2/2 SMK Stats: Always Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth

Alright everyone, time for more ALAGHITM stats!  This post is mostly about Lee getting hurt and Lee saving Amanda – he had to really work hard this week!  And so did his stunt double, ahem.  I also found a blooper I hadn’t noticed until now – love when I discover those!




Finally, some good old fashioned bad Amanda behavior!  One of the reasons we all love this show, right?  And this scene with Lee on the steps is priceless!  Here is the link to Iwsod’s post on it so you can relive all the funny lines.

badamanda 1

First, the set up – L:  Do not look at me when you are talking to me! 


badamanda 2

A:  What if she doesn’t s—.  L:  Don’t look!

She does it again!


badamanda 3

And the third time….although does it really count if Lee is not there to see it?  Love her manners line….at least we know why she fell for Art Garfunkel Dodger…


badamanda 4

L:  My chili’s better.  Do not look at me!

Argh!  She just can’t help it!  Normal people look at each other when they talk!


badamanda 5

L:  So, she said I was cute? A:  She was under a lot of pressure.  L:  Amanda when you are undercover it is not good procedure to look at me until the assignment is officially over.

Is that one of the BEST LOOKS EVER on Amanda’s face!!!  She must be thinking, “You’ve GOT to be kidding me!”

badamanda 6

And Amanda turns away in disgust…as she should.  You naughty boy, Lee.

badamanda 7

A:  She thinks we’re having a thing.  L:  A thing?   A:  Eyes straight ahead Scarecrow.

Now Lee’s misbehavin’! Time to turn the tables…hahaha!  Laughing out loud  Love that we get a glimpse of Amanda’s cheeky smile…and a little bit of sass.  Open-mouthed smile  I almost don’t even mind the Amandaband.  Almost.


AMAAANDA!(always said with a hint of annoyance)



LEEEEE!(always said to save our Scarecrow)

No, not this time.



 lee saves a 1

Whoa!!  It’s Amanda on Penny’s runaway horse!  Evil Bo blew his whistle and the horse is racing toward certain doom!!


lee saves a 2

Not so fast horsey!!  Enter our fearless hero – Lee Stetson – to save the day! 

lee saves a 3

Instead of the horse falling on the fake ledge, the jeep drives over it.  Hooray!   (Please note the location of the steering wheel…..)


lee saves a 4

Bad horsey…..is it just me or is anyone reminded of the leader of the brumbies in the movie The Man From Snowy River?  You know, the scene where Jim gets trampled upon.  If you’ve never seen the  movie, I highly recommend it!  It takes place in Iwsod land!  It is a fantastic story with a fabulous soundtrack and gorgeous scenery!  And I just checked, it’s available for free streaming on Amazon Prime! 


Lee does all the saving this time.


Amanda Boo Boos

No boo boos.  Or are there?  I guess I should count Amanda’s runaway ride on the princess’ white horse.  What is that called?  Not kidnapping, not horsenapping, no gunpoint, what??? 



This turns out to be a pretty rough week for our hero.

lee booboo 1



First, he gets shot at while watching over the Prince and Princess…



lee booboo 3

Isn’t Lee looking particularly handsome as he goes off in search of the guy who just shot at the royal couple?  He would look even more handsome if Amazon Prime hadn’t dropped SMK….grrrr….Nice scarf!!



lee booboo 4



Wait!  What happened to the scarf???





lee booboo 8



Lee now has to dodge the speeding truck headed right for him!



lee booboo 9





Oh, I see, they gave the scarf to the

stunt double!

lee booboo 5

I’m glad they decided to give it back…

lee booboo 6

So very glad.  In love



Lee’s next set of injuries comes toward the end of the episode when he starts nosing around Mr. Parker’s bunk.

lee booboo 10




Here he gets punched in the face…well, almost  Winking smile



lee booboo 11

And then he is held by big Earl at gunpoint.  Next we have a scene where ‘stunt Lee’ fights with ‘stunt Earl’.  Lee doles out all the punches.  Earl gets in a few measly pushes but he’s no match for Scarecrow.  If you want to see Iwsod’s pics of that scene, check them out here.


