8/10 Season Two, Episode 7: Our Man in Tegernsee-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Duh duh duuuhhhhh!!!!!! We pick up the episode with Harry’s reveal: he is indeed Dirty!! 🙂
Dirty Harry:
We have to kill him!
(ie. Lee)
Okay- I really don’t like this guy!!!
Is it my imagination or does Harry suddenly have a bit of a southern accent when talking to the baddies?!
Turns out, Harry approached the baddies and made them an offer- for $$  he would keep the authorities from finding them out.. but with Lee getting closer now Harry is saying he needs help with killing Lee..
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001909642
No wonder the baddies are mad at Harry! He insinuates himself into their operation, then asks them for their help to fix a problem he is being paid to fix? I have no sympathy for ya Harry..
Harry: Are you going to stand around insulting me 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001930663Portillo or do you want to know what kind of trouble we’re in? Now scarecrow is the best operative I’ve ever worked with! He is tough and he is smart, and this tap dance I’ve been doing is wearing real thin [I agree!! I love that he says this!! Smile Haaa!]

2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001961695Portillo the baddie from Paraguay: I’d say you disappoint me Harry, but that would imply respect. [ Now that right there is Shakespeare!!! Winking smile LOL… Portillo is disgusted at all the greedy men he has to deal with.. hey you want to sell counterfeit $$ to fund your neo nazis in Paraguay? you’ve got to expect to deal with some greedy people with no scruples! boooo hoooo ]
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001964197
Harry: well you’ll excuse me if I don’t lose any sleep over what some neo-nazi thinks of me. [-but does he lose sleep over what Lee or Amanda thinks of him? what do you think? I’m leaning towards: no! He especially doesn’t care what a neo-nazi with a pretty floral handkerchief in his lapel pocket thinks! tee heee.. ] Harry doesn’t share in Portillo’s facist beliefs.. he’s just greedy.. uh oh.. he wants Lee taken out..
Portillo: and what about the woman?
Harry: I’ll take care of her.
[what does that mean?? was he actually going to take care of her?? (maintain his cover and help her out of the country after Lee’s death?)  or take care of her?? ( kill her??? ) eek!! I don’t remember.. ] believe it or not Portillo, I have a plan.
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001988722

We see Lee and Amanda returning to Tegernsee to meet up again with Harry where they last went their separate ways an hour ago.. [ For those of you who 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001807040enjoy this kind of thing.. check out the town clock in Tegernsee! They said bye to Harry at 1215pm.. and now they are returning to meet Harry at their planned 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002005238reunion one hour later? they park in front of the clock, and it’s 1205pm Winking smile ahhh these things crack me up! Lee and Amanda must have asked some magical questions in Bad Tolz!!]

Lee walks around and opens Amanda’s door for her!!! Does he usually do that? He even offers her a hand to help her out of the car! Does the man not realise that he is subconsciously wooing this lady?!!!! Winking smile
Amanda: I bet there’s a telephone around here somewhere.
Lee: yeah there probably is.
Amanda: well we have a few minutes.
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002017250
Lee: for what?
Amanda: well I’d like to call my mother, the connection last night from Harry’s house was terrible, I don’t think she understood a word I said.
Lee: why don’t you count yourself lucky, forget about it.
Amanda: Lee, I cannot just forget about it. I want my mother to 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002022756know that I was arrested.
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002026760
Now I know you may not agree with me..
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002027260
Lee: No.
Amanda: but it could have happened to anybody and I don’t want her to think that I’m over here just having a high heeled good time.
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002034267
Lee: Haa..what’s wrong with that?
Amanda: It’s not the truth
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002035769
Lee: the tru-.. Amanda the truth,
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002036770
sometimes it’s.. it’s highly overrated you know that!
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002040273
Amanda: Now I know you don’t mean that  [man this line is hard to hear!!! Thank heavens for access to the script and the official dvds!!!! I think there are a few mumbled lines in this episode..]
Lee: Do you want her to worry? [Lee tries a new tactic! Winking smile She was right.. he didn’t mean that! Winking smile ]
Amanda: No of course not.
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002043276
Lee: are the kids alright?
Amanda: yes they’re fine
  [Amanda is cranky with Lee for trying this tactic IMHO! She starts walking..]
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002045845
Lee: well..
Amanda: Well?
Lee: So?!
[This line always felt very random to me.. checking the script I think adds credence to my suspicions – that this is BB not knowing the next line and filling in till he can remember it!! This so/ so what exchange is non existent in the script.. and is not typical.. but they do a great job of keeping the scene moving don’t they!! ]
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002048782
Amanda: So what..
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002051785
Lee: So what?
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002054287Look, you’re a good mother, you love your family, you’re a responsible person.  [Love how he says this so fast!!! ]
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002058291
Amanda:  Leeee
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002059292
Lee: what?
Amanda: well that’s really very sweet.
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002063296
Lee: yeah, in certain areas that is……
cuts in : but that was very underhanded.  [whahahhhaaaaa!!!]
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002067300
[This last line is not in the script – I wonder if it was an ad-lib – I LOVE it!!!! It’s funny!! and.. It rescues Amanda from being a sucker.. and portrays Amanda as Lee’s equal! Smile Which I always love to see!! Smile] You see Lee’s expression change when she said that? he thought he had her.. haaa!!!
Harry interrupts them by calling out to them from across the street: Lee!
Drat Harry for interrupting them!! He really is EVIL!!!! Winking smile Dirty Harry  tells them about his lead.. and he doesn’t even ask about their lead.. so Lee just tells him.. you can see Lee and Amanda find his behaviour strange here..

