12/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee’s last words are still ringing in the air.. DOA.avi_001752083here’s a swoony reminder- Lee: Alright. but I want this to go down on the record- there’s only one reason I am going through with it..
[the reason: Amanda!!!]
There’s a knock at the door..
DOA.avi_001754085Billy spits out:
Fronan: Ahh excuse me, but ah has anyone seen Mrs King?
Billy has a go at him for
DOA.avi_001756755losing her again.. but Fronan responds: It’s the drug sir, and she seems to have an exceptional talent for getting away from us.
[tee hee! Amanda is resourceful and not to be underestimated!! Drug or noooo Drug! Smile]

At this we hear glass crashing out in the bullpen.
Along comes Amanda down the hallway being carried by two guards. LOL!
Lee: Alright.. hold it hold it!
He stops the guards. The look on Amanda’s face here is too funny!!
Everybody is silent a moment taking in what she’s done.. [and maybe trying to figure out where you find a putter at the agency- has she been down to visit leatherneck?! there’s a fan fic!!]
Amanda: well… (to Lee).. I was practicing goofy golf… [I’d say she’s mastered goofy everything!] … I hit the ball sooo hard!
Love how Lee humours her being ridiculous.. this gentle Lee is so swoon worthy I am swooning all over the place..
DOA.avi_001789454Fronan quietly to Billy and Lee:
perhaps if she were in a more familiar environment she would revert to more normal behaviour.
DOA.avi_001796127Billy: Hmm maybe you’re right. You certainly can’t send her home like this.
At this Amanda looks up from lining up her putt and gives a goofy chuckle-  hilarious!!!!!

I just love the ways she does this.. and brilliant editing here too!

DOA.avi_001798129The look on Lee’s face in response? is almost a – gah! she’s really losing it!!
He gives a nervous smile..

Lee: what about my place. She’s been there before, it’s safe…
[Oh Lee.. you just told people Amanda is comfortable at your place Winking smile and.. Amanda has been kidnapped from your apartment twice – okay okay.. it was the other apartment.. but still.. oh what am I saying!! Yes! Lee’s apartment is a brilliant idea! ]
… Francine can babysit.
Oh great, now Lee gets to boss Francine around? you know.. I kind of empathise with her!!! [don’t get me wrong, Lee’s my main man! but.. I think Francine gets a raw deal here!]
Francine immediately: Ohhh!!!!
Billy interrupts her protests:
It is worth a try. Francine.
Billy kind of waves at her like just do it.
Francine: Now wait a minute, this is Lee’s apartment, and why should I-
Billy: and who’s going to co-ordinate that alpha team.

Errr why can’t Francine?! A bit of a slap in the face for Francine here.. Billy says who is going to co-ordinate that alpha team- like Lee is the only one who can do it? ouch… ugh.. Not fair! Okay okay.. I know we get a fab scene between Amanda and Francine.. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful Winking smile I’ll go with it.. I just sniff a bit of sexism goin on here!!! you know me..never mind me..
Billy completely dismisses Francine:
now you DOA.avi_001813478better get over there before she causes anymore trouble.
Billy walks off..
Lee: that hole’s pretty far off the floor…


… It’s not easy  to do. Chip shot with a putter?! DOA.avi_001819484

Amanda looks up and lets out another laugh…
holding the putter up to Francine like they’re deciding who bats first in baseball!
Francine seems to recover quite well from being steamrolled by Billy and Lee here..
Francine: somebody should warn goofy golf. Maybe she rises above it for Amanda’s sake.. because she needs her.. ahem..
Francine wins!: aha! come on let’s go.
I love how as Francine grabs Amanda to go, she resists a second and looks to Lee- like she doesn’t want to leave him (well.. that’s how I’m interpreting it! Smile )
Once Francine and Amanda are gone, Lee isn’t smiling and making light of her golf anymore. It’s clear he is very worried about her.. more tDOA.avi_001826825han he was letting on in front of ADOA.avi_001827492manda..

On to Lee’s place!!! and we have a lovely shot of his apartment building exterior..
don’t think we’ve seen that full shot before…have we? I’m not going to go check.. but there are autumn leaves!

