6/14 Season Two, Episode 22: Murder Between Friends-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Moving on to preparations for Nabuti’s arrival at the mansion.. Amanda and Byron have stopped by to work on the security system. Amanda walks to her car accompanied by Byron.
2.22 MBF.avi_000894060
Bryon: I’m impressed Amanda.
Amanda: well, it really wasn’t so much.
Byron: No seriously! Having the bedroom light strobe when you press the panic button? Great idea.

[rofl.. is it just me or is this really a bit of an over the top reaction to her idea??]

…I think President Nabuti is gonna appreciate it.
[LOL I don’t think he’ll even know about it.. ugh.. seems to me like Byron is trying to butter up Amanda! He also butters her up by opening Amanda’s car door for her- impeccable manners! Winking smile  ]2.22 MBF.avi_000899065

…And, I think I’m gonna include it in our overall security package.
Amanda: well, I’m glad you liked it.
2.22 MBF.avi_000905071Byron: Listen, Amanda there’s a couple of other things that I’d like to discuss with you. But I’d like to do it over dinner?
[I’ll bet you would! ]
Amanda tosses her head and smiles: Sure! When?
2.22 MBF.avi_000908241[no hesitancy from Amanda here IMHO she’s open to 2.22 MBF.avi_000909042it]

Byron: How about tonight?
2.22 MBF.avi_000910643Amanda: great! alright.
Amanda hops in her car.
Byron: I’ll send the limo. [Hmm!]
Amanda: good. What time?
Byron: how about eight?
Amanda: good! I’ll see you later.
2.22 MBF.avi_000917250
Byron: take care. Drive carefully.
Amanda: I will.
Amanda starts the car
Amanda: b- bye
Byron: b- bye.
Amanda drives off, and Byron watches her leave.
There is a lot of ‘watching people leave’ in this episode no??!! First Lee and Byron watch Amanda leave, then Amanda lingers to watch Lee leave, and now Byron watches Amanda leave.. interesting! An episode of goodbyes..

Sooo what do you all make of this little invitation?
According to what we’ve seen in the episode so far.. I think the writers want us to see Byron as a good guy. Billy likes him, Lee likes him.. and it seems to me that Amanda likes him- and I think we are suppose to like him. But I don’t like him! Smile  Asking Amanda to dinner on her first day at work? Ugh.. that bugs me!!! He is moving way too fast and I think it undermines whatever he may think of her professionally and to me, it makes it look like this is all in aid of seducing Amanda.. you know.. the job offer, the double salary, the over the top praise, and now a dinner invitation?? to discuss ‘business’ though technically Byron doesn’t say its business- he says there are things he wants to discuss!! Maybe in the 80s this wasn’t cringe worthy.. but I think nowadays.. this guy is open to accusation of sexual harassment! LOL.. 

I think Amanda is interested in Byron, she seems open to his invitation, not at all hesitant about where this could be headed. Here’s an attractive, eligible guy with wonderful manners and good character references asking her to dinner.. she’s happy to accept. Not how I would have pictured her responding if she was indeed romantically, deeply in love with Lee at this stage – and another indicator to me that, other than in her subconscious- Amanda has not and does not consider Lee to be a potential romantic partner. She’s not on hold for him, or regretful about things not progressing there either- IMHO. She’s accepted it. I’m guessing others will see this differently… Do feel free to share your point of view!!

I think I use to see Amanda at this stage of the show as having stronger romantic feelings for Lee than I do now.. It’s going to be interesting to see how this impacts early season 3! I really don’t want to see Amanda accepting Byron’s advances – I think he’s a slimey boss to be asking her out first day on the job.. but in smk verse – I think he’s suppose to be a good man and Amanda likes it so.. I’ll move on!

2.22 MBF.avi_000936102Next… we see the evil country side again! LOL! The agency is raiding a location in Sky Valley.

Lee leads Francine and some other random agents into position..
Lee: this is sky valley huh.
2.22 MBF.avi_000951117We see that Billy is leading another team into position also. They spot something moving in the bushes. A single form. Is it a Yeti? Big foot? Elvis? 😉
2.22 MBF.avi_000969769whooo this is exciting! Seems the agency is trying to recruit agents from all races and genders! gooo the agency! Smile nice variety in their ‘manpower’! 😉
These machine guns are too funny. All the agents seem to be constantly adjusting their shoulder strap!
Lee to Francine:
you see that?
Lee calls Billy on the radio:
Bravo 3 to Bravo 6 over.
2.22 MBF.avi_000967133Billy: We read you Bravo 3.
2.22 MBF.avi_000971571Lee: something straight ahead of us Billy you see it?
Billy: I know. Pin him down in the crossfire and shoot at my command.
2.22 MBF.avi_000975141Billy collapses his radio.
Billy: let her rip!
All the agents begin shooting near the ground where the thing is moving.
2.22 MBF.avi_000984150
this shot of BB is too funny! Gosh didn’t Lee have training in shooting the doozie of an oozie?
2.22 MBF.avi_000983149
Meanwhile, Billy owns it Winking smile Ohhh Yeah!!!
2.22 MBF.avi_000990156A white flag is raised on a stick out of the bushes in response.
Billy yells: whoever you are, come out with your hands raised above your head!

