6/12 Season Three, Episode 04: Tail of the Dancing Weasel- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Morley’s order: Episode 03)

Next, we see Crawford shows up at Thornton’s on a noisy dirt bike, right when Harry was looking out his window.. what luck.. ahem.. Thornton sees him..
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001140306Harry heads to his desk, and gives his cat a little shove: Ike! move your kitty buns! I’ve gotta get in here!…
lol! kitty buns?! Love how the cat meows like it’s talking back.. [the script has Harry say move your fat cat buns- I prefer kitty buns! tee hee]
… let’s see what our friend down here has in mind.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001148314He gets his binoculars and heads back to the window.. lol.. the motorbike is parked out front, 3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001161127why does he need binoculars, he’s not 50 storey’s up! and all he 3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001163129sees is Crawford walking away from his bike. ohhhh whatever! Does Harry know who Crawford is?
Flower pot on the balcony!!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001173139Time for Ike and Harry to hit the road!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001191958
(Don’t forget the kitty treats!)
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001196629Harry leaves out the front door? oohhh kaayy.. I’ll go with it.. Too cute how Harry gives Ike a kiss as they head down the stairs!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001206773
Crawford sees him leave..  (maybe Harry wanted him to see him leave, so that’s why he left out the front). 

Moving on to the next scene.. Back to the State Department and.. Aha! The mystery has finally been solved..Harry Potter Meme

J.K Rowling’s inspiration for the wonder boy Harry Potter has been uncovered!!!! Poor Lee!
I’m afraid that’s a fifty-five-E, section- seven, a double fault citation.
Camera pans to find Amanda looking like the kindest person in the entire world. She’s grieved.
Amanda: Ohhhh a double…Sir you really don’t want to give a double to Mr ahh??
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001263630[In the script Amanda calls Lee ‘Mr Thymus’! rofl!!! ]
The Guard we saw before is being questioned by Lee and Amanda, and appears none too happy.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001223189Guard:  Essex, ma’am. What is a double?
Lee: Eighteen hundred dollars.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001225191Guard: No way!
Amanda:  Well I’m afraid the fire laws are very clear, although…perhaps.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001227994..misapplied in this case. Mr Essex…may I call you Bob?
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001230397[Hey! If I didn’t know better I’d say Lee and Amanda are doing a bit of good cop bad cop here! Smile ]
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001233199Lester:  It’s Lester, ma’am. And I don’t intend on taking the blame. Y
ou got a beef? Go see George Schultz.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001238405Lee: You were the security personnel on duty, correct?
(Bob err Lester nods)
You called in the alarm.
Amanda: well, in the case of an accidental fire we have to make a judgement about…. Negligence… You understand.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_0012440103.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001246012
[I do believe Amanda is having fun here! Smile ]
Lester:  This is the flippin’ State Department!!
(Getting worked up Bob err Lester spits a bit in
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001248415his blurted response!)
Amanda looks at Lee Potter, boy wizard:
Oh dear.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001250016Lester:  sorry, ma’am – I just work here.
Did you say accident? What makes you think this was an accident?
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001257223Lee: Well our report says this is ‘cause unknown’.
Lester: That’s because the folks upstairs haven’t put out an official statement. Standard hold up.
Amanda whispers: ohhhhhh… a security blackout.
Lester: Just.. nothing official.. to nobody.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001265231
Lee: Okay. Strictly unofficial? How did the fire start if it wasn’t an accident?
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001274040Lester: Arson!!! The guy used a Magnesium incendiary. It burned straight down through
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001280847three drawers before we caught it. Unofficially!
Lee: what’s in those
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001285652drawers? If it’s chemicals we could have an aggravated 901 and 2!
Lester: paper.. files.. letters.. it’s all been in there for years!

[At one point, The script has Amanda add here: ‘Mr Thymus is merciless with people who lie to him.’ which I kinda like.. as at this moment, in a way, Amanda is lying to Lee by not telling him about Harry.. and it’s cool how this will all play out Smile ]
Soo funny…. This was Amanda’s idea?? My goodness.. this is showing progress isn’t it! In Over the Limit Amanda had a go with her cover of being a love struck Camille fan.. but it was plain (at least to me) that she was not comfortable with it yet. Here? she’s completely on board.. and doing a fantastic job. More confirmation this order so far is good?! Amanda’s confidence is growing – maybe thanks to Harry asking her to take on this role?? thanks to the compliments Harry contributed to Lee about Amanda? (which you may or may not believe.. but still heck it’s great to hear! Smile )
Amanda holds up a studio glamour shot ( rofl!) of Crawford:
Mr Essex? Bob!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001290457(notice-normal finger nails!!)
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_0012928593.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001291257Lester: that’s him!! that’s the guy who set the fire.
I think Lester should have smelled a rat. One minute Lee and Amanda think Lester is to blame and it’s an accident. the next Amanda is showing him a photo of the guy who deliberately started the fire? rofl.. it doesn’t make sense.. but.. I think Bob errr Lester is probably too dim to notice Winking smile 

