5/ Season Two, Episode 22: Murder Between Friends-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to the King home.. we hear Dotty exclaiming: Oh Amanda! I am so excited for you! A good, steady, full-time job!
Her support and enthusiasm are wonderful. I agree – at this point of the episode, this is a very exciting thing for Amanda and the family! Also, it highlights how Amanda didn’t have a steady full-time job at the agency! It was completely unsteady and part-time!!
2.22 MBF.avi_000754921
We see it’s morning and the boys are in the kitchen having breakfast under Dotty’s supervision.  [lol it’s like Dotty now has the traditional ‘wife’ role in this home while Amanda brings home the bacon! Winking smile ]
Dotty is so enthusiastic and invested.. do you think maybe she wishes she had been able to expand her own professional skills??
Dotty hands Amanda a cup of coffee.
Dotty: what are you running around like this for? It’s only 8:15. You don’t have to be at work until 10. [10? phew.. this really is a dream job Winking smile Hey if Amanda met Byron on Thursday, he offered her the job Friday.. would this be Saturday? Nabuti was arriving Tuesday. Amanda works Saturdays?! I know. I think too much.. ]
Amanda: well, I want to stop by the agenc- [Amanda checks to see if Dotty heard her say ‘agency’ , she’s busy sorting out the boys, but she still notices.]
2.22 MBF.avi_000761928
Dotty: Agency? What agency are you talking about?
Amanda: Oh, you know, Mother IFF
2.22 MBF.avi_000768935
Dotty: Ohh IFF is an agency. Oh well that makes sense. Why shouldn’t it be? After all, if they are a film company, they should have a talent agency on the side.

2.22 MBF.avi_000771938
Amanda: that’s right!
2.22 MBF.avi_000777944Dotty: Listen Amanda, I want to tell you, I never liked the idea of you working for IFF. I mean they should’ve moved you
2.22 MBF.avi_000780947up,
[This I agree with!!] given you something challenging to do [LOL she got the challenging, just not the moving up.. which IMHO makes it even worse! Winking smile ] …I think you’re gonna find this new job much more exciting.
Amanda quickly: Ohh I hope not! [Haaaa!]
2.22 MBF.avi_000782949
Jamie: Hey Mom. Since you got this new job and all-
2.22 MBF.avi_000784951Phillip: We’re gonna be rich!
Jamie: -can we add on another room for me?
[Phillip and Jamie share a room? anyone??]
Phillip: hey wait a minute! Who says it gonna be your room?
Amanda: Hold it! Just a second, we’re not gonna be rich!
2.22 MBF.avi_000788955
2.22 MBF.avi_000793960Dotty: Amanda, you never know. I mean one of these days, you might open your own security company.
[I love this- because this is what I imagine Lee and Amanda doing after season four.. after their ‘secret’ is revealed..]

Phillip and Jamie: Yeah!!!!

Dotty: You know anything about security Amanda?
to the boys
: finish that for me sweetheart
Too cute!
2.22 MBF.avi_000800567
They all kiss each other. Amanda begins to exit
Amanda: Have a good day!
Dotty: have a piece of bacon and some orange juice!
2.22 MBF.avi_000802635
[she now yells after Amanda, who just rushed out of  the room] …Your grandmother always said that you 2.22 MBF.avi_000804004should have a hearty breakfast before you start the d-
Amanda yells: Have a good day now!
[and she slams the front door]
Dotty yells after her (even though she has left) :
Okay, break a leg or arm or whatever they say. Ughh!!
2.22 MBF.avi_000809976
LOL! Dotty and the crazy family rush is funny! Smile
The scene ends there.

2.22 MBF.avi_000813980On to IFF again.. this time no one is parking out the front. Can Amanda park in the magical IFF car park if she has resigned? Winking smile In the bullpen. We see Lee in his black jumpsuit loading a weapon. Francine and other agents in the background are busy making preparations. We see Lee load a gun in his sexy black jumpsuit! Winking smile
2.22 MBF.avi_000814981
Francine approaches Lee.
Lee: are you all ready?
Francine: yeah just about.
Lee: good! We’re scheduled to depart at 1100
2.22 MBF.avi_000818985

As Lee talks, we see Amanda enter the bull pen. She approaches Lee who is putting a big gun on his shoulder.
2.22 MBF.avi_000825992
Amanda: Hi
Lee: Amanda! Hi!
Francine: what happened? Jordan fire you already?
[I don’t think Francine should be joking about ‘firing’ anyone with a gun in her hand! 😉 ]
2.22 MBF.avi_000826926
Francine walks away while Amanda responds to her. LOL!  Ahh Francine.. Amanda won’t miss ya! Winking smile [don’t get me wrong- I love the Francine character! she is a brilliant addition!]
Amanda: no, I came to give Mr Melrose my agency termination papers and my ID.
2.22 MBF.avi_000830997[Amanda has ID??? since when?? she doesn’t wear it that’s for sure..] Seems there is lots of busy activity going on. Thus why Francine doesn’t stop and chat.
Lee: yeah. Everything working out alright?
Amanda: great.
2.22 MBF.avi_000834000
Lee: Good! Good! Well, it’s great to see ya…
2.22 MBF.avi_000835001
… Say hi to Jordan for me.
At this Lee moves over to collect his pack.. getting ready to move out. Do you think Lee is trying to sound a bit off hand here? A bit like the old Lee no? pretending like he doesn’t care either way as he busies himself?

