4/11 Season Two, Episode 11:Three Faces of Emily-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Amanda and Whatsit make their way back inside to the party – We find Lee and Emily in a different corner of the party. Lee notices Amanda is chatting with their guy.. Why does he notice this for the first time now?? [and why is Emily around again? when she said she needed to leave and hide her face?] Why didn’t Lee see them meet earlier?? when they made their way outside to the balcony? (and wouldn’t Lee be uncomfortable with Amanda leaving with Whatsit alone?) Weird!!
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000566299
Lee: Oh hooo!  I love it…
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000571304
…Amanda has 200 people here to talk with and she chooses Whitset.  [no no Lee! Whitset the Whatsit chose her!]
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000574307
Emily: Lee, dear, you must learn to improvise…
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000579312
Amanda might just be very helpful.
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000580313
Typical Lee to complain about Amanda talking to a man at a party(!) and..  finding the one person he didn’t want her to talk to-

What do you make of this?? Part annoyance at Amanda’s interference in their job?? and part jealousy?There is a way to avoid that Lee: tell her what’s going on!!..he could at least tell her about the job.. maybe understandable he doesn’t tell her about the jealousy 😉

Emily leaves Lee to the next errr phase of their plan with him still pondering her last words about Amanda..

I love love love(!) how Emily sees Amanda’s involvement as positive, and points out to Lee that Amanda’s involvement can be used to their advantage!
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000583917
Could Emily, knowing Amanda would be accompanying Lee, have planned to include Amanda a little more in their plans than she let on to Lee? (Knowing that Lee would resist Amanda getting involved at all?) I can’t prove it.. but I like this idea- we saw Emily involve Amanda in tracking her down in Salzburg.. and I see Emily as being a champion for Amanda and her abilities in an indirect kind of way Smile what do you think?

For me, this also makes sense of Lee’s realisations in Brunettes – if Emily (his mentor) is helping Lee to open his eyes to Amanda and what she can contribute- it makes sense that after this episode, he would be a little closer to viewing Amanda as possibly his partner..but well that’s just my theory! I think it fits well! That Amanda could be an advantage is a new concept to Lee – this is still the Lee who devalues Amanda and doesn’t see her as contributing.
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000585385

Lee takes a deep breath, he seems unsure of how this is going to pan out with Amanda involved! He plants a broad smile on his face as he approaches Amanda and Whatsit.
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000593827

Lee introduces himself as being from IFF and interested in doing a documentary on British manufacturing – and they’d love to use Whatsit’s firm. Lee asks to show Whatsit some brochures on IFF ..
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000603036
but.. Whatsit isn’t interested in being interrupted from his grooming of Amanda.. ugh!
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000609342
Hooray! Amanda does come in handy here! Smile
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000610844
Lee does a lot of silent ‘Eye talk’ with Amanda here! Winking smile and Amanda speaks the language now Smile Amanda picks up on Lee’s wanting to show Sydney the brochures in the cloak room and…
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000611344
…she doesn’t let on she knows Lee and she encourages Sydney to go look.
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000615849
…Well done Amanda.. She did very well here!![considering she didn’t even know Whatsit was their guy!!] Lee  says the brochures are in the cloak room and he motions for Amanda and Whatsit to head in that direction… [weird to see Lee watching Amanda walk off with her arm around another man! Winking smile]
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000624357
…Lee adds that he’ll buy Whatsit a drink ( LOL – it looks like the drinks are free!!) cheeky Lee!
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000626860
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000627861Love how Lee puts the pill in Sydney’s drink while the waiter is standing right in front of him!! hehehe.. subtle Lee! [maybe the waiter was an agent ??]
Lee catches up to them with his spiked drink for Whatsit.. who immediately has a drink ( seems he loves his champagne Winking smile )
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000641374
Then.. they continue on to the cloakroom… LOL! As they walk to the cloak room: see the picture of Ivana and Donald Trump??!! (on the table)- weird!
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000644377

Uh oh.. here comes a cheesy one liner from Lee!
Lee goes to pass a brochure to Whatsit.. and he says ‘Our work is very impressive! It’ll knock you out!’ (bad pun alert!!)
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000653887
At this, Whatsit slumps into unconsciousness.. (A bad pun can do that to you Winking smile )
Poor Amanda.. you can’t help but think if only they just told her what the blazes was going on she wouldn’t scream when Emily comes out from behind the coats!!! I can’t blame Amanda!!
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000662896

I don’t see how Lee could have attended this party with just anyone.. not with this plan Smile I assume the plan was the same as this.. And Lee needed Amanda to take Whatsit’s glass so Lee could hold Whatsit up.. and Amanda was needed to check the hallway to make sure it was clear to smuggle this unconscious guy into a limo..