We see Augie stand up, wearing a cowboy outfit, and an extra large cowboy hat. LOL!!!
Augie Cartwright
Both teams move towards him.
Lee: Augie! What the hell are you doin here?
Augie: Lee! Baby!
[rofl! is that a play on Randi Baby?!]
…Am I glad to see you! 2.22 MBF.avi_001005171

[I always found it strange Augie doesn’t try and crack on to Francine.. he’s such a  charmer.. ahem.. the script has him say to Francine here ‘You too my little heifer’ – rofl!!!! I would have loved to see Francine be called a heifer! tee heee.. The script has Augie in a cowboy outfit too.. why?? because they are in the country? I guess it’s random humour?! ]
Augie continues pointing at Lee: Nice outfits!
Francine: ahhhhh speaking of outfits!
Francine motions to Augie’s outfit in a ‘you look ridiculous’ way.. but Augie’s so deluded he can’t get it haaaa..
Augie: thank you ma’am! 2.22 MBF.avi_001009175

Billy: you know this person?
2.22 MBF.avi_001010176
Lee: Yeah he’s one of my snitches.
Augie: I prefer ‘information broker’ !
2.22 MBF.avi_001013179
He turns to Billy, smiles and holds out his hand
…The names Augie Swan.
2.22 MBF.avi_001015015
Billy refuses his hand, scowls at him and growls : Get out of here!
2.22 MBF.avi_001016182
[ROFL! Billy is too funny here! treats Augie like he is a squashed bug or something!]
2.22 MBF.avi_001017183
2.22 MBF.avi_001020186Lee: come on! What are you doin here?
Augie: well the word was down on the street that 2.22 MBF.avi_001024190there was some dudes training out here somewhere and they need some supplies.
Lee: what kind of supplies?
Augie looks sideways: Camping! haa!
2.22 MBF.avi_001026693
Lee growls at Augie and grabs his hat!
2.22 MBF.avi_0010271932.22 MBF.avi_001028194
Lee: whyyyy you!!!!
2.22 MBF.avi_001030196
Augie: Hey! I just bought that hat!
Lee: oh. You like this hat huh!
Augie: hey that’s not just an ordinary hat, my friend!.. 2.22 MBF.avi_001034200
..That happens to be a Hoss Cartwright original!
I had no idea who or what a Hoss Cartwright was! I searched and found there was a character on Bonanza Hoss Cartrightcalled Hoss Cartwright – he was a gentle giant.. played by an actor 6 foot four.. Hmm that explains the size of Augie’s hat! LOL! Here’s a pic I found..
Anyone able to explain Augie in the cowboy outfit??
2.22 MBF.avi_001040206Lee: Ohhh is it? Well, you better be hungry my friend because you’re gonna be eatin this Hoss Cartwright 2.22 MBF.avi_001044210original if you don’t give me a straight answer. Now come on! What are you doin here? !!
2.22 MBF.avi_001046212Augie: sounds serious huh. 2.22 MBF.avi_001047213
2.22 MBF.avi_001048214Lee throws the hat at him:
Augie: Okay okay! Okay now, don’t get all bent out of shape..
(he pauses a moment)

2.22 MBF.avi_001050216
.. I heard they were lookin for some flame throwers and I happen to have some! Cheap!
2.22 MBF.avi_001057223Billy: flame throwers?
2.22 MBF.avi_001060226
Auggie: Hey, you need some? Listen they’re great for cookin outdoors with! Fast too!
2.22 MBF.avi_001064230
Francine: if you like the charred look.
2.22 MBF.avi_001065231Lee through gritted teeth:
come on come on! This is important! Now you tell me straight. Do you know anything about the guys 2.22 MBF.avi_001069235who were training out here? Anything at all!
Auggie: the word is that they’re not very nice people.
2.22 MBF.avi_001075241Lee, Billy and Francine share a look. That’s all they’re going to get from Augie.

Lee: thanks for the insight.
2.22 MBF.avi_001082248
Augie: Hey, anytime I can help my country!
2.22 MBF.avi_001085251Lee turns back to face Augie and gives him a look, then leaves. I don’t know Bonanza well, but is that a little bar of the Bonanza theme music we hear as the scene ends there?? anyone?

LOL okay so all that little diversion achieved was we learned the baddies were looking for flame throwers, and are not nice people.. and had a giggle over Augie’s hat.. LOL.. oh wait.. what am I saying?? We did get to see action Lee in the black jumpsuit in the great outdoors!!!! Hooo haaaaa!!!! Me like!!!

Moving on.. and we have a lovely night exterior of the 2.22 MBF.avi_001091257Jefferson memorial. I do love this shot.. and love to include it whenever we see it! Smile I wonder if Amanda can see it out her office window Winking smile after all it is on the Potomac isn’t it? Smile I just went and had a look at that wonderful scene in the First Time, where Lee and Amanda talk on the steps of a monument. I was thinking it was the Lincoln monument – but!! I had it confused..  they are actually here at the Jefferson memorial. Interesting.. and it was such a poignant scene where Lee’s loneliness seems to come through.. Awh!!! Lee has come so far now!!
I wonder if it is deliberate that they chose to show an exterior shot of this monument- given the conversation Lee and Amanda first had there.. Where the story is at in this episode.. and the scene that’s coming.. whooooo.. Next up is the ‘business’ dinner! Brace yourselves!! 🙂
Any Bonanza fans who can explain Augie?! Love to hear your thoughts on what we’ve covered so far anyone?? everyone??! byee for now!

86 responses to “6/14 Season Two, Episode 22: Murder Between Friends-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Huh, Iwsod, you really don’t really like Byron do you. I do, but I did mirror all your comments about his behavior being seen differently today and sexual harassment in an earlier post before I even read this one.

