9/15 Season Two, Episode 17: Odds on a Dead Pigeon-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to the hospital exterior.. Gordon and Karen are waiting in the car for Lee to leave the hospital.. Why is Gordon with Karen?? She should have left him at baddie HQ! He’s soooo annoying!!
When Gordon watches the hospital with Karen and says “
I guess this is the wrong place too!”
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001862028
the silent look Karen gives him is funny..
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001865532
I think she is thinking – hmm kill that gorgeous hunk of spunk and get lots of money? or shoot this annoying complaining man and just get out of here and wear no more ear buttons????!!! hmmm tough decision..

Here comes Lee- exiting the hospital he heads for his car..
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001869536
Gordon: It’s him!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001871538
…Well, aren’t you gonna follow him????!!!!!

Karen: No I don’t have to. It’s perfect.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001875542
Lee gets in the car.. and Karen grins like a cheshire cat..
Karen to Gordon:
you waited seven years for this? How would you like a front row seat for the kill?
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001888555
[Karen is so exhilarated here.. I am surprised she isn’t foaming at the mouth!]
Gordon: I have got a front row seat and he’s about to drive off!!!!!
Karen: Ohh he’ll be back!!

2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001893560
(quietly) …Mrs King’s in there.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001896062
She laughs (I’m sure it sounds like: Muahahahaa!) and starts the car..
Gordon: where are you going?
Karen: we’re going to need a few things.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001901568
Hmm she doesn’t have ear buttons.. maybe she needs some.. ahem..
Off Lee drives.. and off Karen drives in another direction..

It’s magic!!! We saw the same lady walking into the hospital earlier when Lee and Amanda arrived. Now Lee is leaving, she’s leaving too! Haa!  [Black jacket, grey skirt lady]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001903069
Hmm maybe she’s in on it too!

Okay.. it seems to me like Gordon keeps pointing out the holes in this plot! Only.. they try and pass it off as Karen answering his concerns that he raises.. only- she doesn’t answer them! This is truly bizarre..  Why couldn’t she pull a gun on Lee in the car park and tell him to get in his car? Ohhhh right no he’ll be back and they need a few things.. yes.. let’s see how this all works out!  It doesn’t matter what she is wearing she doesn’t have to convince him she is Amanda- shove a gun in his face and tell him to get in the car – too public to do this  in a car park? Hold that thought! Winking smile Why doesn’t she get Lee now? No reason.. except the plot requires that Karen impersonate Amanda.. aie.. this plot does not hold up to scrutiny.. but I guess the Lee and Amanda moments make it worth it! 🙂  .. there is still plenty to love in this episode!

Back to IFF- wow check out that IFF exterior! it’s an old one.. the red/green cars and that tree has leaves on it! Magic leaves.. they grew in just 20 or so minutes! Smile
Earlier in ep/ and Now…
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_0002949612.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001915081
Billy can’t believe they can’t find Gordon Redding.. Billy recaps for us..
Billy: We know Redding is working with a woman from the Credle/ Treloggen assassinations. We know they didn’t pitch a tent beside the beautiful Potomac so where are they?
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001919085

Yes with that body of knowledge – I really don’t understand how they haven’t found Gordon! Winking smile rofl!!!!

Francine has checked all the hotels in DC and rental agencies. She’s  shown Redding’s picture all over town and she’s found out nothing.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001936603
Whooo I do believe Francine wore this weird hypnotising necklace in Spiderweb!! You know with that huge collared pink knit dress..(Look into my necklace!! You’re getting sleepy.. Nope.. I still can see plot holes! I need a tux, Lee dimples.. or another swoony moment from Lee and Amanda Smile and they will be quickly forgotten!)
Billy: that means that the woman booked them in and we don’t have an ID on her at all.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001945612
Francine: Oh we do have a description:…

2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001947113
[Billy is optimistic for a second when he hears this].….‘Average’!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001948114
[Ugh!!! Francine tricked him! He thought Francine had reason to hope! this is hopeless!]

Lee arrives in the bullpen.. wait.. soooooo Lee left the hospital and went straight back to IFF?.. LOL.. sooo Karen had a second chance to follow Lee to IFF and discover it’s location?.. ohhh dear…

Lee looks so funny carrying the kids lunchbox!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001949115
Billy: Scarecrow you checked out that hotel where they found Credle?
Lee: yeah.
Billy: Is there anything, I mean anything that you can add to what we already know about the woman.

