9/18 Season Three, Episode 03 : Over the Limit- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Blog order-Episode 02)

Lee and Amanda leave the police station and head for the Sullivan’s boat. I like that it is not enough that Lee and Amanda have gotten Elizabeth out of jail. Now Lee is on board with helping to clear this whole thing up! Just as Amanda is Smile Well done Lee!
Good for Lee to see these spring cleaning people are not all ‘oddballs’.

Eric Sullivan passes Amanda a soft drink (pop? soda?), 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001216649lol.. Eric says the boat ‘Lizzy’ is 48 years old.. [and he married a woman called Elizabeth? tee hee.. I really hope he is saying the boat is 48 yrs old.. not that it was called ‘Lizzy’ for the last 48 years or that’s kinda weird!]

Eric explains he fished on the Lizzy with his dad, and he had hopes he would do the same with his own son. But those time are over..
Eric: the dock master said the bank came after the lizzy today. I can’t keep ducking them forever.
How awful!
Amanda: well did they give you a little more time?
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001225458Eric: well I’ve had time. Trans oceanic’s got all the fish since then, I can’t make the payments. I’m not the only one.
Eric shows Lee and Amanda some photos of the transoceanic trawlers..
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001232065
LOL that doesn’t look like a trawler to me.. and is that  a helicopter in the pic too??!! LOL
we see in one shot Lee takes the stack of photos with both hands,
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001232665
then it cuts back to Eric and he is  still holding 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001235068the photos.. me confused.. not that it matters.. because we get to listen to Eric explain 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001238271the plot all over again.. Walter O’Keefe is a bad guy! He’s over the limit!! Oh thank you smk.. with Lee being so gosh darn good looking and all I need to hear the plot two or three times.. ahem….
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001248682Elizabeth (hooray! gone is the ugly dress!) joins them and points out that it’s back to square one with the fishing limits now Rawlings is dead.

Lee: Is there anyone else besides you who knew the contents of Rawlings’ speech?
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001254287
[whooo go Lee! he is actually taking this case seriously! He really didn’t need much convincing this week to get on board with Amanda! Smile ]
…He didn’t give advance copies to the press or to his staff?
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001258291
Elizabeth: It’s all so crazy. The police
(are stupid) .. showed me pamphlets they said they found on my desk, I’d never seen them before. (whooo maybe Jill put them there!!)

3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001263096Lee: Is there anyone in your group who may have wanted to frame you?
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001267100At this question.. Elizabeth just stares blankly.. 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001267901err Lee no one straight away would think they know who it is!..
Amanda to the rescue here me thinks:
What about Magnusson?
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001271104Lee turns to look at Amanda.. hmm! Impressed she has come up with a name already??
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001272706
Oh yeah Lee she was like with these people before the bomb like went off!! She was like even at their like office!! lol..

Elizabeth: well Kurt Magnusson, he’s not from the bay like the rest of us.
Eric: I think what Elizabeth is trying to say is she doesn’t like him very much. but err.. he’s a hard worker and a good fisherman. A little hot headed.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001275108

Elizabeth: Eric, he’s more than a little hot headed.
Lee: well, you know where he lives?

Elizabeth doesn’t hesitate! she finds a pen and piece of paper.. and writes it down!
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001287120Amanda: oh good! (we hear the baby start to cry lol.. a newborn cry!! that was no newborn! rofl!)
.. I’ll get the baby.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001289522
[Is it just me or does Lee seem to smile quietly at this? or is it just me and wishful thinking?]
Eric: Oh look er.. you’ve done enough already.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001290323…If we are about to loose everything, I’d like to do it in private.

3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_0012967303.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001297530Lee and Amanda share a look- I think they’re thinking- we aren’t going to let that happen!!!! 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001298331Amanda gives them a smile and the scene ends there..

I have to laugh.. here was Amanda showing up at the Save our Bay office wanting to ask some questions (guessing Amanda says it’s for the people’s encyclopaedia like she said to the boppers earlier). Then, Amanda shows up at the police station with Lee.. trying to help?? and then follows them back to their boat to help?? Just who did Lee and Amanda tell them they were?? Are they still undercover as working for the encyclopaedia??  😉 and if so.. why would Elizabeth be giving out Kurt Magnusson’s address? rofl! it’s funny! Winking smile 

3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001301534Oh well.. moving right along.. Off Lee and Amanda go to pay Kurt Magnusson a visit..
say.. is that the capitol records building behind the apartment block?
[did you guys read the script here?? they go back to Lee’s apartment first and she sees flowers from his ‘poodle dog’?? lol! v weird!! It shows Amanda meddling in Lee’s private business..I think I’m glad they cut it!]