    I think Amanda is interested in Byron, and personally I can see why. The man shows appreciation for her professionally and is more than ready to show his romantic interest in her, unlike someone. And I wouldn’t describe Amanda as being deeply in love with Lee here as I don’t think she is a woman he could be open to romantic intentions of one man if she was deeply in love with another. However, I do see Amanda being a little bit in love but that feeling not having the chance to grow because Amanda hasn’t given into it. That being the case I cannot see Amanda pining away after a man she cannot have. She probably got enough of that the last couple years of her marriage. And no matter how she feels, I totally agree that Amanda does not see Lee as a romantic possibility yet. I think she has thought about it but does not see it coming to fruition.

    To me in this episode Amanda is trying to let Lee go, and heck as much as I love Lee, Byron could make my eye wonder a little bit. Sorry to those of you who don’t like him. However, to me Amanda does seem a little bit hesitant at moving the reletionship forward when she actually gets to dinner with Byron, and I can’t help but wonder if part of the reason she agreed to have dinner with him so quickly is because he is her boss and not just because she is open to a romantic reletionship.


  2. Iwsod, I love your screen caps. They always make me go back to catch those subtle little nuances that I sometimes miss.

    I do like Auggie. He’s just a little bit off-kilter and a pretty bad snitch. He’s always just missing the big score. Not too sure why he’s in the western get-up, but I think we once talked about how often some western references show up in SMK. I do like a good western. Jenbo, I watched High Chaparral too! There was a show called The Big Valley and now they are in Sky Valley. When I first saw this I immediately thought of Hoss.

    There is an awful lot of rushing in this episode. And we know the journey to “the relationship” was a slow, tortuous, sweet, agonizing, rapturous one. Maybe all this rushing was to help Amanda/us appreciate how something truly wonderful takes time. It’s hard not to compare how Byron operates to what Lee is doing or done. Byron seems confident in who he is and how he approaches Amanda.

    I agree that he seems to be moving pretty fast and that in this day and age some of his behaviors would be very questionable. Amanda’s agreeing to take the job so quickly and agreeing to dinner may be making Byron feel even more confident to keep heading in the direction he is going. It’s just one of those things that you hope doesn’t go south. Amanda does have that unerring ability to end up in bad situations with bad guys. I find it amazing sometimes that she can still be so trusting of people. But, she did meet Byron at the Agency and Billy did say he was a good man so maybe her trust isn’t so misplaced. It is just a bit creepy though and it is fast.


  3. We’re all informed and influenced by our own life experiences, which is why we get such a wonderful diversity of analysis here.
    In my experience, what I want and what I have, and what I want to do and what I have to do, have often been divergent. Hard and reluctant decisions have to be made sometimes, no matter what. This what Amanda has had to do no matter how she feels about Lee or her work at the Agency.
    Re Byron and how happily/easily she seems to accept his “advances”, I have probably imported my own experiences into how I see what Amanda is doing – keep a smile on your face, even if you’re thinking “Ughh, what a creep” or even if you’re just thinking “No, I’m not ready for this right now but may be down the track a bit…may be.” Byron is moving too fast with pushing the personal side of their relationship but I think Amanda is mature enough to know how to gently and tactfully turn aside his enthusiasm. That’s what I would do. I would be annoyed though if I had to deal with this on top of the enormous stress of leaving a job (and partner) I really liked and of getting to grips with a new job. If Amanda is inwardly bothered by this aspect of her new employment, she’s doing a good job of covering it – but then she has to in order to keep the professional relationship on a good standing.
    Byron may be supposed to be a “good guy” and overall he probably is, but for me there are a few “red flags” in his behaviour that would put me off a personal relationship with him any time soon, or ever for that matter.
    It’s a jarring aspect to this episode and I think most of us agree it is because everything is happening in too short a time frame.


    • I agree with you regarding Amanda’s seeming acceptance of Byron’s advances. Amanda is very considerate of others’ feelings, and she’d go with the flow and try gentle hints until it got to a situation where she needed to be frank–probably for someone’s well-being.
      I see Byron as the annoying bluebottle that you humour for a bit, hoping it’ll find it’s own way back outside, and if it doesn’t then you try to guide it outside, and if it’s still too stubborn (or stupid) to leave, then you finally have to bust out the fly-swatter or the can of Raid…


      • hiya kiwismh and KC – you’ve given me food for thought..
        Why do I think Amanda genuinely likes Byron?
        You are spot on when you say Amanda naturally doesn’t want to offend people and she smiles a lot even when she isn’t necessarily happy! 🙂 all true! [she does that with Francine all the time! 😉 ]

        kiwismh I enjoyed your comment about how we are all bringing different influences along with us as we experience this smk journey.. Indeed Amanda is making tough choices here- part of being an adult is realising you can’t always get what you want 🙂
        Amanda has accepted the agency can’t meet her family’s needs so she couldn’t pass up this job offer. I guess with Lee also – Amanda has accepted he can’t give her what she needs – I think she accepted that a long time ago – and she is looking to have these needs met elsewhere 😉

        I think if we want to believe Amanda doesn’t really like Byron, we can say her smiles are not genuine. I did ask myself if that was maybe what was happening here with Amanda’s response to Byron. I came to the conclusion it wasn’t- and she sincerely was enjoying the attention 🙂 But maybe it’s just me- and if it is that’s fine 🙂

        This is again a case of what is missing for me here – if Amanda were smiling and accepting to be polite and get along- I think I would see evidence of that (I don’t).
        I think we’ve seen it in the past – and we’ve recognised it as being that – but maybe I am just not seeing it here..quite possible. I think because I don’t think Amanda is in love with Lee now, I am much more open to her accepting Byron’s advances (even if they are rushed and to us icky!).

