10/12 Season Two, Episode 9: A Class Act-Scarecrow and Mrs King

On to the wrestling matches.. [Is it just me or would it have been great to see how Lee wrestled Amanda?! Winking smile ]
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001538805
[check out the guy leaning into Amanda there on the right –is  he coming on to her?? LOL!]
Why does Lee get a stick? while Brad Jordan gets nothing?  Ohhh so he is the guy who likes to scowl at Amanda (I was confused!)  err get him Lee!!
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001546813
Hey! Check out Francine’s snazzy fashionable addition to those boring training tracksuits!!  yes.. she must have a lovely low slung belt over her trackies ( Australian slang for tracksuit pants)! Fashion police, please arrest Francine for wearing a belt with her tracksuit!!! Smile
Love the expression on Amanda’s face when Lee gets thrown.. too funny!
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001552819

Brad Jordan apologises for throwing Lee and people ask if he is okay. [I’m thinking he let Brad throw him so he could talk to Billy..]
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001559826
Lee says he’s fine, but he thinks he’s twisted his ankle. Billy suggests Mr Stetson should rest a few minutes..
Billy helps Lee up saying to Francine: Pair Jordan up with Maschio over there.
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001568835Notice the little shout out to producer Michael J Maschio?? nice!

Lee limps off with Billy.. and they  talk in private – Billy confirms the lab results: the big bomb that went boom boom was in the itty bitty candle. [Okay, Billy didn’t say it exactly like that! 😉 )
Lee says to Billy: that figures..the MO has Vardosk written all over it Billy.
Billy points to Lee’s ankle and says: Maybe you should check that out.
Lee is reminded – oh yeah it’s suppose to hurt.. and he starts groaning again! Winking smile

It’s time for Peggy to fight Amanda. ahhh do they even get any instruction here? Poor Amanda! Amanda comes onto the mat and looks at Francine waiting for Francine to say when to start, but while her head is turned, Peggy (suddenly in a really bad wig Winking smile ) goes for it and throws Amanda
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001610443
Oh that is soo not fair!  2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001611878

Okay, for a split second Francine looks concerned.. but.. the moment Amanda lifts her head, it’s a look of sheer Glee on Francine’s face! Especially as Amanda walks away to rest in pain LOL!! Well.. that is true to Francine’s character! Smile
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001631398
In the context of the episode as a whole, this 2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001625892moment is not as funny as it could have been. I’m over people enjoying Amanda being humiliated, defeated, hurt etc.

[Even if that is typical Francine! Was it terribly terribly painful?!]

So, at Francine’s suggestion, Amanda takes a 15 minute break from the fighting class..

Uh oh.. next thing we see Amanda is going through a woman’s wardrobe ( and she has really ugly colours! Winking smile )
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001645912
More evidence that all of Amanda’s pent up inhibitions over breaking into other people’s rooms and going through their things has exploded with uncontrollable force!!!! Winking smile Well Amanda did just get thrown pretty hard to the ground.. maybe it’s the trauma Winking smile whatever! It’s ridiculous! Even in mid season three, (where Lee calls Amanda a cab) Amanda isn’t breaking into people’s stuff!!!!! grrrrr..

Amanda leaves the cabin, and as she leaves, Lee comes out of another cabin quickly hiding but then realising it’s Amanda ( cute!). Sooo Lee  calls her over to where he is.. They go into Cabin 5, Brad Jordan’s cabin.. and Lee is kind of serious faced.. why? because Amanda is doing more snooping when he asked her not to?
Amanda: did you find anything?
Lee bends down to pull something out of a drawer: Look at this! (It’s a gun, and for a split second Amanda thinks they are on to their man) then.. Lee pulls the trigger and reveals that this is a lighter..
Lee: Look I don’t think Brad is their plant.
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001684951

Looks like stern Lee was him being frustrated at no leads.. and not at catching Amanda interfering (Like he has repeatedly asked her not to).. Hmm!

