3/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to IFF and Lee has prepared a comprehensive little collage of Hans Retzig photos.. looking like DOA.avi_000402235Hans Retzig. LOL!!!

He’s ‘always had the upper hand! He’s very slick! DOA.avi_000405505very sharp!’ whooo and he’s ‘very serious’!!! this guy is baaaaad news.. err hey everyone!! have you got the message???!!! this guy is really really really scary and clever! whooooo…  okay okay.. we get it!!!  Hans Retzig  is in the arms dealing business.. top secret weaponry..
though Lee explains  ‘never the hardware.. always blueprints, schematics and things that can be moved easily and fast.
DOA.avi_000416516Whooo love the shots of the serious looking random agents! Why is Lee telling them all about this?? I don’t DOA.avi_000420520know because really let’s face it – it is Lee and Amanda who do all the heavy lifting in the agency! (Okay maybe Francine does a little Winking smile ) It cracks me up how all these other agents are always at briefings, and then they go away and do nothing for the rest of the episode (Ok I think Duffy might come back! oh and Francine).. actually now that I think about it- I want that job!! I bet they leave the room and say to each other – Retzig Shnetzig.. Let’s go out for a round of goofy DOA.avi_000423523golf!!
So.. the plan is to contact all their informants and find out who Retzig has made a deal with.. as he always sets up his
DOA.avi_000436269deal before actually getting the product (hmm sounds like the Artful Dodger to me!) 

A word of warning from Billy: the guy plays games.. but he’s still dangerous! DOA.avi_000447280

Ohhhh okay thanks Billy I had forgotten that.. it had only been about 3 seconds since someone told me Retzig’s serious business! Winking smile Love how Billy tells the agents to call for back up if they get a lead on Retzig.. err does that order include Lee too Billy? he goes off on his own all the time!
Whooo such delivery!!!
Billy: We don’t need any dead heroes.
Billy does the intense, serious stating of the obvious so well.. now if only Lee realised Billy was talking to him too! ha haaaa.. but wait.. Billy is Lee’s back up isn’t he??? rofl.. after all he is the boss!! who is the boss??!!!Winking smile 

Whoooo! (and rofl!!!) time for Lee to reminisce about this oh so serious foe..
Lee: yeah. Some of you here may not have DOA.avi_000458558been with us when our operation thunderhead [rofl!!! that would have been a fab codename for Francine!!] …went down in flames… [How does BB say this and
DOA.avi_000459559keep a straight face??!! Talent!!!]
….cost us two of our best agents.. [tee hee! they are always ‘best agents’ – why don’t any mediocre agents get killed? eh???!! tee heee
DOA.avi_000462295Ohh I’m in a mood aren’t I! I just can’t take this seriously!!]
Not only did Retzig get away with the goods, he made us look bad… [whoo Duffy is sitting next to
DOA.avi_000464564Francine! now I see him everywhere!]
and then he rubbed our noses in it. So I think we all have something at stake here.
DOA.avi_000470570This hilarious but meant to be serious meeting is over! Love the little military riff in the background as Lee stirs the troops into action  (alas Lee, all these agents have goofy golf on that afternoon so they won’t be much help) Interesting that Amanda wasn’t invited to the meeting.. She was in the meeting in the Artful Dodger.. I think the writers haven’t quite figured out what to do with her working at the agency but not being an agent..  at least at this stage of the show.. but I find it interesting Amanda is Lee’s partner to him, but.. she is in the bullpen typing- not in the meeting.. it’s an interesting phase!

By the way, I couldn’t resist.. I goggled Operation Thunderhead- there really was one! Not sure if it deliberate on the part of the writers.. but it was towards the end of the Vietnam war.. Check it out here if you like.

BTW- the script is worth checking out.. there’s a whole scene before this meeting involving Amanda and Mrs Marsden which has been cut! Given we see a reference to Mrs Marsden later in this episode (when was the last time we saw her? it’s been ages!) I always wondered if she was suppose to be in this episode (and the actress is listed on IMDB) – now I know!
If someone has time.. feel free to add this scene in a comment.. But.. I will say: sooo glad it is not in the episode.. really over the ‘I forget the password’ gag.. which wasn’t funny.. ever!