        When have we seen Amanda go along and smile though we know she isn’t really completely happy? Especially with men.. Hmm..can we list them all?
        Maybe her date with David Benson? you could tell she wasn’t sure.. and was not terribly impressed – though she was smiling and polite..
        Hmm with Artless Dodger too? she went along.. but wasn’t overly enthused..and you could tell she didn’t really want to wear the fugly ring but did anyway to be polite.
        oh and with Dean?! we saw her for half of season 1 smiling about Dean (with his aluminium sun 😉 ) – but we knew it wasn’t really felt deep down.
        We saw Amanda smiling to Augie in Double agent- but he was inappropriate and she was uninterested..
        In Weekend we saw Amanda smiling with Lee – but she was worrying about where things were leading..
        Anymore? bet I’ve missed a few.. do tell!
        I’m comparing Amanda’s behaviour with Byron to how she has been previously and I don’t see any indication she is anything other than interested in him.
        I don’t really want to see that though- honest! 😉 LOL!
        If you feel I’m barking up the wrong tree here – don’t mind me 🙂 I am really enjoying hearing the different points of view on Amanda! Thanks for making me think you guys!!


        • I can’t help but think that Amanda is kind of enjoying being with an open and effusive man. She cares for Lee, they have grown very close, but it has been a long walk through the desert for her as far as compliments. She was just getting there with Lee and I think she would have enjoyed staying, but I think she is enjoying this change that Byron Jordan is giving her. I don’t know if she would have enjoyed it for long. I be the shine would wear off and she would really wish she could have working with Lee any day. Maybe she is trying to apply that saying “wherever you are, be all there.” What ever is behind her smiles, it seems to me that they are genuine. (shrugs shoulders)


          • Effusive is a great word to describe Jordan, Morley. I did have to look it up though. 🙂 And for some reason the “walk through the desert for her as far as compliments” makes me chuckle. It probably shouldn’t but it does. Must be the wine.


            • Enjoy your chuckle, I can’t help it, descriptions like that just pop in my head. I am used to people chuckling at me.


              • I’m not chuckling at you! I’m chuckling at the image I have in my head of Amanda, deserts, Lee and compliments. Don’t ask. I couldn’t describe it anyway….


                • Ok, so now I am chuckling at both of us. It would have been funny if there had been an episode with them trudging through a desert. I wonder what the conversation would be like. Kind of like Tom Selleck in Quigley Down Under.


                  • down under? did I hear down under? 😉

                    There is an episode where Lee and Amanda end up in a Quagmire!


                    • I can literally hear three kookaburras having a great old laugh in my back yard.. wish I could share it with you guys! 🙂


                    • Ever seen it? I wonder if Aussies would like it.


                    • I haven’t seen it sorry! Just asked my mother if she’s seen it and she hasn’t either.. LOL maybe they are too scared to show it here in Australia haaa..

                      Can I publish the next post now?

                      Sorry Jenbo I am making it tricky for you to keep up! You know everyone, once I start study at the end of February – I won’t be posting as often or commenting as often.. thus why I am a mad woman making the most of it all now while I have the time! :mrgreen:


                    • LOL! That’s my line! I can’t believe I’ve seen a movie you haven’t seen 😉


                  • Love that movie! Now there’s a man who knows how to use a gun!

                    Amanda and Lee trudging through a desert? That’s pretty funny! In early S1 it’s downright hysterical 😆


                    • I liked the movie as well.
                      Now see the quagmire works with the desert analogy. If a desert is a place where there is little compliments and affirming words for Amanda from Lee, then that quagmire should have some positive communication is it, even though maybe it doesn’t go anywhere.


          • Oh my gosh!!! Morley my next post touches on all this!!! ohhh I’ll hold off saying anything more!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 other than: LIKE!!


        • There’s also Mr. Quickie-Chickie, but he’s kind of a special case, since Amanda knew he was a bad guy and smiling was part of the job. She thought he was sincere, though, and seemed to respond sincerely as well.


        • Oooh, I have opened a can of worms. “Oh dear, how sad, never mind.”
          Spot Quiz : Top marks to anyone who can tell me what TV show featured that oft quoted line. 😀
          Anyway, back to SMK, I didn’t mean to suggest that Amanda doesn’t like Byron – I think she actually does like him as a person and is impressed with the way he operates his business. I just think her headspace right now is all about I appreciate the job and opportunity to earn a great income but let me get over leaving the Agency and let me get comfortable with my new job – anything else can wait. Byron more or less indicates this to her shortly anyway. Of course she’s flattered by his compliments, who wouldn’t be after the so aptly described parched and arid compliment wasteland that is the Agency. Her smile is genuine in regard to her respect for what she knows of Byron so far. I’m just delving a bit further inside her headspace is all – probably influenced to a certain extent by my own experiences.


  4. And this scene is exactly why this episode always hit me wrong. Everything feels rushed. Iwsod, you hit the nail on the head when you said, “He is moving way too fast and I think it undermines whatever he may think of her professionally and to me, it makes it look like this is all in aid of seducing Amanda.. you know.. the job offer, the double salary, the over the top praise, and now a dinner invitation??” The writers want to make Byron a nice guy and yet this feel so dissonant and discordant with that goal. I felt the ickiness factor back when this was first aired. If the writers had Amanda take the job, a few weeks go by in which we see Lee and Amanda’s reactions to the new situation, and then Byron invited her to dinner, the episode would sit better with me. In my brain I have rewritten it all, so take that SMK writers! I do think Amanda is a nice person and thinks the best of people till proven otherwise so reacted differently than I would have to Byron’s offer. I wouldn’t have done a Francine but would have been very uncomfortable. (Wish I had Francine’s moxie sometimes though!)


