1/3 SMK Stats: Service Above And Beyond–The Tux

Hello Everyone!  Stats are back!  And so are tuxes!  Tuxes here, tuxes there, tuxes, tuxes everywhere!


I actually started getting screen caps for this episode over a month ago.  I remember being excited about it because I knew Lee was in a tux.  What I wasn’t prepared for was the large number of screen caps I would get of just him in his tux.  Gwosaboghahbohbwos!!  In love


Part of the reason it’s taken so long to get a stats post done on this episode is that I just couldn’t get past all these tux screen caps and how to use them.  So I decided I just needed to put them all together in one post and get them out of the way so I could focus on the rest of the episode!


This is pure fluff and eye candy….I hope you enjoy and just remember to breathe.  What is it about this man in his tux???





tux 1

Hi.  What are you doing tonight?

Ummm, whatever it is you’re going to ask me to do?  Excuse me while I pass out from holding my breath.  And the man isn’t fully tuxed-out yet.  Love the deep-v of his shirt.  Ahem.


tux 2

You should be able to break them.  This is a priority situation.

They’re broken.  Hey, where’d the deep-v go?  Please get it back.


tux 3

Meet me by the mall I’ll explain then.

No you won’t! You never really explain…but if I were going to meet this man by the Reflecting Pool at 9pm I don’t know that’d I’d really care.


tux 4

Anyone else have the chorus from “Every Girl’s Crazy ‘Bout A Sharp Dressed Man” running through their head?  Too bad this isn’t the ‘vette he’s leaning against (sorry, Jenbo!).


tux 5

Oh dear.  What a good looking couple.  Too bad Lee can’t see the back of Amanda’s dress.  Then he’d have something better to tell her when she asks if she looks alright.  I wish we got to see these two dance at the party…I just wonder what havoc Lee’s bare hand on Amanda’s bare back would have wreaked!


tux 6

It would have been a lot easier to dress if I’d know where we were going.

Relax, Amanda.  You have gorgeous shoulders and arms and your dress shows them off beautifully.  Besides, everyone’s going to be looking at Lee in his tux anyway.   Is it just me or is this hair and facial expression new for Lee?  What is he thinking here?  Aside from the short Amandaramble, the dialogue in this scene is weird.


tux 7a

Are we allowed to dance? 

As previously stated, I wish.  Lee has a great profile.  Especially in a tux.  Nice, straight nose.


tux 7

I do a pretty mean Cha-Cha.

Lee does not look impressed.  I’m not that impressed.  I don’t know how to do the Cha-Cha  or if I’ve spelled it correctly.  I’m impressed with Lee’s hair.  And his flawless looking skin.  In love


tux 8

Well, what am I supposed to do?

Ummm, how about fall to the ground because you’re knees can’t keep you up anymore?  Just how is this woman still standing???  I can’t imagine anyone is reading the text below this picture.  I don’t know why I’m even typing it.  Glory be.  Is that one of the best Lee/tux shots of the series or what?  Breathe, BJo, breathe.  I think I could stare at this pic for hours.



tux 9

Keep having a good time.

Yeah, cuz she was having such a good time before.  Just how does Lee NOT see that Amanda is NOT having a good time?  No wonder she says what she says in the opening scene of LOTP.


tux 10

Screeech!!!  Uh-oh, how’d this guy get in here?  I’ve included it because this is Delano’s face when he first sees Amanda at the party.  THIS is also what Lee’s face should have looked like when he first saw Amanda tonight – not that odd, new look.  Actually, JD’s not that bad looking and he is in a tux.  What is that gold thing on that woman’s head?  An upside down ashtray?


tux 11

Ahhhh, love serious Lee.  Is Lee wearing guyliner here or is it just the lighting?  He’s still gorgeous, regardless.


tux 12

Awww, just look at him!  He looks happy, doesn’t he?  He’s just made a deal with Singer and now he’s come back to claim his gorgeous date, er his cover, and maybe finally start showing her a good time.  Oh wait, they never have any fun at these things.


tux 13

He’s looking…


tux 14

And looking…


tux 15

Where is she…still a little twinke in his eye…


tux 17

Hey, there she…is that Aman -…


tux 18



tux 19

Lee is seeing something that he no likey.


tux 20

No likey at all.  What could it possibly be???


