6/10 Season Two, Episode 20: You Only Die Twice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to Amanda’s.. Ahhh the father and his two kids are jogging past Amanda’s house.. again! my they are super fit aren’t they.. [KC! BJo! there is that weird car in the driveway again! whoooo]
It’s been a while since we saw the running  family  no?
Phillip: Grandma do I like smoked oysters?
LOL!!! they are always the last thing in the cupboard aren’t they!!!
Anyone else wondering why Dotty has no money of her own to speak of?? her daughter dies and suddenly Dotty cannot access any of her own money! Winking smile They really must do something about that! 😉
Hmm.. maybe Dotty should think about growing up and maybe having a bank account of her own tee hee.. and what about the boys- why don’t they have bank accounts yet hmm?? Winking smile Amanda dies and the bank closes EVERYONE’s accounts??? Winking smile
Dotty responds about the oysters: not if you’re related to me!
Hey.. looks like Jamie has had a hair cut!! Jamie is raiding his piggy bank and thinks he has two dollars.
Dotty: Your mother is going to bring the groceries. Save your money.
Jamie: I thought we didn’t have any money since everybody thought.. well…
Phillip: that mum croaked!

YODT.avi_001159199Dotty: we don’t say ‘croaked’ sweetheart…we say passed on.
The phone rings.. and Dotty picks up.
Dotty: Hello?
YODT.avi_001163495Jamie: How about kicked the bucket? or bit the big one?
Dotty: very funny.
Someone’s at the front door.. the boys go get it..
Dotty: Caskets are us??.. errr no no I’m not YODT.avi_001171378upset. No there’s a- There’s been a mistake. You see she’s not dead. Why would I kid about a thing YODT.avi_001179928like that?! [rofl!!!!! now… Francine on the other hand would!.. ]
I know but there was a retraction printed in the paper… [Okay! patience has run out!] …I am her YODT.avi_001200699mother!!! My health is just fine!!!!! No I don’t want one and I don’t care if they are on YODT.avi_001204244sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…and – goodbye.
love the polite ‘goodbye’ as she hangs up on them haaaaaa
The boys bring in two more deliveries of flowers.. the phone ring again.. Dotty’s patience has really really run out!
She tells the boys they are going to the park and leaves the ringing phone unanswered!
Next thing we see Lee on a public phone.. [LOL nice edit that.. the phone connection! I’ve never noticed that before!]
Lee: There’s something here that just doesn’t add up Billy…
[We see Amanda, arms full of groceries approaching Lee]
… yeah, I know I know..
… ah okay I’ll talk to you later. Alright bye.
Amanda: here’s your change.
YODT.avi_001234274whooooo… looks like Lee lent Amanda $$ awh!! [So this is the next day after finding out Amanda was dead? Amanda had to wait till the next day to buy groceries?? no wonder Phillip was wondering if he likes smoked oysters Winking smile ]
Lee: here let me carry those for you huh.
Amanda: Oh thanks a lot…

[Once again, Lee offers to take Amanda’s heavy load for her.. awhhhhh!!!! This is quite the theme this episode! Smile He is going all out to make it up to her!! Now Lee, the next thing to do is to tell Amanda you are madly in love with her, and you will never think about flirting with another woman every again as long as you live… errr sorry? too soon?? drat..]
…listen Lee I really appreciate this [ she grabs the popcorn]
…I didn’t have anything YODT.avi_001240739for dinner, no breakfast, no coffee. Mother goes crazy without her coffee.
[zero food in the house and Amanda buys popcorn?! someone call child protection services.. kidding!!!]
Lee: How much did you spend here?
Amanda: $78
Lee: you managed to cram $78 worth of groceries into two sacks?
Amanda: well yeah usually we’re a four bag family but I didn’t want to spend all your money.

Lee laughs.. how relaxed are these two huh!
Lee: ohhh well thank you!
[I love this in part because of the idea I had earlier- that Lee is getting a glimpse into what being in a family involves- families eat that much groceries! Smile Grocery shopping.. helping Amanda with the bags – it’s all pure domesticity isn’t it..]
Amanda: you can just put them on the backseat.
Lee: alright.
Amanda: on the seat. careful not to tip them over please… great! thanks a lot! 

