4/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Time for Lee to check his informant. LOL.. yep he seems to only have one! Winking smile
Lee goes looking for Auggie… ha! It seems he
DOA.avi_000531631has moved on to a new business- ‘Auggie Swan’s discount Limo service’ – well that is hilarious! there isn’t suppose to be anything discount about Limos!

Lee pulls up in his car, gets out and can’t find anyone there.. finally he hears a power tool being used in the distance..
Lee heads over there and kicks the guy’s foot, while he’s under the car using a power tool? Come on!! He doesn’t even know for sure it’s Auggie! Someone angrily yells: Hey!!! What the- (Auggie sees it’s Lee and is suddenly no longer angry) Lee!
Lee: what are you doing under there? I thought you said you own this place?
Auggie: Yeah would you believe it, my mechanics quit this morning.

Lee: maybe you should try paying them.
Auggie has a laugh at this.. and starts taking off his apron.
DOA.avi_000583416Lee: Ohhh what’s this? what’s this??? the latest fashion from Paris?
[Ah Lee.. so fashion conscious! come on Auggie- want Lee to take you seriously? you gotta look good! Winking smile ]
DOA.avi_000586686Auggie: those lousy little creeps they took all my coveralls. This (the apron)
was the only thing left in the rag pile.
DOA.avi_000593426Lee: I don’t know Auggie I think you should have stuck with the Muuud Wrestling bar.
DOA.avi_000594427Auggie: Ah! Lee! That was a real dirty business.

[oh boy.. I think this whole set up is in aid of that one gag.. but I won’t go on about it.. mud slinging is lost ground Winking smile ahem]

DOA.avi_000599699Lee: yeah. Alright, it’s good to see a man make a change. [full of irony.. Auggie, covered in grease,  changes the
Auggie: So what’s up?

Lee tells Auggie Hans Retzig is back in town and Lee wants information. Given Hans Retzig is oh so scary.. Auggie’s reluctant..
DOA.avi_000643743Auggie: Come on Lee! What’s more scary than death and violence?
DOA.avi_000648748Lee: How about the IRS?
Lee threatens him with an audit.. I like Auggie.. but this scene is a bit slow – or is it just me? I would have preferred the scene if Amanda had been in it.. and Auggie was offering to fix her car for free Winking smile
Auggie is going to ask around and see what he can find out for Lee.
Sooooo Lee finds Auggie and basically insults him.. I don’t understand why Lee does that! Okay.. while Auggie is trying to recruit Amanda into muuud wrestling: I get the attitude, but when you have just showed up at his work to get information – i.e you need something from him, why insult the guy?! and worse!!! It works!

Auggie gives Lee some brotherly advice: you should lighten up more!!!
I don’t get their dynamic at all! 


responds: You know what, I will right after I get Retzig! Smile 


Yeah….come on Auggie.. make Lee happy!!!

LOL! Of course Lee has to comment on Auggie’s threads!!


Lee starts to walk away, but turns back to add: Oh and Auggie! Nice cuffs!
(Auggie looks down at the cuffs confused)
…I hope you got a good deal on the tux.

You know, I never got that final line.. other than it being funny that Lee, the tux expert, comments on the tux – but reading the script I now see the gag was suppose to be that the sleeves on the jacket were really short or the cuffs were really long – i.e.. it fit really badly – but here? I don’t think it fits badly so I didn’t get it!

BTW- I do appreciate how the wardrobe dept. DOA.avi_000665498gave Auggie a clip on bowtie..

whereas Lee is the real deal-
as we’ve seen previously, he ties his own properly Winking smile nice touch!

Back to the bullpen, and Amanda confronts Lee over his orange theft.. (He’s been caught Orange handed! Winking smile ) heheheee..

Amanda: do you have my orange?
DOA.avi_000699799Lee: your orang- that was your orange?
Amanda: I brought it from home this morning I didn’t have time for breakfast.
Lee: ahhh.. I’m sorry. I really am sorry I- You must be starved!
DOA.avi_000714814Amanda: Kinda

Right on cue! Francine comes in carrying a box of lunch orders – which we’ve never seen the whole series! Winking smile
[Or is that the complete collection of audio tapes of her soiree last night? okay.. I couldn’t resist giving her a taste of her own medicine!]

