6/13 Season Two, Episode 15: A Relative Situation-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Before I move on.. just going back to the restaurant 2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000620754scene a moment.. I just wanted to mention that the Maitre d’ of the Armed Forces Club gets an SMK Promotion!
We see him again in Sour Grapes, where he is the head chef: At the White House!!!! Winking smile
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002646746
Anyway.. on with this episode!
After the murder/swan dive of Sergeant Ballard we have a lovely night shot of the Jefferson Memorial.. I really like this shot! Washington DC is beautiful at night..[just not when you are being thrown out of a high rise hotel window! Winking smile ]
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000829963
Lee and Amanda, having left the restaurant, arrive back at the car..
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000831464
Lee:  every night is New Year’s Eve with the Colonel.
Amanda: well I think you handled yourself beautifully!

2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000833466
At this, Lee smiles and whooo again, he is opening her car door for her! [and this time it’s not in aid of a joke!]  Amanda has seen Lee as he really is.. a fallible, vulnerable man with a heart of Gold: and she can genuinely compliment him on how he did! Amanda’s great support!

So Lee closes Amanda’s door and walks around to his side of the car.. Yep, Lee’s still rockin the winter coat.. Oh yeah.. I feel the need to go watch Lovesmk’s vid! You know the one I mean???!!
Oh sweet! as Lee walks around the car, Amanda leans over and opens his door for him – kinda sweet huh.. a nice little metaphor for their friendship! Smile
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000840473I remember she did this to Lee in Das Geisterschloss..
but in that ep he was surprised by it, shook his head like he was  a little annoyed! Here? he accepts the door and says ‘thank you’! awhhh!!! Smile Lee is use to Amanda helping him now Smile and he thanks her for it! sweet!!

2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000845478Bad Lee!!! he pulls out onto the street and doesn’t even indicate! No safety badge for you today mister! Winking smile [not to mention the street looks nothing like it did the shot prior.. yes that warners back lot is very different to a normal street!]
As they drive off we hear Amanda ask about what’s going to happen to the Colonel. Lee sounds resigned..
Lee: He’ll lose… Sad smile Everything!

We cut to the interior of the car – roflmbo! why is Amanda sitting practically on Lee’s lap???!!! tee heee..
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000848982
I mean you can even see her headrest to her right! It looks like they are huddled up together! (she is being really really really encouraging to Lee.. ha haa!!) hehehe.. I guess they wanted to fit them both in the shot, and so they don’t show how wide the car is.. it looks funny to me! You watch! It looks like she has scooted over to Lee for the two shot and then back to her headrest for the single shot..

Lee and Amanda talk it out.. Lee explains there have 2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000856990been single plane accidents in four other parts of the country, plus the Colonel’s squadron, in one month! – people have 2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000869502had enough of accidents! Amanda says it’s an awful lot of planes in one month.. ahh Amanda.. good thing she is around to point out the flippin obvious! [BTW her hair is very different now! Better! Much more fluffy and less Maggie Thatcher  Winking smile]
Lee responds:
it does seem strange though doesn’t it. I mean, maybe it is just a coincidence…but…
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000880013
– ohhhh hoooooo that is soooo funny!!! On smk?? a coincidence??!!!!! Nooo it can’t be a coincidence! Winking smile
Amanda states with all seriousness:
-maybe it’s nooot!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000884017
Whoooooooo this dialogue is too funny!!! 😆 [I think a fan vidder needs to do one on smk coincidences!]

2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000885518Lee agrees.. something isn’t right.. so Lee does his patented heroic u-turn.. and speeds off to his uncle’s hotel to save the day! His conviction here is endearing but also funny [because the lame set and random chaotic steering of the car makes it obvious it’s acting!] Cue intense Lee.. it’s hero time!!!

Something (continuity wise) is weird here.. Before his heroic u-turn [LOL I’d say that’s a literal and figurative u-turn!] Lee and Amanda share a look..
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000890023
It seems Amanda is wordlessly acknowledging what Lee has just decided to do and is all for it!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000891024
She gives Lee a smile, and Lee tells her to hold on!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_0008915242.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000892025
[ I’d hold on to him.. you don’t need to tell me twice!]

But after Lee has turned the car around, Amanda is suddenly scary confused about what’s going on?!!!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000902535
Amanda all in a panic: where are we going?
[Is it just me or is BB trying really hard not to laugh here??]
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000903203
Lee: to the Colonel’s hotel. [BB don’t laugh!!! I know it’s a lame set..  but hey – this is an important moment in your character’s journey! Winking smile ]
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000905038
Is it just me or is the screeching tyres, and dramatic music waaaaaay over the top here? I mean it’s not like a bomb is about to go off in 10 minutes.. LOL!

