8/10 Season Two, Episode 20: You Only Die Twice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Billy: Scarecrow, we’ve got to find something to break this case open!
Francine: we need to get inside of Teldar.
Billy: I’d love to get the entire unit into Teldar but I cannot sanction a run on a major corporation without having any proof!

[whoa… Billy’s head is really shiny!!! did they forget to do his makeup there? LOL! or does that just happen when Billy is frustrated he has no proof?] Hmmm okay.. so let’s all just stand around and discuss it and wait for Amanda to burst in with the proof.. La laa laaaaa…
YODT.avi_001613069Lee: but Crandall-
Billy: just had suspicions. You said so yourself.
YODT.avi_001618742Lee: alright. then send me in alone. They killed Sylvia, she must have been on to something.

YODT.avi_001621578Ahhh yes.. she went in there ALONE.. and got killed- so now Scarecrow? he wants to go in there: ALONE!!!! uh huh..
We hear a little knock knock at the door…
Amanda doesn’t wait for a response she comes in anyway! Love it!
Amanda: Ohh thank goodness you’re all here!
[Yes what Luck.. they were all waiting for you to give them a break on the case Winking smile ] …I was just kidnapped.
Lee: what?
Amanda: I was just kidnapped, they were gonna kill me but I got em with the whipped cream.

[love how Amanda smacks her hands.. probably wishing she could have smacked those baddies up the side of their clown faces]
This line is top shelf smk right there !! 😆
Love Francine’s reaction:
Whipped cream?
YODT.avi_001628668Lee: whipped cream.
YODT.avi_001630086Amanda: They thought that I was dead and
YODT.avi_001631504then they knew that I wasn’t dead anymore because they read about it in the newspaper.

**iwsod is banging her head on desk** Yep.. no one figured this out earlier= fail!!
Super clever Lee declares:
Sylvia Sampson!
YODT.avi_001633632At this, Billy looks shocked! Francine looks amazed!
That’s a genius connection there Lee!!! That a flippin 8 year old could have made..15 minutes ago!! Aie! this is ridiculous! bring on the black jumpsuit and I’ll think Lee is the smartest bravest spyest everest! Winking smile
Lee (painfully) continues excited by this Revelation!: They thought you were Sylvia! that’s it, that’s got to be it! that’s your proof Billy! they killed Sylvia at Teldar under Amanda’s identity!
YODT.avi_001640722By the way- what pass is Amanda wearing? It doesn’t look like her usual GUEST PASS!!!! ??
You know what’s worse than this bleedingly obvious connection of Lee’s being portrayed as genius? Billy doesn’t believe it!! he questions it!!! whahahwaahahaahaaaaa!
YODT.avi_001643558Billy: oh now wait a minute! Amanda, did they say anything about Teldar at any time?

YODT.avi_001646102Amanda: No sir. I never heard that.
Lee: that’s got to be it!!!

Yes what YODT.avi_001647437Amanda said proves it haaaa.. she heard nothing about Teldar! haaa!!!

I’m sorry if I’m being tedious here everyone but these plot holes are so lame it is hilarious!

Billy’s not sure. He checks with Amanda who can’t confirm it, so Lee is more adamant than ever! Ahhh smk logic.. you’ve gotta love it!
YODT.avi_001649230For no reason, Billy’s suddenly on board and excited!: Alright! You get in, you get out!
[… and you shake it all about.. you do the hokey pokey and you turn around.. the black jumpsuit’s what it’s all
YODT.avi_001654903about!!! ]

…and I want you to check in every hour so I can monitor your safety…

[i.e so me, your boss can be your back up! you got that!! your back up back here at the office where I can’t really help you anyway Winking smile but.. I do know who to talk to at the newspaper to get an obituary! Winking smile whahahaahaa!!! Billy looks so tough when he says this haaa..poor shiny head Billy..]
…and I want a 24 hour watch on Amanda’s home.
[about flippin time].
Lee: Done!
Amanda: Thank you very much Sir!
Lee to Amanda:
come on I’ll drive you home.
[so she didn’t go get her car and drive to the agency? me confused..]
Amanda stops Lee in his tracks:
What about my groceries?
Lee: your groceries?

YODT.avi_001660575YODT.avi_001661993Lee turns to look at Billy.. Billy gives Amanda a half hearted smile.

Lee looks confused..

YODT.avi_001662702Amanda to Lee:
my groceries, I don’t have any food in the house.
YODT.avi_001664120Lee: alright alright. alright. Just give me a
YODT.avi_001665538list and I will have one of our agents…
[ looking at Billy as he says this] YODT.avi_001666956…pick them up for you.
Francine rolls her eyes.. seething..
She knows what’s coming..

