9/12 Season Two, Episode 9: A Class Act-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Amanda, alone in the blacked out cabin, lights her candle.. and she is spooked.. she hears a noise outside and mumbles to herself: I don’t like this!
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001316883
So she takes her candle with her outside.. [I’ve adjusted the exposure on the pics in this sequence so we can see it – very dark! so hope they don’t look to weird! but well.. we want to see this next sequence! best part of this whole episode! Smile ]
Before we continue though, help me out here.. see this photo below- I’ve turned it upside down-  look at the picture on the table – who do you think that is????!!!! Could it be… BB? I have no idea why it’s even there!
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001316583

Anyway, Amanda goes and knocks on Lee’s cabin door.. she calls out his name, but not hearing an answer, she enters..
Amanda: Lee? Are you asleep?
We see in the bed, there is someone laying in it.. we are suppose to think it’s Lee.. but why Lee would be sleeping with a lit candle next to his bed is anyone’s guess! Winking smile  (oh wait! could it be some continuity?? after all we learn in flight to freedom he is afraid of the dark! 😉 )
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001327861
Amanda walks over to his bed, and puts her lit candle down next to his,
Amanda: Lee! I’m sorry to wake you up.
She pulls back the covers and gets the shock of her life!
A scarecrow!! Argh!!! She screams..  (I’ll join her.. screaming at how ugly those sheets are!! 😉 )
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001340774
Lee grabs Amanda from behind quickly, wanting to avoid Amanda screaming and drawing attention..
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001341474
He holds her close.. ( hoo haaa..) and keeps his hand over her mouth..  You don’t mind if I include lots of pics of this do you?? didn’t think sooooo Winking smile
Lee whispers: shh! shhh! Amanda Amanda!!!
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001342375
Amanda: eek!
Lee: shhh it’s me, Lee.
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001344177
Amanda: MMMMMmmmm??
Lee: okay?

2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001346880
Finally, Lee begins to release Amanda.
Lee seems to have his arms around her for an awfully long time.. poor Amanda.. ahem.. that just must have been such a scary and unpleasant moment. ahem.. err standing there in Lee’s arms for a while! hehehe.. ( now if this was anyone other than Amanda, Lee may have wondered if she had come by for a little nookie!)  btw- that is one ugly scarecrow Lee made as his decoy! hehehee… I am use to seeing one really gorgeous scarecrow!

Is it just me, or do you think Amanda would usually have dared to enter Lee’s cabin, after dark- see him sleeping in his bed, go over to him and wake him up, pulling down his covers like that?? err because she heard a noise and she wanted to warn him?! I can imagine Amanda opening his door and looking the other way calling out to him maybe? ( like in weekend) but.. then we wouldn’t have the gag with the scarecrow.. and the loooong moments of Lee holding Amanda very closely..hmm this acting out of character thing can have it’s perks Winking smile
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001350784
Lee is doing a lot of touching here as he lets go of Amanda.. and walks around to show her what’s in the bed!
Amanda: what’s that!
Lee: that! is a scarecrow! (Lee holds the scarecrow’s head up a little for Amanda to admire,yes Lee Amanda Lurves scarecrows!! Winking smile )
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001354387
Nice touch huh?! haaa
Amanda: Oh yes, it nearly scared me to death!
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001357090
Lee: yeah. Ha. It was a precaution against any unwanted visitors

LOL- (you know what the ladies are like with Lee – phew! Winking smile ) Lee covers the scarecrow up again .. I was out checking on the generator when I saw a  light moving through my room. What are you doing here anyway?
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001365498
( LOL! actually, now that I think about it- wouldn’t that be the first question teee heee)
Amanda: well I heard a strange noise outside and I… thought I should warn you.
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001369402
Lee: Hm well er that’s very nice of you Amanda
(huh????)2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001371504
I’m very glad that you did that… (eh????)
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001372706
…and I appreciate it very much. But I think I can handle things myself okay.

Is it just me, or does  this seems awfully nice of Lee.. too nice?! It’s weird that he is so very nice! This is season 3 Lee talking here.. it is very strange after Bromfield Hall to be hearing Lee be soooo very patient and soo reasonable.. and complimentary.. Aie!  Where is Lee?? what did they do with Lee? 