2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001953119
LOL.. again! Billy gets his hopes up!!!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001955622
Then Lee responds flatly: Great Legs.
tee hee.. They got you again Billy! Winking smile Though I don’t think that was Lee’s intention.. we’re about to find out he isn’t up for jokes!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001957123
I wonder if Karen has Amanda’s legs.. I guess we are suppose to assume so! Smile

Francine can’t pass up this opportunity to make a crack at Lee’s expense.
Francine: Hey!!! I like the new look! It makes a real statement.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001959626
Lee can barely raise a smile..well not a real one anyway!2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001960627

Lee: I’m really not in the mood okay?!
Lee knows how to shut her up.. haaa.. Lee delivers Francine’s lunch.. ( I wish.. ) nope he just hands her the lunchbox —
Lee: here, could you take care of this for me?
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001963630
Francine reaches out to take the lunchbox: Sure what’s in it?
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001966132
As she begins to open it Lee responds: Coral snake. [lol.. yes tell her it’s the venomous version Lee Winking smile haaa]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001967634
Love how Francine puts it right back on the table very quickly!!! Smile 

Haaaa.. 1 point for Lee!!! Love the look he gives her.. he got her good but he’s still not happy..

Lee: someone tried to kill Amanda today.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001969636

Billy: what????!!!!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001970637
Lee: she’s alright. She’s in the hospital. I had the lab run a test on the gas they used. It turned out to be relatively harmless.

2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001973640

Billy: this has been quite a morning.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001980647Lee: yeah. Tell me about it. I’m going to go pick her up at the hospital she’s got her family at a hotel.

[Aha! this line is great!! and tell us a lot – Lee knows that Amanda’s priority is to get back to her family asap..]
Lee continues: anything more on Gordon Redding? anything at all?
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001983650
[Such a shame they didn’t show Amanda a photo of Gordon Redding.. she could have ID’d him as the mailman.. I mean they know she has been in contact with these baddies.. but nooooo… they could have showed hospital staff his picture and left an agent to guard Amanda.. but nooooo… ]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001985151Billy: zip, I mean we know he’s here [genius!] we just can’t find him. [ ohhh hooooo that is painful dialogue.. riveting stuff..]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001989155
Lee: yeah. Well, try not to worry Billy, I have a feeling he’ll be trying to find me.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001996663
Lee says this and then leaves – with an armed escort.. right?????!!!!
Whahahahaaaaahhhaaa haaaa!!! Nope.. he leaves ALONE!!!
Without even a coral snake to keep him company! Winking smile  [LOL then again, he arrived without a coral snake too didn’t he Winking smile ]
But he brings with him back up for when he picks up Amanda (who has already had one attempt on her life also)  and takes her to her hotel right????? Noooooo!!!!!

Sooo what happened to ‘keeping scarecrow under wraps’ ?? tee heee.. Hilarious! Especially when combined with the intense close up on concerned Billy at the end of this scene! LOL!!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002003670

Billy’s so intense but of zero assistance at all! 😉

Back to the hospital and Gordon has found himself an ambulance and an ambulance officer uniform…
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002009175
I don’t really remember this.. can’t remember why he has this! Oh well I’ll keep watching.. He gets a stretcher out of the ambulance and looks up in time to see Karen enter the hospital
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_0020240902.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002026092
– wearing the exact same outfit as Amanda (yuck!) and.. ear buttons!! ohh the indignity! I guess that is the stuff she needed..

Ambulance officer Gordon arrives at the nurses station with a trolley.. trying to look 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002061628casual he waits for the nurses to move away.. he manages to get a look at the patient list (Amanda’s name was on there??!!! nooo that’s ridiculous!  she’s just had an attempt on her life.. she has an alias! Right????!!!!! whahahhahahaaaa!)

He pulls the trolley down Amanda’s hallway.. Amanda’s name is on the door??????!!!!! Is this flippin ridiculous or what??!!! I think the sign that  said: ‘You already tried to kill me once, so here I am if you want another go!!!’ Smile has accidentally fallen off or something 😉
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002108675
The writing is very professional Winking smile 

2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002112679He turns to find Karen behind him.. and he signals this is the room.. 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002114180yes because that big ‘King’ sign was very confusing..  😆
Karen steps closer to the door.. grinning in anticipation of her finally meeting Mrs King..
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002115682
Muahahahaa!!! Time for one last silent baddie look between Karen and Gordon..
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002122689
…and the scene cuts to Amanda in her room.