Lester volunteers: He was here posing as an NSC duty officer. That’s National Security Council.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_0012968633.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001298064
Amanda: yes we know.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001301267Lester won’t stop with the info now! : They found the real duty officer tied up to the radiator in his room!
Well.. Crawford didn’t kill him huh.. Crawford seems to prefer not to kill.. interesting. Poor guy.. hope he gets that trip to Hawaii after all Winking smile
Lee: Nooooo!!!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001304070[so funny how he says this! Like that’s shocking! appalling! Winking smile ] The scene ends here..
Good Job Lee and Amanda! they get all the info they need!
Lee drives Amanda to her car.
Love how Lee says: Thanks for your help Amanda. You were very good! [after OTL- this is awesome to hear!!]
Amanda: ah thanks a lot.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001314481Amanda isn’t getting out of the car.. LOL..
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001316483Lee: ahh Amanda if you could go back and start filing those things I’d really appreciate it…. I’ve got some one I have to see.
Amanda: Oh well we’re doing so well why don’t we just stick together.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001320487uh oh.. this is not normal Amanda!!! and Lee knows it!
Lee, now suspicious:
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001323289Amanda: No?
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001324491Lee: No, this is personal.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_0013252913.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001324891[grrr off to see Leslie Lee?!!!! ]
Amanda: Oh come on. Now you know how anxious you are to get Crawford!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001330530Lee: I am no-… Amanda!…
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001329696…ha haaa…
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001329929
.I don’t have to explain my every little move to you.

3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001331698Amanda: noo of course not! And 
I’ll just wait in the car.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001333800Lee
: no you won’t.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001334501Amanda
yes I will.
Lee: No you won’t..
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001336202
…you never wait in the car and you know that.

3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001338304Love how he isn’t angry when he says that.. he is just… resigned!! tee heee… Rather than angry.. Lee is becoming curious!!!!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001340907Lee continues watching Amanda very very closely here:  …besides.. you’ve been sneakin around, stickin to me like glue lately. Is there something you want to tell me? [of course she’s sneaking! She’s lying and sneaking and working for the government! Winking smile ]
Amanda shrugs.. she can’t look Lee in the eye!:
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001347614Lee: Aha…
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001350116
[I think he is not buying it at all! you?]
…ok fine…
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_0013509173.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001351718
…I’ll see you later.. and errr…
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001354120
…don’t follow me…
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001355455
… I mean it.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001356956Amanda shrugs again.. tries to look baffled: I’m not going to follow you! Cha! (she takes off her seat belt and tries to act/sound indignant haaa)
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001359325
…I don’t even know haa why you would say that..
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001362662Lee is soooo not buying it! Smile and he is completely unmoved Smile tee hee..
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001364531
These two are so cute when they are trying to trick each other Winking smile
Love love love the sideways glance Lee gives as Amanda leaves and she says this last line..
Lee just grunts in response..
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001364931whooo sorry BJo, can’t miss that cheeky muscle going on there as he closes his eyes a moment..
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001366266
(is that a sign Lee is sounding casual but deep down he is concerned?)
Lee starts the engine and drives off.. haaaaa (you can hear Lee’s seatbelt alarm going off – put your seatbelt on Lee! )

3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001368134So what do you make of his sideburns here?? they have a bit of a curl! Umm.. do you think they styled them?rofl!!! now that is some extreme manscaping! but it does.. ahem.. kind make me want to touch it Winking smile hoo haaa..

Love the smile Amanda gives Lee as she sees him off well.. pretending to –
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001374140
-before she hurries into her car to follow him..She puts Lee’s stuff on the back seat… haaa Amanda left her car windows down that whole time?? yeah right.. and the front one is completely down? It’s a miracle her car is still there..  3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001380146
Okay! I better stop there!! Amanda is following Lee.. there’s some weird stuff going on in the smk universe here! A real role reversal!! Smile Can’t wait to hear your thinking!! byeeeee

45 responses to “6/12 Season Three, Episode 04: Tail of the Dancing Weasel- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Morley’s order: Episode 03)

  1. I love them questioning the security guard! They seem so natural here – like seasoned partners! Every time Amanda says “Mr Essex… may I call you Bob?” I lose it… every. single.time!!


