6/14 Season Two, Episode 16: The Life of the Party-Scarecrow and Mrs King

The next day, and on to General Oliver’s garden party! Whoever he is! Smile LOL at this crane shot.. The camera is not steady! Makes me dizzy!! This location looks familiar.. but I have no idea if we’ve seen it before! Those fashions do look older than the 80s though.. stock footage?
2.16 LOTP.avi_001226926_thumb[1]
Amanda is hard at work..returning an empty platter for a full platter, she finds Francine in the catering tent sitting down, rubbing her feet! Ugh!!
2.16 LOTP.avi_001234034

Amanda:  Francine, I just overheard two of 2.16 LOTP.avi_001234934the other maids talking about how you can earn extra money when you work at these parties.
Ugh! Amanda’s earrings match her uniform??!!! Sooo what do you think of her hair now? LOL.. never mind that.. Amanda is doing a fab job!! 1BIG GRINBTW- if other maids know about the extra way to earn $$, wouldn’t they be asking about where Sally disappeared to? Poor Sally!
Francine: Sounds promising. Let’s see what we can find out.
2.16 LOTP.avi_001240040
Amanda: Right.
2.16 LOTP.avi_001242442
Francine goes to stand up and investigate.1HaHaHa. but sore feet quickly bring our super tough agent to a halt.. Her face here is too funny!!! 1laugh till cryhaaaa suffer Francine! So appropriate that her vanity is the cause of her physical pain! Smile
2.16 LOTP.avi_001242742
Francine: Oh, Lord, this is not work, this is torture. [Couldn’t happen to a nicer gal! Love 2.16 LOTP.avi_001243643the close up on her shoes.. LOL.. Pantyhose and open toe shoes?? I thought that was a big fashion no no??]
2.16 LOTP.avi_001243043
Amanda: Francine, housewives and mothers do this kind of thing every day.
2.16 LOTP.avi_0012460462.16 LOTP.avi_001249049
[I’m guessing Francine’s mother did not! Winking smile ]
I love how Amanda is standing up to Francine and telling her she chose her shoes poorly.. good for you Amanda! Amanda is so much better here in the field than Francine!!
Francine: Yeah, well, a lot of people sleep on a bed of nails every day, too, but that’s not my business. 1facepalm
2.16 LOTP.avi_0012517512.16 LOTP.avi_001253553
Amanda: You should’ve worn more comfortable shoes. 2applause-appl
2.16 LOTP.avi_001256556Francine: I didn’t have anything else to go with this outfit. 1facepalm
2.16 LOTP.avi_001258658
Should’ve worn something more sensible. 1tiphat
[Do you think KJ was really wishing she could say- you should have worn Nikes!!!??? Amanda is not taking this lightly.. I love that Amanda responds so matter of fact to 2.16 LOTP.avi_001258958Francine’s ridiculous argument. This is serious Francine! I think Francine is surprised that Amanda is so direct here with her – this is a new side of Amanda that Francine has never seen before!]
Francine: I’m not into the Che Guevara look, thank you.
2.16 LOTP.avi_0012601602.16 LOTP.avi_001260460
Amanda: Let’s serve the food and see what we can find out.
2.16 LOTP.avi_001261061
Francine: Okay, good.