We find Kurt is packing his bag and at his door is Tarzan.. uh oh.. this can’t be good.. well this is the same as last week! Is Tarzan going to pull out a pen and squirt something in his face?? and rig the light and sugar and gas oven or something??
Tarzan says O’Keefe  wants to personally thank him? LOL.. I guess the light/sugar/gas combo isn’t personal enough.. what’s it gonna be?? 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001329562Tarzan (Towne but I prefer ‘Tarzan’ )  says the cops now have something on Kurt as he throws down a book of some kind on the table.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001338371What does Kurt do? He turns his back on Tarzan while he sees what Tarzan has just planted in his house for the cops to find?? what a dill.. This little fish is too dumb to survive.. not with all the vicious sharks in the baddie ocean! Besides.. he 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001342609put a bomb in a baby carriage.. die Kurt!! Die!!! While his back is turned.. Tarzan pulls a knife on Kurt and I can only assume he stabs him.

Uh oh.. Lee and Amanda walk down the hall towards Kurt’s apartment.. uh oh they are going to interrupt Tarzan.. oh LOL
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001348782
Lee says he wished Amanda had stayed in the car.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001350383
Amanda’s response: Noooo not in this neighbourhood!
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001352786
funny!! Nice little play on the old stay in the car gag! Now Amanda doesn’t even try to pretend.. she totally owns that she’s coming! 🙂  Also kinda ironic.. because just as Amanda finishes saying this we see Tarzan in Kurt’s apartment calmly heading towards the door to leave – guess he had finishes stabbing Kurt!
Lee opens the door with a cheery: Hello???!!!!!
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001355755too cheery!! that’s just ridiculous!!! but kinda funny when you think about it – as Tarzan grabs 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001359192Lee and slams the door on Amanda.. Why didn’t Tarzan stab Lee? err not that I want him too! 😉
A big fight starts..

3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001362395whoa lots of screaming from Amanda in the hall.. [I bet that screaming made it into the commercial!] Not helping Amanda!!!! I guess this is suppose to up the drama.. I kept thinking shut up already! how about you?

Lee gets sprayed in the face with what is that a fire extinguisher? ( I wonder if that is really BB) 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001374407ROFL!!! what do you think? is this BB??
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001376810
It’s kinda creepy!! Reminds me of Amanda getting powder all over her drugged up face in DOA!
Lee really is in a number of ways a real mess this episode 😉  Tarzan is clever I’ll give him that.. Lee never gets a chance to see his face!

As Tarzan gets away and Lee struggles to see Amanda bursts in
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001386419
Lee tells her to get Tarzan’s number plate.. 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001391224unfortunately it’s partly obscured..
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001389322
but Amanda gets the last three digits and state.. 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001390423I know I usually say I like scruffy Lee.. but umm.. here?? not so much! Winking smile
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001400033
[this one is crying out for a meme!]
I think it looks like the hairdresser went overboard with the application of his hair mousse!
Anyway, Lee checks Kurt’s pulse..
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001401634
uh oh.. Kurt’s dead.. and they’ve only got a partial number plate to go on!

I’ll finish up here for the moment! Did anyone read the script?? feel free to transcribe it here if you like. I don’t have time.. and regretting it’s omission!  byeeee

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  1. IWSOD, you asked if we thought the caption with the fire extinguisher was BB; I believe the first one is BB just by examining the hair, but the second picture is definitely not. Notice the bad hairpiece on the stunt double…guess BB didn’t want a face full of foam cause the subsequent pics the foam is partially cleaned from his face. I would rather not have his gorgeous face covered.


