his partner!

I think this is Lee, yet again, blaming Amanda for things that are outside of her control – because they were outside of Lee’s control too! And this begins to have a Bullying vibe to me!(IMHO again-just like Artful Dodger!!!)

It was Billy’s decision not Amanda’s! Lee should be saying this to his boss-if anyone! Not to Amanda- who has no say in what happens.. she can’t say no to the boss, when he tells her she is ready to progress! And if she could – she doesn’t have to!! She can make her own choices! She doesn’t have to just do it because Lee says so!  argh!!

How ironic that Lee is actually in really bad temper when he talks about subtle nuances.. Lee! (Mr Patience and Control??!!)- I think Amanda is picking up on your not so subtle nuances right now !!!! and, in my estimation, you are being a total prat! (he thinks he is so right, and experienced and seeing the situation more clearly than Billy did.. cha! right! When it comes to Amanda, he is not objective!!)

What another lovely drive it would have been to Amanda’s house to check out the laundry..I am sure they took separate cars!!

How are you going?? hanging in there?? it is not easy to watch Lee being so awful!.. and Amanda being hurt..but it will all be worth it!! Time for Lee and Amanda to have it out! whoo hoo!!

I’ll be back with the big fight soon! Smile

Please share with us any of your thoughts you’d like to!! I’d love to hear from you!! byeeee..

12 responses to “4/11 Season Two, Episode 6: Brunettes Are In-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Coming in after being away for a week and reading all these comments. The one line that keeps pooping into my head is the “Talk” that Lee often gives Amanda about it not being personal, but only professional. He insists that they don’t have a personal relationship, that their relating is only professional and yet Lee’s reactions here to their professional situation are very tinged by personal reactions. I know that confuses Amanda because I think she tries to take him at his word that their interaction is only professional and that is actually what she is asking for, recognition as a partner. But Lee’s reactions here are not purely professional, they are tinged by personal relational reactions whether he knows it or not.


  2. Everyone has covered this part so well I don’t have much to add BUT I love Amanda’s stance halfway through the conversation. She has one hand tucked in her pocket the other one by her side. Sort of suggests she gearing up to confront him. Hands in pockets with arms bent does seem a fairly strong pose to me but she’s only doing it with half her body, maybe not about to fully square up to him but she’s getting there.
    I really don’t see the point of his conversation other than to kick a dog when he’s down. Amanda and her very nature would feel semi responsible for the microdot being snatched (even though its not her fault) and Lee is just trying to misdirect frustration and unresolved feelings about her career and safety onto her. Bullying definitely, trying to stamp his superiority over her. Bad form Lee, very bad form 😦


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  4. Aww, Lee. She’s breaking through your emotional barriers 10 times faster than you can rebuild them, isn’t she? That’s the real problem here.

    I love this argument too! 😀 I thin that he’s so angry because he’s in the unconscious early stages of falling in love with her and is fighting it as hard as he can. Every time she’s in danger or trouble it terrifies him because it could mean losing somebody else he cares about. Easier to push her away and go back to his superficial lifestyle where he doesn’t have to feel anything.

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    • Yeah, exactly! 🙂 But would it be possible for him to get back to this? I think he already can’t without her anymore even if he won’t admit it yet…


      • Hello! I hope you are all well!

        Awh you guys are fabulous! thanks for making it so clear that you are not making excuses for Lee’s bad behaviour! 😉 I hear ya! [Though people can make excuses for him if they like actually – I would just disagree with them that’s all 🙂 and that’s cool!]
        Yes, there are understandable reasons why Lee behaves the way he does.

        I remember over on yuku forum for this episode-a few years ago now I think- Pallina wrote a really great ( IMHO) run down of Lee’s upbringing and how it contributes to the way he reacts to things in this episode.. Pallina if you are out there – I loved hearing your thoughts..
        I’m not going back into that yuku post to read though till after I’ve finished writing this episode (so my thoughts are my own!).. so I can’t give you the link.. maybe I’ll get back to this!

        Paula, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts – there is lots I’d love to say in response but my thoughts are coming up in the future posts (hope you’ll give me some feedback on what you think! :))..
        It’s the tyranny of breaking up an episode into a number of posts isn’t it!! Ugh! I wish I could discuss the show in one go- but then you’d only get a post from me once a fortnight, and it would take a week to read it haaaa!! 🙂

        So I hope you won’t mind if I hold off responding to your comments in detail – others are welcome to of course- please!! go for it!! I don’t want to bore you and repeat my thoughts – which you read in the postings – but I just wanted you to know I loved hearing your insights!! Please keep them coming!! 🙂 Your comments on Lee being a hero really resonated with me – I love that Lee is not perfect also.. this is true courage isn’t it- facing our own faults and learning and growing.. I think it takes Lee great courage to work through what he needs to in this episode!

