2/10 Season Two, Episode 20: You Only Die Twice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Billy hands over the shadow file to Sylvia.
I remember thinking the manila folders with all the personnel info in them were ridiculous in Spiderweb.. but LOL! This soooo is ridiculous! Smile tee hee.. Why were real personnel files (civilian or not) sitting on a shelf next to the shadow file?? on the same looking discs in the same looking covers?? Haaaa! [actually.. it’s rather galling-don’t civilians deserve the same level of protection as any agent?!]
Not even June Phelps can be blamed for that..
Actually it’s all Lee’s fault- Lee this is what happens when you charm other women- you end up putting Amanda’s life in danger one way or another! Winking smile
Billy says there are nearly 300 made up YODT.avi_000317859people on the shadow file.. and who does she pick? tee heee.. you gotta love smk coincidences.. without them there is no episode!
Aha! FSA is the Federal Security Agency.. got it now.. smk learns me lots 😉
– Though I preferred the ones KC (Food Science Australia) and Jestress (Full speed ahead) came up with in the comments of post 1!
Sylvia leaves Billy’s office to pick a new identity as Lee arrives.. Hmm I’m not sure what to make of Lee here.. is he checking out Sylvia? I’m really not sure [is this a case of shadow shock?! 😉 every woman Lee looks at he is flirting with? LOL!!! or maybe he does check her out- I’ll leave this one up to you guys to tell me what to think haaaa!

My goodness.. so far I’m getting the vibe that Lee doesn’t actually have a job to do at the agency Winking smile
Lee: new recruit? [ Naughty Lee.. he assumes an attractive woman is a new recruit- not a senior agent!! I think that guess is rather telling- if a man Lee’s age had been in there Lee would not have assumed it was a new recruit IMHO.. don’t get me started! 🙂 ]
Billy: hardly. That’s Sylvia Sampson, she’s been an agent longer than you have. From  Federal security in Houston.
Hmm.. so there is no ‘need to know’ between Lee and Billy huh???!!!! Lee does not need to know about where Sylvia works! [I love how the concept of ‘Need to know’ is completely forgotten when introducing a character’s back story Winking smile ]
YODT.avi_000340798Lee: ahh.. what’s she doing here?
Oh my..so nosey! Lee get yourself a cup of coffee and relax.. better yet.. get your slippers, a cognac and a pipe.. and have a good gossip Lee..

YODT.avi_000342884Billy: I don’t know. Something to do with Teldar corporation girlfriend [okay I exaggerate with the ‘girlfriend’ Winking smile but it’s a good thing Sylvia didn’t tell him or it would be all over town – oh my! Winking smile ]
YODT.avi_000344969Lee whistles:
that’s pretty high tech stuff huh.  [yeah! for a girl! tee hee.. gag! 😉 okay okay.. I’m taking some creative licence with the ridiculous conversation here!  Just please don’t call Sylvia o’ne of the best’- or she’s doomed!!!! gah!!]
Billy watches Sylvia admiringly through the
YODT.avi_000347472window: Piece of cake for Sylvia. Look at the way she runs that computer.


ohhh KC you have ruined this for me!!!
All I can picture is Billy’s upcoming impression! haaaaa.. See the smk memes thread at Neds for KC’s fab meme I’m referring to- or maybe we can tempt KC to post it in comments when that scene comes
YODT.avi_000348723up.. tee heee..

Lee strolls to the window to take a look:
yeah! she seems good.

she’s a genuine whiz.
YODT.avi_000355813Why is Lee laughing? cos Billy thinks she’s YODT.avi_000356647great? I see he has his backup ID badge on again!! Winking smile [Yes KC well spotted Winking smile ]
Okay okay Billy…we get it.. Retzig is bad news!!!!
YODT.avi_000359984oh wait.. that was last episode.. this week it is : Sylvia is a whiz on computers!!! Again and again!! we all got it??!! Pretty sure we’ve all got it!!! If anyone hasn’t got it, they’re gonna get it! 😉

YODT.avi_000363321Sylvia has hit the jackpot:
good. good! Same age, tall, brunette, yeah that’ll do nicely.
She picks up the phone and orders the ID for this tall brunette..