Here we see our first close up of Amanda- her hair looks different huh?? better! and she is suddenly wearing ear buttons.. she didn’t leave the house with them. I guess she had them in her handbag? Winking smile
2.22 MBF.avi_000839005Francine returns, Amanda: yeah. Ah what is it another practice manoeuvre?
Francine: No, this is the real thing Amanda.
2.22 MBF.avi_000841007
Lee: Yeah we have word that the hit squad may be training in sky valley.
2.22 MBF.avi_000844010Francine
: Lee! That is on a need to know basis!… [whooo what do you make of this?!!]
2.22 MBF.avi_000847013
…Look I’m going to go check the supplies of Squad B okay.
[ha haaa!! love that Lee is happy to tell Amanda! Smile ]
Francine turns to leave, but turning back adds: Amanda, don’t be a stranger!
2.22 MBF.avi_000850016
What do you make of Francine here? think she means it? I think she does.. this is as warm and mushy as Francine gets no? Winking smile Francine goes.
Interesting, once Francine moves away, ‘Mr I’m not bothered Scarecrow’ seems to evaporate..
And here.. we have Lee Smile It’s like once Francine is gone Lee and Amanda can finally communicate more honestly about what’s happening. Plus, maybe Francine’s off hand behaviour was a mirror for Lee- showing him what he looked like- as he was acting like Francine and being a bit of  a prat so he should be a bit more real with his good friend here.
Lee: Yeah well ah.. I’m…
2.22 MBF.avi_000856022
…glad everything’s working out alright with Jordan.
[Interesting! The script directs that Lee says he’s glad things are working out with Jordan ‘unconvincingly’ – do you think this is how Lee sounds? I think Lee is glad, for Amanda’s sake.. but he is also very sad for his own sake. I think he conveys mixed feelings here- Again! A credit to BB!]
2.22 MBF.avi_000858024

Amanda: Lee, you know I mean, I took this job because I had to. I-
2.22 MBF.avi_0008615282.22 MBF.avi_000862328
2.22 MBF.avi_000862729Lee: I know. I know.

2.22 MBF.avi_000863129
Lee’s turn to cut Amanda off.. she doesn’t have to finish what she was going to say- he ‘really does understand’ – sound familiar? Burn Out!! Winking smile I think Lee is wonderful here. He is taking a moment out of the crazy prep for this raid for Amanda- to let her know it’s okay he understands.

For me, there is no resentment, no sense that Lee feels rejected or abandoned by Amanda..just lots of sadness.. In 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001204170Brunettes are in– Lee told Amanda bitterly to do ‘what’s best for you’ and ‘fine!’ with attitude! – here he genuinely hopes she’ll do what’s best for her. He wants that too 🙂  It’s a lovely testament IMHO to the strength and quality of their friendship now.… it’s so sad!

2.22 MBF.avi_000865532Grumpy Billy enters the bullpen: Alright people! Let’s get a move on!
[this pic is crying out for a meme! Smile anyone?]

Here the script says ‘They share a moment. this is hard for both of them.’ – awh!!
Lee: Ah you take care of yourself huh.
2.22 MBF.avi_000866332
[That’s what Amanda always says to Lee no? I mean it is normal for her not to be going off with Lee on a raid.]
Amanda: yeah you take care of yourself!
2.22 MBF.avi_0008680342.22 MBF.avi_000869536Lee smiles, chuckles: haa yeah!
2.22 MBF.avi_000870737
Lee smiles and leaves.
2.22 MBF.avi_000872739
Amanda sadly watches him walk away.
2.22 MBF.avi_000873139
I think she really wishes it didn’t have to be this way.. and she worries about Lee now that she won’t be around to watch his back. Only last week we learned how special their bond is- and she was able to support Lee to be healthy – not Scarecrow, Lee- in a way no one else at the agency can.. Sooooo Sad!!!!!! What do you all think? I imagine if you think Amanda is in love with Lee now you are going to be viewing all this very differently to myself! Do feel free to go for it and share your view!!! Smile
2.22 MBF.avi_000876343Amanda stands there and watches Lee until the bullpen door closes and he walks from view.
Was she hoping he’d turn around?
He doesn’t..
2.22 MBF.avi_000877544

2.22 MBF.avi_000878345Brave Amanda gathers herself and walks to the desk, hands in her magical agency ID and papers and leaves to embark on what she thinks is the next phase in her career. 2.22 MBF.avi_000883550

The sadness here for both of them is very touching. I think Lee was doing his best to be happy for Amanda.. and he doesn’t think he could do anything to help her stay at the agency..there is no question he wants her to stay (IMHO- this was addressed in Brunettes) I think they would have still seen each other, but I don’t think they saw each other much socially at this stage- most of their interaction was at work or about work or socialising on the job at embassy parties and such-you know.. it’s work.. not a date! 😉 . They would have seen each other- they are friends- but.. not as much.. future events lead me to conclude this also but I’ll leave it at this. I think they both feel sad to not be so closely involved with each other as work partners.. and there was a good the chance that they may spend little time together if they weren’t working together anymore Sad smile and they like to spends LOTS of time together!! Smile Thoughts??

