2/15 Season Two, Episode 21: Burn Out-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Amanda, shocked at Lee’s behaviour approaches Francine. It looks to me like this is the first Amanda has seen of this kind of behaviour from Lee- would you agree?? This is curious.. I’ll come back to this later! 🙂2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000417183
Amanda asks: What’s the matter with Lee?
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000421187Francine: I’m afraid it’s called burn out.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000421988
Personally, I think Amanda just wanted to get close enough to check out Francine’s necklace.. I bet she is wondering just how you get that thing off without unscrewing Francine’s head.. 2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000425992
Laaa de dah.. umm since I know Lee is faking there is no suspense here I’m afraid.. just fashion police moments! hehehee.. Amanda wears this outfit of hers for like 5 seconds!! that’s got to be a record..Uh oh.. the Amanda Tie has arrived!!! They always make me think of clowns! Maybe Amanda was inspired by the baddies in YODTwice! Winking smile  And they are some big ear buttons she’s got here! If the fashion in this ep doesn’t improve we might be at risk of Fashion Burn Out! Oh yeah!!! Robo Francine in that necklace there might actually start to seem normal to me..

2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000427594On to Suburbia… aha!! the smelly Pitt family  are still jogging past Amanda’s!!Amanda is 2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000430797reading up on Burn Out.. [and in a different outfit.. Hmm she waited a day to read up on it?] My goodness, I don’t think I have seen Amanda sitting in that single chair in the corner since Brunettes are In..a coincidence?  Dotty: Amanda, you will not believe this. This is from your great aunt Irene. She is getting married again.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000433199
Amanda: Oh.
Is this the 5th or 6th time?2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000438805

2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000440407Amanda: Sixth time, I think.
Dotty: Well, I tell you something. You just have to keep doing it until you get it right. That’s what I always say. Here’s some coffee.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000445211
Love Dottie’s pearl of wisdom here- it’s been a while since we heard one-  I’ve missed them..
Dotty: Amanda, you’re not paying much attention to me.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000448415
Amanda: Well, I’m trying to read this.
Dotty: What are you reading these medical books for?
Are you sick?
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000454821Amanda: I have a friend who might be sick.
Dotty: Oh dear.
Honey, there’s a lot of virus’ going around.2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000458825

Amanda: No, Mother, it’s not a virus. It’s, uh, burn out.2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000461227
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000462829
Dotty: Burn out?
Amanda: Yeah, it’s mental fatigue caused by stress, work-related problems, things like that.

Dotty: Oh, well, why don’t you invite her for dinner?
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000467634
LOL! I love how Dotty assumes Amanda’s friend at work suffering from Burn Out is a woman..[then again it could be Dotty fishing for information- because she wants to know if it’s a man but doesn’t want to just 2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000470036ask!]
Amanda: Mmm. It’s not a ‘her’, it’s a ‘him’ and I really don’t think that would do it.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000474040Dotty: Well, invite him for dinner. I mean I would love to meet one of your friends.
– did she perk up when she heard it was a man?!! Oh my.. imagine if she knew what Lee looked like.. I love how Dotty reacts to Lee in future eps and that I got to see it!!
Love how Dotty tries to invite the work friend over for dinner.. the guy has mental fatigue Dotty!! lol!
BTW- in the script- [revised final draft] Amanda sees Dotty is hinting that Amanda and this co-worker are more than friends.. Amanda responds saying: they are just friends.
Amanda: Mother, he’s really not feeling very well, and besides that, he’s… he’s kind of shy.
[Hmm that’s the second time she’s said that about Lee.. both times covering- when was the other time we’ve heard that so far?? and.. do you think there is truth in it? do you think Lee is kind of shy?]
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_0004756422.21 BURN OUT.avi_000478044
Dotty responds: well this could be very good for him, you know what they say social activity can cure a lot of ills..
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000481247

2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000486052Amanda:  You know what, Mother? You may be right.
Dotty: Now where are you going?
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000493259Amanda: Maybe he just needs somebody to talk to.
Dotty: That may be true. Why don’t you invite him to
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000495662dinner and …
Amanda and Dotty in unison: …we can both talk to him.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000497263love how Amanda finishes her sentence there- yep she knows Dotty is determined to get a look at this male friend of Amanda’s at work!
Amanda: I know, Mother. Maybe I’ll spare him that.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000498865Dotty: All right.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000499666
Amanda: See you later.
very cute how Amanda ruffles Dotty’s hair as she says goodbye! In response- Dotty rolls her eyes.. she knows her little attempts have been seen through!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000500467
Is it just me or is this a lot like the scene in Savior where Amanda is worried about Lee and talks to Dotty about ‘options’ ???? Almost a little too similar..?
This seems to be Saviour redux.. so far..or.. maybe Savior could have been called ‘Sell Out’ , where this one is ‘Burn Out’??!!! Why are they so similar?.. are the writers using that in some way?? I don’t have the answers- just wondering why they decided to revisit this plot twist- maybe together we can work it out huh?? Love to hear your ideas!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000502869
Off to Nedlindgers.. Lee is finishing off another drink and Ned suggests he slow it down or he won’t be in any shape to go back to work.
Lee:  Ahh, hmmm. So who says I’m going back to work, huh?
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000512479
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000513279Ned: What’d they do, give you the afternoon off?
Lee: Something like that.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000514881
…You know, Ned,
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000518885
bureaucracy is a wonderful thing. Long live bureaucracy.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000522889