LOL I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of Francine’s behaviour here guys!
Amanda and Francine enter Lee’s apartment.. Amanda doing a little spin as she enters.. LOL!
hey can anyone make out the pictures? One is the Lee and Billy photo he had in his old place.. but I can’t make out the others! anyone? Is this the first time we’ve seen this view during the daytime?? I think it might be! It looks really fake! LOL!
Amanda plonks herself on the couch.. LOL she sits on the baseball and that’s how she finds it.. I always wondered how she got it..
Francine: now, what can we do to make you more comfortable??
My goodness.. so attentive! Is this Francine trying to figure out what Amanda gets up to in Lee’s apartment??!!!
Amanda picks up the baseball and flips it up for Francine to catch saying:
Let’s ahhh light some candles!!!
Francine: Candles.
Francine puts the baseball back on the table.
Amanda: good catch Francine. [I love that Amanda is completely out of it.. but still she complements Francine’s catch!  Smile ]
Francine: Candles. Lee have you over for
errr candlelight dinners??
Amanda without hesitation:
all the time.
whahahahaaaaaa!!!!  love how Amanda says that!!!!! ha haaaaa!!!! This is one of my fave lines of the episode!!  We know this isn’t true.. but the drugs are making reality well.. not reality..
I think the candles Amanda is remembering 
ALSALS.avi_002677091are the candles she saw Lee had lit for Randy baby Winking smile then..

[Fair’s fair: here’s Lee talking to his frozen cake! Winking smile ] Amanda did come in and share the cake with Lee- so maybe they shared it by candlelight???!! Winking smile  hmm this too suggests this episode could be a little earlier?? I’m open to it! thoughts anyone?
Francine’s reaction is priceless: Oh….
trying to sound light, but I think she is busting to find out more! ..sure.. candles.. good.. here we go.
Francine brings over the candles as Amanda fluffs up a cushion.. tee hee..how is it that KJ makes fluffing up a cushion so funny??!!!
Amanda lets out a huge, childlike yawn. and fiddles and fluffs with the cushion some more haaaaa!!!!
Francine: you know, it’s been a real long day for everybody. I think that you should maybe.. lay down and just take a little nap.
Amanda starts rocking on the couch back and forth adamant she won’t sleep (like a kid!): not sleepy.
She keeps rocking and smiling.. she never stops moving! I swear she is like a little kid!
Francine: Not sleepy?
Amanda makes a noise like- nope!
Francine gets the matches: I’ll light the candles.
Amanda begins to stare off into space.. and slowly her head falls to the pillow..as she is focused on the match lighting the candle..
…and with that..  Amanda’s completely out to it.. and once again in Amanda dream land!

DOA.avi_001890321Well as you may have guessed I better stop there before getting into this dream.

I don’t DOA.avi_001893324want to rush it or split it!
All things considered I think Francine’s still being pretty good about it all here.. what do you think?

Oh and why is Amanda suddenly so great at golf, when in Magic Bus she couldn’t play at all and was a ‘sore loser’? 😉

Also, now I’ve had a look at the script of this moment with Amanda and Francine I am sooooo glad they did it the way they did!!

In the script Amanda responds to Francine’s query differently.. here:

Francine: Lee had you over for candlelight dinners?
Amanda: No, but it seems that whenever I did come by, I was always interrupting his candlelight soirees for someone else.
Francine: Right.
– and that’s it!!! Pretty dull huh!!! What we got is soooo much better. It’s my favourite moment in this little exchange that Amanda sticks it to Francine.. haaa! What do you think? do tell!!  

Well that’s it for now.. If you’re reading along with us- don’t be shy!!! feel free to jump in with a comment.. even if it’s just to say hi and you are reading and enjoying the show with us! Anyone here knowledgeable about golf and know what Lee was talking about with the putter??!! Looking forward to hearing from you. byeee for now!

28 responses to “12/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Even a drugged Amanda is exceptional at escaping.


  2. Ohhh nooo…I think I’m having another party for one at my place tonight. I don’t think Lee’s next words out of his mouth after the one reason he’s going along with the general’s plan would have included Amanda. I think that he’s upset because of needing to get the antidote for Amanda, but I think he would have said something along the lines of his going along with someone else’s plan is because he’d be there running the show – not the general or his men – they were just going to be camouflage to get the Striker 1 plans back after Lee gave them to Retzig in trade.