Sylvia: yes I’d like a full equipment package on file number 36794D as in dog, G please….
Uh oh.. cue the weird music.. the camera pans around and we find Sylvia has picked out Amanda’s profile for her cover ID.. [what are the odds??!!! ] Now we know Amanda’s file number! Smile
…the Amanda King file. Thank you. I’ll be down in five minutes.
[Wow.. Sylvia and Amanda are the same age?? she must have started young at the agency! good for her!] Can you make out all the info on the screen? Can someone confirm with me? Let’s see..
Amanda King, Nee West
4247 Maplewood Drive
Arlington, Virginia
Hair: Brown; Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’ 7 1/2 ; Weight 115 Lbs
Divorcee; Mother of two boys,
Phillip, Ten, Jamie, Eight;
Lives with Mother, Dottie West
[LOL they spelt Dotty’s name wrong haaa- does anyone keep track of the boy’s ages? that sort of thing gives me a brain strain is it correct?]
YODT.avi_000388763So funny how Sylvia doesn’t even shut down the file or hand back the disc.. she just walks off and leaves Amanda’s file open for all to see. (they can even see her weight! eek!! now why isn’t that under maximum security???)

…But YODT.avi_000389597wait!! it’s ok!! she is such a whiz she can just tap a computer, say ‘thanks pal!’ [Or was that thanks ‘Hal’ 😉 tee hee] and walk off – and they will close their own files for her.. she really is a Magic Computer Whiz!! I guess in computer talk pal really does mean pal! Winking smile Not like when Lee says it Smile  On to Teldar! [Is it just me or does Teldar sound like a space ship??]

Next thing we see is Sylvia Aka Amanda King busy at work in the computer pool of Teldar- this room they are working in is too funny.. not a fabric in sight.. it must be as noisy as a boiler room in there!
YODT.avi_000414622At the end of Sylvia’s first day.. her co-worker offers her a ride. Sylvia responds:   ‘Oh my gosh! I forgot my grocery list!’
– now wait!! did the computer know that Amanda says ‘ Oh my gosh?!!!’ [Good thing Karen didn’t get into that file 😉 ]
-oh my gosh!!! Does it also have a history of the men she has dated?? her likes and dislikes?? can it put on a tux and go out with her?? sorry.. gettin carried away! I always loved that comeback from Amanda – she was so feisty to start with.. you remember which episode that was? Smile Sylvia has a red coat and a red handbag? whooo the computer must have told her Amanda likes matchy matchy!!
Sylvia hides and waits for the lights to go out.. man, Sylvia this is very risky!!  Actually she is as careless as Lee LOL..but not being the star of the show- she can’t get away with it! Winking smile
She has no excuse for being there.. she would have been better off just accessing that info during the day.. it is obvious she is up to no good when she logs in after hours in a darkened room!!
Ahhhh time to meet the baddies..blah blahhh 21 million dollar write down.. blah blahhh..profit projections.. blah blah..
whoooo these baddies are boring me already.. How to make it interesting?? well…
Welcome to baddies randomly holding weird props World!!
We meet Craig! and his fascinating Red stress ball! His expertise isn’t profit projections.. LOL.. we cut straight back to the Boss, Mr Macey..
– and his Bonsai! whoooo sooo interesting!!!  😉
Oh my goodness this is more riveting than an
YODT.avi_000531239IFF doco.. a weird little red light tells them someone is being naughty! that is funny.. so high tech!! not! The Red File?? Nooooo not the Red File!! ??!!
Craig’s last name is Eiger? I thought Eiger was the bad guy in Times they are a changin.. man.. there must have been someone called Eiger who stole from one of the writers or something!
Cavanaugh, the numbers guy tries to shut ‘Amanda King’ out of the red file..

Sylvia has opened the red file!!!!

Too funny.. did Sylvia just type ‘please’?! rofl!!!


Sooo that’s how you get into high security files!!! Winking smile

YODT.avi_000570945 Sylvia exclaims: I knew it!!!!!
Now she’s got her info she’s out of there..

The baddies take YODT.avi_000595052chase.. with a reeeeally long gun..  cue the stunt woman.. running involved!

Poor Sylvia.. she needed back up..

why didn’t she have someone like Lee or Amanda to help her??

