1/10 Season Two, Episode 7: Our Man in Tegernsee-Scarecrow and Mrs King

This episode opens with some lovely views over Munich.. Ahhh Munich.. so gorgeous!!! Don’t forget Claudia has done a post of Munich filming locations here: https://justwalkwithme.com/2012/09/08/munich-location-map-the-times-they-are-a-changin2-02-our-man-in-tegernsee-2-07/

Aha! I see the Friedensengel! Where Amanda met Lee and found out she wasn’t gifted remember?! Winking smile
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000094794

Anyway, We see an airplane touchdown.. Hmm TWA again.. did they do 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000108608product placement in the 80’s? because I would swear they had some kind of deal going on with this show..

We see the exterior of  a large police building and hear Amanda’s chirpy first line: “Oh hello!”.. we hear grumpy Lee respond ‘ What did you say?’ and hear Amanda repeat Lee much less enthusiastically ‘ Hello?’ – uh oh!!  then we see Amanda is in a prison cell!
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000118218
Lee glaring anywhere but at Amanda: Hello!
Uh oh.. grumpy Lee is back. I don’t want to watch.. waaaaa..
There is silence between Lee and Amanda.. as Amanda can see Lee is not happy. And Lee seems suddenly obsessed with how his nails are looking…
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000125425
Amanda searches for what to say.. falling back on politeness!: Did you have a nice trip?
Lee: Did I have a nice trip? ( ugh! attitude! I think at this moment I would rather they had sent Francine to bail out Amanda! ) Well, it all started with me being rousted out of bed in the middle of the night by Billy.
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000132032
Amanda quietly: sorry.
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000133533
Lee (ugh!): Did I mention I’d taken a long weekend?
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000134734
Amanda: No, you didn’t.
( she seems to be choosing her words carefully here.. and she is very subdued. Poor Amanda!!)

Lee: I’d taken a looong weekend which had just started, Gillian’s got a terrific  lodge up in the poconos. 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000138638ouch.. Amanda you got in the way of Lee gettin some!! no wonder he is in a bad mood! .. what am I saying? no no no! Lee you are not suppose to go away with someone else… and stop being so mean to Amanda, she needs you!!!!
At this point I want Amanda to say she couldn’t give  a stuff and tell him to go away! but.. Amanda doesn’t..
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000141941Amanda: Gillian has a lodge in the poconos.. [ Amanda thinking: do I care??!!!!] she says this line extra extra nice – a sure sign IMO she is trying to hold on to her temper!
Lee: yeah so I was rousted out of bed, and then there were all those questions down at the office which by the way I had no answers to. [boooo hoooooo]
Amanda very quietly and completely insincerely( who hoo!!): that must have been just awful ( Amanda and sarcasm? I love it!!)
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000148248Lee: the flight over the Atlantic ocean was very nice [care of TWA the official sponsor so yes say it was very nice! Winking smile]. 9 hours! and 45 minutes! but very nice. [ contractual obligation to TWA? check! ]

I love how Amanda cuts to the chase here..
Amanda quietly: you’re angry with me.
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000158558
Lee: now why should I be angry? Hmm??
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000159059
Amanda lifts her chin here as if silently asking him- well why are you angry? He is the sophisticated traveller, what’s 9 hours and 45 minutes on a plane? get over it! Mr super spy can’t get on a plane and come to Germany at the drop of a hat? boo hooo.. I love that Amanda gives him a defiant look here! Smile
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000165365

Lee continues: why should I even be surprised?!! [ 😆 he doesn’t answer his question of why he is angry! I’ll get back to that one!! ]

Lee’s attitude at the beginning of this episode doesn’t fit after Brunettes are In’s resulting development in Lee and Amanda’s relationship (especially their working relationship). Lee is annoyed at once again having to babysit Amanda.. this fits better before Brunettes-where he finally accepts her as his partner. In the beginning of this episode, Lee treats Amanda like she is an inconvenience,  he wishes he didn’t have to look after her, and he wishes he didn’t care about her! [which he does! .. 😉 ]

Complaining about bailing someone out of jail (in a foreign country), who has never seen the inside of a jail, and telling her about the girl you had a hot weekend planned with doesn’t scream ‘Lee is in love with Amanda’ to me!! Nooo for me that comes later!..

