12/15 Season Two, Episode 17: Odds on a Dead Pigeon-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee and Karen (pretending to be Amanda) exit the hospital and head for Lee’s car..
Lee: I wish I could tell you for how long we have to keep you out of circulation but everything depends on Redding’s next move.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002355422

LOL Karen is going for the say as little as possible tactic..!
Lee: And when he makes it.
Karen: Right.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002357424
Lee: what are you going to tell your mother and the kids?
Karen: Ah don’t worry about it! I’ll handle it.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002361428
I think Karen is confident here because she heard Amanda on the phone to her family earlier and saw she was dealing with it okay.
Lee smiles at her here.
Lee: you’re getting pretty good at this you know that.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002363430
[lovely to see a compliment from Lee meant for Amanda! Shame she can’t hear it! At the same time, this gives Karen a clue I think she misses! Lee is noting she has improved in dealing with her family – but Karen misses this!]
Karen keeping up the friendly banter responds:
Well I’ve always been pretty good at it.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002365932
[Errr no you haven’t! and Lee knows it!! and you should know it too-if you were Amanda!!!  Lee looks kind of blank- that comment is not even something Amanda would say even if it were true! I like the writing here.. kudos to the writers I love how they’ve given Lee little clues about Karen!]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002366433
Lee (quietly): yeah.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002366766
[The script says here Lee looks at Amanda here in response to this ‘always been good’ comment- The script says ‘the remark is uncharacteristic. He decides she must be joking.’]
They arrive at his car.. Karen is smiling away..
Lee: you know it’s strange. I haven’t even thought of Redding in years.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002370437
Karen: Well, obviously he’s been thinking about you!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002372939
Lee: y2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002374941eah, well…

… he’s had the time for it.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002376943
[whoa.. what’s happened to Lee’s hair?? is it just me or is it suddenly spikier?? maybe it’s the wind..]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002379446
…that’s it. time. Seven years! We don’t even know where to begin looking for him.
[I think he is half expecting what’s coming.. he only just said earlier he knows Redding will find him..]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002381448
Karen makes her move- finally: Oh Lee, that’s no problem. I can take you  right to him.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_0023839502.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002384951
She says this with an Amanda tone and a big smile.. and suddenly- the act is dropped and the gun is aimed at Lee.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_0023854522.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002386453…Don’t try anything heroic because we’ve got Mrs King.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002387253
Lee takes a deep breath and responds calmly: what have you done with her?! [Love how he doesn’t for a second think this is Amanda still!]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002390957
Karen: Ah you’ll find out if you do exactly what I tell you to do.
At this Lee silently nods.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002394961he’ll do whatever he needs to in order to see Amanda again! awh!! Did Lee look shocked at this shocking reveal? Nope!! well.. not to me he didn’t… he knew something was wrong.. something was coming. just not quite sure what or how.. but he recovers very quickly here – I LOVE that the first thing out of Lee’s mouth when she does reveal herself to be fake Amanda, is to ask what they have done with Amanda..   Not how did you do this.. or who are you…. he  just cares about Amanda! Smile 

Lee: how do I know she’s still alive?
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002397464
Karen: you don’t!!
[KJ is doing a fab job 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002398965here.. I loathe Karen!!] …Give me your gun. Come on..

2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002402969He hands it to her..


Karen continues: Now, you can find out if you don’t cause me any problems. You walk around this car and get in.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002405472
[This scene looks funny to me! for Karen things are calm.. for Lee?? there’s wind blowing his hair all over! Winking smile  still.. nothing can distract me from swoony, determined Lee here.. ] Lee waits a seco2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002411478nd..

