6/12 Season Two, Episode Eight: Affair at Bromfield Hall-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Whoo hoo! it’s tuxedo time! Smile  Amanda, Lee and Lord B are dressed for a party! Amanda is looking gorgeous! Great to see she brought her own dress to Europe! [We saw her wear this dress in the Mole – remember when David admitted to being ‘zapped’ by Amanda.. only her hair was up.. it’s very pretty! https://justwalkwithme.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/137.jpg ]
Amanda: well, you really should be resting.
Lee: Amanda I am not Jamie, I am not Philip..
[It’s unusual to hear Lee this early on refer to them by name.. and not as ‘the boys’ ]
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001237070
Amanda: Mr Stetson the doctor said you have a very nasty bruise on that shoulder
[So what’s going on with their cover?? why is Lee ‘Mr Stetson’ again? Lee just called her Amanda? and she called him Lee in front of Lord B when they went to tea.. it’s confusing!]
Lee laughs and tells Lord B: You see she saves my life and now she feels she’s responsible for me. haa haa
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001244077
[Whoa!!! what a loaded statement that is!! Firstly, good to see Lee actually state that Amanda saved his life. Secondly, still no thank you! and thirdly – feeling responsible is usually Lee’s trick! So he should be able to identify that one when he sees it! Smile  Lee makes a joke out of it though – I figure he isn’t use to being fussed over.]
Lord B to Amanda: Quick thinking! Well done!!
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001245178
Amanda: awh well thank you very much.
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001246079
Lord B thanks Amanda! Once again doing what Lee should have done! Lee  learn from Lord Bromfield  and repeat “Well Done Amanda or thank you Amanda” It won’t kill ya!! Great to see Amanda get some encouragement.
Lee: this is a very, very interesting room Mr Bromfield
He’s not a Lord anymore? Smile What cheek! Off with his head! Winking smile
btw- I am finding this room very interesting also.. though probably not for the same reasons Lee is Winking smile
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001249182
Amanda: it certainly is.
Lee moves over to the weapons.. and Amanda sees them.. we later learn they are called ‘pikes’ I learned a new word 🙂2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001255622

Isn’t it delicious to see Lee in a tux, standing in front of a knight’s shiny armour???? If that’s not a subliminal message I don’t know what is!!! ROFL!! we were only commenting recently (was it while walking through our man in tegernsee?) that Lee has White Knight syndrome (WKS Winking smile ) when it comes to Amanda! tee hee.. It is wonderful to watch this, knowing Lee indeed does fulfil the role ( in all ways!!!) of Amanda’s Knight in Shining Armour! Smile we just have to wait a few seasons to see it Smile  I sometimes think Lee uses his tuxedo like it’s an armour..
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001257090
I LOVE how we see Lee as Amanda says this next line:  whoooo! That’s a little dangerous looking.. [ I agree Amanda.. Lee in a tux?? Very dangerous for my constitution, my balance..my sense of reason.. my self respect.. tee hee!!!! whoooooo haaaaaaa]
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001257223
.. I’d keep them away from Phillip and Jamie.
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001257357
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001261194Lord B: Mmhmm well they are now strictly decorative
of course.. [ he says this as we watch Lee put one back in it’s place – ROFL! I can’t help but think he is talking about Lee! Lee in his tux? – very decorative!! Winking smile ]
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001263496
but I daresay they did their share of damage in their own time.
[ What a coincidence! Just like Lee’s Tuxedo!! 😉 ] I am sooo distracted by the strictly decorative Tux.. this episode? err it is now one of my favourites! Winking smile
Lord B: you know, it’s a great shame… that  you didn’t actually see that photographer in the act. (Amanda nods, she’s so diplomatic!) If you had done, we could have brought charges against him.
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001273206
Amanda: Why are you so sure that it was the photographer?
Lord B: well who else could it be? I checked him out….
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001279412
[I checked him out too Lord B!!! Ohhh you mean the photographer?? I thought you were talking about.. errr umm.. never mind..]
…His name is Ronald Compson. by all reports he’s a thoroughly bad lot. And he made threats against you earlier didn’t he. [Hmm! Let me guess Compson has got to pick-a-pocket or twooooo!]
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001284617
Yes, yes . I still think it’s a little out of character.
[eh? how do you know that?! I guess he means Compson would have rather killed him with his bare hands than by dropping an urn on his head Winking smile but the line sounds weird to me.. he doesn’t know anything about this guy]
Amanda questions who could have gotten into the house.. but 2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001295228Lord B points out that anyone could have gotten in, it was wide open with people coming and going.. (drat!)



Lord B says he is 2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001300533certain it is Compson.. and Lee says adamantly that he isn’t. [that’s rather forceful given you are suppose to be the president of an electronics company.. and not an agent]
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001301234
Lord B: You care to elaborate on that?
Lee: Nooooo no I don’t Smile
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001304871
Lord B: are you quite sure you want to go to this retched party Mr Stetson?
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001307240
Lee: oh yes, yes I’m looking forward to it.
(he smiles for Lord B’s benefit.. – and ours *swoooooon*- I think he wants to go to the party to work on his case..he probably suspects Compson will not miss this opportunity to take photos.. And Lee in a tux? who can blame him Winking smile )
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001311578 Lord B looks away and starts doubting  whether he should go.. Lee 2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001312912quickly gives Amanda that look again – LOL she is starting to get use to them!! and she sees Lee 2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001313246wants her to back him up in his enthusiasm for going to the party! tee heee… Amanda is learning Lee well! It’s very cute watching the penny drop with Amanda!
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001313980Amanda: Ohh I’m looking forward to it too!
Lord B: Oh are you?
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001319252
Amanda: yes
( Big smiles! )
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001321021
Lord B: ohh well, then in that case, we shall spend no more time in this dusty armoury.
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001322756
Lord B holds out his arm to Amanda to accompany her, and Lee follows them ( come on.. what’s happened to Lee and Amanda appearing to be more than just boss and secretary? UGH!!! What a wasted opportunity this weekend in the country is!! )
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001324357

Lee read Lord B well, he knew he was a gentleman, and if Amanda wanted to go to the party – then they would be going to the party! Go Lee! Smile Now if only he could learn Amanda!! Winking smile he is trying..but being so unique..it will take a few more seasons I think Smile Ha!!

