8/15 Season Two, Episode 17: Odds on a Dead Pigeon-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee has taken Amanda to the hospital after she inhaled that gas that knocked her out – we see Karen and Gordon are waiting in the hospital parking lot for them..
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Inside, we join Lee leaving the emergency dept. to walk down the hall with the doctor…
Doc: Well first, we’ll run all the usual tests.
Lee: I don’t want you to run the usual tests..
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[at this we see Amanda jump into the hallway behind them! LOL! it’s like you assume from the way Lee and the doc are talking that she is in a hospital bed somewhere – but noooo she’s right behind them! full of beans too!]
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…I want you to run every test that you can think of.
Amanda tries to get a word in:
I really don’t think I-
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Lee is takin charge!!! Me thinks it’s how he deals with  freakin out!
Amanda (while Lee and the Doc talk):
I really feel fine now.
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Lee: Until the agency lab runs that vial we won’t know what gas they used. It may be toxic and there may be side effects.

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[Lee doesn’t look at Amanda the whole time he speaks.. I think he’s trying to focus on the job at hand!]
Amanda: I really  feel great-
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Doc: we’ll keep her under surveillance.. ( surveillance?? is this a doctor or an agent? LOL! I guess he’s both.. but err usually doctors keep their patients under observation no?! LOL! the Script says ‘observation’! ) …for 24 hours.
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Amanda: ohhh nooo 24 hours is too long!

[I think Lee knows Amanda isn’t going to like this one bit!]
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 …Oh nooo mother and the boys are in the hotel and I can’t leave them there alone-
[Okay this is the point where Amanda starts to get mad!!! That doc just completely cut her off!!!]
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Doc to Lee: You will call me as soon as your lab boys get an answer [yes.. only men work in labs in smk world ]
Lee: Absolutely.
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Amanda: you dont-

Doc to Lee: now I don’t think there’s any major nerve damage or anything like that, I think she’ll be fine.
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Amanda: Excuse me there. Not only will I be fine- I’m here!!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001796963
Lee: Wha?
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Amanda: I’m right here!!! and you’re talking about me but I’m here. and I feel terrific and every thing is great and I don’t
understand why you’re talking about me when I’m not-
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[I think Lee starts in with a little smile here during this Amanda ramble.. he seems to finally allow himself to register she’s there and not happy!! At least.. this is my guess…thoughts?]
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Doc interrupts her: She seems upset…
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001809476
…That’s natural. We’ll talk later
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Lee: Ah thank you.
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Ohhhh dear.. Lee can see he has to make this okay with Amanda! And.. she ain’t happy! I feel for Amanda as Lee and the doctor talk about her like she isn’t there.. Ugh!! I am surprised the doc didn’t pat her on the head and tell her to be a good little woman and hush up while the men look after her! I am glad Amanda is not okay with this talking about her like she’s not there.. shame on you Doc! [what’s he a doctor in anyway- philosophy?!]
Lee (in a gentle chastening tone): Amanda.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001814481
(He just wants her to be safe.. and Lee is new at this whole caring thing Winking smile I think that’s what’s going on here with him.. thoughts anyone?? do tell!)
Amanda: That’s not fair…
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… That’s.. argh..
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001816483
[ hey Lee she isn’t perfect.. she has feelings! make this right Mr!]
Amanda turns to Lee..:
Ahh.. Lee..
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Lee: What?
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001818485
Amanda quickly and quietly: I don’t know why you brought me to a hospital. I don’t know why you want me to stay…
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001822989
… I don’t wanna be in a hospital. I shouldn’t be in a hospital.
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Amanda’s upset.. awh.. poor Amanda! I’m so glad she is honest with Lee though.. It’s lovely to see they are close enough now to deal with this honestly.
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Lee pulls out the big guns.. He grabs her by both arms – making sure he has her attention.
Lee: Amanda, Listen.
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Amanda turns to look at him.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001827994
Lee quietly: what’s the harm in running a few tests?
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Amanda: I don’t want to run-
Lee interrupts:
for your own peace of mind.
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Oh dear.. Lee this isn’t going to cut it! Time to step up buddy!
Amanda: I don’t need peace of mind. I have perfect peace of mind. My mind is-
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Lee: Okay then. Okay!…
… For
(quietly) .. mine.
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He looks Amanda in the eye and points to himself.. then he does that cute eyebrow raise mannerism he does when he’s a bit nervous!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001838004
He does it in Ship of Spies..Spiderweb.. I think I mentioned this in Car wars- yep found it! Is he also wearing the same tie as that dry-cleaning scene?? No way!!
Lee finally admits what this is all about! and he’s got to be freaking out that Amanda is in this situation because of him! awh..
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001840507
They silently look at each other for a moment..
Amanda: You mean if-
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001841508
Lee: Hmmm
[ aha! I just saw a dimple! Smile]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001842509
Lee nods silently.
Lee: now come on, you’re in here.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001843510
Lee tries to move the conversation on from this touchy feely moment haaaa.. pointing to where her room is but Amanda is frozen in place! 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001844010
He grabs her by the arm and quietly urges her to move: Come on!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001845011
Amanda smiles Smile
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001846012
Amanda: Lee.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001846513
She’s not moving Lee.. she’s got something she wants to say- call me crazy but Lee is so cute here it’s like he is nervous about all this genuine stuff! Smile He realises she isn’t moving and has something to say.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001848515
Still smiling, Amanda: Lee. That’s really very sweet.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001849516
Lee smiles – okay! now Amanda is happy to move into the room!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001850350
haaaa! love it!!! Lee is all over the place here in this scene – isn’t it fabulous??!!!
Amanda goes on ahead of him to the room and we can just make out Lee behind Amanda grinning from ear to ear.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001851284
Cute huh!!!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001852018
Then! He gives the back of her a look like- ohhhh boy!!!!
I really want to hear what you all think.. though I’ll share my own thinking too..
I think this is such a lovely moment- The script describes this admission of Lee’s as: ‘It is a totally honest statement of caring.’
How great is that! I’m trying to think: has Lee every directly said the words like this? that he cares about her?? Can anyone think of a moment??

Right now I can’t think of a time before this! LOL.. it could just be because it’s all very swoony and my mind is blank! Even in the moment in Car wars with the dry-cleaning – Lee doesn’t directly say ‘I care about you – you are what matters’.. he makes an indirect statement that means the same thing (Well that just underlines how Car Wars does not belong after this episode!). Oopsie I digress..

In this moment Lee was very vulnerable.. Amanda was very vulnerable –[No wonder it reminds me of their wedding in ship of spies!!Hmm I think I need to watch that againWinking smile ] This is pretty scary and new territory for our superspy Smile I think his look at the end is one big – ‘phew!!! that was intense.. and kinda scary!’ Because Amanda is really important to him, because he told her to do this for him because he cares about her and needs the peace of mind.. and because there was a lot at stake- he really needed her to stay in the hospital where she would be safe.. from whatever toxin could have harmed her.. or whoever was trying to get Lee and now inexplicably, get Amanda – I think with Amanda tucked away in hospital safe, he has the peace of mind to deal with the person trying to hunt him down!

I bet you will all put it much better then me.. Go for it!! So what’s going on with Lee here everyone?? What do you make of how Amanda responds? Smile What’s she to think of all this??

I’m sure you will be full of wonderful ideas.. swoony thoughts.. and fabulous insights! I’m really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this last scene!

By the way – Amanda being drugged by someone who is seeking revenge on Lee?? Hmm sounds just like the plot of DOA doesn’t it!! teee hee.. well, now I can see very well why they wanted to rearrange the order a little.. though come on.. putting car wars next with the long hair is nuts! Still.. you wonder just what they were thinking doing two major plots of old baddies coming back to get Lee!

Another random thought- Amanda’s opposition to things here I think is important for the big confrontation that’s coming.. Amanda is not just going along with anything.. she’ s not happy and Lee knows it! Smile

Is it just me or is it strange that we never hear Lee ask Amanda what happened with the phone call?? and tell her what happened with the shotgun?!! He still has no idea what happened.. LOL.. He could at least work out someone imitated Amanda’s voice – the person doesn’t have to look like Amanda for that so it gives nothing away – but makes sense plot wise. Seems to me they have really stretched things in order to have the big pay off of the two Karen reveals that are coming.. meh!

