2/14 Season Two, Episode 22: Murder Between Friends-Scarecrow and Mrs King

So we left Amanda crouching in the hallway, traumatised and confused at what’s going on, because no one warned her this was a drill. Oh boy!! A gentleman walks toward her to help her up.
Byron: Let me help you up.
2.22 MBF.avi_000274441
Amanda: Oh, thank you very much.

He helps Amanda up and shakes her hand.
2.22 MBF.avi_000276443
Byron: I’m Byron Jordan.
Amanda: Amanda King.
Byron smiling: A little noisy around here isn’t it!
2.22 MBF.avi_000278445Amanda smiling: Yes, a little!
[And thus concludes Amanda’s job interview! Winking smile ]
I think Amanda checks Byron out a bit here.. I may be a Lee and Amanda fan through and through, but I think Amanda finds Byron attractive.
2.22 MBF.avi_000278878
He was a gentleman to her here.. and she does find good manners very charming Winking smile as first impressions go I mean (don’t read too much into this from me! lol Amanda is not in love with Byron 😉 )
2.22 MBF.avi_000280447Byron has a guest pass too? Okay. I feel a little better about Amanda wearing one. Only a little Winking smile

Billy comes out into the hallway, followed by Lee and Francine.
Amanda, joined by Byron Jordan approaches Billy.
Billy: Amanda! Were you killed?
2.22 MBF.avi_000286453
Amanda: Ahh no sir!
Billy: good for you!
Billy then addresses the rest of the people in the hallway and bullpen: Now listen up children! Today is Thursday. On Tuesday, President Nabuti of the East 2.22 MBF.avi_000301468African Republic of Ubondwa will arrive for the emergency summit meeting. Now we have reason to 2.22 MBF.avi_000303470believe that an attempt on his life will be made by 2.22 MBF.avi_000304471factions of the communist rebels in his country. Scarecrow. [Billy hands 2.22 MBF.avi_000305271over to Lee to continue filling everyone in – too many lines for Mel to remember? Winking smile Love all the shots of all these random agents listening!]
Lee: President Nabuti 2.22 MBF.avi_000317484refuses to cancel or postpone the summit meeting in the face of these threats. He will not cater to terrorist tactics. So, for safety reasons, he will be staying at the special diplomatic mansion. (Lee looks at Byron Jordan, and 2.22 MBF.avi_000328194we see Amanda look at him and smile) …Byron Jordan, of Jordan Securities 2.22 MBF.avi_000328595
…will be installing the security system…

[Wait! A job that Lee isn’t responsible for?? well.. something is going to go wrong here then! LOL! Winking smile ] … He is to have our full cooperation!..
2.22 MBF.avi_000329262
[I think there is some mutual ‘noticing’ going on here between Byron and Amanda!]
…You can get your specific assignments from Francine Desmond in the briefing session.
2.22 MBF.avi_000333500

What are the assignments of all these other agents in relation to the security of President Nabuti?! I think they all head off for a round or two of goofy golf and leave the work to Lee, Francine, Billy, Amanda and this Byron guy! Winking smile
Billy: now! We only have six days! That means from now on, everybody works double shifts. That’s all. Carry On!
2.22 MBF.avi_000339506
Amanda rushes up to Billy once this ‘announcement’ is complete: Sir!
Billy: I’m sorry to have brought you down here like this Amanda but we needed an unexpected element to our exercise. You were it.

2.22 MBF.avi_000345512
What???? THIS was the ‘appointment with Mr Melrose’?!!!! I wonder if Lee is okay with this..  Billy didn’t tell Amanda about the drill and asked her to come down- on purpose?? okay, I know working at the agency is no bed of roses but.. this seems to be a traumatic way to treat your employees who have no training.. grrrrr.. seems all the other employees knew!
Amanda: yes sir, that’s all right sir, I understand… [Boy.. she is way more accommodating here than she should be IMHO – she’s an absolute trooper! Above and beyond! Winking smile ] …I really came down here to talk to you about something else but this isn’t such a good time. 2.22 MBF.avi_000350517