Man this cover of Scruffy burned out Lee is kinda costly isn’t it? I mean even the people at his favourite watering hole are going to think that Lee has burned out- he really doesn’t seem to be concerned for his reputation- I mean it is one thing to have Francine thinking the wrong thing- but she can be set straight later.. what about his buddy Ned the bartender? Is Lee going to explain his bad attitude and ‘alcoholism’ to him? It strikes me how much this is costing Lee – but this doesn’t seem to be an issue for Lee.. maybe he is so focused on his goal that he doesn’t see the damage that will be left when he is done?? Thoughts anyone?
Amanda fits into this too.. We’ll get back to that! Smile
A guy approaches the bar..
Man:  Ned, can we have another round at our table? Put it on my tab.
This guy turns to address Lee.
Man: Hunh, sounds like you had a hard day at the office.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000527694
Lee: Oh, let me tell you, it’s hard to have a good one with a bunch of… pencil pushers and desk  jockeys!

2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000534100
Man: Oh, I know the feeling. A couple months back I had to tell my boss what to do with my job.
Lee: Oh, yeah. Did he do it?
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000539706
Man: Anatomically impossible.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000542909

Lee finds this suitably funny.. whoo hooo Lee’s little trap here is starting to pay off..
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000545311
Lee: Mmm, ah. Ned, hit me with another one will you?
And one for my friend, uh…
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000550917
Man: Jack… Jack Harris.
Lee: Jack. Jack Harris, that’s it.
Jack: Don’t let them get to you. These corporations are all the same. You’re just a number to them. Another machine they can use up and spit out.
[you know what’s weird about this pitch of Jack’s? I think what he says is partly true! Just look at what the agency is asking of Lee here?? The agency can chew people up and spit them out.. It’s not too far off the mark. Lee is just a number to the agency (though more than that to Billy and Francine – and June Phelps I’m sure 😉 ..
– Amanda’s just a number too IMHO.. Hmm.. I’ll have to revisit this thought!]
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000557323Lee: No, no. It’s these, these desk honchos that really 2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000569336get me.  They sit up there in their fat offices givin’ the orders and they don’t have the slightest idea of what it’s like to be in the field.
[field?? Is Lee intentionally dropping a clue here of what his true occupation is?]
Jack: What kind of business are you in?
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000579746Lee: Ahhh, … Documentary films, a place called I … F … F.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000584551
Jack: Ah, film, plastic, what’s the difference? They’re all out to burn the little guy. Here….
Jack goes to pay for their drinks but Lee tries to stop him.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000589356Lee: No, no, no …
Jack: I got it. I got it.
Lee: C’mon.
Jack: I don’t mind.
Jack pulls out a huge ball of money… show off! He throws some money on the bar..
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000591758
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000596563Lee: Well, you don’t look like you’re doing too bad for being dumped.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000601368Jack: There’s some interesting things out there if you keep an open mind.
Oh good looks like Lee is getting a nibble on the bait he is throwing!  2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000602969

LOL I guess if we don’t know this is a set up we are now thinking Lee has just made a new friend? Anyone remember seeing this and not knowing about the set up?
I shall finish up there for now.. As always- I’d love to hear your thoughts- any thoughts you’d like to share! byee for now!

57 responses to “2/15 Season Two, Episode 21: Burn Out-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. “It strikes me how much this is costing Lee – but this doesn’t seem to be an issue for Lee.. maybe he is so focused on his goal that he doesn’t see the damage that will be left when he is done??”– Fascinating thought as always iwsod. That’s one of the things I love about your commentary; it makes me think. I agree that Lee doesn’t seem to care what it costs him, just like in “Remembrance of things past” where he didn’t give a second thought to how it would affect people if he was dead. He is so used to being an island & closed off from everyone & always being in super-suave spy mode. He’s built a wall around himself, and I think the change in him over the length of the show is one of the things that makes it so interesting to watch.


  2. Hah! I just noticed a continuity boo-boo. 😀 When we see Lee with the first drink that Ned poured, the glass is uber full… less than an inch from the brim. But when the shot moves to the side, showing Harris, and Lee goes to take his first drink from the glass, he has it tilted way over–about 60 degrees at a guess–and we’re still not seeing fluid! Oopsie!!! Magically emptying glass! 😀


  3. Hi All, my internet is working – YAY!!!!! Soooo glad to finally be able to get into the discussion 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m going to add this comment first before I read the others and then will go read what everyone else says – can’t wait!!! Love the snow and the new GIF, iwsod!

