6/12 Season Two, Episode 14:A Little Sex, A Little Scandal- Scarecrow & Mrs King

Okay we’re back.. and during the commercial break lots of flower pots came from nowhere and landed on Amanda’s car roof!
Lee who had been following closely behind Amanda pulls up..
It must have been absolutely terrifying for Lee to see Amanda go through that store front!
Lurve Lee’s panicked ‘ Amaaaaannnnnddddaaaa?? Amanda!!!’ as he runs into the flower shop. Yes Runs!!!
Smile – whooo it’s been a while since we’ve heard one of those caring sounding cries! or.. maybe this is the first??? Anyone??
We hear a little ‘yessss!!’ from Amanda.
Lee: are you okay?
ALSALS.avi_001612012Lee opens the passenger side door and helps Amanda out being very attentive to her- awh!!

Amanda sounds shaken up, scared: ah yes I think so.
Lee leans into the car and actually undoes her belt for her- awhhh!
good thing I wear my seatbelt

[yep.. especially when someone is out to kill you! oh and those extra large shoulder pads Amanda is sporting are a very fortuitous fashion addition! Winking smile]
Lee: yeah! what happened?! [I’m guessing Lee didn’t hear Amanda screeching as she drove past him that her accelerator was stuck?! Winking smile ]
Amanda: I don’t know
They both stand up straight, having finally gotten Amanda out of the car – they both for the first time realise what they are surrounded by!
How lovely that Lee didn’t even notice- he was just focused on getting to Amanda, making sure she was okay and helping her out of the car!! awh!!
[you can just make out their hands very slowing detaching as they take in the horror!]
Lee: ohhh
Amanda: Ohhh my gooosssshhh!!!…

I love how as she says this, she absent-mindedly sets to rights a flowerpot on the roof of her car which had been on it’s side! tee heee..
Lee is just quiet- errr umm.. shock!!
Amanda: OHHH this is just terrible!!!! OH my gosh!!!

Oh this little flower shop guy is really cute! What he says here is classic smk!
flower guy
: ohh hooo what happened to my store? (sobbing!) – funny! He does the same thing Amanda just did!! he absent-mindedly picks up a vase and puts it back the right way! LOL!!
Lee: sir.. believe me!
flower guy: we would have delivered!!!
ROFL!!!!! I love that line!!
Amanda: sir I’m really sorry it wasn’t my fault…
… The accelerator was jammed…

[aha! maybe the maker of Amanda’s first car didn’t want to be a part of that plot line! LOL!!!]
I couldn’t make it stop.
Lee: what about your brakes?
Amanda: I had no brakes. No emergency brakes! nothing!!!
(quickly turning back to flower guy)
I’m really very so-
Lee  realises the significance here.. Someone is trying to kill Amanda.. and.. it isn’t even anything to do with the agency! Yet again!!! Winking smile
Realisation dawns on Amanda…
…and Lee is quiet- that means things have gotten serious!!!! Amanda turns back to Lee: Lee you don’t suppose??
Lee : yes I do… I’ll have our boys down at the lab check it out.

[no women in the lab??!!!]
Weeeeell flower guy isn’t coping:
Check the car out?!…..What about my store?
Lee: ahhh it will be taken care of believe me!

ALSALS.avi_001660360IMHO Lee is trying to help this guy, but he doesn’t quite cut through..
and flower guy seems to get even more agitated! .. ALSALS.avi_001663229ALSALS.avi_001667233Amanda on the other hand gives the guy what he needs.. she gives him her details ALSALS.avi_001667867and tells him that it will be fixed. something concrete! well done Amanda! Smile Does it seem for a moment like Lee isn’t sure this is a good idea?? but it does calm flower guy down which is the main thing..
surely Lee was going to have the agency pay for this?? I mean who else would? LOL maybe the cops??!!! yeah!! get Tuggy to pay for it!!! I do love though how at this stage of the show-there is zero mention of Amanda having to claim her insurance!!! Smile