Lee: If there’s something funny going on… [oh there is Lee right now in your car- there is!!!] …He’s gonna need help and whether he likes it or not.. it’s gonna be mine!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_0009065392.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000907040
Teee heeee!- I almost expected the Indiana jones music to kick in here.. I’m pretty sure I’m not suppose to find this funny- but it’s so over the top it’s hilarious!!!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000909042
Aside from my giggles over super dramatic Lee here.. I have to remind myself that this is an important moment for his character: here he decides to risk his uncle’s rejection, and force his way into the situation to do all he can to help his uncle: IMHO putting his uncle’s needs ahead of his own Smile [In my book, that’s a big step towards greater maturity! whoo hoo!!]

Well, we arrive at the hotel to find a dead body being wheeled away.. the dead guy seems to be wearing a hard hat under the blanket.. that could have come in handy for his fall out the window! Winking smile
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000916049
[is it just me or is the gurney really wrong?? the ambulance drivers lower it, and then have to lift it into the back of the ambulance??!!]
guerny gif

Lee and Amanda find the Colonel and Lt. Mauntel next to the ambulance
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000937070
[Hmm The Colonel doesn’t introduce Lee and Amanda to Lt. Mauntel- I wonder if a scene got cut.. ] I’ll put it down to the Colonel being upset!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000944577
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_0009490822.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000951584The Colonel dismisses Lt. Mauntel saying they can call Sergeant Ballard’s ‘Elise’ in the morning – ouch! Wouldn’t you call her straight away?

Lee: well, I think you’d better go home with me then.
Colonel: what for?
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000960093
Lee: this hotel’s not safe.

Colonel: for whom?
Lee: Sir, don’t you find it… a little too coincidental
[in smk world? nahhh! Winking smile ]
that nine planes flown by nine ace pilots  all went down during the same month…
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000967100
…and this sergeant whose supposedly has information that’s relative to your case – took a dive and had two tickets to Hawaii in his pocket??…
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000970103
… I don’t buy it.
Okay.. sooo the opening sequence was five planes, and we only saw four planes.. ooohhh kaaaay..
Colonel: You’re reaching Lee… I think you’ve been playing James Bond too long.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000979112
Nooo nooo Colonel.. 1facepalmyou are new to SMK world.. you don’t understand how SMK works – here let me explain it for ya.. 1ha haaaawhen it’s relevant to the plot – it’s noooo coincidence..  1ha haaaaand when it’s relevant to the plot- it’s a whopping huge coincidence! got it??? 1HaHaHa

I find it ridiculous he could hear what Lee just said and tell Lee he is reaching with a straight face – the pot calling the kettle black I think.. 1dohslap It doesn’t make sense for his character either IMHO- at the restaurant he was adamant the manoeuvre was safe – but if it wasn’t the manoeuvre, and it’s not a conspiracy.. then what was it? you’d think the Colonel would be open to hearing more about it- since it supports his view that he wasn’t responsible for his men’s death! and I don’t think this attitude is just because he doesn’t want to admit Lee is right- because if Lee is right.. the Colonel is right too.. Maybe the line is about demonstrating the Colonel’s contempt for Lee’s work.. LOL.. I know.. I think too much! 1facepalm ‘playing’ at James Bond??- that is just plain nasty IMHO.. but he’ll eat those words!! I love how Amanda turns immediately to Lee to see his reaction to the Colonel’s dig about James Bond Winking smile  [Don’t worry Lee.. Amanda has fantasies about secret agents! 😉 ]
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000983616

Lee being a big man here, keeps a tight rein on his temper and doesn’t rise to the Colonel’s bait [I suspect earlier Lee would have Smile Goooo Lee!!!!!] – he sticks to why he is there.. Heck- I’m proud of him!!! 🙂
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000984184
Lee: Sir if what I am saying is true then you are in danger…
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000985685
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000987187 …now I think you owe it to your men to stay alive and get to the truth. Whatever it is.

Whoa.. that would have been tough for Lee- he chooses his tactics well though.. he realises the col’s duty to his men will motivate the Colonel to acquiesce.. Poor Lee.. 2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000989689in that statement he is also acknowledging that he thinks the Colonel wouldn’t do it for him, his nephew! Do you think he would have? I am not sure..well at least not at this point of the episode.. Lee is very brave here- he’s doing his job here.. protecting the Colonel and using his spy skills well.. inspite of the Colonel’s dig at him!