Still, with such a lovely lovely scene here between Lee and Amanda I can’t complain – you know, this whole ‘Lee that’s really very sweet’ line and then moment that follows was not in the script??!!! Glad they didn’t follow the script here! Well done smk!!! Smile
In the script only:
They had Lee say: Okay then. for mine.
They silently look at each other.
then.. [I’ll copy what the script says here]:
A nurse approaches, pausing at the doorway across the hall. She gives Lee an appreciative appraisal, then reacts to the lunch box he carries. Lee notices her scrutiny.
Lee: Peanut Butter and Jelly.
Amanda: His favourite.
the nurse disappears into the room. Amanda and Lee exchange a smile, the moment broken.
Okay.. sooo what do you think about this???!!! Do tell!!

Anyway, I am busting to hear your thoughts.. must go watch this scene again. about 10 times.. very swoony! byeee for now!

89 responses to “8/15 Season Two, Episode 17: Odds on a Dead Pigeon-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I’m not sure if it has been mentioned in this discussion yet, but I was looking at the walk-through again this morning and thought of Filming Raoul. Lee’s non-reaction to Amanda’s presence here was kind of like the one where Amanda becomes distraught that her registration has been taken by the bad guys. Lee doesn’t initially respond because he knows the issue has been taken care of. He does try to calm her by some physical touching, but waits until Scotty leaves to fill her in on what he has already done. Here he is so concerned with making sure every precaution is taken to make sure Amanda is okay that he is in total work mode as Amanda’s protector. I don’t think he discounts her I just think (as has been mentioned) that he wants to make sure she’s going to be okay. In this situation I think he is more concerned about making himself feel better than assuring Amanda, not in a selfish way, but in his own Scarecrow way.


    • good analysis. Lee is very much the take charge kind of guy and has always felt responsible for Amanda. I think it was a very tough adjustment for him working with someone and becoming friends so sensitive. I don’t think he intentionally dismissive of anyone but he does come of that. I personally thought Lee showed a lot of growth as the show progressed in being more sensitive to Amanda’s feelings. Shows a lot more by season 3 but there are a couple moments in that season where I think he is completely insensitive like when he asks Amanda about a dress she was wearing once because he wants one like it for a woman he was seeing. But still overall in season 3 you see how much more sensitive and patient he is with Amanda. I think it’s painful growth on his part and the fact that he was willing to endure it shows how much Amanda really does mean to him.


  2. Melissa Robertson

    This a nice scene where we have the comic before the serious. Lee tries to get away with not saying that he is concerned out loud, but Amanda knows him too well and pretty much calls him on it. And I have to agree with Amanda that it was sweet. It definitely was not to manipulate her into what he wanted because you can see and hear the genuine concern in his voice and manners. IMHO the look he gave behind her back was out of relief that she’s going to do what he thinks is best, that he was able to express a small glimpse of his feelings, and that he can concentrate on finding Redding without having to worry about Amanda…a very swoon worth scene!


    • Hi Everyone! wow!!! A real mixture of reactions to this scene!!! Very interesting!! 🙂

      I too enjoyed KJ’s comedy here!!! In what could have been purely infuriating a scene – it lightened things wonderfully! Good call Melissa R– the comic is before the serious.. I guess it’s between the serious too no? 🙂 it does balance things nicely.. even if the doc is awful

      Does Lee think Amanda’s really okay? Bjo you think he does? he may. and this is his way to keep her safe.. I don’t know.. hmm but then why not just take her to the hotel to hide instead? [I don’t know just speculating..]

      I figured he didn’t know she was okay. Wanted to be sure, and bonus – it keeps her out of trouble! 🙂

      The Chastening ‘Amanda’ is interesting no??? I’m not a fan of it.. I think it’s a bit of the old – ‘you must respect the doctor’ business.. which is rubbish.. the doctor is clearly blind as a bat – because he can’t see that Amanda is standing right there in front of him! 😉 haaa but I can easily brush off this as he quickly reverts to caring for Amanda!

      Amanda’s line- ‘You mean if…’ yes BJo I agree with your interpretation of that line- it is a realisation- I agree!
      Jenbo I know what you mean.. it seems so awkward you kind of wonder if she shouldn’t have said it.. but I have grown to like this reaction of hers! Yes, at first I thought eek!!! awkward!!! Now I think: how fabulous!!! I’m weird huh!! but I guess it’s meaning has changed for me.. and I saw that these kinds of awkward expressions from Amanda are pretty rare- she usually doesn’t call Lee on things – and she tends to lighten moments that are a bit scary and intense for Lee’s sake because she knows he struggles with this mushy stuff.. ( we see this in the tag! Okay.. I went ahead! but I couldn’t not it balances out this moment! I’ll discuss it more when we get there- of course! 😉
      I like your thoughts on this Valerie – I feel the same way you do.. she was just acknowledging it – you put it well! 🙂
      Valerie I’m so glad you brought up that Tegernsee moment! I was thinking of it too!!! the difference between that scene and this scene is a great insight into what’s going on –IMHO!
      Here’s the link to that scene: https://justwalkwithme.com/2012/11/16/8-season-two-episode-7-our-man-in-tegernsee-scarecrow-and-mrs-king/
      In that moment.. Lee is being a bit sneaky paying Amanda compliments so she would not call home – and Amanda responds ‘ That’s really sweet.. but underhanded’ – or something like that- she could see he was more about his agenda than communicating she was a great mother.. but here?? That isn’t happening – it’s not about manipulating Amanda.. see my comments below in reply to Kgmohror, I won’t go into it twice.. but very excited to see you reference that scene! [Also interesting to note that Lee and Amanda conversation has Lee exclaiming that sometimes the truth is highly overrated – I like to think he now sees the truth is highly underrated!]
      I’ll come back to this.

      Debilyn, your idea that Lee thinks Redding is targeting Amanda to hurt Lee is an interesting one! I am not sure that we find out what conclusion Lee draws..? though I haven’t finished watching the ep so I’ll keep this great idea in mind!

      Regarding the added moment in the script with the PB&J sandwich:
      Thanks for sharing what you thought of it BJo! I don’t know if you noticed.. but I don’t think I really said what I thought of it 🙂 I really wanted to see how you would all interpret it without me saying anything about it! Because I wasn’t sure how to understand the ‘appreciative appraisal’ – my first assumption was ugh.. another Betsy Jordon!! and with Amanda right there!!! in hospital!!! then.. I wondered if it was an appreciative appraisal because the nurse thinks he is her husband and he is at the hospital looking after her!!!! with the lunchbox – it had the feel of them being assumed to be a family!!!! Another Betsy Jordan? ugh.. enough!!! but this kind of appraisal?? could be nice! 🙂 especially if the nurse was a Mrs Craddock from Weekend type character – you know- Ohhhhhh newlyweds!!!! tee hee.. Yes I agree BJo no more sex objects please!!

      Okay, regarding the look from Lee behind Amanda’s back:
      Debilyn, Melissa R, and KC, I agree with you about Lee’s nervousness and phew!!!! reaction.. I didn’t see this expression of his as demeaning what had happened either.. for me it reinforced how significant it was. If you don’t see Lee as being sincere in this caring moment then you will probably interpret things differently.

      Bjo you think Lee ruined his caring for Amanda and it is reverting back to Scarecrow mode? why is that? what is scarecrow mode here that you are thinking of? I’m curious about your thinking on this! Yes true.. it could be confusing.. I pondered this look a lot.. feel free to think differently 🙂
      Ah I see Kgmohror doesn’t like it either! oh that is a completely different interpretation than what I had Kgmohror (can I call you Kg?!I keep spelling your name wrong!) You make me ponder.. why don’t I see it that way?? Interesting and fun to ponder!

