13/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Amanda slides down into her second dream DOA.avi_001892824transfixed by the lit candle.. and suddenly we have Disney music!! harps strumming.. hilarious!! I expected to see a couple of sparrows fly down and land on Amanda’s finger so she could sing to it!
[Call me crazy but.. is Amanda’s hair a bit longer here????!!! Maybe she unconsciously wishes it was longer huh! tee heee –or maybe I do!!! Smile]
Oh my… such stuff as dreams are made on! Lee in a white tux, comes into view and passes Amanda a champagne flute. He wordlessly pours the champagne.
Amanda looks like she wants to say something but hesitates..
Finally, Amanda speaks: I can’t leave you.
Lee (Rick): You’ve got to. Where you’re going I can’t come. You’ve got a job to do. I can only get in the way.
Amanda: What about tonight? The way we feel about each other?
1surprise.. what the....Ohh?? and how is that Amanda???!!!]
*cue the smoke machine! Winking smile  LOL there is even  a bit of strobe lighting! *Cue the Casablanca song* As time goes by…
Here’s the link to the scene from Casablanca which is this scene’s inspiration- hilarious!!! I love how they’ve combined them! Sooo SMK! Brilliant! ]2applause-appl
Lee: Look our feelings don’t add up to a pile of chicken salad in this crazy mixed up world…1rofl1rofl
…If I went with you, you might not regret it today, next week, or next year. But one day you will look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘I should have asked my mother’ –

[‘our’ feelings??? is this a clue Amanda is beginning to wonder if Lee has real feelings for her???!! LOL.. or is it a case of: she wishes! Winking smile or.. just Amanda’s incorporation of the movie??!!]
Ohhh my.. this is too funny!!
1superhappy!I really don’t know how they did that with a straight face!!
Amanda lets out a big sigh here..
Lee (Rick): Amanda, there’s something I want you to have…
… Something that’s been in my family for three generations…

[at this Lee reaches into his pocket – this actually sounds like something someone says right before they pull out the family heirloom ring!!! ] …. A little something to remember me by.
Lee holds up his baseball.. Amanda looks at it like- oh I couldn’t possibly!
Amanda holds the baseball, and Lee holds Amanda’s hand..
Ohhh I could never forget you!
Lee (Rick): We’ll always have Arlington…
Here’s looking at you kid.
Amanda leans in and kisses Lee no????
I’ve created a black and white of this moment.. Is it just me or is the pink for this dream Reeeeaaally annoying!!! the candles are really annoying.. the lighting is really annoying! It’s so hard to get a good picture of them! boooo!!

She isn’t shy in coming forward here in this ‘goodbye kiss’.
Pretty awkward kissing someone with a baseball in one hand and a champagne flute in the other Winking smile Amanda’s pretty creative – tee heee!
Here’s a black and white version.. Casablanca style! Winking smile

As they kiss, Amanda forgets the champagne and it trickles to the ground..
The pinkish haze begins to clear.. and we return to real time..
Amanda wakes with a start and shoots up from where she had been sleeping exclaiming: Oh! Boy!!!
tee heee.. even drugged Amanda is shocked by what that little dream revealed!
Oh! well.. that must have been a pretty interesting dream huh.. Who’s Rick?
Ahhh Francine.. she loves a gossip..
Amanda: Rick?
Francine: Rick!

At this.. the scene ends.. and cuts to ‘Rick’ in a field.. trying to save Amanda from permanent madness- being very brave!!
I swear it is no accident they chose Casablanca! So let’s stop here and explore Amanda’s dream!
So what do you all make of this dream huh? No right or wrong answers! Any ideas are worthwhile!! feel free to go for it!

Any Casablanca fans?? I have seen it but it’s been a while… we heard a few quotes from Casablanca.. direct quotes.. Seeing the clip again was good for refreshing my memory!  One of the benefits of being made by a big old studio I guess- Warner Bros owns Casablanca.. so guess they could go for it here! I think the white dinner jacket and white evening gown are straight from Casablanca too..

Once again we see little bits of reality mixing with Amanda’s dreams.. the chicken salad, the candles, Casablanca..