Wait a minute! Let me savour this!! Up to now, Lee has been super stressed and intense, wanting Retzig. Amanda asks Lee if he has her orange and he is immediately apologetic and concerned – I think the old Lee would have said: ‘yeah so? The federal agent always gets the fresh produce! ‘ 😉

Lee points to the box: we ordered sandwiches to just work through lunch, why don’t you take mine okay?
Amanda: oh noo I couldn’t

At the same time Lee motions to Francine to bring over his sandwich.
Lee: Yes come on . come on.
Amanda: No really I couldn’t do that.
DOA.avi_000723556Lee: Amanda I’m not hungry. This whole Retzig thing has got me too upset to eat. Please!
Francine arrives with the all important sandwich!
Francine holds out the sandwich: Chicken on white extra mayo.
DOA.avi_000729562Amanda snatches it hungrily! tee hee.. see now Amanda that’s what repression does to ya..
DOA.avi_000730563The smile of Lee’s face gets wiped right off when he sees her snatching at it – he realises she was more than ‘kinda’ hungry maybe?! [in the wide shot he is smiling again.. LOL]
Amanda to Lee: thank you so much.
He smiles..[awh! I just love how Lee is happy to make Amanda happy these days! Smile the little boy is well and truly becoming a good man: to me that is more swoony than anything!]
Love how Amanda grabs the sandwich!!

Very cute how Lee turns as he enters Billy’s office to have one last look at Amanda enjoying his sandwich Smile
Why didn’t Amanda have a sandwich coming for her lunch?? and.. why do we never again see them bring in sandwiches?

LOL-Spoiler alert 😉 … if this sandwich is laced with poison in this episode? I think I just answered my own question! haaa

I’ll finish up there for the moment! what do you all make of Lee and Auggie??!! I’m hungry.. I’m going to go eat! Winking smile byeee!

20 responses to “4/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Plot holes, plot holes, I could write an ode to plot holes. (Ok, I can’t, but would if I could!) I just view SMK as the vehicle on which to hang the characters, their relationships, and individual quirks. I would have to stick fork in my eye if I ever took any of the plots seriously. Seriously, I would. And it’s true, only Lee and his crew can fix whatever insane setup the writers have come up with. It’s coz they are the best agents around (the rest of them are dead). And iwsod, love the Airplane scene! I forgot how hysterical it was and now keep visualizing random agents setting themselves on fire, etc. ROFL!

    Now off to make some chicken salad for lunch…..


  2. The food comments here remind me of a comment that BB made at the SMK 30th. He mentioned that if he was required to eat in a scene, he always wanted to be almost finished with whatever the item was. They had to shoot each scene so many times for different camera angles. The actors had to remember what they were doing specifically at each point in the dialogue, so the continuity wouldn’t be broken. Can you imagine how many chicken salad sandwiches KJ had to eat for this one scene?!?


  3. I just want to start by saying I love Auggie. I don’t know exacly why, but I do. He’s not as good looking as Lee, but for some reason he is one of my favorite SMK “guest” characters.

    I don’t’ get the Lee/Auggie relationship. But I am glad that it is what it is for the sake of the show. 🙂

    Auggie is almost as *good looking* as Lee IMHO. Almost. But not quite. Lee is one of a kind. I KNOW y’all know what I mean.

    Auggie is too much of a woos. Did I spell that right? Or is it wus? Wuss? Wuus? I think you know what I mean.

    And I’d like to say that Auggie is right. Lee needs to lighten up a little in this instance.

    You’re right iwsod, their dynamic is weird. And of course Lee ties his own bow tie! Gees! C’mon! This is Scarecrow, one of the top American agents! Surely he knows how to tie his own bow tie!

    Is it just me or does the whole “we ordered lunch in” think bother you? Do they only order lunch in for the field agents? Ugh. Give me a break.

    I agree with you, iwsod. S1 Lee would have reacted differently. I like the Lee we see now better. Swoon…although I don’t like how Amanda literally grabs the sandwich container. I don’t’ think Lee likes it either. Sort of undignified. Even for a housewife with two kids and a mortgage.

    I do like the smile by Lee after though. It is too cute. It is VERy swoony!


    • I was thinking that the whole “we ordered in for lunch” thing was kind of exclusive like a specialized club of people who were sitting together for some unique purpose and if you weren’t a part of them too bad. But Lee reaches beyond that group to Amanda and I think that is kind of sweet. I think he would have had her join them if he could have, he just can’t.

      And I was also thinking hat the “aggressiveness” that Amanda attacks that sandwich with kind of highlights the idea that there are certain needs in her life that are not being met either by her own self and by others and it has created a real hunger in her.


    • I think it’s an exception to the rule when there’s a big case. The organization just orders in because they feel bad making everyone miss their lunch break. It seems to be a law enforcement thing — I’ve seen it in several books. I feel like I remember it in a real office too, but I can’t recall when.