tux 21

Well you know what they say….every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man!  Especially one that is nice and charming and says things like she looks abandoned and that if he were the one with her he “wouldn’t leave her alone for a moment.”


tux 22

Well, you handsome ding dong, what did you expect??? She’s doing exactly what you told her to do – having a good time!  

tux 23

Okay, so maybe Lee doesn’t like what he sees because he knows Delano is a bad guy and has been sincere with dozens of women.  (I guess it’s okay to be sincere with dozens of women only if you’re a good guy.  Sarcastic smile)


tux 24

I think Lee is also struggling because he is feeling a touch of jealousy.  Maybe he’s finally seeing what the back of Amanda’s dress looks like.  Sarcastic smile


tux 25

Ahh, but the look on Lee’s face is changing…he now realizes that Amanda is having a good time and he is not!


tux 26

Now he has to watch her dance with Delano in case he tries anything!  I wonder how many songs Amanda and James danced to?  Poor Lee.  I feel for ya, buddy.  But that’s what happens when you don’t explain things to Amanda!  Because you hardly ever do!


tux 28

B:  What about Singer? Is his information reliable?  L:  I don’t know.

More serious Lee.  Gosh, he even has nice neck skin.  I wonder if Lee is still thinking about Amanda dancing with JD.  He doesn’t look very happy here.

Well, that does it for screen caps in his tux.  Now, I know what you’re thinking…what about screen caps while Lee is trying to imagine Amanda as mysterious and exotic?  Well, sorry, but you’re just going to have to wait for those, they were confiscated by the Dimple Patrol!!

I hope you enjoyed this fluff break and remembered to breathe!  Just in case you’re a GIF fan, I’ve made a little one below that shows Lee’s re-entrance to the party after meeting with Mr. Singer.


Oh, and lest I forget, here is the link to the first SAAB post by iwsod!

104 responses to “1/3 SMK Stats: Service Above And Beyond–The Tux

  1. Just gotta say before I even started reading this post I noticed the number of comments on it : 97 ROFLMBO!!!! I think the people have spoken 😉
    One more thing to add to your favourite tux shot above – lips! Need I say more? I don’t think so!
    Porsche! PorschePorschePorschePorschePorsche! I think I was as upset as Lee when his baby went over that cliff! 😥
    And definitely lurve that shot in Billy’s office where Lee’s removed his tie…thud! Every girls crazy bout a sharp dressed man…especially one that’s got that tie and few top buttons undone…
    Makes me actually think of the Roxy Music song (& film clip) Avalon…yep could just see Lee there!


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  3. As I was admiring Lee in a Tux, oh, I mean reading your post. Right? I had to remind myself not to react aloud because the kids are all doing homework and I was distracting them. Not that I don’t mind showing off these gorgeous pics, but it just takes them that much longer to get their homework done.

    Porsche vs Corvette? Uh duh! Is Lee in a tux? Is Lee in the car? I don’t think it matters.


    • LOL, Jeanine! Just this afternoon I was talking with my 10 year old daughter while she was doing her homework and she brought up something about the boys in her class. I asked her if any of them are as good looking as daddy or Lee Stetson (yes, she is an SMK fan) and she got the giggles! She is at that age where she doesn’t know how to act or talk about cute boys so she just giggles!

      Great point about Lee being the more important attribute in the Porsche/Corvette discussion!


      • LOL BJo that is too cute!! Only.. I still haven’t worked out how to act or talk around cute guys 😉 haaaa

        Indeed.. maybe that’s why I prefer the Porsche, I associate it with Lee in a tux more than the vette! 🙂


  4. Iwsod I am sorry I’ve hijacked your blog to talk about Top Gear 😮
    I am more than happy to head over to SMK forum and chat about stuff there if its a problem.
    It’s not that your blog isn’t interesting or indeed the episode but for me I am enjoying talking about stuff with ladies all over the world and I do like to chat 😮
    Just wanted to make that clear….. 😀


    • Yes – me too. I am enjoying the chat as well. And I now know about The Stig – black and white. Looked him up. 🙂 How should we handle non-SMK chat? I’d hate to give it up, but seems like we could find another more appropriate place for it? Suggestions anyone?


    • Hi Jenbo! It’s very late here.. my brain isn’t working v well! LOL! but.. I’ve edited your comment – best to stick with ‘iwsod’ that way it’s not confusing for newcomers..