Lee looks around pensive.. preoccupied..
I think he wants to talk to Amanda Smile
He isn’t in a hurry to leave..[then again he seems to take his time a lot this episode!]  Amanda offers Lee some popcorn [drat.. why didn’t she feed it to him when his hands were full?! wasted opportunity! Winking smile ]
Amanda: A penny for your thoughts?
Lee: huh?…
…Ohhh!! It will cost you a nickel!

YODT.avi_001272896YODT.avi_001272187 [isn’t he cheery! Winking smile v.swoony! ] … inflation!
[speaking of inflation.. I think my pulse just went up!!! Winking smile hoooo haaaa.. I do love this tie on Lee.. we see it a lot don’t we.. maybe KC can do a tie patrol on this tie one day.. ‘the stripey adventures of the Lee tie’!]
Amanda: tough times!!  [Amanda he just gave you THAT smile.. good times! good times!!]
[short hair or not.. I think Amanda looks really lovely here as she smiles at Lee!!]
Lee: haa yeaah!!!
They share a laugh.. whoooo this all seems so natural here doesn’t it?
YODT.avi_001275774Lee: this whole thing with Sylvia doesn’t make any sense.. [Interesting.. so suddenly there isn’t a Need to Know? Lee seems to keep up that pretence more when Billy and Francine are around! err and of course- when the plot calls for it 😉 ]Billy just spoke to Dunbar and Sylvia was on assignment 6 months ago in South America, YODT.avi_001277901and she was convinced there was American involvement in the internal affairs of a small country there YODT.avi_001282197called San Rafin.
Amanda mentions they had a presidential candidate disappear down there..[LOL love
YODT.avi_001284324how Amanda pays attention to world events nowadays!]  Sylvia thought an American company had something to do with it..  the investigation YODT.avi_001292207became a ‘political hot potato and she was ordered off the case’.. Sylvia asked for an extended leave of absence so she could keep investigating.. Got it!
You know.. 21 minutes into this episode, we are finally finding something out – this is one very slow episode.. though I do love how Lee and Amanda are so relaxed here together- they
YODT.avi_001313645could give us a running commentary about paint drying and I’d find it fascinating Winking smile
YODT.avi_001315814Lee’s going to check into things some more… but before he leaves he double checks Amanda has everything she needs. [A hug would be nice 😉 ]
Lee: do you need anymore money? or anything?
Amanda: Oh no! Mmm mm I’m fine. I should open my closed accounts again and ahh well..

(Amanda shrugs and laughs) … feels good not to be dead anymore!
Lee laughs at this one.. Amanda’s getting the hang of that macabre spy YODT.avi_001328660humour! Winking smile
Lee: haa yeah!! well put!!
Amanda: not many people can’t say that!
(they are too cute here.. )
Lee cracks up laughing – oh my..
Amanda: well I’ll see you later!
Lee: here let me get that.
[he opens her door for her.. awh!!!! Yes there is that southern gentleman some of you were referring to a few posts earlier! Winking smile though IMHO nothing flirty here- just lovely warmth, and comfortableness. what do you think?]
Amanda: thanks a lot.
She pauses to let Lee grab some popcorn:
some for the road?
[this reminds me of them eating popcorn on the couch eventually!! just don’t tell me when!! YODT.avi_001340088Winking smile ]
Lee: yeah …he grabs some more.. drive carefully! 🙂
Amanda: oh I will. byeeee.
Lee: alright, see you later!
Amanda: byeee.
These two!!! so sweet! I love to see them so comfortable and happy together!!
To top it all off? Lee gives Amanda a last contented look as he gets in his car and she drives off.. sooo much goodness here!
At the same time- I wonder if they are getting too comfortable-  how many more eps till Over the Limit? Winking smile I love to see them getting along and all.. but how about some smouldering desire or something.. just a little?? rofl!

LOL.. It’s all part of the journey isn’t it! Lovely to confirm their closeness and comfortable friendship before things get shaken up I guess.. The way Lee and Amanda’s relationship is built on such a wonderful friendship is one of the things I love most about the show.. I’m pretty sure there are some of you guys who feel the same way!! Smile 

Oh and Amanda’s joke about being glad she isn’t dead anymore ??? uh oh.. knowing smk.. this is a sign of danger ahead for Amanda!! ;)hehehee..
Ahhh with that.. I’m going to finish up – and look forward to hearing your thoughts on this part of the episode and/or what I’ve said.. any questions? ideas? gripes? plot holes? Smile Love to hear about it!! byee!