2.22 MBF.avi_000354521

Billy: It’s all the time I have Amanda, So go ahead! 2.22 MBF.avi_000358525
Amanda: Yes sir. Well, I’m only asking for what’s fair. And ah it’s for my family. I need a raise sir.
Billy: so do I, [I doubt Billy is financially struggling as 2.22 MBF.avi_000365532much as Amanda is. Purlease.. I’m surprised he doesn’t just pat Amanda on the head and say ‘don’t we all wish we had a raise?!’ ugh!! Billy doesn’t even consider it for a moment.. nice.. grrrrr..] …but the government just cut our funds by 15 per cent.
Billy!!! you should have said what Amanda says to the boys – that you’ll think about it!
Amanda: Yes sir. [poor Amanda! but hey.. good for you Amanda! you tried!!]
2.22 MBF.avi_0003675342.22 MBF.avi_000368535
Billy: I mean, I’d double your salary if it were up to me. You made a fine decoy. Good Job.
2.22 MBF.avi_000370537
[Sorry Billy, it all sounds a bit hollow to me. Disagree if you like guys, but I don’t cut Billy much slack here. Not good enough. I find his little smile at the end here a tad condescending. He just scared the daylights out of Amanda who thought she was really about to be shot, and he refuses a raise straight off. In the script Billy acknowledges Amanda was a decoy- but he didn’t have an appointment with her, or set her up like he has here in the episode- to me that makes it all so much worse. This all makes me so mad!! I feel pretty strongly about how the agency treats Amanda, her work conditions and her compensation.. so forgive me if I sprout a few strong opinions here! I sure there will be more coming Winking smile  ]
Amanda: well, thank you sir, but I –
2.22 MBF.avi_000373540
Billy walks off leaving her mid sentence.. Amanda lets out a huge sigh.. Poor Amanda!
Lee approaches Amanda.
What was Amanda going to say next after the but?
2.22 MBF.avi_000374541Lee: Ah Amanda-

Amanda: you know, I can’t even afford to buy the boys a wizard whopper!
2.22 MBF.avi_000377544
This is getting to be seriously stressful for Amanda. I really feel for her and her situation. It’s all finally coming to a head. Byron Jordan listens in the background.[kinda rude no?! I guess they do know he is standing there.. but umm .. still kinda rude!]
Lee: A wiza wha?
Amanda: A wizard Whopper. Wizard Who- it’s like a Hula- never mind.
2.22 MBF.avi_000381548
Lee: All right.

Byron interjects: you know, things have a way of working themselves out.   [probably completely unintended but a lovely little comment about Lee and Amanda’s relationship Smile ]
2.22 MBF.avi_000383550
Amanda smiles.. and looks at Lee..
2.22 MBF.avi_000386553
I think she’s a little embarrassed at having her financial stresses publicly discussed here..especially in front of this new guy she finds attractive Winking smile
Lee: Yeah!
2.22 MBF.avi_000388555
2.22 MBF.avi_000389556Lee smiles also, till Amanda turns to shake hands with Byron- shame we can’t really make out his face here.. but he watches them closely.
Love how Byron gives Amanda the two hand handshake! I bet Lee noticed 😉 but Lee!! You said Byron was to have everyone’s full co-operation!! 😉  I can just make out Lee glancing down at their hands here – would you agree?
2.22 MBF.avi_000391558
Amanda (to Byron) : it was very nice to meet you.
Byron: the pleasure’s mine.
2.22 MBF.avi_000393560
Amanda: please excuse me, and I’ll just –
Then, to both men: see you later!
Byron smiles, and Lee says: Goodbye Amanda.
2.22 MBF.avi_000395562

Both men turn, watch her walk down the hallway and leave.  2.22 MBF.avi_000398565

Lee whistles a sound of regret.
2.22 MBF.avi_000400567Lee: I wish there was something I could do.
[Lee does like to be Amanda’s Mr fixit! but.. Byron may have the jump on him here! Winking smile Interesting.. the script has Lee pondering ‘I wish there was something we could do’!]
Byron: Hopefully, things will change. Just takes a little time.
2.22 MBF.avi_000406573
At this, Lee looks up at Byron. What do you think Lee is thinking here? Do you think he notices that Byron and Amanda noticed each other?? Or.. that Byron noticed Amanda.. Do you think he’s jealous here?
2.22 MBF.avi_000408575I’m not sure I see evidence of jealousy… but I would say Lee is paying extra attention to their interaction Winking smile and maybe wondering if something’s possibly starting to cook in this kitchen! Winking smile 

This scene ends there so I shall too!! There are a number of views floating around for where Amanda is at now, and where Lee is at now – in terms of the progress of their love story.. so I’m guessing this could alter how the character’s actions are perceived here-looking forward to hearing everyone’s different interpretations of this scene!

Do you think you’d view these events differently prior to Burn Out? Maybe something to keep in mind as we continue.. feel free to share your thoughts – they don’t even need to be firm conclusions.. got questions? doubts? hypotheses?? throw them out there.. I have plenty! I’m enjoying just going with the ride and taking the story as it comes – yes even if that means Amanda is noticing another man! Winking smile byeee for now!

70 responses to “2/14 Season Two, Episode 22: Murder Between Friends-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I’m really surprised they did this and Burn Out so close together! Although when I read the DVD blurb that in turn meant I thought “Oh and here we go again, we’ll pretend she resigns…”

    I think Billy wanted Amanda’s reaction to be real because if she looked too calm it would mess things up and she might not react right. Also I got the impression that the reason it’s only Lee & Francine drilling because they are specifically assigned to this op. But maybe everyone rotates assignments tomorrow?

    I don’t know that Lee would have gotten in trouble for instinctively protecting Amanda. They wouldn’t want a civilian killed either.

    And Lee, knock it off with the windows. Don’t you remember what happened to your knee the last time you did that?


