1/10 Season Two, Episode 20: You Only Die Twice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

This episode opens with quite a long Scarecrow and Mrs King concerto this week! Looks like there was a break between DOA and this episode of a few weeks during the original airing dates..
It feels like the show has had a bit of freshen up.. (like in Saviour in Season 1) – let’s see what’s different this ep! Smile If you find anything new let us know!
Plenty of shots of Washington DC sights.. I love those..
At IFF, we find Amanda walking down the agency corridor –talking to a walking stack of boxes.. [so the antidote didn’t work? Winking smile ]
No wait.. wait.. it’s okay – the walking stack of boxes is Lee Smile
Amanda is looking a little more feminine again now, wouldn’t you say?
Amanda is to take the boxes of files to the records centre in Rockdale.. Amanda’s got it.. we’ve got it… is it important?? don’t think so..  ahh but I love seeing big muscles Lee helping her out and struggling with the boxes –Lee carries three, while Amanda carries an empty one Winking smile It looks empty because for a moment Amanda carries it with one hand Winking smile blaah blahhh..  I have no idea what roads she is discussing.. to me it sounded like ‘blah blah beltway blah blah okay?’ Winking smile Feel free to fill us in if you speak this language! Smile  A nice treat for local fans I am sure! Was it the beltway we saw in the intro here:
See the traffic jam/car park in the foreground?!
YODT.avi_000141850Speaking of traffic.. the moment Lee and Amanda are out of shot, here comes Billy zooming down the agency freeway err I mean corridor.. Ummm Billy –  look out for that wall!! rofl! I think he nearly hit it!! Very funny to see the agency buggy again.. even funnier to think that two seconds earlier Lee was struggling with 3 heavy boxes- and he could have just used this thing.. it’s a bit random!!
YODT.avi_000143935Aie.. the first thing we hear out of Billy’s mouth: you still look great Sylvia.
Note to Billy – that is not politically correct Billy.. she looks well.. but otherwise don’t go commenting on her looks okay?!
These two sound like peers.. I’m guessing Sylvia has been in the business as long as Billy- would you say?
YODT.avi_000146020Sylvia gets her own back:
seven years haven’t done you any harm either.
Oh yeah?!
Billy: well a pound or two seems to have snuck up on me while I wasn’t looking.
Poor Billy!
Sylvia: Success will do that.
Whooo good answer.. she’s buttering up Billy good here! Winking smile
Oh this is interesting Billy brings Sylvia into the bullpen and tells the guy at the front desk who she is: Sylvia Sampson. She’s on the list.
List? There’s a list?? Mrs Marsden on holiday?
They head for Billy’s office.. Seems ‘Syl’ knew Billy before he hit the big time as ‘unit head’ – so that’s his title? I get confused..  Sylvia is from FSA?? what is that? anyway, the agency is to assist her in anyway they can – she has a letter that says so!
Plus, Billy better take this very seriously – why? Sylvia has a magic ID Badge!! she has special powers Billy!! Just watch..
Billy entered his office and the ID badge was attached to her handbag- we can see as Sylvia takes her handbag off and places it beside her on the couch..
Billy reads the letter.. Dunbar is ‘ as charming as ever’ and..  Ta Da!!
Sylvia’s ID badge has magically jumped in time or space or something from her handbag onto her lapel! whoooo.. she really is a special agent..magically special! and then, just as magically it pops back down onto her handbag strap again.. whoooo!!
YODT.avi_000190648Sylvia explains to Billy she is trying to infiltrate Teldar –
(and doesn’t skip a beat as her ID badge once again jumps back onto her lapel – How distracting!!! She has such good concentration!! Naughty ID badge!)
Teldar are holding open interviews for data processors that afternoon and Sylvia is going to apply. Sylvia:
I’m pretty handy with a computer so I-
Billy: I think the word is ‘Whiz’.
Sylvia: thanks.

Sylvia needs a cover ID for the interview..and Billy can help her. 
Billy picks up the phone to ask ‘Leon‘ for the ‘shadow file’.. only it isn’t Leon, it’s a flaky temp.. which is weird because in every other episode he would be asking Francine, not Leon.. but then.. how would they explain the flake?? anyway.. this spells trouble..
Billy: I need the computer discs for the shadow file.
June: Shadow file?????

