7/10 Season Two, Episode 20: You Only Die Twice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

The baddies are waiting for Amanda to come YODT.avi_001375749home.. here she comes! Sooo how did the baddies know that was Amanda King’s car? [they start their car before she pulls into her house?? weird!]
Amanda gets out of her car with her groceries.. This is the second episode in a row where Amanda and food seem to be constantly separated for the episode! What is this: the agency diet plan?
YODT.avi_001403610The baddies pull up in their car and ask Amanda for directions – you know with her work for the agency YODT.avi_001406488and how many times she has now been kidnapped from her home, you’d think she’d see two men in suits and a sedan YODT.avi_001414329and stay far away! Winking smile
As Amanda enthusiastically gives the men directions to Barbara St, they pull a gun on
YODT.avi_001415789her.. a big one!
Eiger: one word and it’s your last… get in the car lady.

Amanda hesitates and tries to leave the groceries.. I YODT.avi_001427217think she just wants her family to have some food! Winking smile but… Eiger tells her she has to bring them with her.
YODT.avi_001430053It is amazing no one at the agency figured this could happen-I think this probably doesn’t have any meaning, it’s just required to keep the plot moving. ugh.. but it makes the agency look inept and neglectful of Amanda’s safety!
[Lee included and I’m pretty sure that is not something the writers want to be conveying!] The writing on this episode is IMHO nnnnnot  great.. not only does the logic of the agency make no sense, the logic of the baddies is lame also.. I’ll explain why in a minute! [though LOL you’ve probably already figured it out yourself! Okay.. I’ll state the obvious in a minute! Winking smile ]

So, off the baddies drive.. gun pointing at Amanda.. Though they never even check that this is actually someone called Amanda King!
[Is it just me or is Amanda’s hair looking a little shorter here?] LOL!! Amanda is such a trooper.. she is becoming quite an old hand at being kidnapped at gunpoint isn’t she!
Amanda: why are you doing this?
Cavanaugh: we thought you were dead. The papers were very helpful with their retraction.
YODT.avi_001454244Amanda: this whole thing is a terrible mistake.
Eiger: why don’t you put the groceries on the floor and relax.
[yes relax while I point a gun at you… uh huh..]
LOL see behind Eiger? you can tell they are on the warner bros street. we see the same buildings a few times in this scene.. it’s that part of warners where they filmed dukes of hazzard.. but.. I digress!
YODT.avi_001464880When Amanda offers to rearrange the groceries I guess we are thinking Amanda is acting weird to cope with the stress.. so does Eiger and Cavanaugh.. Suckers!
YODT.avi_001467007Eiger: How thoughtful of you.
Cavanaugh: who are you working for?

Amanda doesn’t answer. She just gives them a look and keeps rearranging those groceries.
Cavanaugh continues:
they gave you a pretty convincing cover, you live with your mother and two kids Jamie and Phillip ha!…
…Did they really find kids for you or do they YODT.avi_001480479just exist on paper on some computer somewhere.
[I don’t think he understands how computers work.. they are not full of paper Winking smile tee hee – maybe he thinks there is literally a red file in the computer at Teldar haaa! ]
YODT.avi_001482606Amanda: No, they’re real children and that’s my real mother.
Okay soooo the baddies think ‘Amanda King’ is a cover she used to break into Teldar.. and the kids and mother are all part of the cover?? If everything else has been made up – why would they expect her to have used her real address?? whahahhaaaaaa!!! And okay, if she was super dumb, and did- why would Amanda still be living at that address after she escaped Teldar? They don’t even know this person on their back seat is called Amanda King, ever or if she is the person who broke into Teldar! These are some dumb baddies..
Eiger attaches the silencer to his gun with flair.. :
well that’s very touching.
YODT.avi_001487569Cavanaugh: well the papers will be right next time… YODT.avi_001490405
…You only die twice Mrs King!

YODT.avi_001493241These baddies are awful.. get em Amanda! No one makes a pun on a James Bond movie title and gets away with it!!
YODT.avi_001494034Amanda sprays them with her whipped cream!!!! whooo hooo!!!! Surprise!! YODT.avi_001494201Amanda’s lucky the guy with the gun doesn’t just shoot her.. but I like it!
YODT.avi_001494701This feels like early Amanda don’t you think? good stuff!!

It’s a good thing that canned YODT.avi_001495035whipped cream is such a necessity in the King Household..