(gotta raise the suspense!!! Winking smile ) then walks around to get in the car. When he’s behind her- you can see Karen was not 100% sure he’d do what she asked! [IMHO]
Once Lee gets to the other side of the car, Karen puts her handbag on the roof of the car, pointing the gun at him, disguised by her handbag.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002419486
(shades of the first scene with the pillow! I guess we are suppose to worry she’ll just shoot now!) She doesn’t though.. it’s just a warning not to try anything!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002422989

LOL that she ended up pulling  a gun on Lee in the car park – surrounded by witnesses.. and none of them even notice anyway! Aie.. Haaaa!! I’ll leave that one!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002427494
In the car, Lee gives her a sideways glance. I guess it’s finally sinking in!
Lee: how the hell did you do it.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_0024284952.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002429996
Time for Karen to brag.. and iwsod to gag!! Winking smile
Karen points to her ear buttons! :
what this little get up??
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002431498
[rofl!!! yeah!! how did you do those ear buttons??!! sorry I get so distracted! they crack me up!]
Karen: well, plastic surgery, a good ear, a lot of rehearsal time.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002434000
Lee: I suppose it wouldn’t do me any good to ask who you are?
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_0024385052.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002441007
Karen: Oh I’m another American success story, no wants no warrants.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_0024415082.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002443510
Lee: yeah I thought we had a line on all the top guns. I’m impressed.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_0024480142.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002449015
[Whooo quite the little power struggle going on here! Lee tries to make a connection with Karen.. but IMHO it backfires a little.. ]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002449516
Karen: I’m quite excited that I impress you…
[Yep.. it’s so icky I think Lee retreats from that tactic! Ewww I do believe she is flirting now..I think she’s decided she can relax a bit and have some fun with this! ugh!! ]
…How do you feel about the Nordic type?…
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002453019
…I think that might be my next look…
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002456022
…Or do you prefer this.. ‘Amanda’ look hmm?
Lee: The real one. Yeah!

2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002461528
[whooooo!!! I love that line!!! it’s tough guy Lee saying he likes Amanda!!! squeeee!!! and the real Amanda look.. not ‘the look’!!]
Lee looks straight ahead.. spy mask in place.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002465532Karen: you know, I was really disappointed to find out that you and she…
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002466533

(at this point Lee snaps his head around suddenly to look at Karen)
…are only business acquaintances.
He looks away again..
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002468535
Lee licks his lips here! errr thinking of Amanda?? or.. biting his tongue hmm?? or.. a bit of both?!
Stupid Karen!!! she sees things very black and white doesn’t she!!! Lee and Amanda’s relationship isn’t black and white.. and isn’t full of shades of grey either- it’s full of colours!!! lots and lots of colours! Smile
ugh.. Karen is simply awful.. is it naughty that I’m excited to see how he reacts to her thought? LOL! Winking smile err Lee maybe it is a good thing you took it slow with Amanda eh! Winking smile
…it could have been interesting. You’re very attractive.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002470036
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002470403At this Lee grunts.

This gives him noooo joy to hear whatsoever IMHO.

He turns to give her the ‘You’re scum’ glare –
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002471037
whooooaaaaa!!!!! Intense Lee.. hooo haaa..
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002473039
As he stares at her unblinking, she asks: do you find me attractive?
Lee glares.. he looks away thinking..
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002475041
I think it’s all there in his eyes! sooo much!!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002475175
I think he’s thinking about Amanda..
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002475575
Call me crazy.. but that looks like love in his eyes in the above pic!!!
[I slowed it down and took a pic frame by frame of this wonderful flicker of expression!]
He’s ready to answer..
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002475842
Lee: I don’t know…
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002476242
…I’ve never seen you.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002477544
Karen with evil glee: that’s right.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_0024785452.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002479045
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002481047She signals for Lee to start the car..
I’m looking forward to hearing what you all think of this scene!

When Lee is doing his spy mode glare at Karen and she asks if he finds her attractive..What do you think is going on here guys??

I know, I’ve already said it looks like love in his eyes.. but do share your thinking too!! Smile

I relate this moment of Lee’s back to what I thought was going on in the last scene.. something was missing when he looked at this Amanda! Smile
Here in response to her question, I think Lee’s glaring at her thinking- well derr. you look like Amanda!…  then Lee starts to think about Amanda-the real one- and how attractive he finds her!!! He realises: no wait.. I actually don’t find you attractive one bit – because you are not Amanda!!! It’s like here he realises why his alarm bells were ringing in the scene prior – and I think I see in his eyes enjoyment of who Amanda is –maybe this is nuts of me.. but that’s okay we can share our own nutty ideas!