June can’t manage it..
If this ditz has an agency ID I am going to be mad!!! If she has one Amanda should have one!
ARGH!!!! she has agency ID? that is just wrong!!
Billy: never mind, just bring me all the personnel discs and I’ll pick it out myself.
June: yes sir!

She hangs up, grabs a stack of computer discs and heads for Billy’s office – only.. She sees Lee out in the hallway.. and.. gaawtqibjbabah. He isn’t even wearing his Black jumpsuit! Winking smile I can’t blame June.. but.. if she has an Agency ID and Amanda doesn’t? I’m not happy!!!!
I digress.. sor

Oh purlease.. this ditsy woman stops in mid step to drool over Lee who is talking to a blonde in uniform out in the corridor
I use to think it was Francine here – but with the better quality I can now see it’s not.. Hmmm.. I think it changes the meaning of what’s going on here..  hmmmmm.. a blonde??..  Lee touching her folders??.. smiling??  is he flirting a bit with her? Hmmm..
Looks like it to me.. maybe I’m sensitive because it’s not Amanda but he looks to me to be putting on the charm. With June enthralled..
OH LOL!!! I just noticed the sign between Lee and this blonde out in the hallway – It says: ‘Internal Affairs’! whahahaahahaaaaaaa!!!
Okay okay.. do you think that’s deliberate? Surely it must be!! haaa!!!
Lee starts heading towards the bullpen and YODT.avi_000258633June, mouth gaping in awe of this adonis attempts to get her legs to function.. If she is thinking anything at this moment, maybe it’s: Legs work! left leg?!right leg?! right leeeeg??
Okay okay.. the guy is gorgeous, but come on.. this is a little ridiculous! 😉 [who am I kidding??!! I’d probably be like June! but.. I’d like to be more like Amanda: she keeps her
YODT.avi_000260301head so well with Lee!] June walks straight into the desk and the discs go flying. It’s her lucky day – Lee enters and helps her pick YODT.avi_000264055them up.. while he picks her up.. 😉

 Lee asks if she’s alright. Ugh. she walked into a desk.

She wasn’t shot at.

YODT.avi_000268226Billy calls for her to hurry..

June: Yes sir!
YODT.avi_000270311Lee: The Bear growls.

All the discs have fallen out of their covers, and she somehow manages YODT.avi_000274065to put them back in whatever cover she can as Lee helps her YODT.avi_000283241up and smiles at her – Bad Lee! You should be more careful how you yield that weapon of yours when women are carrying important information..

okay I can understand Lee being dreamy and all.. but this girl is cringeworthy.

I could have done a better job at that role than her.. clumsy, love struck and making goo goo eyes at Lee? why I wouldn’t have needed to do any acting at all!!
June: thank you so much Mr Stetson for helping me.
Lee: It’s quite alright. Call me Lee. Hmm?
No no she should call you Mr Stetson.. She’s way too young for you Mr. Cradle snatcher! You need to grow up!!!!
I do love that moment later in the show where a young woman at the agency tells him he has the same shoes as her Dad. I can’t remember where it is- don’t tell me! I want to be surprised when I get there.. tee heee! – Lee seems to be still in Randy Baby mode a little – maybe he’s stuck between his old life and the new life we know is coming for now.. We were wondering if he was up to his old ways at all. I think this hints that he hasn’t completely given up the girls or the blondes..]
June kind of stares at Lee a moment longer than normal.. a little awkward..
Lee motions to her that Billy is waiting. Yeah.. maybe these ditzy young types aren’t as great as you thought eh..
YODT.avi_000294502whoooo I don’t like the smile he gives her as she walks away!!!
Oh well.. maybe he is thinking what a cute ditz she
YODT.avi_000296587was.. and that’s about it.. ahem.. what do you all think? I’m busting to hear everyone’s take on this!!! Does anyone one see it completely differently? feel free to share- it is only natural we will view things differently.. all views are very welcome! Smile  [Just excuse me while I gag at Lee making gah gah eyes at other women 😉 ]

You know if this is the way Lee still is around the agency from time to time, I can understand very well why Amanda would still be resisting strongly any idea of a relationship with him: he is improving.. but he ain’t there yet.. 

So why do we see Lee and Amanda in the opening like that?? Do you think that’s related to Lee’s little flirty moment with the two women here?? What are the writer’s aiming at??