    • it’s funny.. because lately I’ve been feeling smk pacing was too slow.. but with this episode, it is the opposite. it is fast paced!
      I am not sure if it was intended by the writers.. or what!
      Kgmohror‘s suggestion that hey were setting up Byron as a red herring could explain it (Cool suggestion kgmohror! thanks!) I don’t think I ever saw this episode not knowing that Byron was going to die.. so I think I completely missed that possibility. Does anyone remember watching this episode the first time? do you remember what you thought before you found out Byron Died?

      I think the rushing plays into the drama.. the overwhelmed feeling from Lee.. and how he could have not fought to keep Amanda in the first place. Without the rush I don’t think she would have left. But.. Byron rushing? Hmm.. I was thinking it was the 80s and maybe this was acceptable.. that was how I got my head around it. and how I got my head around the fact that I think Amanda actually is attracted to Byron..
      Oh well. we are nearly done with Byron 🙂 tee hee!


      • I do remember seeing this for the first time. I remember thinking that Jordan really liked Amanda and that Amanda was flattered and for some strange reason ready to go along with his directness. I was surprised (and still am) at how forward his character was. Keep in mind that I was a young teenager and couldn’t understand why she would even enjoy dinner with Byron when she had Lee. I also remember thinking I was very disappointed in Lee’s ‘goodbye’ to her in the office. What? That’s it? I can’t believe that was all we got to see! Now I can appreciate all the reasons why that was all we got and all that Lee said to her. But back then I might have been screaming at the TV, “Oh! You idiot! Tell her you love her and get down on your hands and knees and beg her to stay!!!”


        • Oh BJo that is so cool that you remember that!! I envy you you know. My experience was so hit and miss with smk..

          I saw a few first season episodes and randomly saw fast food for thought 10 years later on cable.. and then I bought the anniversary dvds and watched it all in one go- but I already knew a lot of what happened – like Byron dies.. because I had been reading the fandom.. naughty iwsod!!!
          So I missed out on that wonderment of the first time.. except with season 4 actually – I pretty much watched that not knowing what was going to happen – I even made notes while I watched it for the first time, so I can tell you exactly what I thought of season 4 first time.. tee hee!! I am slightly nuts I know!
          Thanks for sharing!!!


          • Just slightly nuts…. But I love ya anyway 😉

            I know that I missed some of the episodes in airing order and caught them as reruns or maybe even one or two when they came out on PAX. But when I share what I remember it is because the first time I saw it (whenever it was) it made a very memorable impression on me. I’m glad that I can remember my first impressions of some of the episodes and can compare them to what I think now as an adult. Those two things are sometimes quite different. Thank goodness! Maybe I’m not less emotionally mature than Lee. 😆


          • Iwsod, it was pure hell having to wait a whole week for each episode. The commercial breaks were totally annoying too. The DVD’s are the perfect way to enjoy SMK. I remember in my late teens watching the show when it was first on. This was the routine – warn family SMK about to start, make sure lounge doors closed, check VCR, take phone off hook, double check VCR, final warning to intruding family members, final check of VCR – relax and enjoy. I wonder how I could possibly have forgotten all about SMK for 20 years before rediscovering it on DVD. 😀
            PS. Same routine for Remington Steele and Magnum PI.


        • BTW- my young girls’ understanding of smk was very simplistic.. from the first time they met I was already yelling at Lee he was an idiot and he should hurry up and sweep Amanda off her feet tee hee.. Amanda’s growth in her career? or as an individual? I didn’t even know that was part of the story 😉 it was all about Lee and Amanda loving each other and that’s that! LOL.. I did grow up from that- honest!


          • Amanda’s growth in her career? or as an individual? I didn’t even know that was part of the story 😉 it was all about Lee and Amanda loving each other and that’s that! LOL.. I did grow up from that- honest!

            You and me both!


          • I remember thinking at the time that Byron was going to die or have to be put in witness relocation because Lee and Amanda belonged together, damnit!


            • LOL – I think I was in denial right up until he got stabbed and then I was cheering the notJoe on!


            • wahahahaaaa! too right! 😆


              • May I just say after getting 30+ comments in my email in rapid succession that we are all nuts! Seriously raving lunatics! Do you realize that KJ and BB are old enough to be some of you folks’ parents?? Of course,BB is in my dating age group. Hmmmm. Oh, that’s right, I’m married! Oops.

                I do remember being in shock that Amanda would quit over money. Geeeez, who needs food and shelter when you can be with Lee?!? Feed the kids, eh; nope, Lee wins! I am with you Cindy, Byron had to go!

                (notJoe, ROFL!)


  5. No idea why Auggie is in that cowboy outfit.
    I wonder how Amanda feels about Byron sending a limo to pick her up. This seems kind of impersonal to me. Picking a lady up in a limo — ok. Picking a lady up in your sports car — ok. But just sending someone else to pick up a lady you’re obviously interested in? Odd. You’d miss the opportunity for one of those great conversations that only seem to happen in the car.


    • I found the limo pick up curious too LASinLA. I put it down to a plot requirement.. because later the limo has to drop Amanda home- and this involves the bad guys..

      I guess it could also (clutching at straws maybe) be a way to reassure Amanda he is above board- because he is not driving her home himself.. if you know what I mean 😉


  6. Francine called a heifer?! Now that was a line that shouldn’t have been cut!
    Auggie makes me laugh but seriously that stupid hat and cowboy outfit……what on earth were they thinking?! I doesn’t fit with the story and it basically a filler with a stupid gag in it from the hat. And for the record memory serves. I was more of High Chaparral fan 😉
    Billy certainly does own it. Didn’t anyone teach Lee in spy school not to to shut his eyes when he’s shooting. Improves accuracy 100% 😉 am liking the fact that Lee and Francine have even synchronised their blinking/eye shutting LMAO.
    Bryon. I don’t dislike him but the whole job offer, salary increase just seems designed to butter up Amanda for a date. I am no prude but in these hopefully more enlightened times I seems sneaky and underhand, especially given her financial situation. I have no problems with office romances (I met my hubby at work ;)) but it’s all too fast. Offer her a job. Let her do the job and wait and see how the relationship progresses at a later date.