      Hmm what to do.? I don’t want you to limit yourself.. but.. this isn’t a fantastic format for free range chatter that is true..
      what alternatives are there?

      Hey Jenbo- have you thought of starting your own blog? seriously!! why not? they’re free!!!

      I’d miss you guys if you were all off at Yuku chattering 😦

      but if there is a new way to add to the fun – why not?! 🙂

      Well I really need to get to bed.. I popped my head in here before heading off to bed.. while your days are just beginning I guess..

      Bye guys!


      • Sorry IWSOD blonde moment there oops!

        I do have my own blog, it’s on blogger. Taken a hiatus from it for last 6 months for various reasons. It’s not related to SMK, I discovered that after 😉
        I did a quick google and it seems you can add a forum to a WordPress blog. But I have no idea if this is free or not or indeed how to do it. I am not trying to take anything away from the other SMK forum but I kinda prefer to keep the chat here on the blog just not clogging up all the SMK discussions.

        What do you think? I am loathe to dump something else on you IWSOD and if you could add a forum am happy to offer my services as a moderator etc (seeing as how I am here so often ;)). Let me know what you think or if there is anything I can do 🙂


        • Hiya! A forum on a wordpress blog Jenbo? could be a .com blog rather than a .org blog.. but if there is one I’d love to add it.. I’ll put it on my list to check out today.. LOL thanks for offering your services! 🙂 I’ll check it out today and get back to you Jenbo. It would be great! 🙂



  5. You all are cracking me up. love this conversation.
    BJo who needs punctuation, who can even think about tiny dots when looking at those photos?
    We love Top Gear in our house hold. I have been updating my teenage sons about the content of our discussions. They have heard about Magnum, Pride and Prejudice, LOTR, Matrix and now Top Gear and Corvette VS Porsche. They are very intrigued about us…I wonder what they would say about our reaction to a good looking man in a tux?
    And I like the black dress best as well.


  6. BJo, your comments in this post crack me up. Loved this one. Not only was I laughing out loud, but I had to make sure I was taking in enough as I looked at all the screen shots you got. You’re right, they are a stunning couple in the beginning of this episode, too bad one member of the team can’t get it though his thick gorgeous skull that he is VERY lucky.

    I loved the focus of Lee getting into the tux. LOVED.IT. But, you know what I love more than that, and even more than the complete tux? I love the look of the tie being undone and the shirt unbuttoned at the top. And his hair in that shot is perfectly unperfect.

    It reminds me of how delicious he looks in The First Time when he is in the waiter’s tux and a little disheveled when he gets back to the agency.

    Thank you, thank you for helping to start my day off right! 🙂


  7. Oh. My. Goodness. Here I am getting ready to get something accomplished today. One look at this post and I realize I am not going to get much done today. Can’t. Seem. To. Move. Tux alert! Yowza! He is definitely a good looking man in a tux. Okay, at some point I have to tear myself away and get something done. Maybe I could just leave the computer on and look over here occasionally. No, that won’t work. Guess I’ll have to turn this off and try not to think about it. Yeah, right. Deep breath. Get to work….But, I’ll be back when I take a break. Or two. Many breaks. Yes! Something to look forward to. 🙂


  8. BJo, love all these pics. Of course I want to figure out that new look on Lee’s face. I actually think he saw the back of that dress in Gift Horse and that is why he asked her to the party. “Do you have something nice to wear?” I have always read as, “I would really like to see you in that black dress again.” Of course Scarecrow must speak in code so that Lee can’t understand what he really means. Maybe that is why that new look on his face looks a bit confused.


    • Morley, if anyone can do it, you can 😉 Scarecrow in code so Lee can’t understand – GOOD one!!! He certainly does look a bit confused!


    • Scarecrow speaking in code LOL
      Personally I prefer Amanda’s black dress over the white one in SOS. I think she looks stunning in it 🙂 Can see why Lee is really saying “I want you to wear the black dress again” 😉


  9. Lee + Tux = Swoon….’nough said!


  10. Shona that is hilarious!!! another quake??!!! At the same time.. not hilarious!!! and hope you are okay!

    Ohhh I’ve been looking forward to this stats post!! BJo I just bet you had no fun at all putting this one together.. yes it must have been very difficult and a real drudgery! haaaa!