Do you think Amanda sees that Lee is sad here? Or do you think she is thinking Lee is happy and will do fine without her? Is she misunderstanding?  I’ve vacillated on this one over the years – but now I’m thinking when Lee is doing his scarecrow thing of pretending he doesn’t care – Amanda sees through it… because she knows Lee so well now (Burn Out showed us that!). This is why she wanted to explain again to Lee her reason for leaving – money and her family – and underline that it wasn’t anything to do with him. I think they both see how sad the other is. I am not convinced there is any misunderstanding happening here.. What do you think?

By the way, looking at a moment from The First Time 2.22 MBF.avi_000792959today I noticed- the white skirt Amanda is wearing in this scene?[you can see it better in the kitchen scene] she wears it in the First Time! Here look:

It’s quite poignant to think that Amanda has on the same skirt in this scene (in Murder Between Friends) with Lee, saying their goodbyes and sad about it – which she was wearing when Lee said goodbye to Amanda in The First Time – where TFT.avi_001611484Amanda asked if they’d ever see each other again… and Lee says a flat No!
Amanda watches Lee walk out of her life, thinking she will never see him again..
I also think for Lee to see this choice Amanda has made for her family is a reminder to him – as he currently fights to deny his growing feelings for Amanda- that her family is of utmost importance to her- she’d even leave the agency job she loves to look after them. A relationship with Amanda is a serious commitment.. and he struggles to work out if he wants that. or can do that.. IMHO! Lee’s a great big bundle of sadness, denial and confusion Smile and underneath it all his feelings for Amanda grow stronger and stronger Smile 

How do you think Lee would have coped after a while without Amanda? Has he come to terms with her leaving here?  Thoughts? I am loving this episode!!! Hope you are too!! Byeee for now! 

76 responses to “5/ Season Two, Episode 22: Murder Between Friends-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. “I love this- because this is what I imagine Lee and Amanda doing after season four.. after their ‘secret’ is revealed..” What an intriguing thought iwsod!

    With Francine’s “stranger” comment, I didn’t take it as a literal. It felt more like a brush off to me- especially after the “need to know” annoyance. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but the way she said it & took off it seemed more like “okay, goodbye, get out, here’s a cliche & move on ” I thinks she tolerates Amanda more than she used to, and has even complemented her (“Life of the Party”) but there is a fair amount of jealousy there too. Especially after “Burn Out”. I don’t think she would have missed Amanda if she was gone.


  2. Personally I come into total agreement with everything Jule said is going on here. I think now that Lee has had a chance to get his emotions in check rationally he understands why Amanda is doing this and he wants to reassure her of that, but emotionally I think he almost feels betrayed at loosing someone that he had dropped most of the walls with. Conseqeuntially the walls are starting to go back up and he’s putting on the mask. And Amanda, to me it seems she keeps waiting for Lee to do or say something to give her a reason to stay. I also agree with Jule that both Lee and Amanda have romantic feeling simmering under the surface making this so much harder but I also agree with her that if Byron hadn’t died they might have never had a chance to work things out. Once Lee and Amanda finally admitted they loved each other I think both would have fought no matter what for their reletionship but until that point I think fate had to keep maneuvering to keep these two together and make sure that eventually they did end up in each other’s arms. Just like in a double agent if things hadn’t turned out right they probably never would have seen each other again. These two are too busy swimming down the river of denial.


  3. I do think that Lee has put aside his feelings on Amanda’s leaving for the job. Afterward, I think he would make a little visit to her house, and they would talk a little more in depth about why she had to leave. I think Lee would have found a way to keep Amanda in his life, because he has come to rely on her, not so much for the job as for himself personally. While he is beginning to acknowledge her value in the workplace, I think he has already begun to acknowledge her value to him personally – just not how deeply he cares.

    Amanda is still feeling the effects of having to leave a place she has grown to enjoy and a person for which she has deep feelings. I’m not so sure that she is sad, but that she is pensive – remembering how far they’ve come and wondering where it goes from here. Just as Lee is getting his feet firmly fixed in this deep relationship, she is a little unsettled. Some tentative signs are there, but she can’t quite get a clear signal, so she chooses to just let it be.

    I think Francine is beginning to open her eyes to what Amanda is capable of doing. She’s not a friend, but she’s accepted as “one of the gang.” Francine has very clear lines of distinction between working and non-working relationships. Amanda has now crossed into the non-working realm as she leaves the Agency. I wouldn’t say Francine is glad to see her go, because in her own way, she relies on her, too. She’s not saying these things as a friend, but simply as a co-worker leaves for other employment.

    Everyone has such thoughtful comments for this episode. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. It is such fun to read and think through.


  4. This redecorating malarkey really gets in the way of ones SMK time. I am having trouble keeping up with the posts.
    Needless less to say you have all pretty much summed it up for me.
    I think Lee is playing Mr Cool because he doesn’t want to face the reality of working without Amanda. I think Amanda looks sad at the finality of her resignation and maybe a little disappointed in Lee and his behaviour.
    I actually felt Francine was being sincere, that’s about as gushy as she gets. However the likelihood that they would keep in touch is minimal and she probably knows this!

    What struck me most was the scene where Amanda is left standing. Two empty desks, a relatively quiet and empty office……I was nearly expecting a tumble weed to roll past 😉 That shot hints to me at a certain emptiness, for Lee and Amanda perhaps……or maybe I reading too much into 🙂


    • You can never read too much into SMK, LOL! I agree with your assessment, especially about Lee playing Mr. Cool, it would be too difficult to face.
      Good luck with the redecorating!