Next thing, we see Amanda sits in the bullpen hard at work typing, and speaking to her orange – yup.. I hate to break it to you Lee – but it isn’t your fault Amanda becomes psychotic.. she was just born that way.
Amanda tells her orange: almost finished.
uhhh huhhhh??!! Does it talk back Amanda?
Look at the set up of that computer!! it is actually pointing downwards!!! hilarious!!! Designed by a chiropractor looking to drum up business me thinks.. ahem..

Lee brings Amanda some paperwork..
DOA.avi_000484584[Is it just me or are they both more than comfortable with Amanda the personal assistant to Lee?? and not so much with Amanda his partner?? I look at this as part of their growing partnership..in a way- everything is in flux in this last part of season two! ;)]
Lee wants six copies of the file he hands her.
Amanda: Right. This Retzig looks like a pretty bad character.
Lee takes a seat on the table next to her, and starts absent mindedly fiddling with the orange. Gee.. ‘Pretty bad character’.. well that is quite shocking.. I was thinking Retzig was an angel.. I’ve only been told 10 times he’s really really really baaaaaad…
Lee: Even worse. (Nooo really?! rofl!)
we lost two of our agents on an  operation with him one time. Damn Good agents!!!…
…On my team too.
Is it just me or is this episode a bit slow to DOA.avi_000494327start?
[There goes Lee again: looking to off load his cares on Amanda Smile ]
Amanda gets distracted as we see Lee’s hand come into view:

carrying the orange! eek!!!

DOA.avi_000499332Lee continues: I tell you.. Amanda.. In the past he has always come out on top. But this time… [Let me guess.. Winking smile ]
DOA.avi_000501601Billy interrupts calling from the other side of the bullpen:
Amanda turns to
DOA.avi_000502602answer: Yes Sir!
As she is turned Lee wanders off.. with her orange!
whooo Lee is out for vengeance today! He’ll need his vitamins! Hmmm an orange? what luck!! Lee had that ‘I’m going to eat Retzig for breakfast look’.. yep, right after he has polished off Amanda’s orange! So.. Lee takes off with Amanda’s orange – Now it’s an Agent Orange???  [I never would have guessed that one! Winking smile ]
Billy: Can I see you for a moment? I need you.
Amanda answers Billy: Yes sir.
Amanda turns back to where Lee was: Lee-
she realises he’s gone.. and eek! so is her orange!! Sorry Amanda.. now it’s an agent orange Winking smile
DOA.avi_000507607Amanda is not happy!!! yes Amanda.. it’s going to be one of those days! but.. being Amanda, she gets on with things as best as she can and heads off to talk to Billy.
I’ll stop there for now! Sooo hey.. do you think this Hans Retzig is like umm bad??!! And anyone talk to their fruit? Winking smile Did anyone else find the staff meeting hilarious? I’d love to hear your thoughts!!!

37 responses to “3/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Ack! Take a break from being online for a few days and miss a post! Dreadful!

    Iwsod, I’m so glad you have this blog – I truly love it and am so glad to be a part of it even though I may miss commenting on a post now and then!

    I’ve been watching The Mole a lot lately and there is a scene with Humbug where Lee is wearing a shirt that is same color as the tie he’s wearing in the beginning of this post. And I have to say that Warren Davenport was wrong. It is Lee who looks delicious in blue – much more so than Amanda.

    LOL at the other agents doing nothing! I think we just never hear about them. And Duffy does keep popping up! You’ll see as I keep moving on with the Stats posts.

    Ok, let’s all meet in Florida at the Goofy Golf! That sounds like fun to me!

    I love Billy. If I ever start a t-shirt company, that will by my first t-shirt saying. Billy IS the boss! Hahahahaha! That will be my second t-shirt. My third shirt will say, “Why, oh why, Amanda, did you cut your hair?”

    Good point, iwsod. Why do only “the best” agents get killed? Lee is still alive and we KNOW that he is the best. At everything!

    I checked out the Thunderhead link. Interesting!

    ROFLMBO at Amanda being psychotic and it’s not Lee’s fault! It’s all Dotty’s fault! Amanda is mythical, I tell ya!