    This next comedic scene is one of my faves in this episode. As everyone has already said, KJ is great in this scene! And I’m with you iwsod, Francine does get the short end of the stick here. Since when do highly trained agents have to babysit?? And why couldn’t she coordinate the “crack Alpha team”? I guess the coordinator of the team has to be the one to show up to deliver the plans to Retzig? And I guess he’s expecting Lee? I still don’t think it’s fair that Francine is sent to babysit. She seems a little too comfortable for my taste at Lee’s “new” apartment too. And I like Lee’s old apartment better. Too much gray here. I wouldn’t hire his decorator.


  3. In past episodes we mentioned about the fact that we all thought that Amanda was settled on a friendship with Lee, and I think she is. But here, even before she falls asleep I think her subconscious (or whatever part of her that is getting a work out with the drugs that were in that sandwich) is betraying her. The fact that she asks for candles, and I do think the desire for candles was because of the Randi/ frozen cake incident, kind of belies the fact that she wishes for that type of a relationship with Lee. She is not just ok with being friends. And she hasn’t even begun to dream yet.


  4. KJ is not just ab fab, she’s absolutely freaking fabulous. Among other things, I love the slow fall down onto the sofa into sleep–must’ve been difficult to do. Sigh. I really hope she’s happy living her life away from the h*ll of Hollyweird, but selfishly I wish she’d done more acting. 😦
    Francine seems so considerate of Amanda in Lee’s apartment. I like Debilyn’s take that she’s feeling more purposeful (although I don’t think babysitting is really on her to-do list, but she can probably argue it as watching a fellow agent’s back).
    “On to Lee’s place!!! and we have a lovely shot of his apartment building exterior.. don’t think we’ve seen that full shot before…have we? I’m not going to go check.. but there are autumn leaves!”
    Full shot, or fall shot? ROFL! 😀 Yes, we’ve actually seen it before, and in autumn shades… first one I have is in S1–ALAGHITM–but I think my favourite is SBTB, where we see the crazy pale blue hatchback car go zooming past, hatch open… cracks me up every time! Oh–and the cream Mercedes is still parked right out front. 😉


    • I’m with you KC! I wish KJ had done more acting too.


    • This is the same apartment block in ALAGHITM? And SBTB??!!! I wish I had time to look into this more.. but for now I can’t.. though I did find a few other weird things going on in an upcoming post..

      BTW – I noticed when I posted the pic of Lee from the tag of AlSALS – he has changed his coffee table! Now it’s a round edged one.. whereas before it was sharp cornered..and seems the décor is different too.. with that big buddah and the daybed next to the window looks different.. so it seems the tweaking with Lee’s apartment has continued..

      Agreed BJo – too much grey!!!! Hmm yes let’s replace it with a peachy orange colour one day 😉 tee heee..


      • iwsod to KC (editing image) -hiya KC, was it just the one you were posting?? if so I’ll delete the other comment 🙂


        • KC that is too funny!! love the hatchback! tee heee..

          Sooo Lee still lives at the address that was for sale on the black market in SBTB?! 😉

          He just called in the decorator while he went skiing one holiday did he?

          and knocked down walls, and added a huge window.. LOL!

          Thanks for sharing!


          • Thanks for fixing that, iwsod!
            Yep–that’s the SBTB pic… and I just wrote the interior differences off in my mind as Lee having moved apartments within the same building… *shrug*


  5. Billy may also be protecting Amanda a bit here when he sends Francine to babysit. I can’t quite see him sending a drugged-out woman back to a male agent’s apartment alone with him.

    Love Francine’s babysitting philosophy — “why don’t you take a nap?” !!!! Sending the charges off to bed was always my favorite part of the job, too! 🙂
    It is good to see F. so empathic and concerned about Amanda. She really is trying to be nice, I think.

    Lee’s room with a view — ugh! Definitely no skyscrapers in downtown DC! Here’s an interesting article about that: http://www.welovedc.com/2009/05/19/dc-mythbusting-the-height-limit/


    • Hi everyone – I’m back! I’ve been loving reading your comments.. and I’ll try to get back tonight to respond to a few comments! and.. what’s all this about Lee’s masseter?!