I better finish here for now.. looking forward to hearing from you! I think this episode is a bit of a sleeper.. and often gets overlooked, so I’m looking forward to discovering all it’s goodies with you all! byeee for now..

35 responses to “1/10 Season Two, Episode 20: You Only Die Twice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I took his reaction as “Cute little ditz” and getting a kick out of her, but nothing more than that.

    This is probably nuts, but do we know if June has any other credits? Because when I watch this scene, it feels like someone got to win a walk-on role that included a scene with a series star. (In which case I would say what a lucky girl!)


    • This is the bit I always think of when they let Bruce’s sister have a walk-on part in “All the World’s a Stage” and didn’t think through that the automatic expectation in viewers would be “young femailes always fall all over themselves for Lee”, even though they let her be snippy with him.


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  3. Eek! I can’t keep pace with the posts at the moment!
    I decided I really needed to watch the episode before making my decision on Lee and the question of whether or not he was flirting. So guess what I am doing right now LOL
    I personally don’t think he was flirting with the blonde (it’s too brief an exchange and although he taps her files I just don’t get the flirty vibe – do you like my scientific analysis LOL). As for June he was just being a gentleman! he’s naturally charming and I think he saw her as a young dizzy girl. Rather nice to see how S2 Lee has grown compared to S1 Lee.

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  4. I also do not think Lee is being flirtatious with either of these women here. I think that Lee is a man who loves women in general. I think he likes to be around them, to romance them, to touch them, and to appreciate their beauty. In the past he has also used them as “toys” and tossed them after he he’d played with them for a while. Now I think he’s grown some and is transitioning from using them as toys to seeing them as something with value and worth keeping. This of course is due to Amanda and what he’s learned in his growing relationship with her. He’s not ready to see Amanda yet in the light of “the one” woman he wants to keep to the exclusion of all other women, but he does care for her a great deal as a friend and knows their relationship is special and unlike any other relationship he’s ever had with a woman – she has never been and never will be one of his “toys”. Her status as an average suburban housewife led him to think she’s not his toy type and she would never let herself be treated that way even if he had tried to. She knows she has worth independent of Lee and would never let her worth be cheapened – however hard it may be to do!

    I agree with everyone who though Lee was just being nice, kind, a Southern gentleman to the woman in the hall and with those who thought he saw June as a kid – pretty to look at, but a kid nonetheless and not someone he’s interested in.

    Here are a few other thoughts….
    1. June should be fired. Her grandfather must be Blue Leader.
    2. Amanda looks great in this scene, especially if watched on mute – good bye quilted jacket and flourface! Hello normal Amanda!
    3. What the heck is that green skirt/jacket thing Syl is wearing?
    4. Why is her “note” from Dunbar folded like an 8 year old did it? No envelope? Makes me think the FSA stands for Full of S**t Agency. C’mon Billy – got yer blinders on?
    5. Where the heck is Francine????

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  5. I agree with those who think Lee’s behavior here was simply force of habit. His playboy persona is so ingrained in him (and it’s been part of the protective mask he’s worn for years, so he’s likely to cling to it like a security blanket) that it’s just an automatic response to any female. I don’t know if we’ve seen it yet, but Lee is also a charmer to older ladies, and I’m pretty sure he’s not trying to seduce them. It’s just part of who he is – and can be a useful tool in his line of work.


  6. It’s funny, I was out to lunch with a group not too long ago and spent most of the time giggling with the women over our husbands reactions to some pretty young waitresses. The guys may be, ahem, older gentlemen but they can’t help but get a bit flirtatious around the lovely young things. The women thought our lovable dills were hysterically funny! I wouldn’t have thought so in my younger days but now watching the guys mentally say to themselves, “I’ve still got it!” is a pleasure and the stuff of comedies (if they only knew)! Am I just cruel? Bad Jule! *slinks back to her time out corner*


  7. Hi everyone! Haven’t posted in a while but just wanted to say ‘that I’m always looking forward to your episodes and how much I enjoy and appreciate this site . Thank you so much for keeping this fun, fresh and lovely site going!

    About the episode, I do think that Lee is being kind of flirty here. If my memory doesn’t fail me, I remember that on the next scene, he kind of checks Sylvia out, so I do think that maybe the writers did want to go somewhere with all this.

    Anyway, I wonder what Amanda would have said if she’d seen June drooling herself for Lee.

    But the way, how come they give a temp access to all those files? She’s new and yet has access to all the info from everyone who works there. Wouldn’t that be sensitive information?



