2/14 Season Three, Episode 01: A Lovely Little Affair- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Morley’s order: Episode 05)

Next thing.. we view a panorama…(another!)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000347147
Is this really that building??
[for newbies- I’m Australian- not American! Smile ]
Predicting this episode may raise some interesting aspects of American History, I’ve created a thread on Nedlindger’s for us to discuss it.. If you want to make a point about something in smk and American history- feel free to do so here – but for discussing at greater length or in greater detail- please head over to
the Nedlindger’s thread – I can see I’m going to be full of questions I think! Smile
Wellington: I’ll give you what help I can, Alan.
(As we hear this dialogue, the camera pans over the Declaration of Independence)
[-lol at first I was thinking it was the constitution!]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000353953
Chamberlain: Big job, even so.
Wellington: Aren’t you starting at the Smithsonian?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000355955Chamberlain: No, I think I’d like to start here, Mr Wellington. And believe me, preserving history is NOT a job. It is a grand passion.

3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000367567[lol that sounds like a line to me Winking smile Maybe it’s suppose to?.. ]3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000367967
Wellington: So what’s the problem?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000369969
Chamberlain: Well I’m particularly 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000377977concerned about any documents over 200 years old. I’m looking for a dormant fungus I found in Italy- Aseculum distalias… [Kudos Learjet!! phew!!! great transcribing!! Smile ] …You could have it right here in the declaration. Not even know it.3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000385185

Is that fungus for real?! Love how Wellington looks like he knows what that is Winking smile
So what’s going on here? was Mr Wellington wanting Alan to do work on the Declaration? Or did Alan contact him? this fungus makes it sound like Alan contacted him?

Alan, the chin in a suit,  sounds a bit too polished.. I’m guessing the writers wanted us to wonder – is this Alan a good guy?? or a bad guy??…whoooo..

Is there any significance in the choice of ‘Wellington’ as a name?? as in the duke of wellington?? or is this just another Napoleonic reference because someone on the smk staff seems particularly interested in it at present (must have gone off Bob Dylan? Winking smile ) Oh and Chamberlain is a grand British surname also.. both Wellington and Chamberlain- former British prime ministers..

