18/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Tag time.. back to IFF that night (oh does this mean Amanda didn’t go to goofy golf?) and we find Lee and Amanda walking out of the lab. Lee is smiling – ohhhh my goodness.. do these two look like a couple or what??!!!
Lee is so protective of Amanda leading her out of the lab.. he’s always got one hand on her DOA.avi_002703934🙂
Smile He even opens the door for her..
Francine and Billy are waiting to hear if Amanda is still Amanda!
Amanda appears to be back to normal (her DOA.avi_002714812normal!).. she doesn’t remember a thing since she ate Lee’s sandwich. Not even nearly taking Francine’s head off…. Francine: are you sure you don’t remember anything that happened today?
DOA.avi_002725155Amanda: not a thing since I ate Lee’s sandwich.

LOL the look on Lee’s face makes Amanda DOA.avi_002727157wonder..

DOA.avi_002728358 and the look on Francine’s face..
LOL I almost think Francine might have been hoping for an ap0logy here haaaa.. suffer Francine! Suck it up Princess!
Ohhhh you’re all looking at me awfully strangely.
Billy looks at Amanda like: huh?

… I certainly hope I didn’t do anything embarrassing?
DOA.avi_002738769Lee is super quick with his response here: Oh No!!!!
[ I think this is to make Amanda feel better, but also to cut off Francine DOA.avi_002741171or Billy from giving anything away] …No. Everything is just fine. Believe me.
Oh good!
You know what’s lovely.. she did do embarrassing stuff- and it didn’t matter! Smile
DOA.avi_002742840Billy and Francine aren’t able to drum up the pretence as much as Lee though..


so they are unenthusiastic in their support..
Billy hot foots it out of there!
Billy: well I’ve got to tidy up a few things [I’ve never seen Billy move so fast Winking smile]
Francine is quickly behind him: yeah I’ve got a report to file.. [whooo I guess she had to report what Amanda did huh.. do you think Amanda ever got hold of the report to find out what she’d gotten up to?! I’d be busting to know!] Francine goes to leave but realises she has to hand over Amanda’s handbag.
You left this at Lee’s apartment.
Francine takes off while confused Amanda asks: when was I at Lee’s apartment?
Lee stops Francine from leaving to ask if she’s seen his baseball.. When did Lee have time to realise his baseball was missing? It doesn’t seem right that he would have noticed it when he found Amanda gone and was so worried! oh well..
Lee: The softball is a souvenir and has been in his family a long time. Hmm from the looks of Amanda’s dream, she must have already known that.DOA.avi_002755586

As Lee asks Francine we can see Amanda hunting through her purse in the background.. I love the look on her face when she seems to discover something in there!

Francine doesn’t know where the baseball is
and finally Francine gets away! DOA.avi_002764862
Amanda approaches Lee: Lee? A hardball?
Lee: Yeah.
Amanda: Ty Cobb signature?
Lee: Oh yeah..
Amanda: You’ve been keeping it in my purse again! haa!
She tosses it in the air for Lee to catch.. surprising Lee.
I don’t know why he didn’t wonder if Amanda had taken it, she was loopy enough to throw him ‘a curve ball’ 😉 !

The script had Amanda steal a pickle while at the restaurant earlier and hide it in her handbag. Then here- she finds a random pickle in her handbag and wants Lee to explain it! No baseball..Very different.. I wonder why they included the baseball.. it makes the inclusion of it in the dream a little more significant no?? maybe the idea was to make it seems like he was about to give her a ring.. interesting. 

If I were to get all Freudian for a moment.. I’m thinking Amanda’s dreams are not remembered by her at all.. and what they raised is still in her unconscious – a lovely clue for the audience of all the goodness that is to come! 🙂 I guess I could say it is beginning to maybe seep into consciousness_thumb[3]her preconscious – the part where it is just not quite something she is aware of yet.. [this was the simplest diagram I could find.. hope it’s okay!] I don’t think Amanda’s conscious of it yet. I’m thinking she won’t remember it.. but.. the idea is beginning to work it’s way into her consciousness from now- I think!.. It will be interesting to keep this in mind as we walk through the next few episodes – sorry if this psychoanalytic stuff bores you.. feel free to just brush over it..  I’m aware I may go over the top a bit! 