Anyway, Amanda was searching Peggy’s room.. because she got thrown by Peggy, Amanda thinks she’s the Pavlova! But Lee says it doesn’t mean anything.. Funny,  they both went straight to the cabin of the person who threw them on the mat! 😉
[whoa! in this moment.. it suddenly looks like Lee is wearing his eye liner! Uh oh.. it’s getting to that part of season 2 where I have to swoon regardless of Lee’s eye makeup! ]
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001692959
Peggy had done self defence classes.. IMHO throwing Amanda does make Peggy look guilty- but for a different reason!
Who would do that to someone after they saved their life on the flying fox (zip line!)?? she’s got to be a baddie! 😉

Lee tells Amanda to get on to her defensive driving class..
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001709976
ohh he is such an organiser of Amanda this week! come on! we need to go to this, you need to go to that! hehehheee..
Amanda: ok! you be careful!
Lee: No! You be careful!!!
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_0017139802.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001714981
Amanda: ha. I’ll be careful! It’s just driving, how hard can it be?
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001720987

On to the driving course.. Francine is Amanda’s instructor? man that is not fair! Amanda has enough to deal with.. well.. Hmmm I won’t go into too much detail.. but.. Amanda flubs it.
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001763029
Amanda: I’m really sorry Francine, I’m not use to driving this fast.
Francine: Do you really expect me to teach you the bootleggers turn when you can’t even complete the beginners course?

Amanda: A beginner’s course????
Francine: ha the beginner’s course haaaa.. Alright, on to phase 2.. ( nooo let’s not! )
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001778044
Aie! She might do better if Francine were not the instructor! I don’t expect her to do perfectly but why such extreme ineptitude??!!! It’s not funny..
137Hmm another Magic Bus moment bites the dust- Amanda has driven into New York for the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade after 138all- and beaten military jeeps chasing her while she’s driving a  fully loaded and ready to blow RV! Winking smile Darn Shel Willens did he or she even watch Magic Bus?? and what’s the producer’s excuse?!

I feel like I should quit while I’m ahead here.. Did anyone find this funny this sequence of Amanda doing the defensive driving??

I did enjoy watching Francine suffer through Amanda’s attempt at  defensive driving though! ha haaa.. suffer Francine!  oh hurray.. Amanda got one bit right! She did the reverse bootlegger! Go Amanda! At least they got one part of Amanda’s character correct this week – she doesn’t give up!!  🙂

Watch Lee pretend to approach Billy with his ‘sore ankle’.. he limps, pretends it still hurts, and then lowers his voice a little and discusses the case – suddenly no longer looking like he is in pain at all! ha haaaa!! 

Lee explains to Billy they’ve picked up a garbled radio transmission coming out of the camp and they can’t decipher it.

Hmmm… here is a reason to keep on with taking a close look at A Class Act!!! 😉
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001856122
LOL! watch Lee’s trouser pockets in this scene! rofl!! they jump everywhere! tee hee!! Lee’s doing that thing again of his fingers fidgeting in his tracksuit pants pockets- it’s very distracting!  Ants in his pants? 😉 maybe that’s what we should call that little habit of his!
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001866132
Lee suggests throwing the baddies off balance by fidgeting in his pockets.. errr no.. 😉 by.. bringing up Dodge City ahead of schedule, moving it to tomorrow.. Lee wants to take them on alone.. so they aren’t tipped off.. Ohhh dear.. you know Lee is a trained agent and all, and I am sure he is good at what he does, but this whole working alone thing can be ridiculously dangerous.. Love how Lee says ‘ Ohh maybe one back up..’ gee that’s very wise of you Lee! Billy questions everything Lee suggests, but Lee gets his way.. I swear Lee sounds like the boss, not the other way around!

Lee wanders off.. LOL! Love Lee’s ‘ whooowww!’ as he limps off suddenly pretending he has a sore ankle again! haaaa..
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001889155


Ohhhh noooo.. they aren’t done making Amanda look a failure at the driving class..
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001904170
Here comes Amanda completely out of control to take out everyone at the checkpoint.. UGH! oh and another little ‘ ohhh Amanda’s hopeless’ look from Billy and Lee to end out the scene.. aha.. yeah.. hmm..nope, still not funny to me.. maybe the 11th time this episode it will be 😉
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001925191
Does anyone find this funny? does anyone enjoy the driving sequence?? Maybe it’s just me.. I’ll move on..

