1/12 Season Two, Episode Eight: Affair at Bromfield Hall- Scarecrow and Mrs King

2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000080280The final European episode!! It’s been wonderful!! No thanks to TWAAAAAA!!!!!  LOL we don’t even get to see the episodes’ title before we are reminded of how great TWA is!! Winking smile

Compulsory footage of a TWA plane landing??? – Check!
Now that contractual obligation has been 2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000089889fulfilled.. let’s get on with the show!(Please!!!!!) Oh no… this is ridiculous! TWA are not done with us.. we have to watch a TWA advertisement on the side of a bus passing the houses of Parliament! ugh!! Wait a minute! We saw this same shot in To catch a mongoose!!! we did!! we did!!! https://justwalkwithme.com/2012/07/10/1-season-two-episode-1-to-catch-a-mongoose-scarecrow-and-mrs-king/  here! at the bottom of this post you can see it! LOL!! Not only were smk saving money by sucking all the $$ out of TWA they could.. they were sucking whatever value out of their filming they could get too! Winking smile I am pretty sure these two episodes were filmed at the same time.. for a number of reasons – but keep an eye out for any reused shots and let us know if you find any! Smile
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000126059Well.. down at Lambeth Pier, we see a man approach a red phone booth – my goodnesss.. I think I have OD’d on all things British already! And the show is less than a minute old!!! ugh!!! [ I confess I find the British references/ stereotypes to be overkill.. but.. I shall try my best to not focus on them! Though if I hear an ‘old chap’ I think my head might explode..]
The man enters, and dials a phone number.. but.. before he has time to speak – he is shot and killed.. The business card reads:
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000160093  duh duhhh duhhhhhhh!!! [Cue the scarecrow music! Winking smile ] Okay, does it crack anyone else up that this is the business card the dead guy pulled out to dial a phone number?? what’s missing??!!! err a phone number! tee heee!! Winking smile

Whooo hooo finally we see Lee and Amanda!
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000168101President Lee: to Anacord Electronics, Incorporated. Make it directly to Hattman.

(ROFL! 2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000109642well that has got to be a reference to Stephen Hattman, one of this episode’s producers! but he is not listed as a producer for this episode on IMDB.. LOL maybe this episode isn’t Stephen Hattman’s favourite either Winking smile ) Lee also refers to ‘Duchow’ – but can’t figure out who that is.. and he says he needs a transcript on meeting with Howland Ward by 5pm ( maybe that is a reference to the director – William Wiard?? Sadly I don’t have access to any scripts for this episode! 😦 )
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000176109

Anyway, Lee dictates some boring and meaningless info to Amanda- and Amanda is concentrating on her shorthand..
Amanda: Right-o! [LOL!!]
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000188121
Lee seems to be giving her surreptitious ‘ isn’t she too cute’ looks as she is so conscientious in her shorthand! Well.. what’s the point of having a cover if you aren’t going to do it properly? isn’t that the point?? Mr let’s pretend I am an important company president dictating to my secretary – but then pull Amanda aside to have a quiet word with her that this is only a cover? Aie! I think Amanda is better at this cover stuff than Lee! Winking smile she seems to understand it is important to sell it, and maintain it!
Lee asks his driver to excuse them for a moment, and he pulls Amanda to one side saying: Amanda, could I talk to you?
You’re really doing very well with this.
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000196129
Amanda: I’ve been getting into it.
Lee: Uh huh. but look..
[Lee grabs Amanda’s note book from her] Ahhh (he lowers his voice) it’s really not necessary to write all this down.
Amanda: Ohhh I’m just trying to keep in touch with my shorthand. [and why not.. nothing Lee has to say is very interesting! ]
Lee flips through the pages: A haa..
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000206139
Amanda: I really haven’t used it since I learned it in high school.
Lee: Yeah well, I’m really not saying anything that’s making any sense.
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000210143
Amanda: Good.
   [that is very good natured of Amanda – though I struggle with this opening- it doesn’t make any sense to have this conversation if they are trying to sell a cover!]
Lee: Ha! [I love that Lee has a laugh at Amanda’s joke here!]
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000214147
(glancing around secretively): Listen, I know you’re really busy, but do you think you could give us a few more details about what we are doing here? [wha?? you mean.. you haven’t even talked about this yet?!! Err yeah.. let’s stand here and discuss it while you are pretending infront of everybody you are a company president and this is your secretary! rofl!! ]

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_002809509Just as an aside, do you think this is directly after To Catch a Mongoose? maybe after their high tea at the Ritz or wherever, this assignment came up..[does the TWA jet signify they arrived by plane? could have been the dead guy? hmm I’ll have to keep an eye out for further clues! SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_002811678Amanda is wearing the same outfit that she was wearing at the end of TCAM! Winking smile Wait a minute!! Lee is wearing the same shirt and tie that he is wearing at the end of that episode also! (in front of Buckingham palace) My goodness.. Ok I will try not to compare the two episodes too much or this could get bogged down! Winking smile

2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000228161whoo Lee is in town by invitation of MI5 to investigate a major breach in the anglo-american intelligence community.. Hmmm.. I thought MI 6 did the international stuff.. I’m confused! Lee is undercover as the president of an electrical company, and Amanda is his ‘window dressing’ secretary..
Lee: that’s why you’re here.
Amanda: Right!
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000234167
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000235869Lee: You’re window dressing
[darn I wish Amanda had used that line on him sometime Winking smile ]