ROFL!! Check out the different quantities of Hors d’oeuvres they are planning on distributing! Winking smile Love how Amanda has a full plate.. and Francine has what 8?!
2.16 LOTP.avi_001264664
They start for the party guests, but Francine sees something that makes her stop and turn around.
Francine gif
haaa!!!1HaHaHa Francine’s so dignified! Not!!
Behind her, Amanda stops too.
Francine: Oh, no. Oh no Oh noooo.
Amanda: What? Did you spot something?
2.16 LOTP.avi_001266766
Francine: You see the man over there in the navy blazer? The cute one?
2.16 LOTP.avi_001270670
[No. I don’t see a cute one..]
Amanda: Yes.
2.16 LOTP.avi_001273073Francine: His name is Scott Shayne. I used to go out with him. He’s gonna see me.
2.16 LOTP.avi_001273673He’s gonna see me. He’s gonna recognize me–
2.16 LOTP.avi_001277877Amanda: Francine, does he know what you do?
Francine: No! When I was seeing him, I told him I was a model.
2.16 LOTP.avi_0012790792.16 LOTP.avi_001279379
Amanda without hesitation responds: Since then you became a maid…
2.16 LOTP.avi_0012811812.16 LOTP.avi_001281781
Amanda is all business! I love it!! Francine shows here her snobby beliefs about class- modelling is okay, but being a maid? is not!! Suffer Francine! Winking smile
…Look, try to avoid him. If you can’t avoid him, just be professional.
2.16 LOTP.avi_0012826822.16 LOTP.avi_001283283
… Now, let’s see what we can find out.
2.16 LOTP.avi_0012838832.16 LOTP.avi_001285085
Amanda walks off, LOL this is not up for discussion! .. Francine needs a moment to get moving.. Time to suck it up Princess!!!
2.16 LOTP.avi_0012862862.16 LOTP.avi_001286886
Well this scene is a real surprise!! Surprised at Amanda? nah.. she’s fantastic!!! I’m surprised at Francine’s carrying on! Very very unprofessional! but.. I guess she does tend to do that a bit doesn’t she! 1facepalmIt’s is up to Amanda to talk Francine through it and keep her focused on the job at hand..  I loved this!! 😆

So who should walk right up behind Francine looking for food?! LOL.. Scott with his lady on his arm. LOL Francine tries to offer the tray to him without looking at him! Winking smile
2.16 LOTP.avi_001291691

Scott (Francine’s past date!): Mmm..
Ah, hors d’oeuvres, at last…
2.16 LOTP.avi_001292292

…Mm, caviar looks great.
Francine turns and Scott glances up…
2.16 LOTP.avi_001295595
They make eye contact, and Francine braces herself, certain he’ll recognize her.
2.16 LOTP.avi_001296496
There’s a very brief pause. Francine is ready for the humiliation of being seen to be working as a maid..
2.16 LOTP.avi_001297697
Love how we think he is going to say something and recognise her.. instead he says: Are those olives and cream cheese?
2.16 LOTP.avi_0012997992.16 LOTP.avi_001300700
Love Francine’s face here!! sooo funny!! A whole bunch of Francine delusions are being blown away here! That was a humiliation she wasn’t expecting!!! how can this be??!!!
2.16 LOTP.avi_001301901
Francine: err ahhh..Yes, sir.
2.16 LOTP.avi_001303403
Scott: Mmm.

So funny how he ‘feeds’ it to his girl.. it looks really fake!!
2.16 LOTP.avi_001304904
and obvious that she only pretends to bite it.. haaa!
2.16 LOTP.avi_001305205
2.16 LOTP.avi_001306406Scott pulls her closer and they walk away.
2.16 LOTP.avi_001307607
Wow.. so not only does he not recognise her, he’s found himself another girl!
Francine watches them leave, stunned!
2.16 LOTP.avi_001309709
Sooo.. we think Francine is going to be devastated right?? Wrong! Francine figures it out! he’s only pretending not to know her because he is so gosh darn in love with her still!!!
2.16 LOTP.avi_0013103102.16 LOTP.avi_001310610
Francine: He’s still crazy about me. 2.16 LOTP.avi_001311511
2.16 LOTP.avi_001311811
– Ohhh that is sooooo funny!!! good one!!!! 1HaHaHaFrancine can be soooooo funny!!! She really believes this guy is mooning after her..  Ok Francine, if that’s what gets you through it!! 😉

I swear this final look from Francine off into the distance is perfect! 1laugh till cryLike: I’ve done it again! I just can’t help it! Smile2.16 LOTP.avi_001314214

Ha!!! Francine’s mental gymnastics are so amazing, she has no idea that she was overlooked! Her belief in herself and her effect on men is so confident (read: deluded) that she just can’t see any other explanation for this guy’s behaviour.