On to dinner! And Amanda joins Dr Floyd ( ‘you talkin to me?’! weird! noooo she’s talking to the table..)
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001931197

Dr Floyd’s nutritional analysis of their dinner is interesting!
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_0019582242.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001956222
Love how Lee overhears, stops eating and just looks down at his dinner in disgust, like he is seeing it for the first time! now that is cute little gag!! 🙂 Nice Touch!
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001963229Amanda tells Dr Floyd she tries to stick to the fruits and vegetables..
Peggy, sitting at a table across the way overhears and cattily remarks to her fellow diner about Amanda: I 2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001966232guess everyone from the land of gurus, hot tubs and bean sprouts really is a vegetarian!
[btw- what a dumb joke to make.. ]

I think Amanda should have known Peggy was the evil pavlova, not just because she knew wrongly that Amanda is from California, but because Amanda saved her life on the zipline- and then Peggy proceeded to throw her across a mat-hard AND insult her with catty snide remarks!! Not even Lee would respond to Amanda saving his life by doing that! 😆
And so, now Amanda has to deal with catty remarks from fellow recruits just lovely.. [This whole clue never worked for me.. it’s too contrived!! ].. as well as being deprived of any cleverness, memory skills, driving skills, good sense.. that she usually has in spades! Still, Amanda’s nice.. and  she’s lucky! Winking smile

Love how when Billy and Francine are giving everyone the run down on what will be happening – even the cook in the kitchen stops still and listens in! hehehe..
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001991257

Billy and Francine explain the next morning is Dodge City training:
Francine: Dodge city is a pursuit and avoidance course. Specifically designed to test  your ability to think and act under pressure. [ My goodness, hasn’t Amanda already demonstrated this by this stage?? over and over??!!! ] In order to successfully complete this course, you will have to run the entire Dodge City gauntlet, including, what we affectionately term: Assassin’s alley. [ Gee you don’t think the final confrontation with the baddie assassins could happen there do you? Winking smile ] Further detailed instructions will be given to each of you for your respective starting points tomorrow.
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_0019965292.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001995862

At this, Amanda is beaming from ear to ear… Lee gives her a much smaller smile in response.. he can’t share her enthusiasm,  knowing she isn’t going to be going to Dodge City.. Poor Amanda!
Billy finishes up [on a positive note as usual! Winking smile ]: And remember! Only those of you that successfully finish will be going on for more training.

On that happy note (ha!), I shall finish up there for now!! Hope you are all hanging in there!!
Or.. is there any readers who really enjoy this episode? if so.. I would love to hear what you love about it! Don’t worry about me being so grumpy with this episode.. I do still love this show, and am more than open to hearing things people enjoy about this episode – it’s not all bad Smile  Also though, if you want to complain- feel free! haaa..

Back with more soon! We are nearly finished!!!! Hopefully I can finish up in one more post- and maybe find a goodie or two along the way- if you find any? Please share!!  Thanks for reading!! Please let me know if you have any thoughts, comments questions or insights! Smile byeee!!

16 responses to “10/12 Season Two, Episode 9: A Class Act-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. In answer to your question, this ep is one of my best favorites. I love the humor, I love the Lee & Amanda interaction, I love seeing Lee dressed so casually (and he really looks great in blue, but I digress), and it’s just an altogether fun atmosphere. I didn’t think at the time of the inconsistencies, but now I’m just willing to chalk them up to being nervous around Francine & Billy like I mentioned on the other page.

    By the way, was I the only one convinced Lee had faked his ankle injury to have an excuse to go snooping? It’s not until we see him limping later that I realized it was real. (And then when I rewatched the ep 2 weeks later I forgot and assumed he faked it again! Speaking of flunking Kim’s Game…)


  2. The “bootlegger turn” driving lesson part of this episode never sat well with me. After watching it again and reading all of your comments I suddenly realized why. After watching shows like “Canada’s Worst Drivers” and “MythBusters” I can see that Station One seems more like an entry exam rather than a training camp. In the aforementioned shows, whenever there is a driving lesson, the maneuver is taught slowly and in a wide open space. Then when the driver gains confidence, it speeds up. That being the case I think Amanda’s lack of success is a direct reflection on her instructors (i.e. Francine) rather than a reflection of her skill, IMHO.