    I can’t understand how I covered the early eps with less posts.. I’ve since loosened my restraint! I think when we are done walking through the whole show I should definitely come back to these early eps and do them in more detail. The dialogue is just golden.. Except in this episode.. there is no dialogue in this episode.. right BJo? I don’t remember any.. ahem..

    I love how you started getting the screen caps a month ago – did you need some recovery time before you could type and actually put some words with these pics BJo? You are a strong woman!!

    Pure fluff and eye candy is just what the doctor ordered at the moment.. yippeeeeee!!Breath? oh right. yes okay.. good advice.. ahem.. got it! Drool bucket? Check! Breath? Check! Make sure no one can see me reading the post which is a total guilty pleasure? Check!

    LOL.. the first hting I notice is not about the tux.. I like the football pic behind Lee.. a nice continuity with Sudden Death..
    ‘They’re broken’?? roflmbo!!! too funny!! Yes bring back the deep v or the plans are not broken! ahem.. no just kidding.. a tux? yep still broken!

    I think the Lincoln Memorial should be ‘their’ place.. you know? and I do love it! they look stunning together.. love that black dress.. that is such a gorgeous style. I- want- one!!!

    This is funny given our current conversation about Betsy Jordan and Lee’s being distracted by work at the party.. Lee is distracted by his work here IMHO and that’s why he isn’t yet noticing Amanda! but.. by LOTParty? things are sooo different

    weird dialogue BJo? what dialogue??? I hear nothing..

    I’m sitting down.. I’m well prepared. Lee in a tux calls for forward planning..

    Glory be??? rofl!! BJo I suspect you umm might have umm actually had fun putting this post together! hey! smk isn’t suppose to be fun!!! oh yes.. breathe good reminder..

    Rofl!!! check out the Gold pill box hat in front of Delano!! too funny!! Oh BJo haaa I typed that and then read you noticed it too haaaaa.. it’s a great pic!! well done!!

    Whoooo Lee.. in a tux.. looking intense.. whoooooo… wghoguagabauub[aba Noooo guyliner! It’s intense Lee!! *must not notice guyliner now!!!

    Well done BJo love your story telling of Lee’s thoughts as he returns to the party.. only to find. he is no longer the life of the party because James Delano has come to the party and Amanda is up for a party with James Delano at this party.. Oh boy.. 😆

    Okay.. gotta pause here and calm down.. calm.. breathe.. relax.. phew. Okay.. I’m back! 😛

    Maybe he’s finally seeing what the back of Amanda’s dress looks like? !!! hoooo haaaaa BJo! I love it!!!

    Oh my.. those pics of Lee at 1 am .. hubba hubba.. me like.. Isn’t it hilarious that the informant is called ‘Singer’ ??!!! Love how smk does that!!!

    Hey gorgeous Gif BJo!

    Ahh you’ve made my night! thanks for all the work you put into this post – you (err and Lee’s tux) have truly put a smile on my face and wiped away the stresses of the day… Thank you!!!!!

    I’m with KC, can’t wait to see the dimples.. but errrr I think I’d better pace myself – go easy on the heart.. you know how it is.. empty the drool bucket.. regather my dignity.. maybe fit in another Life of the party post and then we’ll be back for some ‘Dimples Above and Beyond’!!!! 🙂

    byeeeee!!! Thanks again BJo! You rock!!!


    • Yep, no dialogue and no pictures on the walls behind Lee…wha?? You actually noticed that? Did you have your hand covering Lee so you could see the other stuff in he picture? tee hee… I definitely vote to go back and do these early episodes in detail like you do now….they are full of fun! I would love to see what you would do with them!!

      You know, once I decided to just throw all caution to the wind and use all those lovely tux pics instead of forcing myself to choose the *best* ones (ha! as if!) it made it much easier to do this post. Lee in a tux is kind of a sacred thing in SMK and I wanted to do it justice. So i really did struggle a bit! All this eye candy may seem a little shallow, but it is all just in good fun. Thank you Lee Stetson. Swoon.

      LOL – nice tie-in with what you’re working on now – Lee is definitely not the life of the party here!