Why did she go up to the roof? Maybe she knew they knew about her I guess.. So sad!!!!  Whoa.. Sylvia fell of the roof (did she get shot? not sure..), straight onto the roof of a truck which is driven off..
YODT spy tip
The baddies have no idea what has happened to her.. and if their information leak has been stopped.
YODT.avi_000663120Uh oh.. and they have the name ‘Amanda King’?? oh this can’t be good!! Winking smile
As always I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one.. LOL I think I’m being kinda narky about this episode so far – tee hee.. but I’m enjoying it! Winking smile these smk coincidences are so ridiculous.. and it’s all part of the charm Smile Okay byeee for now! 

34 responses to “2/10 Season Two, Episode 20: You Only Die Twice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Teldar. What a classic 80’s sounding name for a company. Just reminds me of Telstar Rscords LOL
    Urgh Billy……look at her work that computer……she’s just typing for gawd sake Billy. She isn’t doing anything special. I am finding Billy’s fawning just a little hard to take in this episode. Does he carry a wee torch for old Syl do you think?
    Lmao at bad guys and their random props. Looks more like a billiard ball in his hand. Maybe he’s off to play a game of pool after he’s finished discussing his plans 😉


  2. I don’t mind Lee checking out Sylvia because I think it shows how subconsciously Lee has moved away from the Randis and Celestes and is looking for something more substantial (the serious relationships we know about in Lee’s past — Eva (gawk) and SPOILERS! Dorothy have been brunettes. We also find out his mother was a Brunette and I think we know what Freud would say). I also find it interesting that he would be physically attracted to someone who is so closely matched in looks to Amanda that she could borrow her identity. Writing is on the wall, Spyboy!


    • Maybe I should start on part 2 of the Lee’s Taste in Women post…


      • Spyboy, LOL! Cindy, love your way with words! I do agree, I think he has moved forward enough so that we don’t need as much of your brain bleach as we used to, thank goodness. My brain cells need a reprieve!
        Morley, always need another look at Lee’s taste in women (me me me, pick Me Lee!!). Focus Jule! *slap upsides the head* Ahem, as I was saying Morley, I always await your posts with anticipation!


        • whooo yes please!!! I’ll echo Jule’s thoughts.. more on Lee and women? yes please!


          • Isn’t it a bit too soon? Don’t we need to wait until a bit into season 3?

            I was just watching this episode. I think the difference in Lee’s behavior in the beginning is that he isn’t on the prowl. That is what it looks like to me. It looks like he is noticing beautiful women but he isn’t looking at them as to how they might fit into what he wants right now. Is that because he is somehow satisfied for some odd reason? Maybe for the first time in a very long time for him? Maybe that is why he is so happy; ) (at least until he dropped his teeth…but then we didn’t see him then, only after he got back from the morgue… he seems happy again afterward)


            • Hi Morley, isn’t what a bit too soon? sorry?

              I’m on board with what you are saying pretty much.. were you referring to something I said?

              Lee satisfied that he has helped Amanda with the boxes.. she has a job to do.. and he seems to have no job to do.. lol.. it’s a weird intro to this episode IMHO! what is that saying about idle hands.. Lee having nothing to do? he has a it of a flirt with the ladies.. he enjoys that.. lol.. but then June went a bit weird tee heee..

              and I like to think when Billy points out how the mistake happened that Lee twigs- eek! it’s my fault! I was too darn goodlookin and so she mixed them up! 😉 kidding!!


              • Sorry I wasn’t clear. I meant too soon to do a Lee’s women post… we haven’t met any new women or even his taste in them since Randi (except for his comment to Karen about the Nordic type). I was going to wait until certain episodes in season 3… that was all I meant.

                Oh and my comments about Lee not being on the prowl were meant to go with the is he/is he not flirting conversation.


  3. I’m with you, Iwsod, “Teldar” sounds like an alien planet to me. Or maybe a race of aliens. ex. “We bring you greetings from the planet Teldar!” or “The Teldar are attacking the Enterprise!”

    Sylvia’s bright red coat and purse seem like a touch of comedy to her death scene. On the one hand, I’m sad that she gets killed, but on the other hand, I’m also scratching my head about why she’s wearing something so highly-visible on a night when she’s sneaking around the evil company. Maybe so it won’t show the bloodstains? O.o

    Later in the episode, Lee wears an all-black outfit to break into Teldar, but he’s doing it in broad daylight. Does that make any more sense than the red outfit?