      I guess I put it down to the way his character has grown, in my eyes, and at this point of the story – I see him as being genuine. Especially since he tried to get her to stay without admitting he really needed her to do this because he was worried! I guess the script says he is being openly honest too.. but I didn’t see it as Lee manipulating Amanda – I saw it as him honestly expressing his feelings and asking his friend to do this because he needs to know she is okay.
      I cut it out but I was going to mention the scene in remembrance of things past – where Lee is delivered the note… and Amanda offers to drive him home but he doesn’t want to do that. Then she admits that she’s scared and asks him to let her drive him home for her sake.. it was genuine caring.. it was true.. and it had the desired effect – I feel it’s the same here..
      Here is the link: https://justwalkwithme.com/2012/02/14/14-season-one-episode-11-rememberance-of-things-past/
      only this time it’s Lee doing the caring – it’s a new thing for sure! but we have seen lots of evidence that he cares about her up to now, we just haven’t seen him admit it so overtly to Amanda..

      Also, Lee’s admission here, for me, is like that moment at the end of Life of the party- where Lee finally admitted she had been brave and saved his life. It had been welling up in Lee for a long time.. and finally he opened that floodgate and let it out! Here? He’s struggling to keep it together.. and finally tells Amanda that he cares and that he needs her to do this – even if just for him.

      Maybe Kgmohr you are thinking of a moment like in Bromfield hall when Lee manipulated her into going to the library? I see they have grown sooo much since then that I can believe Lee is genuine here. With everything that’s gone on in ship of spies, spiderweb, a relative situation – Lee’s barriers when it comes to Amanda have been (IMHO) crashing down left, right and centre – to me.. it says alot that he doesn’t lie to her or manipulate her – they are beyond that because they are such good friends now he can tell her he needs her to do this – and she will do it 🙂 I think he was just resisting having to actually admitting it!

      I’m not trying to convince you i’m right or anything though, just thinking through why I see it the way I do – lots of food for thought! so feel free to disagree!

      Yes Kgmohror I agree there is an element of ‘just do what I tell you to do’ here as well 🙂 but I think it doesn’t exclude the fact that Lee was genuine. Just because he admitted he cared doesn’t mean he is without his issues 🙂 and .. this comes up again soon in this episode!

      I like this scene because neither character is perfect in it.. they both do things that are not ideal.. or a bit awkward – but underneath it all.. their mutual care, acceptance and affection for each other is on full display – so I don’t mind one bit!

      Here here Cindy.. Misogynist Doctors – Booooooo!!! Your story of your mother in law?? Outrageous!!!! I hope they learned their lesson and apologised – very demeaning! 😦
      KC nice call!! He is indeed ‘a tool’!!!!

      Jestress I love it! Mr ‘I hate hospitals’ !!! 🙂

      Morley, your thoughts sound basically like my own!! I see it the same way you do!!!! Loved the way you expressed it – so beautiful!! Your comments really resonated with me as I too see this as a significant moment in their journey 🙂

      I’ll come back and respond about Amanda soon.. gosh.. I feel like I’m typing too much here!!! blahh blahhhh.. Iwsod won’t shut up!!!


      • When Lee says, “Ok, Ok then, for mine” there is something very different in his tone of voice. It sounds like the way he would use his voice in late season 3 and season 4. That always gets me. I think it got Amanda too. It is just another one of those things that is revealing how well they know each other.


      • I think I overstated my case below, as I didn’t really mean to suggest Lee was manipulating Amanda in a sneaky, oppressive kind of way (manipulated is such a loaded word; I should have used something else). Certainly I believe Lee was sincere in wanting to make sure Amanda was okay, and in wanting her to be in a safe place. I’m just not sure he would have admitted verbally that he wanted her to do it for his peace of mind if she hadn’t pressed him.

        As I noted, Lee is in Action Man mode here – he’s confused and worried and feels an urgency to Get-Going-And-Solve-The-Problem. I think his thought process – perhaps unconsciously – went something like this: “Step 1-Make sure Amanda is okay and taken care of … Step 2- … wait a second. Damn. She doesn’t want to stay in the hospital. Argh! Why does she have to be so damned independent! Doesn’t she know that I need to be sure she’s okay? Do I really have to spell it out for her? Fine! Do it for my peace of mind.”

        Like most men, Lee is more comfortable with showing his feelings than talking about them. I think an alternate interpretation of his eye roll, in this context, is that he’s slightly embarrassed and laughing at himself that she got him to articulate his feelings.

        I confess my view of this scene was colored by the subsequent hospital scene with Lee and “Amanda.” Without going into it (because it’s still to come), in that moment Lee takes the time to try to connect with Amanda emotionally; here, he’s in a hurry (perhaps still fueled by adrenaline from Amanda’s close call) and wants to settle things quickly so he can move on to step 2. But as usual, she has ideas of her own! (I am reminded of that classic moment in a future episode: “I AM NOT GOING TO ARGUE WITH YOU ABOUT THIS, AMANDA KING!”) Amanda’s feistiness delights and challenges Lee, even though it throws a monkey wrench into his carefully ordered plans sometimes.


      • Hey iwsod, I do think Lee thinks Amanda is ok – at least 99% sure. But he wants to make absolutely sure – considering this is Amanda we’re talking about – he never knows what can happen. I think if he thought she really might not be okay he’d not have let her follow him and the doctor down the hallway while ignoring her protestations. And he’d have been more angsty.

        That is too funny about the nurse interpretation! I automatically assumed the “appreciative appraisal to Lee” had to be coming from a Betsy Jordan type – just in a short, sexy cliched nurses uniform vs. that puffball BJ wore. It wasn’t an appreciative appraisal of the situation or of Lee and Amanda. Plus the word appraisal makes me think of real estate buying and so that led me to my interpretation – the nurse would be interested in Lee like a piece of real estate to buy. I’d like to think it got changed because it didn’t feel right with the rest of the scene and didn’t let Amanda say her “sweet” line.

        As far as the look he gives the back of her head…I’ve just watched the scene several times and after having read others’ interpretations, I could get on board with just about every one written here. I do believe Lee is sincere with his caring, but before and after that tender moment he is in Scarecrow/man of action – down to business mode like kgmohror says. It would be harder for me to truly believe Lee is being vulnerable to manipulate her because I do think he is sincere in the tender moment – body language, THAT new, gentle voice, his tender touching, little dimpled grin on his face while they stare at each other after the “You mean if…” line (swoon…) – but based on past behavior it is not completely out of the question. Lee is a trained manipulator for his job and he “does it well.” In fact I think he manipulates her a lot throughout the series although less and less as it goes forward.

        I’m going to take a step back, if I may, and go on about Lee a little. Even though Lee is a playboy and a womanizer, I get the sense that whatever woman he is with, he is focused on that woman and is gentle, tender and kind with her – I think that’s who he is. So outwardly he is very sweet to them, but the key distinctions between Amanda and most other women are his attitude toward them and that his ultimate goals are different. Lee has always been generous with his touches and has cared about Amanda (think of all the missions and rescues they’ve been through) for a long time now. What is different here is that he says it, but other than that, I don’t see this scene as big growth step for Lee. I think it means more to Amanda because she now knows what Lee has known for a while, which is why we get that awkward line about him being sweet. I think she is very touched. Maybe his eye roll to her back is just as simple as a reaction to the awkwardness? Is that what most of you already said? There’s too much! I can’t keep everything organized in my head!

        I don’t see Lee’s reaction as demeaning, I just meant the Scarecrow mode to be a back-to-business no more tender awkwardness, feeling stuff. To me it’s like he shut the door on that too fast! And I don’t know where, maybe I’ll get lost down this rabbit hole sometime, but I know we’ve seen that look on him before and probably not after a tender moment.


        • Want to add a thought here that Lee’s admitting he cares about Amanda to Amanda is almost like an ending for that part of his journey. On the flip side is it a beginning of something for Amanda’s journey? Their side by side rollercoasters are not in sync.


          • I like that idea BJo.
            Your comments on manipulation have me thinking again. Manipulation is an interesting thing. It is kind of like the appearance of vulnerable truth that is used to touch another persons vulnerabilities in order to control their actions. I agree that operatives (government and otherwise) use this technique often. At first Lee can use it successfully with Amanda especially when he appeals to her patriotic nature. But the thing about manipulation is that it takes two. If Amanda refuses to be manipulated it doesn’t work, in fact if Amanda continues to not be moved by such tactics she may force Lee into honesty (kind of manipulative, hmm?)
            So now Lee is beginning to be honest. The only thing about this though is that manipulation is supposed to have the appearance of truth so how is Amanda going to know if Lee is being truthful? I guess the growing integrity of their relationship will color her understanding of the meaning behind his words. Another beautiful thing about these two is the lack of manipulation in their relationship and how they grow in honesty with each other. It is such a refreshing thing to watch especially in a television show.


