7/12 Season Two, Episode 14:A Little Sex, A Little Scandal- Scarecrow & Mrs King

Back for a little more sex and a little more scandal! It has been quite a delay between this post and the last post.. apologies! It was entirely unexpected and uncontrollable – I would suggest reading the previous post (post 6) before continuing with this one – as the last post ended in the middle of this same scene..

On with the show! ….Still in Billy’s office, a very concerned Lee watches on as Amanda constructs the composite sketch of the killer..
Billy worries they won’t be able to decipher the code on the ‘little piece of paper found on Gelles’ body’
– weird.. it wasn’t that little!

Anyway, the tiny piece of paper is down in Cryptology with Francine and there’s hope it will be deciphered!
Lee: Francine’s with Bartlett, he’s our best crypt analyst.
Hmm and Bartlett is pretty good at executive producing too!! LOL!!! Yep- that cheeky Juanita Bartlett gets another mention??!! I guess her ‘cameo’ for Bartlett’s bottle shop did get cut out of Three Faces of Emily.. so it was her time! clip_image004Oh wait!! she did get a mention in Brunettes too didn’t she?? The boys wanted to play with Billy Bartlett??
Lee: unfortunately that little piece of paper was smudged by water. It’s a wonder we can get anything at all..
LOL! I’ll say! It’s a flippin miracle! an smk miracle!
clip_image006Amanda joins Lee and Billy and gives them each a copy of the sketch.LOL at how Amanda holds up the sketch to show she has it before she even comes into Billy’s office! clip_image002
clip_image003Lee: whoo isn’t he a charmer!.. It’s too bad you didn’t get a good look at the other one.
[Sheesh! Lee is never satisfied!! Winking smile ]
Amanda audibly shivers:  Whoooooooooo!!!

[yes.. audible shivers exist- you watch!!]

Lee: what’s the matter are you alright?
[No. Hold me]

Amanda: Oh! yeah.. he just.. kinda gives me the willies!
Lee: Amanda don’t worry you’re safe here we have our best men…
[aie!!! no women agents huh!!! what is it with this episode and sex roles???!!!]
staked out around your house.

Whooooo Lee swiftly moves into reassuring mode (whoooo love that mode!) oh bless him!

Amanda: I know and I appreciate it. clip_image012[1]
Ohhhh my!!! Billy!!!! are you watching this?? [nope too busy focusing on the sketch!]
Too bad.. because then he’d see what’s happening between these two!!! How fabulous!
Yep it was a
good plan putting Lee and Amanda together! clip_image002[4]
Lee’s growing as a man, and an agent! I see Amanda’s diamond pendant necklace has gone in this make over errr I mean under!
Love Lee and Amanda’s exchange of mutual smiles here!!!.. awh!!

clip_image004[4]Billy enquires about Lee’s meeting with Senator Hoffmeir.
Heck Billy that was yesterday! clip_image006[4] Keep up!

Lee’s [blocked] nose tells him the Senator is under pressure from someone and not being honest.. Go Lee! clip_image002[5]

Lee: there were two perfect candidates there: Rita Holden and Leon Sachs. Both of them make their livings by putting screws to people.
[aha! thus why Lee had to meet both Rita and Sachs in the earlier scene!]

If they suspect either of these two- why don’t they show Amanda a picture of them?? she may identify either of them as being the ‘man’ in the front seat! clip_image006[5]

LOL! how charming! ‘Putting screws to people’ .. Hmm.. Call me crazy, but some could say that also describes Lee’s job…. from time to time..Especially if a certain very very very good friend of his is in trouble! clip_image002[6]

Billy agrees that Rita and Sachs are worth checking into and he’ll get Francine to track them down. Track them down?? Huh?? Are they missing?? Ohhhh kaaaaayyyy!clip_image001[4]Billy praises Amanda’s great work at getting the composite done of one of the killer!

clip_image003Uh oh… Amanda asks after her car!!!! Her car?? Billy doesn’t know what that’s about!!

eeek!!! Lee hasn’t told him yet! LOL!!!

Lee: ah haaaa.. oh right! your car..

(to Billy, as they head out of Billy’s office)

…Billy do you remember that little flower shop on errr Woodrow ( as in Mrs Woodrow?! ) Wilson Blvd on 17th street that use to be-

Billy: Use to be? I just bought some flowers there last week. Have they moved?

Lee: well.. not actually moved…

drops her head as Lee and Billy exit the room!) …more like ahh relocated.

We see the door close.. so we no longer hear the rest of Lee’s explanation.. and the next thing we hear is:

Billy: the whole store??!!!!

Ha haaaaa.. love how Lee turns back to see Amanda..
yep she heard!! Everybody heard!! ouch!

So Lee walks Billy out of the bullpen to tell Billy about the flower shop – shielding Amanda from Billy’s outburst!!!


Lee is aware of Amanda the whole time- and looking out for her – awh!!! He is such a sweetie these days!! Amanda.. how could you not start to fall in love with him now huh??? He’s making it hard not to!! He’s so in tune with Amanda, taking care of her and making sure her needs are met – it’s crazy sweet!!
Lastly, we see Amanda watching from inside billy’s office.. haaaa.. cute moment.. and KJ gives us once again some fabulous, funny facial expressions!!clip_image006[8]

A great gag that one!!! well done!!! clip_image006[9]Is it just me or would Amanda be perfectly presentable in this

outfit- except for those earrings? the hair is actually not so bad.. oh wait.. she has on brown trousers and a white top?? Rita had on a white top and brown skirt in her last scene at the senator’s office.. I am starting to wonder if this is deliberate!

Time for a baddie meeting!!! Rita’s not happy they found the car… seems Rita is aware there’s a page missing out of the book..