    • Just wanted to add, I do think Mel was having trouble with the lines here — especially when he had to say a couple of the names. He hesitates a couple of times and at one point Lee/Bruce looks over with a little grin like he knows what’s going on.


  2. I think this episode is the first that I didn’t like Billy’s attitude! The condescending “Listen up children” & the way he just blows off the whole raise thing bothered me. It really sets up Amanda’s leaving- if your boss won’t give your requests (or at least pretend to) serious consideration, it shows a lack of respect.


    • Yes! There have been several times when the Agency is very callous and don’t have their people’s backs. (Saved By The Bells, Burn out, The Long Christmas Eve – just to name a few).


  3. Billy. Bad Billy. Not his finest episode I agree. Patronising and does the verbal equivalent of patting Amanda on the head before he walks off mid sentence. How rude! If they are so short on time why are they wasting it on those stupid drills?!

    Ah Lee most definitely notices that frisson between Amanda and Byron (BJo I agree on this Byron is waaaaay hotter than Brackin. Who just wasn’t hot at all). If you watch when Amanda, clearly dying of embarrassment shakes Byron’s hand Lee follows her line from her head, down her arm to where her hand is clasped in two hands by Byron and then up to Byron’s face. He is totally checking out their interaction. Wouldn’t say it’s jealousy but he’s clearly noticed the effect Byron has had on Amanda. And who can blame her. He’s hardly been beaten with the ugly stick, he’s solvent, has wonderful manners and likely to be available (unlike Lee). I am curious as to what Lee was going to say to her when she butted in about the wizard whopper. It was almost as if he was going to try and make a suggestion about her financial problems or similar. So sweet that he’s keen to try and help her.

    Does this come before or after Burn Out? my honest answer is. I am not sure. Some of how Lee behaves in this episode makes me feel it comes before. But is he secretly hiding his feelings? Questions, questions…..


  4. I think Amanda does notice that Byron is attractive, and why shouldn’t she? I have a die hard belief that Amanda and Lee belong together but even if you are in a reletionhip you can notice if someone else is attractive, and Amanda and Lee are no where near being a reletionhip at this point. Whether you think Amanda is in love with Lee yet, I think we can all agree she does have romantic feelings for him, but he’s done nothing yet to let her know those feelings could be recipricated. In fact up to this point anytime something romantic has reared its head between Lee and Amanda it’s been Lee’s policy to deny deny deny. I personally think during BO Amanda came to realize just how strong her feelings for Lee had become, but he’s done nothing let her know the same is true for him. Like Morley said he hasn’t given her the memo yet. Amanda may very well be under the impression at this point that whatever her feelings are she is just going to have to move on.

    And I really don’t see Lee as being jealous at this point but I do think he has definately noticed something with Byron’s attitude about Amanda and He is sizing the situation up. Doesn’t look to me like he really likes it, but isn’t concerned yet.

    And IMO Lee looked pretty ticked that Billy used Amanda as a decoy. Glad he wasn’t okay with it, and he did seem to show genuine concern about Amanda’s situation. He definatley likes to be fix it guy with Amanda.

    These are my general impressions of the episode so far. I had to go back and watch it as I didn’t remember it at all and I have to say I agree with the comments that thought this episode seemed to rushed. I have developed some theories as to what I think is going on with the characters but think this episode did not delve into it enough with all the big things that are happening.


  5. You know what I like? I like the picture of Lee in the black jumpsuit holding gun listening attentively while Amanda explains how frustrated she is that she can’t get a Wizard Whopper for her sons. What a melding of two worlds.

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  6. Ugh! I woke up early to have quiet moment to write a comment. I wrote a really well thought out long one and right as I was putting the finishing touches on my last sentence my computer decides it is time for an update and shut off. Why didn’t it warn me so I could post my comment first!?

    Any way, lets see if I can reconstruct this. I do think Amanda notice Jordan. I think she notices any man who is gallant towards her. I was watching Times the other day and I noticed the look on Amanda’s face when the Baron rescues her from his goons who had just tried to run her down. She had that princess being saved by the handsome prince face. I do think she knows better now, but I don’t think she can control her first reaction.
    I do like the look on Lee’s face as Billy is explaining to Amanda what a great decoy she was. Lee doesn’t like it and I love it that he doesn’t.
    I think Amanda has all her options open right now in her life, professionally and personally. actually that is a healthy thing. She isn’t going to try to make anything happen, it puts one in a great place to receive something wonderful. I think she know that something significant happened in her friendship with Lee, but I think she is working very strongly off of the only business line that has been drummed in her head by Lee. I think Lee may have left that line behind him in BO, but he hasn’t given the memo to Amanda yet. And I don’t think he knows if he should or wants to yet either.
    I like this episode after BO, I think it adds a poignancy to what is to come, but I will wax eloquently (haha) about that when we get there. Actually I think this episode is right up there for me, maybe directly underneath BO and it wouldn’t be so important in my eyes if it came before BO. But I also like it that we have so many different ways of seeing things. It makes for some really wonderful discussion and I learn so much more.