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  3. Urgh hate how they make Amanda suspecting everyone.
    I am finding when I pay too much attention to this episode the more I dislike about it. Probably best to not over think it and pay very close attention to Lee playing pocket billiards in his trackies 😉
    His expression when he listens to Dr Floyd about the food crack me up. Come now Lee you’ve been to station one before, have you never noticed the food before?!

    So is a bootlegger the same as a handbrake turn?! Pity they didn’t get Amanda doing donuts 😉


  4. Actually, I adore this episode and place it in my top five, somewhere between Burn Out and the Stemwinders….hahahahahahha!!! Just kidding. Cindy? Iwsod? Did I make you faint? No, to be honest, even my computer is protesting this rather poorly-written episode and won’t play it. I’m soaking up and enjoying Iwsod’s poignant reflections on this, so I think that’s good enough.

    On a separate note, I’m also looking forward to Playing Possum coming up, which I never saw until about this time last year because they weren’t showing it in syndication when I had my SMK obsession going in 1991. Strange.

    On a completely separate note, I’m in the midst of posting that story of mine (shameless plug) on fanfiction.net. Stay away, RedGold, until you see season 4. It’s a post-season 4 piece. A big thank you to Cindy for helping me stay on track and resisting the urge to kick it to the curb a while back.

    Here’s the link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8784868/1/Almost-Home

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  5. Hmmmmmm, I think if I ever have to think of this episode ever again, I will just chalk it up to it being just after DOA – ( hey — if the writer can ignore important character traits, I can ignore an inconsistent hair do) and Amanda still loopy and manic from the psychoactive drugs she was given. Or it was just a really bad dream. La la la la la la – going to my happy place – la, la, la, la!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Cindy and Raffie! Yeah I am feeling I want to move onwards and upwards too! Thanks soo much for hanging in there with me!!
      I’ll try and finish up in one last post – but I am still looking out for any little gems – you never know 😉 We are yet to get to the delicious blooper of the magic arm!! which.. it seems has been removed from the official dvds thanks to the size of the format – but! I have access to it on the old anniversary dvds so I’ll be posting a gif of it for you to have a giggle over 🙂 ahhh SMK.. I love it!!

      LOL Cindy! Love your idea- go with it if it works for you! 🙂 Poor Amanda… what were the odds of her being called up to Station One, while she was still suffering the after effects of her chicken salad sandwich? 😉

      Raffie – I hear ya! It is sad to moan about a show we love so much! but.. you guys have been troopers! and.. I have actually found that this experience has helped me to see a little clearer just what it is about SMK that I love so much – and that they usually do so well!

      Oh la laaa Raffie, make-me-sweat pants? rofl!!! when you’ve checked out the scene let me know! ha!

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      • You’ve been a trooper with this episode, Iwsod!

        No magic arm in the DVD version? I hadn’t noticed but I’m disappointed! I love the little SMK bloopers.


        • Paula’s story an advent calendar?? I love it!!! and low calorie! 😉 I read the first chapter last night!! And it was wonderful Paula.. I am going to aim to read a chapter each night before bed.. until I have no more to read! They are a great length the chapters.. I never read fan fic.. very very rarely.. so this has been a very interesting experience! I might get back to Redgold’s fan fic too.. except I need to try and find that link – is it in small bite sized pieces like Paula’s?
          You’re up to chapter 4 Raffie?! cool!! how many chapters have been released so far? I’ll print off chapter 2 for tonight!

          Redgold are you out there? I Miss you!!! Or are you avoiding all the negativity of A Class Act?.. hope you are well!

          Oh just as an FYI -Regarding linking in comments: -I’ve changed the settings, so now if anyone posts a link in a comment it will go to Moderation – not a big deal..and feel free to link in a comment- it just means there will be a slight delay for your comment showing up on the blog. I need to make security a bit tighter.. oh and if you ever post a link – always give an explanation for what it is.. or I will just assume it is a virus of some kind.. I want this blog to stay free from spam and safe – so I am being extra careful.