    • Ha ha! I always though “Teldar” sounded like it was from Doctor Who. Jestress, red is a lovely color to be inconspicuous in. Subtle, drab, no one would notice it any more than if she wore a sign saying, “Look at ME!” Hide the bloodstains, isn’t she thoughtful?!
      I always wondered what you would wear to break into a place during the day? An understated but tasteful blue jumpsuit? Of course you would leave the sequins for a nighttime escapade….


      • Actually, I don’t suppose it would matter much what Lee wore, considering that it’s daylight, anyone could see him, and he’s dropping down from a helicopter. Blue jumpsuit isn’t a bad idea.

        Although feathers could also be a possibility. Who was it who was making jokes about Lee the birdman when he was taking one of his flying leaps onto something? 😉


        • ROFL! Indeed Jestress.. that was me laughing at birdman Lee.. your idea of feathers is funny too – because Lee’s codename is Scarecrow!!! he’s suppose to scare the birds.. not act like them and dress like them! 😉

          whooo now there is a conundrum.. black or blue Jumpsuit?? give me either I don’t mind 🙂

          I like it Morley!!!! I am thinking from what you wrote that you also feel Amanda is a little ‘stuck’ at this stage of the show?? In the upcoming post (post 4) I’ve described it as being in ‘no man’s land’ – because she’s not a civilian who does a bit of typing, but nor is she an agent..

          Oh well I’ll get on with publishing the next post now. Byeee! 🙂


  4. I love the “spy tips,” and the “baddies randomly holding weird props.”
    Maybe the remarkable thing is not the way Lee looks at other women, it is the way he is with Amanda. That behavior is different from his behavior to all others.
    In our comments on the 1st post I was wondering if we describe “flirting” differently? It feels like we are describing the same behaviors and then calling it “flirty” or “not-flirting.”
    I still think that Lee seems very “on top of the world” happy at the beginning of this episode.


    • I agree that Lee does seem to be in a very good mood. Way more cheerful than he usually is. He referred to Billy as a bear growling as if he’s never done it.


  5. Well spotted, no birthday and different layout of entries in the computer entry and no number attached either. No real life entry would state an age instead of a birthday, because obviously then the entry would have to be adjusted all the time. And no profession for Amanda. But a mother mentioned…

    I remember our first computer with green on black writing monitor, later we upgraded to a larger monitor with orange on black. Back then even the bathrooms in orange where all the rage (shudder).

    A spy in bright red, one does wonder how she survived so far…


  6. “Look at the way she runs that computer.”
    Ack! What she’s doing is sooo difficult… Not!!! Yeah… the meme I made for this was probably the most sarcastic one I’ve made–I was totally over all their gushing comments about Sylvia’s prowess. 😀

    You know what I love about Amanda’s file–other than that the Agency can’t spell Dotty’s name correctly, or get the boys’ ages correct, or the fact that she has no profession show (unlike the woman with the entry above her), and that the info in Amanda’s entry is sorted differently to that of the entry above hers–is that: THERE IS NO DATE OF BIRTH — so how does Sylvia know they’re the same age — and THERE IS NO FILE NUMBER SHOWN — so does Sylvia just pull 36794DG out of her a….. ummm… you-know-where?

    Has Sylvia been to the Agency enough times before to know that the Documents department is in fact “down” from the Bullpen and that she could get there in five minutes, as she tells them on the phone?

    What I love about the Teldar work is: what the h*ll are they doing? As far as I can make out, they’re just typing, but not typing from anything… so are they just randomly typing their thoughts? Writing novels? Playing Taipan? What are they doing?!?!? (OK. OK. One guy is talking on the phone, but maybe he’s ordering takeout food. Who knows???)

    And… what I love about the end of the day at Teldar is: the end of shift buzzer goes, and then all the employees do is turn off the monitors–they don’t back up files/log off/shut down/anything like that… so much for high tech. :p (Oh, and I love that the guy in the front row has his briefcase on the desk. Did he have it there so he could make an even faster getaway at the end of the day?)