You know, I am so happy that it is not till now that Francine and Amanda have worked together –  because now Amanda is starting to feel confident in her work, she has enough experience under her belt now that she can comfortably deal woohoo-022with whatever.. If it had been earlier, then this would not have been such a sweet sweet victory!

It’s amazing.. if you only watched this one scene between Amanda and Francine, you would assume Amanda is the seasoned spy and Francine is the beginner!! Smile

2.16 LOTP.avi_001316916Francine and Amanda head over to the agency to fill in Billy on how much pain Francine is in.. no wait.. I mean on what is their next job.. and how the operation works! Is this later the same day? You know, if it is.. that means Amanda actually switched her earrings to match what she was wearing- black ones with her PP uniform.. and now these horrid big ugly white ones! argh!!!
Francine: Oh, I’m sure I have a slipped disk.
Billy: What’s the routine for the employees, Amanda?

[Love how he ignores Francine!
2.16 LOTP.avi_001319019
Amanda: Uh, well, sir, first we all report to 2.16 LOTP.avi_001324024the Private Party offices, and we change our clothes there…
2.16 LOTP.avi_001328028
…Then they take us to the job in a van, and then they bring us back.

2.16 LOTP.avi_001335035Billy: Nice controlled atmosphere. Any hunches, Francine? [I’m surprised Francine didn’t say her back felt hunched now thanks to her slipped disk! Winking smile ]
Francine: Well, the thefts are clearly at the employee level. But I don’t see anybody running the whole
2.16 LOTP.avi_001344044operation other than the owners, the Burlings. I do, however, have my money on that drill sergeant Mrs Flannigan being in on it.
By the end of this run down, Francine has forgotten her neck hurts Winking smile [What’s to stop the employees going into business for themselves??!! the Burlings wouldn’t know.. ]
Lee joins everyone in Billy’s office…[LOL the moment Lee appears? Francine begins to rub her sore neck again!!! tee hee!!]
2.16 LOTP.avi_001354054
Lee: Police report. They just found Johnny Salinas’ body in the trunk of his car. Looks like whoever took those papers found a buyer.
Find the killer, find the buyer.. and who would want to buy info on the mob?? errr.. the mob! so not all is totally lost! Now you can get the mob for Salina’s murder instead.. [Lee’s still snuffly..]
Billy: There goes six months’ work.
2.16 LOTP.avi_0013600602.16 LOTP.avi_001361061
2.16 LOTP.avi_001362062…All right… [Now Billy is determined! See! He has a trophy for determination!! Smile ]
2.16 LOTP.avi_001364064
…Now we’re gonna nail those guys who sold that information… [Does Amanda repeat this line in DOA???!!! haaaa we’ll see!!] …What’s next for you two?
2.16 LOTP.avi_0013700702.16 LOTP.avi_001372072
Francine: Uh… party tomorrow night. Senator Wrightwood’s house.
2.16 LOTP.avi_001374074Amanda: Yes, sir, but first we go over and clean up during the
2.16 LOTP.avi_001376076day, right, Francine? Francine is not happy to be reminded of this!!
2.16 LOTP.avi_001378078

2.16 LOTP.avi_001380080
Love everyone’s reaction when Amanda reminds Francine …whooo this is gonna be good! Billy is rolling his eyes.. Francine is groaning loudly and Lee is trying not to laugh..
2.16 LOTP.avi_001381081
[Wow.. he is looking gorgeous here! tux or no tuxagahgegqy[qbababa. ] LOL.. Amanda is upbeat as usual doesn’t see what the big deal is!!

I can’t wait for the next scene!!!!! Well byee for now, as always – I’d love to hear from you!!! byeee!

48 responses to “6/14 Season Two, Episode 16: The Life of the Party-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Amandarambler

    Iwsod said: It’s amazing.. if you only watched this one scene between Amanda and Francine, you would assume Amanda is the seasoned spy and Francine is the beginner!!