The Colonel is inscrutable here.. : Alright, you win.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000993193
‘Win’??? ugh…. it’s not about flippin winning you 10 year old boy of a Colonel! grow up a bit!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000993693
At this, Lee and Amanda are stunned!
The Colonel simply responds: you win.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000995695
aie!!! that bugs me! I mean I’m glad the Colonel goes along..but ‘you win’???!!!  [anyone else reminded of the Chris O’donnell & Renee Zellweger movie called ‘The Bachelor’ and how he proposes to her and screws it up: You Win!! what a proposal!!!]
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000996196

A little more relaxed Lee gets his head around this..[I love the look Amanda gives him here, it’s like: ‘whoo hoo- you did it! well done cowboy!’ Winking smile okay okay.. I might have added the cowboy part..but I err think it’s there in the err subtext.. ahem.. Teee heee!]
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000997697
Lee begins to think through the practicalities here..
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000998698
Where can the Colonel go tomorrow? well.. as luck would have it Dotty and the boys are out the next day [at the circus eh..my goodness.. watch out for the clowns!! Gah!!] and Amanda will be home alone baking cookies. She offers her place…
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001011211
and the Colonel looks annoyed..
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001015215

Aie.. he hadn’t even been volunteered by Lee yet.. I think the editor got this wrong.. then Lee pipes up saying that’s perfect…
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001022222
…and doesn’t check with the Colonel- okay Colonel- now you can be Col. cranky pants!

Lee says he’ll drop the Colonel off at Amanda’s around noon.
Col. Clayton: Lee, you don’t make up my mind for me. I have been taking care of myself for almost sixty years now… (LOL the script says over sixty years – they must have tweaked that one so he wasn’t too old to be a
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001027727
and I don’t want the two of you making my decisions for me.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001030730
I know this guy is rough around the edges.. but I find responding like that and including Amanda in it a bit harsh.. I wonder if he realises this… as Amanda responds: Yes Sir!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001031731
Did this jolt him into realising he is being too harsh and Lee and Amanda are not his troops he is talking to? The moment Amanda says this, the Colonel switches  back to Officer and Gentleman mode Winking smile
Col. to Amanda:
I would be delighted to spend the day with you.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001033733He reaches out and offers his arm to Amanda.. as they make their way to Lee’s car (which tonight conveniently seats more than two people – good catch Jeanine!!!).
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001036236
Amanda takes his arm and smiles, the tense moment forgotten.. Lee just looks stunned! 😆
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001039239
– I must say I am with Lee.. the Colonel has quite some mood swings there! LOL!!!

I see the point the Colonel was trying to make – he needs to be included in the decision making – but I do think he made his point in an unnecessarily harsh manner.. I know he is a gruff guy but this bordered on making his character unlikeable – IMHO – this is a fine line they need to walk with a character like this- isn’t it.. Bob and his toolbeltOhhh wait a minute!!! I know what’s really going on here.. He is probably missing his toolbelt..and wondering how he will sleep at Lee’s without it!! 1Emoticon cheekywink

As the Colonel walks off with Amanda on his arm, Lee throws up his arms in exasperation and confusion- I can’t blame him! Smile [It seems both the Colonel and Amanda have the ability to keep Lee off balance Winking smile]
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001041741

The script has a whole additional scene at Lee’s place – would someone like to fill everyone in on what it says? I (sadly) don’t have time to.. 😦 but it’s worth reading.. The Colonel at Lee’s apartment.. women’s underwear.. the birds and the bees.. and.. I’m wondering how that fits with Amanda being Lee’s girlfriend??? or is that the point in the ep where that pretence is forgotten? Sorry I can’t type it all out – I just do what I can!!! – but hey, maybe one of you is able to?

This is a long post!! sorry if it’s too long for your treadmill workout Raffie!!! Smile I think this post is a bit of a low point in this ep.. which has otherwise been fabulous.. but there is still lots of lovely looks between Lee and Amanda!!! Amanda is very supportive and encouraging!! In spite of Lee’s random heroic moments of intensity! and well.. I do  love SMK lameness and all!!! Smile What do you think guys?? Byeee!

28 responses to “6/13 Season Two, Episode 15: A Relative Situation-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. #2019 rewatch
    I think the very telling line in here is “I think you owe it to your men to stay alive and get to the truth.

    We know Lee is not above using the “Do it for my peace of mind” technique with Amanda, but here he goes for his uncle’s weakness which is a selfless protective instinct. He claimed earlier that his uncle only took him in because it was his duty, but that may be a conclusion Lee came to after years of watching the Colonel put his men ahead of himself.When he thinks he is simply trying t clear his own name, he insists on acting alone but when Lee points out it is far more likely someone is murdering soldiers, he manages to redirect the Colonel’s focus as he realizes the big picture is to prevent more deaths.

    It is such foreshadowing for S3 when Lee drags himself out of a hospital bed to try and protect his “family” with no thought to the consequences for himself.


  2. Amandarambler

    Another level of why Lee could have been so comfortable having Amanda around the Colonel and maybe why the Colonel was so charmed by her: we get hints throughout the series (IMO) that Amanda had a special relationship with her late father. And she os an awesome mother of two boys herself. I would say she could be the first choice for most people who wished for a good friend to come alongside them through this situation. And I think because of her strong relationship with her dad she is able to appreciate the Colonel, gruffness and all, and perhaps he picks up on this. Just a thought.