A kid and his ball approach Rita and her goons-

Rita helps the kid with his ball saying ‘there you go sweetie!

– as she goes back to conspiring to destroy the democratic system that little sweetie was born into and enjoys the freedoms of!!!
LOL!!!! she’s a real piece of work!!

So the page is from the Trick book.. You know with the way she treats these goons, she must be paying them well.. Rita gives them her orders.. make sure Amanda’s luck runs out…[ha!! if she knew how SMK works, she would have never suggested that! Winking smile ] and Sachs?
For a second.. I could have clip_image003[8]sworn Rita looked regretful.. as she comes to the decision that she can’t afford for Sachs to continue with his investigation.

Rita: File his last story on the obituary page!

Ouch!!! a great line!! but.. ouch!!!

Is that the same park where The Artful Dodger met with his chess playing client?? I think so!!

Anyway I shall finish up there for now!!! Sorry for the delay.!!! I look forward to hearing what you all think – thanks for reading and back with more soon…

[sorry about the weird formatting too! ugh.. given I’ve backed these posts up in software I’ve had to convert to new software it is a little-off! .. long story but this is something I’ll just have to live with – I don’t have time to completely rewrite the posts for the rest of this episode – I hope you will be able to read it okay and it won’t spoil your smk fun!]  Soooo happy to be back!!!! byeee for now!!

24 responses to “7/12 Season Two, Episode 14:A Little Sex, A Little Scandal- Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. No. Hold me. ROFLMBO! That’s what I’d be saying! Am loving the dimple shot on Lee right after Amanda is thinking this line. Ok, I’m taking some liberty here like iwsod, but I can, right? And even though we don’t see it, I think Billy is taking it all in and noticing. The silence during the exchange of mutual smiles must have caused him to look up and take notice!

    Is it just me or does it seem strange that Billy and Lee left Amanda, the part-time civilian, in Billy’s office where there are surely top-secret/confidential/need to know papers and things???? What about security, people??

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi IWSOD, so glad you are back 🙂


  3. The formatting looked fine to me, so glad you are back!


  4. IWSOD yep it’s the earrings……everything else is fine but with her short hair the earrings have to go!!!
    Love Billy and his exclamation “the whole store?!” Very well done. I do wonder if he would have reacted the same way though if Amanda was in front of him and they had started off by saying she crashed and had come very close to being injured……it is after all always about how you present things 😉


  5. The earth literally shook when I scrolled down to that gorgeous pic of Lee smiling at Amanda. Oh, wait, that was actually an earthquake here in Wanganui New Zealand. Decided discretion was the better part of valour and abandoned my adoration of Lee to go and stand under a door frame when books started falling off my bookshelf. That’s one powerful dimpled smile! Whooo…haaa!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Welcome back iwsod! So glad you got everything taken care of and of course we missed you and your lovely posts! I check this blog every day now just as I do my email. Always anxious to read new posts and comments.

    Love how Lee not only expresses his concern for Amanda, but shows how he knows what she’ll be concerned about by having already set up a stake out at her house. He anticipated what she would next be worried about and he did it without her having to ask. Definitely sweet, definitely considerate. Not sure if Amanda is altogether focused on it though. There is so much going on for her right now with the Award issues, her car being damaged, someone trying to kill her, and Lee seemingly focused on this Randi chick. She definitely appreciates it, but may just assume he’s just doing his duty.

    Billy can be so funny in his reactions and comments. Like how Lee tries to deflect for Amanda.


    • Valerie, I think you are right about Amanda not being altogether focused on Lee’s sweet attentiveness and your reasoning why. She doesn’t swoon as fast as the rest of us now at this point in the series, does she?

      And Iwsod, I pay attention to the necklaces, especially in season 3, but I never noticed this time. Has it been missing the whole episode? I want to pay attention to when it returns. I love the fact that Amanda has some very simple jewelry that she wears whether she is in sweats or a gown, which is why I think the change in necklace is significant (or at least I created some significance for it :))

      I will be interested in your conclusion about Rita vs Amanda too.

      BJo, do I remember someone suggesting you count Lee’s “whatsa matters?”
      Here is a great one, a real empathetic, caring one instead of an annoyed one.


      • Oh cool Morley! yeah I just suddenly noticed there was no necklace – I had never noticed it before either! Let’s keep an eye out for it’s return!! 🙂

        yeah I agree with Valerie too – Great observation Valerie!! Amanda is a very strong woman who is not completely distracted by Lee and his attentiveness!! 🙂


        • I got distracted tonight looking at all the last half of season 2 and Amanda’s hair (episode order), but I noticed that the necklace is missing from the beginning of this episode until somewhere in the middle of Murder Between Friends. I won’t think about why (too much) I will try to patiently wait until we get to those episodes, but I found it interesting. (I also think the episode order needs some adjusting)


          • Actually the dang thing shows up at weird times in Burn Out to and I don’t know how to explain it except for filming schedule and no one paying attention. Oh you’ll see, I just have to wait until we get there together. Big sigh…


      • I don’t remember someone suggesting I count Lee’s “whatsa matters.” I’ll have to go back and look. While I had a great July, I feel so out of the loop here and with the stats – need to dive back in! Do you remember by chance which stats post that was, Morley?


        • BJo, I thought it was in the comments of one of your first posts, maybe not. I thought I got the idea from somewhere… Its nice having you back on the blog, BJo 🙂


  7. “The whole store!?” I love that line… So glad to be back, so glad you are back Iwsod. I am unpacked and almost done with ALL the laundry after a week camping and I am ready to get back to the world of SMK! Yay!!!


  8. Melissa Robertson

    So glad that your back. I’ve missed you and SMK 🙂 Lee is super sweet here…I love it ❤


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