    • Good catch on the empty desks Jenbo! It does contribute to the empty and lost feel of the moment! Reading too much? tee hee.. not possible!


  5. I think Francine’s “need to know” remark illustrates that things won’t be the same, Amanda will be a bit of an outsider even if he new job keeps her in contact with the Agency. It also shows how comfortable Lee is with having Amanda around and working with her — it’s going to take some getting used to for him.


    • Do you think that Francine would have said that even if Amanda had no resigned??

      I’m a little confused at Amanda’s status at the agency at this point (I mean in season 2, not after she resigned).

      Very true Happy Camper, it does demonstrate that there will be things Lee and Amanda can no longer talk about – and Lee has only just learned in Burn Out that he can talk to Amanda about anything – the most secret of things – and she won’t tell a soul- and he realised he really liked being able to tell her. ouchie..

      Maybe it’s also showing that Lee hasn’t made the adjustment to seeing Amanda as an ‘outsider’ again?? His thinking hasn’t shifted. To him, Amanda is still very much Amanda.? Of course Francine has adjusted easily! 🙂 Ha!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Happy Camper.. great to bounce ideas around.. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.. and was curious to hear what others thought!


      • Yes, I kind of think Francine would have said it anyway. It’s nothing new that Amanda doesn’t have a need to know, but I think the writers used it here to create a feeling of outsideness. (One of the results of a degree in literature is I always view a story on at least two levels — there’s the level of what the characters are saying, and there’s the level of what the writers intend to communicate to their audience through what the characters say and do.

        On a totally different topic, whether Lee is in love or not is still an open question with me, but after watching this I think I might say that his feelings for Amanda are deeper and more real (because they’re based in really knowing each other) than they’ve been for anyone else in his adult life.


        • Hey Happy Camper! Cool! Us smk fans are lucky to be able to benefit from your literature degree 🙂
          All sounds good to me!

          I agree with you about Lee too! He has very real deep feelings for Amanda – but I still can’t bring myself to say he’s ‘in love’ with her..
          I like your two levels here Happy Camper! For me there is a third level – how we view the story. Sometimes I think what the characters are saying, what the writers want to say, and what the audience hears can be three different things. As I’ve found with Byron’s character.. but it is great to stew over what the writers wanted to convey. Love that!! I do hope you’ll share your insight with the rest of us 🙂


          • Happy Camper, I like what you have said about Lee’s feelings for Amanda being deeper and more real than any he has had yet. I also like eh lit degree, I hope you share whatever you know and can apply to SMK with us, Thanks


  6. So now that we are all official IFFers, does that mean we are spies for the Agency too?


  7. I think Amanda’s sadness here is less for herself (though there is that), and more for Lee, whom she sees retreating behind the Scarecrow facade again. She knows him, and can see right through his “I don’t care” pretense. Amanda has done so much over the past two years to help Lee feel safe to let down his defenses, and it must break her heart to fear that her leaving may just reinforce those walls she’s been trying so hard to break down.

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  8. As far as Fanfictions. If you go to Petra’s site ( there is a link in the right hand column at the top of the blog) and go to Scenarios and Cyphers there is a section there of fan fics that “Fill in the Blanks.” There are 4 stories there pertaining to this episode. A couple go a bit AU, but they are fun reading.


    • Thanks for the reminder, Morley, of these quick links on Petra’s website. I checked out a couple of the shorter ones and they are fun reading. I love a little AU SMK now and again – especially at this point and going forward – especially in the romance department 🙂


  9. Dotty is a hoot! She is so wonderfully optimistic. I love her new haircut – think I said that somewhere before.

    No rest for the weary – yep, Jordan Securities works on Saturdays. Guess that’s why she doesn’t have to be there until 10. It doesn’t look like a school day for the boys either.

    Yay! Back to the side part for the short hair-don’t. It makes a big difference IMHO.

    I do think Lee is trying to pretend like he doesn’t care – it’s self-protection mode. It seems to me as if he’s put a wall – he didn’t like getting hurt by Amanda and so he is focusing on business here and not going down the personal road (cuz there’s that wall he’s erected).

    Alright, Francine, Amanda hasn’t turned in her Agency papers yet and she is working with the Agency on this project, so what if Lee gives her a little extra info. on the case? Sooo by the book…. Lee knows better.
    Even though she’s resigning and he’s feeling hurt, he still knows he can trust her as a professional. Besides, it’s Amanda!

    Francine telling Amanda not to be a stranger? How does that work? Does she invite them to Ned’s for drinks? It doesn’t sound very business-like for future projects. Maybe Francine just wants some of Amanda’s Christmas cookies? 😉

    Love that ‘you take care of yourself’ screen cap, iwsod! Soo glad there’s a dimple in it…means we’ll be seeing that one again 😀 (Oh who am I fooling? Y’all know I’d come up with some reason to put it in a stats post, dimple or no!)

    I think Lee is doing his best to move on. He had a friendship with Amanda based on work. She will no longer be working closely with him, so that friendship has to end as they knew it. I think his looks to her convey that he has been grateful for their friendship, grateful for all the times she’s saved his butt and he knows he’s a bit of a changed man because of her. He is has admiration for her and all she’s done for him. I think he’s thinking he’ll put up that wall and move on, he’s Scarecrow after all.