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  3. ROFLMBO @ Petrificus Totalis! I was eating and just about choked. Brilliantly done! (Hmm…makes me wonder. Assassination by laughter?)


  4. I love the scene with the security guard. Lee and Amanda were so in tune with each other that they didn’t even hesitate when one asked a question, the other one came right behind with the next question, their scenario was flawless. They had those form numbers and names of citations down, they made a great team. They were very cute together.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. LOL – move your kitty buns! I have never noticed that before! Very cute. Just another reason to love Harry V. He’s man enough to have a cat and use terms like kitty buns 😉

    Oh look! It’s Egghead! Foghorn Leghorn’s son or nephew or something!

    I’m not a Potter person, so this is what I see instead. Ugh – those glasses are Awful!

    Amanda does seem to be very comfortable here in this role of impersonating an instpector. I’m not sure that it has to do with her “Camile experience” in OTL so much as it is that she is not alone and she is the person in power rather than at the mercy of the security guard. She did a great job with Monica Benson way back in The Mole. Granted it’s the flippin’ State Department, but she is with Lee, so there’s some confidence for ya right there.

    LOL – Lee is SO not buyin’ her act here. He knows something is up, but he can’t quite put a finger on it. He obviously does not feel threatened or that he can’t handle whatever is going on, so he leaves her with the command not to follow him. I wonder what he things she will do. Nice cheeky screen cap, iwsod!

    ROFL!! Do you have a touch screen on your computer, iwsod??? How do those sideburns feel? Did Lee flinch when you touched them? Hahahahaha 🙂


  6. Hey, Melissa, I would be interested in why you put Wizard before OTL. If you feel like talking about it, pop over to Ned’s and I would love to discuss it in the episode order thread… 🙂


    • that was supposed to be a reply to her comment on kiwismh’s post at the end of this discussion, sorry.


    • Melissa Robertson

      Morley, I’m not blowing you off, but I’ve never been able to get logged into Ned’s even after Jenbo’s help. My reasoning maybe silly too!!


      • I would never think anybody’s reasoning is silly. You know me, I just like spending time reasoning about SMK. I bet a lot of my reasoning is silly too. Heck, reasoning ad nauseum about a 30 year old TV show probably seems silly to some people (but we know better 😉 ). If you ever do find yourself logged in at Ned’s, I think it would be fun to discuss. I would love to say I could help you with the log in process, but I really am completely not tech savvy, sorry. My teenage boys are always shaking their heads in dismay at me 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh no!!!!! can you do a new log in? do you have more than one email address? I would just use another email address.. good luck Melissa!


  7. I love these scenes. I see them as back to back evidence of changes in both their working and personal relationships. They work together so well at the State Dept. They are using Amanda’s idea and both working together. She’s his partner, not a lackey just following him around and he’s fully invested in her idea and her ability to carry it off. Then moving to the car…. He’s telling her not to follow him but it’s a respectful request. He isn’t bossing her around or treating her like an underling. He’s isn’t annoyed at her insistence. He’s confused by it but I think in the past his temper might have risen a little here. He’s not mad at her. I can almost hear a slight laugh to himself when she says ‘I’ll wait in the car’. He knows her well enough to know that just isn’t true and while it’s an annoying trait of hers, it’s also one he finds endearing and is part of what makes Amanda, Amanda. Even Amanda knows she’s not going to wait in the car. But they are getting closer and more comfortable with each other and it’s showing in their conversations. I don’t know about anyone else but it didn’t bother me that he tells her not to come with him. I don’t see that as a sign of distance. It’s normal to do things apart. He’s going to check up on an old friend who might be in danger and Amanda doesn’t know. He doesn’t want or need to have to worry about Amanda. I also think that in the back of his mind he’s been keeping Amanda and Harry apart because I bet Harry has been bugging him about Amanda. I saw the flattery in the first conversation between Harry and Amanda as a bit of matchmaking and Lee isn’t ready to risk that Harry might say something pushy about their relationship in front of Amanda.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Hi Everyone!!! Just a random comment..
    Last night when watching an episode of Air Crash Investigations (or Mayday as it is known in some countries) the show was exploring the crash of flight KAL007 – which was shot down in error by Russians over Russian airspace back in 1983 I think it was. Imagine my surprise when they mentioned ‘George Shultz’ as being the secretary of state.

    I immediately thought- Hey! the post I just published mentioned a George Shultz!
    Oh wait.. that was at the State Department!!!
    Oh wait.. Lester said if you’ve got a beef go see George Shultz!