    It’s a good thing the security guard is lazy and doesn’t actually walk the room to check that nobody’s still in there before he shuts off the lights! :p

    Oh–and Eiger’s ammunition must be *really* special… ‘cos Sylvia’s already jumped past the top of the wall by the time he fires his gun… so how could he “get her” unless his ammo has bent the space-time continuum? Bah.

    Hah… yes, BJo. *My* cornflakes are the funny tasting ones this time!!! 🙂 Busted myself!


    • ROFL KC! you are in a mood! tee hee.. I kinda like your narky Memes 😉

      Tedlar and these baddies are sooo ripe for some narky goodness 😉 tee hee Could they have been computer programming? writing code?? I don’t know! but whatever it was.. it’s hard on their backs! 😉

      I noticed the file number wasn’t there but LOL the date of birth didn’t twig! Hmm.. maybe it was in the aged 34 years file or something.. and umm maybe if she scrolled down the file number was there?

      Yeah Amanda’s occupation? that’s a tricky one.. I don’t think anyone has been able to work that one out BJo – but whyyyyy oh whyyyy does June have an agency ID and Amanda doesn’t?????!!!!!!

      haaa BJo! Maybe it is Ms Walker’s handbag.. we haven’t seen her since the leaves started falling off the trees.. ahem.. who knows – maybe she’ll return! we’ll just have to keep an eye out!


      • Hiya, iwsod. June has a badge because Blue Leader is her grandfather, DUH!! 😉 See my comment on the first post of this episode. 🙂


        • Sorry BJo. I didn’t scroll down to your second comment you’d made doh!!! good one! haaaaa.. oh but wait.. June being such a ‘kid’ and all.. maybe she is Blue Leader’s GREAT grand daughter! 😉

          Morley Awh thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the spy tip and weird props world – if you think of any spy tips and can’t be bothered making your own meme feel free to email it to me and I can stick it on a picture for you!

          Morley I think you are right about the definition of flirting.. I think it is also the meaning we attach to it. [no mention of it in the script btw] I think it can mean different things.. Lee touching the binders while talking to the blonde tipped me over to the yep he’s flirting vibe…. and I compared this to how I remember Lee behaving once he had committed to exploring a relationship with Amanda: for me the flirting changes. Here it feels like Lee has a foot in each world.. the old Lee and the new Lee.. I’ve decided I like it’s inclusion here.. it adds to the story. I just don’t like to see Lee flirting with anyone other than Amanda! 😉

          I am not surprised some see this as flirting some don’t .. some see it as meaningless flirting- some see it as flirting and it means Lee hasn’t quite left his playboy ways behind him.. I think the scene is not written in a heavy handed way – we can draw our own conclusions.. and I enjoy that!

          I agree Morley, he does seem on top of the world.. haaa and without an actual job to do 😉

          Bathrooms in Orange Julia?? really???!!!


      • ISWOD — when I was working with the school board employee database (actually, it was a very poorly managed spread sheet, but they called it a database) I can totally believe this is how a government agency kept track of their employee files. Even keeping track of the children’s ages rather than birthdates so the files would have to be manually updated each year makes total sense to me when looking at it from an inept, inefficient bureaucracy sensibility. 🙂 I still get nightmares about that spreadsheet.


    • LOL, you beat me to it!!! Try putting sugar on them next time 🙂


    • Oh… I know! Sylvia’s the *genius* operator, right? So in that time she wrote a query that pulled all subjects with a DOB near her own, and then utilized logic commands to format the print statement differently based on whether the subject had kids, or was married, or …???… and, either the height field in the Agency database was a text field, or she didn’t copy/paste the height print statement between her logic loops, ‘cos there’s different whitespace formatting between the two subjects… 😀
      But she was still freaking psychic with the file number. Just sayin’.
      My cornflakes taste gooooood this morning!