    First of all, the first time I watched BOut, I’m still not realizing this is all a cover for Lee at this point. I know I was thinking what is going on, but really thought with the entrance of Amanda and what she says that the episode was finally going to have these two get closer – because the only person who could help Lee recover from burnout was Amanda! I thought that was where the series was headed – their romantic relationship would finally be pushed further along because it was looking like Lee was going to need a lot of hands on help – LOL. She is so concerned for him – I think this is the first time Amanda has seen type of behavior from Lee – he’s always been very professional WRT his job. And based on her reaction she is very concerned for him and her help-o-meter is going off like a siren.

    “…how you get that thing off without unscrewing Francine’s head..” ROFLMBO!!!!! Did you make a meme, iwsod??? Ugh, the Amandatie. Not as bad as the Amandaband, but almost. I’m glad that fashion trend stayed in the 80’s.

    Love the scene with Dotty and Amanda. LOVE Dotty – I *bet* she wants to meet a man friend of Amanda’s from work – wonder if he’s plants or animals? Hmmm, all animal, I think 😉 Ahem. Oh, Dotty, bless your heart…but you’re right, there is nothing that a good little conversation with some friends who’ll listen to cure what is bringing you down! Even if it is a wee computer blog 🙂

    Do I think Lee is kind of shy…yes and no, but I wonder why Amanda thinks so – at this point we have the advantage over Amanda – we’ve known him four years and she’s only know him almost two. There is no need for her to be making this up to her mother, and the way she says it here doesn’t make me think she’s trying to make up an excuse like “her club”. This is hard to answer because most of the time we only see Lee working. We haven’t really seen him doing too many non-working things yet have we? He doesn’t appear to be shy with ‘the ladies’ and he does seem to share stuff with Amanda, as long as it’s not how he got his code name. If anything I wonder if Amanda isn’t just picking up on the fact that Lee doesn’t reveal too much of himself to anyone out of habit because of his job. But then again, maybe she thinks that he is so good at playing cover after cover after cover that the real Lee is shy. I do not think that Scarecrow is shy. He can’t be and be good at his job. Maybe that’s why I say he’s not shy with ‘the ladies’ because he’s being Scarecrow with them and not Lee.

    On the idea of revisiting the Savior plot twist – I think that the writers use Dotty/Amanda scenes like this when Amanda is trying to figure out an issue that is more personal in nature than work related. It reminds us how close these two are and that family/caring/sharing is important to Amanda.

    On to Ned’s – every time I see this episode I wonder about what Lee is drinking and don’t wonder if he’s got his own ‘special bottle of Scotch’ behind the bar that Ned pours only for Lee. Maybe Lee just gave Ned all he ‘needed to know’ about the situation and told him to only give him real scotch when necessary – like with Jack the Horrible Haircut Harris. Hey, at least Amanda’s not the only one with a hair don’t in this episode. Just how does Lee drink all that booze and still manage to play his cover effectively? I’ll comment on what this is costing Lee in the next post. But I do think Lee is ONLY focused on the job here and is willing to sacrifice just about everything else…just about. 😉

    I agree – Lee and Amanda are just numbers – just about anyone who works for a large corp. is. IMHO. Think I’ve said on the blog before, a big company will take whatever you give it – there is no limit and no conscience with a big corp. to tell you to stop giving to it.

    I think Lee’s drop of ‘the field’ is on purpose – definitely. He’s fishing, just like Jack THHHarris. I still wasn’t catching on to the fact that this is all a cover for Lee…am waiting for Amanda to come in an and save Lee. And ask Jack if he gets his haircut by the same guy who cuts her hair. 😉


    • “Jack the Horrible Haircut Harris” LOL! Good thinking re Dotty/Amanda scenes. You know, I always thought the same thing about what Lee was drinking. Nobody can drink that much and be completely functional. Glad you’re back BJo!


  4. Boy, this has been a great post for discussions today. I guess I have another two cents to add. I think the whole shyness question sort of goes back to the flirting question in YODT. I think it depends on what people see as being shy. It was also discussed once about the persona of Lee versus Scarecrow. It depends on what mode he happens to be in.

    As Scarecrow he is for sure confident, arrogant at times, and definitely rude on occasion. But even as Scarecrow he can be caring and protective. In ITCK he was very concerned about Walt and always expresses concern if something has happened to a fellow agent. We know that he cared about his former partner that took a bullet for him. We’ve seen that even though he doesn’t seem to be very close to anyone he still refers to them as friends, not colleagues, co-workers, or business associates. And we eventually do meet others he considers friends, such as Emily, Harry Thornton, and T.P.

    His relationship with women have probably all started when he was in Scarecrow mode. And because of the way women respond to him, sometimes without him even trying, that has added to his confidence as a womanizer. Even when he met Eva he was in Scarecrow undercover mode. I think that because he is so emotionally stunted he thought that what he felt for Eva was love. But that relationship began (and ended) based on a lie. In 3 Faces of Em. he is not that broken up about being dumped by Margo, probably more upset about being on the receiving end. Again, Scarecrow mode.