    Amanda’s sad look as she watches him walk away is painful to look at. I think she is feeling a little heartbroken that this job change she had to take is going to irreparably change her relationship with Lee. I think she knows she’s been a good influence on him, exposing him to ‘normal’ life and just being his friend through everything. I think she really means it literally when she tells Lee to take care of himself and feeling regret that she won’t be there to help him do that. He may be her white knight and fixes everything for her, but she is the only one who takes care of him and she knows it.

    I think yesterday Lee was the one who was hurt more by her announcement and here I think Amanda is the one who is hurt more. I think she felt or saw the wall that Lee had put up and really felt for the first time since her announcement that things would be different between them from now on. So sad. 😦

    I do wonder how long these two would have lasted apart. Would it have been permanent? Would Lee have tried to find a way for Amanda to come back even if Jordan hadn’t been murdered? Surely he would have had a little trouble at least at the beginning. I can see him getting mad at having to get used to a new ‘partner’ and going to Billy to see if there was anything Billy could do to get Amanda back. Can anyone say fan fiction?


    • I really liked this comment BJo, especially this part

      “I think she really means it literally when she tells Lee to take care of himself and feeling regret that she won’t be there to help him do that. He may be her white knight and fixes everything for her, but she is the only one who takes care of him and she knows it.

      I think yesterday Lee was the one who was hurt more by her announcement and here I think Amanda is the one who is hurt more. I think she felt or saw the wall that Lee had put up and really felt for the first time since her announcement that things would be different between them from now on. So sad. :(“


      • Morley and BJo, I really like what you both have said here. It reminds me of a song I’ve been obsessively listening to lately (seriously am incapable of being less that obsessive about things that draw me in, I probably need help looks for chocolate and the rabbit hole ). I digress per usual, I’ve been listening to Glass by Thompson Square. The lyrics seem to fit:

        “Trying to live and love,
        With a heart that can’t be broken,
        Is like trying to see the light with eyes that can’t be opened.
        Yeah, we both carry baggage,
        We picked up on our way, so if you love me do it gently,
        And I will do the same.
        We may shine, we may shatter,
        We may be picking up the pieces here on after,
        We are fragile, we are human,
        We are shaped by the light we let through us,
        We break fast, cause we are glass.
        Cause we are glass.”

        It’s terrifying to put your heart on the line, isn’t it? Especially for these two when so much so at stake.


  10. It seems to me that Lee’s behavior when he was in the bullpen was an attempt at being casual but I think deep down inside all his walls are rapidly raising and his doors are teetering on closing shut. It feel to me that Lee is hiding his disappointment and sadness about Amanda leaving from her but also from himself. He is sincere but though this is not the same Lee that was in Brunettes, and he may know that this is a necessary financial move for Amanda, I think his rational mind could fall victim to the years of closed down emotional responses. And as one who sees both Lee and Amanda simmering underneath with more than friend feelings, it is even more reason for Lee to retreat in part to his old persona and way of protecting himself because he’s been left so often in the past. If Byron had not been killed, I am not sure that things would have ever resolved themselves in a positive way. I am so very ambivalent here. Still would have preferred time for Lee to react to the new situation. Maybe I am projecting and I’m just reading too much into it. I’ve been known to do that. Should I lie down on the couch and pay a fee to you Iwsod for your great analytical skills? Oh dear, another Juleramble ….. wanders off to stick her head in the freezer to cool off and look for chocolate ice cream


  11. You okay? Sounds like a big one. We been known to lose bridges in Los Angeles at 6.3. Hope all is well with you and yours!


  12. I love Amanda’s comment about hoping that the new job is not more exciting than IFF! 😆

    “[Amanda has ID??? since when?? she doesn’t wear it that’s for sure..]”
    I was going to say it’s probably the United States Bureau of the Census Department of Marital Relations badge/ID from The Mole, but it doesn’t look like it. :mrgreen:

    “Do you think Lee is trying to sound a bit off hand here?”
    I think it’s a combination of him trying to hide his feelings, and also being in agent mode gearing up for the raid.

    Personally, I think Francine’s “don’t be a stranger” comment is kind of a throwaway line… she really doesn’t expect to see Amanda again except when Amanda has to be around on Byron security business. She and Amanda don’t really have any closeness at this point in the show. I think she’s just saying something to say something.

    Amanda looks soooooo sad after Lee walks away for the raid… 😥 Just devastated.

    I find the guy at the desk that Amanda hands the paperwork to to be comical–what does he do with the rest of his day? Just sit there waiting for people to file their exit paperwork?

    I don’t think that Lee looks overly sad at this point, but like I said–he’s in agent mode, gearing up for a raid–he’s sad, but he can’t afford to fully acknowledge it in this moment like he did in the prior scene where Amanda drops the quitting bomb. I think that Amanda understands this. There’s no misunderstanding by either of them.

    I think that Lee’s struggle that you mention is ultimately less about whether he wants a serious commitment–because I think deep inside he really does–and more about whether he thinks he is capable of serious commitment and whether he would be good for Amanda and her family… Whether he deems himself worthy of a serious commitment to someone like Amanda, and the reciprocity of it. Just IMHO.

    Has Lee comes to terms with her leaving? I don’t think he has, completely. I think he’s still dealing with it, and preparing for the raid allows him to put the pain aside/into a box for a while. Make sense?