Brunettes are In saw the issue of Lee finding Amanda an annoying burden dealt with – he accepted her as his partner! ( I wouldn’t say equal partner but partner none the less! )  – This makes Lee seem really petty and mean to go back to this kind of ranting and behaviour towards Amanda.. So, I watch this episode assuming it was meant to come before Brunettes are In, it’s the only way I can make sense of it.. I just have to erase the memory of last week’s episode.. ugh!!! I don’t like watching this scene!

Lee: you were sent here to do agency business. All you had to do 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000171371was deliver an envelope. That’s all! [he hasn’t even asked Amanda how she got into this situation!! ] and you get yourself arrested for passing counterfeit money?

That gets Amanda’s blood boiling!!
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000177677Amanda: I didn’t know it was counterfeit! Lee you know I would never do a thing like that!
Oh grow up Lee!!
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000180380Lee: the German government is very, very unhappy and the American government is very unhappy.



2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000182182


Amanda raises her voice at Lee: I am very unhappy! [Man, that does not happen very often!]
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000183983Lee: Counterfeiting louses up everybody’s economy
[ speaking of louses.. Lee cares about his long weekend, Gillian and the 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000185185poconos, the german government, the american government and now all the world’s economies… but not a moment does he show any care for Amanda and her situation! Ohhhhh Lee!!! You are soooo out of line!!! I am sure this is his anger talking but still, poor Amanda! ]
Amanda slams ( yes slams!!) down her blanket and gets up off the bed and storms over to Lee. [Go Amanda!! ]: I know you’re disappointed. [Lee lets out a huge sigh and starts looking at his nails again- trying to keep an emotional distance from Amanda by not looking at her perhaps?!! Winking smile ] I’m a little disappointed myself. Lee: Mmm hmm..
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000192992
Amanda: Doris Semple was suppose to pick me up ( who?!) at Dulles International Airport ( after flying home on TWA on a very very nice flight..) My mother and Phillip and Jamie are probably worried sick about me
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000208608
[grrrr… You’ve been behaving like  a heel Lee!  Amanda’s voice is cracking away.. awh.. you go Amanda!! hurray! Make Lee feel like a heel! ]
Amanda continues: I’m in Jail! in Germany! I’ve never been in jail before!
( don’t worry Amanda next time Lee bails you out he will be adorable! Smile At least I remember Wilma thinks so! 😉 ) and I don’t even speak German. The only word I know is Edelweiss.
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000214914
gives up trying to stay mad at Amanda.. hurray! he motions to her to calm down saying quietly: Okay, okay.
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000217617
Amanda: I learned that from The Sound of Music I saw it seven times. [rofl! another sound of music reference?! why.. they should go to salzburg and do an episode there! Winking smile ]
Lee comfortingly: take it easy huh. Just take it easy..
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000225125I think he begins to see that this is not about him or economies!
Amanda: what’s going to happen to me?
Lee: well for the moment you are being released into my custody. [what? he couldn’t tell her that straight away? Ohhh noooo he had to moan and complain first! argh!!! Leee!!!!!!! 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000232632funny though, I still wish I could get arrested and released into Lee’s custody Winking smile ]
Lee continues: but for the moment, you can’t leave Germany.
Amanda: I can’t?


As much as I dislike watching Lee treat Amanda this way, and as much as I don’t think Lee is in love with Amanda at this point- I find it fascinating that Lee is so very upset! I mean he had what a 9 hour (& 45 minutes- my TWA is fast.. 😉 ) flight on a very very nice TWA plane to calm down about it – and he is still seething.. why?

I have a theory.. and if you have one too let us know please- I’d love to hear it! my theory is :  inspite of having taken a long weekend and knowing that he had a weekend with Gillian ahead of him in the poconos, Lee couldn’t say no to going to Germany and rescuing Amanda from her troubles!!! Smile I think Lee is furious with Amanda, and himself, for this hold Amanda has over him which he really doesn’t want, accept or understand at this point!!! Thoughts??? Actually, now that I’ve come up with this theory.. I find Lee’s anger not so difficult to watch! tee heee.. suffer Lee!!!