I noticed something else in this episode.. and not sure what to make of it- lots of things being tossed or flying!! Or were they just particularly interested in gravity that week? Winking smile – I wonder what Freud decided flying in dreams meant??? Anyone?? If I have time I’ll try and find out- if someone doesn’t beat me to it 😉 – err feel free to! 🙂
We saw:
An Orange

Practicing goofy golf the golf ball went flying..

The baseball
The hairdryer
The Baseball..
[Did I miss any?!]
The first couple of times I saw this episode I was cringing too much to enjoy it.. but what changed my opinion was – walking through the episodes I’ve come to realise just how close Amanda and Lee are now – how Lee has accepted Amanda for who she is.. and that Amanda is safe with Lee now.. If this had been first season? I would feel differently.. but now I love it! I love how Lee got to be so gentle, caring and attentive!! whoo hooo!! [but once again- Amanda isn’t with it enough to enjoy it! 😉 ]

This episode is very funny and touching! Typical of smk that they can bring two such divergent experiences together! KJ must have had a ball with this episode!!!! This and OOADP – must be like Gold to an actor..
Do you think BB said: ‘What about me????!!! I want an alternate universe for my character??’ Teee heee [and he got Burn Out! Winking smile ]  

Can’t wait to hear what you think!!!!! Bye!

26 responses to “18/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I have to say this tag isn’t one of the best. I get that Amanda’s line about the baseball is a joke but I just don’t find it all that funny. Maybe it’s just me.
    It’s nice to see Lee cutting in before Francine (and Billy) stick their foot in it, trying to protect Amanda’s feelings/dignity. Very sweet 😀
    Overall I quite like this episode, just feel the tag lets it down a little.


  2. I do enjoy the smile Lee has on his face as they walk out of the lab. It’s as if he and Amanda are sharing a private joke, there.

    The baseball – you know, I don’t know as I ever suspected a ring. It being a dream sequence – and her drugged-out state – he could have just about given her anything, and I would have gone along for the ride. (I can see it being linked to Lee’s “fear” of being a Bomber father, though.) Her comment at the end was definitely a joke, as in “Don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.” I do wonder how he explained it. Probably something along the lines of “Amanda, while you were under the influence of the drug, we felt it better for you to stay at my place. We thought you might be more comfortable there.”

    I enjoy this episode because it actually does show the growth of Lee as her friend. He accepts her as she is, and after Pigeon, he appreciates what she brings to their friendship. He would really miss her if she were gone. S1 Lee would have missed her for a bit, but continued to go forward. S2 Lee wouldn’t be able to go forward as easily, and by now, it would be very, very hard on Lee to lose her. (Though he would still deny the significance, a bit, I think. He’s coming around, though.)

    I forgot to mention in my comments in the last post, that her calling him Scarecrow there was important. In her “take-charge” attitude, she was referring to the agent, and only the agent. It’s her true self that responds to Lee as a person, as who he is inside. I do find it significant, that only when she was most vulnerable in this episode did she call him Lee.


  3. They sure do look like a couple! And that is the best part of the tag. Well, except for Lee being kind to Amanda and letting her believe she did nothing embarrassing while she was drugged out of her mind. I do wonder what Francine would have said had Lee not cut her off though. I think Billy and Francine are quick to dismiss Amanda’s drugged out antics because she’s just a civilian.

    I just don’t get Amanda’s line about the baseball. Lee’s been keeping it in her purse again? Again? When has it been in there before? Have we even heard of this baseball before? Am I having a major brain cramp here?
    A pickle in her handbag? Now that’s weird. Not only would it have gotten everything in there wet with pickle juice, but it would have been hard not to notice the odor!

    iwsod, I don’t understand what you’re saying about the baseball and the ring. And I’m not sure what to make of the psychoanalytics or the flying stuff either. I tend not to give much credence to dreams.

    I agree that if this had been S1, Lee would have reacted much differently than he does here. You can see their closeness – or at least Lee’s closeness to and caring for Amanda. I still don’t much like this episode except for a few comedic moments. I’m happy to be moving on to the next episode, and am really just waiting for Burn Out!


    • lol BJo! you sound like you are getting a brain strain from all our bizarre thoughts here or something! I’ll have a go answering 🙂
      I took the ‘ you’ve been hiding your baseball in my purse again’ be a joke because she was embarrassed at how it could have gotten in her purse and she has no idea.. she isn’t really saying it’s been in her purse before. It’s like saying – ohhh it’s your fault it’s in my purse.. I didn’t take it literally.. what did everyone else think?