Moving on to IFF..and Lee pulls into the car park.. Inside, Lee and Francine exit the elevator. Both of them are reading a print out of the latest news hot off the printer (what? no pose from Lee as he waits for the print out to finish?!! ripped off!) they walk and talk..
Francine: Ugh. When it rains, it pours. I’ve never seen the Morning News this long.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000404004Lee: Tell me about it. Billy’s got me all over the map. Swiss bank robbery… A kidnapping in Rome…
[whoa.. you don’t think that kidnapping on the warner bros lot was umm what Lee was referring to do you? Winking smile ]
Whooo now this is interesting! Could this be irrefutable confirmation that this episode cannot come before Wizard??
Lee holds a photo which we see a close up of when he refers to the news of the robbery and kidnapping – it’s a photo of the gelati kidnapper who has joined the church Winking smile
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000406806
But look behind the photo- that print out appears to be the print out which Amanda found on Lee’s desk in Wizard- Intercepts of Lee’s phone calls!!
Here it was in wizard..
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002299766
(It’s blurry but that last line was where Paul said to Lee let’s meet where we were all deflowered). And here it is in ALLA-  When you turn the image on it’s side you can read it better here:
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000406806
Whoa!!!! [I’m thinking all the first 5 episodes are mixed up but I’m happy to conclude ALLA couldn’t be before wizard 😉 ]
Francine: Mercury’s in retrograde
Lee: Mercury’s where??
Francine: Retrograde. Difficult time astrologically. Affects everything…including your kidnapping in Rome. Interpol say Red February terrorists are involved.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000412812Lee: Red February. Didn’t we hear they were supposed to have some crazy scheme to hit a monument or something.
[A monument? It couldn’t be something really important at the National Archives could it?!]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000422822[There’s that short haired blonde lady again! does she have a name?]
Francine: Oh yes. Morning News page three. Like I said- Mercury retrograde. People get crazy. Oh last night, I had this date with a Sagittarius.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_0004332333.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000434434[Real professional there Francine.. not]
Lee: Oh Francine!!! spare me your 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000435235horoscopic love life, huh…
[Squeeeeee!!! How good is this?? Lee is no longer fascinated by superficial relationships Winking smile ]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000436237(Lee walks off and he cuts Francine off.. she follows him)
[I see this as Francine enjoying Lee as her partner in crime.. the both of them playing the field..I wonder if or when she’ll notice that Lee is changing? Smile I can’t wait to find out!!!]
Billy: Stetson, Desmond, I need you two. Now!
(Billy motions for them to come into his office.)
Billy: The Oversight Committee will be here by
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000456456eleven. And the new chairperson, Representative Faber, is out for blood and the 3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000458458keys to the doors for this agency. Now, we’d better be prepared.
[This Marlin behind Billy is weird,– we saw it in ALLA, Wizard,  Mr Brand, OTL but- it was replaced with a world map in Weasel! Weird huh! ]
Lee: Faber, oh no. I’ve heard about her. Come on, Billy, get me out of this, huh?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000464064[what? accountability?! that’s very undemocratic of you Lee Winking smile ]
Right on cue.. Amanda knocks on Billy’s door – Lee is thinking she’ll do his work..
Billy: come!
Amanda: Good morning, everyone.
[nice!!! I see Lee giving Amanda smiles.. and Francine? well she has umm slightly upturned corners of her mouth Winking smile ]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000468868Billy: Good morning, Amanda. Here’s your assignment. (Hands her the envelope)
Amanda: Yes, sir. Thank you, sir
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000469878Interesting-Amanda is not surprised to be handed an assignment- seems she knew that’s why Billy called her in. I wonder if that’s why she didn’t say to Lee that she could do his favour- but that she’d try?
Whoa! I never noticed this before! Billy hands Amanda the file, Lee looks at the file and his smile immediately disappears!!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000470185
Lee looks at Billy as if to say- Billy? what have you done?! I’m suppose to be her assignment!!! Amanda’s going to do my records??!!! right?!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_0004704703.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000471301Billy:
Now it’s light surveillance, hands-off stuff.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000472872
This is all really interesting huh!! and follows on nicely from Amanda starting her shooting lessons in OTL. This is big. Remind anyone else of Brunettes are In? Only this time.. Billy doesn’t even tell Lee about it- Amanda’s ready for this. Hooray!!!!!!
(Amanda opens the folder to take a look, and Lee takes a look too Winking smile)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000473448
Amanda: (looking at photo in the folder): Oooh!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000473723whoo hoo! what a reaction! Smile
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000474580
Lee’s head whips around and he takes note huh!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000476076Billy: His name is Alan Chamberlain. He restores artworks, manuscripts…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000478078
(Amanda looks up to meet Billy’s eyes-manuscripts?)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000478478
[Lee seems to have a slight scowl would you say?!]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000482882…He’s famous! And he’s in DC on special assignment to the National Archives.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000484084


Amanda: Yes, sir. Um why are we watching him?
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000490090Francine: He’s a top security clearance. We have to validate it every time he comes into the US.
[So the assignment Amanda’s been given is surveillance to validate his security clearance. Okay]
Amanda: U-hm
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000492492Billy: Now he’s staying at the Sherman. So, Stetson, will you help Amanda get started? And then get right back here because you are right on top of Representative Faber’s list.
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000505305Amanda turns to watch Lee.. she knows he was hoping she’d help him.. but that’s not going to be possible..Amanda has her own assignment! [Interesting that Amanda didn’t tell him yesterday- I’m curious to hear what you all make of it!!!]
Lee: Hmm. Mercury is definitely in retrograde.
(to Amanda)
Ah, you’d better wear your little tennis shoes, dear…
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000508908
…because Chamberlain travels in a little faster circles than you’re used to.
[Mercury might be in retrograde..but some things haven’t changed Winking smile Francine is still condescending and judgemental!]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000510910
Love Lee’s look he gives Francine- spare me Francine!!! Amanda smiles sweetly – seething- but far too classy to respond in kind! Smile
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000512112
Amanda: Thank you so much, Francine.
[I think that’s a southern response that doesn’t mean what it sounds like it means.. gosh where did we discuss this before?? Was that in A Relative Situation? It’s just like Brenda Leigh in The Closer!]
Francine: (with giggle) Anytime. [Aaand it goes right over Francine’s head- genius!]
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000513313[Sad.. deluded.. Francine!]
Amanda:  Sir (to Billy)
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000514914Love the look on Lee’s face here as Amanda says goodbye to Billy (not Francine!). He can see underneath that Amanda thinks Francine’s being a cow!
3.01 A LOVELY LITTLE AFFAIR.avi_000516116
Lee and Amanda share a look and Amanda heads for the door.. Lee following along Smile 