  7. Now some fun with Auggie! How can you not love Auggie ❓ Is there anyone out there who just really doesn’t like him?

    Lee, Lee, Lee…you are just so cool with your collar up on your little black jumpsuit 😉 So cool that you are the only one allowed to dress that way 😎

    Now, I don’t mean any disrespect to the namelss ‘manpower’ with Lee, Francine and Billy, but are these actors just extras that WB kept around for shooting scenes like this? I wonder if they got excited at all about parts like this? It’s got to be a hard job. No dialogue, no collar up on their jumpsuit – heck, all they can do is do their best to look serious and adjust their gun straps. But hey, I wouldn’t turn it down if I could be out in the woods seeing Lee’s behind, I mean Lee from behind, in his LBJ. Ahem.

    Go Billy! Such funny screep caps! He does own it while Lee looks a little rusty 😉 Guess BB didn’t go to MS’s school of how to shoot a gun like you mean it 😉 And I love Billy’s reaction to Auggie. I think it is so funny how Billy is so repulsed at shaking Auggie’s hand yet Lee has a relationship with him. Guess it’s been a while since Billy’s had to slink around with the lowlifes.

    Love Auggie’s camping supplies line and Francine’s comeback about the charred look 😆 I nominate her for an Oscar the Grouch award.

    Auggies’s in a cowboy outfit because Hoss was a cowboy. Wasn’t he? He lived on the Ponderosa – a big ranch out west in Nevada. And I do think those few little bars of music are reminiscent of the Bonanza theme song, but not the actual theme music.


    • Is there anyone out there who just really doesn’t like him?<
      raises hand, waves wildly I can’t STAND Augie. He’s pathetic and weasly. And I don’t like Lee when he’s around Augie, because he’s excessively jerky toward him. Go away, Augie! You make Lee look bad!

      Hoss (Dan Blocker) was indeed one of the three Cartwright brothers, along with Adam (Parnell Roberts) and Little Joe (Michael Landon), sons of rancher Ben (Lorne Greene) . All three boys had different mothers – Lorne was a playa! (Can you tell that Bonanza was a big thing at my house?)

      And to bring the discussion to a higher intellectual plane … if you want to admire Bruce Boxleitner’s … er … tangible assets, check out YT clips from “Bring ‘Em Back Alive.” Those jodhpurs were snug!


      • Now I feel I should be confessing to my husband because the first link I clicked on was the one with the bathtub scene. Bad, Cindy. smacks own hand Bad!


      • Too funny, kgmohror! I guess I’m partial to clueless, cutesy baddies. I find him funny. I don’t like him as a person, but am entertained by his character.

        Thanks for the BEBA tip. I had no idea there were clips of that on YT. Actually, I just like to have fun with LS on the blog with SMK. I’ve not seen very much of BB’s other stuff, except for a recent movie and Cedar Cove.


      • *raises hand, waves wildly I can’t STAND Augie. He’s pathetic and weasly. And I don’t like Lee when he’s around Augie, because he’s excessively jerky toward him. Go away, Augie! You make Lee look bad! *

        Totally agree!


        • You know, I think the only time I really didn’t like Lee was when he was pretending to be a drunk in BOut. Of course I fell for it way longer than I should have. I grew up in a fairly strict alcohol is verboten househould, so to see Lee botching a courier run and being a total jerk with Billy because of alcohol was just horrifying. If he’d really had an alcohol problem I might have stopped watching the show then. Of course now, I’ve mellowed out a bit and do like to enjoy a glass of wine sometimes, especially when relaxing with SMK!


      • I admit, I was in love with Little Joe, but Hoss was a teddy bear of a big man. His stories were always so sweet. (My dad was a big man whose co-workers often called him Hoss because of his size.)

        I do like Auggie. I think he makes for great comedy relief after those tense, emotional moments between Lee and Amanda.


    • Hi BJo! I do love to see you’ve responded to my posts!!! Always love to hear your thoughts!! sorry I don’t get to reply to you as much as I would like_ but I love hearing from ya!!

      Tee hee glad you enjoyed the machine gun screen caps. they were funny to pick! 🙂

      Lee had his collar up? How could I not notice? I must be unwell.. ahem..

      If I had been an extra with the machine gun, I would have made sure I was in Lee’s squad.. and stayed close to him, very close to him .. ahem..

      Yeah!! I agree the way Augie says camping is too funny!
      Hey I’m confused over how to spell his name. is it one g or two? I think the script had 1.. but it looks wrong to me.. I don’t know! Oh well either way we all know who we are talking about huh!

      Yeah.. Augie.. Hmm there you go BJo – there are some of us who really don’t like Augie!
      and some who love him! Me? I’m a bit in both camps.. I like Augie in small doses.. this scene with him here had it’s funny moments but it went on too long..

      Also, I liked Cindy’s point- when dealing with Augie Lee seems to be not very umm dare I say it- attractive- he becomes snarly, short tempered and petty.. Lee is perpetually irritated by Augie… though ahem.. rather he was like that with Augie than Amanda! Still.. I found Cindy’s view on this rang true to me – not a fan of what Augie does to Lee! and I don’t find that funny… though the camping line was funny! and .. I loved how Augie was happy to sell flame throwers to ‘not very nice people’ but he is also happy to help his country in anyway he can! 😉

      Sometimes these peripheral characters rock.. sometimes they fall flat.. I know in season three is there is some weird mop guy who randomly appears but very quickly disappears – happily!
      One of the best though? is : Wilma!!!! coming in a couple of posts!!! 🙂 Wilma Rock! 😎

      Thanks for checking the bonanza music BJo! Hope you are well!