      Ahhh now about the baseball and the ring – when I watched the Casablanca dream BJo I mentioned It felt like when Lee said he wanted to give her something – and reached into his pocket- it felt like it should be a ring he pulled out.. not a baseball! I don’t think anyone else thought that.. or not that I know of – so I was bringing this idea back up again (and eek.. expecting you all to remember it! sorry about that!) – since the script has no baseball in it- I was pondering what was the significance of the baseball and why it was included.. and I wondered if it was so we would have that moment where we think Lee is going to give her a ring: but it’s a baseball..

      Does that answer my ramblings? Nevermind about the psychoanalytic stuff! it’s not super important to enjoying and having your own understanding of the characters.. just skip it if it isn’t interesting to you 🙂

      Ohhh my goodness.. Burn out! oh yeah!!! I think You Only Die Twice gets a little overlooked because Burn out is THAT GOOD!!!!! but.. hopefully together we can focus on YODT, give it a little love and find out what goodies it has for us.. 🙂


      • Brain strain is right! 😀 Ok, the thing about the baseball being a joke does allow it to make some sense. I think it just never occurred to me that she was joking. Maybe she’s just all freaked out about not being able to remember her day and what happened and so she’s just trying to say something to explain why it’s there?

        When you say he should have given her a ring, do you mean an engagement ring? Interesting…I never got that vibe. But that’s probably because I was counting down the seconds until the scene was over. 😉

        I’m looking forward to giving YODT a go. It’s another one of those “fly over” episodes for me, but I think on this walk with everyone I’m expecting to appreciate it more than I ever have before. It is definitely a much more interesting episode to me than DOA.


        • Oh BJo.. you are not alone in not really enjoying this episode.. feel free to say what you like and don’t like here 🙂 I’m just sorry I went and did 18 posts on it.. smaller sure but.. it was a long time to spend on an episode you aren’t a fan of! eek!!! Hopefully we can make up for it with YODT 🙂

          Ah thanks Morley! I figured there had to be a reason for the baseball and not the pickle!


          • Actually baseball in SMK makes me think of marriage and partnership. In SAAB, where Lee really begins to care about Amanda we have her references to Little league, he mentions it too as they meet in front of the Smithsonian. In Mole, his comment about never becoming a Bomber father has always stuck out to me. It makes me think that Lee has already connected some dots about what a relationship with Amanda would entail. Then there is the Bomber pin in Savior. Is the baseball here the next time we hear about baseball? And then there is that ball in TOTDW, and Lee’s wonderful words to Amanda about every time she does something that makes him want t get good and steamed, she does something to make him grateful. I love baseball in SMK (don’t really care for it any other time though)..

            Liked by 1 person

            • When I think of baseball, I also think of rings. World Series rings!!! Yay Sox!!! Sorry, couldn’t resist!


            • I’m thinking that baseball is just what fits into the context of this show. Isn’t it the great American past time? The show was very much about patriotism based on the type of show it was. Weren’t the Bomber uniforms red, white, and blue and didn’t they change the opening title color at one point from yellow to red, white, and blue? I just think baseball was one of those things that seemed typical.


          • No need to apologize!!! Even if I’m not crazy about the episode, I love reading your funny posts and eveyone else’s comments. I never know what I’m going to learn. Plus there’s the added bonus of the Lee pics 😉 I can always find some Lee pics I like. Ahem.


      • I did get your ring reference, Iwsod, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the intent. Marriage has always been important to Amanda and I think Lee has known that from the beginning, I think that fact is one of the things that has caused him to try to keep that distance from her. Any romantic relationship with her would either have to include marriage or it would ruin their friendship, they both know it… There is a lot about baseball in the show too though isn’t there?


    • Ah, BJo! Don’t worry–your cornflakes should taste better when we get to Burn Out… 😀 😀 😀


  4. Love this episode! Always have, always will! It’s got hilarious scenes, heart stopping Lee looks and marvelously funny KJ. The loveliness of this show is watching the characters develop and flourish in each others light. DOA exemplifies this. I am probably, no, definitely suffering from a drastic case of SMK overload but am too far down that rabbit hole to care. And yes KC, *swoon thud* repeatedly! As Valerie says, ta da! So very glad we’re all here to enjoy the walk together :). Now get your helmets because there are so very many swoon worthy moments to come in the next couple of episodes!