    SUCH an awesome point, Iwsod. By the end of the episode, Francine seems to get back into her spy professional mode, but I just love Francine’s journey throughout this episode of her view of Amanda and her value to the team. I mean, we start off with Francine at the beginning kinda rolling her eyes at Amanda for mistaking the library for the bathroom…then we transition into Amanda having to snap Francine out of this overwhelmed maid feeling back into professional mode (both her at the tent and later with the toilet cleaning pep talk)…and then we conclude in the meat-ing room (HAHA) with Francine out loud saying how terrific Amanda is and how great her work was. Just cool.

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  2. I think this scene with Amanda and Francine is up there with one of my favorites of the season. Amanda is in her groove, and poor Francine….I don’t know where she is! Her reaction to seeing her former boyfriend and him still being crazy about her is HILARIOUS! Martha Smith really does a great job in this episode!

    I think open toe heels and pantyhose maybe is more a thing of the 80s. Well, pantyhose period seems to be becoming more and more obsolete.

    BJo, I just saw a comment where you live in GA!!! Me too!!!!! 🤗🤗 (I’m in the northwest.)

    Iwsod, I also love that you raise the point of Amanda and Francine working together happening at this point in the series – when Amanda is becoming beautifully confident. I do love that. And it’s exciting to watch Lee supportive of her (his facial expressions alone say this, IMO) from the sidelines. It almost like having them separated somewhat here highlights how much they’ve done for each other’s growth even moreso than seeing them working as directly with each other. But only for an episode. Wouldn’t want it regularly, of course. 😉

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  3. Wow, everyone has brought up some great points here about covers and Francine and Amanda. I do think it must be hard for secret agents to keep up with their covers. I’m sure they do use them more than once.

    Francine is so much fun here. I’ve noticed that she doesn’t like awkward situations (unless they happen to someone else). She’s not able to laugh at herself easily, which says a lot about her. If she was brought up by a mother who was strict on “what society thinks of us,” this could be carry over. She could be trying to break that mold (since she obviously wants to be a “modern woman”), but struggles due to that lingering voice of her mother in her ear. It’s a theory, anyway…

    As to those shoes – we go to a lot of outdoor events, and I’ve noticed there are women who often wear high heels at those events – in the woods or in a pasture setting. My family and I are always asking each other, “What was she thinking?” Hello … uneven ground … could turn ankles. I understand wanting to look good, but sometimes you need to be practical, too.


    • Jenbo, I’m open to a forum. I’m on FB, but sometimes it’s hard to navigate over there. Whatever works best for you, though.


    • I am always surprised when I see these women in these sky high heels at the zoo or amusement parks or other similar venues. I am equally perplexed when I see teens in flip flops when there is a ton of walking involved. I’m with Amanda/KJ give me my trusty gym shoes and I’m good to go. I think I have more gym shoes than any other type of shoe.


      • This conversation about comfy shoes and nikes is so ironic.. you know how much junk/spam I get trying to advertise discount nikes??!!! 😉 haaaaa.. [of course I try and keep that stuff out of here but it’s funny to see our conversation go in that direction.. 🙂 ]


      • I’m not a teen, but I do love my flip flops. I wear them everywhere in the summer, even with a lot of walking involved. If I can’t go barefooted, I wear my flops. I guess I got used to wearing them as a kid and just don’t think about it. If I’m going hiking or in the woods, I do wear sneakers, but otherwise – it’s flops or sandals when barefooting won’t do.


        • I love my flip flops too! I wear them all the time, unless I’m exercising. Living in GA, it helps that it’s flip flop weather most of the year for me.


  4. Sorry to tag this on episode discussion but I figured this was quickest way to garner opinion and demand. For off topic chat to avoid clogging up IWSOD’s lovely blog could you tell me who is interested in the following:
    A) closed (as in wont be viewed on news feed) group on FB or
    B) a forum (nothing fancy as I am NOT tech savvy)

    It goes without saying any place for chat is open to all readers of IWSOD’s blog, whether you have commented or not.
    If there isn’t any demand I guess the idea can be put in the back burner.
    Let me know what you think 🙂 IWSOD hope it’s ok posting this here 🙂


    • B–forum. (FB is evil. 😀 )


    • Great idea Jenbo!!!! Thanks for organising this.. such a shame wordpress doesn’t do it… naughty wordpress! oh well..
      I don’t mind what you do.. has anyone used path before? or tumblr? how do they work? I don’t really understand how facebook works either.. I’m hopeless!
      Any social networking experts reading? 🙂


    • Like KC and Morley, I’m not a big fan of FB either. However, I would be willing to go along with whatever is easiest to set up and run.