    I think that if Lee were that uncaring or unfeeling, I don’t think that Amanda (or even us walkers on this journey) would even be bothered. She sees something underneath it all. You can see that wall sort of breaking down. Lee has slowly moved from just hanging out in Amanda’s yard to actually being in the house on occasion. The part he gravitates toward is the main hub of activity in the Kind household. But while he’s okay with being there with Amanda he’s not ready for the full out family.

    Maybe instead of saying he’s shy, it could be said that he shies away from things that would bring out those emotions that he has kept at bay. He was forced by his uncle to put them aside and has done that all his life. Having met his uncle, Amanda knows that she has to tread lightly with Lee. So she wouldn’t consider asking him to be in a situation that could be uncomfortable for him.

    Just some thoughts…..


  5. Iwsod said “Yeah Lee doesn’t care. I’d agree with that.. but he should.. and it’s not healthy for him to be like this.. I think Lee learns a thing or two about all this in Burn Out.” I agree. In a sense, Lee is going through burn out here. He’s ready to burn any bridge to get the job done, and he would have been a burn out himself if Amanda hadn’t come along and cared. Francine cares in her own way, but she’s not willing to stick her neck out because she’s still worried about her place in The Agency. (She whines whenever she feels left out. Her career is all she has at this point, so she doesn’t want to feel like she’s on the outside. I think Amanda changes this for her, too.)

    LASinLA said, “I love the implicit understanding between Amanda and Dotty — they can both finish the sentence and respect the other person’s ideas (have him over vs. spare him that) without getting in a huff about it.” I agree. Their relationship is so comfortable and fun. i wish I had more relationships like that. They are special.

    The snow is soo pretty. We have sunshine today. After a week of mostly rain, it’s nice to see. However, I would enjoy a little snow, too. At least, I can enjoy it here on the blog. Snow and scruffy Lee. If only, I could leave this site up all day. (But then, I’d never get any work done. LOL)


    • Oh my gosh Debilyn! you read my mind!!! I’ve suggested Lee is heading for burn out himself in one of the upcoming posts – I agree with you.. Isn’t it sad?? and kinda awful in a way.. but it makes Lee having Amanda to help him that much more valuable! 🙂


  6. First off anyone else think that even dirty, disheveled and drunk off his rear that Lee is still as sexy as it gets. Normally if some drunk guy in a bar were to come on to me I’d be repulsed so how come he could make it anything but?

    Second of all as far as Amanda being shocked by Lee’s behavior I don’t think it should be completely foreign to her. It is not the first or the second or even the third time he’s just kind of blown her off. Him treating her like she was kind of insignificant was kind of common place in the beginning. But good ole Amanda always expected better of Lee wether he deserved her faith or not and I think she thought they were kind of past that point in their reletionship by now.

    The scene between Dotty and Amanda does seem to be a repeat of what we saw in savior but I think there is a point to that. Dotty is getting to see more and more that this mysterious guy Amanda keeps talking about really matters to her. Surprises me as time goes on that meddling Dotty doesn’t get more huffy about Amanda’s refusal to never bring Lee(or Mr. Stetson as Dotty knows him) around. As a mother this would certainly rub me the wrong way. Granted my kids are still little so I don’t know anything about the dynamic of a parent and an adult child reletionship, but still.

    And I am sorry I don’t buy Lee as being shy at all. As KC said he is very guarded, but he is also very confident and even a little arrogant.( I think just a little arrogance can be sexy) You couldn’t do the job he does and be shy, or as well as he does with women. As far as him being hesitant to kiss Amanda in ship of spies I don’t think that was shyness, I think it just made him a little uncomfortable. Amanda is not just one of his conquests, wether Lee admits it or not at this point this is a woman whose always gotten under his skin a little and he does not want to deal with that. Plus it would be hard for him not to notice that Amanda has always kind of hero worshiped him and he doesn’t want to put anymore ideas in her head than would have already been there at that point. I think that is why he always made such a point of telling her there is nothing between them. Notice how he stops doing that in the third season after he calls Leslie by Amanda’s name. I think it started sounding hollow to his own ears. Anyway I digress. Lee is very guarded, but far from shy.

    As far as what Lee’s buddies at his favorite drinking whole might think of him, he doesn’t give a crap. There’s only 3 people in the world whose opinions actually matter to lee, Billy and Francine’s because because he needs them to have his back and they are the only one’s at the agency he actually trusts to a point, and Amanda’s because wether he admits it or not her faith in him has come to mean everything.

    Those are just my thoughts on this post. Though I feel strongly about my opinions I reserve the right to be wrong.