We hear some more of the fight scene and then this!

lee booboo 12lee booboo 13

lee booboo 14lee booboo 15

Okay, so it’s more stunt Lee, but it still had to hurt!

lee booboo 16

Oh look!   Stunt Lee is at it again!  In the process of saving Amanda from certain impending death he leaps from the jeep before it plunges over the cliff!  (Again, please note the location of the steering wheel.)

lee booboo 17lee booboo 18

Stunt Lee sure earned his paycheck this week!  Hope it was a whopper!



Who left their keys this week?

keys 1 

Guess that would be big Earl who left the keys in the jeep.  Thanks, Earl!  (Please note the location of the steering wheel.  Again.  Thank you so much!  Channeling Brenda Lee Johnson here.)


So I feel the need to add a couple of extra pictures – one blooper and one just plain cute pic of a tree.

blooper 1

Blooper first – see it???  Yup, the steering wheel is on the wrong side!  My apologies to the readers who call this the right side.  Let’s just say it’s on the other side!   Guess they used an imported jeep to film this scene – go figure!

jamie tree

Awww, is this the cutest tree you’ve ever seen or what?  I just love this scene with Jamie and his mother.  I wonder what GM thought of having to wear this costume?  It sure beats the pilgrim outfit his brother had to wear!

Let’s recap…

Lee saves Amanda – 1

Amanda saves Lee – 0

Amanda doesn’t do what Lee tells her – 5

Amaaanda! – 0

Leeeee! – 0

Hits/Punches/Shots to Lee – 7

Amanda “Boo boos” – 1

Who Left their keys this week? – 1, Earl



Well, thank you for reading!  Please comment if you’d like!  Whether you do or not, I hope you enjoyed the post.  Up next is Service Above and Beyond!  I think that means we get a tux!!!!


p.s.  Here is the link to Iwsod’s first post for this episode.

14 responses to “2/2 SMK Stats: Always Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth

  1. Can’t believe Lee is so hard on Amanda about looking at him in this episode (and who could ever blame her?! DOES HE NOT KNOW WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE?! sorry for that but I had to get my point across & I can’t figure out how to do italics 😥 ) anyway…can’t believe him when he’s the one that gets caught at the window! 🙄
    Yep! Love the scarf. Every girl really is crazy bout a sharp dressed man! Well every girl on this site anyway 😉


    • To do italics, just put a * before and after the part you want italicized. That should do the trick! There is a relavtively recent post by iwsod that shows all that stuff, except I can’t remember the name of it. iwsod, would it be possible to put a link to that post on the right side somewhere?


      • Hi BJo, good thinking!

        Okay – see in the ‘links’ section on the sidebar? I’ve added ‘Justwalkwithme blog features quick guide’ – this link will send you straight to the blog post listing instructions for how to add features to comments like italics, bold, quoting people and emoticons.. enjoy! 😎

        any questions? ask away.. and it’s likely someone stoping by will be able to help 🙂

        Bye! I’ll try and get back to respond to all the fabulous comments tomorrow..


  2. hi BJo as always I am enjoying the loving detail you go into capturing all the touches.. and –dimples!!!! You so know what we like!!

    Rofl at Lee’s stunt double! Hilarious isn’t it!!! I miss that shows are not so obvious these days –it’s kinda endearing!

    Yep! Love Amanda’s misbehavin!

    Lee cooks Chilli?? (or is it Chili?) man I wish they had revisited that gag! It reminds me of Colombo!!! He eats Chilli in virtually every episode… in one he says he’ll be adventurous for once.. and he’ll have it without beans! 🙂
    There was one where Colombo was really enjoying the chilli at a party – eating tons.. only to find out it’s a ‘special recipe’ – squirrel meat!- Colombo doesn’t say anything. he err just stops eating! 🙂

    Ohh I do love the tag of this ep BJo and you’ve captured some great shots of it!!! Fiesty Amanda.. and Lee enjoying her – my fave combination!!! Yes I love how when Lee tells her she shouldn’t look at him till the assignment is over – he is looking at her!!!! I think he’s just teasing her at this point.. your pic with her ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’ look shows he is looking right at her! Yeeee haaaa I don’t mind a bit of Lee misbehavin also! 🙂

    ROFLMBO love how you set up the steering wheel blooper BJo!!! gold star for you I love it!!! soooo funny!!!!!!! err you mean that wasn’t Lee driving?? 🙂 Yes LOL finally we see someone driving on the correct side 😉 tee heee..