    • Hello Jo,
      I think Amanda would have laughed just like she did at Betsy Jordan


      • Hi Valerie – we can be conflicted together! 🙂 oh definitely Valerie.. what you say about being patient is so true! 🙂 After so much growth – seeing Lee all flirty here pulled me up a bit!

        Great to see lots of different takes on Lee here! I think I’ve gotten my head around it in a way I’m happy with.. finally..

        Thanks for sharing your notes Morley – yeah maybe Lee’s reaction to June is new.. rather than the flirting being old.. there is a bright side to everything huh! [Although I understand not everyone sees Lee as flirting here and thus – you’re not looking for a bright side! 😉 ] All sounds similar to my own thinking Morley.. yeah.. it’s maybe starting to feel hollow.. this flirting with women isn’t the big kick it use to be huh.. I think there is more on this ahead 🙂
        whooo I especially liked this bit you said Morley: ‘ he should be able to control when he turns it on or off’ – that is really interesting!!! he does like to be in control.. and well with Amanda: he isn’t! 🙂

        Debilyn hiya! Love your idea that Lee’s being attentive is showing growth when compared to early Lee.. it puts a nice spin on it 😉
        I was thinking Lee could be charming and attentive right from The First Time – if he wanted to.. maybe it’s the way he was trying to charm Amanda when he thought she still had the package that had me thinking that..

        Lee preening his feathers? I love that haaaaa.. yes the cart doesn’t have the same masculine quality as Lee carrying three boxes does it haaaaaa… Indeed good call! does explain the extra pounds doesn’t it haaaa

        Morley’s back! 😉 I love that you keep thinking and processing Morley – and update us with how those thoughts are going 🙂 you know what- all your thoughts on Lee’s compartmentalisation and what’s ahead?? = whooooooooooooo!!!!! I love it!!! Agreed!
        It’s all about to be shaken to it’s foundations isn’t it.. this episode is a lovely, light confirmation of how Lee and Amanda are very close friends now.

        Hiya Cindy. ahhh I’ve got to watch top secret! I agree Lee is flirty by nature.. though I think in Season 3 and 4 Lee has moved on from this level of flirting – while still being his flirty self.. but.. alas.. I am only going by vague recollections.. we should definitely revisit this once we are into mid season three.. someone please bring it up again! 🙂 [hmm maybe it will come up when we get to that line of Amanda’s somewhere- don’t tell me where!! about knowing how to flirt! ] Hear Hear.. Amanda is wise to put Lee in ‘strickly friend’ zone- well put Cindy!

        Hi Jo!!! Thanks for the lovely encouraging comments to us all!! Much appreciated! and great you could join in the fun!
        Sooo interesting – you think Lee was checking out Sylvia?? I was confused a little by that- and thought it was more ambiguous than the flirting in this post – I’ve asked people what they think about that in that post.. so I’ll be interested to hear what everyone else thinks..

        Jo- So glad to see I am not alone in my dismay at June Phelps having a flipping agency ID.. okay Jo, you didn’t mention the ID.. but you did mention how ridiculous it is that she has access to those files so I’m going with it 🙂 Agreed!! Poor June..

        What a great question Jo – what would Amanda have made of June drooling over Lee like that?

        Good call Morley.. Amanda would laugh like she did with Betsy Jordan eh..
        But! With Betsy Jordan, Amanda knew Lee was there on a case, and he wasn’t interested.
        Whereas here??
        how would she react if Lee didn’t rebuff the flirtations?? What if he welcomed it?? or just plain enjoyed it??
        Or do we think Lee wouldn’t now in front of Amanda?? [I like to think so – but not sure why I think that: wishful thinking? ]
        Amanda doesn’t react to the women.. but maybe she would react to Lee reacting to the women??? thoughts anyone??

        Jule the story of all the older men flirting and you all finding it funny is interesting – and slightly different to June Phelps and Lee.. what would you have done if the women had looked at the men the way June was looking at Lee?? what if the women had reciprocated?? would you have still been comfortable? I think having a laugh at your partner being flirted at is easy- when you know there is no chance of it being reciprocated.. which brings me back to my question: what if Amanda had seen Lee reciprocate with Betsy Jordan?