          Hi Debilyn, writer’s strike? was there? gosh how would we find out about that? anyone?? it makes sense.. seems like Shel Willen’s episode was just bought on a freelance type basis by someone making a dumb decision.. but I am glad it is only the one! 🙂 I liked Paula’s theory- that this was KJ’s breaking point- and it set the wheels in motion for an overhaul!

          Yeah! Drugged Amanda works! 😉 Good one Cindy!

          I did notice there are alot of producer’s listed.. anyone interested in investigating the crew history of smk and it’s run?? comparing when people left.. was it normal for there to be six producers???

          Awh sweet! thanks Raffie.. you’re such an encouragement! Yes I love the smk bloopers too.. part of the SMK charm!! 🙂 I know what you mean about redoing the vids with the better quality source material – it’s a big job and I can understand why it is better to move on and be inspired to do other things, than swap in and out this and that.. ugh! In fact this is one of reasons I went with doing a blog. I had posted some episode recaps on yuku ( yes they were much much smaller and less detailed!) with pics, but they were very poor quality, and I needed to go through and update all the pics all over again – so I thought what the heck – why not go back to the start and go through the eps again – with the clearer picture things look different, you notice more nuances.. more details in the back ground or whatever – err accept for this magic arm which is no more – but at least we still have it in poor quality! that’s coming up in the final post for this ep!

          Yes! 12 posts on this ep.. a lot! I guess I tried to tackle it in small chunks to keep the motivation up! [I’m trying to keep the size of posts to around 1000 words these days] and.. I am finding this dodge city sequence to be interesting!!

          Tag what tag?? seriously.. can one of you vid makers whip something together to take it’s place.. please??!!!
          Maybe we could come up with something to use the same footage – but with different dialogue..using captions instead! you know? anyone want to have a go?!

          Ok well must run byee for now!


          • I’ve got a great vid substitute for the end tag, iwsod. How about this energetic one by lovesmk (Sarah)? It ends with a nice, big, “boom”!


          • Ah, captioning is something I love to do, but if I do get to do a Class Act tag, it will have to be deferred to after Christmas. Silly real life. I like Paula’s suggestion. Here’s another vid, this one by Moxie, which keeps the theme of brainlessness (if we can stand it just a little longer!) but gives Lee a little equal time:


            • Hi Paula, big boom boom? you know what I like! 😉 thanks!! BTW- I am enjoying your story Almost Home! wow!!! so suspenseful!! I am on to chapter 3 tonight…. and can’t wait to see what happens next!!! thanks so much for sharing all your hard work with all of us smk fans!! 🙂

              Ahh Sooo this california stereotype really is just plain lame!!!Ugh!
              Yes.. I agree Debilyn, stereotypes are sometimes unfair.. so they should be used with great care 😉 I do love when SMK plays on them and makes fun of them.. like the whole average housewife gag.. ha! Or spies in trenchcoats!

              Thanks for checking on the writer’s strike! Good spy researching skills there!! 🙂 Hmm maybe we’ll have to stick with Cindy’s suggestion – the DOA drugs are still at work! 🙂

              Raffie, thanks for linking to the vid! I’ll check it out!
              Hey if you could do a new version of the Tag – you would be my hero! [no rush!!]


    • lol. So it was you, Cindy, who said it came after DOA? Yep, that works. 😉


  6. Good catch! I’d never noticed Lee grimacing at the food. I guess I was too busy grimacing in general. This is my least favorite scene because it is so forced, or I think you said contrived which is definitely a better word choice. The writing is so amateurish that I can’t believe they left it in. It really makes we wonder if this script was a total rush job, or if perhaps there was some nepotism going on. I guess even a rush job wouldn’t explain the inconsistencies with prior scripts. But I don’t want to carry on too much about it … we’ve already agreed there are some painful moments. I’ll move on.

    I’ll also have to go back and check out the fidgeting Lee. At least the sweat pants are not as distracting as the tight make-me-sweat pants from Bromfield Hall!

    Interesting that with so few “layers” in this script, it is tricky to comment on. No complexity. No subtlety. No ambiguity. (Although as we’ve seen, lots of contradictions.) I’m finding myself getting restless for the next episode.


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