I couldn’t really pin this down until I looked at his expressions frame by frame (I tell ya.. it was a sacrifice Winking smile) To me, Lee is thinking about Amanda.. awh!!!!

Lee doesn’t find Karen attractive, and he seems happy with this! Smile The outside isn’t everything!!! hooo flippin ray!! Maybe Lee is also happy to realise he hadn’t lost that zing with Amanda after all Winking smile 

This is all highlighting how well he knows and enjoys Amanda now isn’t it.. All the plot holes in this episode brought us to this big payoff.. so I have a laugh at them and really don’t care Winking smile It’s been worth it!! Smile

Well must finish up here..  I think you guys will be able to put this much better than I! I’m really looking forward to hearing your thoughts! byeee everyone!!

48 responses to “12/15 Season Two, Episode 17: Odds on a Dead Pigeon-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I think this scene shows the interplay between the “text” and the actor’s craft. From the excerpt IWSOD cited, it appears the script had Lee beginning to suspect there was something off with Amanda – but that’s not how Boxleitner played it, IMO. There seems to be consensus here that Lee *knew* this wasn’t his Amanda by the time they reached the parking lot, and was just waiting to see how the situation played out so he could devise the best way to rescue his Amanda.

    I’m sure some of you noted BB’s sweet comment on Twitter that the best part of playing Lee Stetson was his love and caring for Amanda. Aw. Those of you who are in LA for the big reunion -have fun, and SHARE everything with us poor souls stuck here in notLaLaland!


    • I went back and watched this scene and the preceeding one, and I’m absolutely on board that by the time they walk out of the hospital, Lee knows something is wrong and his questions and statements are intentionally probing after what it is. She keeps sending him signals that something is off, and he doesn’t seem suprised when she pulls the gun on him — almost like he was giving her the opportunity.

      Yes, Karen is icky in this scene, and icky while holding your target at gunpoint is really icky! I’ve been thinking a lot about Lee’s answer to Karen’s question whether he finds her attractive. That is super writing and super acting, because it is capable about so many shades of meaning. I think that part of it is “never upset the person with the gun”. Lee doesn’t want to flatly refuse to answer, nor to say he finds her repulsive. But I think he’s also making a statement here, and have been trying to dig out exactly what he’s saying with it. Many things, probably. For example, that attraction can’t be measured by the way somebody looks. Maybe getting in a subtle dig at the way Karen is hiding behind someone else’s face and personality. Definitely he’s thinking of Amanda and how much more attractive she is, because she’s attractive on the inside as well as the outside. Karen’s question kind of forces him to consider the question of whether he considers Amanda attractive – more so, even, than when she asks him if he prefers the “Amanda look”. He could answer that question immediately, and it didn’t tread so close to his personal feelings. When she asks the second question, you can see Lee go through a whole range of emotions. Great screen caps!

      I had been admiring what a great job KJ did of playing a villain, but then it occurred to me to wonder how it was for KJ and BB to play this scene together.


  2. I was a little startled when I navigated over to the weather page and saw this:
    You know you’ve been in the rabbit hole too long when . . . 🙂


    • I was laughing when I saw the Karen warnings on the news yesterday… and then laughing even more when I thought of a fanfic I read that has Dean naming a hurricane after Amanda! (All the while still squirming over the name…)


      • Oops! My bad… it actually happened in an episode (Dean suggesting the next hurricane be called “Amanda”)… Saved By The Bells. 😀


    • And it’s kind of ironic that the Gulf Coast is gearing up for high winds and rain when we in SoCal are gearing up for high winds and bottomed-out humidity (single digits) plus the extreme fire danger thanks to the Santa Anas…


      • That is ironic! We’ve been very dry, too, though (burn bans, etc.), so we can use the rain.


        • Hi Everyone! As always I am lovin hearing all your thoughts!!!!