Lee and Amanda leave the police station together and I will be back with more as soon as I am able! Hope all readers are well!! As true as the first day I wrote it- maybe more so- I would love to hear your thoughts! your feedback, comments, questions.. I’d just love to hear from you! byeee and thanks so much for reading byee!

40 responses to “1/10 Season Two, Episode 7: Our Man in Tegernsee-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Two other takes on Lee’s reaction.

    One is maybe he doesn’t sleep well on airplanes and is cranky from fatigue. (Grasping at straws here but considering how quickly he calms down…)

    But I’m also thinking back to Filming Raul where he said he doesn’t want to get any other friend a job because he can’t take the guilt. I know Billy technically is responsible for hiring Amanda BUT Lee is the reason she even came to the Agency’s attention. So sometimes I wonder if some of his impatience is really directed at himself because he feels responsible for getting her in this predicament.

    I’m also wondering just how much of a run-in with police red tape Lee had to go through to finally get to this point.

    Not trying to justify it as much as come up with an explanation after how much their friendship had grown since S2 started.

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  2. So interesting to read everyone’s thoughts here regarding Lee’s frustration. I am on the WKS side. Maybe that explains the white socks, also. 😂

    Wonder what Amanda was expecting while she waited in jail. Did she know Lee was coming? Did she know anyone from the agency had even been contacted? It must’ve been a quick turnaround as she says she spent the night in jail. Add that to the length of his flight, and looks like the WKS theory has even more clout. He must have gotten on a plane pronto.

    This is my favorite of the European episodes. I think Tegernsee looks so beautiful. And I get lost in the beautiful, beautiful, pretty eyes of Lee Stetson in this episode galore. And there are some great Lee/Amanda subtle moments.

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  3. I’ve just watched this episode again and I always thought the white socks were a symptom that Lee was starting to care for Amanda – so he’s tried to get involved with someone else in an attempt to convince himself that he meant the words he said in the previous episode, ‘I don’t work with partners’ – and even though he called her partner at the end of the episode he still isn’t totally sure. So when Billy called him, although he had to cancel his long weekend, he grabbed his clothes and the first pair of socks were the terrible white ones. But at this stage of the game he’ll never admit that.

    Hope that makes sense, it was a bit of a ramble.

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  4. If you want to flip the magnet, consider his fit of pique in this light: having accepted that Amanda is now a more or less permanent fixture in his working world, he’s gonna treat her like a professional. And guess what? She screwed up professionally!!! He had to come bail her out because she didn’t get the job done and get out of Dodge! She stuffed it professionally and he paid for her mistake personally (so to speak). Picture this scene with Francine instead of Amanda and all the frustration and annoyance seems perfectly reasonable, doesn’t it?

    Not sure I’m buying my own argument but you can chew on it and see how it tastes. You’re welcome, LOL.

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  6. Has anyone else noticed, or does it bother anyone else that BB wears white socks with dress pants and dress shoes???? That is just tacky if you ask me..I have noticed it in other eps but it was real glaring in this one…go check it out


  7. Ok here I go defending Lee again after I just did in the previous episode. Makes me feel a little uneasy because as much as I love Lee I know he can be a total jerk sometimes and yes he is being a jerk here. But I understand. I say that as I am in the minority here and I can totally see how this episode fits coming after Brunettes are in. In that episode Lee took a giant step forward in his reletionship with Amanda accepting her as his partner and in his own way acknowledging how important she is too him. I think it’s normal after that for him to now back off a little. Lee is famous for every big step forward he takes with Amanda to to take a small step back. I think it’s self preservation for him as amanda slowly gets closer and closer to him.

    Perfectly common place to me that Lee would be off spending the weekend with another woman after making such strides with Amanda in the previous episode. Lee had already let her in as a friend and now is accepting her as a partner. His personal life is all that he has left that he can keep seperate from her and now she intruding on that too. It’s not intentional on her part, but he doesn’t care. It’s just too much for him. Not only that but now he is having to half way across the world to help her. I think Lee sees that his whole world is slowly beginning to revolve around this woman and he feels helpless to stop it. I agree with Iswod that Lee is not in love at this point but he’s fighting it. Someone should just let him know that it’s gonna be a loosing battle.