Gooooo YODT.avi_001496203Amanda! Smile
YODT.avi_001497037Gives new meaning to the phrase ‘ I creamed them!’
It even looks like Amanda’s car springs to life, tracks Amanda down and tries to help her.. but at the last moment moves out of the way.. The car needs a name.. Hmm.. anyone?? [How’s that Vehicle Patrol going KC?! can’t wait to see what goodies you’ve found! ]
ROFL! did I just hear that?? YODT.avi_001502042there is clown music! I swear.. *Zzzzzzip!* it’s clown music!!!clown2 You hear it when the car suddenly, miraculously, YODT.avi_001502876automatically pulls over to the side of the road to let Amanda out 😉 Amanda runs away  oh and those two clowns errr I mean baddies (Bozo and Krusty?) why.. it was very good of them to both be spontaneously and inexplicably knocked unconscious by a bit of whipped cream in the face!clown2
 honk honk!! two guys and a gun getting creamed by a woman armed with groceries.. all it needs is a cherry YODT.avi_001510050on top!clown2
..Eiger wakes from his whipped cream stupor: Let’s get out of here!
where is she?
Eiger: forget it she’s gone now let’s get out of here before some helpful neighbour calls the police.
Love how they reverse the car and the back door is still wide open! Krusty and Bozo leave this circus!  Honk Honk!!  [btw- I find clowns creepy thanks to Stephen King’s IT – what episode did that come up in ?? I know we’ve discussed it before! oh well.. ]

Back to IFF, Lee comes running into Billy’s office with news..
and finds Billy on the floor searching for a microdot- he sneezed it away!! Not just any microdot.. the Dardenelles microdot!!! whoooooo!!
Lee: which direction did you sneeze?
Billy: Out!
Lee: Out?
Billy: Out! It was a big sneeze!!

rofl..  Those darn sneezes.. they happen to me when I am holding Microdots too Billy..
Memo to Agency training Dept: Urgent- provide training on sneezing out safely!

I don’t really get this microdot moment.. how to have Lee tell Billy background info and keep it entertaining? Lee only had to deliver a few lines and it was done – I do think its cute and all but it feels like they are trying drag out this episode to make it longer.. meh!!..
Lee has spoken to an Argentine contact, Crandall,  who was in San Rafin at the same time as Sylvia (and the Rojas assassination I guess) and his suspicions are the same as Sylvia’s.
Rofl!! Billy’s desk is on wheels! Winking smile I will resist commenting on Lee’s butt in the air.. I will. I will.. oh? too late! Winking smile
Francine walks in on them on the floor and has a laugh at them.. all a bit random..Now if Billy had been standing and Lee was kneeling and passing him the microdot- that would have been funny.. they could have made it look like Lee was proposing to Billy with a microdot.. but alas.. an opportunity wasted….
Francine chuckles away..
and Billy cuts her off: One smart remark from you young lady and you’ll be filling in forms in Sheboygen till Christmas!
Francine: I see nothing out of the ordinary.

LOL! I’ll leave it here for the moment before things start getting really weird! Winking smile any thoughts you’d like to share? questions? Who loves the clown gag with the music?? anyone loathe it?? Feel free to share your view Smile Anyone not find these baddies dumb?! I do love smk’s dumb baddies… Anyone love clowns? [If so-sorry!] okay byeee everyone!

18 responses to “7/10 Season Two, Episode 20: You Only Die Twice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. The Agency diet plan?? LOL! As if Amanda needs to be on a diet! Maybe the gain some weight diet!

    Yes…Amanda’s hair is looking more like Sister Bear’s again….

    Oooh! A Dukes of Hazzard mention! I used to like that show. Friday nights at 8pm. I liked Bo, Luke, Enos and Uncle Jesse. Not Daisy nor her dukes.
    Plot holes galore!!! I’m LOL’ing right now! Great catch on the clown circus music!! Hahaha! Maybe it’s like getting a pie in the face at the circus? I don’t like clowns, but like the music gag.

    Love Billy’s, “Out!” line. Makes me laugh every time. I miss Billy.
    Why does Sheboygan and Albuquerque get the shaft in this show? Actually, they get the shaft a lot and not just in this show. I guess they are just fun to say?

    I love how Amanda is getting pretty resourceful here. Whipped cream? She sure knows her propellant products. She sprays a lot – hairspray in Bobby Bouchard’s face in TGTN, the garden hose on the windshield in FDotty…are there others? Guess you don’t need special training to spray someone. She is really getting some ‘field experience’ and gaining some confidence in herself here.


    • Awhhh BJo – I always love to hear the bits you enjoyed 😉

      LOL yes, Billy has been on the agency gaining weight diet! Did you see Jenbo’s meme of Billy’s shiny head?? Genius!!! check it out on Neds if you missed it everyone!

      Hope you are all well.. I’m still on holidays.. and enjoying reading all your thoughts! byeeeee!


  2. Hey, I like clowns at the circus – anywhere else just doesn’t seem right. Well, okay, maybe Ronald McDonald – but I didn’t like the last “official” one. Something just didn’t seem right about him.