  3. #2019 rewatch
    iwsod wrote:

    this is an important moment for his character: here he decides to risk his uncle’s rejection, and force his way into the situation to do all he can to help his uncle: IMHO putting his uncle’s needs ahead of his own

    I see an even deeper meaning: Lee breaks the mold of their destructive uncle-nephew relationship and makes the decision to be a professional equal to his uncle in their chosen fields (i.e. a new man-to-man relationship).

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  4. I see a theme in the episode about caring. I think that these “Stetson” men are learning that is it ok to care for and be cared for. I wonder if the Colonel takes to Amanda so easily because he recognizes her as someone who cares for Lee as well. He might enjoy having a conversation about little Lee with her, he might like identifying himself for a while as the man who raised Lee with someone who would appreciate that.

    About the colonel’s lack of expression. I think that the military are pretty good studies at being expressionless especially during moments of stress. The Colonel is like that here. But he can have some pretty great expressions at other points in the show.

    And I like to think that Amanda is sitting close to Lee in the car because she wants to, I think she is feeling very close to Lee after this dinner with his uncle and the kinds of conversations they had. And I think Lee is feeling close to her as well, that is why neither of them are noticing their physical proximity to one another in the car at that moment.

    One other thought… in the deleted scene maybe the bra is from the escapade in the fanfic with the underwire…um….maybe Lee offered to take the undergarment home and put the underwire back in for her…um… would that work?…nah, probably not, but I gave it a try;)

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    • I’d like to add that I think the colonel might also take so easily to Amanda because she comes across not only as a caring person but also as a nice person. During the dinner they must talk about the fact that she is divorced with two boys because the colonel is not surprised when Amanda offers to have him spend the next day with her. I wonder if the colonel thinks that Lee has finally grown up and is ready to settle down! hahahaha! No wonder he thinks Skip’s taste is improving! On a more serious note, I really do think the colonel must start to think differently about Lee at dinner with this choice of girlfriend. Even if the pretext was dropped somewhere along the way, I bet even Bob could see the love (even if it is still friendship love) and caring between the two.

      I like what you say about Amanda sitting close to Lee, but after we see her so close to Lee, we also then see her back in her normal spot. So I think it really may be because of a practical filming thing.

      On the bra thing, I think your explanation would totally work! I like it!! I haven’t read that fanfic yet, need to find it! Anyone out there find it yet?


      • BJo thanks for encouraging my “reaching” when it comes to this show. I guess I don’t watch it very objectively. I make it tell the story that I see in it, I guess, especially when the producers leave blanks for us to fill in.
        As far as the car scene, I guess I view the close ups as though they weren’t paying attention to the placement of the head rest and the wider angled shots as the view they were trying to capture for the audience.
        I am so silly about this stuff. But it really is so much fun to take apart, isn’t it?

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hiya Morley and Bjo! I am enjoying your mental gymnastics (as I like to call it!) ‘Reaching?’ Nahhhh that sounds too negative Morley! You underestimate yourself! go for it!! – work that brain!!! haaaaa.. it sounds like you have great mental flexibility 😉 i love your silliness! don’t change! 😉
          The Bra was Amanda’s from the underwire fan fic?? Ohhh LOL! that is too funny! You guys know I haven’t really ventured into the world of fan fic yet [I’m holding off till I’ve finished the walk through the eps] – that sounds like a fun story! 😉

          Morley wrote: One other thought… in the deleted scene maybe the bra is from the escapade in the fanfic with the underwire…um….maybe Lee offered to take the undergarment home and put the underwire back in for her…um… would that work?…nah, probably not, but I gave it a try;)

          A for effort Morley!!! tee heee.. I do quite like the idea of Lee having one of Amanda’s bras lying around to torture him with impure thoughts about a certain housewife he is not suppose to think of in that way! 😉 teeeee suffer Lee!! 🙂

          That’s an interesting theme Morley.. caring.. I like it.. I hadn’t thought of that one. I’ll probably summarise my general ideas on themes in my final post on the ep.. [If I can remember to do this!]

          yeah I hear ya Morley.. it is within character for the colonel to be so stoney faced.. I just didn’t like it! 😉

          I agree with Bjo’s reply to the ‘Amanda and Lee were feeling close emotionally so they sat together’ hypothesis!! I wish!!! but.. yeah I think it’s just a tight filming schedule.. and requiring filming the car scene on set.. It was not the norm..