    • I don’t think I have said welcome to you yet, Misty. So, Welcome! And I am glad you feel free to share your opinion. It is a TV show, so I don’t think there can be a right or wrong. All opinions are just great fodder for discussion about a wonderful show. So bring it on.
      It is funny though because I have never really thought that Amanda had a hero worship for Lee. I think at first she is enamored with the spy world and Lee is a part of that. But I think that even from the beginning she could see through Lee’s “super spy, super sexy suave persona” and see the imperfect man underneath. I think that was one of the things that kept her at it with the Agency and a friendship with Lee. It makes me think that every time she layered on the praise for him, things like,” you are the best”, I am wondering if she thought that he might have needed that affirmation.
      And I was thinking as we were all responding to the “he is shy” comment about the question from the last Amanda Bite. Is Amanda an introvert or an extrovert? Well, what about Lee? Is he an introvert or an extrovert? I think I might venture to say that he is introverted. He really is good at hiding himself, and I don’t see him recharging by being around people. He has had his surface relationships with women, but I am not sure if that signifies him being a people person? He is a loner and he used to like it like that.

      The snow has just reached the comments part now, but the outside world is beautiful this morning. Snow on every branch and twig and the sun is shining on it so it is all glittery. Perfect, especially because my house is cozy and warm.


      • I see the snow! And a very nice, cozy kind of snow — we had a howling blizzard last week, and since then haven’t seen temps above zero (and that’s zero Farenheit, by the way). Brr!


      • I see your point here and I think your absolutely right. Amanda was one of the few people in the world that saw past the ficade at the real, fallible man Lee really was. Probably because she was one of the few people if not the only person, other than evil Eva in on episode, that Lee let his guard down with. But I think it was actually both ways. While Amanda saw the real man and just how imperfect he was she still always always believed the hero would come through. I believe she fantasized the hero but fell in love with the man.

        And I definately agree that Lee is introverted at times needing his space even from Amanda. You see that in unfinished business in that while he was struggling even after admitting his feelings for Amanda, he still needed time alone to deal with his emotions. He was indeed a loner which is why I think it bothered him so much in the beginning that she was always around. But as the old saying goes no man is an island. So while I do agree that Lee was an introvert, I still just don’t see him as being shy. I think there’s a difference.


        • Misty, I understand what you are saying. I guess when I think of hero worship, I think of something misguided, but I don’t think that is what you are meaning here. Amanda does see the real Lee (someone did a video about that) and she sees the brave man who will commit an act of treason in order to save her as well. I guess in that regard Lee is a real hero. But even in that he was imperfect, he got impatient and snappy with her and I think he would have been a bit uncomfortable if she had gushed on eloquently after that. Lee has no “super suit” I think.
          It is true that shy is not the same as introverted. Our shy discussion just made me think of that other question from the BSA post. But one of the things that I love about this show is that the characters are so well developed and three dimensional so we can actually have engaging discussions about them as if they were real people, full of all those different dimensions that real people have. They aren’t flat 2 dimensional characters that are so very predictable and see through. And this episode really highlights that, doesn’t it?


          • A Man to Me on youtube is the video I think your talking about and I do think it shows very well how Amanda saw the man.


            • Great video Misty! Yep, drunk disheveled Lee works for me too. Oh dear, hot flash just thinking about it. 🙂 And welcome to the SMK rabbit hole we’ve all fallen in!


            • That is a good video too, but the one I was thinking of is called The Real Me on you tube. This one actually talks a lot about Lee living behind the mask and protecting himself because of hurt in the past and how Amanda was the only one who was able to see the real Lee and allow him to come out from that mask.


      • Yeah–I think that people could mistake the Scarecrow mask/armour as being an extrovert, but Lee himself may well be introverted. I think he’s also near the cusp, though, like Amanda (i.e., not strongly introverted). I don’t think he has issues with going to bars/nightclubs/other people-filled places looking for women… is he recharged or discharged after being in such places? Don’t know. I’m not sure that we see enough to really tell… But, I keep thinking of him in ROTP where he’s sitting around in his pjs reading the book on Stalin. He’s not exactly out whooping it up there…


    • Welcome to the blog, Misty! Sorry I’m behind in doing that. Been having internet issues lately. That and I seem to be time-management challenged around this time of year. Love your tag line…”Though I feel strongly about my opinions I reserve the right to be wrong.” LOL! And I second Morley’s thoughts – this is just a TV show and we are all free to express our own opinions – there is no right and wrong. We do try to refrain from getting ahead of the blog in terms of what happens in the episodes, but that is hard to do sometimes. I’m looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on SMK!


  7. Well, here in good ole Michigan we are having an arctic blast and I’m not talking a party. It has been in the 20s the past few days and today it was horribly windy. We’ve had a few flakes but nothing major. Of course that usually changes just when we are just about ready for the school Christmas program and we have to worry about snow days.


  8. I have no snow in my background, repeat I have NO snow 😦
    However outside in the real world this morning we had fog. Lots and lots of fog 🙂


    • you can’t see the snow on JWWM Jenbo??

      Okay.. stare at the screen intently without blinking for like a minute! then.. say ‘toy boat’ 20 times in a row..

      When you’ve regained consciousness – check the screen.. can you see it now? 😉

      LOL.. it may be your browser.. or sometimes it just takes a long time before you see it..

      And yes KC! I’ve seen it change direction!! but.. I can’t make it go faster.. oh well.. byeee!
      I’m going to watch this episode in full right before sleep tonight.. I’ll keep an eye out for that smirk LASinLA! you mean the first time he leaves Billy’s office?