    Agent Orange….iwsod, you’re killing me!


  2. Oh, good thought, kgmohror …. yes, that scene was surely meant to plant a dream seed, but I agree that it wasn’t needed. Not only is it becoming a tiresome gag (which I admit I did enjoy at first, because as a harried mom I could so identify with Amanda not remembering the password), but this is very much like a S1 episode (argh, which one? Godorsky?) where Lee wonders out loud why Amanda hasn’t shown up, the theory put forth is that she has forgotten the password again, and so Lee calls down to tell her what it is. Then I think later in the episode Amanda says that Mrs. Marston just rolled her eyes and let her through the next time she (Amanda) has password issues.

    Talking to inanimate objects? Guilty! So glad to see I’m not alone. (And don’t even get me started about the conversations I have with my dogs and cats! ) I too will not peel an orange while I’m working at the keyboard, since it’s way too messy. And often I incent myself to finish some undesirable job by promising myself a reward when I’m done, so I like to think that was part of the reason behind Amanda’s anticipation.

    Iwsod, you say you are now spotting Duffy everywhere — good for you! He shows up all the time doesn’t he? And I was also delighted to see that you found Lee’s lines borderline cheesy. Yes, everyone is a “damn good agent” or, in other situations, “a good friend who saved my life”. As a lifetime member of the GOLD [Guardian of Lee’s Dignity] club, I was uncomfortable with the stilted speech. How BB spewed some of these things with such a straight face is beyond me and is a real credit to his acting capability, if not to his judgment as to whether a script needs revision in the first place.


    • Yes, Raffie, it’s Waiting for Godorsky. 🙂 Stopwatch? Stickpatch?
      Maybe they nixed the scene ‘cos they realized it was so similar. :p


  3. I had time to grab the missed scenes from the script, and yes–I’m so glad they cut them. Ugh! Amanda is *not* that dumb, and they shouldn’t think she’s that dumb. 😦

    AMANDA: Countertop?
    (a shake of Mavis’s head)
    Kitchen counter?
    (another shake)
    MAVIS: You’re getting warm.
    Amanda excitedly blurts out her next guess.
    AMANDA: Count Dracula.
    Mavis frowns in disgust.
    MAVIS: Cold. Very cold.
    Disappointed, Amanda decides to try another tact (sic).
    AMANDA: Mrs. Marston, you know I’m not a spy. I’ve been coming here for almost two years now and…
    MAVIS: Shall I just make an exception for you, or shall I let everyone in without a password?
    Amanda smiles weakly, giving in.
    AMANDA: Counterpoint?
    MAVIS: Lukewarm.
    Francine, Lee and Billy all look unhappy.
    BILLY: What do you think he’s up to this time?
    LEE: We’ll know soon enough. He said he’d contact us.
    BILLY: I don’t want to wait for that. I want us to be on the offensive for a change. Lee, get every agent we can spare ready for a debriefing in the conference room. Francine, when Amanda comes in, pull her off that typing job and have her gather every file we have on Niles Logan.
    Francine looks at her watch.
    FRANCINE: She should’ve been here by now.
    LEE: She’s never late. You think something’s wrong.
    FRANCINE: Probably just her password.
    She looks at Billy who rolls his eyes as he punches the intercom.
    BILLY: Get me Mavis.
    Mavis puts down the phone and turns her disapproving look toward Amanda.
    MAVIS: Mister Melrose says you’re cleared to go in now.
    AMANDA: Thank you.
    Amanda starts toward the elevator, then stops and turns back to Mavis.
    AMANDA (continuing): Uh… Mrs. Marston…
    Mavis manages her most condescending look before revealing the password, against her better judgement.
    MAVIS: Touchdown.
    AMANDA: Of course.
    And Amanda heads back toward the elevator.


    • Though–I do have to say–Count Dracula would be a very funny password! 😀


    • Is Mavis really Mrs. Marston’s first name? She doesn’t look like a Mavis to me.

      I like Count Dracula as a password, too! If I had a secret organization, that would definitely have to be one of our passwords. 😀

      Have you noticed that Agency passwords tend to be words made of two words put together (ex. riverboat, moonbeam, touchdown, backlash)?