  2. Am I the only one who finds Eric a tad rude at the end? These are the people who just freed your missus from jail and you’re talking to them like that?! What about a simple could you excuse us please we have things to do?
    Yep that is totally BB getting sprayed. You can tell by the hair 😉


  3. Yep, I agree, iwsod, glad to see Lee is fully on board with helping the Sullivan’s. He knows to trust Amanda and what she saw and what her instincts are telling her. This is a big deal to Lee, being able to trust Amanda like this. I definitely think she’s earned it and I’m glad to see Lee act on it and get behind her, especially when Billy doesn’t want to. This is the first time this has ever happened. At least to this degree, I think. They don’t make a big deal of this in the show, ie. Lee and Amanda don’t get in trouble for it or anything, but I’ve always thought that Amanda’s professional growth played an important part in their personal relationship. I think I’ve mentioned it before on the blog, and it’s the biggest reason why I try to pay attention to her growth in the job and am writing the growth posts.

    OMG – is there a soda vs pop debate outside the US? Are did you do that for the benefit of your US readers? I vote soda. Never pop. In fact I’m drinking a grape soda right now. 🙂

    Poodle dog? Wha?? Are you kidding me? I do NOT see Lee using that phrase. No wonder it was cut out.

    Oh, look! Magnusson is wearing a read hat! He must have a very big head. It doesn’t fit him nearly as well as it did the guy in TFT.

    Yup, Amanda please be quiet. And please don’t knock the entire wall down, because it sure looks super duper flimsy to me. And that most assuredly is BB getting sprayed in the face! But it’s not a real fire extinguisher. Oh! I like this scruffy Lee! I like him with wet hair.


    • Yes, BJo! The trust is a big deal. I can think of two very specific mentions to Lee trusting Amanda that will come up, not in this epsidope though, and in each I think they do make it clear that it is very significant to lee that he has learned he can rust Amanda. I do think it is wonderful to watch Lee come on board with this case.


      • I think in this world in which Lee has lived and and worked since his early 20’s, not always knowing who he could trust and not trust, that trust is not something he gives to very many people. He tells Amanda he can trust her in The Mole, but that is with going through other people’s bank statements and not missing anything versus his going out on a limb like this to get ES released and to go investigate Magnusson. In Spiderweb, I don’t think trust per se is what that episode is all about, but in a way it is related and Lee’s faith in Amanda being who he thinks she is is affirmed. ALSALS and ARS are two more episodes where Lee’s trust in Amanda continues to grow bit by bit.

        This episode builds nicely on what we saw in WTAMB, but it’s nicer here because it is all Amanda; there is no Mr. Brand who has collected evidence over 7 years.


  4. Tarzan (aka Peter Lorre look-a-like) is pretty talented with the clean-as knifey-knifey murdering. Not a drop of blood to seen.
    The script has L&A talking about the new girlfriend as they approach Kurt’s apartment. Clearly there was a significant re-write around the girlfriend aspect of the episode – thank goodness. However, this conversation does contain one Amanda zinger that makes the “Poodle Dog” reference seem almost worth the cringe.
    Amanda : “So what does she do?”
    Lee : “She works for the UN. She speaks six languages…or seven.”
    Amanda : “Any of them English?”

    ROFL! 🙂 Go Amanda!
    Lee then supposedly gives her a dirty look.
    Amanda : “Lighten up. Here’s five-ten.” ….They are then at the apartment door.

    Back to the action as filmed – It seems ridiculous to me too that Amanda just bangs on the door and screams for Lee to “open the door” when clearly he’s just a bit too busy to open the door. I just try to ignore it.
    I think it is BB at the first spray of the extinguisher, then they cut to the double, then back to BB again when Amanda finally gets in the door. The fire extinguisher isn’t in the script I have. Instead Lee and Tarzan fight, Tarzan falls (onto a huge pile of conveniently located boxes below) and Lee ends up dangling from the fire escape and Amanda helps to pull him back inside.
    And yup Lee, you’d better check Kurt’s pulse ‘cause otherwise he looks like he’s just sleeping after his bloodless knifey-knifey murder. Ah well, the body count is getting up in this episode so I guess they had to minimise the blood and guts for early evening viewing.
    There’s nothing in the script about Lee smiling when Amanda moves to get the baby, so I guess BB just ad-libbed that. That’s one of the great things about SMK – the actors really did so much more than was in the scripts to give their characters real depth and humanity. Ah, love ‘em.