          Yeah I agree Bjo.. regardless of the confusion I feel over this girlfriend cover – I think there is no denying that Lee and Amanda were sharing a genuinely intimate moment when the colonel interrupted them- and it would have been unmissible that the two of them have a close, genuine affection for each other.. [ eg. Like Amanda’s ‘whooo way to go cowboy’ look she gives Lee in this scene when he convinces his uncle to not stay at the hotel! 🙂 ]


        • It’s not reaching, Morley!!! It is being wonderfully creative and open to all the possibilities!! Those are fun to explore. After all, we will never ever really know. It is just fun to sit at our computers and speculate about all the different ideas and fillers that pop into our heads. I have tons of crazy ideas that pop into my head, I just very rarely share them because about a second or two after they pop in, I think of 5 reasons whey they are crazy! Of course they make me laugh to myself, so I have a private little chuckle and then move on – it’s all good. The beauty of it is that we can all have our own thoughts and opinions and no one can ever really prove us right or wrong. It is after all, a 30 year old tv show 😉 I think even if we could ask BB or KJ all of our questions, they couldn’t always give us a concrete yes/no answer just their opinion on what the characters were thinking or doing. So, keep reaching and sharing – it’s what makes SMK so much fun! And maybe a little bit silly – but we’ve all got to be a little bit silly now and then – even us ‘middle-aged women’ as BB calls his primary SMK fans….now that was silly!


  5. Nice catch on the promoted chef, iwsod! I hadn’t noticed that before. Love things like that! And love intense Lee…and Lee with a gun….and Lee in his winter coat…another topic for a fan vidder. Focus!

    Oh, I kind of like the screeching tires and music. After all, with the type of relationship Lee and his uncle have, it’s almost like Lee knows there could be a bomb that might go off. He’s going to help his uncle whether Bob wants it or not! Or maybe it’s because of the drama associated with the big step in growth you mention – we need music for that don’t we? 😉

    Not sure what you mean about the gurney. I guess Aussie gurneys are different? I think when they lower the gurney, that is how they fold the legs under. Can’t have the legs open in the back of the ambulance. Think of an ironing board, maybe? Nowadays, gurneys probably work better and they don’t have to be lowered to collapse the legs?

    Agree, the colonel was acting dumb about the coincidence comment. I completely believe he is just saying that because he has no respect for “suits” as he refers to Lee’s profession. “Don’t worry Lee. Amanda has fantasies about secret agents!” ROFLMBO!!
    Yes, very good job Lee on not blowing your stack! I think Amanda is proud of him too! And the line about “owe it to your men to stay alive” is exactly what the colonel had to hear to acquiesce. Lee has learned some things from the damn duck! If Dr. Evil had brainwashed BtB, when he pulled Lester’s string, it would have said the same thing! And no, I don’t think he would have done it for Lee, that would be sentimental and I don’t see the colonel as being that way. At all.

    “Alright, you win.” Sounds familiar. This is how my family rolled when I was growing up. It was always about winning and being right. Guess that’s why I don’t see the behavior or relationship between these two men as abnormal or bothersome. As adults my siblings and are past that – at least most of the time, but it is a very hard ‘habit’ to break.

    Dotty and the boys at the circus, hahaha, at least she’s found somewhere else to take them besides the movies! Love Lee’s reaction to Amanda’s offer to have the colonel over for some cookie-baking. He doesn’t even think of or is not bothered by the fact that these two will most certainly be chatting about “little boy Lee”!
    I enjoyed reading about the deleted scene at Lee’s apartment, and am glad it was cut. It’s logical to assume the colonel would have thought the bra was Amanda’s and it could have made for an awkward afternoon of baking at her house.


  6. Melissa Robertson

    Interesting that his uncle mentioned playing James Bond in front of Lee’s “girlfriend”. If it hadn’t been Amanda would Lee have had some backtracking to do?

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  7. You know, I didn’t see the Colonel’s behavior as anything other than the shock of a paradigm shift. Here he thought he was dealing with a simple wrong vs right case. Then one of his men dies a strange death and he begins to realize it might be a set up. He begins to realize that Lee may be right. I think it is a slow realization that comes over him. I also think that the opposition that he gives Lee is a old pattern of control and defense. I know lots of people who become argumentative and difficult because of a stressful situation that they are beginning to realize is out of their control and they are trying to maintain their control by holding on to their ability to call the shots even if the person they are interacting with at the moment is making perfectly logical sense. Add to this the apparent competition between Lee and his Uncle and between the “Uniform and Suits” and this scene makes sense to me.
    I agree that Lee made some very mature decisions about how he approached this conversation and Amanda worked her magic on both of them with her personal/ people skills. She knows how to warm the iciest and confused of hearts, huh?
    And I do wonder about the choice of filming her sitting so close to Lee in the car. Is it just to get them both in the frame? I wonder?

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    • I dunno Morely, I wouldn’t need much convincing to scoot over if I were in a car with BB. 😀


      • Hi Everyone! Whooo goody.. all these lovely thoughts from everyone to enjoy 🙂 I love it!!!