37 responses to “6/10 Season Two, Episode 20: You Only Die Twice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Hello, everyone! I took a break from the internet for the holiday, and come back to find a lot of great discussion.

    Dotty’s money – I get the feeling that Amanda didn’t allow her mother to help much with the household funds. (Dotty was “saving it,” in DOA.) I think Amanda had/has a strong desire to make it on her own. (Since Dotty takes the boys out later, I think this clinches it for me.)

    In my house, when we say “there’s nothing to eat,” it usually means we’re down to nothing to snack on between meal. I imagine that could be the same here. If Amanda doesn’t receive a regular amount, I would imagine she would be saving some for bills, so they may simply buy food for that week only. We’ve done that some when money was tight, ourselves.

    I agree, this is a really lovely moment between Lee and Amanda. Scarecrow flirts alot, it’s part of who he is. And, I think Lee has been living as Scarecrow for several years (self-protection). Now, the real Lee is emerging, and he is so happy to have a real friend in Amanda that flirting is off the table for now. That will pick up again once he is awakened to the fact that he actually has real feelings for her.


  2. Someone should introduce Amanda to extreme couponing 😉 and how to keep a store cupboard. I too never understood how they could be absolutely no food in the house, who shops like that?!
    Can I just say that the way she nags Lee about putting the groceries on the back seat really narks me. He’s just lent her money, helped her shop, carried it out and she’s still got to have things “just so”.
    You may think I don’t like Amanda (given I am quite often complaining). I do but when I study her actions I realise she would drive me nuts. I am nothing like her and she kinda rubs me up the wrong way sometimes. Just wanted to clarify LOL

    I adore the popcorn scene. It’s so relaxed. Like two old friends bonding over a snack. Wonderful. Just wonderful 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah–Amanda bugging Lee about putting the groceries on the back seat correctly bugs me, too, and I’m an ardent Amanda fan. I shrug it off by thinking of it as foreshadowing of her actions in part 7 (her on the back seat of the baddies car with the groceries)–not that she could have known what was going to happen, but it makes me feel better. LOL!


    • Now if her boys were a bit older and teenagers, I could see why she would have been eaten out of house and home, but they are perpetually 8 and 10 and haven’t discovered their big boy appetites yet.


      • Cindy, I am glad you said that. As I have read all these comments about having food in the house, I keep saying to myself, my house would be completely void of food if I was in Amanda’s place” It happens to me all the time. But I have 4 teenage boys (and often their friends) in my house. They are like a plague of locusts to the household food supply.

        Liked by 1 person

    • I see a shadow of Karen in this scene, up until they close the car door and start their comfortable chat. As they walk to the cars, KJ squints and talks like Karen did. Very weird!!! After that the scene is just lovely.


  3. Thanks for all the Turkey Day wishes, everyone! It was great – lots of food, family and football! And driving…spent 8 hours on the road and only 6 hours doing the other stuff. But I was glad to wake up in my own bed this morning. Hope everyone else had a great Turkey Day too!


  4. LOL – too funny – Dotty and the boys’ accounts! I guess Dotty really has no money of her own to spend. Love, love love Dotty in this call from Caskets R Us! BG makes me laugh out loud every time I see this.

    Not only does Lee lend Amanda money, but he takes her to the store! What a sweetie! iwsod, I love what you’re wanting Lee to tell Amanda here, but that big quilty, lumpy white thing she’s wearing is getting in his way!

    Oooooh! A two dimple smile!!!! That’ll make an appearance again the future! Seeing this scene in still pics is much better than in rolling video. I still can’t get past that haircut… 😦 Love the tilted head shot of Lee. He really cares…awww. Yeah, no flirtiness here with Lee for me. Just what you say – lovely, warmth and comfortableness. I’d add caring – but I guess that’s implied. He’s being a good friend to Amanda here. Nice that Billy let him take some time off work to do this since it’s because of work that she’s fake dead.


  5. Yes, I am wondering, why Dotty can not buy groceries or get money.

    And I wonder about to complete lack of food, I mean Amandy buys gallons of milk, the children eat cereal, how can there be no food left in the house.

    Exactly how long does it take to run out of food. Personally I shop only once a week, so for fresh produce it depends on the day of the week for me. But just for any food?? I have enough Spagetti and Tomate Sauce to eat it every day for two weeks in a row… I guess I could survice on rice, pototoes, pasta, canned food and soup and the like for a month or even two. That is not even taking the freezer into account. Not that it would be fun. But doable.