    • I think that page for Path, Tumblr etc is about promoting your blog. Some I read have FB pages and update when a new post is posted etc.
      Since majority so far would like a forum I will look Into that.
      My laptop is in for repair so I will see what I can create via the IPad. Am also due to move house in two to three weeks so please bear with me!


      • You rock, Jenbo!
        If you need an assistant, let me know. (I don’t have any knowledge, but I have enthusiasm. LOL!)


      • Thanks for looking into those Jenbo.. see I know nothing! 🙂

        No pressure Jenbo – we know you have RL to contend with – just like the rest of us 🙂 I feel your computer pain!!!!

        AWh KC.. you sound a lot like Amanda!!! Your enthusiasm makes up for your lack of field experience 😉 You’ll be wearing matchy matchy earrings in no time! 😉


        • Aaaaarrrgggghhhhhhhhh… matchy matchy earrings? I sincerely hope not! ( I wore some scary earrings in the ’80s, but I was a teenager so it was expected of me.) 😀


  5. What a post, iwsod! I was cracking up at every other paragraph! You are one funny person!

    That crane shot has to be stock footage – I don’t see any PP folks walking around in black and white uniforms plus the awning and yellow tablecloth are all wrong!

    Ahhh, no one cares about poor Sally. She must not have been very nice to the other maids. I’m with you, iwsod, I am so not diggin’ those match-matchy earrings on Amanda! Very 80’s though, I think. I didn’t have pierced ears at the time this first aired, so I’m sure I wasn’t really up on earring fashion.

    I love that Amanda is on top of it here in this scene. You are right – she is acting like the agent and Francine is just complaining and deluding herself – awesome screen cap – LOL!!! Are you kidding me? I love how we see Amanda thinking really quickly on her feet. The other thing I notice is that Amanda is long past looking foolish as long as she gets the job done. Her comment to Francine about becoming a maid after being a fashion model tells me that. Get over it, move on, and focus on what’s important. Sort of like her popping out of the cake comment at the end of ITCKill – although there is was to keep from embarrassing Lee.

    Love the Francine GIF!! Her faces are priceless! MS really does a good job in this scene. And no, that guy is not cute IMHO either!

    Excellent point about waiting until now for F and A to work together. I never thought about that before, but I like what you say about it. That plus the fact that they are in an environment that Amanda excels in almost gives her a leg up on playing her cover well.

    I love that Francine is in pain back at Billy’s office and everyone knows it. Good for Amanda that she doesn’t show she knows Francine is in pain. She’s just excited about the next part of her assignment. Love the look Billy and Lee share over Francine’s ‘lack of enthusiasm’. LOL!


    • One more comment about their sitting posture and the “in Pain” issue. Amanda must not be fatigued or in pain. She is sitting ramrod straight. No one in pain would sit like that. It is evidence of her stamina… that suburban housewife stamina. I know why I love this show so much. Amanda is my hero!!!


    • awh BJo! your reply made my day!! 🙂 thanks!! Haaa stay tuned! there’s more on those matchy matchy earrings coming up! 🙂

      Awh thanks for letting me know you liked the gif..

      Whoooo good call BJo about Amanda and the jumping out of the cake moment! so very true!! I keep saying it.. but.. she’s my hero! 🙂

      rofl.. that is one line that needs to go in the eventual ‘SMK and cake’ post!!! 🙂


  6. Hmmmm… I get Francine’s attitude towards Amanda, with her (F) being a trained agent and all, but it’s actually contradictory with her statement in The First Time when she and Amanda first meet: “You know, I believe that it is never too late for today’s woman to do anything she wants to do.” Unless, of course, she considers Amanda to be yesterday’s woman, which probably is the case… :p


    • I think you are right, KC. I think Francine views women who are like Amanda to be yersterday’s woman. Not sure if it’s the housewife or kids part or maybe both. I do wonder what kind of job Amanda would have gotten had she not started working for the agency. She graduated from UVA, did drama and was apparently a good writer. I bothers me that they had her apply for that job at Honeycut Typewrite with that icky, icky man. Wouldn’t she be qualified for a better job than just typing with a degree from a 4 year university like UVA?