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    • Yes, makes sense KC. I think with Amanda’s influence Lee has matured and changed significantly in the last couple of years. Or should I say, the Scarecrow persona and Lee Stetson are now better balanced. Lee has compartmentalised the upset for now, but I don’t see him entirely rebuilding the emotional walls he had, forgetting Amanda and returning to the sort of professional and personal lifestyle he was living 2 years ago. Even if Jordan hadn’t been “rubbed out” and Amanda had kept working for him, Lee would carry on being a better man for his association with Amanda, even if they never saw each other again.


      • Ohhh my!!! you guys have shared some wonderful insights here!!! I didn’t think it was possible to love this scene anymore.. I was wrong! 🙂

        In terms of Lee and his walls.. I think I’m with kiwimsh here – I don’t think Lee’s walls at this point were back up again..
        I think that at this point in the episode Lee is teetering.. he could go either way – just like he was in Burn Out! At this stage of the episode, we don’t know if Lee will rebuild those walls and shut Amanda out.. at least IMHO – and maybe that is part of the sadness here.. we know it is a possibility.

        I think only seeing each other when working at this stage was a way Lee protected himself from all the complications of Amanda..and his growing feelings for her. This way he can tell himself it’s only a close working friendship maybe.. but it works for him so far, and it works for Amanda too – she is probably not looking at this stage to spend a lot of time with Lee socialising.. and when this is next addressed in the show it IS significant.. soooo I’ll hold off saying more! eek!

        oh and I loved Morley’s insight about Lee trying to move further from Amanda as his feelings grow stronger!.. again.. there is that possibility that he could move too far away from her..
        Lee’s journey seems to comes to different forks in the road where he has to choose to stay close with Amanda or shut himself down.. and he seems to continue to stay open to Amanda in the long run – whatever the risk to his heart.. maybe it’s that deep longing Lee has for a connection with someone.. and again that push pull that goes on inside Lee as he works this all out. Boy… Lee is one complicated ball of hunkiness..
        Oh dear.. I do hope I’m making some kind of sense!

        I agree Valerie.. I can see Lee popping around to discuss mutual work stuff with Amanda – as she would have still been working with the agency for Jordan’s securities, while really just catching up on each other – but under the guise of being for work.
        then again I also agree with Jestress that Lee may not have completely given up on getting Amanda back to the agency.. I think the problem is still in the back of his mind as Mr Fixit tries to come up with a solution!

        LOL.. no psychoanalysis here Jule. well.. other than of Lee and Amanda!

        Fanatical fixation? whahahaaa.. Hey BJo let’s make it Intense Fanatical Fixation- why? because then it is IFF!!!! No.. I am not crazy.. really.. ahem..

        kiwismh Kudos to you for continuing to ponder and type about smk baddies while experiencing an earthquake! who would have thought JWWM would be the place for breaking news! 🙂


        • Hey, iwsod, you are crazy! Bwahaha 😛 But I love it! Yup, we’re IFF’ers 🙂

          Oh dear, seems I may used a poor choice of words in my comment with ‘wall’, ‘self-protection’ and ‘Scarecrow’ so close together. There’s too much associated with those. I’m not thinking he’s reverted back to his old Scarecrow self – not in the least!

          I do agree with what KC, kiwismh and Jestress are saying. kiwismh said it better in her comment than I did – about her influence on him. I think the look on his face communicates this (at least that’s what I was trying to say in my comment).

          I do think in this particular scene, it does have a “goodbye” feel to it though. Like others have said, it is not the time and place for Lee to really get into it with Amanda. They’re at work and he’s got a mission to prepare for so he’s focusing more on that. It’s a goodbye to our working relationship, but not their personal one.

          I do think he is acting differently toward Amanda though. It is nothing like an S1 Scarecrow act, I don’t think that, although my choice of words may have sounded like I meant that. I think Amanda has gotten under his skin and she is definitely important to him. He just hasn’t yet recovered from the shock of her leaving IFF and has no idea how their friendship/relationship is going to go. Lee strikes me more as a “let’s see how this is going to pan out” versus already deciding how he thinks their relationship is going to work out and acting accordingly, so in this scene I think he is just not sure how to act around her. It’s a whole new world to him. He’s never been in this situation before, has he? They’ve not had a fight, Amanda has not died, she’ll still be in his life just in a different capacity. I don’t really think Lee is jealous or feels threatened by Jordan from a personal point of view.

          Maybe I’m just projecting how I would have acted in this situation. I would have put a smile on my face because I’m truly happy my friend who I genuinely care about has a great new job but also tried to not show the hurt or sadness I felt at being left behind because I wouldn’t want to make my friend feel bad for having to make the choice I knew was best for her from a practical standpoint. But I’m not a “let’s see how this is going work out” kind of person, so I would have put some sort of buffer there between my friend and I so that I didn’t risk getting hurt again, even if it was for something good for my friend. Hahaha, Lee is more emotionally mature than I. Oh dear, what a thought! I need an Amanda!


          • BJo what you said about projecting how you would act in this situation made me think of a very similar situation I was in recently. About four years ago I left a teaching position I had been in for 16 years. One of the main reasons I left was for financial reasons. Many of the people I worked with were like family to me (and still are). While I was in the process of searching and interviewing I had everyone’s full faith, support, and understanding. But as soon as it was determined that I was leaving, reality set in and some negativity came to light. The person I was closest to actually told me that they were mad at me and upset. I told them that it was okay to feel that way, but I had to do what was best for me. But we talked it out and even though we don’t see each other every day we talk on the phone constantly and still do the same amount of socializing as we had done before.