Of course, I’m going to finish there for the moment! tee heee.. I’ll back back with Amanda’s twin moment soon..
As always, I can’t wait to hear from ya! Smile

23 responses to “9/15 Season Two, Episode 17: Odds on a Dead Pigeon-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Oh my gosh, I just stumbled upon your website and you seriously have me in stitches! I love this.. Can’t wait to read more and chime in more other than offering just my utter appreciation of your hard work and insightfully hilarious commentaries. I love finding peeps who adore SMK as much as I do! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Aurianne!! so glad you found this little corner of smk fun! 🙂

      Thanks for the lovely encouragement! I hope we’ll get to hear your thoughts on the show as often as you can stop by! 🙂

      Yep! There’s a lot of smk love goin on here! 🙂


    • Welcome to this wonderful blog, aurianne. You have found the perfect place for SMK lovers. Have fun!


    • Hello aurianne! Yes, we all certainly love our SMK here and love to have some laughs over it and discuss it ad nauseum!! Welcome to the fun!


  2. I’m sorry I’ve decided to have a lobotomy in order to watch the rest of this episode. At least I will be in blissful ignorance of not so much the plot holes but the gigantic crater sized holes within this episode. There’s too much filling and as everyone said some key bits missing. Infuriating.
    Concentrate on the swoony Lee that’s coming……

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know, now that I have started really paying attention to the enormous plot holes in SMK, I have begun to notice them in quite a few shows I watch. I am driving my husband nuts with pointing them all out. Must be a side affect of all of all the great detailed scrutiny and analysis going on here! Okay, Jenbo, I will go with you for a lobotomy too. Hmmm, will anyone notice if I have one or will they all just think, well, it’s just normal me?…….


      • My husband frequently tells me not to spoil the magic by pointing out the plot holes lol sometimes I want a bit of realism in my fiction 😉

        I wonder if a lobotomy would actually make me smarter 😉


        • I don’t think so but it would probably make us less annoying for our husbands and kids to deal with. Hmmmm, and why oh why would we want to do that???!


      • Melissa Robertson

        I know what you mean about scrutinizing other shows 🙂 Can definitely see a lot of plot holes and inconsistencies in shows made in the 80’s. I think shows were simpler back then, but so was society.


  3. *head smack* Who wrote this holey mess anyway?


    • hiya!!! Yeah.. this sequence of the episode is not too inspiring .. I hear ya!!! though loved Lee getting Francine back.. and watching Billy in that scene as he kept getting his hopes dashed! I had never noticed that before it was very cute!

      sounds like we need recipes section at Neds!!!! Yummmmm… There’s a fan fic section there now!!! recommend away!! 🙂

      We do have a few cake fans don’t we.. we definitely need to do an smk and cake post!! 🙂 It’s on my list.. no really – I have a list! 😉

      Sorry if you prefer just not looking at plot holes- Gordon and I keep bringing them up! 😉
      I like to moan about it.. and then maybe there is mental gymnastics that can be done to fix it?! At times I just find it funny…

      I was thinking – maybe they aren’t plot holes.. maybe the baddies are just really dumb!!!! and they think it makes perfect sense..
      I think before the plastic surgery Karen was just a dumb psychopath.. the whole idea of her being a cunning clever assassin is all just a cover! 😉

      Haaaa! yes maybe they did pitch a tent next to the Potomac rofl! KC! Billy knows alot! I can’t figure out why he doesn’t know where Gordon is? 😉
      cool catch on the number plate! LOL! lookin forward to that post of yours!

      yes.. when I did my nursing training I loathed the white nurses uniforms.. soooo no comment!!

      Yes I can understand the fast forwarding Valerie! Ordinarily I would too! 😉 but walking through the eps I better cover it.. and we can giggle and moan over it together!

      Jestress, yes I have nooo idea what they did to get Amanda out.. maybe they made her inhale more of that gas again!

      Haaa yes some episodes have so many plot holes they should come with the famous warning from the London Tube: Mind the Gap!!!! [Any Londoners here??!!]

      Lee could have been very preoccupied with not noticing them! 😉 LOL.. though I think he already noticed them in Magic Bus! 🙂
      Haa KC yeah! good call about Lee being preoccupied with not noticing everything about her! 😉

      Cindy: who wrote this holey mess? Juanita Bartlett!!! The script is better though, so would that be the script editor who gets the blame?? Robert Beilak? Oh wait! I know.. someone went off and got plastic surgery and came back as Juanita Bartlett!!! and and and then.. their evil partner got plastic surgery to look like Robert Beilak.. so then they took over their lives and this episode.. how did it all end? Hmm. not sure.. I don’t write fan fic haaaaaa.. [groovy selfie avatar btw Cindy! 😉 ]


      • I love the mental gymnastics at the end of this post Iwsod. Funny how I have no problem doing mental gymnastics to make sense of Lee and Amanda, but I can’t manage to be interested with the plot. I guess the plot really doesn’t matter to me. But it is funny to read everybody’s comments on it.