      • Might be because I use Safari via the iPad. I will log onto the lappy later and check. Can’t miss out on snow 😉


        • It takes a while for the snow to fall down all the way to the comments. It starts at the top and as the comments get longer, it will take the snow longer to get down here. Even as I am typing now it hasn’t gotten here yet, but I did see it at the top of the page when I first got on.


        • My iPad doesn’t show the snow but my iMac using Safari does (I shook it a few times to get it started) (ok, no I didn’t, just want to sometimes). So far this is the only snow we get here in Middle California at the moment. Ha ha! It hit 30s/50s F and we are all so cold and get to whip out our winter wear while those of you in the reeeal cold zones are thinking that a nice warm day aren’t you? Yep, We are wusses here!


  9. “Uh oh.. the Amanda Tie has arrived!!!”
    I think it was a response to being drugged in DOA and presumed dead in YODT. LOL!

    “Amanda is reading up on Burn Out.. [and in a different outfit.. Hmm she waited a day to read up on it?]”
    Maybe the reading was so lengthy that it took her to the next day after dealing with the boys and the household and dinner and Dotty and… I mean, she did have multiple books out. 😀

    Dotty: “… You just have to keep doing it until you get it right. That’s what I always say. …”
    LOL! Dotty is awesome! And little does she know now that Amanda gets it right the next time. Squee…

    “[then again it could be Dotty fishing for information- because she wants to know if it’s a man but doesn’t want to just ask!]”
    On the one hand I think yes, maybe Dotty has learned to be subtle, but then I think–nah! It’s Dotty! Subtlety, schmutlety.

    I like that they kept away from the script revision regarding friends vs. more than friends. It’s too early for Dotty to be going there.

    “do you think Lee is kind of shy?”
    No. I think Lee is guarded, but not shy. (Well, I guess you could say he’s shy with his emotions, but he’s not shy in the usual sense of shy.) He’s closed his real self off, but it’s a protective mechanism and it’s not shyness. Just my two cents. (I think that saying he’s shy is just Amanda’s way of trying to get Dotty to drop the issue of having Lee over for dinner.)

    “It strikes me how much this is costing Lee – but this doesn’t seem to be an issue for Lee.. maybe he is so focused on his goal that he doesn’t see the damage that will be left when he is done??”
    I don’t think he really cares. Everyone at the Agency will eventually know that it was a cover, and as far as anybody outside of the Agency–he doesn’t have/keep personal ties, so I don’t think he gives a rat’s *rse about what they think. (And, plus, I think that if anyone other than Amanda would see through the act, it would be Ned. As a bartender he’d have pretty much seen anything and everything.) Lee’s all about getting the job done, and this is the job, so it’s what he’ll do. Now, if it had repercussions on Amanda, he might have thought twice… 🙂

    “Lee is just a number to the agency”
    Yes. He’s a big number, but still a number… still dispensable. A bigger number than a June Phelps, or how they view Amanda–he’s a valuable field agent–but still able to be replaced.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I love Dotty and her not-so-subtle hints to Amanda about marriage. Yeah, just keep trying until you get it right! 😀

    Later, she says something about suspecting that Amanda is interested in someone at work, so she’s probably guessed that’s the “friend” Amanda was talking about. I can’t blame her for being curious, but I still find her ulterior motives funny.


  11. “Unscrew Francine’s head”- ROFL! You are too funny iwsod! And I agree with you all, I love the Amanda/Dotty relationship moments. They are so much in the loving yet exasperating mother/daughter mode. So great that KJ and BG have captured such a normal dynamic with humor and warmth. And doesn’t BB terrifically portray a drunkard who is losing it all and do it so convincingly. Often you see actors depicting this type of scene but it rarely feels real. Bravo BB!
    I just watched the whole episode through for the first time in a while (without stopping it to replay scenes, hard as it was to control myself) and again realized what a marvelous job both KJ and BB do in capturing the pathos and empathy of the situation and characters. I was captivated again, and I have only seen the episode a about a billion times (well, almost!). Also, don’t they both look just beautiful?! Amanda just glows from the inside. Helps to be genetically gifted, but the acting brings the beauty to life. And scruffy Lee, enough said. Must get my helmet!


  12. This is going to be one of those episodes where I keep coming back and making little comments.

    My first one, though, is a bit odd…Does anyone else see snow falling down against the blue of the background on the blog page? Am I going crazy? Or is there something wrong with my computer?

    The first thing that I notice about Amanda in this episode is that she is wearing a skirt and she doesn’t have on one of those tops with the huge shoulder pads. She is looking more like the Amanda from earlier in the season. I think her diamond solitaire necklace makes a reappearance as well in this episode.

    I don’t think it is a coincidence that this episode is a lot like Savior. That one was significant because Lee acknowledged their friendship. This one is a marker of that friendship as well, if not more.