When Harry says : I have got a terrific lead.
Lee replies: so have I. [while Amanda is signaling that together they have a lead not ‘I’!]
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002076309
Lee is acknowledging Amanda is a good responsible mother.. but the acknowledgement of her work? Isn’t quite there yet! Small steps forward! 😉
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002076810
Poor Amanda.. this is soooo typical early Lee.. Amanda is not his partner, this is not her case it is his..She IS the case!  and it is His lead.. pha!  Come on Lee.. have you forgotten that Brunettes are in!!Winking smile

Lee explains that Mueller has been seen frequently visiting with Karl Portillo from Paraguay at his chalet in Tegernsee.. there’s a lead!! but.. Harry is of course not interested in pursuing this lead just yet ( raising suspicions! come on Harry- everyone knows there 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002087821is a large neo-nazi movement in Paraguay! –or at least Lee knows.. he knows everything!! plates are of Nazi origin? join the dots Harry!!  ) Harry instead wants to pursue his lead: Mueller’s cousin runs a sawmill on the outskirts of munich [ yeah.. a nice secluded location.. uhh huuhh.. Harry’s lead is pathetic.. Mueller has been spending lots of time with his cousin? ohhh that is sooo suspicious!! Much more suspicious than neo-nazis!!! Winking smile]
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002091825

Lee goes very quiet..I don’t think I thought Lee was suspicious here the first time I saw this.. but it is clear both he and Amanda are confused by Harry’s behaviour here.. but.. now I know Harry is dirty and when Lee began to suspect Harry (from previous viewings) – it appears Lee acquiesces very quickly to following Harry’s lame lead rather than their very promising lead.. too quickly! Winking smile Do you think Amanda is suspicious? I’m not sure..2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002138872

Anyway, Lee calmly says he just wants to check in with Billy – 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002152385convincing Lee!! I imagine this is where he calls for help.. only we don’t know it yet.. Tell Billy you’ve got a good lead but fill in the details later? Oh Harry – that does scream I’m a baddie! Don’t tell Billy you are following my lead straight into my trap!! Winking smile Amanda.. is still looking confused!
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002154387
Amanda to Harry: you really think we could have this whole thing wrapped up in one day?
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002158391
Harry: There’s not a doubt in my mind.

[GRRR!!! You wait Harry! Lee is going to sock you one!! This sure is personal!!]
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_002159893At this, Amanda shrugs.. and smiles.. pushing aside her concerns I guess..

Well I shall leave it there for now..

As always I’d love to hear any feedback, questions, thoughts, insights anything!! Any suggestions for my blog? or the posts? I’m always open to hearing ideas..
I’m just another smk fan looking for other smk fans to enjoy the show with – so feel free to comment and share your own ideas or just say hello Smile byeee for now!!

11 responses to “8/10 Season Two, Episode 7: Our Man in Tegernsee-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I still have no idea how telling Amanda she was responsible person was going to want to stop her telling her mother she was arrested LOL
    Still it’s rather cute that he’s complimenting her, even if it is to slightly manipulate her 😉 Go Amanda, call him out on it 😉
    Love Amanda’s disbelief at Harry’s confidence at wrapping up the case in one day, if that don’t ring your alarm bells nothing will!
    Lee already suspected Harry by this point, why else would you waste your time on a sawmill…..


  2. Okay, just watched this last night and have a question. What was Lee referring to when he said, “in certain areas?” Was he saying Amanda was responsible in certain areas, and she just interrupted his sentence? Or was he saying that he was being sweet in certain areas? hmmm…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Debilyn, I thought Lee was just reducing the compliment he just paid to Amanda – because it was very sweet..?? too sweet?? because he didn’t want to compliment her too much – why? I thought two things: 1- he wasn’t comfortable with complimenting her at that point about such a personal thing and/or 2- he thought he might have oversold the compliment and she might see through his ruse to get her not to call home..
      Which Amanda does! ‘ That was really underhanded!’ – he is soooo busted!! but.. at the same time.. Amanda is quite touched! and there is probably truth in what he said.. That’s my take on it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks. When I notice these random things, I do have to ponder them a bit.


