5/10 Season Two, Episode 20: You Only Die Twice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Billy hangs up on the newspaper people.. : Bureaucrats they’re all the same!
Amanda: Sir am I back in the land of the living?

In walks Francine again..
Francine: define ‘living’.  [I think Lee gives Francine a look here of- button it! Winking smile Not only does Amanda have to put up with the agency not keeping her details secure, not calling her when they realised what had happened, aaaand not explaining it- Amanda has to put up with insults from Francine? I think Lee and Billy appreciate that Amanda has been asked to deal with enough here..]
Amanda: Francine!!! Really-
Billy: hold it hold it. Lets just stay on this.
[I think Billy saves Amanda from saying something she might regret here.. and he shuts Francine up- Finally Billy starts looking after Amanda here.. ]
Amanda: sorry sir. [Francine deserved it.. mind you the best revenge for Amanda? – just check out Francine’s blue stockings and shoes! whahahaahahaaaaa!!!! ] BTW- I think ‘define living’ is an attempted dig – but also a reference maybe to what I was touching on: Amanda has a life full of people who care and value her. Their reaction to her ‘death’ is evidence of this- Francine can try and diminish it as much as she likes, but Amanda is truly blessed, she knows it and Francine can go jump! Smile
YODT.avi_000960793Francine spoke with FSA in Houston, she spoke with someone who use to work with YODT.avi_000961210Sylvia..who was no help at all and said she should speak to the dreaded Dunbar!
Billy tells Francine to get on to Dunbar.. he’s going down to Legal to ‘see if I can facilitate Amanda’s situation’ – good man!
Amanda: oh thank you Sir!
Ahhh Amanda.. she wasn’t treated well to start with but she doesn’t hold a grudge and acknowledges Billy’s help.
Billy and Francine leave..
Amanda to Lee:
You know I really don’t mean to make a big deal out of this but my credit cards are frozen, bank accounts are closed…
…I’ve got $4. 23 in my pocket and no food in the house. and I mean you know it’s really YODT.avi_000988487hard to do things when you’re dead.
Lee reaches for his pocket (and pulls out a baseball? Winking smile nah!) : Amanda look, if it’s money you need I can lend you some-

Amanda: No no I don’t need any money…
  …I just want this whole mess cleared up.
[I.e. tell me it’s going to be alright! then give me some money Winking smile]
Such a swoony look!!! Lee is very sweet here.. he seems to have grasped how big a deal this is finally!
YODT.avi_000995536Lee gently:
Amanda: hmm?
Lee:  it will all be handled. believe me. YODT.avi_000999415You just sit there and relax and I will be back in one second okay?
[it’s amazing how sweet he is when the others YODT.avi_001001333aren’t around Winking smile ]
Amanda nods:
Lee goes out to the bullpen leaving Amanda.
She’s really really unhappy about all this. Usually she will smile, and act pleasant even when she is unhappy – our Amanda is usually always ‘Nice’ – and always smiling – but this time, Amanda isn’t smiling, and isn’t pretending everything is ok- good for Amanda!!  [I’d identify this as progress! Smile]
Out in the bullpen,
YODT.avi_001025524Francine complains that she always gets the ‘choice’ assignments when Mr Dunbar gives her an earbashing over the telephone. Lee doesn’t give her any sympathy Smile   – A female agent is dead because of her investigations Francine.. surely the earful pales in comparison..  I like to think Billy made her call Dunbar knowing what she’d get- because of the jibe she’d made about Amanda! Winking smile
YODT.avi_001033365Anyway, it turns out Sylvia’s letter telling Billy to help her however he could was a fake.. Sylvia forged it – oops.. maybe the magic ID badge should have been a red flag after all! So Sylvia became personally obsessed with Teldar and went out on her own to investigate – hmm sound like a certain YODT.avi_001042666sexy spy we know?? Lee does that too doesn’t he once or twice? I love how when Billy hears of the forged Letter he says: that doesn’t sound like Sylvia
– and he looks at Lee! tee heee.. is he thinking: it sounds like Lee?! Winking smile 