  5. Oh, I am glad they cut that part out of the script too. I think they must still have been trying to figure out how to write this story and create this mysterious other woman character. It sounds to me like they started out with one thing in mind (maybe a Randi-baby thing) and shifted it to something completely different. “Poodle Dog” does not sound like what we ended up with at all. But we will get there.
    Yes, Lee is on board, on the case with Amanda. He is following her instincts, and sticking close to her. I always notice his stance in those first opening pictures. His body is oriented towards her. And I do see the slight smile at her attention towards the babies cry. She is a mother and he knows it. I do think he likes and respects that about her. In fact he may be very aware of that right now because the fact that she is a mother may be helping him to fall asleep at night. It probably helps him to keep his feelings and life neatly compartmentalized, although I think it is getting messy and is about to get completely jumbled up for a while actually.

    I kind of like the fact that they show a glimpse of Lee not looking so good. We had a whole bunch of episodes of Amanda that way while we learned about her very special and unique person. I think we could learn some good things about Lee if we weren’t all distracted by his looks. Amanda can deal with Lee looking yucky, she knows him so well and likes him no matter what, whether he looks good, or bad, or is being nice or unreasonable, or even when he is all jumbled up and putting his foot in his mouth.


    • I wonder if the script rewrite resulted from negative backlash they got when it was announced that Lee & Amanda would each have a love interest in season 3 (per Merv Griffin interview with Boxleitner/Jackson).


      • So glad they didn’t do that. I always loved season 3 because of the way they moved Lee and Amanda towards each other. You knew Lee wanted Amanda and it was obvious in season 3 they were more than just friends at that point, but Lee took his time with her. They were always going to dinner and concerts and reunions together like they were dating, but he took his time moving things to a physical level. It had the feeling of an old time courtship. For someone with Lee’s past that shows he was making an effort to show Amanda she was different, and I think Amanda was going to need to see something different from him before she’d really give him a chance. Having them both with other people would have totally ruined that and taken away from the magic of the show. After how close Lee and Amanda were at the end of season 2 seeing either of them with someone else would have just been so wrong and tainted the whole relationship IMO.


  6. Melissa Robertson

    Speaking of scripts, the script for ‘We’re Off to See the Wizard’ has an omitted scene with Leslie in it. So this episode could be later if Leslie was originally intended for WOTSTW because then the ‘Tail of the Dancing Weasle’ would come before these. But then the aired version of WOTSTW has more added to Lee and Amanda’s cafe scene (they add her saying that he is a special man) which could also add to the fact that she definitely is jealous of Lee’s new girl friend and also why Lee is struggling internally!


    • I was wondering about that. I think I saw something that said Leslie was in that episode, but I couldn’t figure out where. So, is that where he supposedly first met Leslie?


      • Hi MelissaR and Jestress- please hold off discussing Leslie (Leslie who?!) and WOTSTW here.. head on over to Nedlindger’s and you can have that conversation now – or we will definitely be discussing this once we’ve walked through WOTSTW – a great discussion to have.. just not yet here on JWWM 🙂
        Hope you are all well – I’ll get back here later to respond to comments properly- I’m in the middle of work at the moment 🙂 byee


        • Melissa Robertson

          Sorry I’ve just been thinking this episode should be later and I finally thought I figured out why, but I’ll just enjoy your order with no other mention of Lee’s friend util later 🙂 Have a great rest of the day at work…I’m getting ready to go to bed.


          • Hey Melissa- all good! 🙂
            ‘Lee’s friend’? good one!
            If you check out the episode order post HERE you’ll see some discussion about the order – it’s where Morley’s order was decided on as the blogging order.
            I can’t remember the content of the thread now.. but I’m now trying not to so that’s a good thing 🙂 episode order thread? what episode order thread?! 😉


  7. You know, even though he’s a killer here, I have trouble taking Towne/Tarzan seriously because the first time I saw this actor, he was on an episode of Nancy Drew, playing an overly-enthusiastic activities director on a cruise ship. He was always trying to recruit people for darts, bingo, or shuffleboard and even volunteered Nancy’s friend George (who is a girl) for the popularity contest against her will because he’d developed a crush on her.