            • I’m not sure I understand all of what it is that you’re saying here, Morley, but I do agree that Amanda does let herself get manipulated by Lee purely for the job early on. She lets him get away with it because she wants to work with him and she believes in what they are doing. As the series goes on, though I think Amanda lets him do it less and I think Lee tries to do it less. I can’t think of any specific examples off the top of my head, it’s a gradual change. Brunettes in general though seems to be a step-change though in this regard. Or maybe it’s LOTP. Not sure.


              • Yea, I think I was following some psychedelic rabbit this morning. It made perfect sense to me at the time…


                  • Hi guys I have a guest staying for the weekend.. soooo not much smk time for me!

                    Just wanted to say – Bink, (LOL!) err Kgmhror I enjoyed reading your thoughts- sorry I misunderstood – we are much closer in our thinking that I realised!

                    BJo thanks for explaining further on scarecrow mode. I thought that might be it but I wasn’t sure in that context so thought it better to just ask! 🙂 53 comments on this post my goodness.. I can understand why it is a little too much to take in!
                    I really enjoyed reading your Lee thoughts BJo, I know I mentioned Life of the Party but I don’t see this moment as being as significant.. the reason I said I thought it was significant was because it was significant for Amanda. Which I then didn’t get into because I had written so flippin much! eek!! My bad!

                    Amanda is floored by this admission of Lee’s..but I don’t have time to discuss it now- I’ll come back to it!
                    I like to think Lee was fighting telling her, but at the same time, he was ready to tell her 🙂 does that make sense? He manages to say it in a caring way – rather than an ‘ argh you just had to make me say it didn’t you!!’ kind of way..

                    No arguments from me Bink and Bjo! Redgold is fabulous!!! and I don’t read fanfic haaaa! Miss hearing from you here Redgold..but hey there is only so much smk time eh.. Guys maybe you could email Redgold over on yuku and tell her – she’d be thrilled to receive such praise! 🙂 – We NEED a fanfic thread!!! Can someone write a post to get that discussion started?? Really I don’t want your great insights to get lost here! Pleeeeeeaaaaseee???? !!! 🙂

                    Lee? Manipulate?? he definitely does! I wrote a whole post about it in Weekend.. he used lots of psych tactics! 😉 Ohhh I’ll have to come back to this too! *iwsod makes a note* [Morley loved your thoughts on this!]

                    Jule I think BJo should tie up future boyfriends like they did Amanda.. and then tell them to get out on their own! haaaa 😉

                    I want to respond to Morley and BJo’s thoughts on Amanda here- so I’ll try and get back here soon.. I agree Morley, for me it is not as easy to talk of Amanda’s journey sometimes.. even more reason to discuss it I say! 🙂
                    I need all your help! 🙂 and really.. there is no right or wrong answer to these things it’s just fun exploration..
                    So don’t be shy everyone – It would be wonderful to hear where you think Amanda’s thinking is at up to this point in the show – in terms of Lee and romance.. There are some big game changers coming our way so it would be great to think about it a little before things progress/change!

                    Byeee for now!


            • Here here! Morley we must find similar things interesting 😉
              The discussion about Manipulation is a fascinating ideas!
              I am thinking that both characters manipulate the other in different ways and to varying degrees.. Amanda has her ways!! 😉
              Amanda being told to wait in the car by Lee at the gates of Das Geisterschloss springs to mind – Amanda tells him if she stays in the car the same thing might happen to her that happened to Marianna! And Lee looks at her like –argh!!! You are totally playing me and it’s not fair and I can’t leave you here now! 😉

              Relationships are about negotiating- and what could be technically manipulation.. but I think Lee and Amanda are pretty healthy.. I do have a general idea that as the show progresses their communication is more direct and honest.. but this is only natural I guess- it’s all part of the journey watching them learn how to deal with each other! 🙂


              • I think you are right. Something about the other pushes them both towards honesty. I think that is one of the things I love about them. I don’t think that is a common thing in a tv show, or in life. It often looks to me that it is the one that can manipulate the best that gets what he wants in a movie. But not with these two.

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  3. I want to smack the doctor. Can I? Please? He’s such a tool… :p Oh–let’s ignore the little woman she couldn’t possibly have a pertinent thought… only the super-spy agent could possibly have one of those! :p OK–rant over.

    Awwwww… Lee’s admission, and his smile to back it up… so sweet. 🙂

    Hmmm… I see his look as he’s going through the door as a combination: part “wow–I just admitted I cared”, part “I have to put my professional mask back on now”, and part “wow–I got her to do what I wanted her to do”.


  4. One of the reasons I like this scene so much and review it a lot is just to watch KJ. She is so awesome in this with her facial expressions and hesitations. This is when she reminds me so much of Katherine Hepburn. One of the other reasons I have to review it so much is that I get so caught up in her performance that I have to go back to pay attention to the doctor and Lee and what they are doing and saying.

    I love the expression on Lee’s face when Amanda sort of seems to go into ramble mode. He seems bemused by her. I do like that they didn’t go with what was in the script. It would have seemed like the Betsy Jordan at the party in LOTP. It’s a much sweeter scene with a better payoff. I like that Amanda doesn’t finish the “you mean if I…” sentence. I think they are getting to a point in their relationship where they know what the other is thinking or going to say. I think it shows how close they are becoming.

    I’m not sure about that last look he gives after Amanda heads into the room. I know that in the past he has worked that get-her-to-do-what-I-want thing, but I think that he has changed quite a bit. I look at it as being relieved that he doesn’t really have to go further with explaining about his peace of mind or how he’s feeling. He has already had a few scares about Amanda with this situation and he has already spoken of his concern in front Billy and Francine, with more to come. He probably can’t handle much more emotional expression at this moment.

    I also think that by Amanda acknowledging his sweetness was a way to encourage him to do it more often or be more open. His sweetness allowed her to be able to acquiesce to staying in the hospital. Remember in Tegernsee how he tried to sweet talk her and she saw right through him. She is acknowledging his caring, but not expecting anything more from it.

    The not really talking on the phone to each other never comes up again, but I think that Lee keeps the shotgun incident away from Amanda in order to keep her from being worried. Again, so much for him to be worried about and he just wants to get back on solid, familiar ground. Not sure any of this makes any sense. Got way too much fresh air (is that possible?) on a field trip to some lovely gardens today. So sleepy!


    • Hi Everyone!! I cannot wait to get back here and respond properly to all your fantastic and varied thoughts! 🙂

      Just quickly wanted to ask Valerie– funny you should mention Katharine Hepburn!!! did you see I posted a KJ article where she talks of her love for Ms Hepburn over on Nedlindger’s yesterday?!!! Here is the link if you haven’t seen it yet
      I’ve always thought bringing up baby was a huge inspiration for smk – would you agree? have you seen it? Hmm we could start a BUB thread on neds! 🙂 or a Katharine Hepburn one!

      Drooling over Lee sometimes distracts me from fully appreciating KJ’s talents.. It usually takes a few viewings for me to be able to focus on her 😉 Poor KJ!

      I see there is lots of discussion about what is going on with Lee in this scene.. and of your feelings about Amanda commenting on Lee being very sweet – what do we think is going on with Amanda throughout this scene??

      This follows on from the question I threw out there yesterday I think it was – Where do we think Amanda is at?? what is she to make of all this?? and of Lee’s behaviour??? Do tell!!!

      I’ll aim to get back here tonight and fully enjoy this scene and all your comments and respond properly – in fact I’ll look forward to it!
      I’ll work hard today to get my work done.. knowing I have this to look forward to!

      Okay, gotta run..

      Byeee everyone!


