6/10 Season Two, Episode 7: Our Man in Tegernsee-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee, Dirty Harry and Amanda head down to talk to the divers.. When Lee starts their conversation by saying to the divers: It’s quite an outfit you’ve got. –I really, really, really hope that he was talking about their diving set up.. and not their diving get up!!!(ie. the wetsuits)
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001224324 not a good look!
Harry inserts that thanks to the Schnapps he didn’t notice these divers had been there for six weeks.. Uhhhh huuhhhhhhh… The younger diver speaks to the other in german, and Lee responds – it’s clear he understands what they are saying.. the script says the younger diver says not to tell them anything (in German), Lee responds they are not competition..
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001233333Then the two divers speak some more in German.. and Harry notes they mentioned Old Gunter – this is weird.. the divers don’t want to tell them anything. so they speak in german, Lee demonstrates he understands german, so the divers continue to speak in german and give away information? Weird! anyone like to translate?? I imagine it is similar to what the script says.. but it is pretty non-eventfu so I’ll move on..

Lee asks Harry who Gunter is.. Harry knows- says he’s a local historian sort of thing.. bit of a legend – why 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001284384didn’t Harry suggest speaking to him? Hmm because he’s a baddie I guess! On to see Old Gunter! ( what a shame Harry didn’t just say hmm maybe old Gunter knows something.. the scene didn’t give us much except the cringeworthy pun on the outfit!  )
Awh!! As they walk over the hills Lee grabs Amanda’s arm in preparation for walking off the path…
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001298898

and to help her not  lose her footing.. eventually they end up holding hands for a moment- Awh!!  Mean Lee from the opening scene is loooong gone!!! And I suspect.. any thoughts about Gillian! Who needs the poconos when you can have alps. ( Bavarian alps 😉 )
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001303903
(I notice Amanda has switched shoes yet again! down talking to the divers she had on heels.. here again she has on her sneakers! Aie! Just stick with the sneakers already! Winking smile Actually I would have gone with the heels for the whole episode, so Lee could ummm stay real close….steady me…and ensure I don’t lose my footing Smile throughout the whooooole episode! Smile)
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001304904
I’m very annoyed that Harry is in the frame – it would have been a gorgeous pic having Lee and Amanda holding hands in the alps ( Bavarian Alps! Winking smile )

Amanda thinks Gunter will welcome some company.. LOL! Gunter just walks straight past them and ignores them! Gunter complains in german too many people have been coming by – Lee translates this.. Not Harry! Harry thinks they won’t get anything from him.. Uhhhh huhhhhhh!!! ( Dirty Harry hopes that is the case! )
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001358458
I love that Amanda speaks up here in response to Harry’s negativity: Harry! Does he know how important this is? I mean if he doesn’t speak to us, I’m not going to be able to go home!
Go Amanda!!!!  2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001382982Time to bring out the big guns!! she has two little boys!!! and.. she said please???!!! Turns out.. 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001381981Gunter speaks English.. so Amanda’s heartfelt pleas are understood ( in smkworld- Amanda’s warm heart turns anyone into an english speaker Winking smile ) Lee directly asks him about the Nazi Loot..

This is probably really random.. but.. I LOVE this picture of Lee.. Why? Look at his hands!!
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001392792

His hands are shaped like a love heart! Smile AWHHHHH!!!

So.. they find out about Mueller (the shooter), knowing about the plates. Lee asks Harry if he knows him.
Harry responds: no but if he’s local I can get a line on him.
Lee simply responds with: hmmm.. [ IMO he doesn’t sound excited at Harry being able to help Winking smile ]