    Sooo I was very chuffed to find out that SMK was referring to the actual real life Secretary of State at the time of this episode, George Shultz, when Lester made this remark about the state department!!

    btw he’s listed as ‘George P. Shultz’ on Wikipedia.. could this be another reason for the V in Harry V. Thornton??!!

    Not being an American, it never twigged George Shultz could be a real guy. I thought maybe it was a crew member’s spouse haaaa..
    Oh well.. so there you go- that’s my little tidbit for the day..

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Always love this car scene! So royally cute, Amanda’s not fooling Lee because she has so many tells he can now read. Oh and Iwsod, love the
    Lee Potter pix! Lol! Especially since I’m thoroughly immersed in my HP obsession currently. Who’d of thought you could find Expecto Patronus in SMKland 😉


    • Haaaa thanks Jule!! Poor Lee and those glasses! Hey I love your latest avatar! did you make that? wow!!

      I only know the first HP movie and book.. I’ve never caught up!


      • Thanks for the thumbs up! I am working on a new style of jewelry so it’s good to hear positive reviews 🙂 And yes, I am mixing my infatuations. In fact I just put up a post on Jewels about Harry Potter. I refuse to grow up!
        Hope you get a breather soon Iwsod and can find some rabbit hole time. There’s always chocolate and wine waiting! 😉


  10. Love the line “you never stay in the car and you know that.” Not only is he resigned, I don’t think he’s expected her to stay in the car for a looong time. The words carry such a sweet acceptance. He said “stay in the car” for two reasons – protection and because she’s a “civilian.” Now, he’s accepting her as agent trainee and is willing to listen and work with her in a more productive way. WooHoo, progress!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well said debilyn! it is soo wonderful HOW Lee says it huh.. very sweet!! And I love your idea that this demonstrates his changing view of Amanda the agent!!! whoo hooo indeed!!!!


    • Yeah, and I hope he also remembers that so many of those times that she didn’t stay in the car she totally saved his butt!!! He should be grateful for that little behavior quirk of hers!!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Harry must be a good guy – he likes cats.
    Bet Gregory doesn’t like cats… and they probably don’t like him either. 😉


    • Eeek.. I don’t like cats! [I’m allergic..] am I KGB? Hmm.. I’ll have to check up on that and get back to you 😉

      I know people who love cats, really really love cats! 🙂


  12. So whenever I hear or see the name Lester now I think of that stupid duck. That is going to be stuck in my head forever.

    So loving the interplay of Lee and Amanda still. They are really beginning to read each other and play off each other so well now in these little charades they do.

    The Harry Potter reference is killing me, iwsod!! Also, love how you want to touch those sideburns. They are pretty styled.

    Like Lee’s calmer demeanor with Amanda. I also like how Amanda tries to work the Crawford angle. Even though they sort of brush over what Amanda is really doing you know that Lee hasn’t truly given up. He is still suspicious of whatever Amanda is doing and doesn’t seem to truly believe that she won’t follow him. I so love that line…’you never wait in the car and you know that’. If he knows it and she knows it, why does he keep telling her to do it?

    I think it’s funny how that box went with them instead of staying at the Agency. Maybe they were afraid to leave it with Mrs. Marston.


  13. I wanted to say too, tha I think we learn something more about Lee and the Agency as well as we see glimpses of Harry’s character. The way he is kind and affectionate to his cat is sweet. These Agents aren’t all hard calculating people (like Francine and Beaman were, just following orders and seemingly non relational), they are real people with pets that they love and fatherly friendships with younger agents that they care about. Even the way Lee and Billy are concerned with Harry is a bit in a familial sense. I find it enlightening.


  14. Yes, I love the continuity that seems to be here in this scene with Amanda and Lee at the Sate Department. That “you were good” “You were better scene” from OTL is being repeated here, isn’t it. And maybe Lee did teach Amanda a bit about how he does it, making it up and bluffing it. She seems to be enjoying it here, I think he is too. Yes they have come along way since Mongoose 😉

    Those glasses are awful on Lee. Harry Potter for sure. But if I recall correctly, I had a pair just like that my first years of college, what does that say?

    I do enjoy the difference in Lee’s demeanor towards Amanda in that scene in the car. He doesn’t seem annoyed at all, none of that hardness is there in his facial expressions or voice. And he knows her so well and is free to comment on it to her. He has studied Amanda King, I think.
    I am glad you mentioned Leslie here… I know some think she is long gone, I tend to think she is still in the picture and because I don’t think Lee was clear in the tag of OTL, I could see how Amanda would wonder if that was the personal thing Lee is going to do. I don’t think Lee is thinking about Leslie at all, I do wonder if Amanda is. I like to think that things are slowly transitioning and I am sure that both of their minds are not wholly focused on this weird Agency thing that appears to be going on with Harry and Crawford and Amanda’s interesting behavior. They are beginning to mix professional with personal and I bet the lines in their thoughts about each are blurring.

