7/10 Season Two, Episode 7: Our Man in Tegernsee-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee, Amanda and Harry zoom to Mueller’s place.. 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001510844Mueller  sees the car driving up and seems to intuitively know this car means business!
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001511845What about this yells: I should run for it- now!!?? ( it must be the way Lee drives?!).. aaaand it’s car chase time..

After a scenic car chase through some lovely countryside.. Mueller’s car comes to a dead end, he gets out and hides in a barn. Lee and Dirty Harry go searching. Amanda waits in the car 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001585919without being asked!!! (that kind of confirms for me a theory I had about why Amanda never stays –  she is worried about Lee being on his own without back up a lot of the time.. and this time- he has Harry)
Man Lee is lookin good!!!
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001623456

Mueller sneaks up on Lee and lines up his aim, readying himself to shoot Lee..
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001659492
he goes to surprise Lee with a bullet in the back but Harry shoots him…
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001659993 a couple of times..
Amanda in a panic gets out of the car to see who’s been shot.. Harry has made sure Mueller is dead and can’t talk huh. Setting up things so Lee still trusts Harry or at least we are lead to believe he does.. (the baddies were going to kill off this liability anyway.. so Harry killed not only Mueller but two birds with one stone!Winking smile )  Harry makes a big show of being mad he didn’t just injure him.. uhhhhh huuuuuuuuhhhh.. yeah right..
Harry: His arm! that’s what I was going for, his arm!
Lee: at least we got the right guy.
Harry: yeah but our only lead!
[ I don’t think that is what Lee is thinking.. Harry is another lead! Winking smile ] Lee pulls some American 20s out of Mueller’s pocket – why 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001690023was he still carrying them around? after the baddie told him off and threatened him? Hmm..
Harry: I guess you were right pal. Hell.. I know you were right, I’ve been spending too much time in that schnapps bottle ( ‘in’ Harry? what are you a genie? Winking smile )
Amanda arrives: is he? Lee nods..
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001701034Harry: yeah! dead eyed dick here (pointing to himself) took real good care of him!  [did Harry just say ‘dead eyed Dick”?.. that’s so funny.. when does Tom come into things Harry?  rofl!!!]
Lee cuts him off: Harry! will you stop beating your chest about it.
Harry: but I was only trying to wing him. I should have been able to do that blind folded
[Aie! I think he is labouring the point that he shouldn’t have killed him – and that he has been lost in Schnapps.. enough already!]… the agency knew what they were doing when they sent me up here. I’ve lost it. ( booooo hoooo)
Amanda: Harry,
Harry: If I ever had it!
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001718551Amanda: Harry! You saved Lee’s life
[ she could see that from the car could she?? hmmm???]  hmm interesting… Lee didn’t point it out or thank him – well, there you go, it isn’t only with Amanda that he 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001719052does that! hehehehe.. I think Amanda is offering encouragement to Harry so he can find himself again as an agent – I am thinking Amanda doesn’t suspect Harry is Dirty.. I dont’ want Amanda to encourage him!! Winking smile ]
Harry: I also didn’t hit what I was aiming at. Now he was our only lead!
[Ok I am officially over Harry and all his whining.. punch him now Lee.. please.. ]

Ahhh saved from Harry’s whining.. along comes Volkenauer! His timing is 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001755088impecable! This time finding them with a dead body.. Soooo how did Volkenauer know where they were? and.. how did he get there so fast? Winking smile

Teeee heeee! So how are you guys going to explain this? I think Lee’s line about going back to the slammer is a cheap shot.. to ramp up the drama before the commercial break! they were never going to go back to jail.. and Lee doesn’t need to come up with an explanation..
Though I do love how Amanda passes the buck here: I know how this must look but there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. Tell him Lee!
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001757090

Aaaaaand this is where we get the commercial break.. well the possibility of them all going to jail made me come back for more! I was so scared!!! Not!! It doesn’t really work when watching on dvd.. I am sure it played great on commercial television..now it just makes Lee look like a dill Winking smile
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001765098

We see more beautiful aerial shots.. this time.. Is this is Bad Tolz?? ( the script mentions it) or Tegernsee? the church looks different..  – wherever it is: it’s gorgeous!!

So, looks like the gang are back in Tegernsee, and it seems Lee told the police who they were.. and Lee is cranky this makes the agency look like ‘ a bunch of yoyo’s’.. Lee complains that he has no official capacity to work in Germany and Volkenauer might still throw the book at him. ( Hmm so how does this work with Harry? the spy who is officially stationed in Tegernsee??? He was the one who actually killed Mueller!- Also, for what reason Tegernsee would need a full time spy of it’s own to cover it I don’t know! Winking smile )
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001788121
Whooo Amanda says it is all her fault that this could become 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001802135an international incident, she laments that she didn’t check the notes properly..


2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001808641



Knock me over with a feather – Lee reassures her that no one reads money! This is not her fault and no one would have noticed!! wow!!!!