    SAAB?? Ohhhh swoony!!! I cannot wait!!!!!!!!


  3. Hi Guys! Sorry I’ve not been on the blog until now – I’m traveling, visiting with family but finally found some SMK time! Thank you for all your kind comments !

    Valerie, I agree with you about Paula’s “Amanda in Peril” – she is often in dangerous situations versus getting actual boo boos. Great call! I’m going to have to change that heading. This specific incident is definitely mistaken identity as you say. I noticed when doing the screen caps that Amanda and Penny are dressed alike – blue jeans, white sweaters, brown hair up – easy enough for Bo Johnson to mistake Amanda for Penny. Too bad he didn’t notice the Amandaband! Bwahaha!

    NO tack on the horse, KC!?!?! I didn’t notice that either until you pointed it out – but then again I know nothing about horses and don’t think I would have noticed had you not pointed it out. Awesome blooper catch!

    Jenbo – You are right! At least as far as for a single episode that I’ve done stats for – 5 bad Amandas is the record so far. We’ll have to keep that in mind as we go further. I think she starts to get a bit more disobedient as we go along – or at least it seems that way. I love the end of this tag too – love that Lee let’s her get away with sassing him!

    Thanks for your compliment, Cindy – and yes, sooo glad they gave Lee his scarf back so I could include the lovely screen cap of Lee. I mean I had to find something since there was no dimple and no plaid in the shot!

    Debilyn – I agree, Amanda should learn how to hit! I would have loved to see her give Bo Johnson a swift kick in the pants! 😉 It’s funny how Penny sees the sparks between Amanda and Lee and tells Amanda at the end to keep in touch because she’s dying to hear how things work out between “you (Amanda) and Mr. Stetson.” Wonder if there are any facfics out there that are correspondence between these two.

    I’ve had to take a break from working on the next episode, SAAB, but as soon as I’m back home, I hope to get it finished before my company comes to visit. The problem is that there are way too many wonderful pics of Lee in his tux that I’m going to have trouble narrowing it down….gonna have to figure out something!


    • There’s one fanfic that follows the Amanda/Penny relationship through New Year’s Eve communications and moments. It’s called “At the Closing of the Year” and it’s on the fanfiction.net site. It’s a cute, humorous story.


  4. I’ve got an idea about the ambiguous Amanda “boo-boo” here. How about, “Amanda in peril”? That kind of sums up the kidnappings and so forth.

    Nice job with the summaries. I know I don’t post often these days, but I really do enjoy these guest posts, just as I eat up Iswod’s posts.


  5. OMG–I can’t believe I didn’t notice this blooper before and add it to my Stunt Horse note, but the in the close-up of the rearing horse, note that it’s NOT WEARING *ANY* TACK! No bridle, no chest strap… NOTHING! Wah hah hah! No wonder Amanda nearly fell off if she was all of a sudden riding completely bareback!!! Wah hah haaahhh!!! 😀


  6. I love the end of the tag, Amanda and her turning the tables on Lee, her smirk and his too, very cute,

    Good job stunt Lee gave back his scarf, I guess with Health and Safety these days you can’t risk damaging a great scarf like that 😉

    5 Amanda doesn’t do what lee tells her…..I wonder if that’s the current record 😉


  7. Glad Lee got his magic scarf back — PHEW! Nice summary of the stats.


  8. Okay, gotta say it. Yes, Amanda should learn how to hit, then she could get in a few good licks and stats, too. 😉

    The chili scene makes me giggle. “My chili is better.” The repeat of that line by Penny is what tickles me. Especially since Penny is working hard to make something happen with Amanda and Lee.


  9. Not sure if the horse situation was an Amanda “Boo Boo”. Penny switched horses with her thinking hers would be easier for Amanda to handle. Maybe it should be called ‘mistaken identity’. Amanda does have a thing about horses, doesn’t she?

    Love Lee’s chili comment…later in the series he refers to Amanda’s chili as world-class. And I love when Amanda doesn’t do what Lee tells her. She listens to him, but doesn’t listen at the same time. And love it when she gets sassy.


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