YODT.avi_001058390Dunbar is not a co-operative man.. we get it.. we’ve heard it three times already.. did everyone hear that?? YODT.avi_001054094he’s unco-operative!!!! and Sylvia is a computer Whiz!! 😉
Dunbar thinks Sylvia committed suicide? no way… he just doesn’t want the embarrassment of one of his agents going off on their own is my guess..
YODT.avi_001066982Billy thinks suicide is rubbish too! : I don’t buy that. Sylvia was too level headed a person to do a thing like that. [hmm.. there’s a whole lot of assumptions about suicide in that sentence..but.. I’ll leave it and move on..]
Billy: scarecrow I want you in on this one.
YODT.avi_001071987Lee: You got it!
[oh hooray Lee actually finally has a job to do.. about 18 minutes into the episode! Winking smile ]
Billy: I’m going to find out what Sylvia was working on and you (Lee) find out who killed her… (pointing to Amanda in the office) …At least there’s one piece of good news. In tomorrow’s edition there’ll be a retraction saying Amanda King is still alive.

Okay – given Amanda’s ID was used as a cover in this operation that Sylvia went off on – and got killed on- anyone think it would have been reasonable for the agency to think: whooo they have Amanda’s name- it will be in the paper- maybe we should give her some protection?! Just in case???!!! [but nooooooo]

The next day, and back at spaceship Teldar! Winking smile Love how their motto is ‘Better Life Through Technology’ [guess that’s a better life for the bad guys huh!] The retraction is published and the baddies hit the panic button..[it’s that red one on his desk 😉 ]  thinking the infiltrator is still alive..
[this office is funny! Look how low the couches are that sit opposite his desk? whahahaaa!! ] The boss, Macey, wants the situation YODT.avi_001109149remedied.. Cavanaugh laments that he wishes they’d gotten a better look at her..  But- no matter! They have her home address from the obituary! oh great!! I knew that was creepy.. Macey wants her dead YODT.avi_001124164err again! Asap! Eiger seems to have a brain, he notes she hasn’t acted on the information or ‘there would be feds crawling all YODT.avi_001099139over this building’… but Macey orders him to take care of it with the Green Beret skills he hired him for – whoooooooo!!!!
Eiger: You saw them in San Rafin when I took care of Rojas.
Whooooo really? that was Eiger?? Winking smile tee hee..

…I wonder if  this what was in the red file?? I don’t remember the baddies in this episode so well [blame it on the black jumpsuit! 😉 ]LOL..  I always think it’s funny when bad guys hire experienced professionals – and then expect them to just do what they are told when they are being ordered around by an inexperienced idiot.. Ahhh smk baddies.. love em!

Okay! well I shall finish up here for the moment! Any thoughts? insights? questions? gripes? do tell! byeee Smile

16 responses to “5/10 Season Two, Episode 20: You Only Die Twice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I may be in the minority here but this episode is a bit “meh” to me. Sure Lee offering to lend money is sweet and it has a couple of other nice moments coming up but for the most part I am going through the motions just watching it. I miss the feisty Amanda of S1. Now she just seems a bit whiny in this one 😮
    So Sylvia faked her letter. Given how she folded up like my five year old would have I am no longer surprised at this info. It screamed unprofessional LOL
    Anyone else think Lee is having a “big hair” day in this episode. It’s rather bouffant ontop…..


    • True, but Lee in that jumpsuit makes up for a lot (yes, I am shallow, but I never claimed to be anything else. 😉 )


      • I’m with Cindy! 🙂 well.. and Jenbo! I agree the episode is meh! Though I’ve been enjoying the walk so far – and just been plain silly with it! It’s a bit of lightness before the heavy eps come along.. so I have no great expectation of it being anything other than a bit of lightness..
        It’s so funny you said it’s meh Jenbo – I wrote exactly the same thing about an upcoming moment last night: so I am with you.. the ep starts off not bad but the finale is one of the lamest ever!! Still I think together we can have fun with it anyway 😉

        But Jenbo just wanted you to know I agree this isn’t a fave episode.. and Cindy has hit the bullseye by reminding us of Lee’s jumpsuit.. hoooo haaaaa.. yes I may sum up the finale with a run down of what the black jumpsuit is doing.. it would be a lot more interesting! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • Very lame finale I agree. I think my favourite moment is the popcorn. For some reason I just love that bonding over a snack LOL
          The jumpsuit…….nice but it ain’t as nice as scruffy Lee in Burn Out. Let’s be honest I am seriously just going through the motions until that episode LOL


          • hiya! well.. maybe together we can find stuff to like 🙂 If I can be distracted away from the black jumpsuit!

            yes that lovely popcorn scene is the highlight of this ep and is coming up next..Lol. I suspect once we’ve covered that scene everyone’s interest will head south asap with this ep! I don’t think I’ll need many posts to cover the finale!