Lee grabs Amanda by the arm, trying to get her attention again now the flower guy has gone and she’s taking in the damage again!
Lee suddenly sounds like his nose is all congested when it’s time for his close up- flower allergies?!!
ALSALS.avi_001688254Aha! Lee says Amanda hadn’t been able to identify the killer from the mugshots- right! well that clears that up! So she did go down and try- guess it was yesterday- glad he said that!! But if she did that.. wouldn’t the baddies have followed her to IFF? I guess they might not have known what ALSALS.avi_001692258that was.. Anyway Lee suggests she try and create a composite sketch of the killer. Amanda says she was about to go do that for ‘Officer’ Tuggy (LOL!). Lee says he will talk to Tuggy- ALSALS.avi_001694260this is an agency matter now – whooooo intense Leeeeeeee!!! swoony! I know this could be because it’s the senator’s aide.. but I get the vibe that it’s definitely an agency matter now because of what just happened to Amanda Smile swoooooon!!! Because Lee ALSALS.avi_001697263didn’t talk to Tuggy yesterday when he knew about the senator’s aide!!
Lee: I’ll drive you to the agency, and I’ll send some of our boys back here for your car.
[Ohhhhh swwoooony Amanda doesn’t even need to ask what is going to happen with her all important car anymore- Lee just takes care of it!!! couldn’t you die???!!!!! Love it!! I guess after the whole fiasco of Car Wars it is burned on Lee’s brain that Amanda must have a car to pick up the kids from school and do errands! Smile btw- why ‘boys from the agency’?? women don’t drive cars? I guess they don’t work in vehicle recovery… yep stereotypical sex roles are alive and well at IFF..]

ALSALS.avi_001706272On to IFF..
Love Amanda’s description of the murderer’s mouth to the composite a
ALSALS.avi_001721287rtist !

Amanda: (his mouth ) …was thinner, a mean little mouth.
What happened to the computer that created the picture of Carlos in Fearless Dotty?? that seemed to do a really good job! Winking smile 

Next thing, we see that Lee is actually in Billy’s office- but watching Amanda at work out in the bullpen! Awh!!!
talking to Billy: whoever this guy is he’s trying to kill Amanda because she saw Chris Gelles’ murder.
I’m worried about her Billy
Lee turns back to look at Amanda again!!!
oh swoon..Thank Goodness Billy doesn’t comment on Lee’s concern for Amanda – it only makes Lee defensive! This way.. Lee is free to show his care and concern for Amanda openly.. and I am free to swoon!

Hmm sounds like Lee still has a head cold.. I guess BB had come down with a cold that day. Poor BB!

Before I continue with this scene.. I’m going to finish up for now.. I’ll be back with more when I can.. though  don’t be surprised if posts come a little less frequently at the moment – I’m heading into a busy time the next three weeks.. but I’ll do the best I can to keep the posts coming –[as always I’ll be moderating though] A little smk is good for the soul!!! Smile  It would be great to hear what you think!! byeee!

13 responses to “6/12 Season Two, Episode 14:A Little Sex, A Little Scandal- Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. I definitely notice a cold going through the cast during this season. You hear it with BB here and on Life Of The Party — where both Mel & Martha also seem to have it to a lesser degree, and KJ sounds like she has it on Car Wars.


  2. We are starting to see the frequency of these caring, concerned Lee moments increase in this part of season 2 and I am loving it!!!! 😍

    Also, Amanda is really having bad luck with flowers getting knocked over in her car this episode. 😂


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  4. Ahhh, the flower shop scene…except for Lee’s concern and treatment of Amanda, there isn’t I much like about it. Sorry guys! And it’s killing me that I can’t watch this episode anymore. I need to just decide whether to purchase the DVD’s or the digital season on Amazon and get on with it. Grrr. We have had some major unexpected expenses recently, which is why I’m being so hesitant on a $25/30 US purchase.

    I’m thinking this is the first time Lee has called out Amanda’s name in such a caring way like this. I know he’s expressed concern over her safety many times, but not with a shout. There Goes the Neighborhood and Three Faces of Emily come to mind, but I can’t think of any other times prior to this episode where he yells out.

    Awww, it never registered to me that he undid her seatbelt for her! What a caring thing to do! And that lengthy hand hold as they are taking in the scene…gonna have to time that when I get to stats on this episode! Lee really looks like he feels so bad for her. He knows that she is just feeling terrible herself for what happened. He wants to make it all better for her so he offers the Agency to pay for it. But ugh, this I don’t like! I mean I like that Lee wants to make this all go away for Amanda, but I don’t like that he’s using taxpayer money to do it! Amanda has insurance, that’s what it’s for!