    That’s actually my favorite episode of that show, both because the villain wasn’t obvious and because it just demonstrates that if I were ever sent a death threat, I’d be checking it for spelling errors. There’s a threatening note in that show with 2 spelling mistakes in it. Actually, they show the note twice, and at some point in between, they rewrote it and corrected one of the mistakes, but they still missed the your vs. you’re mistake. It should have been “you’re going to die” not “your going to die.” It cracks me up every time I see it! 😀


    • Ohhh Jestress that is too funny!
      This comment of yours was hilarious:

      That’s actually my favorite episode of that show, both because the villain wasn’t obvious and because it just demonstrates that if I were ever sent a death threat, I’d be checking it for spelling errors.

      That’s genius!!! 🙂


      • Thanks! 😀

        I think they said something like that on Castle once. I forget the episode, I just remember Castle talking about the killer leaving a note with spelling mistakes. He went on a rant about someone having a message they want to send so badly that they have to kill someone to do it and then they mangle the spelling. 😛

        When you’re threatening someone’s life, it just falls flat if you make the same spelling mistakes a kid might make. The other error was that they spelled the chess move castling as “castleing.” I just love it, too, that they caught one error and not the other. Then, the note magically changes between the time the villain leaves it and when Nancy finds it.

        As long as I’m being picky, I’d also like to point out that “poodle dog” is a redundancy. Poodles are dogs, making this nickname twice as stupid.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Oh, I missed the chance to use my favorite line: The horribleness and the awfulness of it will never actually be forgotten.


  8. Great to see Lee on board now (literally) with Amanda. He knows she’s got good instincts and doesn’t hesitate to throw his support behind her now. He’s also maybe feeling a guilty about leaving her to do the Spring Cleaning by herself, not to mention other things he might be feeling a wee bit guilty about. But I think his main motivation here is that he believes in Amanda and that she might have uncovered something significant.
    I never got why Eric gave Amanda a bottle of what looks like orange fizzy drink. She doesn’t drink it (or maybe she does afterwards). Anyway, it’s always struck me as an unnecessary distraction in this scene, and is that the sort of thing Amanda would drink anyway? You can’t maintain a figure like hers drinking that stuff. Clearly Lee didn’t want any – smart man! Strange the number of fanfics that have Lee and Amanda drinking “soda” – is this an American thing? Wine, coffee, tea, water, un-sugared juice maybe, but fizzy drinks? Seriously? It seems very childish/teenage. Mind you, I don’t understand Amanda’s addiction to milk either. Hmmm, oh well, don’t think I will waste any more brain time on that topic.
    I’m guessing that Eric and Elizabeth know that Lee and Amanda are in law enforcement now. The dynamic has definitely changed in this scene.
    I wish they had let Amanda get the “baby”, this would have been an interesting scene to observe Lee’s reactions and the interaction between he and Amanda.
    Oh so glad they took out the “poodle dog” stuff – fortunately someone had the sense to realise that was just so not right on any level. I couldn’t imagine Lee trying to have a serious relationship with a woman who calls him or herself a “poodle dog”. The note also seems to confirm that he is sleeping with this woman – since she’s “tired” too – ick, ick, ick! I need some brain bleach to get that image out of my mind! 😯 The question of whether he and this new girlfriend are sleeping together is left to the viewer’s imagination in the screened episode – thank goodness that leaves scope to argue that they aren’t.
    Time is short so I’ll come back later to comment on the rest of this post. A good ol’ bit of strangely un-messy knifey knifey here. Umm, where’s the blood? 😉


    • Yes, soda is very much an American thing. I actually don’t know anyone who doesn’t drink it sometimes, and I am an addict. My figure is fine though, I am only 110 pounds. I am sure part of the reason is soda is really my only vice plus I have been blessed with a good metabolism. As skinny as Amanda is I bet it is not all just the way she eats, it is probably in part a good metabolism.

      Did the note seriously say that “poodle dog” is tired.” Maybe the name poodle dog isn’t the only reason they took that part out of the script. Maybe they wanted to leave it more up to the viewers interpretation as to whether or not Lee and poodle dog are sleeping together. Wow, how wrong does that sound. I kind of always thought they were but actually was start to rethink that position based on the argument about the dress in the last post. I was thinking that since Lee is looking for something more real this time around that he wouldn’t have jumped into bed with the new girlfiriend until he at least started to really feel something and if he was still trying to create that feeling maybe they hadn’t slept together yet. Seems like the original script intended to show that they were. I guess he is disappointed that after he slept with “poodle dog” he still wasn’t feeling what he thought he should. Barf! Wish I had no knowledge of this.