3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_001617951I tend to see the dream as revealing to us that Amanda’s unconscious is seeing Lee as her romantic leading man!  [come on BJo- even you can’t deny it must mean something!!! Smile tee heee]

And just as interesting to me- is she sees them in the roles of Rick and Isla, who love each other- but can never be together.
Also, because this is in Amanda’s unconscious, this leads me to think that so far, Amanda is unaware of her true feelings for Lee.

I also find it interesting that she dreams while drugged of kissing Rick- who is really Lee! See how far removed Amanda is from her true feelings at this point? She doesn’t even dream of kissing Lee- she dreams of kissing Rick who is really Lee Winking smile I find that fascinating! Smile Also.. in the dream she is ‘Amanda’ not Ilsa.. so she is in it, but slightly separated from it..which to me means the dream can be interpreted as more than just a shout out to the Casablanca scene. 

Do you like this kiss better than Sudden Death or Ship of Spies?? Do tell!!
For me.. you may have guessed by my frustration with the colour and lighting- I prefer the Ship of Spies kiss any day! Because it was real. Which may sound strange given it was a cover wedding..
OH LOL I think this calls for a kissing gif!
[There you go Jule!!!- I am certain you put your helmet on before reading this post as you would have known there would be kisses! I’ve updated the SOS kiss with better colour now! Smile ]
Sudden Death was a cover kiss too.. but..
kiss gif
In Ship of Spies IMHO the cover was completely forgotten.. once they were in the moment I believe that was Lee and Amanda kissing.. Does that make sense?

Oh dear.. three kisses in one post.. what have I done to you all? you with me?? or out cold on the floor?? 1thuddycome back to me !!!! 1dohslap

I will look forward to hearing your thoughts on the dialogue.. well- On everything! A couple more random thoughts before I finish up..

Lee being Rick is fascinating given what kind of character Rick is in Casablanca – at the start of the movie he is shut down emotionally and detached.. sounds like Lee a bit no? Rick is ‘a secret sentimentalist’ – sounds just like Lee to me.. but  he ends up redeeming himself and being the hero- and making sacrifices.. Lots of people end up making sacrifices in Casablanca.. Rick ends up deciding Ilsa is better off with her husband.. and not him.. He loves her, and is brave and her hero- and this scene in smk ends by cutting to Lee risking his life for Amanda in this upcoming meet with Retzig- swoony!

Is the theme of this episode sacrifice?? Retzig is happy to sacrifice someone to get his plans.. the army is happy to sacrifice Mrs King.. Amanda struggles mentally with the sacrifices this job requires.. Lee sacrifices his sandwich.. he makes sacrifices in order to save Amanda.. he’s happy to sacrifice the Stryker 1 plans.. and Francine makes the ultimate sacrifice and babysits Amanda Winking smile Hmm.. interesting for a hilarious episode.. sacrifice is a pretty heavy theme no?? then again, SMK manages often to deal with the heavy while offering us the light.

Is this talk about leaving and having a job linked to Amanda feeling she has to choose between her family and Lee? (this is also touched on with the first dream, only that was between work and family). Is Amanda struggling unconsciously with growing feelings for Lee, but not seeing it as possible because of her family? (thus the famous screen couple who can never be together? ) and.. not seeing Lee as wanting to be part of her family?? (thus handing her a baseball rather than a ring?) I’m just throwing out ideas here.. I’m not especially attached to them! 😆
Love how Amanda spills all her champagne, would have been even funnier if it had been down the back of Lee’s jacket.. I thought when Amanda came out of that dream that Francine may find her kissing that pillow she was cuddling.. rofl.. now that could have been an ooopsie moment.. especially if she was groaning Lee! Lee!! Ohhhh Leeeeeeeee!!  but- thank goodness, Amanda manages to somehow keep a little dignity here!!
[and therefore I can just enjoy it!! Smile ]
Girl’s got to have her secrets!!
Amanda’s ‘Oh! Boy!!’ when she wakes up is hilarious!! Makes me wonder what else they did in that dream.. ahem… thank goodness she was calling him Rick! phew!!

Well.. This post is bigger than I would prefer.. but there was no way I was splitting this up! If okay with you, I’d like to take a look at the script’s version of this scene in the next post – do you guys mind?? Hope that’s okay! I think there’s a few interesting things in it.. If you’re reading and haven’t jumped into the smk conversation yet?? Go for it!!! Tell us what you think!! Even if it’s repeating, doesn’t matter! we haven’t heard what you think!! and the more smk is shared the better Smile Can’t wait to hear what you all think!!! byeee for now..  