I know, I must be crazy to be complaining that Lee is too nice! when I have been wishing he would treat Amanda better – but in this context it doesn’t fit right. Amanda is being more dim, more infuriating, more interfering, and more annoying! why would Lee be suddenly treating her  much nicer than when she is being normal Amanda?! It’s a bit too much – and again, IMHO it’s another area where the writer is just off track in this episode!! I even wondered if this should come after Brunettes – and questioned this.. maybe I was wrong.. but it doesn’t make sense with the opening of the episode and Lee complaining about Amanda going – he wouldn’t be doing that if he had just accepted Amanda as his partner! Aie!! My head hurts guys!!! anyone else ?? It must be all that banging my head on the table, which Cindy suggested Winking smile
Amanda: I’m going back to my cabin?
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001380513
Lee: good I’ll walk you.
[ LOL.. in other words yes!]
Lee has picked up his candle, mistaking it for Amanda’s, which he has left on his bedside table with the scarecrow.. I think Lee wants to walk Amanda back to her cabin so she stays out of trouble..
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001388621
big boom boom!!! [yes! a reference to the Mad Magazine spoof!! awesome!!!]
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001390123

That’s a pretty big boom boom for such an itty bitty candle Winking smile  Lee and Amanda are knocked to the ground, unmoving..  The scarecrow dies!!! Noooooooo!!!!! nope, not Lee, the ugly one! And … we cut to a commercial break Winking smile

I am so glad Amanda heard a noise and came to warn Lee … and I am so glad Lee picked up the wrong Candle and accidentally swapped with Amanda ( Hey! Lee sure is lucky too!! That must be what makes a great agent Winking smile ).

We come back from the break, to find Lee and Amanda coming to.. Lee has his arm around Amanda on the ground, as if he had been protecting her.
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001400900
Ohhh bless him! I do believe this is completely in character for our Lee Smile  KJ and BB do a fantastic job of conveying the panic and disorientation of being thrown to the ground by a bomb!
Lee: are you alright Amanda?
Amanda: I don’t know.
Lee helps Amanda up off the dirt..
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001402102
come on get up
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001403303
Amanda at the same time: are we alright? are we alright?
Lee pulls her up and immediately ( swoon!!) into a hug!!!
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001405405
Lee: are you injured??
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001406606
Others (recruits and trainers)  begin to arrive muffling this fabulous exchange between Lee and Amanda.. and bringing their hugs to an end – Curse Them!!!! [ this is the best part of this episode.. and the only reason I will watch it again in ohhh the next 5 years! ]
Billy: What happened???!!!!
Lee: I don’t know,
(??) it blew, we were standing out here and then everything just went!
Billy: Alright the excitement’s over, Francine get them back to their rooms.

Off Francine takes the recruits back to their beds.. though seems no one is in the PJs yet Winking smile 

This would have been curious to the secret Pavolva, what was Amanda’s candle doing in Lee’s room?? it would certainly make the Pavlova suspicious wouldn’t it??
Now Billy is alone with Lee and Amanda..
Amanda: what is that smell?
Lee: It’s phosphorus. The space heater didn’t blow.
Billy: I know, I’m gonna have the lab people verify it.

Lee is angry now!: Well you better get them to do a cross reference on that MO because I got a hunch on who it is!
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001434734
Billy: Leonid Vardosk.
[ ahh see Lee.. your boss is not a complete dill.. ]
Lee: phosphorus bombs are his signature aren’t they?
Amanda: who is Leonid Vardosk?
Billy: he is the eastern bloc’s top exterminator, specialising in western agents.
Lee: yeah and it looks like I’m the agent he’s after this time.

Amanda: Ohh no!!
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001446613
Lee: he can’t get to me directly so he must be running an infiltrator through this class somehow. My cover’s been blown Billy!

2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001452185
‘Blown’ Lee?? that is hilarious!!!! I am not sure this is intentional- but what a fabulous PUN! yes.. blown sky high by the big boom boom 😆
The irony is though, it isn’t blown… he only thinks it is..  but it got blown up anyway.. you following? Winking smile 

Billy wants to close the class down.. but Lee convinces Billy to let him be the bait to catch Vardosk!
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001456256
Love how Billy is all worked up and says “you be careful the both of you! ” well der! hehehee..
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001480880
Billy walks off..
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001488188
whoooo Lee and Amanda share a look..
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001490290
Amanda is pretty overwhelmed by everything ( another hug please Lee???) tee hee
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001491791
Lee puts his hand on Amanda’s arm to reassure her at the end of this conversation..
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001492692
Hmmm so did they have a spare tent? where did Lee sleep that night?!! and.. what about the poor ugly scarecrow? !! hope they paid their respects! R.I.P scarecrow!