    • Well, the missing scene does have one positive element, a “Lee is worried!” moment. And presumably the scene was to plant a seed (like the earlier Casablanca reference) to the upcoming dream sequences. But nothing really was lost in omitting it.


  4. Hey–the unnamed agents *are* used… sometimes… usually in the listening station van. LOL!

    I love Billy’s power pose… fingers jammed into his teeny-tiny waistcoat pockets. 😀

    I talk to inanimate objects too. Is that wrong?!?!? 😀

    Hmmmm… I guess that early on with PCs there were no ergonomics police?

    Uhhh… if Amanda was worried about making a mess eating the orange, she could have grabbed one of the bananas that were in the fruit bowl with the orange…


  5. I am suddenly hungry for marsmallows, peanut butter and chocolate. But I do not think I will eat any chicken salad anytime soon. I do love the way Lee stops to chat with Amanda and share his frustrations. And I love you recount of the meeting. It made me laugh. Thanks for that Iwsod. I am looking forward to the episode picking up a bit though, hmm, it is a slow starter isn’t it?
    Is that shirt that Amanda has on the one from her PP uniform? Did she take the stitching off of it where the emblem was. And (more straws in my fist) her hair looks shorter in this scene, I think, just saying…(although I suppose she could have gone for a trim, but I would think by now she would think that growing the thing out would be the way to go)


  6. Iwsod, you are too funny. Random agents, indeed. There are always people passing in the hallways and in meetings, but Billy, Lee, Amanda, and Francine pretty much seem to BE the Agency. Of course, we can’t forget about Mrs. Marsden though and the occasional lackey that shows up.

    I’m right there with you, Jule, on your crushes…Patrick Stewart…I do love a bald man…

    Loving how good Lee looks and loving that he is sharing with Amanda. Even though he is concerned about this week’s baddie, he is relaxed around Amanda and tell her his woes about this situation. We are being led down the primrose path to the real issue in this episode with having all this early exposition to set it up.


  7. Does the script really spell it “Redzick”? I prefer to think it’s spelled “Retzig” (said the cranky German major). Maybe that was to help the actors pronounce it correctly.


    • I’m with you LASinLA…I prefer Retzig. And I only studied German for 1.5 years.


    • Actually, the script spells it Luger!!!

      I’m not kidding. The script on Petra’s site–the Revised First Draft script dated February 1, 1985–has Hans Redzick/Retzig/Re-whatever as… Hans Luger.

      Diersing is still Diersing, though, and Fronan is still Fronan… seems like Luger–the baddie–was the only change.


      • Hi KC thanks for checking that out. I agree with you all.. I think I prefer Retzig too.. I’m going to change it!

        Btw I did respond to LASinLA about this but I am not surprised you didn’t see it in my long reply which was a reply to someone else. sorry about that!
        I’m going to edit Redzick to Retzig! 🙂
        Byee all!


  8. IWSOD I love that you don’t take these moments too seriously. Makes it all the more entertaining 🙂
    Best agents?! Is that some sort of posthumous award that gets assigned once you’ve died in line of duty 😉 There sure are a lot of best agents…….clearly Lee being one of the best isn’t that much of accolade?
    I find the whole orange storyline really clunky as a vehicle to set up Amanda further on in the episode. Without wanting to jump too far ahead surely a mix up of lunch orders would be more plausible. She’s a grown woman can’t she survive without breakfast for one day? Fasting is all the rage these days after all.
    I wonder if Lee mistook her orange for a stress ball, he was all het up and intense. Love how he lingers to talk to Amanda about it, getting very comfortable with her 😉
    You’re right IWSOD it does feel slow to start, a lot of repetition going on here, almost like padding to fill out the episode time. Good job the episode gets better 😉


  9. Id like to talk to my chocolate, but that talk never last long… 🙂
    My, so glad Lee didn’t squeze the orange, what a mess.
    The staff meetings are always a little bit strange. Is Lee Billys mouthpiece (hope this is the right word) ??
    Mr. Hans Redzick is a german Actor, he also acted in Magnum.

    And remember: Redzick is soooo bad!