      • Melissa Robertson

        Really Amanda is in my IMHO just as confused about this as Lee. I truely feel that Amanda cares for Lee as a really good friend and I’m sure more if Lee showed that he was ready to committ to a long term relationship. I Really think she wants to get married again and she’s looking at men that could possible do that. Up until this point she has only seen Lee in short term relationships and I think she is afraid to get too close emotional at this point, but I think her resolve is starting to crumble as fast as Lee’s is 🙂

        I’m not sure that this makes sense or even if it is the way others see.


      • iwsod, I haven’t seen the article, but will check it out. I did see an interview once where KJ mentions taking flowers to KH. I absolutely love Bringing Up Baby!! I think it was mentioned on here once and I thought the same about KH and CG inspiring SMK. KH and CG were also in Holiday and The Philadelphia Story. Just like KJ and BB such great chemistry. Definitely need a Ned’s thread. Definitely need to check in there more often.


      • Why is it so hard to figure Amanda out? This is just off the cuff, but I will take a stab at it. I wonder if after she put the “silly” thoughts that her crush on Lee produced out of her mind at the end of season one, if she didn’t invest her emotional energy on building a solid friendship and eventual partnership with Lee. This she forced to be recognized in Brunettes. Then not long after came the kiss in SOS which she basically laughed away, maybe she was used to zinger, electric moments with Lee and could do that. She has experienced his entrusting her with family stuff and now a compliment about her bravery. She has focused on her professional image. Maybe she is beginning to realize the goals that she had set out for herself in regards to her work and her relationship/ friendship with Lee and is trying to put all the changes that she is noticing in that neat box (Tupperware). The thing is, I think the more she sees things coming along, the more she may feel the longing for more from Lee. I don’t think she believes that he could want her or fit what she needs and she has told herself that a close friendship is what she wants. And now she is getting it. Does that make the longing more apparent for her? I think that is why it is so hard to tell with her, it is like her finish line keeps moving further away and even she doesn’t understand it, or like it, because she would like to just be content. And at some level she is…but….

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        • Just had to comment on that very evocative word, “longing.” I am reminded of RedGold’s brilliant (seriously, she needs to write MORE MORE MORE fanfic) story, “Autumn Lights,” where she describes Lee’s emotional state as “full of hope and longing.” I think that characterizes both Lee and Amanda, to an ever-greater degree, as we move into season 3. They both yearn to connect on a deeper level, dare to hope it’s possible, but are afraid to take that step. It’s safer to maintain the status quo: good friends, effective partners. But it won’t be possible to deny their feelings much longer. (Hurray!)


          • Hey, Bink! (You did say you answered to whatever 🙂 And the word ‘bink’ just makes me smile, but I don’t know why. Love it as a nickname.) You are so right! RedGold’s writing is fabulous! I love reading her stuff. Makes me feel like I am in the room with them and feeling what they feel. One more skill I wish I had but don’t – even more so than having a magic eyebrow.


            • Sadly, most fanfic isn’t very good. This is not surprising, because although many, many people love shows and characters and have great ideas for stories, not very many people are actually writers. Once in a while, though, you run across someone who is truly, immensely talented. And I want to grab those people by the collar and say, “I INSIST THAT YOU WRITE A NEW STORY EVERY SINGLE DAY.” (And then, for good measure, I also want to slap them up a little, because they write better than I do, and I resent it. I’m petty that way. Heh.)

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              • YES!! I agree. I love it when I find a good story. and I love it when a favorite author writes a new story. I do approach writing with fear and trembling because I would love to be able to represent the characters rightly like my favorite authors do, but sometimes I just don’t know how to. It can be fun to try though.


              • Totally agree. Then there are those that write well but don’t have a handle on the characters (IMHO) and that frustrates me maybe even more. I am saddened by the need of so many writers to rush Amanda and Lee’s first kiss and first ‘time’. The staying power of SMK (again IMHO) is the beautiful, slow moving journey the two have towards each other. I don’t need sappy declarations of love, heavy make out scenes (or worse) set in early season 1. Gah!


                • You and I are on the same page. I’m a stickler for canon in fanfic. I understand that a lot of people love AU stuff – more power to them. But my own preference is to stay true to the world created in the original. I find that’s a big issue in Remington Steele fanfic, too. Writers often have them hitting the sheets, but the fact that they DIDN’T have sex during the run of the series was deliberate, not an oversight on the part of the writers. That is, there was a point to it. So as much as we’d like to see Laura and Steele, and Lee and Amanda, “together,” I would rather see them behave in character. JMHO.


                  • I’ve been thinking about this more and I realize that the stories that I love the most and am the most moved by are ones that all stay true to cannon. So even though I’ll read most anything and can be entertained by it, I definitely prefer the in cannon stuff, especially when the author really nails the character.


                  • Melissa Robertson

                    I know what you mean about writers not having them in cannon, that bugs me too!!
                    That’s why I write stories that come after the show ended. You don’t have to worry about cannon and you can have Amanda grow as an agent and Lee grow on the domestic side of things. I do like to keep them in character though.


              • I tend to just type what is running through my head as it is running…therefore I have no writing skills – just thinking and typing. I find that I can read just about any fanfic (AU/in cannon/Mature/etc.) and be entertained by it – poor writing or not. However, there are some stories and authors that impact me/move me/make me hold my breath/really make me laugh/insert your word here. Those are the ones I tend to never forget because I want to read them over and over again. Authors that do that are very few and far between. Other than that, I’m not sure that I would recognize a good writer or not. Do you write fanfic, kgmohror?


                • I dabble, BJo – mostly Remington Steele stuff. I haven’t tried my hand at SMK fanfic yet, as I’m refamiliarizing myself with the characters after 30 years, but I do have a few ideas brewing. You can find links to my RS stuff, if you are interested, at my blog.


              • Oh I am with you! When I find beautifully written fanfiction that stays in canon it’s to be treasured because it is hard to find. And those who write well must, simply must, learn to devote their lives to producing stories for those of us like me who can’t write their way out of a paper bag (although why would one do that and where did that saying come from anyhow?!?). And then after they have written all they possibly can produce and been squeezed dry, I will gladly help you slap em silly for having talent which I so sadly, do not possess. It’s not petty, it’s justice, damn it! *truly evil laugh*


                • Hiya Jule! since I don’t read fan fic.. I have yet to discover these joys – but I intend to explore this brave new world of fan fic when my walk through the episodes is complete!

                  I like to think that every smk fan has something wonderful to contribute to smk fandom and the sharing of our enjoyment of the show – for some they can write wonderful fan fic..
                  Others are fabulous at counting dimples.. cracking me up with their drooling over tuxedos.. and jumping into rabbit holes with their marshmallows 😉 … picking out matching number plates, bloopers and ties… exploring the meaning of costume selections.. creating music videos.. smk memes.. well I could go on and on.. but one of the most wonderful talents I have noticed around here in all my fellow smk fans- is a warm, generous encouragement of everyone and their joy in smk!! I love how you all relish smk – it makes the show even better!

                  For those of you who write fan fic? fabulous!!!! I’ll look forward to exploring it!!
                  I think we all have something unique to offer each other as we journey through the show together – and it’s one of the things I love most about blogging with you all!! Gosh.. I’m feeling very poetic tonight and reflective.. sorry to get all sappy haaaaa! 😉

                  Oh and I still intend to get back here and discuss Amanda and respond to Morley’s and BJo’s comments on it – [and anyone else who adds to this discussion before I get back here! ] but I’m now too tired to make much sense on this! haa!

                  Okay- byee everyone!

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                  • Iwsod, you have a lovely and generous spirit in addition to a wicked sense of humor! Once I am done tying up my girls, (and their partners for good measure!) and slapping talented writers, I will try to emulate your example of unselfishness, magnanimity and munificence. I promise. Really. Truly.

                    Marshmallows and chocolate anyone?……….oops, down the rabbit hole again!

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                    • ROFLMBO! do you have red wine with the chocolates and marshmallows? If you don’t I can bring some. You are all so much fun 🙂

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                    • No problem, we can both bring red wine and I make a mean chocolate Kaluha cake too! Marshmallows on the side of course!


                    • Munificence? Had to look that one up, Jule! But you are right. iwsod is definitely munificent! And magnificent!