        Thanks Melissa R! you are the script queen!! that was super fast! and didn’t leave people in suspense about the birds and the bees for long! 😉 tee hee..
        Yeah.. the bra being Amanda’s? I have no idea what to make of it.. as I thought the Col liked her so much because she was not a leave your bra at a guy’s place kind a girl.. if you know what I mean 😉

        I think I’m in the ‘I’m glad they cut it’ club! but.. at the same time- I love that we get to know of the scene through the script! maybe this is the best of both worlds we have here- if we don’t like it- we can tell ourselves- well they cut it out, it wasn’t in the show and it’s not true of the characters.. But! If we like it we can tell ourselves – oh yes! that adds new understanding/backstory to the characters and it would have been good to see! 🙂 maybe? teee heee.. [Anything I read in a script is better than the cut line of Lee’s about white slavery not being too bad because you get to travel- ugh.. that should never have even hit the paper and I do a happy dance at that one being cut!! don’t know if it? check the Brunettes are in posts it’s there somewhere.. *shudder* ]

        Hiya jenbo – yeah!!!! sexyback!!! I’m still (patiently) waiting for lovesmk to update the sharp dressed man vid- lovesmk is a genius!! 🙂 tee hee.. yes true.. we do drool over him full clothed- we aren’t fussy! 🙂 I read your season one comments Jenbo and I loved them!! I am sorry I haven’t had time to respond to them properly- forgive me! but I am sure you are not alone in your waistcoat enjoyment – I’m with you there!!! whoooo haaaaaa!!! Yes Amanda.. danger.. excitement.. sexiness err noo that’s not it.. ummmmm innnnntrigue! 😉 He rocks the waistcoats!!

        thanks for giving your take on Amanda’s confusion.. rofl! yes maybe she was expecting a lift home first too funny!!! Good one Jenbo!!!

        Yes, I too can see why the colonel was annoyed when he had been volunteered.. but I found he OTT unkind in how he dealt with it.. maybe it was the stoney expression of his.. I don’t know!

        I didn’t focus much on Amanda in the post – I know- It was long enough already.. but she contributed lots to the scenes too.. Yes Morley!!! I agree Lee was very chuffed when Amanda suggested her place! I was thinking about that this morning.. and I remembered how she was in Dead Ringer – having someone come to her home is a very big deal to Amanda: her family home is usually offlimits to work stuff unless there is nooooo other option.. and Amanda volunteered for the colonel to come over – this was a big step for Amanda to make this offer : and how lovely!!! As you’ve identified Morley, it seems Lee has recognised this as the wonderful act of trust that it is 🙂 awhhhhhh!!! These two are too sweet aren’t they!

        Off social life eh Morley? Not bad! 😉 I’ll look forward to getting to this stuff in the next ep!!

        Yeah maybe the Colonel was having trouble processing this ‘paradigm shift’ Morley– that would explain it! Only.. I didn’t see any evidence of it in his expressions.. but I can’t think of a reason why it can’t be that! I just find his ‘you win’ plain infuriating!! 😉 don’t mind me!!

        Yeah the seating in the car was weird! It felt like a rushed catch up job of a scene.. for me it didn’t feel like it fit.. and it was added in later or something to explain why Lee arrives at the hotel – I mean he even arrives seeming calm- when he had been so worked up in the car.. sorry it’s so over the top it just makes me laugh!

        Melissa R– good call on The Col. mentioning James Bond infront of his girlfriend.. I guess since the Colonel is very dedicated to his work, and wears his toolbelt to bed, that he assumed Lee would be just as dedicated.. and thus he would only date within his workplace or something!! teee heee! ohhh I am just completely making that up!
        but good point Melissa R the Col suddenly realises Amanda is involved in Lee’s work.. and there was nothing said at the restaurant that would mean the Col knows Amanda knows about anything top secret. Yeah! haaa the Col totally blew Lee’s cover! I love it!! Is it just me or does there feel like there is a scene missing?? the one that explains he works with Amanda.. and she is just a really really good friend, not his girlfriend???!!!!

        whoooo yes ‘Kids’ Melissa R! I can’t wait to get to Randi baby! Haaa well I’m looking forward to some lively debate about the status of Lee’s love life when we hit that ep very soon! 🙂

        Bjo thanks I’m glad you enjoyed the chef, those things tickle my funny bone! Glad it’s not just me 😉
        You liked the screeching tires and music? fair enough! Don’t let me and my weird sense of humour spoil it for ya! 🙂 ‘Whether Bob wants it or not?’ Roflmbo! good one!

        Oh your gurneys don’t just slide into the back of the ambulance?? the whole point is to save the ambulance officer’s backs.. I thought it was hilarious! Oops maybe it’s just me!!! I’ll see if I can find a vid of one to show you what I mean.. then again yeah maybe it was just 80s lousy design that has since been improved! Having a nursing background I saw them lifting the guerney and I shuddered!!! 😉

        LOL..you win was normal in your family? there you go Bjo! everyone finds different things normal or annoying huh!
        Yeah!!!! good thinking Jenbo ‘ damn she’s done it again’ – priceless Bjo!!! Amanda’s working her magic!!! It’s wonderful to see Lee begin to really appreciate that about her and use it in their work together in season 3!