Okay everyone.. I need to finish up here for the moment – lol looking forward to hearing what you make of these scenes!!!! byeee for now!

65 responses to “2/14 Season Three, Episode 01: A Lovely Little Affair- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Morley’s order: Episode 05)

  1. Amandarambler

    So my son and I are up through this episode in our re-watch, and so I’m not really sure which post of this episode I should post this comment on, but I think I’ll do it on this one, because it seems to be as good as any. Sorry if anyone comments on this on later posts. (And whew, that was DEFINITELY an Amandaramble! 🤣)

    But unless I missed something – it cracked me up during this watch through this episode that after Lee’s gorgeous pizza delivery at the beginning of the episode, it is never mentioned again throughout the whole episode that he needed Amanda’s help with the audit??? It’s one of the few times I’m thankful they came up with a flimsy excuse for a scene, because it’s a great scene. And even though obviously she is given an assignment from Billy and they all know that has priority, Lee never even acknowledges again his request of her help nor does Amanda comment on helping him out again throughout the rest of the episode – unless I’ve missed something (which is always entirely possible). So maybe that just means they gave us a gift with an entire scene led by Lee casually strolling up in jeans to the front door carrying a pizza. I just find it funny because we all find that particular scene to be quite a shift, sort of pivotal in his demeanor regarding normal life, a relationship with Amanda, etc, and for him to have needed such a “huge favor” from her that never got mentioned again just kinda made me giggle.


    • Excellent observation. I dearly love me some SMK, but let’s face it, they will never win any awards for consistency. 😉

      I always laugh at the pizza scene, but for a different reason: What strikes me as hilarious is the whole elaborate charade Lee goes through as “Mr. King”. I mean seriously, all he had to do was say “Hey, I’ll take that, here’s your money, see ya later.” But maybe he was worried the pizza guy might be an undercover KGB agent…;)


  2. Hi there:

    Had to post this… was shopping in PINK and saw a t-shirt that said, “Call me when Mercury is out of retrograde.”

    I bought it, of course in honor of my fave big guy!

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  3. The expression Lee is making when he looks over to the picture of Chamberlain looks like he’s thinking to himself “pah! He’s not THAT attractive” 😉
    Amanda’s reaction to the photo makes me laugh, sometimes she has no filter LOL I remember Alias Smith and Jones and despite me having watched this episode before never realised!
    Is Alan attractive? Hmmmm I can’t decide. He wasn’t beaten with the ugly stick but for some reason he doesn’t float my boat…..


  4. It is a bit surprising that Amanda can’t hide her reaction when she sees Alan’s picture. I think he is probably more in his 40’s than in his 30’s. I guess he has sort of a distinguished appearance. The last guy Amanda was assigned to was Brand, so this is a pleasant surprise. I agree that this should be after OTL and Wizard. We all agree that Amanda and Lee have been spending time together outside of work since the end of OTL. I guess it is just weird, because we all see where Lee is and he is becoming the type of man that could be a family man. Maybe Amanda isn’t completely seeing this yet and doesn’t know what Lee’s intentions are yet. Guess she still has the Tupperware closed.


    • I guess I don’t see why Amanda would feel the need to hide her reaction. She and Lee are spending time together but that doesn’t mean she’s dead. There is not even an official relationship let alone commitment. She just reacted to a picture of a man she found attractive. It might have bothered Lee but that’s his problem, not hers.


  5. I think Lee’s reaction to Amanda’s positive reaction of Alan is a little jealousy but I think it’s also surprise. I think he finds it surprising that she would show attraction like that.