            But we already had a close friendship and felt comfortable enough with each other to speak about how we were feeling and how our friendship might be affected. Lee and Amanda are not yet able to truly speak about how they are feeling, because I don’t think they have reconciled to themselves exactly what and how they feel about each other. It’s difficult to project where things are going if you don’t exactly know where they are at the moment. They would both probably say they are friends, but what that friendship entails is something they were on their way to figuring out.

            And as several have already pointed out, this episode seems to have moved so quickly. Everything happens so fast that you don’t have time to catch a breath and let the dust settle and consider what everything means. There was the rush by Billy to have the raise discussion, there was the rushed job offer, the rush to handle security, the rush to decide about the job offer. There’s so much rushing that heads and emotions are probably spinning out of control. My decisions and transitions took time and there was a process and everyone involved, including myself, had time to process and deal with things and we were able to have some closure. Here no one has time because they have to move on to the next thing. At this point they are both handling as best as they can given all that is swirling around them at the moment.


            • Soooooo true Valerie.. I am tickled pink you have mentioned here how Lee and Amanda don’t know what they are!!! I’ve raised this in an upcoming post… sooo I’ll hold off saying more and just say I reeeeeaaaaaally LIKE this comment!! 😎

              Liked by 1 person

            • Wow, Valerie, I really liked reading your comment. And thank you for sharing your experience. I think you are exactly right when you say how things are moving so quickly and spinning out of control. That combined with what you say about Lee and Amanda not knowing exactly what they are to each other must be creating lots of uncertainty for these two. And while I’m curious to know how they would each have handled that uncertainty, I’m happy for Lee and Amanda that it didn’t have to last long at all.


          • I could admit to being an IFF’er. 🙂


          • Reading you loud and clear BJo! 🙂

            LOL I think everyone could use an Amanda! :mrgreen:


        • I like the idea of teetering Lee. I do agree that he has made progress, especially in the recent episodes. I guess the question is did he make enough progress? I am just not sure. It seems to me that he is warm here and not totally cold, and the fact that he is very busy getting ready for a raid, so he can’t focus on what his and Amanda’s relationship might be like now. But I am jus not convinced that he would have the ability to really push through and initiate a completely personal/ outside of work relationship with Amanda. He might be able to relate with her and Jordan’s company and the Agency work together. But what would he do if he saw Amanda and Byron getting closer? I just don’t know, I would like to think that he would. But his choices in the beginning of season 3 do hold me back from saying that Lee is in the clear from emotional barriers and would allow him to act towards Amanda with out any self protective mechanisms in play.
          Fortunately for Lee and Amanda (and most importantly for us, but not so for Jordan) Lee’s crossroad is an easy one for him to chose. He gets to do something for Amanda and that has never caused him any difficulty. So he gets to keep growing with out having to make a huge move at this stage. Doesn’t last long for him though. Pretty soon he comes to a huge crossroad doesn’t he?
          [iwsod edited ‘season 1’ to ‘season 3’ 🙂 ]


          • I meant his choices at the beginning of season 3. I often grab a moment to make a comment with all of my household swirling around me and I am half focused on what is happening around me, either that or someone just walks in a room and starts talking to me even though I am feverishly trying to finish typing. It is amazing I can make any sense at all.


          • Liking this Morely! it is so hard to not consider what you know is ahead huh..

            Though when I do try – I conclude at this point in the episode we don’t know how Lee will respond.. it’s very cool!! I like this plot device!!!

            The next time in the episode we see Lee and Amanda together – for me these wonderings about Lee are answered.. but.. yes – we’ll get to that! 🙂


            • I did it again, didn’t I? I looked at what comes next and used it to understand this moment…oops.
              Let me see what happens if I don’t. I can’t make a decision about what Lee would have done with his friendship with Amanda. and we will never know will we. They don’t have time to figure it out, or even feel the absence of one another and what it does to their lives. No time for “absence to make the hear grow fonder” or any other cliché. But then I guess we can talk about that later.
              I do find it interesting that these wonderings are answered for you later, Iwsod, because they aren’t really for me. I look forward to seeing what you see.

              Liked by 1 person

              • Ah we all do it 🙂

                LOL I don’t mean to build your anticipation.. I mean I think I’ve come up with an answer that I’m happy with – but what do I know? 🙂 tee hee.. I mean I may feel I have my answer but others may disagree! 🙂 tee hee!

                Ohhh can I publish the next part now?? I want to be naughty and not wait two days to post the next part like I said I would..
                It’s so much easier for me to be patient when I haven’t already written the next part!

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    • I agree that he’s trying to put aside his feelings for now. There’s nothing he can really do to help the situation right now, and he’s got a mission to complete, so he doesn’t have any other choice. Still, I’m not sure he’s completely given up on the idea of getting Amanda back somehow. I think that he’s just accepted that this is the way that things have to be for awhile. After all, this is no business for a pessimist, right?


      • LOL Hi Jestress! I just commented that I agree with you – as you commented! 🙂

        True! Lee is always looking for the silver lining huh.. and Mr Fixit doesn’t give up!