    • Definitely agree re Amanda not having that memo. Even though I believe she acknowledged to herself in BO she loves Lee as more than just a friend, she has no expectation that he will ever realistically feel that way about her. I think she knows he loves her as a friend, but she is at a point where she believes she has to be content with that. Again, she doesn’t want to risk the unique friendship she has with Lee by trying to advance a romantic relationship with him.

      [iwsod edited ‘kiwismhi’ to ‘kiwismh’ :)]


  7. Byron Jordan, what a cutie! I think Amanda finds him attractive as well – he has such nice manners! I find him attractive too. Even more so than Brackin 😉

    Ugh – hate this line of Billy’s, “Now listen up children!” Really, Billy? Children? I know they act that way sometimes, but c’mon…are you foreshadowing Dr. Smyth?

    LOL – I think that one guy in the background is noticing Amanda and Byron share a look and doesn’t approve! He knows that she is off-limits cuz she’s Scarecrow’s girl! He’s probably thinking, how come he gets to do that and I don’t?

    I’m with you, iwsod, this is perhaps one of my least favorite Billy episodes! Maybe that’s why Lee’s the boss because we don’t like it when Billy acts like it.

    Okay, a clue as to what this wizard whopper thing is. It’s like a hula – ?? hoop?? What else comes after hula? Now I’m really mystified as to why it’s expensive and how it’s supposed to whop wizards. Grrr.

    I always thought that Lee and Amanda’s reaction to Byron’s joining their conversation was that he sort of intruded on a personal conversation here. They are not used to that! I think everyone at the Agency gives them a wide berth when they are together, except perhaps Billy and Francine.

    I do think Lee notices the handshake between Byron and Amanda and he notices the smile on her face while she is shaking her hand. He is so funny how he acts around her when there is another male around, especially those that touch her and make nice with her! He is very protective of her.

    Yes, Lee, there is something you can do here. Go to bat for Amanda with Billy and get her that raise! I think he is biased because she has no training. Train her then so she can get a raise!

    When Lee looks up at Byron, I think his spidey sense just started tingling. He is trying to assess Mr. Jordan in a new light. He apparently knows him professionally, but now Lee is wondering what he could possibly mean by that remark. I do think he noticed that Byron and Amanda noticed each other, but after what they just went through in BOout, I don’t see Lee being jealous here.

    I’m in the camp of Amanda is not in love with Lee yet, so I don’t see the whole Lee/Amanda relationship being an issue here. At least not the ‘romantic love’ part.

    I do think I might interpret this episode a little differently had it come before BOut. But I’ve never watched them in that order so it might require some intentional study 🙂 I don’t ever recall thinking this episode belonged after BOut, but I’ve never really given it much thought either.


    • “I think that one guy in the background is noticing Amanda and Byron share a look and doesn’t approve! He knows that she is off-limits cuz she’s Scarecrow’s girl! He’s probably thinking, how come he gets to do that and I don’t?”

      I’ve often thought that Lee must give the other guys at the Agency that kind of vibe when it comes to Amanda, like how that guy who dies at the beginning of Odds on a Dead Pigeon said about he steered clear of Amanda at first because she was “always with Lee” and he thought it was “a hands-off situation.” I suspect that Lee might purposely give the other agents that impression so that they’ll all stay away from her or keep their dealings with her strictly professional.


    • haaa yes I let the ‘listen up children’ go by – I agree with you! 🙂

      whooo BJo has dibs on Jordan?! 😉

      A wizard whopper is a hula what.. that sounds like a challenge! okay BJo.. how about.. A wizard whopper is a hula dance – it entrances wizards.. placing them under their spell, whereby they can be wopped without mercy. there how’s that? 😉

      Lee’s spidey sense eh.. too funny! I really enjoyed your comments BJo! 🙂


      • The Wizard Whopper is a hula hoop that works the same way Amanda used her purse on Pavlovich at Dodge City. You sling magic all around your head and whop the wizards standing around. 🙂 LOL


        • Love it!!


        • Yeah, but then why is it so expensive? It must light up, play music and come with a hat and a cape or something.


          • Well, of course, when you start slinging it, the magic comes out. The magic consists of lights and cool magical sounds like “Abracadabra. Alikazam.” and the “pixie dust” sound we associate with magic wands. If you’re whopping wizards, I don’t think you need the hat, but a cape might help. You can throw the cape over their heads to surprise them. 🙂 Probably comes with a “Make Your Own Magic” book, too.


    • Did you notice how Amanda has her other hand behind her back as she shakes Byron’s hand? I found that interesting. Kind of formal, or as though she is keeping something to herself, maybe?


      • I wonder if she isn’t just moving her other arm because she’s a little uncomfortable in the situation and so is being a little fidgety?


    • Yes, BJo, I think Byron is cute too!! Made cuter by being a nice guy!


    • Thinking out loud here: Maybe Amanda and Byron are attracted to each other in a “like-like” kind of way. What I mean is, they are both nice, polite, cheerful, optimistic, confident of their abilities without being arrogant. I could see them being attracted to the other person for those reasons, but really, Amanda needs someone like Lee, not someone like Byron.