    And the coffee. Why do they run out of coffee? I buy a new packet everytime I open a new one and I do not even drink coffee myself, I only stock it for guests.

    And no cash left in the whole house? Not even for one shop? I mean, I have parking money in the car, money to pay the piano teacher, money I got as a present and do want to spend on myself in an envelope… Money in case I can not make it to a cash machine and need some…

    Somehow this does not work for me. Especially in the US where nature disasters strike all the time and one is well advised to be able to be self sufficient for a week for two. Especially as a scout. No dried camp food?? Amanda who is always prepared not prepared for a storm or whatever disaster might strike?

    And why does she not take some extra cash of Lee, I certainly would and she is supposed to be the practical type.


    • I’ve wondered about these things, too. Plus, Amanda has all these friends who sent flowers and condolences. Surely, some of them would be willing to spare a few things to tide them over for a day or two, like a loaf of bread, some canned soup, pasta, etc. It’s the kind of stuff most people keep on hand for last-minute meals, and most of us also don’t wait until we’re completely out of everything to go shopping. Dotty even mentioned that they should have sent food instead of flowers. I suppose that we’re meant to assume that Amanda and Dotty didn’t want to have to ask for help, but realistically, I’d think they would.

      Like the others, though, I really like the shopping scene here. It’s my favorite part, too. Lee is being far more attentive than usual with his insistence on carrying things for Amanda, checking to see if there’s anything else she needs, and getting her door for her. It’s also nice to see them just chatting and joking around casually.

      Happy Thanksgiving!


      • I agree the shopping scene is nice, but still. I always wonder about her friends too. They never seem to behave like my friends would. And where I come from quite a few people would send cards with money in them.

        The close down of the account is realistic though, I had it happen in the family to a joint account leaving the surviving partner in additional distress, that is why I have additional savings accounts with online banks that do NOT know me and will not close down in such a case. But back then, one did bank with only one bank, so that is believable. On the other hand, if they know you, the accounts should quickly reopen once you pop in still alive…


        • hiya KC! eww the smelly running family! Let’s call them ‘the Pitts’! 🙂
          CA number plates? haaaa that’s too funny.. well.. maybe it was a big holiday in California and they all decided to visit DC at the same time? maybe? 😉
          I think Dotty on coffee is even more scary! she’s wound up tight enough already!
          Haa yeah the coin operated pony is a bit random!

          Ahhh lovely to read of you all enjoying the comfortable closeness between Lee and Amanda in this scene – it’s like a warm blanket! I agree this scene is the highlight of the episode ( errr discounting the black jumpsuit 😉 )

          Ahh yes Jestress and Julia.. there are some weird happenings in this episode! I think it shows the writing in this ep was not so great – there’s too many contrivances to make the plot work..[with the lack of money, food, the mysterious friends sending flowers -indeed why not ask for some help?!] but.. it does give us the lovely Tag – so I’ll go with it..[lol but not without complaining haaaa]
          When I was growing up communities would make a casserole or something and bring it to the grieving family’s home so they didn’t have to worry about preparing meals etc. Dotty could have used that! booo to Reverend Mills for not organising that – Oi! Reverend! Get off that police scanner and drum up some meals for Dotty and the boys! 😉

          Valerie interesting ideas about the tension there.. you think there needs to be someone else involved for there to be sexual tension? What does everyone else think?
          I was thinking they are both comfortable and suppressing any of that because they are enjoying the status quo so much.. for the moment..

          Simple things? I’ll check it out.. whooo sorry I didn’t get to Raffie’s vid.. Lovesmk’s vids rock too!!! thanks for the recommendation kgmohror! (lol or Bink! haaa I had forgotten about that! )

          Sexual tension… what a happy topic Morley! 🙂 I agree with everything you’ve said – it makes sense that it would be pushed down to make room for their growing friendship…
          I actually think we don’t have to wait long for that sexual tension to be seen again 🙂 [if my memory serves me!] and while I was wishing for just a tiny indication here I loved the scene, it works – and it makes sense to the story.