      • Whoa!!!! Misty and Kiwismh you guys have had me sniggering away!!!!!
        I love your take on poodle dog! Ick!!

        I am holding off on deciding in my own mind if Lee has slept with this new girlfriend- but I tend to see smk as leaving these things open to interpretation – very wise!!! and.. for that I am grateful!!!


      • Soda / fizzy drink – I don’t know any adults who drink it any more than very occasionally, and only then in a more adult drink like rum and cola, brandy and ginger ale, etc. I know that obviously there must be adults who drink it here in NZ, but overall it’s considered an unsophisticated and unhealthy beverage. So I suppose that’s why, to me, Lee and Amanda don’t seem to be the kind of people who would want to drink it. Meh, I suppose that’s just the difference between our cultures.


        • Sounds like adults in NZ are very wise. Here everyone drinks soda, some for breakfast. I try not to have it in my house because they drink it too much if I do. The soda bottle in the scene showed me that the Sullivans were hospitable and Amanda was once again relating to people as a “normal” person instead of some “official”. The only thing I thought was odd was her choice of orange soda, that just seemed like a juvenile choice. But then maybe that was all the Sullivans had to offer and good ole Amanda would never say “no.”


          • Fizzy pop also costs a heck of a lot more down there which is a good thing. We were really surprised when we where in QT the prices of the non-refillable sodas in restaurants.


        • I love coke. No not the nose candy 😉 the fizzy drink. I don’t buy it much for the fact that it’s loaded with sugar and I value my teeth. I admit though when my husband and I went for a meal in a pub the other day I had a glass of coke for a beverage as I was driving, it’s not seen as unsophisticated here.


      • Sorry to do this to you everyone but, yes, the note seriously does say “I’m deliciously tired and terribly lonely…Poodle Dog”. Ughh, geez, I feel like poking out my mind’s eye every time I think of it. 😯
        Anyway, moving right along… what I’m thinking is that originally the idea might have been to make the new girlfriend more of a serious, long term relationship for Lee. Fortunately, someone might have realised that this wouldn’t really fit where Lee and Amanda are at in their journey by this time, and that it might also turn off the viewers big time to have an on-going lovey-dovey, physically intimate affair going on with Lee and someone else at this point.
        As it was originally written it might have been more relevant and in sync with the flow of L&A’s relationship if had occurred say later in S2 just after or instead of Randi-baby. (But still definitely, absolutely, positively, under no circumstances is anyone to refer to themselves or anyone else as a Poodle Dog!)
        On this occasion I’m content to stick with what was in the episode, although even that has it’s own weirdness, e.g. the dress fiasco. We can at least use our SMK creativity to find reasonable explanations for that.


        • Kiwismh, I am with you. I think the writers changed their plan and I am so glad they did. Therefore I am completely comfortable with scrapping the dog reference and the idea of Amanda visiting Lee’s apartment at this point in the episode. If that scene had made it into the show it would have stolen some of Amanda’s thunder coming up. And, actually, I can’t see Lee being able to pursue anything long term lovey dovey with anybody else after SOS. I do think that rocked his world and began to dismantle it.


        • My question is, who in heavens name would want to be called “poodle dog”?????? OMG, please, brain bleach, I need brain bleach now!!!!


        • That makes sense if they intended to give Lee a more serious, long lasting relationship why Leslie might have appeared in the script for Wizard, and then if they dropped that idea why she was no longer in that script. Seems to me by they obviously revised everything to go a completely different direction. Obviously figured out viewers would not like it and they would lose some of their following. I definitely think that was a wise move. Who knows maybe the original intent was to set up a triangle of sorts, but that would have been pointless. The show is called Scarecrow and Mrs, King.


    • But milk does a body good!

      I remember they used to have these PSAs on Saturday morning cartoons all the time during the ’80s. 🙂

      It didn’t occur to me then, but by the time the kids in those commercials actually did grow up, the fashions would be completely different.