          Jule sorry to hear of your family dramas – I am so glad you feel you can come here and have a laugh, a de-stress and just forget things for a while – SMK does that for me too!!

          I was very curious what you would all make of my comment about there being love in Lee’s eyes! 🙂
          You may or may not have noticed.. I didn’t go on to describe the love – this is that part of the story where we all define things differently..
          and I’m not even 100% sure how I define it.. lol!
          I know how I interpret things, but I don’t always know why.. so I love to hear from you as it helps me to hear new thinking, and explore my own.

          So I’m guessing at this point, some of us think Lee is in love.. some of us think Lee feels love.. and some of us think it is not love – and we are all defining love differently! or at least the criteria on which we base that opinion..
          You know what I would love? I would love it if someone had a go at writing ‘the developmental theory of Lee Stetson’s love for Amanda’!! LOL [but please no theories about Lee loving his mother! 😉 ] though looking at the show as a whole would probably make that task easier.. maybe that’s one for when the walk is complete!

          I know we are taking the show one episode at a time and not skipping forward – but at times it’s impossible not to take into consideration where the story is headed!.. soooo I’ll try to stay in the moment here.. and just enjoy what I see there.. [yes my analytical mind wants to pull it apart huh!]

          BJo has suggested (genius BJo) at the end of season two would be a great time to look back at season two as a whole.. update Lee’s journey, Amanda’s journey.. and I think this is a fantastic idea!!! I don’t have time to do those sorts of things when I am covering episodes – so I am thinking this is a great idea to take a step back and review things together – what do you all think??
          Maybe another baddie post Cindy?-no pressure! I can do screen caps if you are happy with that.. Maybe Morley can finish her theory on Amanda’s dissociation of the hair don’t?! I know I need to finish up the episode order for season two – I’m still keeping an eye on it and open to ideas!
          So- if there’s a post you’d like to write about season one or two summing up things.. at the end of season two, beginning of season three would be a great time to post it!!!

          Anyway, I really should get moving here – I am switching off my email and internet trying to get an essay written that does not want to be written – so my time on the blog is very limited at the moment (boo!!!) but I’ll look forward to hearing from you all when I log in!

          Oh and before I go.. just wanted to say Debilyn your description of the love in Lee’s eyes not being ‘love-in bloom quite yet’ was spot on for me!!! I love that!!!! 🙂
          That sums up my perspective better than I could! It’s not in full bloom..it’s beginning to bud- but I can see there is love there..
          What it is.. how strong and enduring it is.. what it is based on?? how we define it?? I would love to hear what you all think of thiswhen reading a story or watching one- what needs to be there for you to say: this is love?? What are the ingredients?? and in what quality and quantity are they needed?? [What is that song?? recipe for love??!!] .. and .. can they be kept in Tupperware????!!!!!! 😉 tee hee!

          I tend to think Lee is not yet ready for love – even if I see it there in his eyes.. he is nowhere near that final destination.. [and I think Amanda isn’t either! We’ll see!!]

          Melissa R that is too funny! did you tell your daughter they are too matchy matchy??!! whahahaahaa!

          I can ramble on and on here and I really need to get back to my work. [Drat!] There is no time limit on these conversations right?! thank goodness! I’ll try and come back to respond to all the wonderful comments – but I don’t think it will be anytime soon 😦 work pressures are biting me right now.. ouchie!!! I have completely forgotten the anniversary! I’ll have to come back to that – thanks for pointing it out Valerie!

          Don’t worry though, the posts will keep on coming – they keep me sane 😉 [I think.. 😉 ]


          • I was in a business meeting yesterday and I had a thought about Lee and his feelings for Amanda. I wrote it down and then returned to trying to pay attention to the meeting, ahem…
            Anyway, I think there are four steps for Lee in the development of his feelings for Amanda
            1) Buried deep inside is an emotion that is growing for Amanda, it is love, and he feels it, but it is unrecognizable to him, but it is there and it grows on its own free will. I think it starts immediately or maybe at SAAB?
            2) What he begins to know about himself, even though he won’t label it, or give it a name. I think that is where he is now in this later part of season 2
            3) What he will admit to himself, maybe starts in middle season 3, but we will see what we discover when we get there
            4) what he will admit to Amanda, we know when that happens 🙂
            What do you think?