  6. Melissa Robertson

    Kinda cool that we’re at this episode with the USA’s Birthday being Friday 🙂

    I like this episode a lot for the relationship part, but I find the rest of the plot really lame, but I’ll explain when we get there.


    • Yeah it was totally planned Melissa!

      [ahem errr yeah that’s what I’m going with 😉 ]

      Liked by 1 person

    • I was thinking the same thing. And I’m going to be at the Archives on Friday. Very good timing. Now I just need a minute (or 45) to sit down and watch this episode so I can participate better in the conversation.


  7. So with the fungus, it isn’t real (in real life) but I am pretty sure it’s considered real in SMK world. In other words I don’t think he made it up to get access to the Declaration. The Archives guy says he read an article Chamberlain wrote about it so it wasn’t a last minute thing. I also figure he was scheduled at some point during his DC trip to go to the Archives but rearranged his schedule because of the kidnapping.

    As far as the ‘lets pretend they are filming in DC’… this topic is of constant amusement for me since I’ve lived in Northern Virginia (just outside DC) most of my life. NO we do not have palm trees. When I would watch SMK as a kid my dad would sometimes walk by, go over to the window and look out, then say ‘nope – still no palm trees’. LOL He lived in California for years and often recognized places they were filming. And my favorite was in one episode, I can’t remember which off the top of my head (Reach for the Sky I think), Billy pulls the car over in what looks like a residential area and says ‘We are at 16th and M’. This is a real intersection in DC but it’s not residential. The American Chemical Society is one of the buildings at that intersection where my dad worked for 30 years. I can tell you it doesn’t look like that LOL

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  8. Awesome transcribing LearJet. So pleased I didn’t have to transcribe the weird fungus talk.
    Good catch with the morning news print-outs Iwsod. I never would have spotted that.
    Alan Chamberlain is a reasonably handsome chap by anyone’s standards (although I don’t go for the square jawed look myself) but on the spectrum of 30-something guys he would definitely be on the on the handsome side of the mid-line.
    Amanda is clearly impressed when she opens the file and sees Alan’s photo. Odd that she is unable to suppress her reaction. Maybe she thinks this surveillance job might be a welcome distraction from those pesky feelings for her partner. I see Amanda at this point getting immense satisfaction from her professional life and really enjoying her friendship with Lee but at the same time trying to keep herself from feeling more than friendship for Lee. She’s becoming aware I think that their relationship is evolving but she is still not sure what Lee’s intentions are. For all she knows he could still be dating Leslie, although it must become apparent over time, and perhaps is already, that Leslie is no longer in his life.
    Great character growth already in this episode with Lee having no time for Francine’s talk of her latest conquest. I’m so glad we are walking through these first few episodes in Morley’s order. Love the maturity Lee is showing here. He may not be confident about it yet but he is already well on the way to becoming the man that Amanda needs in her life. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awhhh thanks kiwismh! you’ve made my night.. I was really excited to find the transcription from wizard so glad to hear someone else was interested (and thanks too to BJo who I think also commented on it – sorry BJo.. a bit short on time.. but phew! I just managed to finish the next post – so at least that’s ready to go!!)

      It’s going to be really interesting exploring Amanda in this ep. I was wondering to myself – why didn’t I find it unprofessional when Amanda opened the folder and said: ohhh at how gorgeous Alan is.. lol.. I figured she’s not so over the top as to be unprofessional – but it is for Amanda, quite an open reaction.. I’d agree with that.. [than again, maybe it is simply that Mercury is in retrograde 😉 whahahaha!]

      Right now, I am wondering if this is all tied into the conversation about a good man with his own hair coming out of the woodwork – seeing this photo.. she may be reminded of that conversation no?
      I don’t see Lee as consciously on her radar right now – and she’s resisting thinking about that – so maybe a lovely little affair (even if it’s just an afternoon of dreaming) may be a welcome distraction!

      Yes I am so far enjoying ALLA being after Wizard and OTL.. I never liked it before those two eps – even before we started walking through!