      Actually, I like milk myself. I had to laugh when I first started watching the Nero Wolfe mysteries they made in the early 2000s. Archie Goodwin likes milk, too. 🙂


    • why the soda? I figured it was a way to open the scene.. as it just cut to the scene with them all just standing there, you may be confused that you’ve missed the start of the conversation.. this way I guess we see the conversation starting.. and Hmm.. maybe we also see a message for the audience that Eric and Elizabeth are good people and so it’s important Lee and Amanda help them – Eric is showing hospitality to Amanda here.. so gosh I really hope Lee and Amanda can help them! 🙂

      BTW- Amanda told them who she works for?? oh shame!! I was having fun with the idea that she is the encyclopaedia lady! it tickles my funny bone that this little issue isn’t addressed at all.. just forgotten! but.. Eric and Elizabeth are suppose to trust them to do something to help?! tee heeee..
      Oh good catch on what the note would have mean’t Kiwismh.. now.. where is that mind bleach….


  9. I think it is nice that Lee is now just following suit with Amanda when she wants to investigate rather than being skeptical, but I think it is a little different than WTAMB. First of all Mr. Brand isn’t involved who is a big part of the reason Lee was so skeptical in the first place, and second of all after Amanda almost being killed Lee’s not playing games. He is going to follow any lead. He wants to know who’s behind it. Also I assume at this point Amanda has told the Sullivans who she really is. Lee is involved now and the Sullivans are part of an investigation.

    The fight scene was a little silly. SMK has certainly done better, but on the other hand I think they have probably done worse too. When it come to actions scenes and especially villians I think SMK really out does itself on some episodes and some episodes are just unbelievably corny. The show doesn’t take itself too seriously, aside from really liking Lee and Amanda I personally find the show to just be a lot of fun.

    Have to agree scruffy Lee definitely not hot here. Usually I find scruffy Lee very sexy, such as Burn Out where I think he is probably thee sexiest I’ve ever seen him, or at least in the top 5. Here I don’t know whether to laugh at him or a cringe a little at how they manage to make such a sexy man so unsexy. Funny how you mentioned Amanda with the powder all over her face in DOA on arrival because that is probably the least attractive I think she’s ever been with the hair don’t and that crap all over her face. That hair don’t pretty much does the same thing to Amanda, makes what IMO opinion is normally a very lovely looking woman not very attractive. Thank god that’s gone and that Lee doesn’t stay looking like this long.


  10. Oh my heavens, Elizabeth sure was anxious to give Lee and Amanda Kurt’s address. No sense of loyalty there, for sure. I am surprised she didn’t offer to drive them there personally, LOL!

    I thought the fight scene between Lee and Tarzan a little lame, but I couldn’t help laughing at Amanda yelling for Lee to open the door. Ummm, he’s a little busy right now. At least she is trying to get in to help Lee, if I remember correctly in SOS she stood back behind the door as Lee and the turned-out-out-to-be-a-good-guy-agent beat each other up.

    I’m in the midst of cooking for a dinner party right now, but I am curious to check out the script. I am glad they cut that piece out because (and I may be reading this out of context) I don’t care who you are, signing your name as anyone’s ‘poodle dog’ is just so wrong on so many levels.


    • Is that what that was suppose to mean? She calls herself poodle dog to Lee as a sort of pet name. I thought it was an insult and Amanda said something like oh flowers from your poodle dog, but that doesn’t sound like something Amanda would say no matter how jealous she was. I’ve heard Amanda be a little snide from time to time but never overtly mean. I don’t know to me it sounded really mean. How is referring to your self or someone else as a dog suppose to be sweet or cute. Usually when you call someone a dog you are either saying they are sneaky or they are ugly, and while I do like dogs I really can’t stand poodles. They are so yippy. Really glad they cut that too. Doesn’t make any sense to me either way. No one with any self respect would call themselves someone’s poodle dog, and Amanda would never be so mean as to call someone a poodle dog.


    • cindy wrote:

      Ummm, he’s a little busy right now.

      ROFL!! so true!! maybe the screaming was to put the baddie off.. and umm give Lee motivation to keep fighting!! 🙂 Oh good call on the SOS fight! she does react very differently here!!

      WAs it just me or was Lee’s very friendly hello as he opened the baddie’s door hilarious???!!!! As in.. hilariously ironic and wrong??!!! 🙂 I laughed and laughed at the smile on Lee’s face in that screen cap I took! 🙂

      agreed so glad poodle dog did not come into existence…


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