      “I always thought that Lee and Amanda’s reaction to Byron’s joining their conversation was that he sort of intruded on a personal conversation here.” A clue that he’s about to intrude on their relationship as well!


    • The script has Amanda describing a wizard wopper as “this magical light blaster that…never mind.”
      Whatever it is, I am sure it can’t be categorised as one of the necessities of life, and pay rise or not the boys might just have to learn to live without one.


      • Thanks for finding that kiwismh! Hmmm so no hula anything?! drat! True… not a necessity.. though I think it was just one more thing too many where Amanda had to say: I can’t afford it! Sitting there checking her coupons for what groceries she could buy.. Enough! I need a raise!!


  8. This episode would fit better before Burn Out I think but either before or after it can fit into where Lee and Amanda are at.
    I think Jordan definitely “notices” Amanda in a way that a man notices a beautiful woman. I think Amanda “noticing” Byron is more about noting that this is someone new, someone she has never seen around the agency before, and he is obviously not Agency as he is a great deal more polite and courteous than Agency people. Note the guard didn’t hold out a hand to help Amanda up – mind you, he was probably annoyed that his cushy job doing nothing but stand in front of the door all day was interrupted by actually having to engage in some activity.
    Anyway, I don’t see Amanda as being particularly attracted to Jordan on any level other than curiosity about who he is and what his part in all this is at this point.
    Billy bringing Amanda into this little scenario is just another test of her coping mechanisms. I think Billy always has in mind that she could be a full agent one day and these little scenarios are like snippets of training for her. I don’t think by the look on his face that Lee was too pleased that Billy put Amanda into the middle of this scenario, unnecessarily frightening her. This is the new improved Lee, now much more aware of being protective of Amanda, which is what makes me think maybe this episode does come after Burn Out.
    In regard to her request for a pay rise, I think Billy would have paid her more heed in other circumstances, maybe sympathised a bit more, but right here right now he is totally preoccupied with this operation. t’s a big deal and time frames are tight. I think he sees this discussion with Amanda as something they can continue at another time if need be.
    I do think Lee notices Jordan paying particular attention to Amanda but he doesn’t appear so obviously jealous as he has in the past when any other male has “noticed” Amanda. Has he just got better at controlling this or is there something about this situation that is different? After Burn Out is he lulled into a false sense that Amanda will stick with him no matter what? He’s not ready to contemplate a romantic relationship with Amanda but does he for some reason think now that she would be less inclined to date?
    If you look at the interaction between Lee and Byron at the end of this scene, my take on it is that Lee was initially simply pre-occupied with thinking about Amanda’s dilemma and how he could help, and maybe didn’t notice so much the first interaction. But he definitely displays a reaction to Byron’s comment Hopefully, things will change. Just takes a little time.” Even thought his head is partially turned away from the camera, Lee’s look is definitely “Just what do you think you’re up to Buddy?”


    • Love you point about the guards and their demanding job. LOL! It must be tough hanging there all day. Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall when they get off work and go for a beer. “Did you see that Byron guy moving in on Mrs King? Stetson was a bit green about the gills. Love those chocolate chip cookies Mrs. King brings in. Maybe she’ll bring more tomorrow to keep up our strength so we can keep our hands in the air again. Francine wears the ugliest outfits, don’t you think? Did you see her Star Trek uniform?! As if Star Fleet would accept her!” slinks off giggling to herself


      • Too funny, jule!


      • LOL Jule – you are so awesome!
        Despite the plot holes, I thought Murder…. went after BurnOut and maybe would be a great season finale (OK, I admit I read someone’s analysis on a defunct site comparing and contrasting Lee’s first meeting with Amanda and his reaction to her and Byron’s. It would make an interesting full circle ). Actually, I am glad the producers weren’t nasty and didn’t add filler to the first part of this episode and ended with a “To Be Continued Next Season” cliffhanger after the pivotal scene coming up.


        • I’ll second that Cindy – Jule you are crazy funny! I love it!!!!

          Can we hear from the guards every episode?? please?????!!!!! whwhahahaahahahaaa


          • Well, it’s difficult standing here all day looking stern and efficient. Oh and raising both hands at the same time. (Yeah, you try it. See, not so easy if you have cookies in one hand! Ma’am.) By the way, Capt. Crunch, you got your lovely white gloves dirty laying on that filthy floor.


        • Hi Cindy, just wanted to add that I agree MBF would be a fabulous season finale!

          I don’t know of the analysis- I’d love to hear more about it.. if you are able to remember it?? do you remember who wrote it? We could always say sorry I don’t know who you are – but when you wrote this I thought you were brilliant! 🙂 If the site’s defunct you can’t check and see who it was not correct?
          Maybe at the end of the episode you could share this with us – if we haven’t covered the ideas already.

          Oh wow.. yes that’s true they could have really messed with us and given us a nasty cliffhanger!