  13. It’s funny how Francine is the one who indicates that Amanda should keep in touch by telling her not to be a stranger. And I think she means it. Francine could have just said, “Hey, it was nice knowing you. Take care, buh-bye.” She has never been one to mince words. She is usually pretty straight-forward. In her own way she has come to accept Amanda’s presence.

    Lee goes into Scarecrow mode, but can’t seem to keep it there for long. The fact that he is so willing to share “need to know” information with Amanda shows how far they have come since S1. And Lee knows that any kind of relationship with Amanda involves a package deal, her children and her mother, her family. He has made some progress in that as time has gone on. If there was an issue he made sure that her family was protected and watched, like in Filming Raul. He knows they are a top priority for her.

    While Lee has had more practice so to speak with saying good-bye, this is difficult for both of them. It’s all just so sad. I wonder if Lee would have eventually made up some excuse at some point to go see Amanda like he did when he got the ‘Vette. It wasn’t necessarily work related and it could have waited. But we don’t really have to wonder.


  14. I do think at the beginning of this scene in the Bullpen Lee is trying to be cavalier a bit. Maybe he does see himself in the mirror of Francine, maybe he is just putting it on in front of Francine. Maybe he realizes he just can’t do it, especially after he shares “need to know” details with Amanda in front of Francine. But they are both trying to comfort the other. I do love the “I knows.” But underneath it all, even if there is regret that it can’t be any other way, there is a goodbye. It will never be the same for them. Lee could have said, “I’ll catch you around, or see you later.” But this was a “take care of yourself and all of your future plans and activities.” I really don’t think he would call her for a social get together, and I don’t think Amanda would call him either. They care greatly for each other, but they hadn’t forged the outside of work relationship yet.
    I think part of that reason is what you brought up, Iwsod.

    “I also think for Lee to see this choice Amanda has made for her family is a reminder to him – as he currently fights to deny his growing feelings for Amanda- that her family is of utmost importance to her- she’d even leave the agency job she loves to look after them. A relationship with Amanda is a serious commitment.. and he struggles to work out if he wants that. or can do that.. IMHO”
    I think he has always been aware of that, or at least pretty early on and I do think it holds him back from building the relationship outside of their professional context, especially right now. I have always thought with Lee, especially at this stage, that the more he became aware of the nature of his feelings for Amanda the further in the opposite direction he would run. Part of the reason that he wouldn’t pursue a relationship (even a friendship) with her outside of work. Now, if she needed him for some reason… well he would be there.

    I do think that Amanda is very sad and maybe even a bit disappointed that Lee smiled and walked off. I think she suspected that he would do it that way, but I think she hoped that he would say something to initiate a relationship outside of the Agency. I don’t think she would be the one to call him if he didn’t open the door for it.


    • I have always thought with Lee, especially at this stage, that the more he became aware of the nature of his feelings for Amanda the further in the opposite direction he would run. Part of the reason that he wouldn’t pursue a relationship (even a friendship) with her outside of work. Now, if she needed him for some reason… well he would be there.
      Ooooh, interesting thought. Quite different from what I took away from that scene but your theory makes sense too, especially with what is coming up at the beginning of S3. Hmmm, this will require much thought and fine dark chocolate. 😉

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  15. And wonderful catch on the fact Amanda was wearing the same skirt in “The First Time”. Another reason I think this would have made an excellent season finale.


    • Not only is she wearing that skirt, she is also wearing the jacket that she wore in Mongoose (that I believe Lee helped her pick out) which Lee was handling so much when she crashed the car though the florists in ALSALS.


  16. The first time I saw this scene, I thought Lee was a little too cavalier, but an older and hopefully little more wiser me sees the bravery and sadness.


    • Yes, this scene always bothered me in the past as I thought Lee seemed to be not as affected anymore. However, on watching it again with a mature eye I think he is trying to show Amanda that he will be okay. He knows this is an unbelievably tough thing for Amanda to go through because he knows how much she treasures the work she does at the Agency and their friendship, so he doesn’t want to make her last moments within the Agency walls any tougher than necessary. I guess the limited time and need to get urgently hurry away with the rest of the “troops” also impacted on how much he was able to respond to Amanda here. I think if there hadn’t been the urgency for him to go, this would have been a longer conversation.
      I also get the feeling on re-watching this that Lee had in mind to catch up with Amanda again when things are not so chaotic. I’m thinking after Burn Out their friendship has got to a level where they would both make an effort to continue the friendship even if they weren’t working together. It can be tough to carry on a close friendship once you are no longer routinely in someone’s company but some people manage it, and I think Lee and Amanda would try to. Especially Lee – not sure why I am so certain of that – it’s just a feeling. May be because he has learned the value of Amanda’s friendship, and because he wants to know she’s doing okay too.
      In a reversal of the scene where Amanda broke the news she is leaving, she now seems to be the one really aching inside right now. This goes back to my theory that she already knows she loves Lee as more than just a friend – it’s really hitting her now that this is it, no more seeing Lee everyday (well, every week day at least, and I’m pretty sure they work together plenty of weekends too since the baddies operate 7 days a week)
      WHOAAA! Just had to stop typing for a minute – big earthquake. My house is still wobbling. Interesting sensation trying to type while the desk if moving around. Hope nobody suffers any damage. I live in a wooden villa so I just get a lot of swaying.
      Anyway, back too business. Ah crap, lost my train of thought. Better go and check to make sure the neighbourhood’s okay.
      Back with more thoughts later.

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