          Hey everyone, we were talking earlier about Lee’s flirting.. I know some thought he wasn’t flirting, some thought he was and it mean’t nothing.. and some (me – ha! ) thought he was flirting and it meant he was still a little bit of a player – Looking at how comfortable he is with Amanda now… would you say he is not flirting with Amanda now?? and hasn’t for a while?? Like Morley said, season 1 and early season 2 Lee was more flirty.. it seems Lee’s flirting with Amanda has disappeared a bit lately – given Lee is indeed a flirty kinda guy – Would you say the lack of flirting with Amanda specifically is telling??
          I’ll throw it out there to see what you think.. Is Lee’s lack of flirting with Amanda conspicuous in it’s absence?

          He is naturally a flirt! I was reminded the other day of Lee in Magic Bus asking Amanda what she thought of his legs – and I wondered- would the character do that now?? at this stage in the story? when it comes to Amanda he seems to have taken many steps forward in their friendship, but .. maybe a step back with the flirting..? Maybe?
          I’m just exploring this idea.. what do you all think?
          [oh btw if you ever find ‘smile’ or ‘winking smile’ in one of my comments its because I write them in another document then copy them here.. and it doesn’t convert the smilies so I have to do it myself.. grrr.. it looks weird if I miss any I know! 🙂 ]


          • Of the top of my head, in answer to your question Iwsod, I do think Lee’s lack of flirting is telling. She is the only woman that he is like this with, at this stage in his character’s development and I do think that is significant. And I am thinking ahead here, but when the flirting does resurface I think it is a very different type of flirtation. Early on he was suggestive with her when he flirted, but coming up he is more tentative and can I even call it vulnerable in his flirtation. It is more genuine and an offering of himself instead of the playboy persona.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Yep! What Morley said! He’s not flirting with her now, and when he does again, he’s almost nervous–it’s Lee, not Scarecrow–until he gets more comfortable again, but it’s still a different type of flirtation. Not as blatant/pushy/playboy but more of a sweet style of flirting.
              (That made a lot more sense in my head, but hopefully it’s at least vaguely intelligible.)


              • Hi KC, you’re making sense! sounds like your thoughts follow on from Morley’s.. and you are both making lots of sense to me! I love love love the idea that it’s Lee doing the flirting.. not scarecrow! awh..

                I’m on holiday the next week and a half – but I’m going to do my best to keep the posts coming.. and I might publish another Amanda bites post next to have a little break from this ep..

                I’ll be online the whole time but I if you don’t see me around you’ll know why – and as always I’ll be enjoying hearing your thoughts!


              • Yep, What Morley and KC said. Lee can be the real Lee with Amanda, he doesn’t have to put on the Scarecrow playboy armor suit with her. She can get through all those chinks in it anyway and I think he’s starting to realize it.


                • Taking a quick break from the chaos here to get my SMK fix. I love how you’ve all thought out Lee’s flirting and how it waxes and wanes with Amanda through the seasons. I agree that when he does start to flirt again he seems a little less sure of himself; vulnerable is a good word.
                  Iwsod, hope you’re doing something fun on your holiday, you deserve a break after finishing your dissertation for sure!
                  Ok, back to the post-turkey madness 🙂


          • I don’t think I was thinking specifically of sexual tension in regards to someone else in the picture. I was thinking more that they are just so relaxed with one another at this point. As they have gotten and get closer if one of them seems to be interested in someone else there seems to be this tense dynamic of possibly losing the other one. Right now they can just enjoy one another and not feel a threat to that comfort zone that they have with one another. I hope that makes sense, I’m all turkeyed out.


            • All turkeyed out eh.. haaaa.. hope you recover quickly Valerie! 😉 Your making perfect sense to me.. I see what you mean- nothing shakes up the status quo like a bit of competition!


      • Yeah, where’s Princess Valosky and her meatloaf???


    • Exactly — which is why I don’t scrutinize the plot too closely. It seems to me many shows of the 80s were similar.


      • yes some episodes are better to scrutinize than others 😉 I have found some things I thought were wrong were actually correct and I had it wrong. so I’m enjoying thinking through the plots – even if it doesn’t always make sense. I now know about banks checking obits! 🙂


  6. This is my favorite scene of the episode. I love the casual intimacy between them, just doing normal things like shopping and snacking together. It reminds me of one of my favorite fanvids, “Simple Things” by lovesmk.that showcases the warm and natural interactions between them. Lee and Amanda respond to one another in a way that shows they genuinely like each other. They are friends as well as lovers.