        • If Amanda had been present, maybe Lee would have flirted with June initially, out of ingrained habit, but then I think he would have added a bit of embarrassment in front of Amanda with the embarrassment he appeared to have about June’s over the top ga ga reaction to him.(I envision a hint of that apologetic look from Wizard on Lee’s face, you know, “I have 4 of them”). But I still think Amanda’s apparent reaction would be a “seriously?” one. Maybe she would have to privately chastise herself for some irrational jealousy and remind herself that Lee was glad to help her with the boxes and she wasn’t behaving like a blond ninny dropping them all over him, because after all it was Lee, the white knight and her partner, carrying most of the boxes for her…. How was that for an Amandaramble?
          But seriously, Lee seems very happy, relaxed and light hearted at the beginning of this episode doesn’t he, kind of like all is right with the world for him. I wonder if he knows why?


          • Like!! Morley, well put! We must have posted at the same time coz you just clarified my rambling. Grazie! Are you reading my mind? Must be a rabbit hole thing. Meet you there, I’ll bring the chocolate and wine…..


        • Good point iwsod. It does feel to me that Lee is not seriously flirting but more what Debilyn was saying, that Lee was a bit embarrassed and thinking about June as a young sweet kid.
          And you are right, what a difference it would be if Lee responded to Betsy or any other women hitting on him in front of Amanda. She’s a class act so probably would have seethed silently and pretended to Lee and herself that it didn’t matter. (The old Tupperware gets full that way). Honestly, been down that road, and it is crazy making. It’s so much easier to try to convince yourself that you’re just friends.
          As far as currently, if the waitresses responded to the old guys going gaga over them, the hubbies would have all run for the hills coz they are all talk! LOL!


      • Melissa Robertson

        I definitely agree with you Morley and I think it would have been funny for Amanda to have been witness to the scene with June and laughed at it.


  8. I don’t see Lee as being flirtatious, here, either. I’ve always thought he was responding to a comment by the girl with the binders. (Originally, I thought they were files.) I assumed that she probably either asked a question about them, or made some joke about them. At some point, she made a joke because Lee is definitely laughing as he approaches the bullpen. I also see his interaction with June slightly differently. I’m not saying that he isn’t always a gentleman, and wouldn’t help someone pick up what they dropped. However, I do see him as a little more caring here with June (as if she were a younger sister) than he would have been in Season 1. Early S1 Lee would have been a little impatient that someone could be that clumsy. His time with Amanda has, at least, taught him to be more kind and helpful. His reaction to June reminds me a little of the “outside the casino” scene in SOS. He’s a little embarrassed by her open adoration, here. Thus, his look afterward is more like “what a nice kid.”

    Iwsod, if he’d taken the cart, he wouldn’t be preening his feathers for Amanda enough. 🙂 He’s got to be the he-man and tote the boxes to her car. Also, I think that’s Billy’s cart. Might be why he’s added a couple of pounds. 😉 I remember thinking Sylvia was buttering Billy up for something. While Billy responds as a good friend, she’s smiling and being just a little too sweet.


  9. I agree with Iwsod about Lee thinking that June is a “cute ditz.” I don’t think he’s really interested in her, although I think that he’s flattered at her reaction to him. He can tell that she’s developing a crush on him and that’s part of the reason she’s falling all over herself here. To me, his last look at her is him thinking, “Yep, I’ve still got it!” 😀

    It’s funny how many things come up when you google “FSA”: Farm Service Agency, Flexible Spending Account, Financial Services Authority, Federal Student Aid, Full Speed Ahead, etc. It’s kind of like with IRA. It could stand for Irish Republican Army or Individual Retirement Account. If I remember right, they later say that Sylvia was with the Federal Security Agency, which doesn’t exist anymore, and actually didn’t exist in the 1980s, either. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Security_Agency


    • hiya Jestress rofl! I love it.. Lee is revelling in his power over women here I agree with you 😉 cheeky!!!! whahahhaaa.. yes I enjoyed KC’s Australian contribution to the FSA game! Food Science Australia! -thanks KC!

      I think Full Speed Ahead is definitely Sylvia Sampson Jestress.. especially on a computer: did you know? She’s a WHIZ!!!! whahaahaaaa…

      Ahhh it says later who she is with…. but this is much more fun!! 🙂 byee!