    I like the comments about Lee’s apparent willingness to burn bridges in relationships in order to do his job. He has probably had an easy come/ easy go view of relationships all his life due to all the moving around he had done and now the profession he has chosen. It is a great set up for the events of this episode.

    I like that Amanda recognizes Lee’s shyness, I don’t know if anyone else would call it that, maybe Billy. But I don’t think Francine would call Lee shy. But Lee’s “shy” is like a horse that flinches away from anything that that can’t identify, not bashful.

    It is still snowing, outside and on the blog page…


    • Whew. Glad it’s not just me. My screen is snowing, too.


    • I’ve got snow too. I was assuming it was supposed to be doing that as a nice touch to the season.


      • Hi everyone! Yeah the snow is about getting the blog in the Christmas spirit!! I just added the Christmas gif to the home page.

        is the snow annoying? if it is I can take it off! It seems to take longer to load with the snow – would you agree? should I remove it? I am not attached to it 🙂 just let me know!

        Looking forward to getting into all the comments on Burn out – what a fabulous episode!


        • The snow is neat (now that I know it’s not a computer problem!), and the gif is cute. Oh look! Amanda’s ear button in the first photo is glowing just like a Rudolph nose! 🙂


        • I am just fine with it now that I know you put it there, Iwsod. Just took me by surprise cuz it was snowing outside and inside too. Thanks for thinking of us even though it is summer for you, right?


          • LOL Morley!
            Did you see that the snow responds to mouse swipes? 😀 You can make it seem windy in JWWM-land.
            And yeah–it’s coming into southern hemisphere now… wish I was at home…


          • LOL correct! It’s hot here.. but this is the lot of us Aussies.. everything is geared towards Christmas being snowy! so us aussies kind of pretend.. and then start the BBQ! haaaaa..


            • We have a similar problem in Louisiana (though it’s pretty cold at the moment). Our shrubs are blooming with beautiful pink camellias and there’s not a snowflake in sight — except here!


              • hiya!

                Yeah the idea of Lee being ‘shy’ is a new one to me. It only dawned on me that Amanda’s mentioning this twice about Lee could be partly true – I like how you’ve explained that Valerie! It’s probably got two meanings.

                So true LASinLA– superficially Lee seems outgoing.. but.. there is a big part of himself that he keeps hidden from the world isn’t there – and that’s part of what Lee’s big story is about no? Revealing that hidden Lee.. Lee learning to live truthfully and comfortably with who he is – thanks to the encouragement of Amanda’s love 🙂

                This whole idea of Lee having ‘a hidden core most people don’t see’ [as LASinLA has beautifully put it] – IMHO is a big part of the story of Burn Out.. how? well.. gosh darn.. I’ve got to hold back and be patient as we keep on walkin’ 😉

                Hiya Jenbo! yeah the fashions are a shocker!! I loved how Lee said ‘Fffff!!’ it was almost like he was swearing as he said it haaa..

                Well done Jenbo and Valerie – ship of spies it was – and when Amanda said Lee was shy- he didn’t like it! 🙂
                Jenbo, the Lee onion huh.. well then go ahead and call me onion girl! 😉 Num num!

                Hey Valerie.. LOL maybe Ned is one of those minders that gets mentioned later 😉 I think I’ve mentioned something about Lee compartmentalising in the next post but sounds like we are on a similar page 🙂 I especially liked your insight about Lee’s easy come/easy go attitude to relationships Valerie – whooooooo!!! and what this means for Lee and Amanda in this episode is pretty important huh! 🙂 Ah I see Morley likes this too! I agree – a perfect set up for this episode!!! I didn’t think it was possible to like this episode more – I’m finding out I was wrong! 🙂

                Oh yeah!! I love your description of how Lee is shy Valerie– It is front and centre in Santa’s got a new bag – which I confess I watched last night when I was getting screen caps for the christmas season – I promise!! It’s the only episode I’ve watched ahead!!.. haven’t even worked on my transcription of Murder Between Friends in ages!!

                Who here is in the ‘not watching ahead of the episode we are walking through’ club? LOL is it just me?

                Hi Morley! I love how you keep coming back to add your thoughts as you think of them 🙂 there’s so much goodness here to ponder huh!

                ROFL sorry about the shock of the snow! haaaa.. Anyone heard of the movie Gaslight?? where the husband messes with his wife’s senses so she begins to think she is going nuts? haaaaa.. well that was not what I was aiming for- honest! It is a wordpress thing they are offering till a few days into next year.. so thought I’d give it a go. bit of a novelty!

                It’s snowing?? I’m so jealous!!!

                Haa haaaa Hey Jule – glad you enjoyed RoboFrancine – I think it explains alot 😉

                Hear hear! Kudos to KJ and BB for this huge performance!!

                That’s a great idea Jule, I might watch the whole episode tonight too… it gives you a different, important perspective!

                KC can make the snow go faster? no way!!! I’ve got to try that.. can you throw snowballs??!! [I tried.. I can’t get them to go faster!! Were you staring at the screen too long KC? how did you do it?!]