    • I am a woman who earned a bachelors and got married 4 weeks after receiving that degree. I have never held a “real” job ( I teach dance now but even there my pay goes towards my family’s tuition). I had my first baby 6 weeks before my 2nd anniversary and have had 5 more. I homeschool them. I have the feeling that Francine would not respect me much or consider me a “today’s woman.” But I did exactly as I wanted to do and in that sense I am Today’s woman, it is just that I wanted to do the domestic, family stuff. I believe that is what Amanda wanted too, until circumstances in her life changed (ie the divorce) and she was forced to join the work force. She may have had plans to do that at some point, but it seems like the timing was due to circumstances that were not part of her original plan. And then she was grabbed at a train station and the rest is television history.
      I am not defending my choices in any way, that was what I wanted. Others want other things and they should be free to pursue their wants, desires, dreams etc. But I get the sense that Francine would put qualifiers on “today’s woman” and exactly what “anything” encompasses.

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      • Here here Morley! Amanda is my hero too! 🙂

        I completely agree with your comments here! Francine is a pseudo feminist – women didn’t fight to become men..we fought to have choices – and that means being free to choose to raise children.. or work.. or both – without people placing a value on the woman’s choices! Absolutely Francine is a contradiction.. in more ways than one.. I raise another in my next post 😉

        I do think again, Francine is a child of the era.. and some women (IMHO) did swing more in the opposite direction from home and family, so they could gain those work advances.. [Baby Boom is just brilliant at addressing this whole time of change!!!! highly recommend it] I don’t dislike Francine for it – I just see it as a stage some women went through in society’s confusion over female roles in society.. it was a time of readjustment that some are still trying to get their heads around!

        Yeah.. Amanda and her choices.. that’s an interesting one.. and whether she would have chosen to have a career if Joe had stayed.. Hmm.. I do really want to discuss this!! I’ll get back to this on the Amanda’s journey thread.. I think.. I hope.. one day!! I do love that Amanda does end up pursuing a career – and that in no way undermines the choices of women who don’t pursue a career.. and nor does it devalue Amanda’s relationship/role with her family.. which she learns to balance with her work life..[again it’s that Amanda the mother adjusting to also being Amanda the professional- a stage I think she is in the middle of adjusting to now 🙂 ) she truly is a hero!! 🙂


      • Interesting how many of my woman friends in the 70s/80s did not end up getting married or having children. It was a generation of change, with the notion that women should be able to have a career, be successful at the same jobs as men (which often meant that you worked twice as hard to reach the same level and to be accepted), and still have kids. But, big one here, by the time you were well established often your time to have children had passed. The reality at the time was different. In the previous generation, my mother and mother-in-law both ended up teaching, a traditionally female occupation, even thought both were highly educated for their times in non-education fields. They were constrained by societal expectations of what their role should be. My girls (in their 30s/40s) on the other hand, just assume that they can do what they wish (Hurray!). In other words, they don’t need to fight the same battles as the previous generations of women. Of course there are new trials to deal with but different ones. So Morley and iwsod, it’s lovely to hear you speak about being today’s women. It’s a victory which addresses the successful fight to be able to choose your own path. My hats off to you all! *doffs the proverbial hat and bows*


  7. “If you can’t avoid him, just be professional.” Amanda, you go, girl! Francine, quit being so UNprofessional!

    Yes to the Amanda towering over Francine again, but this time it’s ‘cos Amanda is sitting on the front edge of her chair, and Francine is sitting all the way back. It strikes me that Amanda does that a lot in Billy’s office–just sits on the front edge of the chair, like she’s not quite comfortable being in there… feels like the odd one out/not accepted into the club?