  10. Nope, that’s not the beltway. That’s a normal DC street! Do a google search for “capital beltway photos” for a vision of the horror to which Amanda is considering subjecting herself. There are 4-6 lanes in each direction! :0

    I tend to think that Lee is mostly happy and polite in this scene, which can easily come across as flirtatious. Or maybe just a little flirtatious because it’s funny to see the reactions of young, inexperienced women. (Shame, shame). Polite, attentive men are a real shock to a girl who’s never met one. Lee comes across as a regular Southern gentleman sometimes.

    The badge! Hilarious! Thanks for pointing that out. 🙂


    • I was torn between feeling I was over-reacting! [cos I know I am biased 😉 ] and being annoyed with him!!!

      I was thinking there would be lots of views on this opener- cool!

      My having fun with Lee here might obscure my view on this so I’ll just say I came to the conclusion that He’s flirting with the first blonde.. he doesn’t go around touching Francine’s folders like that..
      he has a little flirt with June too.. enjoying the adoration.. and then gets a tad exasperated with her! [ that power needs to be treated with care Lee! 😉 ] he sends her on her way.. How I see this little scene is probably coloured by what I see ahead for Lee..
      I think Lee is having a light flirty time with the ladies.. and that has always been his way with women – he has fun with them and moves on… nothing’s ever too serious..
      I am thinking it fits in with his story – I think Lee compartmentalises his relationships with women – so this for me fits well with the journey I see Lee going on now..and especially in the next 6 or so episodes.. from now to first few episodes of season 3 are huge.. and I don’t want to get into detail sorry – only I’ll just add that I see Lee as being compartmentalised. Women are for fun! Only.. he’s starting to change there now isn’t he.. he’s seeing they are more than that thanks to Amanda.. and he’s starting to see he wants more than that- thanks to Amanda.. only he hasn’t quite joined the dots yet – so to conclude- I decided I was fine with seeing this little display of Lee’s. It’s all part of the picture of where he is at.. he’s in a transition time now.. and hasn’t quite left the old way behind of random indiscriminant flirting! cheeky thing..

      Amanda blows all his compartmentalising to shreds in time.. and I love to see this occur over a number of episodes.. soooo good!!!!

      BTW – I don’t think any of this flirty Lee with other women undermines the huge progress he’s made with Amanda – he’s still a lovely guy.. he just hasn’t quite put the big picture together yet!

      Sooooo I hope that makes some kind of sense.. I went through all emotions about it putting the post together!

      The intro of Lee helping Amanda with the boxes might be a great way to remind us that there are aspects of Lee now that are different maybe?? he is very attentive to Amanda – in a real and genuine way – he just has this other old behaviour of being so flirty that he hasn’t quite worked out yet.. LOL.. okay I’ll shut up now jabber jabber.. enough from Iwsod! I’ve loved loved loved hearing all your takes on it!

      You are sounding a little conflicted too Valerie? maybe?? does any of this resonate with you?

      Lee was indeed polite LASinLA.. I see it as being polite plus flirty 😉 tee hee.

      Ah! glad you enjoyed the badge!

      Oh LOL KC you found it! I was going to mention that in the next post! 😉 [Lee’s back up ID badge – btw you get a mention in the next post.. stay tuned!!]



      • Yes, Iwsod, I probably am a little conflicted about Lee’s possible flirting. And I guess with years of his particular behaviors with and reactions to women it’s not going to instantly change overnight. I guess in my mind I just want to fast forward to where he only has eyes and looks like that for Amanda. Heavy sigh!! I know he’s a work in progress. I just have to be patient.


      • Ok, I checked my notes… I do think he is flirty because that is his way with women, his habit. But I do think he takes a bit of a pause there at June’s reaction. I think he thinks it is a bit ridiculous. Maybe because of the influence that a real relationship with a woman who can keep her head around him has had on him, maybe relating to women with flirtation isn’t as fun or fulfilling as it used to be, maybe it is ringing hollow for him now, maybe he is beginning to be aware of this.
        I do agree that Lee compartmentalizes his relationships with women. They are for fun and hey shouldn’t be in every part of his life either. He should be able to control when he turns it on or off. I love watching Amanda blow all his compartmentalizing to bits, like you said Iwsod.