        Very true Jenbo.. The colonel is a wonderful, complicated character – nuanced! The actor does a great job 🙂

        Ahh Cindy, you are so good at getting down to what really counts 🙂 Yes!!! I agree!! I wouldn’t need convincing either!!! 😉 good one!! ‘Hold on!!’?? more heroic u-turns please!!! 😉

        Byeee guys! Lovely to hear from you all- hope you are enjoying this episode too!!


        • Melissa Robertson

          Not that it really matters, but I liked the deleted scene for the interaction between Lee and his uncle. We see Lee trying to reach out to his uncle and his uncle turning him down, but we see Lee trying to keep his cool. On a personal note I’m very old school no sex before marriage and marriage is for ever, but I have accepted Lee’s lifestyle and Amanda’s marriage failure and like them. In away I like to think that is how they feel about each other~they know the real person and accepts them without trying to change the other. They let the other open their eyes to other world’s. Amanda’s to danger, intrigue, and diplomats. Lee’s to love, family, and normalacy.


          • Melissa R, I truly could have written what you just wrote myself! You read my mind!!! This is how I feel also!!
            [Except I didn’t mind the scene not being in there because I felt we’d already seen Lee reach out to his uncle…]

            I totally agree that acceptance of who they are is huge to their journey and very touching!!! I love that they kept the sex in the subtext – it left it open to us fans to decide for ourselves whether or not there was any sex (errr I mean backgammon) going on at any time!! 😉
            Wonderful to hear your thoughs Melissa R! 🙂


            • whoooo Melissa R’s got me thinking: That acceptance between Lee and Amanda is wonderful.. and the foundation of their relationship you might say..
              I hadn’t thought of it this way before, but maybe this is also a theme of this episode?? This is the episode where Lee accepts the colonel for who he is ( and changes his expectations) and the colonel learns to accept Lee for who he is ( and stop criticising him sooooo much).. just a thought but again I’ll hopefully touch on the overall themes in the final post – do share your thoughts on it if you like though! byeee!

              Liked by 1 person

          • Yep, you can believe in the ideal and yet still accept that real life (or SMK life!) does not always, or even often, live up to that ideal. My life got much simpler and gentler when I made that realization years ago!

            As for the scene, I’m glad they left it out. I prefer to know Lee is a ladies man without having it flaunted, and the banter sounded a bit strong for where they wanted to the Colonel/Lee relationship to end up at the end of the episode. (Of course in ALSALS we do get to see Lee pulling something — undies, is it? — out of the wine chiller thingee, right? That could be another reason for removing the Relative Situation scene if they were looking ahead — I think SMK tried to be careful not to be in your face about Lee’s ladies. It’s not family-oriented and it’s a gag that gets stale quickly when overplayed.)


            • Hi Raffie! so wonderful to hear from you!!! I bet you must be busy in Real life! So glad you could pop in – you are always welcome!!! and we’ll take whatever we can get of you! 🙂

              ALSALS undies? i don’t think so!! better not be!! we’ll see! 😉 Yes I think they tried to portray Lee’s womanising like an old Doris Day/ Rock Hudson movie -[know what I mean??] -alot of it is implied.. and I’m sooo glad they used that technique.. plus there were 8 year old kids watching this show so the subtext of things was able to go right over the kid’s heads! You know.. playing backgammon and all that! 😉

              I just remembered I was suppose to touch on Lee’s nickname ‘Skip’.
              I don’t have time to look up who asked -apologies! but..for what it’s worth the answer to the question of where does Lee’s nickname skip come from is answered in the script (on page 16 if you want to check it out) as they walk to the car from the armed forces club.
              Amanda asks..
              and Lee’s answer is that he had ‘a tendency to skip a lot of things, like school, and chores and homework…’ – in other words that nickname the Colonel called him was yet another criticism!!!! poor Lee!!! I prefer to think he liked skippy peanut butter! 🙂
              If someone wanted to transcribe the scene here- it’s an interesting one and has a few additional lines about Lee and the colonel..that and Amanda saying she thinks skip is ‘cute’ – LOL!!
              Okay.. gotta go get some work done.. I’ve had quite a bit of time off the last few days – so it’s catch up time!
              byeeee all!! Hope everyone is well!!


  8. I love the look that Lee gives Amanda and then to the Colonel, when Amanda offers to have the Colonel at her place. Lee looks completed amazed, relieved and flabbergasted at Amanda’s offer. She just surprised him again.
    I like the scene that you mentioned in Lee’s apartment. But I don’t like the presence of ladies articles of clothing there. In my SMK world I like to believe that Lee has been a bit off in his social life right now, and he doesn’t really know why.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Melissa Robertson

      I think he still has those “kids” as Amanda calls them in his life because we see Randi “baby” in ALSALS.


      • I know that Randi “baby” is coming up next but I think that is Lee trying to jump start his social life again. I see that as a knee jerk reaction to the past few episodes. I guess I should save that for next episode, huh?