          I do think the rush explains why Billy is so offhand with Amanda’s request for a raise.. and Amanda leaving would have been less likely had it not been rushed so I don’t mind going with it.
          it does nip in the bud a number of different issues that could have cropped up between Lee and Amanda… but.. maybe we can speculate about them as we go..
          I’ll try and get back later today to respond to other comments – wonderful to hear your thoughts everyone!

          [oh and Jule you are crazy wonderful! don’t change yer hear?!]


        • I like MBF as a season finale as well – a one parter as you say. It would have been a much better tag to end the season on.


      • lol! I could so see them saying something like that. I especially like the part about Lee being jealous and Amanda providing cookies so they can keep up their strength. I love it! 😀


    • kiwismh, I like what you say here in your last two paragraphs. I agree on your take on Billy here. I also think Billy was preoccupied. I think Amanda catching him on the fly like that was not the best way of bringing up the whole raise idea. and I agree that something has changed for Lee here, his reaction isn’t the same kind of irrational jealousy. I think he is lulled a bit, there is something about Lee that thinks of Amanda as “his” after BO. Maybe he isn’t thinking of her as his woman, but she is there for him and she has shown how great her faith and commitment to him is. He could be taking it for granted that it will just be that way no matter what always. Or maybe he hasn’t really had a chance to process the ramifications of that for the long run. But the chance that something may come up to make that not so also hasn’t crossed his mind yet either.


      • I am adding here that I don’t think Lee has ever really given much thought to relationships. I think he just acts according to what impulse he has, could explain him “falling for” Eva. I think his brain may get a jump start here, maybe a slow one, but hey. Ahh, I get the “Scarecrow” name now.

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        • Oh, yes, I’ve always said that Lee probably got the name Scarecrow because, as a young agent, he rushed into situations without really taking the time to think it through. I can definitely see him as that brash young agent. As time went on, he became more thoughtful, but still occasionally rushing in (no backup? no problem).

          In relationships, he’s been the same way. He’s now beginning to think about relationships. Why? Amanda, or course. She’s taught him all about real friendship and caring. She lives it. He’s seen it in her all along, and now he’s beginning to try it out for himself. Luckily, he figures it out with her for her. (sigh)

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    • I do think Lee notices Jordan paying particular attention to Amanda but he doesn’t appear so obviously jealous as he has in the past when any other male has “noticed” Amanda.<<
      This caught my attention, too. Even very early on – as early as SAAB – Lee has acted overtly jealous of any man who seemed to connect with Amanda. I think back then it was a kind of territorial response: Lee was accustomed to being the most attractive man in any environment, and he was aware that Amanda had a crush on him. I think it was mostly ego that expressed itself as jealousy – the idea that some other man might take a bit of the golden glow off himself.

      By MBF, however, his relationship with Amanda has evolved into a fairly equal partnership. She no longer has stars in her eyes when she looks at him, but that is more than compensated for by his knowledge that she knows and cares for him as a person, not just as a sexy spy. So I think Lee is less likely now to react defensively to another man’s interest in Amanda. It’s not about somebody intruding on “his” territory or diminishing his status.

      At this moment, I think Lee experiences some confusion and just a bit of anxiety to see Amanda admiring and being admired by another guy. On a deep, perhaps subconscious, level, Lee has begun thinking of himself and Amanda as a kind of unit. By this point, the idea of Amanda NOT being there, present in his life and work, doesn’t even occur to Lee; she has simply become an integral part of his world. It’s something he doesn’t actively ponder, however, because that would lead to some very scary possibilities that Lee isn’t ready to face yet.

      So my take is that seeing Amanda noticing Byron is oddly jarring for Lee, for reasons he can’t put his finger on. He is vaguely unsettled, but not (yet) consciously threatened by Byron.


      • “integral part of his world”…I like that, as well as liking the rest of what you say, kgmohror!


      • Good observations! Yep, Lee is a bit dense when it comes to his inner life. I’ve been reading Harry Potter and sometimes he reminds me of Ron, cute but not quite getting the point. grins idiotically and heads back down the HP rabbit hole, chocolate fudge ice cream in hand (we’re the hottest spot in the nation today, chocolates all melted!)


      • Very interesting comment here, kgmohror. I agree that after BOut Lee now knows that Amanda is there for him and likes him as a person, warts and all. It reminds me of Morley’s comment on a BO post about the song “Unconditionally.” He may developing some feelings of security in their friendship so now his reaction to other men noticing Amanda is not the same as it was before they were friends.

        I like your idea of Amanda being and integral part of Lee’s world now. After what they went through in BO, I think their bond has never been stronger or deeper and it’s something he’s never really had with anyone else I don’t think. Lee is in uncharted waters here with Amanda.

        I wonder how Lee would have handled Byron/Amanda had Byron not been killed so soon and those two had had a real date.