      • I get the feeling that her reaction is very connected to the conversation with her mother last night. I think it may also be something like a hope or a reaction to the fact that she finally has a really cool assignment to watch a handsome, important man, all of her own. This is no James Brand, err… Potts.
        I agree, Lee is not on her radar, or she is trying desperately to ignore the ever increasingly loud bleeps that are coming from her radar from his direction (she thinks her ears are playing tricks on her)

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    • I am glad you are enjoying the order, kiwismh. It helped me immensely to make sense of the story arc in season 3.

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  9. And Iwsod the fungus is not real. I had a good hunt for it when transcribing. And maybe Amanda didn’t tell Lee about the assignment the day before because she knew how he might react (?over-react) i.e. over-protective or a bit patronising?


    • Thanks for filling me in about the fungus! lol!!! makes it funny that the Wellington guy looked like he knew what Chamberlain was talking about 😉

      yeah- you might be right..about why Amanda didn’t tell Lee – it’s a little insight into what’s going on for her right now.. I am keeping an eye out to see if this comes up some more. I do vaguely remember it does! but where and how not sure. yet!

      By not telling Lee, Amanda didn’t give Lee a chance to put a stop to it before she was given the assignment. This implies she’s not sure how much independence Lee would consent to her having.. so she’s bypassing him a little 😉 stepping out a bit more on her own!


  10. I’m not into astrology, but here’s a quick note on Mercury in retrograde. It basically means Mercury appears to go backwards. During this time Mercury gets blamed for a lot of things that go wrong like confusion, people forgetting little things, frustrations, and miscommunications. It is suggested to not start anything new during this time as it won’t work out or last. It is also suggested to not expect to take anything for granted.

    I’m sure there’s some subtle little meanings in there about this episode. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    Love Amanda’s all around professionalism here. She’s listening, focused, asking good questions, and taking the high road with Francine all at the same time. Also love all of Lee’s reactions to the fact that Amanda will not be helping him and also his reactions to Amanda’s reactions. There is starting to be a larger gap between him and Francine and the connection that they used to share is becoming tenuous at best.

    I think Ben Murphy is pretty good-looking, but that’s because I used to watch Alias Smith and Jones and liked him on there. Of course, he’s no swoon-fest like Lee Stetson, but who is?


    • Valerie so true – Alan isn’t as gorgeous as Lee? well.. who is?! 😉 love it!!!

      Loved also your ideas on Amanda’s professionalism (contrasts nicely with Francine’s lack of when referring to her sagitarius date!) I’m starting to suspect Amanda’s professionalism is a key part of this episode.. hmm.. I hadn’t really thought that before.. but here is a taste of it as Amanda is given the assignment..

      Oh yeah!!! Francine is sooo far removed from what Lee and Amanda now have!!!


    • Thanks Valerie for the lessons on Mercury being in retrograde – does sound very relevant to the plot- I’m sure we’ll come back to this throughout! 🙂

      Alias Smith? never heard of it. I might find Ben Murphy attractive – but I’m not sure I find Alan Chamberlain attractive.. for reasons I’ll add as we continue..

      Hey here’s a question for ya all!!! What would Dotty think of Alan Chamberlain if she saw him huh??!!!!


      • I think Dotty would be very impressed with Alan. He has a head full of his own hair and he is cultured.

        I am totally not into Astrology, but I love the insight into what is going on with this episode. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of those aspects that Retrograde Mercury signify are in this episode, that will be fun to keep in mind. Thanks Valerie.


      • Iwsod, the show was called “Alias Smith & Jones.” Two men who took on aliases as Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones. Can’t remember their first names at the moment. The story was based in the “wild west days,” and they were accused of a crime which they didn’t commit. They traveled around helping people who were up against baddies, always staying one step ahead of the law – though they almost got caught a few times. They wanted time to prove their innocence. One of the actors (Pete Duel) died after the first season, I think, and was replaced. The show was never the same, though it wasn’t bad, either.