So, now in the Limo – we find the unconscious Whatsit and Amanda seated next to each other..
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000680914
Emily, without explanation nicely asks Amanda to prop up the guy and put her arm around him.. LOL! Amanda is baffled..but since Emily is asking.. she does it.
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_0006854182.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000686920
Looks like the plan involved using Amanda for this pic too! (I’m pretty sure Margot would not have been so obliging Winking smile )   Love how Lee looks so gorgeous here in the car.. in his tux..
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000693927
just silently watching..
Emily: Now, prop his head against your shoulder.
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000700433
Amanda struggles with the guy’s heavy head lol!
When it’s in place.. Emily smiles and says: Ahh!! and takes a pic –
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_0007054382.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000705939
I’m not sure know why.. but Emily is so funny in this moment! she sounds soo posh and proper and she’s asking Amanda to look like she’s making nookie with this unconscious bloke! Winking smile haaaa!
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000706940
Oh! and check out the ancient camera! hehehee…Amanda struggles to get his head off her shoulder.. tee heee!
Hey, if you can pull your eyes away from the Tux for a moment.. do you think that is a camera above Lee’s
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000712445
right shoulder there?? ( I imagine it’s the camera filming Amanda and Whatsit on the backseat?)

Lee calls it in.. to the only other person who works at the agency – Francine.. who at that moment, just happens to be camping in the jungle somewhere by candlelight!!!
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000715949
– errr you mean that outfit is her normal wear? and.. gulp.. that headband??!!!! Nooooooo!!!!! Have we seen Francine with a headband before?

LOL..  Francine is ‘ Babysitter’ ? ROFL!!!!! Now that is a funny thought right there! It’s enough to scare children silly!! Smile

Lee gets a bit of his own medicine when confused, he asks Francine what does she mean abort? and she spells it for him! Literally ‘ A – B- O- R- T! Abort!‘ [they must teach that narky why don’t you understand what I am saying tone in agency training! Winking smile ]
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000720954

No electricity huh? I guess that is why Francine is babysitting by Candlelight – she is at the old location- and was suppose to help ?? maybe?? if that’s the case.. why doesn’t she come to Amanda’s? ( not that I mind her not being there!)

This is all a bit far fetched.. reminds me of when Magda had to stay at Amanda’s because the safehouse got burned. literally!! guess they had to get the story to Amanda’s house somehow.. so.. I will go with it..

Billy is ‘ Motherhen’ ? rofl!!!! Ohh the indignity of it! Winking smile That is tooooooo funny!!!!
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000737470

Motherhen knows no location is available? why didn’t he just tell them when they got in the car? LOL! he says they have the equipment and the men.. they just need a location! I think Emily is the first to think of Amanda’s place –
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_0007464792.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000747981
she then gives Lee a look..
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_0007494822.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000748982
and he then starts with his request.. of sorts!
Lee: Ahhhhhh Amanda….
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000751985
Interesting.. I think he doesn’t want to ask this of her, and is unsure how she will respond.. but.. they have no choice! Love Lee’s quiet voice when he begins to ask Amanda about her house- I guess they couldn’t go to Lee’s because it’s an apartment?? and Emily might not have a home but be staying in a hotel??
Amanda: Hmmm?
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000753987
Lee: How long will your mother and your kids be gone?!

2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000756489
Amanda gives a look.. as if to say – uh oh what are they asking of me? ohhh we are going to my place? I can’t really say no..
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000758992

I think she’ll always step up when they need her and do what she can! Smile she just doesn’t want to have her reputation damaged with her neighbours!

Can I just add, this was a fabulous day’s work for the actor playing Whatsit, David Knapp.. he got to nap all day (and live up to his last name Winking smile ) and just snuggle with KJ Smile 

Anyway.. before they get to Amanda’s.. I’ll finish up there for now.. Thanks as always for reading – and I would really love to hear your thoughts! Any insights? ideas? questions? things you like? things you don’t like? feedback for me? I’m all ears Smile byeeee and back with more soon..


23 responses to “4/11 Season Two, Episode 11:Three Faces of Emily-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. He definitely looked jealous and i think Emily saw it. I think she also Lee’s inner turmoil about Amanda and subtly pushes them today. Like Billy, i think she wants to see Lee settled


    • I agree except I think it’s for a different reason than Billy. I think in Billy’s case, he’s looking out for Lee’s safety. I don’t know that he’d try to intervene as much with other agents who had “player” reputations, even though he definitely doesn’t seem to approve of the lifestyle (see Dead Pigeon). Lee is more of a friend, but you could say the same of Francine and she really has the same lifestyle as Lee and we never see Billy pushing her romantic life and trying to get her settled. But I think Billy sees Lee’s lifestyle as a danger to him because of all the risks he takes and I think he also senses that this doesn’t really suit Lee or make him happy. Francine is happy with no committment and being alone. Lee deep down is not — he’s just avoiding more attachment because he doesn’t want more loss.