  3. Well since I am basically frustrated that Amanda has no food in the house, none, nothing, nada (I mean, who doesn’t have a few supplies???), the plot holes are a mile wide, and dumb prevails between a few nice moments in this episode, I will valiantly *ie slams head against the wall repeatedly* ignore it all to focus on the baddies. I just saw Gregory Iztin, who plays Cavenaugh, in a brief scene in “Airplane” where he plays “religious zealot #1”. It’s probably the only role he has done that he isn’t a baddie. He was the president in “24” and is currently in “Covert Affairs” scaring the daylights out of me. (I bought “Airplane” for my hubbie as an anniversary gift, big spender that I am! Watched it on Thanksgiving; perfect way to end the day ;)) Ok, that’s my trivia for the day. Back down the rabbit hole with whipped cream and popcorn to add to my pile of chocolate and marshmallows. Wanna join me?!


  4. Yep Billy and Lee crawling around on the floor can only be explained as filler. Oh well…….
    And I agree, whipped cream would never be on my list of must have necessities even if I had a romantic weekend planned with my honey 😉


  5. Considering how Amanda is always counting the pennies is whipped cream in a tin a vital necessity to her weekly shopping? Still handy for completely disarming bad guys eh? I guess chucking popcorn wouldn’t have had the same effect 😉
    The microdot scene. I agree IWSOD feels like filler to stretch out a rather lame episode. Funny but pointless. The pic of Lee and Billy on knees as he hands over the microdot is calling out to be a meme. KC no pressure but come up with a good one 😉


  6. Krusty and Bozo!! Iwsod, you are too funny!! Don’t like clowns myself. Still trying to figure out how I even sat through “IT”. Tim Curry makes one terrifying clown.


  7. The microdot… are we supposed to be thinking about Amanda losing the microdot in BAI? That is where my mind is being led to, but I am still trying to make the connection. I think in a few more brain contortions I may make it all work…
    I love the whipped cream, but I did wonder why if Amanda was doing an emergency, just to get by kind of shop why she was buying whipped cream. Maybe she was going to make some kind of fun dessert for the boys to make up for the lack of food in the house.
    I also love the way Amanda is so used to being kidnapped now. It is such a regular occurrence in her life she just gives that fed up, non plussed look and hunts for the whipped cream. Ha ha!


  8. Hmmm… maybe the dumb baddies just pulled out to follow any car that turned in the direction of Amanda’s house? 😀
    LOL! I looked twice at the station wagon that nearly runs them off the road, and–although it’s the same colour scheme as Amanda’s–it’s not the same as her current Oldsmobile, or the previous Ford. (Among other reasons, the bumper and lights are different, as is the handle on the hatch.) But it is awesome that an Amanda-like car helps in the rescue. (And yes–I’m working on Vehicle Patrol.)
    I love that popcorn and whipped cream are necessities in the King household. (Lee should file away the whipped cream fetish for later use… 😀 Ahem. Sorry… *starts humming the smurf song to return to a family rating*)
    Yep–cue the clowns!!! It’s totally clown music! (The creepy clown I always think of is Brian Dennehy in To Catch a Killer…) I don’t love the use of the music in this scene, and I don’t hate it… I think it’s entertaining, but it kind of takes something away from Amanda using her noggin to get out of another bad situation… the music makes it seem slapstick and not like she had a plan. But I don’t hate it… it’s almost like they’re throwing back to the previous episode. ??? *shrug*
    Ha ha! “Scarecrow, did you ever sneeze?” The way Billy says it, he sounds like he’s blaming Lee!
    One of the things that makes me laugh this episode is that I swear Francine is wearing the same goofy pink pants in the microdot scene that Amanda is wearing in the Dotty-reading-the-obituaries scene. LOL! Even if they’re not exactly the same, i.e., wardrobe screwup, I think Francine would be horrified to know she’d worn something very similar to anything Amanda wore. ROFL!


    • “I love that popcorn and whipped cream are necessities in the King household.”

      Don’t forget the marshmallows! I don’t think they mention them among Amanda’s groceries this time, but marshmallows seem to crop up throughout the series. I usually buy them only about once a year myself. Come to think of it, that time is coming soon . . .


    • LOL I had no idea if it was Amanda’s car.. but it looked a lot like it and that was enough for me.. You’d think they’d use a different looking car! A lot like the pink pants – you’d think they’d ensure a bit of variety.. then again I think this episode had bigger problems than these! 🙂

      LOL yes now throwing popcorn (good one Jenbo!) or marshmallows at the baddies would be hilarious!! 🙂

      Valerie – that was Tim Curry??? *shudder*

      Does anyone like clowns?? Poor Pretzel.. he would be out of a job now! Wasn’t the Brian Dennehy movie about The serial killer who dressed as clown – Gacey? ugh.. the fact that the boss’ name is Macey was too freaky.. I just tried to ignore that kreepy coincidence!

      LOL have we all lost interest in this ep??

      Black jumpsuit is coming! And.. I have gone a tad bonkers during the action finale!

      Jenbo I love Amanda too – but she bugs me sometime too!! 🙂 don’t worry!

      byee all!!


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