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    • “I think Lee sees that his whole world is slowly beginning to revolve around this woman and he feels helpless to stop it.” Good point Misty! Don’t we all often fight hard when struggling against what seems inevitable to those around us.


  8. Yep, seems y’all hit the nail on the head, Lee is pissy because he can’t help his WKS with Amanda. I do have visions of him arguing with himself the entire flight and feeling oh, so very put upon by it all, but deep down inside it is impossible for him not to rescue her which confuses and makes him angry. I think Debilyn is right when she says Lee doesn’t want nor know how to handle all the feeling Amanda evokes. He’s lucky he’s such a droolworthy hunk which really makes watching him do anything such fun! And yes, I always thought Brunettes should come after this and Bromfield. (I spent a lot of time being confused when it first ran and feeling a bit schizophrenic coz the order didn’t seem to make much sense re: emotional development and all. Didn’t stop me from watching it repeatedly which is why my VHS tapes decided to self destruct. Okay, the drool didn’t help em!)

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  9. I’m inclined to agree that this episode should have aired before “Brunettes Are In.” Presumably they didn’t want to run all the “special” European episodes consecutively, but it kind of messes things up for careful viewers who really follow character development. Oh, well. Too late to complain 30 years on, I guess.

    I think Lee is irked for all the reasons stated above, and also because he doesn’t like it that Amanda was sent on her own (the crux of his irritation in Brunettes, too). If the episode order is reversed, his opposition to her working solo in Brunettes makes more sense in light of this episode: “Remember what happened to her LAST time she worked without me? I had to fly clear to Germany to get her out of trouble!”

    That said, I found Lee’s little tantrum outside the jail more amusing than off-putting, especially since he put it aside almost immediately when he realized (duh!) that SHE was really more “inconvenienced” by her predicament than he was. He was genuinely solicitous of her the rest of the episode – I think he liked being back in his accustomed role as her savior.

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  10. I think this is Lee’s best looking episode 🙂
    I reckon Amanda could have made her escape. When Lee is leaning on the bars they sure do wobble a lot 😉

    Ah angry Lee….how I have missed you. Not. He has the gall to rant and rave at Amanda like she deliberately set out to spoil your weekend with Gillian and then can’t hack it when Amanda’s emotions threaten to overspill. Suck it up Lee.
    I do agree with IWSOD’s theory and debilyn and the WKS. Frustrated that he couldn’t say no? That deep down he knew it was up to him to go and get her. I can Imagine the telephone call between him and Billy, the irate Lee, the placid but immovable Billy all with Gillian listening to one half the conversation thinking who is this Amanda and what is so special about her. Oh that would have been a good scene to see 😉

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  12. Jeanine AKA smkfan

    I agree with Debilyn’s reasoning. Lee has WKS bad and is confused by his emotions towards Amanda and compensates by lashing out at her.

    BTW: Does anyone else think the jail cell bars are way too far apart? I mean KJ could probably slip right out between the bars. HAHAHA! But of course Amanda would never do that. . .


    • hiya!! confusing emotions and Amanda do tend to go hand in hand for Lee don’t they! 🙂
      I mean’t to share this earlier but things got busy.. hey Charley emailed me this pic to share with you all – it is from a BB movie called ‘Happily Ever After’ – it seems BB has had plenty of practice playing the knight in shining armour! Great find Charley!! ROFL!!!!

      smkfan.. your comments about the jail bars crack me up!! you are probably right.. someone give KJ a feed! 🙂 yes- Amanda would never do that 😉 love it!! 🙂


      • Now we just have to cut out this woman (how the hell can she make a face like that with him kneeling like that in front of her???) and put in Amanda instead… I would volunteer to try… 🙂


        • ROFL Charley!!! I would love to see you try!!! haaaaa!!!!