  4. I often wonder if Lee would have been preoccupied trying not to notice Amanda’s legs after this case. I try not to wonder about plot holes…


  5. The plot holes and Karen and Gordon are so ridiculous that I tend to fast forward through some stuff to get to the creamy goodness of swoony Lee. I’m not sure who annoys me more, Karen or Gordon. He’s such a milquetoast and she’s an egomaniac for no reason.

    I love how Lee puts Francine in her place again. Francine is so into making little snide comments I don’t think she ever considers if it’s a comment that she should make. Although she does look a little concerned when Lee says someone tried to kill Amanda. I think Lee is still so concerned for Amanda that he is not going to relax until this whole thing is over. I wonder if he goes back and checks Amanda’s legs after everything is found out. He is still in Mr. Serious mode. I guess Lee doesn’t need protection as he has already said he can take care of himself.

    That scene at the hospital with Karen and Gordon just bothers me so. Amanda’s name is on her door as big as day (which wasn’t there before) and they spend all this time trying to sneak in. Such silliness. Maybe Gordon spent a big chunk of money on costumes and wardrobe. He had to get Karen an Amanda King wardrobe and then he had to make sure to get a mailman and a paramedic costume. I’m going to assume he just stole the ambulance. What exactly is the plan to get Amanda out of there, tie her to the stretcher? Drug her? Use the gun? So many gaps, so many gaps…time to fast forward.


    • I’ve been wondering exactly how they kidnapped Amanda, too. They’ve got the stretcher, so I figure that has to be part of the plan to move her. I figured that they had to drug her because she would have screamed and gotten help otherwise. Plus, Gordon has to take her to the construction site by himself while Karen stays at the hospital in her place. He’d have a much more difficult time moving her if she was awake and struggling. But, since we never see any of that, it’s only a guess on my part.


      • It seems like so much vital footage was left out of this episode (like anything that would make it make a lick of sense) that I have to assume this was originally intended as a “very special two-hour episode” that got cancelled at the last minute. Seriously, they don’t show how Amanda got kidnapped and dragged to the top of that construction site? Somehow I can’t see wussy little Gordon overpowering her and dragging her up the steps to the top floor.


        • That would make better sense — I could see them promoting the heck out of this because KJ played the nasty villain.


        • kgmohror I love that idea!!!! I’ll mention this in the next post – It explains a lot.. [Maybe we can blame the network for this dog’s breakfast of a plot? 😉 tee hee]

          Hang in there guys there is lots to love about this ep – inspite of the plot holes! If we put the plot holes to one side.. the plot does provide us with some interesting situations for Lee and Amanda to deal with and well..there’s good stuff coming!! 🙂

          I’ll be back later to respond.. Lovin hearing Amanda thoughts!!! whoooo hoooo!!! byeee for now!


    • Well, Amanda is sometimes fairly cooperative toward baddies with guns, though she often manages a getaway in the process. I agree that something’s missing! The two-hour-special is an intriguing idea.


  6. “…it seems to me like Gordon keeps pointing out the holes in this plot!” Maybe the writing staff should have had Gordon on the payroll, then maybe the episode plot holes wouldn’t have been so… ummm… gigantic? 😀
    Ha ha! How can Billy be sure they *didn’t* pitch a tent next to the Potomac? (Or is that a dumb question?) Maybe the Agency looked for tents next to the Patomac instead (Magic Bus)…
    I love that it’s obviously nothing out of the ordinary for a coral snake to sit around at the Agency in a lunchbox. And… I love even more that Lee’s voice is extra gravelly and emotional sounding… he’s so concerned about Amanda! swoon–thud
    Oohhh… we’ve seen that ambulance license plate before–on the two-tone tan baddie car in IANNNHIEBAS. 😀 (It’s also in a couple of other eps I’ve patrolled so far… YODT and BO.)
    I wonder what the guy wearing scrubs who held the door open thought about Gordon’t entrance… he didn’t seem to be handling the gurney too well–it got kinda squirrely on him. (What? Is it your first day handling a gurney, ambulance guy?!?!?)
    Wow–the back of the nurse’s uniforms are a bit sheer, no? 😀


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