40 responses to “13/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Melissa Robertson

    The kids and I just watched Casablanca and then this episode to compair and I agree they are brilliant!! Our feelings don’t add up to a pile of chicken salade…I should have asked my mother…and We’ll always have Arlington…ROFL!!! I too cannot see how they did that with straight faces…I wonder how many takes it took to film that 🙂

    Side note before seeing Casablanca for the first time last week this dream wasn’t near as funny and I didn’t get why she would call Lee, Rick. Now I understand. By the way Isle and her husband was secretly married and even their close friends didn’t even know…sound familiar?

    SOS kiss is definitely better!!!


  2. I’m here so late and everyone else has said it all so well…
    I guess my only comment would be regarding the baseball – which we actually do see in TOTDW, yes?


  3. Oh iwsod, you put the SOS swoon photo back up! You are a kind woman, *swoon thud*. Helmet time again!


    • I ask again… what is it about that photo. It is so…breathtaking. More so than any of their other kisses, like everyone is saying. It is so real and honest. Even ATWAS isn’t like that.


      • The quick peck in DMLNT was pretty awesome… but so brief.
        I think something SOS and DMLNT share is that neither really has a staged feel about it… maybe???


      • Thank you, iwsod!!! Love that pic!

        I agree Morley – ATWAS wasn’t like that. The best part of that scene in ATWAS wasn’t even the kiss, IMHO…. Only 26 more eps to go!

        Liked by 1 person

        • LOL! You sound like a kid counting down the sleeps before Christmas…


        • I aim to please BJo and Jule!! glad you are happy with the pic’s return! Shall I warn you before I change it next time? 😉

          BJo, do watch the clip I linked to – it doesn’t go long and will make sense of the scene smk is spoofing..

          Ohhh so much goodness here in all your comments and sooo little time! 😦

          I think Debilyn, your comments resonated with me the most!

          I’ve looked at this scene with the script version in mind.. so I’ll be interested to hear what you all make of it when considering the script also.

          We’re sounding like we are in agreement on the kisses huh! just you wait.. as we progress and have more kisses to compare? we’ll be exploring this and exploring this..

          BJo if ATWAS is 26 episodes away.. at the rate we are going – 2 weeks per episode- that’s another year! eek!! Hmm maybe I will speed it up a bit! I’m torn… I want to go fast.. but I want to slow it down 🙂

          Ohhh so tempting to discuss ATWAS kiss.. must resist!!!! I hear a new Ned’s thread calling!!! if someone starts a thread, can you link to it in these comments?

          Awh Debilyn – thanks! I’m so glad you are enjoying our walk – I love it too.. it’s so much better when walking together! 🙂

          Thanks for responding LASinLA! 🙂 glad you found the post fun! I enjoyed writing it.. and ahem.. choosing all those pics! 😉 Agreed – ‘Arlington’ makes it even funnier.. not quite the same ring as ‘we’ll always have Paris’ you know?!

          Did anyone prefer the black and whites to the pink colour pics?

          I didn’t know Ilsa and Lazlo were secretly married Melissa R – whoooooo!!! the plot thickens!!!

          Really enjoyed your theories Morley! I am really curious to see what you make of the next post!

          What would Lee have made of Amanda calling for Rick in her dream? I can see it now.. Who is Rick?!!!!! and where did you meet him anyway??!!! 😉 and what were you doing with him at Chez Tayir?? [ oh wait.. wrong episode! ]

          byee for now!


  4. Maybe I should just say Ditto to so much of what was already said here since I agree with so much of what has been so well thought out. Ditto! My brain is numb and there is soooooo much kissing going on in your post Iwsod! I’m not, repeat, NOT complaining, just overwhelmed by the goodness of it all :)!
    The true joy of this show is watching the long slow measured dance of falling into love. The fact that we are able to participate on the sidelines and root for Lee and Amanda is a bonus.


  5. The SOS kiss, definitely. I actually consider that one their first “real” kiss, even though it is a cover. I don’t count the kiss in SD, mainly because I don’t like the fact that Lee takes Amanda by surprise; I think if she had been given the choice at that early stage, she would have said “No way!” It just seems a wee bit like exploiting the circumstances.