    • *Like*! For these reasons I love how the song/video fits perfectly! (And for S3, the song sung by the same artist, Rebecca Howard, ‘This Love” fits beautifully too. Just waiting for a fan video…..:))


    • Hey kgmohror – I’m writing a stats post for JWWM and there is an RS character in there I’m pointing out – may I insert a link to your blog there? I’m sorry I haven’t had time to read/comment on your blog recently, but I see that you’re really doing great over there! I see that Lee’s Uncle Bob is making an appearance in the episode you are currently blogging! Anyway, please let me know about the link here or in email – bjosmk@yahoo.com. Thanks.


    • kgmohror, are you doing an RS blog? Please share the link or e-mail me 🙂 (qwertypie1969@yahoo.com)


      • hi all! yes I have been meaning to chase this up!!! Kgmohror – would it be okay if I listed your link on the homepage links? If so, is it okay if I list it as: Kgmohror’s ‘Steele away with me’ ?

        Hope you are all well!!


  7. Thanks for the happy Thanksgiving wishes. It was surprising to wake up and discover it to be a white Thanksgiving. It has been so amazingly cold, but I didn’t expect snow.

    I like the interaction of Lee and Amanda here. They are so relaxed with one another. They’ve gotten to know each other as friends and there is a comfortable ease in the way they are with one another. It kind of explains Lee’s reactions in Dead Pigeon where he show just how well he knows Amanda and how much time they spend together. Sharing the popcorn and sharing information just confirms how in tune they are with one another.

    At this point I don’t think there’s any tension because neither of them are being distracted by someone else at the moment. They’re focused on each other. It’s when someone else gets involved that we get all that angst and drama. It’s that fear that creeps in that some outsider could take them away from each other. I think that smoldering is still simmering there under the surface, but right now they are just becoming closer as friends and solidifying that part of their relationship.


  8. Melissa Robertson

    I do love how sweet and comfortable Lee is here…swoon worth!!!

    They do seem like a couple here…too cute 🙂

    I guess Lee should know how good it feels to be alive again~ROTP

    Happy Thanksgiving all my US friends.


  9. Iwsod, I hope you feel better and are getting a chance to relax and take care of yourself. If I were there I’d bring you some chicken soup! (Of course, I would have to find the nearest deli first ;))

    I love how happy they are with each other! It’s lovely to see Lee and Amanda so connected and secure; they are truly good friends. It doesn’t hurt that they both looks so gorgeous here! And with a *swoon thud* for good measure, I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving no matter where you are and happily give thanks for this lovely walk with you all!


  10. Ha ha! Yes–the phantom car!
    Too bad the running family never changes their running clothes (ewww…)–just like Ms. Walker. LOL!!!
    I wouldn’t’ve thought Phillip would ask Dotty if he liked oysters–that’d be more Jamie’s speed. Phillip would just make up his mind ahead of time. 😀
    Aww… Jamie’s such a sweet kid.
    I love the CA licence plates in the parking lot before the cut to Lee on the payphone. 😀
    Ah–the helping out with the loan for groceries. That’s Lee’s way of showing he cares without involving emotions. 🙂
    Dotty is crazy enough as it is… I can’t imagine what she’s like if she’s worse without coffee. ROFL!
    Yep. Lee is slowly being initiated into the way of families.
    Ha ha! Yes–Lee’s other stripey tie… and yep–I need to get moving on Tie Patrol. I’ve been putting Tie Patrol on hold while I write my first Vehicle Patrol–must get that done!!
    The two of them are very relaxed and sweet together here, and I love that Amanda is able to joke with Lee after dealing with all the cr*p of her “death”.
    Nope–they’re not too comfortable… they’re building a really strong bond of friendship. It’s awesome.
    (BTW I love the coin-operated pony beind Lee. 😀 BB and horses…)


  11. Ooops, one more thought. I have noticed that there was a lot more sexual tension in season 1 and early season 2. Now that they are friends and partners, it seems to have lessened. But I think that kind of works. It is as if as they fight their growing friendship they are pulled into it through this weird attraction that they have for each other even though they are “not each other’s type.” Now they are friends, it is acknowledged and mutual. So what is pulling them now? It is a strong love drawing them even closed into a mutual empathetic relationship. And after they begin to let that be ok, then the sexual tension begins to build again.


  12. I do like there comfort level here, but I tend to read this scene as the scene we wanted to see when Amanda first showed up in Billy’s office. Here is Lee’s first opportunity to rejoice in the fact that Amanda is still around. I try to block out the fact that it is supposed to be the next day. Can’t eat popcorn if your teeth fell out.


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