What do you make of Amanda’s reactions to the revelations in this scene where Lee and Billy argue about the next course of action? Amanda seems to react that Lee is a target..(with an ‘ oh no’ )  but only for a second..seems pretty wimpy… For me, I would have thought Amanda would have been more protective of Lee here – and that she would have argued with Lee that it is too dangerous or something.. like she has done in the past.. but.. then again, maybe this is a bit of character growth here.. it is hard to tell.. because I don’t trust this writer at all now!! What do you think?

I must say though, nice meaningful looks between Lee and Amanda at the end of this scene.. 🙂

Back to the downtowner, and Vardosk is talking into his suitcase again.. he is mad at Pavlova for the bomb mistake.. Gregorian’s pacing is annoying him.. and everyone is cranky! the bomb didn’t kill Amanda! And.. the element of surprise is now blown! – Yep! that Pun is intentional! wahahahahaa!
Vardosk: This King woman is either very lucky or very smart.
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001518785
[I think this line of Vardosk’s sums up this episode very nicely indeed and what’s wrong with it! Amanda is very very lucky! and not at all smart.. he seems to think you can’t be both – and ordinarily, I would say Amanda is both lucky and smart.. but not in this episode!!! ]
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001530797

Gregorian wants to abort – but the boss, Vardosk says nooo they just have to think of another plan. LOL!. This is a mirror image of the scene we just saw with Billy (the boss!) wanting to abort and Lee coming up with a new plan and wanting to continue!!

I shall finish there for now.. I would LOVE to hear what you’re thinking!!! whatever it may be Smile  Is this too much detailed agony for everyone? should I skip bits??  I love love love the hug after the bomb!!! 🙂 Episode Highlight!!

I think I find this episode difficult because I love the characters so much – and the characterisation is a mess.. but there are good bits in there too so I will stick with it..but can skip over some of the details if you prefer!  (and reduce my grumbles while Amanda bumbles) This makes me appreciate even more how great SMK is usually, seeing everything that is wrong with this ep!! Smile okay byeee!!

22 responses to “9/12 Season Two, Episode 9: A Class Act-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. LOL – if I’d heard those noises I think I’d have frankly been too scared to leave my cabin, but if I had gotten out, no way would I be staying on the front step and just calling. I’d go in in a heartbeat! It’s go in where Lee can rescue me or stay on the steps…alone…with a KGB assassin outside on the loose. Not a hard choice! LOL


  2. There is that countdown thingy again in Baddie’s SuperSuitcase. What. Is. It. For.!?!?

    I so love this scene in Lee’s cabin through the end of the explosion- swooooonyyy moments!
    Something about the way he holds her and then they hug after the explosion…it genuinely makes everything else that happens with weird writing…not bad. 😉

    Morley, I love your comment on this episode in light of coming after Das Gorgeoussauce…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Was that scarecrow wearing PLAID??!!! Ha!!


  4. I love the way that the dirt smears on their clothes (after the bomb, when they’re talking to Billy) are so symmetrical… a patch on each pec and then patches further down… just like someone dusted them with dirt–like, say, a wardrobe person. Heh heh heh. 😀

    Re: the magazine picture–it looks to me like Erik Estrada (Poncherello from CHiPs). LOL.


  5. It’s really late. I am tired and trying to squeeze in SMK whilst juggling kids at home in the summer holidays.
    I won’t say much other than Lee can grab me anytime he likes!!!!! Love how he holds on for a wee bit longer than necessary. And the hug after the explosion? Sooooo heartfelt, lovely lovely stuff 🙂

    Bad Lee for leaving an unattended candle burning in his room. Very reckless and dangerous. He could have burnt his cabin down…….ooh wait…