    I do count the SOS kiss as real, because it is voluntary on both sides, and both are fully participating. I think they have reached a level of trust in their relationship where they feel comfortable doing this, even though both disclaim any desire to be romantically involved. They have been through a lot, risked their lives together and for each other, and each has covered the other’s back many times. They care very deeply about each other at this point, and I think all that shows up in the kiss. I don’t see it as much of a romantic kiss, although YMMV, but for me that doesn’t make it any less real. Any romantic feelings they have for each other, they have been keeping deeply submerged, but I think this kiss marks the beginning, for Lee, of things forcing themselves to the surface, although it takes a while before he gets out of denial. I don’t see the kiss in this episode as real; Amanda may be experiencing it in her dream, but Lee does not. To me, they both need to be fully involved.


  6. Okay, I’m not a huge Bogey fan, either. However, I HAVE seen Casablanca, and it’s one of my favorite all-time movies. Not because of Bogey, but because I think it is a lovely war-time story – not always pretty, but you just know these two people love each other in the wrong time, wrong place. Having said that, I get the reference. Which is why I absolutely love this scene despite the weird colorization.

    To give you my view: Amanda is wondering about their relationship here. She’s beginning to feel more than she thinks she should. (She still sees Lee as a bit of a playboy.) She is seeing signs that lead her to think maybe he cares for her. (reactions in Spiderweb and Odds, for example) His acceptance of her as a partner is another sign that she’s fitting into his world. But, she isn’t fully a part of his world, yet – and Dotty’s reference to Casablanca earlier plays on this a little. That wine glass – it would have fallen out of her hand if the dream lasted longer, just look at her grip loosening. Where is Amanda going? I think this is something she needs to decide, and Lee can’t make her. A little lingering question from Brunettes. Now that Lee accepts her as a partner, how does she want to proceed? Full-fledged agent or continued assistant? “We’ll always have Arlington.” It’s those backyard discussions that give us little clues into who Lee really is. “I should have asked my mother.” Maybe a little wish that she could actually talk to her mother about this confusing relationship. I’m sure when Lee and Amanda actually admitted to Dotty that they were dating, it was a bit of a relief – even if it wasn’t the whole tale.

    And may I say – I’ve loved reading everyone’s responses to this episode. Wow! It’s great to hear so many different viewpoints. YAY, Iwsod! thanks again for giving us all another lovely way to walk through SMK!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Great post. The Casablanca parallels are interesting. Your analysis is fun to read, iwsod — no need to apologize for length! Looking forward to the next post about the scripted version.

    I like this hilarious scene a lot. DH and I had a good laugh about “We’ll always have Arlington” (Arlington generally gets dissed on the show, making the comment that much funnier). I’m always waiting for BB and KJ to bust out laughing, too. Something about the way their mouths are held (pre-kiss) and KJ’s wide-eyed expression.

    If we’re counting, here’s another vote for the SOS kiss.


  8. NNNoooooo!!! The awesomely distracting just about to kiss pic is gone!!!!!!!!! Why?? I’m sorry, iwsod, I wasn’t wanting you to change it!!!! At least not this soon!!! 🙂

    You’re crazy…her hair is not a bit longer here. I think you are in a dream too? Is there Disney music playing behind you?? 🙂

    Okay, I’ll admit I’ve never seen that old black and white movie with the Bogey guy and I don’t ever intend to. He just doesn’t do it for me. Not one bit. So this whole dream sequence is lost on me. It is just too weird and corny. I do like the bit about Amanda asking her mother though – seems like even Lee thinks she needs to cut those apron strings. “We’ll always have Arlington.” Gag me. And I like Arlington. Okay, I’ll stop there because even though I’ve not read anyone else’s comments yet, I’m guessing I’ll be in the minority here too. Which is okay! To each his own.

    LOL, iwsod!!! I can too deny it!!! Hahahaha! Come on! She didn’t even drop the baseball or the champagne glass to get her hands around her man and kiss him like she meant it! LOL – I’m just having a little fun here…. Since I do believe Amanda has very strong feelings for Lee, I won’t even try to deny that it has somehow worked its way into her dream here.