        Did you know Artful Dodger and Brunettes are In have the same director?! (and he didn’t do that many) It’s so funny how I Loathe one.. and Love the other!

        HI Debilyn! Yeah.. you bring up an interesting idea that is at play in all this – Lee’s identity as the top agent! And -Yeah!.. his attraction to Amanda is also at play.. there’s lots going on at once – isn’t it fabulous? !! I love that!! 🙂

        I was thinking yesterday about how Amanda knows the real Lee – and that not many people do.. I was thinking yesterday that is one reason why Leslie freaks out Amanda in Over the Limit – Lee tells Amanda Leslie is in the diplomatic business so she can know what he does for a living.. and isn’t it great?! Up to that point, as we see in We’re off to see the wizard, the women Lee dated all thought he did other jobs… astronaut was one wasn’t it? I can’t remember exactly now! but.. he wasn’t being himself- it was another mask he wore to protect himself.. and with Amanda he doesn’t have that protection – terrifying!!! but.. he is actually in safe hands with Amanda! 🙂 Ohhh I am roaming into romantic progression here aren’t I?! but.. it is all connected – this idea of people knowing the real Lee… and already at this stage, Amanda knows him pretty darn well! I agree with you Debilyn, not many of Lee’s ladies knew the real Lee!

        Lee’s line: Oh Amanda, you make me crazy. – I LOVE that line!!! says it all doesn’t it!!!! 🙂

        Debilyn, I really like your idea of Amanda coming out of the ‘honeymoon’ period in terms of her work with the agency! That is a fantastic way to put it! She has fleetingly seemed a bit disenchanted with the way the agency operates ( forgetting the little people in fearless dotty) – but she has never been disenchanted with Lee.. until this episode!

        Ah yeah! Debilyn regarding the hot mama t-shirt – you are soo right! There is an emotion Lee feels- which he really really does not want to have to deal with right now with everything else that is going on! I will share a few thoughts on this in upcoming posts – but good call!!! I love the hot mama t-shirt.. and alone that moment cracks me up! but.. when I am working through the episode, and feeling the emotions of the moment.. I am too sad for Amanda and too cranky with Lee to laugh at him like he deserves- it was a brilliant idea that tshirt! 🙂

        You guys are awesome!! I love how you all express things so differently, and so wonderfully! Anna.. I loved your insight that Amanda is breaking down Lee’s barriers 10 times faster than he can rebuild them – genius!!!

        Not everyone likes this argument – which is cool! – but I am enjoying hearing from others who enjoy it as much as I do!! 🙂
        Anne said: Easier to push her away and go back to his superficial lifestyle where he doesn’t feel anything.
        Awh!!! I love that!! he pushes Amanda away with one hand, but holds on to her with the other.. Lee has to go through this to move forward towards mature relationships huh.. and isn’t it wonderful to watch him stepping up and finding his courage in relationships! 🙂
        Charley, that is a great question – would Lee be able to go back to superficial relationships after this? what do you all think?
        For me, I think at this point he could..(though he’d be the worse off for it!) this is the point where he is going to either retreat[which he actually does here temporarily by storming out], or he steps up [ which he does! He comes back to try and resolve things!].. so at this point in the episode-I’d say yeah he could go back to his lonely, but safe life wearing his mask.. but by the end of the episode – I think he has progressed to the point where he can’t go back – he has chosen to step up!! 🙂

        There is a moment in Spiderweb where I thought – man! Lee would be destroyed if it turned out Amanda was a double agent!!! That is a moment where this really struck me.. but we’ll get to that very soon!

        While I’m working through season 2 with you all, I’m aware that some weird things were done with the episode order of season 2.. I’ll be interested in hearing your thoughts as we move through – but the start of the next episode – Our man in Tegernsee is a rude shock after all the progress we see in this ep… and I think it is because the episodes are all out of order.. I think production wise, Brunettes was suppose to be much later in the season.. but we’ll get back to that as we keep working through the airing order.. – still as always I am really interested to hear your thoughts on that guys!

        Whoa.. this response is a post in itself! sorry!!! eek! You must be sick of reading my thoughts! LOL!