Love how there’s a public phone up where Gunter lives.. hey if you want people to stop coming by take that thing out! LOL!
Harry hangs up.. he’s got a location on Mueller!
Lee doesn’t hide his surprise at Harry’s efficiency!: Wow! that was quick! [ Yes Lee.. for once it was no problem, Harry found Mueller because he’s a liability, and it’s time to take him out and support Harry’s cover as a good guy.. ]
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001476309
How pretty is this location where they walk as Harry fills Lee and Amanda in on Mueller.. Ohh I see the baddie’s plan is to lay the blame solely on Mueller: the local milk man.. Amanda challenges this! Go Amanda.. Lee just silently takes it all in.. (now everyone’s hands are in their pockets! It looks cold up there!! )
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001490824
Amanda: But a milkman?
Harry: why do you keep saying that Amanda?
Amanda: I don’t know it just doesn’t seem right, it doesn’t seem like a milkman would know anything about counterfeiting. Wouldn’t you have to have special paper and special ink.
ROFL! Harry has no answer.. he just mumbles to Lee: I thought you said she was a civilian!! [ Ohhh that is sweeeeeeeet! even coming from dirty harry! yeah Lee!!! Smile I guess in spy world civilian = idiot!! ugh!!]
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001499833
Lee: errr.. ahhhh… yeah. Yeah she err is..
Teee heeeee!!!I wanted to see Lee’s face here!!!  [yup.. this is not his partner he is talking about here.. further confirmation for me that this is before Brunettes are in! Suffer Lee! Smile tee hee..] The script has an interesting description here for Lee: “Lee has been looking at Amanda, not allowing himself to appear impressed” – I like it.. sums it up perfectly! Smile

I tend to think Lee was being silent here and not questioning Harry because he already suspects him, and is wondering where Harry is headed with all this ( maybe, just maybe, Lee is hoping Harry will turn out to be a good guy after all – and that his friend can be redeemed.. This is all so sad! )

I thought Muller was the antique dealer.. but I guess I got that wrong.. he’s the milkman?..(how did the milkman give Amanda the fake $$?Anyone? the baddie from paraguay early guessed he passed the on to a waitress or something.. maybe  he spent up big in Munich and just entered the population, eventually finding Amanda.. hmm… I don’t know!  )

Ok well I shall leave it there.. I’ll be back with more as soon as I am able.. but I imagine I won’t be able to post as often this coming week, or respond to comments as often sorry – so feel free to discuss amongst yourselves! As always I will be monitoring the blog and will respond soon!! byeeee Smile

6 responses to “6/10 Season Two, Episode 7: Our Man in Tegernsee-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Oh my word. This is the scene that I seriously have no idea what they say because I can’t get beyond, “quite an outfit you’ve got”. Those suits are….NOT my favorite wardrobe choice of the show. 😟


  2. I never noticed the comparison of two locations Poconos vs the Alps. I wonder if they did that on purpose? What is so great about the Poconos (little mountains) with Gillian (passing fling) when you can be in the Alps ( one of the world’s highest mountain ranges) with Amanda (soul mate)?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. LOL I totally missed the other interpretation of the outfit line. I always assumed he was referring to their funny little boat and diving equipment.

    Argh the “Two Little boys” speech is trotted out again. I know she’s trying to make a connection in order to gain their empathy but it does drive me nuts 😮 It’s not a get out of jail free card!

    Lovin the pic of Lee making a heart with his hands 🙂

    I don’t see why Amanda can’t grasp the idea that a milkman is involved with the counterfeit. Of course he’s not alone in the operation, since when is printing fake money a one man job. It’s the lack of breakfast obviously…….it’s turned her brain to mush 😉


  4. Doing this from my phone (yes, I crashed another computer! Yippee!)
    My girls got the giggle fits when they saw the divers and heard Lee’s “nice outfit” comment.


    • I love that line … classic SMK goofiness!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ohhh I agree Raffie and Cindy – Classic smk!!! 🙂

        Cindy it must be wonderful to watch this show you love with your girls, and have them enjoy it – and get the humour of it!! Happy days!! [ so what is your clan making of Lee’s behaviour now?? I’m curious to hear what you and your girls think of Lee in Brunettes- and the way he treats Amanda! and do you all think this episode fits better before brunettes? or can it work after? love to hear your thoughts sometime – lovely as always to hear from you!! ]

        Liked by 1 person

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