2/7 Season One, Episode 16: Savior–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Before continuing on with this episode.. we simply must revisit Lee and his magic Robe Winking smile Leanne has very helpfully pointed out that the robe is a hem growing model! Let’s suffer through the laborious task of investigating this robe together! Winking smile

In ACM Kid:

aaaand in Savior:

Hooo haaaa Leanne you are spot on! This robe definitely is longer!! ( who made that decision? curse them!! ) haaaa.. so I guess it does come with Modesty mode after all haaa. self tying and hem growing.. Love it!

Moving on.. ( regretfully!) and Dotty is furiously grating a carrot, while ‘grilling’ Amanda about why she is suddenly down, Amanda is eating (how rarely do we get to see that!)

This scene just terrifies me!! Dotty is way too flighty and unpredictable to be conversing and cutting things with a large knife! She cuts the carrot and the slices end up in the peelings, she waves her arms around.. oh boy.. She does everything but look at what she is chopping! eek!


Dotty: Oh, good heavens, Amanda, you don’t have to thank me. I mean, when you hurt, I hurt.  I’ll tell you what. Why don’t we go to a movie? I’ll call Miss Simms and she can come over and sit with Jamie and Phillip and we’ll see something with a –… well, with an R rating for a change. (LOL… with a what Dotty?! haaaa)

Amanda: Mother. [Dotty rolls her eyes at 52Amanda here.. almost like she is thinking – my daughter is such a stick in the mud!] One of my friends quit his job today.
Dotty: Well, I hope he had another job. Let me tell you something, you should never quit your job unless you have another job lined up.
Amanda: He had another job lined up, all right.
Dotty: Well, that’s good. I mean, when your father quit Mr McGiver, I’m going to tell you something. We had macaroni for eight straight weeks! Well, of course you were too young to remember.
53Amanda: I think he made a terrible mistake.
Dotty: No, let me tell you something. When he quit Mr McGiver, he got a much better job. I actually feel that it would have been —
Amanda: Mother, no, I don’t mean Daddy, I’m talking — No, I’m not talking — I’m talking about my friend. I think my friend made a terrible mistake, he’s really good at his job and — and he really loved it and maybe he needed a change, but I don’t think this was the right kind of change, that’s all.


[ARGH!!!!! A hairband!!! It’s back!!!!! and it Fashion police badge2matches her t-shirt????!!! Noooooo!!!! I thought they were finished.. Let’s get physical Physical!! ]

Aha!! Macaroni for 8 straight weeks??Ewww I imagine Dotty hasn’t eaten it since!

Dotty: He’s an adult, this friend of yours?
Amanda: Yes, Mother.
Dotty: Well, then you have to trust him. He knows what he’s doing. Amanda, I should have had this pot roast done twenty minutes ago.
[Yes let her cook Amanda, she’s about to lose a finger!] A best friend is a friend that 56doesn’t meddle. That’s what they say.  Of course, I was never very good at not meddling myself. I always felt, well, an obligation, you know, an obligation to help.

Dotty talking about Meddling?? wow.. she actually admits she finds it hard not to meddle.. I didn’t think she would be that self aware.. good for Dotty!  I thought she wouldn’t admit that.. Maybe this is a different context.. knowing someone is making a decision that is a big mistake and having an obligation to help them..

57Amanda: Obligation?
58Dotty: Well, if the friend is important and you really care about your friendship.
Amanda: I do.
Dotty: This new job that he has. Do you feel that it is, uh, beneath his talents?
59Amanda: Oh, yeah, you bet I do.
60Dotty: Then, Amanda, he probably doesn’t realize.  He has options.
Amanda: Options?
61Dotty: Options, Amanda, options!
Amanda: Options. He has options!!Thank you, Mother.
62(Amanda rushes out of the room leaving Dotty still talking- Like Lee does to Amanda sometimes haaa..)
Dotty: That’s right. Options. Let me tell you. The classifieds are full of o–
Why does she do that?

She does that because she is just like you Dotty! full of energy and never stops! rushing rushing.. I hope Beverley was paid danger money for this scene- or at least got to cook her pot roast for real Winking smile 

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9 responses to “2/7 Season One, Episode 16: Savior–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Dotty’s cutting makes me soooooo nervous!

    Has anyone ever thought about how Amanda refers to her father as “Daddy” but Dotty as “Mother”? I just always find it interesting the names people call their parents as adults.

    Sidebar: I apologize again for my comments being all over the series right now. I started back with TFT a couple of weeks ago and am flying through watching the series, sneaking moments when I can to comment on episodes if something particularly strikes me. I have about 20 tabs open at a time on Chrome on my phone with the JWWM posts for the episodes I am watching and get back to comment when I can. I do want to reiterate how the JWWM revised season 1 (and I’m into season 2 now also) order is awesome, awesome, awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. I see where Amanda gets her knife skills from as demonstrated in TGTN 😉 I keep expecting Dotty to lose a finger in this scene! How can she cut that onion and not have tears streaming down her face?! That’s how I normally end up……


  4. Melissa Robertson

    Dotty and Amanda’s relationship is very sweet…surprised that Amanda doesn’t get quized about this male friend of hers 🙂 It cracks me up with Dotty asking if Amanda’s friend is an Adult?!


  5. Hi! Yes … yes, as a matter of fact, yes, I have been paying a lot of attention to the length of Lee’s robe 😉 Thanks for that … LOL!

    “Dotty is way too flighty and unpredictable to be conversing and cutting things with a large knife! She cuts the carrot and the slices end up in the peelings …” This scene always made me laugh! I remember watching this and thinking how does she not hurt herself? And did she really just mix up all the carrots with the peelings?! Even the ways she slices that onion makes me nervous!!!

    And I never noticed the eye-roll before … good catch!


  6. “Dotty rolls her eyes at Amanda here.. almost like she is thinking – my daughter is such a stick in the mud! ” You are not kidding! I think Amanda is waaaaaaaaay more conservative than her mother.


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