    But Lee is learning how to deal with a tenacious Amanda, and now she is more skilled and bolder and he trusts and values her outright now and she is beginning to know it, first because of the OTL dinner invite and secondly because of what Harry said. I think Amanda would know that those comments wouldn’t come out of thin air. She knows Lee well enough and anyone who is proclaiming to know Lee, as Harry is, would understand that Lee wouldn’t just throw cheesy compliments around, they would have to be based in something.


    • I think all of us glasses wearers are grateful that frames has got smaller since the 80s! At least Lee’s aren’t those nasty thick plastic things… Am loving feisty role-playing Amanda and the fun they are having together.


      • I hear you about the glasses, but apparently the big frames are coming back. UGH!


      • I had some of those big frames myself. I’ve been wearing glasses since 3rd grade. I’ve gone from small frames to medium frames to large frames to small frames to medium frames. Wheew. How styles change, and return, and change…


        • The absolute glasses frame horror of SMK was poor Jamie’s enormous season four glasses – drowns his whole face out. I find frames have got so small that I struggle to see through them these days…


          • I know what you mean! I had to get new glasses recently, and I was appalled at what they wanted me to choose from. It was largely between big, thick frames or tiny little things that look cute but are practically useless. Sometimes, I feel like they might as well be offering the “vision wand” from the Saturday Night Live skit. I always insist on thin, lightweight frames with unfashionably large lenses so I get a decent field of vision. Not as large as the ones Lee’s wearing here, but still pretty decent-sized. Doesn’t matter that it’s not in style. Styles change more often than I typically need new glasses anyway. 🙂


          • Actually, I don’t think Lee looks too bad in glasses here. Or maybe it’s just that Lee makes the glasses look good? 😉


          • I was just thinking the same thing about how Lee’s glasses reminded me of Jamie’s glasses in season 4. Poor kid was totally lost in them.


    • Like this Morley, although I’m still inclined to think that Lee had broken things off with Leslie by the end of OTL. He seemed a lot more focussed and relaxed at the end of OTL (and that has carried over into this episode) – I don’t think he would be so if Leslie was still in the picture, even remotely, i.e. if she is now back in New York. Also I don’t think he would’ve wanted to drag out the conclusion of a relationship that he realised was headed nowhere.
      Anyway, it’s nice to see he and Amanda so relaxed with each other and working so well together here, even if Amanda is “spying” on him.

      Liked by 1 person

      • You are right, kiwismh, Lee is more focused and relaxed and I don’t think he is thinking about Leslie at all right now. she is in NYC and he hasn’t seen her since that fiasco of a surprise dinner, pst, I don’t think he likes her surprises and in my mind there is one more coming up… but I will discuss it during Wizard. For right now Leslie isn’t on either of their minds, which is telling. But I think she may be on the edges of Amanda’s. But we can have out own little SMK worlds that vary slightly. It is all part of the fun and gives us opportunity to comment to our little hearts desire.


        • I know. I’m like a dog with a bone sometimes. Maybe it’s just because I want Leslie gone, gone, gone! 😉 But, Lee’s dalliance with Leslie was something of a necessary step for him to finally face his real feelings.
          Regardless of whether or not Lee is finished with Leslie, that “relationship” is still definitely on Amanda’s mind I think. Amanda doesn’t know whether Lee is still seeing Leslie and although she is probably trying not to dwell on it, I suspect she is still a little unsettled about her feelings in respect of that relationship.


    • Morley, I like how you bring up the fact that they are beginning to mix professional with personal and that those lines are beginning to mix. I think that is exactly why we are seeing such a difference in the demeanor here. Lee has studied work Amanda and he is also now studying her in a new light – a personal one. I think what he is learning about her personally is just adding depth and dimension to work Amanda and is helping him to understand her even better.

      I met my husband at work. We worked together for a while before we started dating. Prior to dating, it was “easy” to keep things professional. Yes, I had a crush and thought he was good looking, etc. but when we were at work it was all about work. We working on a team and we each had open office cubicles, so we were never alone. But after our first date, it was sort of weird. But after a couple more dates it quickly became easier. I don’t think these two are dating, but I think that personal connection is growing so fast and easy because of all the times they’ve worked together in life-threatening situations. It is so very nice to see!!


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