9/12 Season Two, Episode 18: Car Wars-Scarecrow and Mrs King

On to the baddies.. they’ve pulled the car apart and.. Nothin! they find Nothin!!! Falcone is running outta patience here!
Falcone: The lawyer says they got Mario on an illegal passport, a concealed weapon and resisting arrest. No mention of narcotics and the feds found nothin…..
….there’s only two possibilities. Number one: Mario decided to get greedy, takes the stuff himself, hides it in Canada, then gets arrested to cover it all up. 
The only problem there is, he knows he can’t get away with it. The minute that stuff hits the streets, Mario’s ancient history.
CarWars.avi_001863096Benedict: Mario’s not the smartest guy in the world, boss, but he ain’t that dumb.
[Coming from this guy? that’s sayin something!] What’s the other possibility?
CarWars.avi_001866700Falcone: This Mrs. King.
[Amanda’s insurance Card! aha!!] She musta taken it. 

[You know it’s amazing, the agency underestimates Amanda, the suburban housewife… her life is a big yawn…. but the mob?? they totally think Amanda the suburban mother of two is capable of trying to sell dope!! ROFL!!]
CarWars.avi_001870904Petronus: She’s the only one who had that car outside of Mario.  [Aaaactually, Gino had it also Winking smile I would have loooooved to have seen Gino deal with these clowns! Smile he would have sent them to a worse place than Albuquerque!]
Falcone: All right. Then we better pay a visit to this Mrs. King. Maybe we oughta bait the trap a little bit. Yeah…  I think we oughta take the car back to her.  Put it back together.
[good to see Amanda’s insurance card has come back into the plot after all-Amanda never did tell Lee they knew her details!]
uh oh.. Amanda has such rotten luck!! I think Amanda should have blamed Gino! He had the car first! LOL.. he can take care of himself!

Back at the agency, Lee interrogates the Swedish meatball/ English soccer player! hehehee..
whoooo… so spill dirtbag!!
Oh, come on, Mario, let’s cut the crap, shall we?
…Come on, huh?!
Mario: You tell me, who I am.
CarWars.avi_001928194Lee: I’ll tell you who you are. Here’s who you are.
Here’s who. All phony. Ah, let’s see…. Pietro Baldino, Italian dress designer. CarWars.avi_001944778Herbert Von Grossbach, German industrialist. And a Mr. Nigel Taylor, a British soccer player?!! ….
Come on, Mario!!!
CarWars.avi_001951017Mario: I got no idea what you’re talking about.
Lee: I’m talking about the fact that you’re really CarWars.avi_001959826nothing but a flunky errand boy for whatever crime syndicate will pay you.
CarWars.avi_001964230Mario: Hmph, you’re dreamin’.
CarWars.avi_001966232Lee: Oh, yeah? I’m dreamin’, huh? Hm. Well, everywhere you show up CarWars.avi_001971037you leave us evidence. In Italy you are linked with the Red Brigade. In Munich, the Baader Meinhof. In England, the IRA. Ho-ho, some real nice people, Mario. Real nice. Who you working for this time?

You know, for a flunky this guy gets around.. This is ridiculous!  surely they have local flunkies in Italy (lo flunkini), Germany (das flunken) and Ireland ( feckin flunkies).. haaaa..

Mario: You got all the answers, smart boy, why don’t you tell me?!!
CarWars.avi_001987854 ROFLMBO! Smart Boy??!!! And Lee does tell him.. everything! Is it just me or are Lee’s interrogation skills pretty lame here?! I mean.. he goes in tells Mario to cut the crap and when Mario doesn’t say ‘ Oh okay! and spill?’ Lee pretty much tells Mario all the information they have on him- revealing they have very little-LOL!!! [‘The Closer’ this ain’t! and I love Brenda Lea!! tee hee.. Lee? or Brenda Lea in an interrogation? give me Brenda Lea anytime! I wish we had seen Amanda do an interrogation in season 4!]
Lee: All right….
[who’s running this interview?? Seems Lee is being interrogated by Mario! whahahaha!! Okay, completely at random here, my computer took the following hilarious pic of Lee.. It really does look like Lee is being interrogated in this moment! whahahahaa!!! I really did LOL my lungs out ( guess that’s LOLMLO!!)
CarWars.avi_001994260Focus Iwsod.. you can do it.. okay okay.. my hysterics are over.. It just looks so funny since tough guy Lee is being interrogated by Mario! Winking smile
Lee helpfully gives Mario an agency update: …Uh, you landed in Toronto, you went CarWars.avi_001997063straight to a dealership, paid cash for a vintage car, CarWars.avi_001998665twenty-four hours later you crashed it through the customs gate at Niagara Falls.
CarWars.avi_002011478Mario: I told the police, my foot slipped, the accelerator got stuck. What can I tell ya?
CarWars.avi_002012679Lee : Ha!..Yeah…right, right. And then, uh, we brought you here…and then CarWars.avi_002017884a few days later…that car is stolen…why?
CarWars.avi_002023089[Mario can see you’ve got nothin Lee! Why would he tell you anything?! LOL at least Lee doesn’t tell Mario all the ways they stole the car, I guess!]
CarWars.avi_002026292Lee: What’s in that car, Mario? Huh?
Mario responds: Kryptonite! [LOL Lee deserves such a lame answer… oops.. Lee I am on your side really! It’s just a really lame interrogation! Almost like it was put in so it wasn’t a straight scene of Francine telling Lee Mario has been linked to such and such.. yawn!! when.. err this makes Lee look like a bit of a dill. Poor Lee! Exposition can be tricky!
Lee wants to know what is in the car? well..hmmm… what else are you working on Lee? any other assignments?? err because it would be such a huge coincidence if this guy smuggling something across the border had anything to do with some drugs being smuggled into the US- riiiiight?! Oh wait… Hmmmm….. you don’t think Mario could be working with * gulp* Falcone and Los Lobos??!!! The case Lee is already working on??? Nooooo that would just be too clunky a coincidence even for smk.. Oh wait…. Hmmm..!