        I remember being excited to see Ben Murphy as a guest star, so I was hoping he would turn out to be a good guy. Amanda’s reaction to his picture was interesting. I remember waiting to see what Lee’s reaction to be. Since I believe Lee was very carefully dating Amanda at this time, I also see Amanda as being extremely cautious. I would say she’s not quite at a full level of trust that Lee might be seriously interested, so she’s open to other possibilities, if they should arrive. In my mind, Lee considers them as beginning to date, but Amanda’s not so sure.

        I see Francine as more teasing than mean, here. I think she and Amanda have reached the stage at which they both expect reactions and play to the other. However, in a pinch, they would stick together as friends if someone threatened either of them.


        • Like your comments about Lee and Amanda here, and also about Francine and Amanda.


        • Alias Smith & Jones sounds like a western version of the A-Team! 🙂

          I see – you view Lee and Amanda as having taken a step closer to romance -and started to casually date.
          I think this might influence how we see a few things in this episode.. so do shout out of there’s a different way of looking at things!
          I don’t see Lee and Amanda as dating, but I agree with you that at this point -Amanda is open to other possibilities- maybe the chin in a suit is the man who has come out of the woodwork!

          yeah.. Francine didn’t get it.. that was her idea of funny – but IMHO it was nasty – it was humour with a nasty edge.. I wonder if that’s because she’s not comfortable yet with now being friendly with Amanda – she has come a long way!


          • Iwsod said, “Alias Smith & Jones sounds like a western version of the A-Team!”

            It probably wasn’t far from it, except there were only two. 🙂

            Oh, Francine is soo far from being comfortable with any woman in a real friendship. Amanda is a first for her in that way, too.


            • Sympathizing with Francine on that point (friendships with women), though she does seem to be close to her mother. Remember The Mole and her guilt at being so far away when her mother was in the hospital? But maybe it’s more of a sense of duty towards her?


              • I think she and her mother probably are close, but on her climb to the top she hasn’t made many other women friends. I think she’s always been focused on getting what she wanted – academically and professionally.


  11. Apparently they didn’t have any footage of the actual National Archive. I am almost certain the circle in the foreground of the “National Archive Museum” is The Ellipse in front of the White House, which is off to the left and out of the picture. The building in the center is most likely the Treasury Department. The National Archives building lies between Pennsylvania Ave and Constitution Ave. Here is a link to a map of D.C.: http://slchamber.com/uploads/files/PDF/DC%20Map.pdf

    I grew up only a three hour drive from D.C. and I have relatives that live in Springfield V.A. I’ve been to D.C. a number of times and the National Archive at least a couple of times. It’s built like a bunker to protect the documents and I think it is a solid rectangular building. At least I don’t remember any courtyards and the map doesn’t show any.

    I always smile when they show pictures of “Arlington” because I know some of the area and it just doesn’t look right. At least the Agency stock footage is actually from Georgetown. They also occasionally miss editing out tropical foliage. Sorry to say, D.C. doesn’t have palm trees.

    I love the looks that pass across Lee’s face on finding out that Amanda has an assignment that doesn’t include his budget problems, but I like that he doesn’t voice an objection. That’s a good sign of his improving attitude and his confidence in Amanda’s abilities.

    I don’t find Alan unattractive, but he’s no comparison whatsoever to Lee still swooning at Lee in blue open shirt and jeans and wishing pizza delivery guys were that cute


    • hiya Cyd! Hi Everyone!

      Here’s a wider view of what smk calls the national archives museum.. does that help? 🙂


    • Great map Cyd! You know its funny… I’ve stayed at the grand hyatt Washington DC!! lol!!

      Yeah looking at it I think you are right.. looks like from this map, that it’s the Treasury Dept.
      I’ll save a copy of this map.. thanks for sharing! 🙂

      LOL yeah even I think palm trees = filming in LA but pretending their not 😉

      so true that it’s interesting Lee doesn’t voice an objection – spot on.. I’ve said something about this in post 3 (which I haven’t finished.. eek! I think I’ll need to cut back on responding to comments for a little while or we won’t have any posts for a week! I have visitors turning up tomorrow and am suppose to get ahead! eek!!!

      Sooooo I’m reading.. and loving hearing from you all. but you probably won’t hear much from me unless I get ahead of things!