      • Is the first time we meet Auggie ( I spell it with 2 gs) in Double Agent? There are a lot of similarities in these two episodes. I noticed that Lee gets very detailed in Double Agent with how he feels about Auggie, Auggie calls him a friend and Lee denies it with great clarity, he says they are acquaintance or may be business associates, but they are not friends. It made me think about how hard it was for Lee to confess that Amanda was his friend. And here in MBF we have Lee losing his friend and Auggie shows up again. Maybe it hit me because I was just watching Double Agent and noticed that.


      • You know, I never ever think to check the scripts. I don’t know why. Maybe because anything noteworthy always shows up here? I don’t know why I spell Auggie with 2 g’s. It just seems like it should be spelled with 2. But there are more exceptions to spelling rules than there are rules with American English it seems, so who knows. We all know who we’re talking about no matter how many g’s we use 🙂 I think I mostly like Auggie because his character makes me laugh. I don’t find him particularly attractive in the looks department. Despite his being a worm he is a patriotic worm for sure though.

        Oh, you don’t like Ragmop??? He has one of the best lines!!! Makes me ROFL every time! I’ll save that till we get there though.


  8. More Auggie, yay! I love Auggie 🙂 More Byron, meh. Creepy cute’s not that cute anymore.

    A strobing bedroom light? No thanks. I’m freaking out enough to push my panic button and now I also have to contend with a strobing light? I hope Nabuti appreciates it because I’m thinking I just want the lights on and to stay on. Please don’t get me wrong, I love Amanda and think she is creative and smart and can think on her feet, but I do agree with you iwsod, Byron is trying laying it on a little thick.

    Dinner. At 8. With the new boss. He’ll send the limo. Amanda? Amandaaa?? Why do you seem to open and happy about this? She must assume he is trustworthy. And maybe it’s a bit of not being able to tell the boss ‘no’ on the first day of her job. And he is being very nice and using impeccable manners with her. But I’m with you, iwsod, I think this was okay in the 80’s perhaps but would not be okay now. I’m wondering if Amanda isn’t feeling a little uncomfortable and in over her head and is looking to Jordan to help ease her concerns.

    When I first watched this as a teenage, I did like Jordan. I do think he’s handsome, polite and very well mannered. But as an adult woman who has worked for a big company I know find him a bit too much. If I went back to work now and my boss was like this on the first day, I think my spidey sense would be tingling. I don’t get the sense that Amanda thinks there is anything weird about this. Maybe all those weird hours and life/death situations she’s been in with Lee makes a dinner invitation look like no big deal.

    I’m not sure that I think Amanda is interested in Byron (at least not in a romantic way – is that what you meant, iwsod?), but she is very open to his invitation and seems to be looking forward to her business meeting over dinner. Perhaps this is a little bit like her relationship with Art Garfunkel in Dodger? I got the sense that Amanda was just happy to have some male attention from someone like Allen and he had those manners but she wasn’t interested in anything more. I think at this point Amanda is thinking the same thing. She’s happy to spend some time with a polite, charming handsome man but is not necessarily interested in moving on. I think she may be a bit naïve. Maybe I’m being a bit naïve. I’m also trying to forget about the upcoming scene.

    I also don’t think she is romantically in love with Lee yet. I think her sadness and regret at leaving the Agency is tied to her not being able to take care of him anymore like she used to. She won’t be able to be his friend the same way as before and be there to nurture his emotional metamorphosis and see it to completion (sorry, I forgot already who said that last post! happycamper0 or Valerie?). I think she’s accepted long ago that Lee is not her type, not what she and her family needs and so doesn’t even go down that road anymore. Her Tupperware is still neatly stacked away.


    • She won’t be able to be his friend the same way as before and be there to nurture his emotional metamorphosis and see it to completion (sorry, I forgot already who said that last post! happycamper0 or Valerie?).
      Uhhh… I think that would have been me–but I’ve been wrong before.


  9. I begin to wonder if the writers were trying to create a red herring with Byron. They surely knew that viewers would NOT be delighted with his obvious interest in Amanda (check out that YT video of BB & KJ on Merv – equal parts adorable and really, really uncomfortable, BTW – when they talk about how pre- season three press suggested both characters would have new love interests and fans FREAKED). Anyway, Byron is SO blatant in his attentions to Amanda that perhaps we were meant to wonder if he is going to turn out to be the villain, in cahoots with notJoe, in this episode. You know, Amanda is lulled into thinking her new boss is this great guy, then he turns out to be EVIL and Lee has to ride to Amanda’s rescue. Previous episodes would tend to steer the audience along that path.

    As for Augie’s outfit … I think it’s supposed to show us that Augie is a Lee wannabe; he’s seen Lee “undercover” in disguises and wants to emulate him. But he’s such a clueless dork that he thinks dressing up like a character from an old TV western will make him look “authentic” as a dealer in camping gear. Supposed to be funny, but isn’t. Just stupid, IMO.


  10. Here is another place where there is this comparison for Amanda about the difference in the way things were with Lee and the Agency and how they are working for Jordan. Good pay, recognition, a gentleman boss, respect and kindness. Although I do think Jordan is a bit fast moving and forward. If I was Amanda I would feel uncomfortable, but in this case I do think the writers want us to like Jordan and think this is what someone would think is a perfect set up, and yet for all its perfection it seems so wrong, because we all know that Amanda was made to be a spy and Lee’s partner, and we are all hoping here that they are both knowing that for sure now as well.

