8/12 Season Two, Episode 18: Car Wars-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Before we move on to the next scene.. Just wanted to point out something I noticed last night- I think there’s a random crew member interrupting a scene.. Back at the beginning of the episode we have this little exchange between Gino and Lee:
Lee: No, I gotta lay low for a while. LaRue is on the warpath again.

When Gino responds, watch over his left shoulder! [Go on! go look and see if you can find it! Smile] Gino: Tell me about it. You know, that little weasel is throwing a full inventory at us soon. Everything’s gotta be accounted for.

So, did you see it? A casually dressed guy (who doesn’t belong in a caryard) rides his bike out from behind the truck with the cars on it,
2.18 CAR WARS.avi_000574140
he starts riding towards Lee, Amanda and Gino…
bike gif
but quickly realises the camera is rolling, so he changes direction and heads behind the building- all while checking out the filming! tee hee.. Gino wouldn’t be happy!!! Smile Ahhh these things amuse me.. anyway.. on with the episode..

Brace yourselves!! Gravel voiced Agency Mafioso Gino is on the warpath!
Gino the Don: Hey, Bruno! Wash them windshields clean enough to have lunch on!….
….Hey, Lloyd! Hart! What are you doing? Beat your chests, your hearts’ll start!
Line those cars up straight! Go ahead! Go ahead!!…Parker? Parker, you get that wagon running yet?
Parker: Um, not yet, boss. Uh, got a solenoid problem.

[Ok, what’s a solenoid??]
Gino: Well, fix it!
Gino yelling at everyone who works for him:
Okay, listen up, everybody! We gonna pass this inventory, or you guys are gonna be doin’ tune-ups in Albuquerque! You all hear me good?!!!
[Yo! The Don has spoken!!! and ain’t nobody gonna question him or he’ll waste ya! You know, Lee’s remark that one day he was going to open a garage?? made me think of Gino – I wonder if Gino is an ex- agent?? He probably worked undercover with the Mafia or nothin Winking smile (Maybe his real name is Donnie Brasco)]

We’ve been suitably reminded of Gino’s ruthlessness.. and that LaRue is threatening him with an inventory..

Lee’s Corvette pulls into the lot. Lee and Amanda get out and walk around to the back of the car to speak to Gino. Lee is wearing a huge Cheshire cat grin..
Amanda is a bit slow but takes Lee’s lead and joins in wholeheartedly with the smiles! LOL! They’re so nervous! Love Amanda trying to act casual leaning on Lee’s car and lying to Gino!! hehehee..
Lee: Hi, Gino. How’s it going?  [If Lee had said ‘How you doin?’ I think I would have lost it!! Winking smile ]
Gino : Something about that smile’s makin me very nervous, Stetson.
Really? it has the same effect on me! Only.. I’m thinking with Gino it’s nervous apprehension.. with me? It’s nervous excitement Smile

Lee holds out his hands innocently as if to say? wha?? can’t I be this good lookin and happy to see you sweet wonderful Gino?  Winking smile
Lee looks to Amanda for backup.. [Go on Amanda.. agree that Lee really can be that good lookin!]
yeah Gino! we happy!! Winking smile
Amanda continues to nod and grin at Gino.
Gino acknowledges Amanda: ..Ma’am.
Amanda [extra nicely!]:
Gino: How are the wheels?
[extra brightly]: Oh, the wheels are just fine.
[ROFLMBO Amanda IS telling the truth here! Smile I love it.. the wheels are fine.. thanks to the tiresome tire guy from tireless tires!1HaHaHa]
Lee: Yeah. Uh, Gino, about that car, any paperwork come in on it yet? It might tie in with a case I’m working on.
[Noooo kidding!! This is smk Lee.. when are you going to catch on to that? Winking smile LOL.. one bear dances isn’t it? where he says something about Amanda coincidentally finding the baddie hideout? help? There’s a huge clunker coming up in this ep along these hiiiiiiighly improbably and ridiculous lines soon too- eek!!]
Gino: Yeah, it’s on my desk right now. 
I’ll get it.
Amanda moves in closer to Lee and asks quietly: Is he always like that?
Lee: who Gino?…
[I love how Lee turns to look at Amanda when she’s standing so close to him!! But.. he still turns and looks her in the eye! Smile ]
….ahhhh most of the time he’s not nearly as pleasant as this.
Amanda under her breath: Oh my gosh..
[LOL is that ‘oh my gosh’ at this being ‘nice Gino’??
😉 Or at how close Lee is standing??? Winking smile They do look veeeeerrry comfortable in each other’s space don’t they! Oh! My! Gosh! Winking smile]
Lee under his breath: Here he comes…
(now louder)… Ha ha ha.
So funny! I love when they both put on their huge fake smiles.. hilarious! Gino returns with the information..
Gino: Some gun-totin’ meatball claimin’ to be Swedish rammed it right through the entrance gate at the Canadian border.
[A Swedish meatball? oh stop.. you’re making me hungry!]
Amanda: Ran it right through the entrance gate?
[Amanda senses an opportunity! Smile]
Gino: Yep. Never even scratched it, though.  Not even a paint chip!!!
Amanda: Didn’t even dent the hood? –I bet he probably dented the hood and you might not have noticed it when they brought the car in, because there’s so much–
Lee tries to cut Amanda short realising the risk she is taking here by trying to pull one over on Gino!
Lee hurries things up and hands back the info..