          A general comment about this episode.. if you are thinking it is an extremely unlikely scenario.. check out what I read in the local paper two days ago:
          ” A Kiwi traveller has been left embarrassed after she tried to pay for a meal in Canada with counterfeit money given to her by a bank in Auckland.
          The Woman was given the forged Canadian currency at an ANZ Bank branch before she left on her holiday. She discovered the notes were fakes when a restaurant refused to take one of her $100 bills. The woman took her remaining $220 to a Canadian bank, where it was confiscated for being counterfeit. ” Daily Telegraph, 15 April 2013

          Sounds a lot like Amanda’s drama!!! Only.. Amanda got arrested immediately! 🙂



  13. OK, maybe I’m way off base here. But I think Lee is playing with Amanda. At this point, he should expect something like this to happen to Amanda. After all, it usually does. I think he’s pretending to be angry, but isn’t really. He just wants to get her goat. I think that’s the reason he doesn’t stay angry, because he isn’t really angry. He’s just complaining to see her reaction. Am I wrong? I wish the camera had stayed on Lee’s face longer. I think he’s not very successfully trying to cover up a smile when Amanda gets all hot and bothered.

    If he is playing with her, this fits in just fine in the episode order we have. Of course he is going to go rescue his partner and have fun doing it.

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    • Hi Melissa! Ohhh sometimes there is no right or wrong.. only our opinions! I love to hear a different take on things.. it helps me better understand why I viewed something the way I did.. and I can re-evaluate and see if maybe I should change my opinion! Thanks for offering up your own differing point of view here.. what do you all think of Melissa’s theory?

      I’ll get back with a response soon..unless someone beats me to it 🙂 I’m busy with writing the next post..but thought I let you know I love to hear from you an unusual interpretation! 🙂 byeee for now!

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    • Hello Melissa! looks like no one has addressed your alternative theory – so I will give it a go! 🙂 Thanks again for suggesting it!

      I have had a little think about it.. I think at the end of the day, there is no right or wrong answer – we can see things differently and that is fine.. but if we weigh up the evidence and it’s interpretations.. some interpretations may be more likely to be correct.. does that make sense? Ie. I won’t convince you to think anything other than what you want 🙂
      That said.. I will offer evidence for my interpretation – that Lee is indeed very angry in this opening scene.. and you can decide for yourself.. thanks again BTW for this – I enjoy questioning why is it I think what I think? and you have helped me do this by posting this alternative view!

      So.. here is what led to my interpretation:
      Lee’s dialogue: he complains about missing out on Gillian and the poconos.
      Lee’s tone of voice: he is very clipped.. IMO he sounds like he is only just controlling his temper.
      Lee very rarely makes eye contact with Amanda.. I can’t see that he is suppressing a smile. there is no warmth in his eyes as he complains..
      He is furious she couldn’t do a simple envelope delivery..
      Lots of heavy breathing on his part- he is suppressing his rage, not having a little joke IMHO..
      I checked the script it says ‘ Amanda… knows his anger is barely controlled, approaches the conversation cautiously.’
      Amanda points out he is angry.. and Lee’s indirect response is – of course I am angry..

      But.. when he sees Amanda is upset, and she gets closer to him, and he looks at her – his anger wanes a little.. he softens a little.. and he begins to comfort her – a little!! -Don’t get too upset here.. calm down, take it easy.. I think if she had burst into hysterical tears Lee would have absolutely crumbled – yelled for the guard to open the doors and taken her into his arms.. ohh swoon.. but.. we don’t get that! 😉

      Does that help clarify why I thought Lee was angry? Hope so!! but it would be great if Lee wasn’t being so mean!! But then again.. I remind myself – it makes Lee’s growth in maturity and his relationship with Amanda more sweet and meaningful!!

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  14. Iwsod, I like your theory about Lee being subconsciously unable to turn away from Amanda, and that fueling his temper in the jail cell. I think I stand in the corner alone with actually liking the “Lee losing his temper” scenes, and I miss them in later episodes when he has become more sensitive and sympatico. In the later eps he is more the heroic gentleman; in these eps he is more human and fallible. Plus when there is a Lee and Amanda conflict, you just know there is going to be a lovely scene where Lee has realized what an idiot he has been and then comes around in a big way. We see that in Brunettes Are In (and there, even when he is contrite, Amanda pushes the buttons and won’t let him down gently … not saying she was wrong, but just saying she was a player in the little game of tempers there), and we will see it in Tegernsee for pretty much the entire episode. For me there is something much more romantic about a fallible man who sees the error of his ways and apologizes through his words or actions as opposed to the perfect guy who never has anything to apologize for. And of course the friction in the jail cell juxtaposes nicely with Lee’s jealousy that we see reflected in such a lovely way throughout the ep.