  6. I think episode order has alot to do with this one, or at least it did for me. I went by the production order and put the European episodes in where the were aired. So the order I used for season 2 put this episode fifth after Legend of Dos Geisterschloss and actually that helped me make sense of some of the characters’ behavior.
    Of course I am one of those people who thinks that Lee and Amanda had a strong attraction to each other from the very beginning, I don’t know where I fall in the when they fell in love discussion, but I guess I think they were on that track from the First Time on. So I guess I look at the Geisterschloss episode as one where that attraction was really tugging at the., They were away from the agency and everyone connected to it as well as Amanda’s family, they were in a romantic city and they had a hard time tucking away their pull towards one another. I think they spend alot of energy “tucking away” their feelings for each other and didn’t do a good job of that while in Salzburg, especially Lee. So if this training came right on the heels of that trip Lee probably wouldn’t want to be with Amanda in another situation removed from the office and office hours while being obseved by personel, and yet he can’t help his reaction to her. I think he does better keeping his feeling for her in check when they are in their regular work environment and on the clock.
    So that explains Lee’s actions in this episode for me. Amanda is a bit out of character, but maybe she is trying hard because she is finally getting official training. Maybe that muffled her brain a bit as well as made her audacious about suspecting people. That reminds me of what she said to James Brand in Welcome to America Mr Brand, about things happening when we don’t try so hard, maybe Amanda was trying too hard to play the role of an agent trainie and she is just better when she is being Amanda.
    So those are some of my thoughts that make this episode more okay. I bet there are loopholes galore in them, but it helped me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Love your explanation. You put a lot of thought into it!
      Amanda seems to do best with spur of the moment stuff, but when she over thinks it, eveything gets screwed up (like the memory test). I’ve had that happen myself. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Someone on the SMK forum (I think) mentioned that Amanda may have been super nervous at Station One when she arrived and found Billy, Francine, and Lee were there. As if she were trying too hard and ended up not doing well as a result. She definitely is not taking time to think things through, which could be a result of nervousness or trying to make a good impression. I do like the extra concern from Lee, as if he realizes she’s nervous and wants to help her.


    • I haven’t read the commentary on Class Act at the SMK forum, but I remember the valiant job they did trying to explain Lee’s sucky/abusive behaviour in Artful Dodger so I am not surprised the peeps are trying to find the positive in this one. I am not convinced and will chalk it up to bad writing/directing. Maybe if tptb added a scene where Amanda was talking to herself how she had to relax and not try so hard and stop screwing up, I could buy into that.
      I do admit that watching the production order vs. airing order makes this tolerably better to watch, but this episode will not make my favourite list.


      • Good morning!

        Hi Debilyn, thanks for offering a different point of view. I haven’t gone back to read the A Class Act thread on yuku – yet! I try to avoid it till I’ve gone through the episode on this walk through – but I look forward to getting there! Do you agree with this theory you have mentioned they discussed?
        I love to hear different ideas! It helps in the process of interpreting what’s going on sometimes I think! Or at least, I find it helpful! And disagreeing is interesting!! 😉
        Sooo.. do I think the presence of Billy, Francine and Lee at Amanda’s training camp has made her nervous?
        For me, I don’t think this explanation resolves all the issues.. and thinking through what we’ve covered so far – the only scene where I can see that this could be a possibility is with the memory test. I could say that there is evidence in the episode that Amanda was nervous to do the test.. she was trying really hard to memorise the items, and she didn’t volunteer, and when Francine volunteered her – Amanda actually at first said no – that is very unusual! 😉 sooo I could convince myself quite happily that this little debacle was because Amanda was nervous.

        Amanda is very often working with Lee, who at times does not hide the fact that he doesn’t want her around- I don’t think pressure from her work peers is a new thing to Amanda- this is only my impression. At this point, Lee is not yet supportive of Amanda’s work performance- and he doesn’t go easy on her.. so I am of the opinion that Amanda can take a bit of disbelief from others – and still grab her opportunity to have trainign with both hands, unhindered by nervous!( her tenacity in action: which I love about her!)

        Many of the other issues I have with the episode though, are not resolved by Amanda being nervous. Amanda’s being dumb ( I’m not from california! I’m from virginia! aie!!), Amanda’s suspecting everyone at one time or another of being the pavlova- for no real reason, and Amanda’s sneaking into cabins left right and centre, Amanda’s fear of heights- Amanda had previous competent experience on the zip line – but all forgotten.. Amanda’s character has been changed from early Amanda.. dumbed down, deskilled.. stripped of any of the skills it seems which equipped her to be a good spy – and that was part of the early gag wasn’t it? that being a single mother of two boys, with a keen intellect equipped her very well to partner the great scarecrow? that knowledge of the suburbs and how real people live is a vital resource for the spy bizz? Please – let me know if you disagree – this is only the view I have.. it doesn’t have to be the right view 🙂

        Hi Morley! I love that you have grappled with this one.. it sounds like you’ve come up with a way to make sense of the episode..So stick with that 🙂 You’re lucky!! haa!