  10. Honestly, if I ate oranges, I would have peeled it and have the slices separated so that I could grab one and eat it while I type. In our office, it’s not unusual for someone to be snacking/eating lunch while typing if we’re in crunch time.

    And, yes, I talk to inanimate objects, too. If they did talk back, it probably wouldn’t register for the first few sentences. 😉

    I guess since Lee is a senior agent, the others have to do all the research and he gets to have fun in the field. In truth, I’ve always thought they had their own cases to worry about, but were always briefed on what others were doing so they could keep an eye out for suspicious characters. (Who, of course, drink tea, use fancy phones, and talk like Russians. 🙂 lol)


    • My thoughts exactly about the orange. Jeez I even managed to chuff a bowl of cereal and type before now 😉 Sure probably not a pretty sight but ways and means when my belly needs feeding LOL


      • I just had a thought. Maybe she didn’t want sticky fingers?


        • B-a-n-a-n-a. (Unless the bananas in the bowl were for Dotty, Phillip, and/or Jamie…) And–I guess a banana wouldn’t have made for a good stress ball for Lee… :p


          • And Agent Banana doesn’t have quite the same ring to it….


            • Agent Banana… ROFL! Cousin to Bananaman? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bananaman


              • hi Everyone! I’ve been enjoying all your comments..
                Haaa sounds like we have a few members of the ‘talks to inanimate objects’ club! tee heee.. I do say in an upcoming post- in Amanda’s defense- Lee did chastise his frozen cake in the tag of ALSALS.. so Amanda is in good company 😉

                Mel and Patrick Stewart Brothers? why.. it’s uncanny! I don’t know how that one got past me ! 😉 cheeky kgmohror I love it! 🙂

                Haaa Debilyn.. baddies who use fancy phones, drink tea and talk like russians.. fabulous! I do love smk baddies.. even the really lame ones! 🙂

                Oh Claudia I am so glad you reminded us Redzick is bad.. oh my.. how could I have forgotten? haaaa – so cheeky!!! I love it!! I think you’ve gotten the hang of this episode beautifully! 🙂

                Yes Lee as Billy’s mouthpiece is a great description. Hans Redzick was in magnum? cool! from IMDB he looks like he’s been in alot- is he very famous in germany?

                Hi Jenbo – awh thanks! glad you were able to laugh along with me.. at this ludicrous meeting!
                Yes posthumous upgrading of your talents is in order if you die I guess! Absolutely agree Jenbo- clunky set up with the orange – why not just have Amanda busy and working through lunch? no need for all the complicated set up.. oh well.
                Stress ball? yeah you are probably right! he does seem to give it a good squeeze!

                Hi LASinLA. the script has Redzick’s name as ‘Luger’ no mention of Redzick or Retzig. it’s all very strange.. and an early reference to him names him Niles Logan I think (which is the alias he uses later) – very strange.. I figured they hadn’t settled on the name yet. I just went with the spelling on IMDB.

                Hi Valerie.. thanks! glad you enjoyed my going nuts over this bizarre meeting.. yep! All those people are just a facade! so the agency can get more government funding.. they wouldn’t get the big bucks if the government knew all they needed was Lee, Amanda (who they don’t pay properly anyway), Billy and Francine.. okay.. and Mrs Marsden! oh and duffy 🙂 tee hee..

                It is lovely to see Lee sharing with Amanda – so natural now! we sure are led down the primrose path. I read an article where BB talks about how season 3 they decided the show had to be improved – he said the storylines needed to move faster – sorry I can’t remember where I read it, but right now I am agreeing with that conclusion!

                I can do dark chocolate.. but no marshmallows or peanut butter for me! I actually wanted chicken salad when watching this ep – hey.. I was hoping I too would eat a spiked sandwich and have dreams of kissing Lee err I mean Rick! I can’t wait to get to that scene!

                Hmm yes sounds like many of us are finding this a bit slow going.. hmm I might post the next installment tonight and keep things moving huh. My work load is busy but I am coping okay for now.. so no need to slow things down err anymore than the episode does naturally that is! 🙂

                Hey Morley! what does ‘straws in my fist’ mean? Yes I agree I think it is the PP uniform shirt. Ugh!!! yuck.. enough!! Oh thanks for letting me know you enjoyed my recap of the ‘meeting’.