Lee: Uh, thanks, Gino! Thanks a lot.
Lee puts his arm around Amanda motioning to her to stop it! Amanda doesn’t though!!! So he glares at her and gives a big throat clear!!!! Shut up Amanda!!!!!!  😆

Amanda finally shuts it, nods and returns to smiling at Gino and (over) selling that all is well! Smile
Lee:  …. Thank you… Uh… I don’t know if it’s gonna help or not, but, uh, I appreciate it.
Gino : You sure everything is okay with that car, Stetson?
Uh oh! He ain’t buyin it! You gonna wind up in Albuquerque!
ROFLMBO Lee and Amanda are so funny together here!!! 1rofl
Lee: It’s great, great!
Amanda: Just great, ..it is!

As they start backing away from Gino,
Lee says:
Trust me!  [Uh oh!! ]
Amanda: You can trust him!!
LOL Lee moves Amanda along to her side of the car.. I think he wants her in that car asap! Because she stinks at this so badly.. but hey.. it’s hilarious!!!
I think Lee is thinking- please Amanda! Stop backing me up now!! She’s so over the top! ahhh yes.. Mother Theresa was never this good!!! Smile tee heee!
Lee: Ha, ha ha haa..! [Lee’s trying to sound casual..]..Yeah, it’s cherry, Gino!
Amanda: Absolutely! I mean, you know, that’s it in a nutshell:…. cherry!
[ROFL!!! Amanda is anything but casual! I love how KJ’s voice cracks as she says ‘Cherry!’ ]
ha haaaaa!!!!!.. Lee’s had enough of Amanda’s ‘Back Up’!!! tee hee..
At this Lee puts both his hands around Amanda and presses her down into the car…all while laughing and smiling for Gino’s benefit!.. Why does this remind me of the interrogation in To catch a Mongoose??? Hilarious to see Lee has to play along.. but he is getting more and more frustrated because Amanda doesn’t get how to do this! Smile BB is never funnier than in moments like this! I know Lee is the straight guy in this ‘Laurel and Hardy’ act- but I think he’s the funniest when trying to deal with Amanda and not let on to others!!!!! 🙂
Lee: Yeah.
Lee closes the door on Amanda’s side and gives Gino another big smile and a chuckle.. Lee’s doing a little overselling of his own now to compensate for Amanda’s overselling of the cherry car  😆

Lee [to Gino]: She gets so excited.
[Does she?! whoo hooo!.. Mind.. in… gutter……]
Now that is a great line for a fan vid!!!!
Lee gets in his car and slams his door..
Amanda: What are we gonna do?
Lee: I’m gonna have a chat with a Swedish meatball.
[Hmmm.. Amanda asks ‘we’ and Lee responds with ‘I’ interesting..]

Don’t you just love this scene? They must tell Gino 10 different ways between them the car is cherry! hehehee…. Such rotten liars!! Smile They are working together as a team.. but Amanda is getting it all wrong! Smile and Lee can’t do anything to tip their hand to Gino!!! whahahaahaa! This totally reminds me of To Catch a Mongoose!
Maybe it’s just me?!!

Okay, hope you’ve enjoyed this cute scene as much as I have!!! I’d really love to hear from you!!!
[I’m guessing the other smk fans on this site feel the same way too!] If you’re lurking and think what you have to say can’t be too important or interesting? think again!!!
Jump on in and say hi!!! Thanks so much for reading everyone, and thanks for your patience with my currently little ‘go slow’!! Hope you are all well, byee for now!

14 responses to “8/12 Season Two, Episode 18: Car Wars-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Melissa Robertson

    It is funny to see this motor pool guy having Lee all nervous. Lee seems more nervous than when he is staring down the barrel of a gun. Gino reminds me of the motor pool guy from M.A.S.H~seems like it might be the same name too but I couldn’t find this actor listed as playing in MASH.


    • Hi there – you’re thinking of a different guy – here’s the link to a picture of him – his name is G.W. Bailey. Right away I knew exactly who you were thinking of though! Gino does remind me of him too. GWB played the idiot cop in Mannequin (80’s movie with Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall) and one of his most recent roles was as Lt. Provenza in The Closer – love that show, esp. the early seasons – and love Provenza!


    • Oops – forgot the link. Duh. Here it is:


  2. Haha! Random bike-rider! I think you may be right – or maybe it just made more sense than having a random family jog through the lot!!