Lee seems to be enjoying this… ugh!
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000236936
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000237070Amanda responds: I’m window dressing? [she doesn’t like it, and she doesn’t find it funny. I’m with you Amanda!!! she has earned more respect than that Lee Mr big shot electronics company president!! ]
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000238271
Lee: uh huh
Amanda: Oh.
  [ Way to put Amanda in her place Lee.. yes don’t take real short hand.. and don’t take yourself too seriously- you are just window dressing.. Go jump in a lake Lee! Oh Amanda.. where has your anger gone?? In season 1 she would have been cross at this! Anyone else get the impression that she is resigned for now that this is Lee’s attitude?? – and.. in Brunettes it’s a case of enough is enough? ]

And so continues Lee’s minimizing of Amanda’s contribution! (Yes, I am of the opinion this episode comes before Brunettes are In!) Lee is conflicted.. he thinks Amanda isn’t as good as an agent, but then he doesn’t want her to take the dictating too seriously.. is it a cover or not? aie! I think it is an indication that Lee is conflicted when it comes to Amanda, how he sees her, what he expects from her..!!!!  I’ll have much more to say about that as we go through this episode! Smile

Lee suggests she go do some sightseeing.. (I am surprised he didn’t give Amanda a little pat on the head and tell her to be good – just like Dean said in the First time!) but..  oh well, at least Lee is being friendly and not a grump that she is there! and.. at least Amanda 2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000264197gets to do some sightseeing. Love how Lee tells her not to get into any trouble.. He knows she has a knack for it! (and yet.. he still let’s her go! Winking smile )

2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000272205Whooo and I love how Lee walks back to the car to leave, and before he hops in, he turns back to watch Amanda walk away! wishing you could go with her Lee? Winking smile Suffer Lee!!!!Smile

Stay away from those historical London walking tours Amanda! bad memories of the mongoose! Winking smile

Ok.. that’s it for now!!! As always I would love to hear any comments, insights questions or whatever you would like to share! Thanks so much for reading!! byeeee and back with more soon! Smile

9 responses to “1/12 Season Two, Episode Eight: Affair at Bromfield Hall- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. ScarecrowsAngel

    Stereotypes? Tell me about them. I think quite a few non-Germans still believe that Germany=Bavaria. Now I’m from northern Germany (Hamburg, to be precise), which is a whole lot different if only for the fact that we’re closer to the sea than to the mountains. And boy, does that stereotype bug me!

    Sorry, I just really needed to rant…


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  3. I remember liking this episode when it first aired (I’m such an Anglophile) and I still like it. Re the “window dressing” remark, I don’t think Lee meant to be insensitive. I suspect he’s used to working with civilians who know that’s their role – to be a prop – and although he now knows Amanda considers herself much more of an active participant, he still occasionally falls back into his familiar working style.

    My sense is that Lee doesn’t have a lot of experience interacting with others as people – most of the individuals he encounters are like pieces on a chess board, to be used and manipulated as needed to “win the game.” Amanda is challenging those assumptions: she constantly reminds him that other people have feelings, ambitions, desires and needs. He’s learning … but change takes time!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ah man I really miss the red telephone boxes 😦 they were so much more interesting that the glass boxes British Telecom decided to replace them all with. I have to laugh though I don’t ever remember a single one with a mirror in it 😉 was this so the good guy can see the bad guy right before he kills him 😉
    Loving Amanda’s “righto” I am guessing that’s her little nod to the fact that she’s in the UK again 🙂
    I too don’t get the whole lets act out our covers and then have a stupid conversation about how it’s all an act. Duh Lee I think Amanda had kinda guessed that already.
    Window dressing?! Boy Lee you sure know how to put your foot in it. With both feet! And despite this Amanda still looks disappointed that she’s got time off to go sightseeing…..

    Liked by 1 person

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  6. Melissa Robertson

    Hi I’ve been busy with national security issues and a dashing spy 😉 No really just busy being a housewife in Wauseon, OH with my 4 small kids 🙂 But, Iwsod I have been reading your blog and enjoying it and everyone’s comments!!

    I love how when Amanda turns to leave she shakes her head, rolls her eyes and mutters, “window dressing”. It seemed to me she was thinking ‘That Man’!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Lee conflicted … yes, he is and it’s just going to get worse before it gets better. 🙂 This is a favorite episode because that conflict really shows itself here. I’m trying to be patient, really I am.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hiya ‘get the king woman’..GTKW? [not sure if you’re aware but my name ‘IWSOD’ stands for ‘I want smk on dvd’ ! ] I agree Amanda was disappointed.. not needed and just window dressing.. ugh!! that really bugs me!!!

      Hi Debilyn, so far I am finding this episode much more interesting than I thought I would!!

      There is a lot about Lee and Amanda and their relationship – once I decided to view the episode as being before Brunettes are in, I was much better able to make sense of it!
      I am starting to see why you would say this is a favourite episode because of the conflict – sooooo true!! It’s so funny you said you were trying to be patient Debilyn! I wrote in the second post ( which I am about to post) that I was sharing the same feelings I thought Amanda had: I think this guy is deep down a good guy, but also, my patience is running out with Lee!!!! :)Lee can’t treat Amanda like this anymore!! He needs to accept her in his life..



  8. get_the_king_woman_out_of_this

    Amanda was kind of disappointed when Lee told her that he wasn’t going to need her for the rest of the day!


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