      • I confess I couldn’t make head nor tail of this conversation – your suggestion that BB might have dropped or forgotten a line makes sense to me. I wonder if they were just hemming and hawing, waiting for the director to yell “Cut!” so they could start again, but the director just let it roll.

        Anybody else notice the two older ladies in long coats coming and going in the background?

        Liked by 1 person

  3. You’re right about the Southern accent, Iwsod, although I’ve never been able to place it which makes me wonder if the actor was faking the accent. Although no real point in doing that I suppose … doesn’t sound mid-Atlantic or deep south (like Kate’s lovely drawl that sneaks out) …maybe Arkansas? I love accents and placing where they’re from, so this guy’s has always bugged me! Does Australia have lots of different regional accents too? I would suspect so! I’m impressed that you can pick out an American Southern accent … all Australian accents sound pretty much the same to me :-/

    PS I’m especially fond of BB’s midwestern accent, subtle but music to the ears of a native and occasionally homesick midwesterner! I remember appreciating hearing it back when the series originally aired, because ’83 was the year I moved from Ohio to NY. But I digress 😉


    • Hello Raffie!!! Great to hear from you !! Ohh good I wasn’t imagining it?

      No one so far has found Volkenauer’s accent sounds more south african than german in a few of the scenes I mentioned! I thought German readers would be all over his accent since the actor isn’t even German! 🙂 I find it very difficult to listen to actors from other countries do an Australian accent – I keep on hoping but they can’t pull it off!!! The best I’ve heard is Meryl streep.. but well she is brilliant isn’t she!

      Thanks for the compliments Raffie! but.. I am only able to identify in general terms an american accent – I couldn’t tell you if one is midwestern – because to me it is not as distinctive ( and concentrating on BB’s accent? Raffie Kudos to you!!! When I concentrate on THAT dreamy voice?? I fall off my chair!!! 😉 ) I can detect maybe a new england kind of bostonian accent – because they say some words the same way Australians do – a typical NY accent, a southern accent.. but not exactly where in south – I enjoy listening for the differences but I don’t really know much at all!! So I appreciate your filling me in a little on Harry’s accent. It doesn’t make sense that Harry would be putting on an accent – afterall Lee is an old good friend – so was he putting on an accent the whole time he knew him? I was thinking it was the first scene filmed for Harry – and then.. oopsie they decided for whatever reason to change his accent for the episode..

      I also was thinking the same for Volkenauer – the couple of times he sounded south african were maybe before he got his accent coach full time LOL! 😉

      Are all Australian accents the same? no they are not.. you guess right.. I know there are other Aussies who read this forum – how would you describe it?? I’m thinking we have a few, but nowhere near as many as the USA.. and they are not very distinctive!


  4. I think the first time I watched it I was a little more like Amanda. I believed Harry was a good guy until I questioned this scene. If you’re a good guy, why wouldn’t you want Billy to know details? I think Amanda was questioning here, too, because of her reaction later. (Though I don’t really remember liking this character.) When I re-watched it the other year after being re-introduced to the series, I definitely remembered that I didn’t like him.


    • Oh, and I do remember Lee opening car doors several times before they were “a couple.” Maybe it is just part of being the gentleman that he is, such as the gentle guiding hand on the back. However, I do believe it was because he was drawn to Amanda whether he wanted to admit it or not.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow! You do notice little details i.e. the clock being set at 12:15 and then 12:05. I am going to start noticing more that what is happening with Lee and Amanda and more about the props etc. Thanks for this episdoe breakdown and looking forward as always to the next. Feedback is I enjoy your recap of the episodes and think gee! how come I did not notice the clock but have noticed sometimes the “mumblings” although I am not privy to the script so do not always pick up on their ad-libbing. Thanks, Conny


    • Hello Conny! Oh I am glad you liked the magic time! 🙂 these things always give me a giggle.. mind you I am sure I don’t find many things..so let us know if you have any finds of your own! 🙂

      Thanks Conny – I enjoy hearing from my fellow SMK fans 🙂

      Yeah sometimes I find it hard to hear.. I’m not sure why.. maybe it is the lousy sound quality on my computer.. but if you ever find anything I have misheard or anything feel free to fill us in!

      Oh and if you are ever interested in accessing the scripts, many of them can be found at http://www.smk-land.com – which is the smk site Petra hosts ( Thanks Petra! ) you will need to sign up to access them.. but it is a painless process! 🙂



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