            Liked by 1 person

            • LOL! Does this happen a lot Morley? You may need an intervention… 😉

              I think in general I agree with your four steps, but I reserve the right to change my mind on 3 and 4 once our walk gets there. I say in general because I think I would have parts A and B to that emotion – friendship as a form of love and romantic love. I do like that you’ve called out his awareness of himself. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by this, but I take it to mean (in part at least) his change from playboy to committed relationship.


              • BJo, it happens all the time, I even carry a little notebook with me to jot down notes when they pop in my head. Then I can carry on with what ever is at hand in RL. Go ahead and try an intervention, but I am not sure if anyone will be able to accomplish it 🙂
                I guess I just link the friendship and the romantic love into one thing, maybe different parts of one thing. You got to have them both in order to have a real loving relationship and I don’t know if the grow in a sequence or not, I don’t know if it was friendship first than romantic for Lee and Amanda. The definitely developed their friendship before their romantic relationship, that is for sure and as equally remarkable because even a friendship like theirs was new to Lee.
                What is Lee becoming aware of? All of it, the significance of it, the strength of it. What is “it”? Affection, caring, attraction, connectedness, belonging ( I wonder if those last two might be the most difficult and at the same time the most wonderful for him to behold in himself). I don’t think he would be able to label what those things packaged together actually are, and if he got close to a name for them (love) He would shut down the thoughts completely. I love the slow process, have I said that before? 🙂

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                • On one hand I see the friendship and romantic love thing as a nice linear step by step process, because that is how my mind works best in trying to understand something. On the other hand, life and love is most definitely a grey area with very little linearity and all kinds of side-steps and missteps and, well, you understand what I’m trying to say, I’m sure. So I agree with all of what you say and I very much enjoy reading your thoughts. You have a way of writing about their relationship that draws me in and makes me want to follow along wherever you go. When I do read what you write, my brain just naturally tries to put it into neat little boxes and then tries to line them up so I can understand it better. I have a hard time understanding a concept when I cannot put it into some sort of order or wrap my brain around it.


                  • “When I do read what you write, my brain just naturally tries to put it into neat little boxes and then tries to line them up so I can understand it better. I have a hard time understanding a concept when I cannot put it into some sort of order or wrap my brain around it.”

                    I wonder what your Tupperware cupboard looks like.;) Mine is a mess, actually I don’t even think I have one…? (I want a scratching my head emoticon)


                  • What I like is that we all think so differently about the same things and we can share those different thoughts. To me it just makes the show richer. I don’t really know how Lee or Amanda think, we have some ideas about them (I know, they aren’t real people). But maybe they are more linear, or more intuitive and I wouldn’t get the linear thinking parts of them because I don’t think like that, I don’t even recognize it. But BJo can introduce it to me and that makes me richer because of it. So awesome!


  3. I think a large part of Lee’s look when Karen asks him if he thinks she’s attractive is him imagining how different this whole situation would be if the real Amanda was sitting next to him instead. Amanda would never have asked him that question at all. Karen is rough, aggressive, and forward. Amanda is sweet, gentle, and a little shy. Lee can see the difference, but Karen can’t, even with all that rehearsal time. Amanda’s gentle manner makes her attractive, unlike Karen. Also, Amanda always shows her real self, unlike Karen, who is just playing a part in disguise.


  4. Yep–still with the no touching, and Karen really does put her foot into it verbally–not responding as Amanda would.
    The gun in the handbag reminds me of the bullet-through-the-briefcase in The Mole.
    I have to agree with Debilyn here–it’s not a look of love yet. It’s a look of deep and honest affection, but I don’t think any more than that. He’s still on his way to figuring things out–though he does figure some things here, like the significance of the non-physical connection and attraction–and yes, we know that his unconscious is more advanced, but it’s a conscious, thoughtful look he has–not an unconscious, drifting one. Does that make any sense? I’ll stop rambling now.
    I do want to say that, for the first (and only) time, I’m appreciating the hair-don’t (and even the matchy-matchy button earrings). KJ does such a wonderful job of being so evil as Karen… how trippy and just plain awful would it be if Amanda had her “normal” hair? It’s easier–at least for me–to see Karen in a phase that Amanda’s going to grow out of. Maybe it’s a dash of serendipity (or otherwise?) that OOADP occurs during in these hair-don’t times?