    There is NO question for me – the SOS kiss is way better than this one here. This one doesn’t even count, after all, like you said, it’s Amanda kissing some guy named Rick and not Lee. The SOS kiss is arguably the best one of the series in my book. I like how you put it, iwsod, the SOS cover kiss is really a real kiss. So this fake dream thing kiss, meh. I’ve never rewound it once to watch it again. NGN – no GIF needed for that one.

    I’ll make one observation about the dream. I do wonder if Amanda kissing Rick while holding the baseball and the champagne isn’t symbolic of her struggle with her roles as mother, spy, housewife, daughter, etc. She doesn’t have enough hands to do everything and her champagne spilling is akin to her not being able to balance everything and keep it all together.

    I’m looking forward to your next post – to see how this scene was supposed to go in the script!


    • I liked what you said about the champagne and the baseball and her hands being full. Maybe she struggles with being a classy, high society woman who spend candle lit evenings with a handsome spy and that is why the champagne spills? She has a good grip on that ball though.


    • I also like your juggling analogy… 🙂


  9. OMG! Need my helmet! Where is it?? I am brushing my teeth and drying my hair at the same time, while reading this post. Mutlitasking, smultitasking, if Amanda can do it so can I . Just not while kissing Leeee! Oh dear, gotta run, back down the rabbit hole for me…………Sigh


  10. This is all such goodness. When I first saw this scene I know that I didn’t like it for some reason, but I’m not sure why. Sometimes I still feel a little uncomfortable watching it. Maybe it’s because I’m not sure what to make of it. I like reading everyone’s interpretations of what’s going on. It’s so fascinating.

    I have seen Casablanca and did enjoy the movie. I do like Bogart. Maybe Amanda has been having some recurring dreams about her work with the Agency, her inability to share it with her mother, and her changing relationship with Lee. We could just be seeing a snippet of what’s constantly floating around in her dreams. In SAAB she mentions to Lee that she has had fantasies about spies and so forth. Maybe this dream is one of those fantasies.

    I’m not necessarily a fan of the kiss as it’s not real and Lee is not really there. I’m torn between the SD kiss and the SOS kiss. In SD the kiss was sudden, unexpected, spur of the moment. Their reactions to it were also sudden and unexpected. I like the slight moan and the look of surprise from Lee as he gets more than he bargained for. Amanda’s reaction is also priceless. In SOS they knew they had to kiss and were somewhat prepared for it, but it was still surprising nonetheless. They had more of a relationship going and it made the kiss more tender. Okay, too much overanalyzing of the kisses, but when they have been so few and far between you have to view them over and over again.


  11. I have never seen Casablanca. Never been tempted to either, sorry Bogey you’re just not my kind of leading man 😮 so I don’t really get all the comparisons to it. I will watch the link when I have chance though IWSOD.
    Like you IWSOD I prefer the SOS kiss. It seemed more real I guess from both their reactions to it. Whereas this one (as nice as it is) is very much make believe with truly terrible lighting grrrr
    I really really really don’t like Amanda’s jacket (or the white tux either) and I too thought her hair was a lot longer. Definitely wishful thinking 😉
    What does the kiss mean? The “our feelings” could hint that Amanda is subconsciously noticing that Lee “might” have feelings for her. Or it could be a sign of her wishing he did have feelings, it’s a dream after all. I am really not sure. Is Lee referring to Amanda’s growth as an agent, something she’s having to do on her own, he can’t go with her she has to find her way? That feels like a real stretch in S2 so I going with the angle that it’s a Casablanca reference and the back story to their candle lit drinks.
    Got to pick up kids so continue when I get back 😉


    • Right I am back.
      I love lee’s line about asking Dotty although I reckon Dotty would have told her to go for it 😉 She is not one to shy away from a bit of passion. it does sort of poke fun at how involved Dotty is in Amanda’s life. Maybe the nagging about breakfast is really playing on her mind LOL
      Very awkward kissing with your hands full of stuff but Amanda improvises very well 🙂 What a waste of champagne though tsk tsk.
      The reference to “we will always have Arlington” is an obvious reference to Casablanca (now I have watched the clip) but it does make me think of all those delicious moments where Lee knocks on the window of her house, a secret rendezvous. It suggests to me as much as Amanda makes a song and dance about him turning up sometimes she really does like it 🙂


      • Yay! I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s not seen Casablanca! Seems we might be on a similar wavelength, Jenbo. No Bogart here!