Well, with all this tuxedo goodness on display.. I really must pace myself! I shall finish up there for now.. I would love to hear your thoughts or experiences of this tuxedo err I mean episode.. Thanks for reading! back with more soon..

12 responses to “6/12 Season Two, Episode Eight: Affair at Bromfield Hall-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. There’s just something about a man in a tux……even a not so gorgeous man looks good in a tux…..but….when you are a Greek god and then put on a tux…..zowie….wowie….my heart is doing a somersault…..my breathing is laboured….I’m a mess! How does KJ do it? I couldn’t be around BB in a tux and utter a single line coherently.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh no kidding! Plus I blush SOOO easily — makeup wouldn’t be able to hide it and I’d look ridiculous. And that smile and those eyes…


  2. My explanation for Amanda calling Lee “Mr. Stetson” and his remarks about her feeling responsible: Yes, they are supposed to be pretending to be more than employer-employee, per LB’s suggestion, BUT remember that LB thinks they really ARE just work associates. So in his presence, Lee and Amanda need to maintain that cover story. But Amanda can’t help showing how she cares for Lee – the fussing over his shoulder – so he has to produce a rationale for her concern that kind of works in the context of an employer/employee relationship.

    And yes, Lee looks tasty in a tux.

    (BTW, could that bit with Lee hoisting the pike be any more phallic? He’s da MAN!)


  3. What a fabulous great hall…..and not just because it contains Amanda in her gorgeous dress and Lee in his lethal weapon tux 😉
    I love the mix of armoury with a child’s rocking horse at the end of the hall. I can imagine a few kids who lived there made good use of that space, riding scooters and the like up and down it I shouldn’t wonder LOL
    Do like the imagery of Lee at the night, especially when manhandling the pike. I could make lots of innuendos but I will refrain as this is a family show 😉
    Lee is reading an awful lot into Compson but I can see his logic. Here is a man who makes a living taking seedy photographs. Kill the target and your job is kinda of redundant.
    Anyway stuff talking I am off to drool at the tux……


  4. IWSOD, can we save these photos so we can use them as wallpaper or screen savers on our computer?


    • hiya Jeanine! That is very good of you to ask! yes.. feel free to use them.. but if you could keep my little watermark I would be very chuffed indeedy! 🙂

      Will we get to see which one you will use as an avatar? It’s hard to choose huh.. I’ve been toying around with the idea of a new avatar.. my old strawberry tuxedo needs an upgrade! 😉

      Thank you!!

      Great to hear from you all! sounds like Thanksgiving has been a busy time for you all! I am glad you stopped by before we got to the next post – the big ‘ Touching down by the Thames’ scene 😉 I REALLY want to hear your thoughts!!!

      Although, I have split the scene in two.. as there are so many goodies in there.. can’t wait! 🙂


  5. I do like Amanda’s dress here. It’s so lovely on her. Lee in the tux – handsome as usual.

    Lord Bromfield is playing the long-suffering husband, I think. He’s not one to be social, but his wife is, so he goes along. He’d much rather sit and chat with Lee and Amanda in a library or something – which is why he’s blind to his wife’s shenanigans. And, it is also why he was so easily brought into this scandal.


    • HI Debilyn, this relationship between Lord and Lady B is interesting.. I’m wondering if it has anything to say to Lee and Amanda’s relationship.. I am pondering it as I write this…

      So far, it seems to me that Lord B travels alot for his work.[He was in Washington for much of the year without his wife – that’s alot of time apart] and he thinks his wife is very practical.. and entertains far too much 😉

      Lady B seems to be looking less for practicality, and more for Love – so far, while I’m not making excuses for her cheating, it seems Lady B was lonely, and ripe for the taking because she was a bit neglected by Lord B.. [I think Lady annoyingspoon references something about this.. but I’m not up to it yet and haven’t watched it yet – anyone??]

      Could this be a warning about Neglecting those close to us?? ahem????!! Also, the whole ‘ridiculous’ scandal is very dismissive of Amanda’s passionate side..[she is not just ‘practical’ ] soooo I wonder if they are hinting here.. hmm just pondering that one.. if you have any thoughts on this or ideas – please share! Input is fab! byeee for now!

      Still this is only my impression up to this point, I think there is a little more on it at the end.. I dont’ remember exactly and haven’t gotten there yet. I’m in the middle of packing and moving house. oh joy! 😉 very thankful for smk’s distractions! byeeeee

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  6. Okay, I rewatched this epi last night and I gotta say I am rather disappointed that Lee is so condescending to Amanda. It’s always bugged me in this ep but moreso now for some reason. H doesn’t seem to trust her instincts in this ep like he had in previous ones. He is forgiven with the tux butI gotta say I love the hair!


  7. Hmmm…. yes… I think I remember now why I liked watching this episode… 😉 Lee looks stunning in his tux! Can’t wait for the next post! 😀


  8. Or my keyboard woes could be caused by it shorting out because of me drooling on it. Tux! Tux! Tux! Tux!

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