    • Ha ha! I hadn’t noticed the pics on the wall, either… maybe the yacht is setting up the Mati Hari? 😀


    • Oh–and I’m totally in favour of going back through the early eps again. 🙂 All in favour, say “Aye”…


  11. Be still my beating heart……..I may not be able to get anything done today.

    I actual prefer the pics of relaxed Lee in a tux, the before and after party shots. Think it’s the lack of a bow tie 😉

    Gonna go out on a limb here and state that in this episode I actually prefer Lee in the chauffeurs outfit (hubba hubba). Might not be popular decision (much like my preference for the Porsche over the ‘Vette ;)) but it works for me 😀
    How did you manage to function BJo after looking at these pics for a month LOL


    • Hi Jenbo.. I agree! I like Lee best at the end of the night back at IFF!

      So funny that you wrote Hubba hubba! so did I!!! and I hadn’t read your comments yet.. and I hadn’t seen anyone else say that at least for a very long time!!! too funny! I guess all this Lee in a tux goodness is a good explanation for ‘Hubba Hubba’ suddenly being a popular phrase again! 🙂

      I prefer the Porsche to the vette also! 🙂 the vette is too 80s.. a bit like a mullet.. ahem..


      • LOL people say mullet I think of S4 Lee hair BUT to be fair to him I think a mullet is more along the lines of Billy Ray Cyrus lmao thank goodness he never went as far as that 😉


        • lol Jenbo. I was thinking of Lee’s hair in s4 when I wrote that.. Nothing can turn me off Lee Stetson.. not even a mullet.. and yep.. I think he has one! 🙂


      • But the vette is so sleek and streamlined! When I see some of the older Porsche models the remind me of a fried egg sunny side up….think that’s why I have a hard time really liking it – I hate eggs. I try though – if someone gave me a Porsche, I certainly wouldn’t turn it down! I might sell it and buy a vette though – doh! Just kidding… 🙂


        • I personally have an affection for the 911 Porsche which hasn’t changed in over 30 years which they get a lot of stick for on Top Gear (motoring tv show). Also we don’t have many Corvettes over here whereas Porsche being German is much more popular 🙂


          • I see more Porsches than Corvettes here where I live too – the Corvette has an All-American muscle car reputation whereas a Porsche is seen as a more exotic, sophisticated European car. I think my preference for C’s over P’s is in the minority even over here in the states. Do they sell the Porsche Cayenne in the UK? It’s the Porsche version of the SUV which is very popular here.


            • LOL Cayenne aka Porsche Paprika LMAO. It’s not highly regarded hence the nickname.


              • I like that nickname! Paprika! I don’t know why anyone would buy it anyway. If I wanted a Porsche I would want a Porsche – know what I mean? A sophisticated machine built for speed! NOT an SUV. Our last realtor drove one and I kept wanting to ask him why, I guess maybe he wanted to be able to drive clients around in a Porsche? He was selling our house, not helping us to buy one, so I kept my mouth shut – I didn’t want to make him mad at me.


                • I am with you BJo! If I want a Porsche, I want a sports one! My husband says the Cayenne the biggest selling Porsche around, car guy that he is. (He is currently babbling car facts at me as I write, not noticing that I am back to lusting after BB in his tux. Poor hubbie thinks I care about cars, blah, blah, blah. He should only know that I am busy drooling over your wonderful post ;). Sigh……..mmmmmmmmm


    • LOL Jenbo – I think it’s the deep-v in that firs pic! I couldn’t function with all these tux pics – that’s why it took so gosh darn long to get it done! Every time I’d sit down to work on the post my thoughts would get lost and I’d just give up. I almost considered just doing an all pics post – LOL!


      • The pics do speak for themselves, don’t they. But your text for each one is wonderful as well. Thank you for putting into words what, I am sure, each of us is trying to articulate, but can’t seem to function well enough to do so. It was very good of you to do so. 😉


        • Awww, thanks. I read the post again this morning and noticed there seemed to be a lot of run-on sentences. While I know I tend to do that anyway, I don’t think it was coincidental here. 😉 Maybe that explains some of Amanda’s better rambles – LOL!


  12. Gwosaboghahbohbwos!!, indeed!
    Sigh… they should’ve danced. But it’s OK–good things take time…
    Looking forward to the stats to follow the tux teaser. 🙂


  13. I should have known there was a reason we had another biggish earthquake this afternoon (and lots of little ones too). You were posting all these devastatingly handsome Lee pics! You should issue a general warning about possible earth tremors before you do this sort of thing in future. 😉


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