    • Love this thought, KC!! I’m so happy that this episode occurred during the “hair don’t” phase! It would have been awful to have the AA be portrayed by the most beautiful Amanda we get in S3. Maybe it was all part of the plan. KJ is the smart one, right?


      • That’s why I said serendipity *or otherwise*. 🙂 It would be nice to think that it was planned–that it wasn’t just to cover a hairdressing snafu–and that it also allows us to see Lee growing in his feelings for Amanda before she blooms again in physical beauty. (Not that she’s not beautiful now, she’s just more so when she loses the fugly hair and earrings. LOL!)


      • Oh, and yeah–KJ *is* the smart one. I have sooooooooooooooooo much respect for her… her acting, her understanding of the character/s (and how they should be portrayed), her stand against being a fashion-plate/sex object…
        Enough fawning; back to final Tie Patrol checking of Magic Bus… woot!


  5. Glancing through this post again, I really should be doing something else, but I can’t help it… I noticed Lee disgusted look when Karen says that she was disappointed to find they were only business associates because Lee is so attractive. I wonder if that doesn’t highlight for Lee the fact that Amanda doesn’t treat him like a piece of meat as other women do. She respects him as a person worthy of really knowing in an undemanding, honest and open way. A real mutual friendship with no strings attached or manipulation to try to get him to play the game, you know? Lee hearing words like Karen’s coming from someone who looks like Amanda must be striking, even though he knows she isn’t Amanda at this point. It can really underscore what is truly unique about Amanda at so many levels.


    • Cue the Twilight Zone music – cos I was just thinking along the same lines and came to the blog to make a comment then read what you wrote, Morley. This could be the fumes talking again, but I also had a similar thought about Lee’s reponse to Karen’s telling him that he was very attractive. This may be hard to explain, but here goes. Lee is a good person. Lee thinks Karen is rotten. Karen finds Lee attractive. Looks are only the outside of a person. So rotten people are attracted to good looking people just like good people are. Does it occur to Lee that being attracted to someone just because of their looks is perhaps a little rotten? And that maybe he is a little rotten when he does it? And that maybe he needs to change his ways? And that is what he should be looking at instead of the outside? And hence the reason why it is dawning on him that the inside of Amanda is what is most beautiful about her? And since she is one of a kind on the inside, he can then continue on his journey and permit himself to get romantically involved with her? Okay – I think I lost it there at the end, but did any of that make any sense to anyone out there? It’s okay if y’all are sending me one, big collective “No, BJo!” LOL!


      • I think that is a “Yes, Bjo!” I think that realization began in ALSALS and is strengthened here for him as well. I have said it before, but I love, love, love the way Lee begins to love the beauty of who Amanda is, her heart and soul before he really lets himself respond to her physical beauty. I love this part of season 2 for that reason especially. More bullet points highlighting this in the episodes coming up, weee!


    • “I wonder if that doesn’t highlight for Lee the fact that Amanda doesn’t treat him like a piece of meat as other women do.” Yes! Yes! His view of Amanda is changing and so is his view of himself. He has internal qualities that are ‘attractive’ and worthy of someone’s love, in addition to being . . . um . . . very good looking. The real Amanda doesn’t fall for his external appearance like most of the other women he knows (or barely knows), she appreciates him for those other qualities.