  5. Swoon-thud. That’s all.


  6. Melissa Robertson

    I’ve been having Internet problems and not sure when it will be fixed. So I was just able to get caught up on this episode at the library.

    Your blog has made this episode more enjoyable…I’ve always liked the dreams but felt that Amanda was too silly. Now that I understand the goodness underneath I like it better…thank you!!!

    Going back to her calling him Scarecrow…I can only think of one other time in the whole series that she calls him that in ALAGHITM, in SBTB she tells the IFF operator that she is with the Scarecrow. In Season 3 FLight to Freedom she leaves a written message with Scarecrow. I can’t think of any others.

    Another side note I think she calls him Stetson 1 time each season too.


  7. Other flying objects: the plane on the way to Retzig’s supposed hideout (btw, there are lots of these in the DC sky, as in one per minute or two); the vase, in a manner of speaking 🙂
    Maybe the flying motif is another “Casablanca” reference ???


  8. Lee is so adorable here with Amanda as they come through the door. He is just so happy and excited that she is better. He actually opens the door with a flourish as if he’s presenting Amanda. It’s like ta-dah, here she is, all better now!! Isn’t it great?! What he is feeling is just so much there on the surface, but it’s like we (the audience) are the only ones who seem to see it. It’s rather obvious, but everyone seems to be focused on something else. Maybe it’s because we are all just so focused on Lee!!


  9. OMH the look on Billy’s face (first screen cap when he is facing directly). is priceless. They were all such amazing actors and your screen caps reinforce this.
    Like I mentioned before, this episode never bothered me (other than the suspension of disbelief for a non-existent battery operated hairdryer) because Amanda’s behaviour could be explained by the drugged sandwich and darn it all, she was extremely competent at evading and knocking out highly trained agents (I always thought Francine would be grateful Amanda couldn’t remember getting the drop on her). It was quite a relief especially after having to suffer through that other Episode Which Shall Not Be Named earlier this season.


  10. From an article from the Huffington post about the meaning of flying in dreams:
    “What can I learn about myself from dreaming about this subject?
    “Usually, they occur when we are dealing with issues of freedom, momentum or a lack thereof,” says Sumber. “These dreams can be purely informational in the sense that they highlight an experience we are having, but have not yet been conscious of.” They may also provide “actual tips on how to remedy a situation.”

    I though the part about it dealing with issues of freedom and lack of momentum interesting, as well as experiences that we are having but not conscious of. Sounds very much like Amanda here. But Amanda was not actually flying in her dreams, although she was going to try…

    Yes they are close and they are safe with each other and they do know the other truly now, don’t they? One more episode to reinforce the preciousness of their friendship and then it can all get challenged… and the ante upped.


    • Oh my gosh Morley.. that last sentence of yours is powerful.. and so very true!!! I cannot wait!!!! bring it on I say!! 🙂 Thanks for tracking down the dreaming info! very interesting!

      Hey Cindy – thanks for responding to me about how you find the post lengths – I really am happy if smaller posts mean people can share more 🙂 oh Heck yeah!!! hooray for crafty Amanda!!! when her inhibitions are lowered: she is so cunning you could put a tail on her and call her a weasel 😉 Ahhh I’m so glad to hear I am not alone in my annoyance at ‘that’ episode! 😉 so glad that’s behind us and Amanda now!

      Valerie I loved how you described Lee ‘ta da!!!’ that’s fabulous and I think- spot on! 🙂 Such a contrast to the old Lee who didn’t want to have Amanda around… now he is actually celebrating she is back! wow!! Oh definitely!! Focus on Lee is responsible for all kinds of oversights.. which ahem.. I just realised in the opening of the next episode!! Safety in Numbers Valerie.. since there are a few of us walking through together – we have a good chance that at least one of us will be coherent enough at any given moment to share new insights with us all! as You’ve done here beautifully with Lee’s Ta Da!!! 🙂 love it!

      LOL… KC’s comment is a case in point: I think she’s fallen down the rabbit hole without her helmet!!! come back to us KC!!!!

      Hi LASinLA! it’s been a long time since I saw Casablanca – is there lots of flying references in it? great to hear from ya!



  11. Curious how amanda did not ask about the small amount of flour on their jackets. I would have love to have seen that explaination 🙂


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