    I have no idea why they created that crazy scene with Augie. It is interesting though to have it after the peaceful, productive scene with Amanda and Jordan. The next thing we experience is a disappointing raid that turns into a frustrating humiliation for Lee. Maybe there is something in that, or maybe it is just comedic relief offered by Augie?


  11. The Black Jumpsuit Brigade is out in force today! But what a bunch of numpties they look, except for Billy who seems in his element strangely enough. Would be interesting to hear from anyone who has military training or family in the military – seems to me that bunching together in two groups out in the open is a good way to get yourself killed mighty quick by a crack team of hired assassins. Thank goodness it was Augie they ran into and not Tucker & Co.
    Love the way Billy delivers that line, “Get outta here.” Sounds a bit New York to me – am I right or way off the mark?
    Augie is pure gold as an occasional character – shame they didn’t bring him into the show a bit more often.


  12. Still stickin’ to my theory that Amanda already knows she loves Lee as more than just a friend. But, the more important fact at the moment is that she is under no illusions he will ever feel the same about her. So there is no way she is going to dwell on something that can never be – she is mature enough to know that she will just get bogged down in her unrequited feelings and never be able to move on.
    So, I think here she is making a determined effort to seize the day and make a success of the new direction her professional life has taken. I think she is eager to prove to Byron she is a smart, professional woman who will be an asset to his company. I don’t think she would have rushed headlong into a relationship with Byron, even if he had tried the moves on her at tonight’s dinner or any time soon even if he had avoided the dastardly deed coming his way oh so soon… do I sound too eager to get to that part? 😉
    Anyway, I think Amanda would have tactfully and gently told him that it was too soon in their acquaintance to start anything. She’s open to it down the track I think but for now it’s in the never-never for her. Right now she wants to concentrate on making the best of her new job, and I think she is also relying on old Father Time to lessen the impact of the disappointment and loss she feels about not being at the Agency or working with Lee anymore. She also knows that time often brings with it clarity and perspective. I do seem to remember her rambling at one time about “who knows what could happen, maybe I will, maybe I won’t” – can’t remember the episode but I think that does explain how Amanda is dealing with this situation with Byron.
    Yes, Byron is a bit eager but I wouldn’t call it harassment. He is being very gentlemanly after-all. However, if it were me I would feel a bit concerned about how uncomfortable the professional relationship would be if I wasn’t interested in pursuing a personal relationship with this guy (either now or in the future), when he so obviously is hinted at getting personal from day 1. Might make working together a bit uncomfortable.
    PS. Now I do feel old – I used to watch Bonanza every week when I was a kid (that was early to mid 70’s when I was watching it).


    • Ugh–I have to go and get some sleep, but I just wanted to say that the comment you’re referring to (“who knows what could happen, maybe I will, maybe I won’t”) is in the tag to It’s In The Water from season 4. (Or maybe there’s another comment similar from elsewhere–that’s the one I remember.)


      • Haven’t watched season 4 yet since it originally aired, but I thought that comment or a similar one was between Amanda and Dotty when discussing a beau (maybe Bryce Topping?).


        • hiya!! the line may be in in the water KC I haven’t seen it in such a long time. but yes I only quoted this line of Amanda’s the other day in a comment – I think it was about how Amanda takes men finding her attractive in her stride..

          It is from spiderweb – and about Bryce Topping – I agree with Cindy.

          Kiwismh if you believe Amanda is in love now – stick to your guns!! and do be sure to share with us how this influences your point of view. I could possibly at some point look back and think – hey! BAck then she was really in love!! LOL!!
          But yeah for now I don’t think so.. For me, it’s not just about what I see but what I don’t see (and what I expect to see if Amanda is in love) – this is going to vary between people I am sure.. but for me.. if Amanda was happy to accept the invitation because she is trying to move on from Lee – I would imagine we’d see some awkwardness or at least Amanda being a little conflicted about it. I don’t see any conflict here at all.
          I did ask myself if it could be Amanda forcing herself to move on – and you know I think before this walk I was thinking that.. but now I’m seeing Amanda differently.. I don’t say this to convince anyone- just to share my point of view 🙂

          Thanks so much for sharing your view kiwismh. I’m looking forward to hearing what you all think of the dinner too!!!! 🙂

          speaking of dinner – mine’s ready! gotta go. Byeeee!!! [no candles for iwsod tonight! 😉 ]


          • No worries Iwsod – I’m happy to defend my theory if it helps everyone think a bit more about what’s going on with the relationship. I am prepared to change my position if something at the beginning of S3 makes me think otherwise on closer analysis but for now I’ll stick to my guns. I’m not saying Amanda’s at the point where she is “in deep, can’t get over it” love, I just think she realised during that critical apology scene in Burn Out that she loves this man on a level that goes beyond friendship and into the realms of romantic love. But she is also realistic about what (she thinks) is possible between her and Lee, and she values their close friendship too much to risk dwelling on what (she thinks) can never be.
            This business with Byron Jordan has come at her very quickly and totally out of the blue and in addition to instantly solving her financial woes perhaps she’s thinking, as we all do sometimes, “maybe this has happened for a reason, maybe it’s a sign that I should move on, painful as that move may be.”


          • My bad. Sorry…


  13. I liked how the ‘cross fire’ actually crisscrossed on the ground. Never knew the term was so literal. 🙂
    Francine called a heifer — Oh my goodness! I bet they couldn’t film that without cracking up.

    And non-wet Lee in a black jump suit in the great outdoors — well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad!


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