        Yeah the episode order does change things doesn’t it?! For me though, I didn’t find it helped at all with the things I just listed (regarding her nervousness not explaining)- so I still struggle with this episode – but I am really glad that you are able to make sense of it!
        Your explanation of Lee’s motivations could fit.. only the episode itself gives us no clues for why Lee is suddenly so different in his treatment of Amanda or why Amanda is suddenly so different. The episode really does stand on it’s own – wait! I’ve found a way to make it work for me!!!

        Okay!! Here goes: Forget about the awful tag that is coming!!.. Here is iwsod’s tag:
        Amanda falls to the ground at Dodge City (after tripping over the switch).. she hits her head..and blacks out.
        When she awakes, there is no Tanya Pavlova.. She is on the floor in her kitchen!
        Dotty: ‘ Amanda! I think you’ve taken helping Jamie with his first aid a little too far!! You’ve gone and banged your head! are you alright??’
        Dotty shreaks: ‘ ARgh! the pavlova in the oven!! I forgot about it!!’
        ( subliminal message: forget! the! Pavlova! 😉 )
        Dotty rushes to the oven to rescue the Pav, Amanda gets up.. and realises that Training at Station One was just a dream!
        And it’s okay, she still has her keen intellect, her wonderful memory, and her mean mummy driving skills.
        Lee still begrudgingly accepts her in his worklife, but counts her personally as a friend!
        Jamie gets his first aid badge, Phillip licks the stealthy peanut butter of his fingers.. and life in Virginia carries on as usual..
        The episode ends with Amanda rushing off to write her 11th request for training with the agency!!

        Hey it’s worth a try! 😆

        Hiya Cindy! Ahhh I love how you just say what you think 🙂 I agree, my issues with this episode I chalk up to bad writing also.. yeah a little scene like that could have been good.. as you suggested.. it is very obscure if that was what they were aiming for.

        Yeah I like the production order.. I was thinking the next episode was three faces of Emily! but it’s not!! It’s playing possum!! I transcribed this ep for operation sandstorm so I have a soft spot for it! 🙂 Just got to get through this one first.. Hmm maybe I can finish the rest in one post! 😉

        I think we are all different and probably enjoy different aspects of the show to different degrees.. I think for me, I just don’t want to watch Amanda failing all the time, at things she use to be great at, acting dumb, having others look down on her or judge her or dislike her..it’s all too much, too out of balance for me.. it’s not enjoyable for me, because I am protective of Amanda the character!

        Lee being so nice? I love it to.. tee hee.. I just find it weird! It’s confusing to me! It doesn’t upset me though because it’s so nice! haaaa.. as the episode progresses, and Amanda does even more snooping, when Lee has asked her a number of times to stay out of it – his niceness is out of character for him, a bit strange – he should be cranky with her, given he told her to stay out of it.. but she is like a dog at a bone.. and it’s not her job, it’s his job! She’s suppose to be training!

        Thanks everyone for sharing your ideas.. I’m so glad you are walking with me!!! Couldn’t do this without you honestly!!
        Sorry if I am rambling.. but you are all more than welcome to ramble away here also 🙂
        I love to read your very interesting thoughts!!! Great discussion!! whoo gotta run byeee!!

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        • “it was only a dream” Yeah, that could work too (especially if that tag never happens!). I am hoping that happens for Murdoch Mysteries when season 6 starts in 3 weeks.

          Liked by 1 person

        • LOL! You create the tag we dream of. If you post the matching pictures I belive I can forget about the rest 🙂


        • Who was it that said maybe this should come after DOA? Like she still had bits of that drug in her system, causing Amanda to be a little off-kilter? Yeah, that might work…

          I enjoy this episode for the little cute moments between Lee and Amanda. The joy of DVD’s is that I can just watch the parts I like, right?