            Oh and it’s good we like different things Jenbo! I expect lots of hoooo haaaas from you at scruffy Lee 😉 not long now! hang in there!


            Liked by 1 person

  2. I think it’s a bit of a shame that, after being a little more assertive in pointing out how much chaos this has created in Amanda’s life, she reverts to apologizing for “making a big deal” out of it to Lee later. The fact that it apparently didn’t occur to anyone – Lee included – that Amanda should be contacted and briefed about the situation shows that she’s still an after thought at the agency. (Her little problems aren’t worth a pile of chicken salad in their crazy spy world.)


    • But that is Amanda’s character, isn’t it? That quote from the DOA dream is very appropriate though. And Lee is learning, this must be one of those times that he has learned something that the Agency can’t teach him (Utopia Now)


  3. Ooohhh… back in town after a couple of workdays in the armpit of LA and there’s lots of SMK goodness waiting. Yay! 🙂
    Yeah–Amanda probably would’ve regretted it later if she had said something to Francine, but… I kinda wish she had. 😀
    Yep–Lee is sweet when nobody else is around… but it shouldn’t just be then. :p Still, progress is progress. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    It’s really too bad Sylvia didn’t have an Amanda watching her behind when she went rogue, the way Lee does… she might still be alive!
    Hah! Is it a panic button, or an Easy Button (Staples–“That was easy!”)… 😀
    Thoughts/insights/questions? Nah–too tired.
    Gripes? %&^@#$#@ Agency minimizing Amanda again. :p


  4. “Define living.” Mwahahahaha! I love Francine’s one liners! Even though they are at Amanda’s expense, they are very good and always make me laugh! I am glad Lee and Billy give her a look – the fact that they do also makes me laugh. And the smurfette look for Francine – LOL!!! Are they from that other blueberry outfit she wore in an earlier episode – Spiderweb was it?

    …pulls out a baseball? LOL! …tell me it’s going to be alright…then give me some money. LOL! You’re on a roll! Sigh….he IS sooo sweet when no one is around.

    Yep, I think you’re right, iwsod…Billy knew just what he was doing when he told Francine to call Dunbar. He and Syl even shared a crack about “ol’ Dunbar” I think in his office. Now we know why her note was folded like a third grader did it – it was a phony!

    OMG! They do have a red panic button on their desk! LOL!! iwsod, you are too funny this post!!! Loving your sense of humor here!

    For some reason I do remember this Eiger guy. I think I saw him in a movie or something that really creeped me out. I looked him up on IMDB but it didn’t help me remember. Maybe he just played so many baddies in all the 80’s TV shows that he stuck with me. I think he has a distinct look.

    And I don’t know why, but the jumpsuit doesn’t do anything for me. Don’t get me wrong, Lee in anything (or not ;)) gets me going, but the jumpsuit doesn’t ADD anything – not like his very nice navy blue coat in a certain S4 episode. Whooo, it’s getting warm in here…where’s my fan?


    • Yeah the poor actor playing Eiger! He played lots of baddies.. I think he has burnt skin on his face.. I think he was especially memorable as a creepy bad guy in Charlie’s Angels.. I vaguely remember an episode with a dancer and he was pimping her or something – his character made my skin crawl.. so yeah this actor is instantly seen as an awful bad guy the moment we see him!


  5. Yep, the inept Agency should have had Amanda’s house protected the minute Sylvia’s body was discovered (although the protection wasn’t that great when she finally got some). Bureaucracy, indeed.

    Oh yes, Lee in the black jumpsuit. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Goodness! Now I need to find some chocolate because suddenly my mouth is watering.


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