  12. Pretty panaroma! I don’t think that is the National Archives. Here is a link to the street view, and I don’t think it matches up with the building in the pic. https://www.google.com/maps/place/US+National+Archives+%26+Records+Administration/@38.89208,-77.023123,3a,75y,10.87h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sMoQkAy1CxMdXy08UkG28zw!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xaa99f8edf65a2e19!6m1!1e1

    The real National Archives building is sandwiched between Pennsylvania Ave and Constitution Ave. on the mall and I don’t think that round grassy area fits the map. But I am no expert.

    Is it just me or does anyone else find Alan a bit attractive?

    Holy cow, iwsod! That is quite a catch on the whole printout of Lee’s phone call! But why is that in the morning news???

    And puhleeease, Francine is into astrology??? You’ve got to be kidding me. I do not see that as being consistent with her character at all.

    Love that Amanda is getting her own assignment! Nice continued professional growth! Billy, Lee, and even Francine are acknowledging it – or at least are not questioning it. It’s so nice of Francine to even give Amanda some advice! Not!

    Yep!! Amanda is channeling Brenda Lee!! I love that show! And I live in the south, so I am careful when I say that because it can be taken positively or negatively!


    • I actually really don’t find Alan attractive – ok he’s got a pleasant face, but he doesn’t do it for me. Cut your hair, Alan!!
      I also find the whole astrology thing with Francine is inconsistent with what why know of her. And what was the purpose of the exchange? To show that Lee wasn’t into astrology? To show that Lee wasn’t interested in her casual encounters but isn’t any more? To make us miss delicious Lee in jeans and the blue shirt ? I don’t get it.


      • Sorry lots of typos – Lee was interested in Francine’s encounters but no longer is.


      • Well, he’s no Lee Stetson, that’s for sure…then again, I find Bracken in BO attractive….not sure what that says about me! I think it’s those blue eyes I’m a sucker for. At least I think Alan has blue eyes. I know Bracken does.


        • Lee’s eyes look almost blue in that blue shirt…


          • True…and Lee’s eyes are not one of the top reasons I find him attractive. Now that voice of his… 🙂 Let’s just say that somehow I know I’ll jump up and go if ever he calls my name…. Ok, I really need to go to bed. :delirious:


      • When I hear Francine mentioning the Astrology, I get the impression that she is reading a horoscope because she is looking for some advice into her dating life. It kind of shows the surface nature of her orientation towards interpersonal relationships. Whereas Lee is learning to build a deep personal relationship with someone, not based on types or signs or pick up lines, but because he is getting to know someone and that person is getting to know him. Put that next to his comment to Francine about sparing him her horoscopic love life and we can easily see the transformation of Lee Stetson. At least that is how I view it..


        • I like this… Francine is shallow when it comes to interpersonal relationships and her comment juxtaposed with Lee’s reaction really highlights the change in Lee’s attitude toward relationships.


      • I think the astrology references (Mercury, Sagittarius) are more Italy/Roman allusions, since all of the astrological names comes from Roman Empire days.


    • The part about Francine being into astrology was kind of surprising, wasn’t it? I don’t remember them ever mentioning that before, although it’s kind of an interesting personality quirk. She’s Billy’s second-in-command, probably the most important force in keeping the place organized (I think she said something like that once), can do hand-to-hand combat and handle small arms, and is definitely into wealthy men . . . and evidently follows her horoscope pretty seriously. I have to admit that I read mine occasionally, but it almost never matches what’s actually happening in my life or it’s so vague that it could apply to just about anything.

      Hey, there’s another mention for the Weird Al topic: That’s Your Horoscope for Today!


      • Yeah, for some reason the whole horoscope thing seems like something Francine would put down a “normal” person for, not engage in herself. I wonder if that was a much more popular thing in the 80’s?


        • I’ve heard people make jokes about hitting on someone by asking them what their sign is, but I’ve never actually seen it happen in real life. Is that something that was popular at one time (possibly the 80s, when I would have been too young to understand/remember it) or a popular running gag in movies?