        I should let you know, at the moment , I am furiously trying to compile my posts in advance as I am going to be away from my computer for a bit over a week – I am aiming to schedule the posts to keep coming every few days.. I will continue to moderate the site, and enjoying reading the comments – but I won’t be able to respond at length – so please discuss away with each other – and I’ll be reading.. and will respond when I get back 🙂 I’ll remind you guys just before I head off! Ok bye for now!


      • I would agree that Lee could get back to his superficial relationships at this point but I can’t imagine he could break up totally with Amanda. I mean, if she would turn in her resignation that would mean both wouldn’t ever see each other again. Would he really want this? I just have this picture in my head: A rainy evening, Amanda inside her warm house, cuddling and laughing with her two boys, a hearty family life and outside, somewhere hidden by shadows and bushes stands Lee looking through the window while the raindrops roll down his face… ah… *sigh* 🙂
        I mean, I don’t need to talk just about love here, because beside their attraction to each other there’s a kind of friendship between them. I say “kind of” because it’s more from Amanda’s side than from his. She’s truely caring about him, isn’t she? As we later get to know he lost his parents early, was raised by his uncle on military bases. Maybe he has never experienced something like true love and caring for somebody before he met Amanda. Maybe the lone wolf Lee is fear of being touched more than superficial… the invincible Scarecrow is vulnerable… As Anne said: She’s breaking down his emotional barriers! 🙂
        No doubt that with meeting Amanda there was a change in his life and we see the struggle he has with accepting this. It was clear that this would finally lead to a point of no return where he’s forced to make a decision. Amanda is forcing this in the next scene you already postet! She’s ready to make an own decision but gives him the burden of the final “yes” or “no”… Lee storming out of the house like this reminds me so much of the behaviour of a little angry boy… and yet… he comes back! *yehaaa* Great to see that Amanda was hoping for him to return before the bad guys came! 🙂 Could be interesting to think how it would have been if they hadn’t come to kidnap her… Oh I love this episode… even more now when I follow it bit by bit… 🙂 I see you already posted the next part, so I’ll shut up and enjoy reading it now 😉

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    • I totally agree Anne! Lee is completely drawn to Amanda which terrifies him even if he doesn’t consciously acknowledge how much he cares. It is easier to push her away than deal with the ramifications and yet he can’t really let her go.

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    • I also come back to when he said “I’m not hiring any more friends — I can’t handle the guilt” on Filming Raul. I think the more she is in danger the more it gets to him because even if Billy did the official hiring, Lee is the one who gave her that parcel at the train.

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  5. I’m not arguing Lee is acting like a jerk here, but I always viewed this episode with a peculiar fascination, even as a teen. Lee’s the hero, and we see him make great overtures toward protecting and rescuing Amanda thus far, but every so often, we revisit his basic dismissal of her as a functional equal. This episode shows us a little less about Lee (as we’ve seen, he has his ‘Artful Dodger-esque’ streak), but more about Amanda and her growth. She sees herself as Lee’s partner, and she’s going to issue an ultimatum shortly.

    I originally sat on the edge of my seat with this episode to see which side of the fence Lee would land. His wish seemed to be to unload her once and for all. He couldn’t succeed. That would mean the end of the series. But how would they reconcile this? Afterward, I paid very close attention to how he interacted with Amanda from then on, because I would have found it disappointing and irritating from a story arc perspective had Lee ever reverted fully to that dismissive behavior again. I do believe he was much more careful not to risk driving her away like that.

    As opposed to others’ impressions, I never felt particularly angry with Lee and his behavior. As I said, he has demonstrated a fair amount of condescension toward civilians in general and Amanda in particular from the beginning. He’s a deeply flawed hero, and I genuinely like that about him. I just enjoy seeing how Amanda develops enough to address this particular flaw and deal with it directly. Lee, for all his good looks, fine character, idealism, heroics, charm, will never be an easy man. I admire the character of Amanda for her forebearance and patience, and for her intuitive understanding of when to recede and absorb this man’s antics and when to push him to get over himself and behave like a true friend.

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  6. When I first saw this episode I just thought “Why is he behaving that way? and “How can he be so mean to her?” (also in a later scene) and tried to find excuses for it… yet I didn’t find any… No matter what, that’s not a way to tread our Amanda that way! He deserve’s a bit more than “just” a giant “Hey Peach Puff, get over yourself” 😀

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  7. Yep, it’s another difficult episode to watch, but I find it easier than Artful Dodger. I think the difference is here Amanda gets angry at him and (spoiler alert!) walks rather than takes the abuse in a simpering way (yes, Lee you’re the best, Lee!). Lee was totally out of line and I think his behaviour deserves a giant “Hey PEACH PUFF! Get over yourself!”

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