    And I’m sorry to disagree, but I don’t like the flower shop owner. The line about delivering is hysterical, but I’m irked that he showed no concern over Amanda’s well-being. Even if she doesn’t appear to be hurt, he could have at least asked. Her choice was hit the woman pushing a baby stroller in the street (right?) or run into the flower store. Why didn’t Amanda mention that? Argh. Surely the flower guy would have agreed Amanda made the right choice.

    I too love that Amanda doesn’t need to ask about her car because she knows that Lee will just take care of it! The only thing missing here is a nice reassuring hug from our big strong hero. And Lee watching Amanda working with the sketch artist and saying he’s worried about her….she is really under his skin! And if he’s worried about her, he’s thinking about her and not Randi 🙂


  5. I believe Lee expressed concern about Amanda in Saved By The Bells and Lee didn’t want Amanda dying in his place. Billy wondered if Lee would have felt that way if it was anyone else. He also does it when Amanda loses her memory in I’m Not Now…In both instances Lee feels to blame for Amanda’s situation. This is a bit different because he’s not at fault. Billy is okay with whatever is going on with Lee and Amanda because he knows Amanda is good for him. With Billy knowing and accepting them Lee tends to be a bit more relaxed about what he’s feeling. Sometimes Billy encourages it.

    Lee does sound congested. I wonder if he is drinking tea instead of coffee. Based on production and a comment I think it continues into the next episode.

    Love how he rescues Amanda, love the concern as he calls her name, love how he races to the car…he’s almost in a panic, love how he helps her out of the car, love how they know what each is thinking. Love this scene so much I replay it to death. Also love how he expresses his worry at the agency. This whole thing is filled with Lee and Amanda goodness with more to come.

    Morley, I’m going to look at the scene again and watch the jacket. I saw him pick it up but didn’t watch how he was holding it. Any excuse to watch again …


    • Valerie, love what you say about Lee expressing concern for Amanda! The fact that this time it’s not his fault really shows us that Lee truly does care for Amanda independently of their job/working relationship.


  6. Melissa Robertson

    Love this side of Lee~isn’t he like this through the rest of the season? Hopefully we are finished with grumpy Lee with Amanda 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. The last time I watched this scene I was really touched by the way Lee was handling her jacket. I don’t know why, it was as if he was stroking it the way he wanted to touch Amanda, to comfort her and himself. And I liked how they were thinking together in the flower shop. Finishing each other’s thoughts It was as if although they were both rattled they has a complete brain between the two of them to accomplish everything that needed to happen. I do think Lee gave pause to Amanda giving out one of her personal checks with phone number and address on it. I bet he never does that, I bet she won’t even do that again.

    Is this the first time Lee confesses concern about Amanda to Billy?


    • Drat, Morley! I’m just going to have to take the plunge and make a decision on which format to buy S2! Your comment about Lee’s handling of Amanda’s jacket has got me veeery curious!!


      • O I am sorry BJo. But I suppose if you need the push, or excuse, well there it is. It is just that Lee keeps switching the coat from hand to hand and wadding it up, and just plain handling it. It’s like it doesn’t belong to someone else, like it is a very familiar object to him. Maybe it is because he is nervous and fidgety, his hands do get fidgety when he is nervous and upset, but it feels like he is so familiar with it, like it belongs to him. And it is that loose weave one that she wore in the tag of Mongoose, it looks like a blanket. (Come to think of it, if she wore it in Mongoose, did he buy it for her or at least help her pick it out, he did take her shopping for clothes didn’t he?) It is kind of like Linus and his security blanket. Now I know that is reaching, but… well, there it is.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Oooh, aaah, now I really need to just make up my mind so I can watch this scene and the Mongoose ep tonight! Yep, call it a push! Thanks! Love how you describe the scene 🙂 Have you ever tried your hand at fan fiction? Seems like you might be a natural 😉


  8. Lee the hero rushing in to check his Amanda is OK, swoony? You betcha!!!
    I love the straightening of the vases, probably something I would do to make it look a little like total devastation LOL
    Must be awkward for Lee to try and explain to the shop owner. He can hardly say he’s a government spy and that they will pay. He seems to struggle to think on his feet here, too upset and concerned about Amanda perhaps 😉
    Look at him all brooding and protective watching out over Amanda from Billy’s office 😀


  9. Awwwww! Such a sweet couple of scenes. Very swoony indeed!


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