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  15. I’m really looking forward to go through this episode with all of you, wanna know, why? 🙂 Because this is one (of the many) episodes which never aired in Germany and (although I own the DVD boxes now) I haven’t watched it yet.
    The beginning of this episode feels quite like a kick in the a**… After all they (we!) went through in the last episode… now back to his crumpy and mean behaviour… Why Lee, why? >.<
    I see that people might think this episode was meant to air before "Brunettes are in". But, I am not so sure about this. See, in Brunettes are in Amanda gets her first (!) Mid-Level Courier assignment which means picking up a micro dot sock in a laundry without any help. That doesn't sound much difficult or dangerous to me. But here in this episode she was send all alone (!) to Germany to deliver an envelope. Far away from home (9 hours, 45 min flight) and she doesn't even speak the language. Now what's that? Isn't that a bit more difficult and dangerous? IMO this is more than a Mid-Level Courier assignment. But that would mean this episode can't be set before "Brunettes are in". But if so, how can we deal with Lee's behaviour? Well, as I said, I haven't ever watched this episode so far, so I can't know how Lee behaves further in this epiosde and just can make a guess based on this first blog posting. Let's be honest: How would we feel if we had taken a long weekend off, looking forward having a good time and suddenly we are rousted out of bed in the middle of the night. Our free time is canceled and we are now looking forward to fly half around the world to pic up a coworker. I can clearly understand that he's angry, I would be the same, exspecially because he already knows before leaving that she sits in jail for passing counterfeit money and is not in any dangerous situation! I guess he spend most of the flight time with thinking about how the hell she got into that mess, that such things just happen to her, how Billy (?) could have send her on that job and not a experienced agent, the long weekend he's going to miss, etc.. I can understand that he's grumpy and mean. I mean "finally accepting her as partner" doesn't mean he has to like whatever she does from now on. But (as you pointed out ISWOD) he can not not rescue here out of this mess! 🙂 She's no experienced agent, she is no Francine or whoever who knows what to do, no one who will just stay calm and wait until the angency gets her out of it. She has a family waiting for her, they don't even know what has happen! He starts seeing this (and I hope he feels guilty that he was so mean to her, it was not her fault after all…). So I don't see a reason so far to put this episode before "Brunnettes are in", but please feel free to prove me wrong, as I said, I just saw this very little part of it so far! If he continues to behave this way, there is no excuse for him!!! 🙂
    ((By the way: Anybody thinking about that he might be angry about the fact that she didn't only crashed into his professional life but now she also bursts his privat life??? *grin* ))

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    • Oh my god… did I really write that much? o.O

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      • Hello Everyone!

        Charley you give an interesting, different point of view on this episode.. It would be fascinating to hear your first thoughts of watching as you go through the episode – if you would like to share them with us.. maybe you should watch the episode first – I tend to give away who is the bad guy and I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you!!

        Yes you did write that much – LOL! and that is fabulous! You can write as little or as much as you like! 🙂 it’s all smk goodness!

        In response to your main points Charley, I also questioned the idea of Amanda being given an assignment by herself.. though I came to a different conclusion.. Maybe the next part to the episode answers this, or maybe it’s just my impression and I am wrong 🙂 but I figured the courier assignment in Brunettes was to collect a microdot – and it was a mid-level assignment.. (as Lee told us many times!ugh!!) I don’t even know what that is – but I can see that there is a level below it.. and I figured this assignment was a low-level assignment.. deliver an envelope (not a microdot that had to be hidden in a sock so no one could see the handover) for Billy and leave..
        I think Brunettes was also dealing with more potentially significant information – dealing with the russians.. even before the microdot was upgraded to the super duper escape plan microdot.. that was how I saw it – the envelope was as mundane as it gets – and thus why Lee was soo frustrated that Amanda could have possibly gotten herself involved with counterfeit money 😉

        As for Amanda and Lee being partners Charley, I see this very differently to you – I’m not sure if having seen this whole episode informs that view – I couldn’t say – let us know what you think of all this after the episode if you feel differently.