      • I agree with Valerie and Jule!
        kgmohror I think your comments here are simply perfect! I love them.. whooo and love the block quotes.. me gotta give that a go! Looks so pretty! I reckon I’ll get it wrong first time haaaaa here goes.. (if I fiddle don’t mind me! )

        At this moment, I think Lee experiences some confusion and just a bit of anxiety to see Amanda admiring and being admired by another guy. On a deep, perhaps subconscious, level, Lee has begun thinking of himself and Amanda as a kind of unit. By this point, the idea of Amanda NOT being there, present in his life and work, doesn’t even occur to Lee; she has simply become an integral part of his world. It’s something he doesn’t actively ponder, however, because that would lead to some very scary possibilities that Lee isn’t ready to face yet.<<

        I especially enjoyed your thoughts on how Amanda is integral to Lee’s life now. I think this is possible even if Lee isn’t 100% madly in love with her.. and love your explanation of how Lee doesn’t really understand what’s going on … me thinks he works this out during this episode no?? That whole idea of Amanda being an ‘integral part of his life – I think you’ve summed up beautifully what’s at stake here for Lee and what her absence (however short) reveals to him.

        Soooo what do you all think – is Lee an integral part of Amanda’s life at this point?? Do tell!


        • oh hooray! this quote thing works!
          I put 2x of this ‘<‘ at the start of the quote and then 2x of this ‘>’ at the end of the quote.. if anyone would like to give it a go!


        • These thoughts, kgmohror, are spot on, I think. I really like the idea that deep down Lee sees them as a unit, but his awareness of this Isn’t open to him yet. I do think that this kind of “love” for a man like Lee has got to be a slow process. It makes me think of watering totally dry and parched ground. The slow, prolonged mist is what will soften the ground best. I have never thought that it would be possible for Lee to wake up one day and find that he is in love with Amanda, like one day he just saw the light. I love this process that he goes through. And this is just one more step for him.
          For Lee he has always tried not to have people be integral parts of his life and here he is discovering that that very thing has happened and he needs to come around to receive it. For Amanda I think it is the opposite. I think she wants very much to have someone be an integral part of her life, but she isn’t sure if there is such a person and here is someone that she cares a great deal for who just isn’t cut out for that role, so she is working hard for that not to be the case. It is like they are coming at it from two very different directions.

          Liked by 1 person

      • Like your comments kgmohror.


      • KGMOHROR, I think u nailed it perfectly…Lee just can’t figure out his feelings yet….


  9. I, too, agree that Amanda noticed Byron. It was very nice of him to help her seeing as no one else did. Not to excuse Billy but maybe he wanted Amanda’s reactions to as natural as possible. If she had known she was a decoy she may have reacted differently. I don’t like how she was treated though. She gets taken for granted and her kindness taken advantage of a lot.

    Lee seems as if he is willing to stand and listen to a potential ramble from Amanda as she begins to explain a wizard whopper. Which I think is just some made up toy, especially when she starts to say hula, which might be hula hoop. But Lee doesn’t seem as if he is about to put her off or stop her.

    Iwsod, I can see the embarrassment about the airing of her financial difficulties. I also thought maybe she was showing some shyness and a little bit of being flustered in Byron’s presence. I think that’s what I thought when I first saw this. She sort of ducks her head when she reaches over to take his hand and I think Lee sees something too. He sort of loses his smile and sees a potential something there. I have rewound that so many times just to see Lee’s response. His reaction is priceless. I’m not sure if it’s relationship jealousy, but Lee is Mr. Fixit and has pretty much had Amanda’s undivided attention for a while now. Dean is gone. There’s no Bryce Topping, and no Art Garfunkel. And their friendship has been growing by leaps and bounds so I think he is just sort of digesting and possibly filing it away. Nothing at this point is pushing him to think anything more about it.


    • Hi Valerie, thanks for responding.. yeah I see a little shyness as Byron is watching too.. she’s very sweet here!

      Yeah Lee was being attentive to Amanda and open to her ramble- a lovely thought! good one!

      Thanks for the feedback and thanks for sharing with us your take on Lee’s reaction. I wish we’d had a close up- but then maybe that is one of the great things about smk – they don’t always make it obvious what’s going on.. 🙂

      wahahahaaa love the no art Garfunkel good one! haaaa

      Yes Byron is about to come between them in a way Lee couldn’t have anticipated!


  10. I agree, Cindy. I do think Amanda noticed Byron and, to be honest, I was glad he noticed her. I think he appreciates her as a woman first, but after talking with her co-workers, he has a greater appreciation for her as a whole package. Lee is beginning to see the whole package, but isn’t quite there yet.

    I admit I’m a little disappointed in Billy;, too. I think Lee is feeling the same way. He doesn’t look happy with the conversation, and I do think he wishes he could finagle Amanda a raise himself. Perhaps he talks to Billy later???


  11. I feel like this episode comes before burn out. I don’t know why it just seems like it.


    • You know it’s interesting you said that Grey Fool, I’ve always felt that it really was a preamble for Burn Out. Can’t tell you why either but in the past I’ve often watched Vigilante Mothers and MBF before Burn Out. It always felt to me that Burn Out was better as the season finale and a set up for season three. It’ll be interesting to see this episode, which always bugged me a lot for various reasons, with fresh eyes.