          And is it a bad sign that Jestress almost immediately started trying to work out the signs of the various SMK actors and use them to put together a horoscope for this episode? Jestress is so easily distracted by weird ideas. She might need a good penguin slap from KC about now. 😛


      • It’s not that unusual for someone to have something quirky about them that doesn’t quite seem to fit the rest of their persona. I can imagine Francine having this one slightly weird thing that she believes in that doesn’t quite track with how she is in her professional life.


        • Her “human side” showing through that professional armour?


          • she has a human side?? her comment to Amanda about her ‘little tennis shoes’ was particularly annoying to me!!! reow!!! or.. moooo or whatever!


        • Let me guess.. Kiwismh’s quirky something? a little tv show from the 80s called.. umm.. Scarecrow and Mrs King! 🙂
          [I’d say it’s mine too! 😉 ]


          Liked by 1 person

          • You know it Iwsod! In real life I don’t believe in love and romance, and anyone who knew me would be astounded to know I contribute to this blog. (Hey, even I’m astounded I contribute to this blog!) But it’s nice to contemplate the silly fantasy, and something so far removed from everyday real life is a good way to de-stress. Also for me JWWM also brings back pleasant memories from when I first watched the show 30 years ago (come to think of it, back then it was also a welcome distraction for me from the rigours of everyday life).
            Let the silliness continue! 😀

            Liked by 1 person

            • Loved this kiwismh! Although I do value love and romance in real life – I agree with everything you’ve said here – makes total sense to me!

              It’s a great reminder of simple times past.. a great escape.. and I love the bonus of getting to know you all too and enjoy the show with you all!! 🙂

              Liked by 1 person

              • also a way of celebrating the beauty and idealistic nature of the past (as we were all younger and things seemed so much simpler), and look back on the way things were. Most people I know in “real life” would be surprised to find I am a total romantic. I am totally free to be that here.


      • Melissa Robertson

        Maybe she just started dating a guy that is into astrology and she is just learning this stuff to impress her new conquest 😉


        • That’s a thought. I was also thinking that maybe one of her parents is superstitious and contributed to this personality quirk. My grandmother was a bit superstitious, and I still have her copy of Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. I’m not sure how seriously she believed in it, but every so often, she’d get curious about something like that and get a book and read up on it. She may have just been fascinated by the idea and not actually believed in it, although I know that she perpetuated other little superstitions among her children and grandchildren like knocking on wood. Francine could have gotten the interest in astrology from her mother or someone else in her family. Makes me wonder if she believes in other forms of superstition, like doing things for good luck or maybe something more occult like seances or palm reading. Can you imagine Francine at a seance? Ordinarily, she seems too business-like for that, but you never know. 😉


    • Yeah, Alan is pretty good looking, though maybe a little short? More on him in later posts . . .


    • I actually don’t find Francine and astrology as that much of a stretch. It was kind of in-vogue at the time, and Francine appeared to always be in-the-know or into whatever that was – even superficially.

      What I find really funny about this is that it’s mentioned in an early episode of “Castle,” too, but I don’t remember which one. I remember thinking “Hey, I’ve heard that before.” 🙂


      • lielalreadysomeone

        Super late in replying to this… Nancy Reagan was an astrology devotee (though I’m not sure it was super public until later in the 80s), so maybe this was Francine being ‘in the know’ about what the First Lady was doing and she wanted to follow the trend.


    • “Is it just me or does anyone else find Alan a bit attractive?”

      Oh no, it’s not just you! Well, I’m not really interested in “Alan”, per se (I mean, what kind of guy tries to pick up girls while his sister is in mortal danger??), but I was super excited to see “Kid Curry” (his Alias Smith & Jones character) again!! In any case, let’s just say that I agree with Amanda that being assigned to follow that man around and watch him all day is NOT a bad thing! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  13. I believe that picture is actually the building. Just checked it on google.

    I’ll be back later to make comments.


  14. LOL – yes the National Archives is a real place. It is not called the National Archives Museum though – just the National Archives (or The Archives). The part that is open to the public houses an original copy of the Magna Carta, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights and a variety of other key documents related to the development of the United States. I can’t be sure but I don’t think that is a picture of the Archives though. It’s on the Mall between other buildings and it just doesn’t look right in this picture but I can’t be completely sure since I usually see it when I’m on the ground 🙂


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