  4. It’s funny that Lee goes to someone he considers an amateur to get information regarding a professional (“Your whole life has lent new dimension to the term amateur.”). He really is helped so much in the show by amateurs. 😀
    I think that Lee insulting/threatening Augie is just the dynamic that works for them. Augie knows that Lee will beat up on him a bit, but that he’d have his back if really needed, and the dollars that Lee throws at him for information are appreciated/expected. Augie is just too much of a teddy bear to really be a big time baddie–or really even a baddie–and Lee knows it.
    Could the cuffs comment have a veiled double meaning… i.e., Lee mentions them to let Augie know that he could put him into handcuffs for his illegal activities? I think Jenbo’s idea is better, though, ‘cos the left one really is schmutzed up.
    Hmmm… I guess they got rid of the vending machines that were in the lunchroom in ITCK, otherwise Amanda could have gone there instead of hoping Lee would show up again in reasonable time so she could ask him about her kidnapped orange?
    It really bugs me that they have Amanda so rudely snatching the sandwich–because Amanda would never be that impolite. (Maybe she’s already under the influence of the fumes of the chemical concoction?!?!?) But yeah, it’s sweet that Lee has progressed past S1 Lee. 🙂


    • I agree that this Lee/Augie dynamic works for them. I see Augie as more of an information broker that Lee discovered years ago. Maybe Lee had to come down hard on him the first time they met, and that has translated into their current relationship. Lee always reminding Augie that he can get nasty if needed, but holds back because he actually finds Augie useful, and somewhat comical.

      It was sad to see Amanda snatch the sandwich, but since it seems she’s having a frustrating day, I guess she was momentarily out of character. (A shadow of what’s to come?)

      I guess Lee must have either eaten the orange absentmindedly or given it to someone else – another informant?


  5. Okay…tell me this. Why doesn’t Amanda have an employee badge at this point? Why is she still a guest? That irritates me! She is, for all intensive purposes, an employee!

    Also, I never understood why they didn’t get her lunch order as well. The money thing Valerie mentions seems to be a plausible explanation, but since Lee stole her orange, it seems that she knows she needs to eat something!

    Also! Did Lee eat her orange? He knows it isn’t his, after all, he knows he didn’t bring it from home, right? Why would he eat an orange that isn’t his? It’s not like they have a fruit basket hanging around the bullpen.


  6. It would have been interesting to find out just how Lee came to know Auggie. I actually kind of liked Auggie, although he never really helped Lee much and didn’t seem to make matters any better, I did think he was kind of cute. I agree that Amanda being there would have made the scene more interesting. I think Lee’s biggest progression is with Amanda and then he makes smaller progressions with the people around him once he begins to change. We’ve seen a slight change in how he deals with Francine regarding Amanda and at this point he probably feels that he doesn’t need to be polite to a penny ante’ crook like Auggie. He never learned that adage about catching more flies with honey that with vinegar, but he learns how to deal with others eventually when Amanda schools him. I think he learns more about patience and control from Amanda than he did from Emily.

    I think Billy mentions having lunch brought in for Lee and the congresswoman in A Lovely Little Affair and later in the evening you see them eating ordered food in the Q Bureau. In Wrong Number I think they are eating Chinese food also in the Q Bureau, so I guess they did still order in.

    Maybe Amanda couldn’t afford to order in or hit the vending machine. Remember earlier she gave Jamie some money and reminded him to bring her the change. There was also the exchange with Dotty about asking for a raise. Ordering take out gets to be expensive.

    So nice to see Lee be so nice to Amanda. He really does reign in the angst when he’s dealing with her now. He really is sorry to have taken her orange and really is happy to make her happy. Love the smile and dimple…swoon, swoon, swoon. Also love how he looks back at her. I’m starting to remember why I didn’t find this episode so cringe worthy as far as Amanda is concerned, but I will say why later.


  7. Melissa Robertson

    I have to admit this not a favorite episode, but I do like what the dreams reveal about what she is struggling with subconsciously. It does seem weird for her to snatch the sandwich because any other episode she just picks at her food.


  8. I always thought Amanda was a bit obsessive about food in this episode. She must have a very high metabolism or get hypo-glycemic easily or something. She sure does attack that sandwich. But Lee is a gentleman and the way he looks at her at the end of this post is very sweet.


  9. I always imagine Auggie was a small time crook, not really someone I’d expect to have links to some of the international arms type deals like Redzig. Auggie would be so someone you pumped for info on local, small time crime so I find it curious that Lee goes to see him about everything.
    I think Auggie kinda likes Lee so really don’t see why Lee has to be so rude. Maybe Lee just likes being on a power trip……odd relationship between them. I thought the cuff comment was because they are so utterly filthy, the apron protected the main part of the tux but his cuffs are ruined,

    If Lee is too upset to eat why did he order a sandwich……..
    Doesn’t Amanda get a lunch break where she can go buy her own sandwich?
    Questions, questions……


  10. Ahhh the Francine-Sandwich-Service only for Agents no Guests included….


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