  6. Oh yes yes yes! That is love, pure love in his eyes! By now both Lee and Amanda can deny it till they’re blue in the face but it’s there, shining through. Iwsod, we all gag along with you at Karen. Bleech. But Lee with loving eyes *swoon, thud*


  7. Melissa Robertson

    He doesn’t seem surprised at all IMHO that a gun was pulled on him. I think he knew in the hospital that she wasn’t the true Amanda! I love that he asks about Amanda before anything else. Oh, that line ‘the real one, yeah’ if only Amanda could hear it, but we get to see where he is at emotionally 🙂 I agree with you IWSOD that that is love in his eyes!! I think through the end of the this season the two of them can’t help but show their love for each other!! IMO love is so much more than words it is actions; and they can deny it until they are blue in the face that they don’t love each other, but their actions show different!

    I thought about you the other day IWSOD when my oldest daughter put a pair of earrings in and I asked her why she chose those and she said, “they match my outfit” 🙂


  8. Okay, you asked for it. 😛

    This is such a cool scene, and such a telling one. I think Lee’s first comment here is to verify what’s been going on in his mind since they left the hospital room. Keeping Amanda out of circulation?? Come on now, when has she not complained that she has something to do when he makes that suggestion? I have PTA, bake sale, etc. Part of what Lee is doing is feeling out this “Amanda” to find out if she’ll let something slip. (Karen takes the less-said-better route, but as much as she’s studied Amanda, she’ll never get this diploma!)

    I take a different view on the “You’re getting pretty good…” line. I think this is the last click that Lee needed to know that Karen’s not Amanda. His “I haven’t even thought of Redding in years” line is because he realizes these two are linked somehow. She confirms it, of course. Now he’s ready to deal with her in a straight-forward way to get Amanda – WKS hits (white-knight-syndrome).

    I like this scene in the car, though it is a bit icky. He doesn’t like this Amanda-fake, and he’s beginning to understand what’s been happening throughout Spiderweb and Brunettes. He realizes he cares for Amanda on a deeper level. I don’t think it’s love-in-bloom quite yet, but I do think the plant is beginning to bud. Lee’s “the real one” comes from the heart, though, and he definitely is NOT interested in the fact that Karen finds him attractive. I like that he’s cautious in his answer here to “do you find me attractive?” He knows that this Amanda-fake is not the whole picture and he’s coming to see that he’s interested in the whole package that is Amanda. IMHO, Lee was attracted to Amanda at the train station, but it was her actions and responses to him that drew him in and eventually led to his love for her.

    I see I’ve run a bit long. Better stop now. This is such a fun episode. Forget the plot holes, smot holes – this has “ah-ha” moments for Lee, and the relationship is the real reason we stick with such a great show, anyway, right?


  9. I agree with you Iwsod on what you’ve said and what has already been posted. Love Lee’s wistful look as he’s thinking of Amanda. I find the “Nordic type” line interesting. As soon as I heard it I knew she was referring to the blond/blue-eyed look. It’s interesting to see how that used to be Lee’s type, but definitely not anymore.

    Love Lee’s immediate concern for Amanda. Lee has always been that leap first, think later kind of guy and even with the gun on him he probably would have tried to take Karen out if he knew Amanda was out of harm’s way. But he has to be patience and control guy here so that he can see for himself that Amanda is okay, so he goes quietly. Lee has been all about Amanda in this episode. So awesome to see.


  10. I think someone mentioned this in their comments on the last post, but I think it is almost glaringly noticeable that Lee is not touching Amanda as they leave the hospital. Not one little hand on the back. I think that is very unusual. And the compliment he give Amanda – I agree, iwsod, this should be a clue to Karen that he is picking up on a difference in Amanda! And yup, that next line is like a bright red beacon!! No doubt now – think he is now just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I don’t think he is shocked. I think it’s more of a look that says I’m very effected now that my worst fear has come true instead of just suspecting it.

    LOL – love your rhyme!! Brag…gag! Where’s that puke emoticon when I need it!

    I’m sooo very glad that he is thoroughly disgusted by Karen here! Although I wanted a different answer to the, “Do you think I’m attractive?” question!!!!!! I mean, I wanted him to admit he was attracted to the real Amanda, not this heinous imposter!