I guess.. though I don’t get it..

Billy hands Francine a pencil to take notes..
and Amanda starts citing her grocery list: two heads of lettuce ah tomatoes.
YODT.avi_001673338Lee: come on come on
Amanda: A zucchini ahhh whipped cream.
Lee rushes Amanda out of the office while reciting her shopping list– so how can Francine take down her shopping list? None of this makes any sense! We’ll come back to this in the tag..
We see Francine take a notepad and smack it in her hand starting to make notes.. Lee and Amanda gone.. the scene ends there.

Back to spaceship Teldar! Bozo and Krusty have been going through Amanda’s groceries and swapping recipes.. yep these ordinary groceries have them stumped!
Eiger: two heads of lettuce, tomatoes. whipped cream.
Cavanaugh: well we could make a wicked salad out of this but there’s nothing here that tells us what her game is.
[it would be wicked, they are the bad guys! 😉 ]
Eiger: who the hell is this woman.
YODT.avi_001693191Macey: She’s obviously a pro. She’s alluded you twice now.

ROFL!!!! that is one of the best baddie lines ever!!! This might not be the best written smk story ever- but it’s got a couple of brilliant lines! 1coolI love that smk makes fun of how inept the baddies are.. yes Amanda is super clever or the baddies are just dumb! I love that smk doesn’t take itself too seriously.. I’ll cut the writing some slackSmile – love the old she’s so normal she is a total pro joke.. love it! Again, that feels like early smk Smile
YODT.avi_001696027Oh yawn.. yes we will strike at Mrs King when least expected.. ra ra.. yawn .. muahahahaa!

The whole clown troop head over to Amanda’s – probably all squeezed into a tiny little mini!
YODT.avi_001738570 Winking smile honk honk! Send in the clowns! Winking smile How many clown gags can you squeeze into a post?
Aie!!! I shall finish up here for the moment.. are you still with me?? hanging in there?? this episode is not a fave.. but I’m still looking for smk goodies- like this brilliant she’s obviously a pro gag! let us know if you see any Smile

27 responses to “8/10 Season Two, Episode 20: You Only Die Twice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Oh my, this episode – or rather your comments – are cracking me up.
    I’m currently watching one or two episodes per evening (rewatch in revised order) and I try to read the respective episode post that same evening or the next day.
    I love that most of the things that annoy me or make me laugh while watching are addressed here and that we can do both on this blog, love this show to pieces and also laugh about the plot holes and unlikely coincidences.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, iwsod, thanks for the laughs!!! I just about bust my gut with your jumpsuit version of the hokey pokey.

    Love that Billy gives Francine the pencil to write down Amanda’s list. Love even more that Francine knows what’s coming! Once again the untrained, unqualified civilian is getting the better of her. Tee hee.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Is funny when I’ve watched this episode before it hasn’t annoyed me but going through this slowly it’s really making me roll my eyes big time.

    Doesn’t Amanda and her family eat a lot of red meat! Can’t be good for you. And a single loaf of bread? Won’t last very long with lunches to make for boys. And that is a suspiciously small carton of milk……what were the cows on strike when she went shopping? 😉

    Ooh love a bit of physical touching to emphasise your point Amanda. Just to make Lee understands what an emergency it is 😉 Poor Francine such a highly trained agent being left to take down dictation from Amanda. I almost feel sorry for her.


    • But, somehow, Francine weasels out of grocery store duty because Lee and Amanda have to go get the groceries later. Actually, watching Francine attempt to go grocery shopping and somehow fail would have made an entertaining filler for the show. Amanda’s grocery problems were already a running gag, so it could have been amusing to watch another batch of groceries get blitzed, especially if Francine took some flack for it:

      Francine arrives back at the Agency, out of breath and shaking. She has whipped cream in her hair. As she collapses into a chair, Billy asks, “Francine? I thought you were grocery shopping. What happened?”

      Francine wails, “I don’t know!”

      “What do you mean, you don’t know?”

      “They were . . . I was . . . WHIPPED CREAM!”

      Then, nobody ever asks Francine to pick up groceries ever again.


  4. Totally unrelated to this episode, but the comments about Amanda’s missing purse remind me of one of my favorite scenes from the series, in Brunettes Are In, after Lee yelled at Amanda for getting her purse stolen at the laundromat. He is going to give her a ride back to the Agency, but she pulls away from and stomps away: “I’ve got my own car.” Then we see that priceless moment where Lee is standing there and then he says, “What?” as she stomps back into the scene: “My keys were in my purse.” Heh.