                    • I can bring a wicked spice cake…


                    • Yummmm, love cake! In fact I am making a spice cake today for my husband’s birthday! Mine isn’t that wicked though, KC…just the one from the box.


                    • Ymmmmm! Spice cake! I made the chocolate kaluha cake yesterday for family and friends and it’s gone gone gone, so I will make another for journey down the rabbit hole 😉 Oh and BJo, my hubbie and I managed to mortify our 37 year old daughter in front of her new love at dinner last night (“I can’t believe you said that!” “No, don’t tell that story!” *face in hands, red as a beet*) Yep, revenge! oh joy! *wicked laugh*


                    • Never tried a chocolate kaluha cake before. Sounds very good! I have a feeling I’ll be making that same *wicked laugh* when my daughter brings home her love…glad you enjoyed it!


                    • Jule, can I have that Kaluha cake recipe? It makes my mouth water every time I read about it. We need a recipe thread at Ned’s too.


                    • Of course you can have the recipe! I posted it on my jewelry site (http://jewelsofendearment.com) You are correct in saying we need a recipe thread on Ned’s because I love finding new recipes too!


                    • Hi Jule – thank you! 🙂 LOL BJo I had to look up Munificence too! 😉 I kept thinking it was Maleficence! rofl!!! but wow Jule.. I’ll try to live up to that [errr the Munificence not the Maleficence!]


                    • My favorite is Black Magic Cake (chocolate with coffee, if you google it, the recipe is the first result). I usually make it for my birthday, which is at the end of October, just a few days before Halloween. 🙂


                    • Sounds deletable! I bookmarked it for my next foray into baking.You have to make your own birthday cake?! Me too! Oh, and I did start a recipe thread on Ned’s. Can’t wait to see all the delectable goodies to make!


          • Hey Scooter/Binky/Keri–thank you thank you thank you for mentioning that fanfic. I hadn’t read it, so I hunted it down… OMG–Redgold nailed it!!! (I, too, much prefer the in-canon and in-character fics.)


          • A Fanfic thread has been started over at Ned’s if anyone is interested in following it over there. Here’s the link: http://nedlindgers.proboards.com/thread/41/fan-fiction

            There’s even a brief recap of the discussion here if you don’t have time to read all the comments.


        • Morley, I like what you say here. I especially like the image of her finish line moving further away from her. I think Lee’s finish line moves too, but his moves slowly and continually (like a dog chasing a fake rabbit around a racetrack) while hers moves far away more suddenly right as she approaches it. Like you and Bink say, longing is a great word for it!


        • Finally I get back to these comments! sorry for the delay Morley- I was really excited to read your thoughts on Amanda and where she is at here..
          Amanda is ironically a bit of a mystery at times.. I love an Amanda discussion!

          I loved your Amanda thoughts Morley.. yes why is Amanda so hard to figure out? Whooo love that tupperware! 🙂

          I’m thinking that Lee’s reveal here that if she had the tests it would give him peace of mind- was very significant for her.. have you timed how long she stood there like a statue and the time she took reacting to it?? for Amanda it’s a long time!!! she is literally stunned! Which leads me to believe Amanda had no idea that Lee would care so much. Don’t get me wrong she knew he cared.. but well.. not that much! and then he goes and acts all sweet and a little embarrassed by this declaration – well that’s even more of a surprise!! 😉 I agree pretty much with all you said Morley.. you put it beautifully! I see the backstory up to this point as similar to you.. mostly..

          I am thinking she hasn’t been looking for a new husband – she’s been dating a bit here and there but it’s been her career and new found independence that has been her focus. Would you all agree, disagree?? what do you think?

          When she said in the first time to Dotty that she wasn’t ready for a new serious relationship-( she says: Mother… we’re not even engaged I’ve only been divorced a year…I need a little time…) I think she mean’t it.. and while she’s open to it.. I don’t think she’s busting to get married again- for the sake of being married.. it’s got to be with a man she’s crazy about- (and well we know who that will be 😉 ) especially now Amanda has discovered her life is an adventure!!!! 🙂 Remember her ramble in Spiderweb about Bryce Topping maybe.. maybe not.. and well you know.. LOL!

          I agree Morley, up till now she’d laughed off the hot kisses in Ship of spies as a perk of the job (LOL!) and put it down to it being an emotionally charged moment.. and in the meantime she’s enjoyed the growing trust with Lee and getting to know him better on a much more personal level (learning about his childhood..) but- she would still think he isn’t looking for anything serious.. and sees her as a friend.. but this reveal of his is like he is telling Amanda that she is a very very good friend of his 😉 they are closer than she had thought she could hope for IMHO as she didn’t really expect it of him- and that’s why she is so stunned by it.. She’s thinking: wow.. well.. sooo what’s going on with Lee??

          I think this is the start of a phase for Amanda where she becomes very confused with their relationship.. she begins to question it – she thought she understood it – when she put it in her tupperware (LOL) but well.. it’s not going the way she thought it would!! It’s better! Closer! More real!! He says he doesn’t want real relationships but well.. they seem to be having a pretty real relationship here.. it’s getting more and more real!! does that make sense?? Basically – I think Amanda is starting to become very confused about Lee and their relationship, what it is, where it is and what it is becoming.. I don’t think either of them know exactly what to make of it at this stage or where it’s going – but they are drawn to each other anyway – continually and increasingly! 🙂 Isn’t it wonderful?? From now to the end of season 2, there are some great episodes coming our way!!!

          Anyone else like to share some Amanda thoughts?? byeee for now

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          • I also like the tupperware analogy, and think that for the most part Amanda stuffs the tupperware into the closet and doesn’t think about, but does go back sometimes to peek inside, then closes it again… It’s related to the Newton’s Cradle comment I made a while back–I think the tupperware is hanging from the cradle. LOL. Or, at the very least, the closet with the tupperware is beside the Cradle within reach. 😀
            Amanda and Lee share emotional momentum on that Cradle: one has momentum and then stops when they transfer it to the other, who then transfers it back again… all going to the point where they’re both stopped and in harmony with each other.
            Re: marriage, I still think that Amanda was damaged too deeply by the divorce to be looking for marriage again so quickly. I think she was dating somewhat because it was “expected” of her… but she was also looking for companionship. (Not to say that she would have been dishonest with men she was with about her intentions… I think Dean would have eventually gone bye-bye anyway–he just went quicker with Lee and the Agency coming into the picture.) I think she would have just kept dating long-term unless she found The One ( 🙂 yeah–we know who 🙂 )–but she wasn’t actively searching for The One–and only then would she consider marriage again. She’s too independent/strong to do otherwise… despite being brought down by the divorce… and I think this is where the career comes in, too. She’s happy when she’s dragged into Lee’s world that she has some excitement, and something truly meaningful to do. Like she says in DMLNT, she just wants to do something–even a small thing–to help keep the world a safer place for Phillip and Jamie.
            Enough pre-coffee rambling… gotta get my butt to work!


          • Amanda is so much harder to figure out because she has pretty much had healthy emotional relationships and has had close family relationships all her life. She knows how to deal with her rampant emotions and reign them in or put them in check if necessary. Look at how wonderfully she handled her separation and divorce from Joe. She put aside her trauma to be there for her boys and move on with her life. It’s harder to see what she’s feeling as she knows how to balance her issues.

            Lee, on the other hand, is all over the place and a bit more obvious. He doesn’t know how to deal with heavy emotions as everything has had to be held in for so long. He obviously has some pent up anger because of his upbringing with the colonel, the loss of his parents, and the loss of some others close to him. He has never really had an outlet for all of that and so when something emotional comes up his mask falls away and he just reacts automatically. He then realizes he needs to check himself.

            I guess it must be easier to read someone who has issues than someone who doesn’t have issues. I saw a movie one time that stated it is easier for a sane person to act insane than for an insane person to act sane. Although, I’m not saying that either Lee or Amanda is insane. She just has had more experience dealing with and handling her emotions than Lee has.