                I have a recording of the smk christmas song – but can’t find a way to add it to the blog for free. booo.. It’s begging for a fan vid..

                Hi Jestress haaa so true.. Dotty’s little ‘keep trying till you get it right’ was sooooo aimed at Amanda 😉 and Amanda just ignores it haaa!

                Ah you live in Louisiana LASinLA? I’ve never visited the south.. one day!!! glad I was able to provide you with some snow flakes 😉



                • “KC can make the snow go faster? no way!!!”
                  Uhhh… I didn’t say that. 😀 I said: “You can make it seem windy in JWWM-land.” Which was my backwards way of saying that moving the mouse changes the direction of the snow. (Get it? Wind?) (Although, if you move the mouse frantically, it does seem to affect the velocity, too. LOL!)
                  I think someone inverted the snow gif though… before, when the mouse moved left, the snow started falling on an angle to the left, and when the mouse moved right, the snow moved right. But now… it’s the opposite (left -> right, and right -> left). Maybe I’m losing it? Whatever. It’s been a long day. :p
                  Oh, and yes–no snowballs. Too bad, actually… a snowball fight would be fun. Ain’t gonna happen here in SoCal though–it’s never SnowCal.


                  • And now the direction’s switched again… left -> left.
                    Ooohhh… where’s one of the rolley-boggley-eyed confuseymied emoties when you really need one?


            • LOL – I showed the ‘snow’ to my 11 year old daughter and she thought it was pretty cool. She then went on to say how bad she felt for you Aussies who have Christmas in the summer and so get no snow!!


    • Oh good, I was afraid my computer was preparing to crash. It’s just site-specific, then.


      • Hey KC!
        Amanda tie?? *shudder* oh well.. I’m never pleased!!.. goodbye ear buttons.. hello clown tie 😉

        Amanda gets it right next time?? sooo true!!! 🙂

        True.. Dotty does not do subtle.. she just tries to!

        Ah I see you define shy differently KC, did you agree with Valerie’s thoughts on shyness? I’m thinking along the same lines as Valerie.

        Yeah Lee doesn’t care. I’d agree with that.. but he should.. and it’s not healthy for him to be like this.. I think Lee learns a thing or two about all this in Burn Out.. but I’ll come back to this idea! lovin hearing your thoughts KC

        lol. Lee would like to think he is : No 1!!! 😉

        Hey Paula! Merry Christmas! LOL.. sorry to give you heart palpitations! 🙂


  13. I find it interesting that Francine is so willing to discuss Lee with Amanda (more than once in this episode). Usually she’s a stickler with the whole “need to know” line, especially regarding Amanda.

    I think the shy comment about Lee serves a two-fold purpose for Amanda. I think part of the comment is to keep Dotty at bay. I also think that part of it is true about Lee in regards to how he feels about the whole being normal lifestyle and being around a family or dealing with a family situation. He’s not comfortable in those types of settings. There’s hesitancy and shyness there, which comes up again in later episodes. Amanda has to force him into some of these situations or help him work through it. In TGTN he didn’t know how to act when the neighborhood welcome wagon came over and Amanda kept telling him that he had to get out and get to know the other neighbors. Amanda referred to him as being shy in Ship of Spies when he didn’t want to kiss Amanda for the picture Miles was trying to take.

    Ned’s is seemingly frequented by several of these government agency types. Ned may have seen the behavior Lee is exhibiting from other who have passed through. I would assume that is the reason Lee has been hanging out there and why Jack Harris is there. Ned’s must be the place for burn outs to go. Maybe Lee feels he can burn bridges now and just rebuild them once he’s solved the case. He tends to get tunnel vision sometimes when he’s on a case and is only focused on getting the job done. Maybe he is used to dealing with fallout from some of these cases.


  14. Costume department……tsk tsk Amanda wearing a white shirt paired with a cream tie? And those earrings? They are like those reflective disks you get on the back of bikes LOL And don’t get me started on the width of Francine’s green blouse. Boy they’ve added about 5 inches either side to her shoulders!
    Love the scene with Dotty, always love their banter. I do wonder how many medical books Amanda needs 😉
    During Lee’s “inebriated” scenes I do enjoy his alliteration and the way he spits out his “p’s” 🙂

    Doesn’t Amanda say Lee is shy in SOS, when he’s pulling a face about having his picture taken. Is Lee shy? I agree with LASinLA that he’s reticent about showing his true self. To quote Shrek Lee is like an onion…..he has lots of layers 😉


  15. I think Lee is shy in that he is reticent of revealing his true self to others. He is outwardly open and engaging, but there’s a hidden core that most people don’t see. Can’t remember when Amanda calls him shy, but it sounds familiar.
    Along those same lines, his work requires him to draw lines as to who is inside and who is outside. He has to be willing to “burn” relationships with people like Ned in order to accomplish his objectives. Maybe the episode shows that Amanda is determined to be an insider and earns the name by her actions.
    I love the implicit understanding between Amanda and Dotty — they can both finish the sentence and respect the other person’s ideas (have him over vs. spare him that) without getting in a huff about it.


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