          • Hi Cindy, what are the Murdoch Mysteries? should I avoid it?? or do you recommend it??

            haaa thanks Claudia! That could be a great job for a vid maker.. put together some kitchen scenes.. to make a new tag for this episode.. you could do it like a silent movie – so there is no dialogue.. I am not taking on vid making though I’ve got enough on my plate – so if anyone would like to try and make a new tag for this episode you would be my Hero (err Heroine!)

            Hi Debilyn! I agree.. there are a few cute moments with Lee and Amanda – sounds like you have a good strategy.. hmm maybe someone could splice together those scenes into a vid.. and then we can pretend the rest don’t exist.. A Class Act could be a little err 5 minute SMK special presentation 😉 -ahh but again! we need a vid maker to feel inspired to take this one on!!


            • ISWOD – I would highly recommend Murdoch Mysteries. It’s set in the late 1890s in Victorian era Toronto. William Murdoch is a police detective who is brilliant (maybe a touch Asperger’s) and is advocating using science to solve crimes at a time when even ‘finger marks’ aren’t seen as a valid investigative tool. He is Catholic and his faith often conflicts with his belief in science and reason (and the anti Catholic prejudice of the time is a recurring theme). His sometimes love interest is Julia, a female coroner played by Aussie Helene Joy. The supporting cast is extremely strong (including some Coronation Street alumni) and the writing is solid. Season 5 was uneven, the rest were very well done. If you can only watch one episode, I would suggest “Love and Human Remains” (season 3) or “Dead End Street” (season 4). I am not always thrilled with the romantic story arc of William and Julia, but it appears I am in the minority. The whole family watches the show together. I think the first few seasons are available on Netflix in the States, I am not sure who airs it in your neck of the woods.

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        • Melissa Robertson

          I love your it was a dream explanation 🙂


  8. Haha, I think it’s just the back of a magazine…possibly BB’s Estee Lauder ad but probably not.


    • That’s exactly what I thought: Estee Lauder ad? Amanda’s been meditating on his lovely face, her hidden obsession finally revealed after almost 30 years by the astute spy skills of Iwsod! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hello!

        Cindy that is quite the mental gymnastics you’ve got going on there! 😉 I hope you didn’t strain a brain muscle 😉

        Julia, your right.. I preferred the rope scene or ‘almost everything’ scene too – it was very very funny.. I think I forgot about it because I was thinking of Lee/Amanda relationship moments – and I don’t know if I’d describe it as a relationship moment.. but thanks for reminding me – this is such a strange episode isn’t it? full of awful out of character moments.. but at the same time, it has a few very funny moments, and some lovely comraderie between Lee and Amanda.. Everyone will judge differently or weigh things differently, but for me the bad is sooo bad it outweighs the good – not an indicator of no good.. just an indicator of how bad the bad really is! 😉 but.. I bet there are those that love this episode.. and I am glad that we have it!

        Was the recovering from the bomb Lee and Amanda’s first hug?? gosh.. I can’t think.. anyone?? has there been one before this? oh wait! There was Rememberance of things past.. I guess both hugs happen in the context of your not dead? thank goodness! hooray!! 😉

        Hi Justina! I’m not certain it’s BB.. but I like the idea of it 😉 it could be him! We need one of the super clever smk fans with better computers and much better resolution in their pics to access this scene and check it out! Hmm I wonder if NASA could check it out?? Anyone able to contact NASA? rofl!

        Hi Paula, whoo I like it.. how embarrassing if Lee had stopped by for a visit and busted her drooling over his picture! 😉 Awh thanks for noticing my spy skills.. yeah, I went to station one.. and.. I don’t want to talk about it 😉 whahahahahaaaa!

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  9. I GOT IT! How about this episode comes after DOA (just ignore the horrible hairdo.)? Amanda would still be suffering effects from the drug, Lee would be extra nice to her because he was concerns over the lingering side effects and still feeling guilty that she ate his sandwich. Ta DA! Sometimes, I amaze myself.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You do not only amaze yourself but myself also.

      Anyway I have to contradict iwod, I do not think the hug the best scene, I like the “almost everything” scene best. And second best zip wire. I also have warm feelings about the “I already took care” scene in the somewhat silly popup people scene when Lee finally arrives.

      The whole candle thing was not my favourite at all. Big boom for small candle is quite right.


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