          • I don’t think Amanda was looking for marriage. Dean was offering it to her in The First Time (I only hire people who marry me, wasn’t that what he said or something like it). Dotty wanted her married. Amanda had been doing it all on her own for a while now. I think she wanted a “partner” not just a marriage. And she couldn’t have that life partnership with anyone. And now that she was working for the Agency that would add another whole difficulty into a relationship. How could she have a relationship with someone who doesn’t know about her work, she wouldn’t be able to lie and get very close to someone, and I don’t think she would be willing to give the work up. I think she might have tried to be content just working with the Agency and being friends with Lee. Sure she liked him, was attracted to him, but I do believe she had ruled out anything else with him (He wasn’t interested in her and, actually more importantly, he was not the right type for her)… in her logical mind, I can imagine her heart having a hard time agreeing.
            I actually think it was because of Amanda that we have season 3. This part of season 2 and early season 3 is about Lee’ heart awakening, but I think the rest of season 3 may be about Amanda allowing her heart to be awakened. I know TPTB wanted to string us along as long as possible, but (my mental gymnastics here) could it be that it actually took that long for Amanda to feel safe to let her logical mind agree with her heart? I guess we will find out when we get there on our walk.


            • Yep–I agree with you Morley… though Lee is still a bit back and forth in season 3 (Utopia Now)–or maybe, rather, he just hasn’t allowed himself to that point yet. A lot of S3 really is about Amanda and her taking all the ducks out of the tupperwares and putting them in a row in her mind.
              Yep–we’ll have to discuss it all when the walk gets there.


              • Hi KC, your newton’s cradle analogy is equally brilliant! 🙂 Did you mention that in the Amanda thread?

                You know, I completely forgot that we started one???!!! sorry!! we probably should put this conversation over there.. would you guys mind if I copy for comments into an Amanda post?? It will be great to come back to these ideas when we are a little further along on the character’s journey.. Let me know if you are no okay with it.. otherwise I’ll do that soon!

                Ah.. sounds like KC, Morley and I are thinking similarly about Amanda’s dating/marriage ideas at this stage of the show! Glad I asked you about it!

                KC I really enjoyed your insights on how the divorce affected Amanda.. she’s such a trooper of a character!

                Hi Valerie, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head about why Amanda is much harder to figure out!!! You’re right.. Amanda is healthy – and so her journey may be a little overlooked.. some may even say it’s a little boring because it’s so ‘normal’ – and Lee’s life is much more dramatic.. I think Amanda’s is just as interesting, but the show didn’t reveal to us half as much about Amanda’s life than we learn about Lee’s.. it’s a little ironic!!! and maybe the assumption is because it was normal and happy, it was boring – I think the whole gag of the show is: what looks normal is actually a hotbed of intrigue! you know? And normal looking Amanda is actually a fantastic spy..
                I like to think if the show had continued longer more Amanda back story would have been revealed more.. but I better not run ahead .. I will just say at this stage, we don’t know very much about Amanda’s past!!! I feel like I know more of Lee’s than Amanda’s! It makes sense given the progression of the characters that Lee would learn to trust Amanda and then begin to want to get to know her at a deeper level – especially if he has always kept people at arm’s length- well then he isn’t going to be curious about her life.. not just yet anyway 😉

                I agree with your comments Valerie – the only thing I would see a tiny bit differently is – I think Amanda does have issues – We all do 😉
                I see her identity as an individual and a working woman to be a huge part of her journey and it’ some of my fave parts of smk.. It is rarely dealt with explicitly either – it’s there though!

                I have always generally viewed Amanda as being an emotionally intelligent woman who has a healthy mental and emotional life – but this doesn’t mean there are no issues.. it just means that in her life, she identifies issues, and deals with them in a healthy ‘adaptive’ way (yep psych speak.. ) whereas alot of Lee’s journey is learning to stop his ‘maladaptive’ ways of coping and relating and take on Amanda’s more adaptive ways 🙂 I’ll quit there for now..before I begin to lecture! 😉

                Haa thanks Morley.. glad you enjoyed my mental gymnastics.. I think I pulled a muscle 😉

                Your comments on Lee and Amanda’s journey towards each other Morley – and how it is done so beautifully? LOVED them!!! It just highlights to me why the plot holes don’t matter!!! the plot holes don’t ruin the show for me one bit – because it ain’t why I watch ( well maybe I watch to have some narky fun pointing them out 😉 ) but the show does the character’s journeys so beautifully – I see the show as a masterpiece!

                Whooooo I’ll bite my tongue on any further discussion of what’s ahead! No comment!! We’ll see!!!!
                Sooooo tempting.. but.. I must.. resist!!! 🙂

                byeeee gotta get some work done here!


                • I just hope my insights into Amanda aren’t coloured too much by my own baggage… 😦 :p


                  • Hugs KC!!!! I think that gives you a unique and valuable perspective 🙂
                    All our perspectives are coloured by things that have happened in our lives – so you go for it!!! I loved reading your insights! 🙂

                    LOL I’m so distracted today I better turn off my email or I’m not going to get any work done today! LOL!!! byeeee!


                  • It is our life experiences that make all of our perspectives so rich. We all have so much to add to our collective understanding of the story. That is why I love this “walk.”


  5. Lee in Mr Fix-It mode. Hearts in the right place but really Amanda is in charge of her faculties and is a grown woman. Nice touch that for once Amanda is in Lee’s position of bemoaning hospital stays 🙂
    As stated under morleys comment I am irked by Amanda and her insistence on making a comment about what Lee said. I think it’s because deep down I prefer their non verbal communication, the looks, the long silences. To me that conveys more than Amanda acknowledging his comment. I quite like the original script, seemed more in line with SMK, always being interrupted that sort of thing.
    Still I get what I can from it and it’s lovely to finally see Lee showing that he cares. About bloomin’ time mister!


  6. Iwsod said “He just wants her to be safe.. and Lee is new at this whole caring thing Winking smile I think that’s what’s going on here with him”

    I agree, I think Lee is shaken because he cares and I think he knows he cares. This is the first time since SOS that Amanda has been in danger like this, isn’t it? It is the first time she has been targeted because of him since then? I think he knows that there is a connectedness that he has to her, that he hasn’t been aware of like he is now. It is scary the first time that someone we love is endangered and needs to be hospitalized, we all have different ways of coping with that fear and the unknown. Lee gets business like and tries his hardest to block out his emotional concern for Amanda and part of the way he does this is to block Amanda out and focus on what the doctor is saying.
    But I do love how when he does turn his attention to Amanda you can tell that they are relating from the place of their personal relationship. This is Lee and his beloved friend Amanda, and Amanda becoming acquainted with the care and concern of her friend. And she needs to let him know that she sees it.
    I think that last little eye roll of Lee’s is a mixed gesture. It is relief and a bit of exasperation at all of it. Relief that she listened to him and submitted to the tests, relief that he has gotten her “safely” tucked away in the hospital and relief that he made it through the whole ordeal. Exasperation with Amanda, the situation and with himself and this crazy caring that is swarming all over him. For someone new to this stuff, he is pretty good at it.


    • I’d agree with your take in the eye roll. I confess there is a part of me that rolls my eyes when Amanda makes a point of saying “that’s very sweet”. It’s when she takes a rather tender moment and makes it awkward by making a big acknowledgement about what he’s just said. Probably her politeness but it irks me. I accept that I am likely to be alone in this sentiment though lol


    • “This is the first time since SOS that Amanda has been in danger like this, isn’t it? In ALSALS Rita had taken Amanda by gunpoint and was driving away until Lee rescued her. Not sure if that is what you mean by “like this” since she isn’t hospitalized but I do love that after Amanda is safe from evil Rita Lee asks her if she is alright…and if I’m not mistaken I think it is with a similar soft, tender voice he is using here in this scene. 🙂


      • That is right, I wasn’t remembering that. But it might be a bit different when Lee can rescue her as opposed to when she has been harmed by something, like a gas (or a drug with no available anecdote) and she is in the care of someone other than him.
        And I had forgotten that wonderful “are you alright?” How could I have forgotten that?