        IMHO a partner is someone who is very important to an agent.. and it would be expected to want to drop everything and go help them if they need it. Amanda and Lee have been through many life and death situations together – and my impression is that if Amanda was in trouble then Lee should want to help her- if they are partners.. he already did this before they were partners, but it was because he had to, not because he really wanted to – with becoming partners (by Lee’s choice!!) .. that dynamic changes a little – and this attitude of Lee resenting having to help Amanda IMO doesn’t fit with my view of what a partner is.. maybe that’s why we differ in opinion (differing opinions on what a partner is).. it will be interesting to keep this in mind as we continue through the episodes.. what do others think?

        There is another line later in this episode which also indicates to me this is before Brunettes – but I’ll get to it.. (please do keep an eye out for things too!! the more eyes and ears the better! 🙂 )

        Yes I am not surprised this ep was not shown in Germany Charley, it refers directly to Hitler and the third Reich.. -even though the episode isn’t directly about them..

        Hiya Ruby, yes it did sound like a long flight (though very very nice 😉 tee hee).. I thought it took about 8 hours.. remember the concorde? that took 4.. Ohhh how I wish I could have gone on concorde!! 😦
        I forgot to mention it in my post – but TWA is actually referred to specifically in the script as being shown as the airline Lee uses.. LOL!

        Hiya Debilyn! White knight syndrome? I love it!! WKS! 😉 Yes Lee does ‘ have it bad’ I love it 🙂 .. that line of Lee’s from the last episode keeps coming to mind ‘ Oh Amanda, you make me crazy!‘ 😉

        Hi Cindy! yeah he was being mean wasn’t he!! given Amanda’s situation.. at least at the end of the scene he has realised it and begins to see things from Amanda’s point of view.. ugh! This is one of those Lee is being mean moments – but not mean enough for me to cry Inexcusable!!!! 😉
        I feel exactly the same way Cindy – after Brunettes and that progress I found it very hard to face this opening scene! I delayed posting about it a few days because I didn’t want to watch it yet! At least he seems much more improved for the rest of the episode.. Yeah! hopefully a new ep order will fix that! 🙂

        Hiya jewelsbyjulia! [JBJulia? can I call you that?] 😉 ! Yeah I would have told Lee to go away and leave me in Jail.. tee heee.. but Amanda is much more logical than I am 😉

        Hello Julia! lovely to hear from you!! Ahh thanks for the feedback – I might not have come up with it if I wasn’t having to write a blog about it – LOL! so you helped me too ! 🙂 You are not use to making excuses for men? Love it! I am very happy to hear it!! 🙂 I think Lee is actually not happy with his behaviour either 😉

        Lee shouldn’t have behaved the way he did.. but it is interesting to think of what is happening and why he is doing it.. ( especially after Brunettes and the progress there.. for me it helps me make sense of where Lee is at and figure out where the episode should be in the order of things.. )
        Ok bye for now!! I shall try and do the next part today! 🙂


      • Don’t think that a Hitler / Third Reich reference would be a reason not to show this episode in Germany. They always said it had to do with political reasons that those alltogether 17 episodes where not shown here. It was mentioned they didn’t comply with the policy of detente towards the Eastern bloc at that time. But that’s no satisfactory reply at all for me. I mean, for example “If thoughts could kill” is one of those episodes. Why wasn’t it shown here? I don’t see the reason why at all! 🙂


        • Hi Raffie!! Sooo lovely to have you stop by!! I read your comments thinking the whole time – I soooooo agree! I think you put it beautifully! I may not always look forward to some of these cranky Lee moments – but I wouldn’t want them to not be there (ok except Artful dodger, there is nooo payoff there IMHO!)- Overall, I love that Lee is not perfect [well, other than his hair 😉 ], that he can be seen to make mistakes, suffer because of them.. learn from them, and grow – for me, it makes Lee’s journey very courageous! It takes courage to look at yourself and see your faults, and work at changing them. and lucky us we get to see this journey with Lee! I also love that Amanda helps Lee be a better man! 🙂 all VERY romantic!!