    • For some reason I have an issue about Amanda and her purse(s) or just the purses in general. Maybe it’s because I don’t always carry one. But for some reason she hangs onto her purse at the oddest of times and then others it’s not even there. In Spiderweb she hangs on to it while carrying the bat, even after she’s dropped everything else. Sometimes there is a random agent going in for some tactical maneuver and they have a purse. There was even some weird little purse slippage with Lee and Francine in Magic Bus when they are checking out the Vigilant RV. All of the unnecessary props that is one they could have kept.


    • I love that scene too!!


  5. I kinda agree with you iwsod. I always felt that thise with amanda’s short should have been in the beginning of the series. And the more or longer hair she has the later it is in the production.


  6. “I’d love to get the entire unit into Teldar…”
    I don’t know why (or, actually, maybe I do 😀 ), but that just totally cracks me up! 😀
    BTW–I think the shininess of Billy’s head is due to the spaceship Teldar shining it’s landing lights on his dome. 😀 😀 Maybe.
    “By the way- what pass is Amanda wearing? It doesn’t look like her usual GUEST PASS!!!! ??”
    It’s not her usual one, and I think it’s ‘cos she left her handbag in the baddies’ car so Mrs. Marsten probably figured she was a security risk–dead one day, no ID the next… :p (It’s funny–she had the handbag straps over her shoulder when she shot the baddies with whipped cream, but when she jumped out of the car and ran away immediately afterward, she was handbag-less… WTF? Amanda’s smarter than that!) Tee hee hee…
    “Lee to Amanda: come on I’ll drive you home. [so she didn’t go get her car and drive to the agency? me confused..]”
    Hmmm… I think that either: a) Amanda ran all the way to the Agency from the baddies’ car in her neighbourhood (around the roundabout, across the bridge, blah blah, bears in the night), or b) Lee is worried about her safety and wants to protect her.
    “Francine rolls her eyes.. seething.. She knows what’s coming.. I guess.. though I don’t get it..”
    Psssttt… she was laughing at Billy and Lee looking for the microdot (though all she said was “I see nothing out of the ordinary”)… so instead of getting sent to Sheyboygen, she gets to do Amanda’s grocery shopping. Heh heh heh!
    “and Amanda starts citing her grocery list: two heads of lettuce ah tomatoes.”
    But she pulled out one head of lettuce and a bunch of celery out of the bag in the baddies’ car… right?
    “Cavanaugh: well we could make a wicked salad out of this but there’s nothing here that tells us what her game is.”
    Is Cavanaugh supposed to be from Boston (“wicked”)? Oh, and I love the extras in the groceries… including the baby oil. Hmmm… baby oil and whipped cream. *wiggling eyebrows* Was Amanda planning on having some fun–or were they for Dotty? 😀 😀 😀 (Humming the Smurf song again…)
    Macey: “We can be guilty as hell, and still operate!”
    Wah hah hah!
    This isn’t a great episode, but it’s SMK (so it’s all good–except for ACA :p ) and definitely has its moments. 🙂


  7. Aha! Remember those doors to alternate dimensions and rabbit holes in Billy’s office where the plot holes reside? The plot holes must have been getting restless behind those doors and wanted to come out to play coz here they are! Kind of like that children’s book “There’s a Nightmare in my Closet” in which the monster in the closet is lonely all by itself. There can be no other reason for the egregious plot holes in this episode! Hah!

    I find is so fascinating that when Amanda asks Lee about her groceries, she puts her hands on his *swoon* stomach to stop him. OMG, there is nooooo personal space between these two, none! As Wikipedia says in the article on the subject, “Permitting a person to enter personal space and entering somebody else’s personal space are indicators of perception of the relationship between the people. There is an intimate zone reserved for lovers, children and close family members. There is another zone used for conversations with friends, to chat with associates, and in group discussions; a further zone is reserved for strangers, newly formed groups, and new acquaintances.” Hmmm, interesting how Lee and Amanda stand so very very close even though they are with Billy and Francine. “Fascinating” as Data would say! (Wow, I am down too many rabbit holes. Must find the correct bunny to follow…)

    And just one more thing, why should Francine, a highly trained agent go for freaking groceries??? *bang head against wall* Billy could do it in that case! Just saying….


    • Love the Wikipedia definition of personal space. I wonder what Lee and Amanda would have done if they had read that. Probably a repeat of the bridge scene in Bromfield Hall, huh?


  8. You know wha always stands out to me in this scene? It is the way Amanda stops Lee to remind him of the groceries. Both hands on his abdomen….That is kind of close… I don’t know, I like it 🙂


  9. Send in the clowns! I love it! This is a bit of a goofy episode. Too bad no one was playing goofy golf. It does seem to be a bit all over the place.


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