      • hiya! I just posted this at Neds.. I’ll post it here too!

        I have a confession to make everyone!

        I’m going to watch all of these five season 3 episodes!! I am skipping over the story content of the episodes and just looking at Lee and Amanda..
        I’m trying to get a picture in my head of what could be going on- and it’s been so long it is all very hazy!
        I need some kind of framework to hang my blog posts on when I write about them – it’s a crazy time in the show so I think I really need it.

        Rest assured, I still won’t write about what’s ahead in later episodes! I do still want to stay in the moment with the characters’ journeys..
        Oh and this doesn’t mean I can’t change my mind- I am not looking to draw a final conclusion at all 🙂 the episodes will still be fresh I think!

        Hiya Jule and Greyfool!
        Ahhh I was guessing there may be suggestions MBF is before BO – I will keep this in mind as we continue our walk through MBF. So far, I like MBF after BO.. because of how I see Amanda’s journey.. I have also been pondering how MBF is a great season finale! LOL.. but we’ll get to all that.

        Jule I’ll be interested to hear your take on this episode and why it bugged you. I hope my posts won’t be too chirpy for ya! I’m really enjoying this episode!! [if you aren’t enjoying it – feel free to share with us -I’d be really interested to hear your point of view!]


        • You know it’s interesting, I was trying to figure out why this episode has always bugged me, but I think it’s because it either feels like it comes before Burn Out or maybe it’s because it feels like they rushed the story. Byron immediately appears and hires Amanda, gets friendlier than is seemly for a boss in my book, gets killed that first day, yada yada yada. If it had taken place over a couple of weeks and they had delved a little bit more into Lee and Amanda’s individual feelings I would probably feel differently. But, as is been the case with this journey, I find what I thought before necessarily doesn’t hold true after we discussed it. My viewpoint is definitely more malleable than I thought, which I suppose is good in life and not just SMK. That’s why it is such a joy to walk this Walk with you all!

          Liked by 1 person

          • hiya Jule no worries! we’ll take it a step at a time! Just know – I’m interested to hear your thoughts.. even if they change 🙂

            From now on till about ep 6 of season 3 [maybe longer-not sure yet! 🙂 ], I am fully expecting there to be many different views and interpretations of events between Lee and Amanda and what they mean.
            The Lee and Amanda story is heavily told in subtext..somethings are left for us to surmise: plenty of room for the audience to decide what’s going on with each of the characters..
            I think each of us will come up with the story and progression which we like the most, and which resonates with us the most. And any of them could probably fit with what we see in the show – know what I mean? this would also mean that we will probably want to order the episodes slightly differently! 🙂


          • I have re-watched this episode twice this week and each time it bugged me too that the whole thing felt rushed, and we didn’t actually get a sense of why the characters behaved as they did or why and how they made certain decisions. Not to jump ahead but I think particularly Amanda’s coming decision was not made in haste, she would have agonised over it. More on that in future posts. This could have been a 2 part episode quite easily. By the same token the message in the initial parts of the episode is that time is short and the agency and Jordan have only a short time to get their act together for this President Nabuti thing (it is so rude when people and their assassinators drop in at such short notice), so maybe the writers wanted a sense of rushed circumstances and rushed decisions. I’m going to read the script tonight to try and get a better handle on it before I comment further.


            • whooo cool. that would be great kiwismh! I agree we had lots of indicators leading up to this that Amanda’s financial woes were growing.

              I think it was suppose to feel rushed and a bit overwhelming.. I think if Lee had been given more time to figure out a solution, Amanda never would have resigned – so for me it kinda works.

              Though I have found myself typing a number of times: wow!! what a first day at work huh! And.. the rest is Amanda King history 😉

              Liked by 1 person

          • There is a fan fiction where Byron lives and the whole episode takes place over the course of several weeks. I’ll see if I can dig it up.


  12. *He was a gentleman to her here.. and she does find good manners very charming Winking smile as first impressions go I mean (don’t read too much into this from me! lol Amanda is not in love with Byron 😉 )
    Ha ha ha — yes, a not so subtle reminder to those of us that would have Lee and Amanda in love way too soon.

    As to Lee being upset that Amanda wasn’t told she’d be a decoy — I think definitely so. Not cool, Billy. Not cool. I wonder why they changed the script to have Billy call Amanda down rather than it being accidental. as I agree with you, normally I am a huge Billy fan, but this is not his shining moment. Maybe this was supposed to highlight the difference between how the agency treats Amanda and how her (spoiler alert!) new boss will.

    I don’t mind Amanda noticing Byron. I think she had a serious wakeup call after Burnout and has made some conscious decisions including taking more charge of her employment situation and being open to male attention.


    • LOL.. I wasn’t trying to give a reminder 🙂 I just call it the way I am seeing it and open up the discussion 🙂

      Not cool is spot on Cindy! grrrr bad Billy!!! and then he doesn’t even think about her raise?? really bad Billy!!


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