Okay..  shall finish up there for now.. short and sweet, as I’m time poor Sad smile Hope you are all well and enjoying this ep.. in between all the drooling over Lee’s plaid shirts Winking smile 

Got any insights? thoughts? questions you’d like to share?? byeeee!!!

**Hope you guys saw my note on the home page?? I’m travelling at the moment.. so not able to respond to comments but please chat amongst yourselves – and I will enjoy reading when I can!**

11 responses to “9/12 Season Two, Episode 18: Car Wars-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I will be back, when this episode is over. I simply can not stand it. Said by someone who does like a class act 😉


  2. Melissa Robertson

    Well I guess it is Lee’s turn to look dumb, but that is diffently better than listening to Francine yammering on and on 🙂 That random pic of Lee did look hilarious. It almost looked like his tie was too tight and he couldn’t breath…LOL!!!


  3. LOL feckin flunkies, too funny!
    BJo feckin is used in UK and most definitely in Ireland as a substitute cuss word for what you think it is. There is a show made by the BBC called Mrs Browns Boys, not for the faint hearted and she uses it a lot!
    Love the funny pic IWSOD Lee looks like he’s been given electric shock as part of his interrogation.
    Wish they had used the alias Nigel Mansell for Mario, he was a British Formula 1 racing driver (during 80’s) and would have been a great pun for an episode about cars 😉
    Sometimes I do laugh at how Lee is touted as THE best agent they have…….really? Sometimes I fear for their national security if that’s the case, his interrogation skills need some work……..


    • Jenbo you got it exactly!! 🙂

      Julia- whooooo!!! now I’m curious!!! Do we get to hear why you don’t like this episode?? I’d love to hear about your experience of it!

      Hope you are all well!!! I’m loving reading your comments guys..

      Cindy’s spot on – Car Wars is like Swiss cheese!! but.. there are a few compensations.. 😉 Ie. the dry cleaning scene.. and another one coming!!!!!
      gotta run! byeeeeee


  4. Funny post, iwsod! Did you come up with lo flunkini, das flunken and feckin flunkies or are they really tranlsations for flunkies? Feckin sounds similar to well, you know…I know that’s not what you meant, so it must mean something else? 😉

    Yeah, bring on Brenda Lee!!! She’d have gotten it all out of Mario in a minute, all while eating a Twinkie or something. Did you just see me mention Lt. Provenza on the last post or is this a weird coincidence?? Too funny!

    That picture of Lee is a riot!! There are so many different directions the comments on that photo could go!


    • Yeah, for instance, SMK crossed with Ghostbusters: “No way! It can’t be! The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man!!”


      • Too funny, Paula! Actually, I think it may be Gino busting through the door to the interrogation room…he heard about Amanda’s adventures with the car and he’s come to kick Lee’s butt! He’s not just gonna fuhgettaboutit!!


      • Or maybe it’s Remington Steele, I mean a real James Bond! I bet Pierce Brosnan could throw around a couple of feckin’s like he means it!! 😉


        • Ha ha ha! I must admit I thought of the scene when Laura and Murphy found all of “Remington’s” passports when Lee was running through Mario’s aliases. Of course, I would much rather be interrogating Mr. Steele than Mario the Swedish Meatball.


          • Yes…RS is much easier on the eyes than good ol’ Mario…I loved RS too, but didn’t watch it as faithfully as SMK. Just how many aliases did he have? I still can picture the episode with the father/daughter team that had this house with all these secret passages/exits etc. Wasn’t the actor that played the father also on an SMK episode? I’m thinking it was Hans Retzik from DOA? I’m probably making that up in my mind, but it just flashed in there for some reason.


  5. It’s a good thing Lee is so gosh darned cute because this episode has more plot holes than swiss cheese <———- like how I worked in a lame cliché?

    Liked by 1 person

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