        • I don’t do Bogart either, I watched the You Tube blurb. Actually that is where I finally figured out “Rick” all these years I wondered who Rick is. Bogart never once got me.


  12. Absolutely hysterical and revealing at the same time. I always thought the choice for Amanda to sleep talk Rick’s name rather than Lee’s was because the PTB decided they couldn’t make it work with Francine (or even Lee if he had babysitting duty) in the room. I am grateful for choice. (Though I do wonder what Lee’s reaction would have been if he heard Amanda calling out Rick’s name in her sleep — LOL!).
    As for kisses, I prefer the other ‘real’ kisses because a) they actually happened b) the reactions of Amanda for SD and Lee in SOS (HA!) and like you ISWOD, the lighting is annoying in DOA. But, I have to admit that DOA is very revealing to Amanda’s internal subconscious state.


  13. The “our feelings” part and the “way we feel about each other.” I do think Amanda may be noticing something. I think she did in SOS and I think she did in Spiderweb. It makes me think of her comment coming up in Billy’s office in the end of season 2. It would be interesting to watch their interaction from here on with the idea that Amanda is beginning to wonder if there is a mutual sort of thing going on.


    • Yeah… that moment is one of the ones I HAVE to fast-forward through ‘cos I’m cringing so much/totally uncomfortable on Amanda’s behalf. 😦 😦


  14. The first question I always have about this dream is why is it Amanda who is leaving and what is the job that she has to do that Lee can’t come with her. I know that these are the lines in Casablanca, right? But I wonder why Amanda is concerned that she will have to leave Lee in order to do some job and he would get in the way if he came. To me it seems like a role reversal. It would make perfect sense if Lee said that to her, I would even understand it better if Lee had the dream. So, because this doesn’t make clear sense to me, I think it is significant. Does Amanda wish hat she could be in a position of authority like Lee always is, “stay in the car,” or is she projecting some fear about a relationship with Lee onto herself in this dream, meaning if they did become involved romantically, Lee might have to leave for some job?

    And then there is the asking her mother again. When I first read that part in the post it immediately made me think of that beautiful scene in Stemwinder when Amanda decides to run away with Lee. She doesn’t stop to ask her mother. By that time she has individuated from her mother and is free to go with Lee. I find it interesting that it is Lee that brings this up to Amanda. I wonder if the roles really are reversed in this dream? Does Lee represent Amanda and Amanda Lee to some extent?

    And the baseball. I know she sat on it when she sat down on his couch, but it links me to the Bombers and Little League and “I will never be a Bomber’s father!” And “We will always have Arlington”? Not the Agency or DC, but Arlington, Amanda’s suburban home. What time did they spend together in Arlington? Back yard rendezvous and clandestine meetings. ROTP, birthday parties etc?

    “O, boy!” I do think that dream would have messed with Amanda a bit. She had done such a good job of packing all that desire away for a while now. I wonder how much she remembered after the antidote did its job? Actually I would have a hard time believing that Amanda didn’t have dreams similar to that often even without being drugged…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I really like this, Morley.


    • Excellent analysis, Dr. Pfaff, err I mean Morley. I think I favor the idea of the role reversal of Amanda and Lee. As we progress with the episode, Amanda does start to act like she’s a full-fledged agent – at least as equal to Lee.

      The other possibility having to do with Amanda “projecting some fear about a relationship with Lee onto herself ” also carries weight, but I don’t think fits as nicely for me. Although the idea that Lee can’t go with Amanda to live in “normal” land (Arlington) and do the job of parenting (or will get in the way) is an interesting thought to ponder because I do think that that is what Amanda thinks when she’s not drugged out.


  15. OMG… Can’ think … need chocolate 🙂


    • Ok, I’m feeling better breaaaath!
      Maybe Amanda has seen Casablanca with her mother (I schould have asked my mother… Lol) and had those Rick-dreams bevor and now Lee is Rick. Whooo, that even confuses drugged Amanda in dreamland. Is she waking up because Francine blew out the candels?
      This scene is so much fun! Big grin on my face 🙂


    • I should send you some of this leftover Halloween candy. We are OD’ing on it. I have had to put myself on chocolate punishment, but not in a good way.


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