      • KC, I love the way you think because I was just yelling how totally sexist Billy’s comment is. Really, all he can see her do is type. For goodness sake, Amanda types 90 wpm and gets no credit.
        And I guess in the 80s “divorcee” was considered an occupation. Really?? Furthermore, since Dotty moved into Amanda’s house, why the frack does Amanda’s file say “lives with mother”?? Grrrrr….
        Blue leaders daughter BJo, LOL!
        Goodness, I must have eaten some of those cornflakes too. Must go find my happy place…


        • oh yeah! I’m with KC and Jule! I felt the same way.. but thought I’d banged on enough about sexist comments and assumptions – glad to hear it’s not just me! 🙂

          Indeed.. for me the show is starting to feel like it is taking Amanda for granted.. she’s not moving forward at the agency.. feels a bit stuck. but.. maybe this plays into the upcoming plot line for Murder Between Friends where she resigns [ and yes.. if we can keep discussion of that ep for that ep that would be great..] June having an ID and Amanda not really bugs me!!! and.. there is an upcoming moment in this ep where I felt angry for the way the agency was treating Amanda.. coming up next post I think!
          [edited to add: upcoming moment where I got mad at agency’s treatment of Amanda is in post 4 ]

          I see Amanda being ‘stuck’ as all part of the story though – and I don’t eat cornflakes 😉 tee heee. And I am enjoying having a laugh at and with this episode!

          Haaa thanks Jestress – yes Teldar attacks!!! 😉 tee heee.. oh hey- don’t knock the black jumpsuit!! Makes no sense? you are right haaaa. but it was still a very very wise choice of wardrobe 😉 cos he looks so darn good!


          • Amanda is stuck and there is no momentum in area of her life so according to the article about dreams and flying that is why there was so much flying in her hallucinations/dreams in the last episode… right?


    • Hi KC, I meant to respond earlier to this sorry – regarding Eiger’s special ammo.. I think he went to shoot, but she slipped and fell off the roof before he actually shot the gun.

      You can hear the noise of the slip before he shoots and when Sylvia’s body is found – there’s no mention of any bullet wounds.

      The script has her slipping also..

      The baddies are unsure if they shot her.. which is why they believe it when the obituary entry is retracted..

      But hey.. spaceship Teldar may be able to bend the space time continuum..
      Have you seen the Movie ‘my science project’??? I loved that movie!!! maybe Teldar got their hands on that gizmo!


  7. I think Lee may be appreciating Sylvia’s beauty here, but nothing more than that…unless he’s looking at her and saying to himself, “Gee, she’s almost as pretty as Amanda.” And with his playboy past, there’s no way a woman agent as good looking as her would not be known to him, so she must be a new recruit! Ha! Although I’m with you, iwsod…it is annoying that he says that. Grrrr.

    Why does Louise get a profession listed in her file on the computer but Amanda is just listed as a Divorcee???

    Too funny on the OMG catch, iwsod!! It is a very good think Karen didn’t get her hands on that file or the series would have ended a lot sooner! The episode you’re talking about is SAAB – except it had to wear a blue dress and put its hair up 😉

    I wonder if the red bag Sylvia is carrying is the same red bag Ms. Walker is always carrying.


  8. The boys never age. They are “two little boys Philip 10 and Jamie 8 for 4 years. They look older and their interests mature but to my knowledge the script never changes. (Unless I some how missed it because Lee was in jeans while Amanda is taking


  9. I think Lee asked if Sylvia was a new recruit because he seems to know everyone and he obviously hasn’t seen this woman before so he assumes that she must be new. He sort of gets that look on his face like he did with Rita in ALSALS. Yuck!! Maybe he is struck by her resemblance to Amanda. One can only hope.

    Amanda’s snappy comments about the computer going on the date were in SAAB.

    The actors in the episode are interesting. The woman playing Sylvia had been in the soap General Hospital and the Craig character was the baddie in a Starsky and Hutch episode that creeped me out. The guy just creeps me out period. He looks destined to always play a bad guy. The lead bad guy (holding the Bonsai) is played by Alan Fudge. How’s that for ruining the good name of chocolate?

    This scene is filled with a lot of blah, blah, blah, and yada, yada, yada…The creepy bad guy claims to have shot her, but it looked like she fell before he even got the shot off. There were a couple of flubs in this episode, but I got past it. For some reason the set up of the office with the computers reminds me of the movie Nine to Five. What a sterile work environment.


  10. Melissa Robertson

    My husband, who works in works in the IS Dept. at work LOL when she didn’t close down the file especially for a high tech security company.

    Season 1 Amanda said that Philip was 10 and Jamie was 8, before they had their birthday parties so in my mind that would have made them 11 & 9 at the end of season 1. Would think by this time in this season they would have already had their birthdays so I would but them at 12 & 10, but that’s just MHO.


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