    That’s an awful lot of stripes in the last screen cap of Lee… stripey shift, stripey jacket, stripey tie, and in front of the blinds.

    Valerie–I like your comment about the covers, and them losing themselves…

    Oh, and I had an un-sensible shoe incident last night. Volunteering at a humane society event, we were told to wear comfortable shoes (it’s not rocket science, really) but the woman assigned to the table next to mine sidled over at one point and asked me whether it would be bad form to pull up a chair and sit down ‘cos her feet were killing her… I looked down and saw she was wearing heels. Really?!?!? Some people…


    • Re: my Amanda/chair comment… it might also be that she sits that way ‘cos she knows she’ll only be in there a few minutes before she’s sent back outside and the real agents get to chew everything over without her –> more of the being outside of the club.


    • True, Amanda does sit on the edge of her chair like that and I agree that it is as if she isn’t relaxed there, like she doesn’t belong like you said KC. But she also looks like she is still engaged in working on the case whereas Francine is sitting back disengaging. It makes me think of when I am trying to get my kids to do something and one of them is sitting there poised and ready to go and the other one is sitting back loafing, I can tell which one I am going to be pushing all day, you know?


      • Yes–totally… engaged vs disengaged… almost like an extension of the professional vs unprofessional theme… Well put, Morley.


        • And I took it that Amanda was not only engaged but enthused and looking forward to the next part of the assignmet whereas Francine was not. I think this is partially because of what they have to go do, but I also think it’s partically due to Amanda being a rookie agent so to speak versus Francine who is not.


  8. Poor delusional Francine. This scene just points out that the obvious can be staring Francine right in the face and she will still refuse to see it. It’s the same way she pretty much sees Amanda. Amanda has grown and developed, yet Francine just doesn’t see it. She (Francine) has a hard time giving up her preconceived notions.

    Sometimes I really wonder about all these covers. I know that disguises are different than covers, but do they have to hide who they are all the time? I understand covers for a case, but it would seem that even in a social setting they have to hide who they really are. Maybe that’s why there seems to be some delayed emotional development. We know that Lee has had a multitude of covers and now we hear Francine has claimed to be a model. I wonder what other covers she has. It was obviously a social situation as this Scott doesn’t really seem to be anyone of significance.

    Having all these covers might cause someone to lose their true self. You could forget who you truly are and start to believe your own cover story. No wonder Lee is so drawn to Amanda. No matter what cover they have, she still remains true to herself and Lee knows it, think Ship of Spies. She keeps him anchored and grounded while he’s learning about his true self. I think that even though Francine hasn’t gotten it yet, that Amanda is ultimately good for her too, as this scene and episode shows.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wonder how real life agents handle covers and being covert and having a real life. Is it an issue for them? It has got to be confusing and a real disconnect for them, I am sure that it is an occupational hazard that would need supervision and regular debriefing with a psychologist or something like that. Wouldn’t you think?
      In our SMK world I could see how someone with a background like Lee’s and how he chose to respond to the circumstances in his life would be very good at being an agent. I wonder if the reality of Amanda, who she is, what she represents, how he feel about/around her and what kind of changes getting closer to her would create or cause in him might keep him backed off from her. Might those same things also keep Francine’s hackles up? Keep her from wanting Amanda any closer to her?


    • I would think that the more you keep everyone at arm’s length instead of letting them in to get to know the real you would help someone in this line of work with all their covers. I think the danger is that not only are they alone their whole life but I wonder if they also truly ever get to know themselves?

      I think Lee allows himself to let Amanda in first because they work together but then as he gets to know her he really starts to like who she is and what she represents so he lets her in more. She is the one woman who can bridge the two categories for him at this point – professional and personal. All the other women we’ve seen in his life so far fall short in either one of those categories. Does that make sense?


      • Amanda is the one who unifies the compartmentalized Lee, isn’t she. She joins his professional and personal lives. How scary for poor Lee. But how wonderful for him as well.