    Iwsod, so Lee’s smile makes you smile with nervous excitement, huh? Me too! Especially if he were happy to see me! 😉

    I used to find Amanda annoying in this scene, but thanks to your brilliant take, iwsod, I find myself laughing out loud and not being nearly as annoyed….and Jenbo, she is still wearing that sweater or whatever it is made out of a hundred poor little hamsters or something…

    And they are standing quite close…but I guess with all the times they’ve been tied up, kidnapped, almost killed and then saved each other, they’ve been through a lot! Not to mention all that touching! It’ll be nice if/when the stats posts ever catch up to be current with your episode posts!

    Did I hear someone say Swedish Meatballs??? Maybe I’ll head over to Ikea for some shopping and some lunch. I think I need some yellow silk flowers or blue curtains for my kitchen – it’s not feeling very cheery today.

    Mother Theresa indeed! Love the Mongoose reference…maybe it was Connie Barnhill on that bike!

    I’m guessing the ‘we’ and ‘I’ thing is one of those non-relationship episode order clues???


    • Melissa Robertson

      I’ll support the Ikea visit since the company my husband works for makes furniture and different parts for Ikea 🙂


      • I love Ikea! We have a small guest apartment over our garage and we practically furnished the whole thing with stuff from Ikea. That place is great!


  3. Welcome, Melisabear! I found your SMK story very interesting! I think you’re the first one I’m aware of whose story doesn’t start with “I watched the original SMK as a kid/teen/young adult with/without my mother/best friend when it was on in the 80s/on PAX/in reruns. I lost touch with it for years, and then rediscovered it just recently.” It makes me feel happy inside for no apparent reason to know that this show is still able to reach and touch “first timers”. I’m thinking the appeal for you goes well beyond BB, although of course that’s a great start!


  4. How many read this blog? Um well I must push up the stats as I regularly check it and if I’m watching an episode you’ve covered I like to watch and read in tandem LOL I am guess it’s a large number 😉

    Solenoid……it’s a coil which is used to produce magnetic core. In cars it’s used in ignition switch. Nope didnt become a mechanic overnight but I thank heavens the Internet was invented so I can look up random stuff like this LOL

    Hilarious the way Lee ends up hustling Amanda into the car before she drops them both in it.
    Lee looking right into Amanda’s eyes *sigh* Yes it is a crime to look that good, it’s positively indecent 😉
    Lee cracks me up when he says Amanda gets so excited, the worst cover up line ever!!!! My mind is most definitely in the gutter 😉


  5. Okay, so that lurker comment was pointed straight at me – hi! I’ve been following for a while now – you see a lot of stuff that I never noticed, and it’s fun to hear your take on my favorite parts. And yes, I love this scene with Lee and Amanda – they are just too funny, and I love the way he keeps trying to get her to stop talking. And their huge, uncomfortable grins… ha, ha!!! Thanks for the screen shots – they really add to my enjoyment!

    So anyway, I’ll just keep lurking in the background, but trust me – I’ll be here, following the adventures of my favorite TV couple with great interest. It’s fun to feel like I’m not the only fan out here!


    • Awh Melisabear! It is wonderful to hear from you! I have never liked the term ‘Lurker’ it sounds sneaky! How about ‘Newbies?’

      I wrote to encourage Newbies to say hi – not to pressure people – there is nooooo obligation to comment 🙂 But I’m sooo glad you did!!!!! Are you?? I hope so!! 🙂

      I just wanted Newbies to know that while there is no obligation, I LOVE to hear from readers!!!! I love to chat with others about smk.. and I love to see other chatting with each other about smk! 🙂 what can I say: I kinda like smk 😉 and it is such an encouragement!!!

      So I hope we will hear from you in future Melisabear, but there is no pressure – SMK is allllll about Fun!!!

      Yes you are definitely not alone in your love for Lee and Amanda!! How did you first discover smk?? in childhood or adulthood? and what kept you coming back for more? Hey how did you find Just Walk with me BTW? I’m glad you did!!

      Hey guys if you had to guess how many people read this blog per day- how many would you guess? go on guess!
      This could be fun!!! and… what’s the most readers this blog has had in one day??
      Byeeeeee! Iwsod


      • OK, I’m not going to guess, but I did get a giggle that the “chestal plaid post” has drawn 32 comments (and counting?), all of them full of literary insights and enlightenment of course.


      • Thanks, iswod! I actually only discovered SMK this last year, when I saw another movie with BB in it, and a family member recognized him as having been in SMK too. The plot as they described it was intriguing, so I looked it up and was hooked!

        As for how I found Just Walk With Me, I can’t even remember exactly – I think I was googling a SMK quote and your website popped up. I so enjoyed your screenshots and insights (and occasional background information or bloopers!) that I just kept coming back for more! It has also been a great companion to the movies, especially since some of the old copies I’m watching are incomplete, with the endings cut off, so this way I actually find out how it ends. And yes, you will likely hear more from me in the future – I just can’t stay away! 🙂


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