      With Emily though, not only does she realize Lee isn’t happy, but I think she kind of sees Lee as a surrogate son, so it’s more personal for her than just trying to keep him out of danger as a supervisor. If the relationship began to interfere with work, I don’t think Billy would hesitate to either separate them or at least give Lee an ultimatum. (And if he really thought Lee disliked Amanda as a partner as much as Lee claims at the beginning and it was interfering with the job, he would have stopped pushing them together). For Emily, I think she’ll push the relationship first and if it doesn’t work, she’d just tell Lee to come in from the field already!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mother Hen kills me every time. I like to think that this is Billy’s actual given code name. Is there ever an episode that they reveal that Billy has a permanent code name? I’ve said this before but it bugs me to no end that only Lee and a small smattering of other field agents have code names. Why doesn’t Francine have a permanent code name?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. On my word….the Amandaband has jumped ship and attacked Francine, I did giggle IWSOD at your reference to her camping in the jungle somewhere…..immediately started thinking about a group called Tight Fit from the 80’s covering The Lion Sleeps Tonight. That featured an Amandaband and some leopard print LOL I love their code names, Mortherhen for Billy and Babysitter for Francine, too funny!
    Anyway moving swiftly on I think Amanda was pretty game in the back of the limo posing for what were clearly supposed to be sex scandal pics for blackmailing! Considering how she felt about the sex scandal in Affair at Bromfield Hall she was a good sport. Probably a very good job it was Emily asking as I think Lee wouldn’t have fared so well.
    Some fine looking screen caps of Lee in limo hubba hubba 😉 can I tear myself away from this page and carry on……..


  4. LOL at the cheesy pun alert! And the fainting away because of it 🙂 I swear one of the script writers must have had it in for Bruce.

    Sorry I’ve been quiet lately. Work has gotten in the way, but hopefully I’ve cleared out some stuff that needed to be done, so now I can catch up on my sleep, take down my Christmas decorations, clean my house, and catch up on this blog. You can see which one I’m doing first!!

    (oh, and yeah, that did look like the camera over Lee’s right shoulder … nice catch! I love little observations like that.)

    Is it legal to look so good in a tux?? Those in-the-limo shots are simply gorgeous.


    • Hi Raffie! LOL!! I hear ya!! I just got back from holidays and I have a long list to do also.. and yep.. here I am! 😉

      I’ve missed hearing from you – but no pressure 🙂

      Ahhh thanks for confirming my suspicion regarding the camera Raffie – I was thinking maybe that is the angle the photo is taken from ( the photo that Emily shows Whatsit in her interrogation) .. the angel doesn’t look right.. I am sure they put the camera behind Lee in a tux because they knew we wouldn’t be looking at anything: except Lee in a tux 😉


  5. Melissa Robertson

    Lee should know by now that the guys he is tracking will be interested in Amanda!! That happened in SAAB with Delano the chicken shack guy 🙂


    • Whaaaa haaaa haaa haaaa!!! I love it Melissa! So true.. the cases would be solved much quicker if Lee would just realise Amanda is always involved 😉

      Yes you would think after the whole Victoria Grenwich thing that Lee would make it clear to Amanda whom she needs to avoid talking to at a party 😉

      Ahh I love smk for these ridiculous coincidences! 🙂

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  6. I do agree that Emily is another champion of Amanda’s, so she may have already had Amanda in mind to help on the case. I always kinda assumed that Francine had to stay where she was until things were back to normal there. I also assumed Billy had been informed once before (since he had to check into other possibilities), but that he was waiting to see if the power would be back on before he said anything to Lee and Emily.


    • Hi Debilyn! Nice explanation!! 🙂 I’ll go with that!;)


    • In the picture of Francine talking to Lee to tell him to ABORT…does that radio not have a power cord attached to it? If their location has no power, how does this radio work? Just askin’. I must have watched this episode three or four times now and just saw this. I’m enjoying watching the episodes and reading everyone’s comments as I go along so I hope no one minds a late comment or two.


      • It’s great to go back to the earlier episodes. Lee and Amanda has certainly come a long way, haven’t they? (I think a marathon SMK viewing would be a very good idea, about now.)


      • That’s a good question. There seem to be cords coming from the radio, so it’s not solely battery-operated. But, if they have a portable generator of some kind, why can’t they get the lights working?


  7. This is not one of my favourite episodes, but it faired much better the second time I viewed it. I think the first time I saw this episode was closely on the heels of watching “Class Act” so I was still very annoyed.
    Francine certainly has some interesting fashion choices this episode (her bank teller is a definite favourite of mine — LOL!)


    • Hiya Cindy- I am finding the same thing- while it’s not a fave, my opinion is improving!! Especially of lee- poor Lee! 🙂 I’m so tough on him!:) I am trying to give this ep the love it deserves.. But it is so tempting to skim it and move on to ship of spies!!! But.. It would be a shame- I found a new goodie in the next post I had never seen before.. Thanks to the lovely clear DVDs we can now watch! Less than a week till lovely clear season 4!!!! Have u ordered it??? Has anyone not? Hope this posts ok I’m typing on my phone- eek! Byeeeee

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