                By the way… I didn’t mention it in the post – but when Lee has that look and starts to recount the story of what happened in operation thunderhead (too funny!) I was reminded of the guy in the ‘Flying High’ Movie – or to some it’s called ‘Airplane!’ – the lead guy is on the plane and swaps seats sitting next to various other passengers and recounting stories to them.. serious intense stories that go on and on.. and each time he finishes one, you come back to where he is sitting on the plane and the person listen is trying to end their misery! It is hilarious!!! I thought Lee was doing this – because it was so serious it was funny! I thought they might cut back to the other agents listen and see them sticking their pencil in their eye or something 😉

                Here is a youtube vid if anyone is interested. the movie is genius – except for a few truly bad taste jokes about men and little boys – that one will never be funny..
                but check out from 38 seconds to 125 seconds and you’ll see the guy torturing people with his stories of past bad times – and going down in flames! tee heee.. [and yes there’s a little light swearing.. so be warned.. ] I don’t know how this actor did it with a straight face!
                I’m guessing most of you have seen this movie! OOh boy.. I think I need to start a flying high thread at Neds!!!

                KC the banana suggestion makes sense! LOL!! but did you see there was also a huge fruit bowl on the dining room table – smk suddenly has huge amounts of fruit in Amanda’s house!
                Thanks for sharing that scene with us KC – that is fabulous!!!
                I wouldn’t have guessed Mavis was Mrs Marsden’s first name!
                I agree Raffie! After the waiting for godorsky line where Amanda says Mrs Marsden just waved her through? this scene would not have made any sense. Great to see you stop by!!! Hope you are well!! lovely as always to hear your thoughts.

                Good Call Raffie! I nearly sprayed my coffee- yes agent Banana doesn’t have the same ring to it! and.. you can’t be caught banana handed!
                Oh hey! It’s been ages since we’ve had a representative from G.O.L.D stop by Raffie! [tee hee!] BB did a top job that day.. I bet he was thinking of which horse he was going to ride on the weekend with his kid or something as he sprouted that drivel! 😉

                ‘tiresome gag’ Raffie is a perfect description of the ohhh I can’t remember the password gag. being new to the spybiz it makes sense.. but Amanda is sooo much more professional now – that it’s a step back for her character- good idea whoever decided to drop it! ‘A good friend saved my life’ tee hee- very true! 🙂

                Oh KC.. I remember Eric AKA Bananaman very well!

                Byee all! I’ll get the next post up asap!


                • Straws in my fist was me referring to my attempt to change the episode order and how it is me grasping at straws. I think those were the words I used in your other post. It did sound strange out of context didn’t it? oops 😉


                • “KC the banana suggestion makes sense! LOL!! but did you see there was also a huge fruit bowl on the dining room table”
                  Uhhhh… psssstttt… Iwsod–*that’s* exactly why I mentioned a banana!!!


  11. Agent Orange – ha! Um, I talk to inanimate objects all the time. There’s a banana going bad on my desktop right now that needs a stern talking to.

    Re the meeting, I actually think at least one of those random agents was rolling his eyes. I wonder how the other agents view Lee? He seems to be second in command at the agency – kind of like Riker to Billy’s Picard. Hm. Come to think of it, Mel Stewart – Patrick Stewart, both men are bald … Could they be brothers? 😉

    The fact that Amanda is apparently too health conscious and responsible to just go get a Snickers bar out of the candy machine makes me like her a tiny little bit less.

    Ending on a positive note … Lee looks tasty in that suit!


    • Lmao at Patrick and Mel being brothers!!!


      • Brothers! ROFL! Alas, but Captain Picard actually commanded respect from his subordinates, not just plain ol’ insubordination! 🙂 Is it wrong that I had a crush on P Stewart, J Frakes, BB, and P Bronsan all at the same time?? Is that considered cheating? naaaah…. right? *guilty smile*
        And remember kgmohror, this is Amanda, the peanut butter and marshmallow for breakfast woman! (makes me want to slip away to the rabbit hole and meet for chocolate sundaes. Any takers??)


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