    Yes, yes, yes, iwsod…I do see love in Lee’s eyes! He is almost wistful as he is ‘looking at’ Amanda in his mind. Wonder if the theme song credits are rolling through his mind here like they do in that other episode…LOL. No, not yet, I know. Love that when we study the stills we really have time here to think about what is going through Lee’s mind. When I watch it in real time, I used to just think he was coming up with a good answer. So thank you for your sacrifice!!!

    I do think it is dawning on Lee that looks aren’t everything and that Amanda really is a wonderful woman – not person, but woman. I think there’s a difference. He is beginning to think perhaps that maybe what is inside of Amanda is something he really wants in his life long term – that it would be pretty wonderful to always have that because without it he wouldn’t or couldn’t (?) be happy anymore? Just a thought that popped into my head now that I’m really trying to think about what he could be thinking here – and knowing what is coming in the tag.


    • I just want to add that the love I see in Lee’s eyes is still very much a friendship love. The romantic love I think is maybe starting to dawn on him, but here I think it is pprimarily for Amanda as a person. That’s what I meant when I said that perhaps he is beginning to see her more as a woman (hence the opportunity for romantic love) vs. a person. I think Lee’s journey is more of a steady one, like the dog chasing the rabbit around the race track – or like waves endlessly pounding on the shore – they just keep coming and coming and there is nothing Lee can do to stop it.


      • I like the waves idea. Lee had so many defenses up in the beginning, he still does, but those waves of just who Amanda is have been eroding his defenses steadily from the beginning as well.
        To feel love, to respond to it, maybe even to let such thoughts be articulated in his mind is new to him, I think. I bet he tastes them for a brief moment, has an inkling suspicion of what they are and then tucks them away while labeling them as something else. But that closet door… it’s not closing so well anymore. Those Tupperware containers are pressing to fall out the next time he opens that door (maybe in Burn Out?) He will never get them back in if he goes near that door again… oh boy am I rambling


        • Ramble away! I need to get my tupperware out in a messy stack and take a picture of it. Then I need to nest it all together and take that picture. Maybe I’ll make a meme – Lee and Amanda if they were Tupperware – hahaha. Maybe we need a tupperware post. Ok – now I’m rambling. And starting to get a little giddy – it’s the fumes from being stuck in a car dealership half the morning!


        • Yes, I agree with you both. Lee’s barriers are breaking down and the waves analogy is lovely. He just doesn’t realize that he’s already a goner. As Morley said, “hoo flipping ray!”!! I think Amanda is a little more aware of her feelings but has purposefully shelved them and pretends they don’t exist.
          You know, we are dealing with a huge family crisis and I am escaping down the rabbit hole with y’all, taking a break from reality. Thank everyone for making my day a bit brighter!


  11. hooo flippin ray!!, I love that Iwsod!!, Yes, I think he is relieved to find out she wasn’t Amanda and the reason why the “zing” wasn’t there with AA. I love the clarity it brings him about the real Amanda, he finds her attractive and he prefers Amanda to the Nordic type. Yes!!, that looks like love in his eyes, thanks for the frame by frame shots.


  12. I will return to put in my two cents later. I just wanted to share a tidbit. I know that some are not Facebook fans, but I do have a Facebook page and you can also like some other pages. Well there is an SMK page and yesterday (Oct 3rd here) there was a nice acknowledgement and 30th anniversary greetings for the original airing of the very first episode. Many people offered congratulations and it was one of the first things I saw when I logged on. Just wanted to pass that on.


  13. I find Lee’s expression when picturing Amanda reminiscent of SAAB when he’s considering Amanda is exotic and mysterious. It’s lovely to see how he’s moved on from being mocking and disparaging to genuine appreciation and affection.
    There isn’t anything like an evil doppelgänger to make you realise what you actually had right infront of you all along 😉
    I love how Lee isn’t all that surprised when Karen reveals herself. Clearly he knew something was off and she’s just confirmed his gut reaction was right.
    Urgh the flirting off Karen though is awful, makes my skin crawl. KJ does a very good job of making Karen as repellent as possible. I am not sure why she waited until they were in the car park to reveal herself. Wouldn’t it have been better to do it once they were in the car and no chance of being seen?!


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