Harry: cheer up Amanda we might all get thrown out of the country. That would get you home. [Hmm maybe this is what Harry hopes for- that way they are no longer snooping around..]
Amanda (without hesitation): Ohh no I don’t want to go home. I mean I don’t want to go home that way. Not if Lee’s disgraced.
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001825525 It’s just not fair.
Watch Lee in this scene.. he is genuinely touched by Amanda’s concern for his reputation here.. awh!!! though.. he quickly tries to cover it up with a world weary one liner Winking smile
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001829162
Lee (quietly): hey.
Amanda: hmmm.
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001831164
Lee: who ever promised you fair?
Amanda: nobody, I just keep on expecting it!
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001834167

I really like this moment between Lee and Amanda here.. Lee is very touched by Amanda’s concern for him – she didn’t for a moment consider going home and disgracing Lee.. awh!! And he knows how much she wants to go home! Smile I love to watch Lee struggle to contain his emotions here.. he even puts his hands behind his back – it looks like he is stopping himself from reaching out to touch her! Smile Meanwhile, his buddy doesn’t care if Lee leaves the country disgraced.. There is no better friend than Amanda! Smile

2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001844177Harry suggests they no longer have any leads ( ie. go home! ) but.. Lee is not ready to give up.. he suggests going after known associates ( hmm that would be Harry? tee hee) – Harry isn’t 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001846179happy with this suggestion. Amanda points out Volkenauer is going to be mad if they keep snooping  but.. Lee thinks they have nothing to lose – Volkenauer’s already mad! Smile and if he is mad then he isn’t flirting with Amanda 😉 tee heee.. No wonder Lee isn’t feeling threatened! ha!!
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001852686
Lee: that’s American money they’re cranking out, and I want those plates! [ Oh my.. determined Lee! swoon!! it seems Amanda’s concern for his reputation has emboldened him!!!! Smile ]

2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001856690Harry is suddenly excited  again ( yep time to change tactics they’re not going home..I can’t stand this guy!) Harry suggests Mueller the milkman’s contacts were probably locals in Tegernsee 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001863196or Bad Tolz.. Amanda asks how are they going to find out who they are..
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001866199and Lee says the old fashioned way- they ask questions. Aie..what a novel idea!!  Now that is clunky dialogue!
Harry suggests he ask questions in Tegernsee – and Lee and Amanda will head to the other side of the lake from Tegernsee: to Bad Tolz  – ( whooooo) – where they will ask Questions!!!! Very technical!! Winking smile tee heee..
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001877711
Harry leaves all excited.. yeah excited that he has been left alone by Lee and Amanda- they will be away from Tegernsee and he will have time to meet with the baddies. Amanda starts raving to Lee about what a changed man Harry is.. and much improved…(It’s hard to watch Amanda be so positive about Harry! Awh!! 😦 ) Lee isn’t so gushing and just wants to get on with the investigation..
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001892625

Next thing we see Harry in close up saying: we have to kill him! 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001898131( to the baddies..) duh duh duuuuuhhhhhhh!!!!  love to quick edit here from Harry’s one of the best again! to ‘ we have to kill him!’

I shall finish up here for the moment.. any thoughts? comments? questions? likes? dislikes? about this post- I would love to hear from you!!!! byeee and thanks for stopping by! Back with more soon!

7 responses to “7/10 Season Two, Episode 7: Our Man in Tegernsee-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. At the beginning of this scene, I think Harry tells Lee to “slow down” because Mueller’s house is just around the corner. But to me it’s like he goes even faster!

    I’m just saying that Lee looks amazing throughout this scene. So, so handsome. And when he starts talking to Amanda in that soothing voice of his, I am a goner.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I remember when I saw this for the first time & I was totally shocked that Harry was the bad guy! I wouldn’t have made a very good spy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I found it hard to believe that Lee didn’t realise his friend had the capability to become a baddie. Maybe I have too much faith in Lee 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • ScarecrowsAngel

      Me too, partly because I had no idea what was going on when I watched the ep for the first time. I thought he was just bored and a bit depressed and drinking too much as a result. Good thing I never tried to make it as a detective or an agent… I would have gone under!


      Liked by 1 person

  3. You know how people who are trying to hide something can take it too far. That’s Harry. By trying to convince Lee and Amanda that he’s all washed up he inevitably goes too far. If you’re gonna lie you have to be careful not to over egg the pudding 😉
    Notice Lee with his hands behind his back, a confident stance, quite the contrast to Harry, skulking next to him hiding his hands in his pocket. Something to hide Harry?
    Agree the dialogue is clunky about asking questions, so much for super spy Harry he can remember how to find other leads…..
    And we end with Lee and his hands in his pocket, hiding what he really thinks about Harry I suspect.


  4. I so agree about Harry’s whining. It goes on way too long and is way too pathetic. Time to shoot him and put him out of his misery.

    On the other hand, I love Volkenauer. He just makes me smile every time he appears on the screen. His earlier line about having breakfast: “With devastating effect” gets me laughing every time. and his cropping up at all the wrong moments is nice comic relief, plus of course it’s supposed to divert our theories to thinking that Volkenauer could be the bad guy, right?


    • Good morning Raffie! I wish i could remember the first time I saw this episode.. I wonder if I thought Harry’s whining was going on too long before I knew he was Dirty Harry? I might not have.. I do remember enjoying Volkenauer and finishing the episode with the wish that he would stop by washington some time to catch up!! 🙂 and maybe try and traditional american meal.. ahem..

      What did you think of his accent Raffie? I was very distracted by it.. especially in the ‘ with devastating effect’ scene – I thought he sounded south african!

      None of the German readers have a problem with his accent? I’d love to hear your thoughts sometime 🙂 !!

      Volkenauer the bad guy? again Raffie, I wish I could remember if I ever considered him a bad guy! I have no memory of this.. I think maybe I was thinking that he was completely in the dark.. he knew something was going on – but he couldn’t figure it out! Yes it is funny the way he keeps popping up – with devastating effect!! 😉 haaaa!


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