    • Good thoughts, Valerie.
      Wasn’t MS a model in real life??
      I’ve heard that some very accomplished actors have been introverts. The theory being that introverts are always acting and putting on a ‘cover’ for those around them, so it’s natural for them to do that in theater or film. Often wondered if actors don’t have the same problem that you’re talking about here.


      • LAS, I think you’re right about MS being a model when she was younger. I know she was a playmate of the month long before SMK. There are many famous actors and actesses who are introverts – check out this link: http://theadventurouswriter.com/blog/famous-introverts-introverted-personality-types-traits/
        I love thinking about and discussing personality/temperament types. If anyone else does too, we could chat it up once we are set-up to do so. Go Jenbo!


        • Oh LOL BJo.. I’m training to be a psychologist.. you think I won’t be interested in discussing Personality types??!!! 😉 I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on that.. gosh why doesn’t Jenbo hurry up already and get something going.. Jenbo?? rofl.. Jenbo -I am JOKING!!! 🙂 I really need to get back to my work here.. enough lovely smk distractions.. sorry gotta go! byeee!

          Liked by 1 person

      • Whoooooo LAS I love it!!!! that’s a good call!!! 🙂 hey, Shakespeare thinks we’re all actors.. ahem.. all the world’s a stage remember??!!! 😉

        I have heard psychologists discussing under cover work.. and yes it can mess with your head.. Burn Notice is in the middle of exploring this whole ‘losing yourself in a cover’ idea now!!! 🙂

        Donnie Brasco (based on the true story) also looks at this.. I think most people think covers are okay – if they are not for a long time.. the longer they are, the deeper you get.. and the more you can loose yourself.

        Yes Lee’s secret life as a spy has been perfect for him and his intimacy issues 😉 but deep down, Lee longs for a real connection.. and we get to watch him realise this about himself, stop denying it.. try and find it.. and finally – accept that he has this with Amanda 🙂 Swoony!

        Francine? gosh.. well from what I know so far.. I’d say she has a snobby, haughty personality.. so the covers do keep people at a distance.. I look at how she treats Lee sometimes and I think – wow.. and this is someone she counts as a good friend! so I think part of what is going on with Francine is that she is just not a warm personality.. it’s not necessarily always a defense mechanism, it’s just how she is.. and if she did ever get all warm and mushy with Lee or Amanda – I’d freak out! 😉 haaaaa.. [I’ll leave s4 for s4 🙂 ]


        • I like what you say, but about Francine… I agree that some people are warmer than others, but I do think at a basic level we all need and yearn for connections and so anything that keeps people at a distance may be a defense mechanism. I suppose on the flip side a person could be too warm as a sort of defense mechanism?


  9. There is Amanda again, sitting straight and tall and towering over a slumped Francine.
    Amanda’s comments to Francine under the tent about what to do if she is noticed sound like words out of Lee’s playbook with Amanda earlier on. She has learned a lot from Lee and is applying it. Hasn’t Francine ever been in a situation where she could have been noticed before, or is it just the maid role that has her skittering like that?
    And I LOVE Amanda’s comment that “housewives and mother’s do this every day” That is right!!! I love her straightforward tell it like it is response to Francine’s impractical shoes and subsequent bellyaching. And the bed of nails response, so funny and over the top and revealing as to what Francine thinks about that part of the female population and their choices.
    I love it that they have chosen to give Amanda and Francine these scenes alone together. This is their episode, but it ends with that amazing scene between Lee and Amanda, interesting…


  10. Notice how we don’t get a comparison shot of what sensible shoes Francine should have worn like Amanda? My money is on KJ wearing her Nikes LOL
    Tights (pantyhose) and open toes shoes……not a fave look of mine, even with the tights without the seam at the toe 😉
    I adore how in this episode Amanda takes control of Francine, who’s boasts about being a trained agent who can pull off any cover are rather lacking in substance! Amanda is confident, puts Francine in her place and shows her how to man up and just do it (like Nike lmao – ah the power of advertising).
    Francine…..delusional? You betcha! And she does it with such confidence lol
    I am really liking Lee’s sideways smirk, very cute 😀


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