  7. “She seems upset” Gawd, that line and doctor cracks me up everytime. I think if I were Amanda I would deck him (but he would probably just reply to Lee “Hmmm, does she always have these violent tendencies”.
    We actually experienced this a lot when my mother-in-law first went into an extended care facility. Very depressing. (The facility actually phoned me — the daughter-in-law — to see if it was OK if they swapped out the arm rest for her wheel chair so she would be more comfortable. I replied to the effect it doesn’t matter the cost if it would make her more comfortable,, but how much was it and how could I get payment to them. “Oh no,” was the reply, ‘your mother-in-law will pay for it out of her account, we just wanted to make sure it was OK.”. Serious, serious breach here because my mother-in-law was still competent to make her own decisions and there was no legal documentation giving me or even any of her blood relatives power to make those decisions for her. Makes me angry again just thinking about it. )


  8. I think that “after” look Lee gives her is “geesh, what do I have to do to get you to just listen to me, please?”


  9. Love the pic with Amanda’s raised eyebrow looking at Lee as the doc talks to him with the guy in the background with the IV drip! KJ has one amazing magic eyebrow! I have tried to to do that with my eyebrows and I can’t do it – at least not without contorting the rest of my face to keep the other eyebrow down. Can anyone out there do it? I’ll have to see if I can get my kids to try it. I love it when my kids go along with my crazy, ‘Can you do this? Or can I tie you up to a chair?’ stuff.

    LOL, iwsod! Not only are the lab people men, but Lee calls them boys! Does he think only real men work in the field and men that are really still boys work in labs? Oh gees, this show!

    I do see a little smile on Lee’s face here in the ramble, but I interpret it as you think you’re fine but I’m not trusting it until I see it typed on a piece of paper – and aren’t you cute when you ramble when your brain might be a little off kilter. Lee is new at this whole caring thing! He is wanting to make sure she really is okay even though Amanda is insisting that she is okay. I don’t care for his chastening tone with how he says her name – it’s really kind of ironic that he expects her to just do what he and the dr. says when he is terrible at doing that himself. I love his little “What?” to her. He is really being kind and gentle with her – no real annoyance – he’s trying his best to care to for her. I like that he let it slip out in such a way that Amanda realizes it is real caring.

    I love this scene between the two – until he gives the back of her that look. Ugh, Lee! You just ruined it! Boy you are quick to jump back into Scarecrow mode! At least you don’t let Amanda see it. I don’t get Amanda’s line, “You mean if…”. How was the rest of that line supposed to go? “You mean if I stay here and let them run all those tests on me you’ll have peace of mind?” So in her mind when he nods his head to that question, she’s realizing that he’s worried about her and that he cares about her enough to insist she get the tests done? This is a lovely scene but a little confusing. I’m looking forward to reading what everyone else says.

    As far as Lee saying that he cares about her? Hmmm, in ROTP he says he cares the she cares about him but that’s the only other time I can think of him using the word ‘care’ to her face.

    Like the filmed version of this scene much better! So glad they didn’t add another sex object, I mean woman, and a lame joke about the lunchbox and PB&J to this scene!


    • I’m running out the door to work so I don’t have time to comment yet on the recap, but I did want to say that I can do the eyebrow thing. I think it’s a pretty common thing. (But I can only do it with my right eyebrow–not my left.) It’s actually an amazingly effective physical punctuation mark (exclamation or question), and saves opening your mouth to say something when an eyebrow says it all… 😀


    • Also wondering how that line was going to end. Maybe “You mean if . . . something happened to me you would be really upset?” Lee has certainly expressed that to others before (Billy, etc.), but has he told Amanda? I think so but my brain isn’t functioning too well yet. So maybe the line was going to end another way?


    • No can do with one eyebrow here. I can do both, but not one. I like to think “You mean if …” means “You mean if something happened to me, it would matter to you?” Amanda is sensing that it does matter, I think.


    • I agree with you about the little eye roll kind of ruining the moment. Just because of that gesture, I think it’s possible to interpret the whole scene as Lee trying to manipulate Amanda into doing what he wants – staying safe in the hospital. I’d hate to think Lee is using Amanda’s feelings for and trust in him this way (and the script notation seems to suggest otherwise), but I do think Lee is willing to do whatever is most expedient to keep Amanda out of harm’s way. If that means showing a little vulnerability to make her feel an “obligation” to help him achieve peace of mind, well …

      I think the conversation between Lee and the doctor shows Mr. Stetson in action man mode: faced with an issue – or worse, an uncomfortable emotion like fear or caring for someone! – Lee shifts immediately into his default mode. It’s a tactical and problem-solving orientation: This is the situation, this is what needs to happen. Let’s get ‘er done! He’s still slightly surprised, and chagrined, to discover that Amanda isn’t going to fall in line like one of his subordinate agent colleagues who follow orders. She has her own mind – it intrigues, amuses and, sometimes, frustrates him. In that little eye roll I can almost hear Lee thinking, “This would be so much easier if she would JUST DO WHAT I TELL HER TO DO.” Don’t hold your breath, Scarecrow!


    • I agree with the irony of Lee expecting Amanda to just follow the doctor’s orders without question. Mr. I-Hate-Hospitals Lee would be fighting tooth and nail not to have to stay there himself, but because Amanda’s the one at risk, he wants every possible test run on her to make sure she’s okay.

      The thing that makes this scene odd for me is that Lee doesn’t keep one hand on Amanda to make sure she’s still with him throughout this whole scene. He doesn’t even look to make sure she’s following. It just seems strange, since he’s so concerned about her, and it wouldn’t be unusual at all for him to hold her hand or put an arm around her to lead her along. I suppose it’s done for the comedy or to emphasize that Lee is so caught up in arguing with the doctor that he’s forgotten for a moment that he should be focusing on Amanda herself.


    • Seriously BJo, you can get your kids to let you tie them up? Oh joy! My girls are grown now but I’m going to have to try that out on them, just for research purposes of course, Heh heh *evil laugh*


      • Jule, my 10 year old daughter let me tie her up Amanda style to test the ‘flexing tennis muscle’ theory in ARSituation. I wanted to see if it really worked. It did (althought the knot the baddies used was pretty pathetic)! I took pictures and everything so I could post on the blog. But then when I went and looked at the pictures on my computer, I decided I better not post – she was in her summer pj’s and I didn’t want the FBI banging on my door for posting a picture like that. She and I had fun testing the theory though 🙂


        • I wouldn’t want you to get arrested, but the mental image alone is great! When she’s ready to date, be sure to showthe photos to her prospective boyfriends so they can see what you will do to them if they get out of line! *snicker* . To this day, our youngest who is in her 30s, will beg us not to embarrass her. We never promise what we can’t deliver! Ahhhh, one of the joys of parenting, being able to mortify your children just by being yourselves *evil grin*.


  10. One of my favorite scenes from this episode. I notice, too, that Lee’s fingers are fiddling down by his side when Amanda interrupts him and the doc. They seem to do that whenever Lee is nervous. He’s definitely nervous about how Amanda will react to the request to stay at the hospital, and about how much he cares. I think he knows she won’t like staying. His smile as she agrees is one of relief and “whew, I made it through that awkward moment.” He’s learned a lot, I think, by listening to how Amanda relates to those she cares about – and not just family. (This type moments are why I enjoy Seasons 2 & 3 so much.)

    At this point, I think that Lee is just beginning to realize how much he cares about Amanda. He’s caught glimpses before, Brunettes gave him something to consider, but this hits home. “I know he’s after me but why you?” I think he’s beginning to wonder what people see in their relationship. This friendship has become important – Spiderweb showed him that. Now, he’s working through just how much.


    • What a good idea, debilyn! It never occurred to me that Lee might consider what peole see in their relationship and that it might have to do with why Redding is trying to kill her vs. it just being revenge for something Amanda did to Redding. Duh! I can be a little slow sometimes… 😉 That’s a whole new line of thought to think about! I feel like the ‘blue lady’ in Waiting for Godorsky when she says, “I shall dine on this for days.”


    • I’ve noticed that little finger fiddling thing, too. He tends to do it as well just before he springs into action – like when he’s sizing up an opponent preparatory to doing battle.

      I’m quite fascinated with those kinds of signature moves (others are Lee shaking his head bemusedly at Amanda or running his hand through his hair). I wonder if it’s a conscious acting decision on the part of the performer, a characteristic the actor has himself (not familiar enough of BB’s other work to know) or little affectations that the actor adopts as part of his characterization that become second nature while he’s in that role.


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