        • You know me, I make a comment, step back and then I think of other things I want to say. I was thinking about Lee’s compartmentalization and how it works with his relationship with Amanda as well. I think Lee would be very content at this moment if things with Amanda would just stay as they are, content as in it would be comfortable for his scared and controlled psyche. It reminds me of what he said to her as they approached the castle in Geisterschloss, “close, but not too close.” (two episodes from now he changes that statement). I think the ability to flirt with other women around him gives him a false sense of security about his relationship with Amanda. Poor Lee. Amanda may not pursue him relentlessly, but circumstances and their growing intimacy with each other sure do.


  11. That nice view of all the cars is not congested enough to be the beltway around DC. That piece of road is a nightmare during rush hour and any other time of day. The fact that Lee says it won’t be a problem is revealing that this show was not written by people who live near DC.
    Its been a while since I watched this one and I want to check my notes, seriously I have notes, on the episode before I react to the “flirting.” I do remember noticing it, but thinking it was a bit different, or his reaction to how women responded to him was different. Maybe it is a habit of response to women for him, maybe he noticed a change in his reaction… I’ll check in the morning.
    The first thing I noticed was Amanda in a skirt again. I am so glad! I don’t mind her in pants but it speaks to me that she is settling in with who Amanda is again, melding her professional side with the wonderful side of her that we all love.
    And the shoe comment, I love that, I love that SMK made that comment.


  12. Oh, I know the shoe episode very well! 😀
    The beltway conversation makes me smile, just because Amanda mentions Chevy Chase (the place) which always makes me think of Chevy Chase (the actor) and his comedies…
    FSA was the Federal Security Agency until 1953… but I think maybe Billy’s referring to the Free Spirit Alliance, or maybe even Food Science Australia. (not) ROFL!!!
    I love Sylvia’s magic ID badge! (BTW that actress always reminds me of the actress in Top Secret! [But it’s not her.])
    Billy was looking odd when he picked up the phone to call Leon–kind of like his patience was being tried–so maybe Leon himself wasn’t the brightest spark/sharpest tool… maybe Billy had already had problems with him –> ditzy June wasn’t as bad in comparison as she could have appeared?
    I’m with Valerie–I don’t think Lee was flirting with the blonde in the corridor… he just looks to be briefly chatting with an acquaintance. *shrug*
    ROFL! The guy at the desk that June thwacks into doesn’t say anything or make a move to help her! It’s all Scarecrow!
    The look Lee gives June just before she walks away seems to say “noob”/”be on your way now”, but the two looks he gives her after she’s walked away? They’re more appraising/appreciative. Bad Lee! I think it’s still too soon, Lee’s still throwing some looks around at women and not to mention he has his history of flirting to get past (it’s what everyone expects and so maybe sees–if you know what I mean), so yeah–I think Amanda still has him in the “do not touch (not relationship material)” Tupperware.
    Hey–Iwsod: you missed it…!!!… Lee’s wearing his alternate ID badge again! 😀


    • Ahhhh Top Secret — brings back memories!
      I don’t mind Lee’s flirty nature in the office — I think it’s just part of his personality. June is really over the top — I hope I would be more composed around him, but if I am drooling and gobsmacked watching the show I don’t think I would do much better. 🙂
      And as others have pointed out here, his non stop flirting with anyone female explains why Amanda has put Lee in the ‘strictly friend’ zone.


  13. When I saw this I thought Amanda said Rockville not Rockdale. Rockville comes up in S4. Maybe it was a little foreshadowing of that. Maybe the location of this records center is near where this Teldar is and is part of the misidentification that occurs later on. It’s a jump as it’s not really connected later on. Maybe there’s something in the script that would explain Amanda’s early presence. Or maybe its just to help set up the similarity in looks with Sylvia Sampson. All of this is me just guessing.

    I watched this a few times and don’t get a serious flirtation vibe from Lee. There just isn’t enough time spent with either of these two ladies for that to really happen. With the one in the hallway, it looks as if the conversation is related to the binders she’s carrying and he’s telling her where to take them or making some comment about them because he is touching them.

    This June person is just annoying to me. She seems a bit inept and you wonder how she even got the job as a temp. Lee seems to be a bit uncomfortable as she continues to just stare at him and he kind of pushes her to get to Billy’s office. I think the look as she leaves is one of “she is such a nube”. Sometimes I think he is just being polite and it comes across as flirtation. Maybe I’m just refusing to see that he is being flirtatious. It’s just that it would be hard to accept considering the leaps and bounds he has made in the last few episodes.

    I definitely remember the episode with the shoe comment. Can’t wait to get to that one, for several reasons.


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