          I will grumble about cranky Lee nonetheless! 😉 haaa! but sooo beautifully put Raffie your comments really resonated with me! 🙂

          Hiya Charley… I had no idea what it was that was blocking Germany from broadcasting, but I figured reference to Hitler and the third Reich would be top of the list.. Yes the policy of Detente makes sense.. thanks for mentioning – why was if looks could kill not shown? No idea! Maybe lester the duck was just too darn annoying 😉 teee heeee.. I am glad you get to see them now though. If it makes you feel better.. I didn’t see about 90% of smk episodes until they were on DVD!
          BTW- how did you go? have you watched all of Our man in tegernsee yet? I’m going to be giving away a major plot point in the next post!! 😉

          Liked by 1 person

      • Hm… I loved Lester the Duck… I wanted to have it! 🙂
        And yes, I’ve been a good girl and watched the episode this morning (I couldn’t stand it anymore… I needed to know how it continues!) 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Charley, I agree, the Hitler/Third Reich reference does not explain why it was not aired in Germany, although I recently read, that the Germans had to wait a long time before a non revised version of Casablanca was aired… I have my own theory: they randomly did not air good ones 😉 I mean, they did not air Utopia Now!


      • Hi to Julia from Julia 🙂

        Exactly! You’re right! 🙂
        Casablanca makes me think of “D.o.a.” now… *grin*

        This is the list of the episodes that didn’t aired here:
        – 1.03 If thoughts could kill
        – 1.05 The A.C.M. kid
        – 1.09 Sudden death
        – 1.15 The mole
        – 1.16 Savior
        – 2.02 The times they are changin`
        – 2.07 Our man in Tegernsee
        – 2.17 Odds on a dead pigeon
        – 2.19 D.o.a.: Delirious on arrival
        – 2.23 Vigilante mothers
        – 3.07 Utopia now
        – 4.01 Stemwinder I
        – 4.02 Stemwinder II
        – 4.03 Unfinished business
        – 4.06 Night Crawler
        – 4.09 The man who died twice
        – 4.15 Bad timing


  16. Love your explanation, would never come up with it myself (guess I am not used to making excuses for men).

    Liked by 1 person

  17. This definitely makes more sense if it’s before Brunettes! You’re so right! And I think you’re spot on about the reason he’s so mad… he can’t help helping Amanda. 😀 But did he have to be SO rude… *sigh* Ah well, it makes the eventual turnaround even sweeter. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  18. I like the “white knight syndrome” theory, but man, oh man he can sure act like an ass sometimes. I vote for this episode coming before ‘Brunettes”.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hit the reply button too early. The other reason I don’t like Brunettes coming just before this one is I was put through the emotional wringer watching “Brunettes..” — the ringer I tell ya! But the pay off at the end made most of the episode worth it.
      And then the beginning of the very next episode – back to cranky, belligerant Lee. It felt like I (yes, it really is all about me LOL!) had gone through all that angst and cringing for nothing, all the progress in Lee’s character development and Lee and Amanda’s relationship had been lost.

      Liked by 1 person

  19. I agree, iwsod. Lee is angry at himself because he can’t help rushing to rescue Amanda. (It’s white-knight syndrome, and he has it bad for her especially.) I think he has probably argued with himself throughout the entire flight, so no wonder he’s so frustrated. Since she is the reason he’s frustrated, he takes it out on her. He does that a lot. To me, this is a strong sign of his feelings for her. It isn’t pretty, and he does seem to be mean toward her, but it is really just him feeling frustrated because he doesn’t want these feelings and doesn’t know how to handle them. Just my 2cents.

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  20. Oh, this is so much fun! I should be sleeping right now(it’s 4am in Arizona…) but I couldn’t sleep and I saw your post come in. Now it seems the nine hr flight that Lee had from DC seems excessive! When I flew from New York to Spain it was 7 hrs but maybe cuz it’s more North it took nine? So confusing! But I agree that it should’ve been placed earlier in the season!


    • A flight from Germany (Frankfurt/Main) to Spain (Alacant) lasts about 2hrs. 45 min. – 3 hrs. Add it to your 7 hrs. from NY to Spain and you’ll get Lee’s 9 hrs. 45 min.
      Europe might bee much smaller than the US but it’s not THAT small !! 🙂


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