      I’m planning on publishing the next post tonight – I won’t make you wait for the Lee/Amanda dream post! 😉

      LASinLA, that article was interesting thanks for sharing.. Glad to see someone else is curious about Lee’s apartment and the skyline! and.. funny because there are some weird things going on with Lee’s apartment that I discuss in post 15.. (LOL yes this new ‘do smaller posts’ plan means this episode could have 18 posts! I aim to publish them a bit more often too.. smaller and more often.. however I won’t be able to get to the more often part till end of November.. not long now and my studies are done! )

      Okay well must get into my day’s work here. just wanted to say yoo hooo I’m back.. (sort of! 😉 ) and hope everyone is well!


    • “Billy may also be protecting LEE a bit here when he sends Francine to babysit. I can’t quite see him sending a drugged-out woman back to a male agent’s apartment alone with him” There, fixed that for you! 😉


    • Interesting article, LASinLA. Thank you for sharing. I lived in DC for 7 weeks my junior year of college and LOVED it. I would not change the height restriction laws. Not one bit.


      • The article was from 2009. I think there’s been some recent noise again about getting rid of the height restrictions. Let’s hope they don’t do that!


    • hiya! Nice try LASinLA! 😉 but.. nah.. I think it was so Lee would have his heroic moment coming up.. I see some significance in it.. but I’ll hold off going further on that.

      BTW- Lee took confused Amanda back to his place alone in IANNNHIEBAS.. I don’t see Billy worrying about that. He knows Amanda is never safer than when she is with Lee.. but.. I love that you gave it a go! 🙂 good idea!


  6. I don’t golf, but I’m surrounded by people who do, and I think the point with the putter is that it isn’t made for hitting the ball up into the air — it’s designed to tap the ball and roll it gently along the ground. A chip shot is when the ball goes up but not very far away, and requires a different club.


  7. Oh joy! Wake up to a new post, goofy golf at the agency, and a steaming cup of coffee (with whipped cream on top, coz why not)! I think KJ is brilliant in this episode! She is immensely funny, appealingly winsome, and displays enormous comedic talent. And M Smith does a great job here. I agree Debilyn, that Francine is torn about Amanda. She does a nice job here of being empathetic and exasperated at the same time which I find rather telling. And worried Lee. Say no more…… *swoon thud* For some reason, this segment highlights all of our main characters in a charming manner for me. Enough babbling, off to enjoy our anniversary with the hubbie!


    • Happy Anniversary, Jule! 🙂


      • Thanks Bjo, it was a lovely day! And I am with you, I appreciate Francine, even if she makes me want to slap her upsides the heads sometimes (really, for her own good;)). The 70s and 80s were a very confusing time for women trying to sort out new roles as working women, so I appreciate her character, if not her clothes (Star Trek anyone?!)


  8. Amanda in dream land I’m looking forward to it 🙂
    The first time I saw Lee in the hallway I thought he was glad that Francine must take care of Amanda. But now (I’m a little bit older 🙂 ) I see Lee is concerned about Amanda, oh soo swoony.
    KJ is so funny with her cushion.
    Francine & Amanda: I’m glad they don’t go with the script this time.


  9. KJ does a really good job with Amanda in this one. She’s all over the place, as it appears a person on this drug would be. I do think Amanda feels more comfortable around Lee, so she instinctively looks to him for help.

    Here is where I really feel Francine is at her best. When she has someone in need right in front of her, she responds immediately. I think she feels more purposeful at these moments than when she is simply doing research. I suspect Francine really has grown to respect Amanda by this time, but never quite gets past the “I’ve-been-at-this-longer-than-you” stage. She will always be envious of Amanda’s “luck” at helping solve the big cases.

    I like Fronan’s touch to all of this. He’s never seen this type of drug before and he really would like the time to study it better, but he’s rushed in order to help. You get the feeling he’s more confident when he has more time, but he definitely feels over-his-head in this case.


    • I really like how you describe Francine, debilyn. I’m a Francine fan in general, so I appreciate a little Francine love every now and then.


  10. One part of Fronan’s comment that I absolutely agree with, “exceptional talent”. I think that it not only speaks of Amanda, but KJ as well.


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