        Liked by 1 person

        • I’m with you Morley, I like the thought that Lee is “a bit off in his social life right now.” Maybe wishful thinking on my part, but he’s slowly going down for the count and sporadically tries to reassert himself as the consummate single guy, hence the Randi babies. Such a losing proposition for our James Bond. (And yes, I felt the Colonel was demeaning towards Lee with that comment. Ouch.)

          Liked by 1 person

    • Like the expression, “off in his social life”. I had just been thinking, before seeing this, that rather quickly after meeting Amanda, Lee’s “social life” becomes a series of failed (or interfered with) attempts. There’s his vacation to meet some women in SBTB, his weekend with Gillian in OMIT. He was still trying, as we can see with Randy Baby, to be a ladies’ man, but it’s starting to seem a little half-hearted to me, even without her obvious jealousy (really, quite the witch). I like to think that by the second season, he’s still going out with women and having them over for dates, but no backgammon. Like he’s still trying to be the kind of person he was, but somehow the interest isn’t there anymore. And, of course, by some time in season 3, even the dating fizzles.


  9. IWSOD are you referring to the Sexyback vid?
    It’s funny as much as I love to see “wet” Lee it’s nice to know we can equally drool over him fully clothed 😉 I love the long winter coat look and if you see from my comments on season one eps I also love the suit with waistcoat look 😉 Heck I think Id like him dressed in a bin liner lol

    I think Amanda’s confused expression comes from acknowledging to Lee that something fishy is going on but she was surprised that he was gonna do a almost a handbrake turn and rush back to his uncle there and then. Perhaps she was expecting a lift home first 😉

    Pity they cut the scene back at Lee’s apartment that would have been good to see but knowing how it was a family show the sight of discarded bras might have been a bit much maybe?

    Ooh the James Bond comment was a bit dismissive, bad Colonel 😦 I do think the Colonel is used to being in charge and therefore always knows best. Bit of a climb down to accept your 5 year old nephew is now a grown man and an accomplished agent to boot. I feel once they are in each others company they always revert to their chosen roles, the Colonel being the “parent” and Lee turning into the petulant teenager. No wonder they are always clashing.

    I can kinda understand the Colonels irritation at Lee and Amanda. No one likes being discussed as though they’re not present. I love how he makes a point and then goes along with their plans anyway and then tops it off by escorting Amanda to the car 🙂 is there a wee bit of frustration there from Lee that Amanda has almost effortlessly gelled with the Colonel, this difficult and domineering man.


    • I like this idea of yours, Jenbo – that Lee is a bit frustrated that Amanda “has almost effortlyessly gelled with the colonel”. It’s as if he’s thinking, “Damn, she’s done it again!” The eps Magic Bus, The Long Christmas Eve and Our Man in Tegernsee come to mind.

      Liked by 1 person

      • It’s just the way he takes her arm (ok he could be just overly gallant) but also he’s perfectly happy to spend the day in her company, having just had dinner for the first time with her. I suppose in the back of my mind I’ve got the next scene where he’s helping her bake cookies and doesn’t seem particularly uncomfortable doing so. The Colonel is a man whom Lee describes as being a difficult and overbearing man and here he is waltzing off with Amanda and leaving Lee behind like a third wheel. That’s gotta annoy him a little 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  10. Melissa Robertson

    In the script after Lee says his uncle is not safe Amanda tells the Colonel that he would be safer at Lee’s to which he replies, “You win.” Then Lee says he needs to find him some place for the next day and Amanda offers her place.
    Lee and his uncle walk into his apartment and the Colonel compliments Lee on his nice place. they then see a pile of clothes on the couch. Lee goes to move them and notices a bra the Col picks it up. An embarrassed Lee says, “that got in there by mistake.” To which the uncle replies,” bet it didn’t get taken off by mistake!” (Wonder if he thought it was Amanda’s). The Col continue with saying, “you always did have a way with the ladies even as a teenager you had an active social life.” Lee says, “look I can explain.” The Col replies,”calm down I’m a little late to explain the birds and the bees!”
    The Col tells Lee that he can’t remember the last time he saw him when he wasn’t on edge. Lee tells him that he guessed the Col brought the best out in him. The Col tells Lee that he doesn’t have a chip on his shoulder it’s a log. Lee explains that the Col would be like that if he had someone following him around with a list of do’s and don’ts. To which the Col tells Lee that he never criticized unless it was for his own good. Lee says,” who elected you judge of my own good.” To which The Col calls a truce.
    Lee offers to take him to Amanda’s tomorrow after his morning meeting, but the Col says he will get a cab. Lee explains that he would whether take him, but his uncle accuses him of playing nursemaid. A frustrated Lee says fine. He then offers his bed to the Col, but the Col says he will take the couch. Lee tries again to get his uncle to take the bed, but the Col stubbornly won’t. At which Lee throws a pillow and blanket at him and mutters,”you’re going to love the broken spring.”
    Too bad the cut this scene!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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